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In the Abbey Gardens

On 28th April this year, a set of large, colourful information signs were unveiled by Lord John Petre, the Lord Lieutenant of Essex, at various locations in the Abbey Gardens. Designed and researched by a working party drawn from various local bodies, each signs is placed near to various features of the old abbey, explaining what each one is, with the aid of specially-commissioned watercolour illustrations.

The local bodies involved with the signs (which are officially called “Interpretative Boards”) included Waltham Abbey Church, the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority, Waltham Abbey Town Council, the King Harold Day Society, Epping Forest District Museum, and Waltham Abbey Historical Society.

One of the information signs

Nine of the signs were paid for by a National Lottery grant received by the King Harold Day Society; two further signs have been funded by the LVRPA, and Epping Forest District Council has sponsored a further one. The sequence of twelve signs has been designed to allow more to be added in the future, should they be desired. It is also hoped to produce a visitors’ booklet, which would expand on each sign’s theme to make a new pocket guide to the history of the Abbey Gardens.

Where are these signs?

To be honest, you can’t miss them! But there will always be that elusive one in a corner which no-one can find! A list of the locations, and a description of each theme, can be found on this Local Heritage Initiative web page.

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