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Trouble at tí Gunpowder Mills

A proposal is currently under discussion to lease part of the Royal Gunpowder Mills Museum site to PGL Travel Ltd., a well-known leisure group specialising in activity holidays and summer camps for schoolchildren.

A group of museum volunteers and others closely involved have grave concerns over the potential consequences of such a takeover. They have set up a campaign website at

We at WAHS are watching this with keen interest. The Royal Gunpowder Mills complex is an important part of our nationís heritage, crucial in its role in worldwide development - mines, quarries, railways, roads, bridges, canals, dams, reservoirs, docks and ports across the globe have all made use of explosives manufactured at Waltham Abbey.

The complex is a world-class industrial archaeology site with 21 historic buildings enjoying legal protection. Its continuation as a public museum is in the balance, its listed buildings are under threat, and the future prospects of its unique layout are very fragile.


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