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Units Overseas Committee

DAR BalloonOur National Society is a worldwide organization. The first overseas chapter was organized in 1897 at Hawaii. Since that time the Units Overseas chapters have grown to 24 chapters and 705 members in 12 countries including Australia, The Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Austria, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Washington Old Hall Chapter, NSDAR, United Kingdom is the newest UO chapter in the United Kingdom. We join two other long established chapters, located at London and Westminster.

The UO Committee provides an important connection and promotes open communications and support between NSDAR, the Units Overseas Chairman, Vice Chairmen, and chapters located outside the United States.

The UO Newsletter, Daughters Abroad, is published quarterly with interesting articles and photographs from the UO chapters. This communication is a vital link between the foreign chapters, the UO National Chairman, the National Society, Members, and Associate Members. Washington Old Hall Chapter contributes to this publication on a regular basis.

Daughters in foreign countries invite and appreciate the support of associate members, through email communications, shared chapter newsletters, and associate memberships. Any member of a stateside chapter can become an associate member of a UO chapter. Washington Old Hall Chapter is grateful to have associate members from many states and other UO chapters. Associate members are an integral part of Washington Old Hall Chapter, thank you, DAR ladies. We appreciate your continued interest in our chapter. We welcome all DAR members to become an associate member of our chapter. For further information please contact the chapter regent.

Washington Old Hall Chapter has the privilege of sharing 'sister chapter' association with five stateside chapters, Cahuilla Chapter, Colorado Chapter, Covina Chapter, Rainier Chapter, and Temescal Chapter. Thank you to these chapters and their members for their incredible assistance to our chapter and membership. Wonderful and warm friendships have developed from our 'sister chapters.'

If you are a DAR member or prospective DAR member living outside the United States or know of a DAR member looking for a foreign chapter, please contact the UO Committee. You may visit the committee's web site through the link below and contact the chapters directly.

The UO committee sponsors the popular Units Overseas Luncheon and International Bazaar each summer during Continental Congress. This affords UO Chapters the opportunity to promote their fundraising efforts. Washington Old Hall Chapter has an on-going fundraising project on offer, beautifully custom designed ecru linen tea towels. These, along with other British items and foods are, on offer at the International Bazaar.

To learn more about this committee, the UO chapters and associate memberships visit the link below.


Units Overseas Website


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