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Westmoreland - Is an inland county, being bounded on the north and north-west by Cumberland, on the east by Durham and Yorkshire, and on the south and south-west by Lancashire. 'Westmoreland' received its name from its situation to the west, and the principal part of it being formerly moorish barren land. It is one of those counties which, in the time of the Romans, was inhabited by that tribe of the ancient Britons called the 'Brigantes.' Under the Saxons it formed part of the Kingdom of Northumberland. Traces of two Roman roads are still visible, one from Carlisle to Appleby, and the other from the Picts wall in Cumberland, by Kendal, to Lancaster.

The county is divided into two unequal portions, called the baronies of Westmoreland and Kendal; the former although abounding with hills is comparatively an open country; the latter is very mountainous containing many bleak and barren hills, usually called the fells. The western mountains contain mines of copper and in some places have been discovered veins of gold. Slate and limestone quarries are productive and near to Kendal, a beautiful and variegated marble is found which is worked into chimney-pieces, ornaments etc.

The county lies in the province of York and the diocese of Carlisle. It is divided into four wards, East, West, Kendal and Lonsdale. There is one borough and county town (Appleby) seven other market towns, and thirty-two parishes.

Westmoreland's lakes are Winander-Mere and Ulleswater. The former is the largest in England, and is situated partly in Cumberland.

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