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Mayo 1998 | May 1998
30 de mayo de 1998

Apellido: Fernández

En busca de mis antepasados (tatarabuelo etc.).  Mi abuela, Marcela Fernández nació en Las Palmas, Islas Canarias, tenia 2 hermanos. La familia fue para Oriente, Cuba, en 1912. Aunque son pocas, no tengo mas informes.   Cualquier ayuda es agradecida.

Denise Gonzalez Antonio

May 21, 1998

Surnames: Corbo, Del Pino, Gonzalez, de Horta,  Plasentio, Rodriguez, Suarez

I am researching Canary Islanders in Louisiana. Narcesse SUAREZ m. Carmelite GONZALEZ.   His father was Antonio b. 1800 in Louisiana. His father was Sebastien b. 1771 in Canary Islands.  He married Marie Candlelaria RODRIGUEZ in 1799.   Her parents were Mena RODRIGUEZ and Josepha de HORTA. Sebastien's father was Miguel SUAREZ b. ca. 1740 m. Maria del PINO His father was Pedro SUAREZ b. ca.1720.  Narcesse's mother was Cecile PLASENTIO. I have no other information on her family yet.  Carmelita Valerine GONZALEZ b.1851 (see Narcesse above) Her parents were Antoine GONZALEZ and Manette CORBO. I have no other information on her parents.  I have other information on Louisiana Canary Islanders (Los Islenos) if interested.

Amy L. Mead

May 17, 1998

Surname: Escobar

Escobar - I am looking for information on the Escobar's who lived around Guanajuato,Guanajuato - Mexico to work in the Silver Mine (La Valenciana).

They came to Mexico from Spain of the Canary Islands around the 1700's to 1800's.

Any info will be appreciated.


Francisco Lopez Escobar

14 de mayo de 1998

Apellido: Troya

Estoy buscando ayuda encontrar informacion sobre el apeyido "Troya" la unica informacion que tengo es que mi abuelo emigro de las Islas Canarias a Cuba al principio del 1900.
Por favor si usted sabe de alguna informacion mande un e-mail a


Jose Troya

May 14, 1998

Surnames: De Vary, Devary, Dumford

My name at birth was Ruth Elaine Devary, and I've recently started the family history search for members of my father's family: Devary.

God bless the Internet. I've met several distant relatives and family research folks who all agree about the following information:

1. ALL Devarys, whether they spell their name Devary or De Vary are related.

2. We ALL come from one Devary who came to the United States in about 1800.

3. Joseph (Jesse) Devary was born in the Canary Islands, about 1755, was apparently a Spanish soldier, and came to the United States during the time of the Louisiana Purchase, about 1800. He came from Spain to Cuba, and entered the states from Cuba.   Joseph settled in Winchester, Kentucky (Clark County, Kentucky) where he married a widow by the name of Mrs. Dumford. There is a possibility that Joseph Devary married more than once. Mrs. Dumford may have been a 1st or 2nd wife.

My belief is that Joseph had parents too!, Probably people living in the Canary Islands around 1720-1760. And because there's reference to Joseph being a Spanish Soldier, there may exist Spanish military records or logs that would confirm his birth and presence in the Canary Islands. Perhaps a Ship Log on a voyage from Spain to Cuba toward the late 1700's would prove helpful.

It would be exciting to the entire Devary Family (and there are very, very few of us through all these generations), - to be able to trace our roots beyond Joseph. I've located about 200 living Devarys, and records for perhaps 100 deceased Devarys. And without exception, anyone who has researched their Devary Family Tree, are clear that their origins begin with:

"Joseph Jesse Devary, b. abt. 1755, Canary Islands..."

I would so appreciate any assistance in this search.


Elaine Devary Willman
Post Office Box 1280
Toppenish, WA 98948, USA

May 12, 1998

Surname: Terrasa

I'm looking for information in Spain concerning the surname, Terrasa.


Tony Johnson

4 de mayo de 1998

Apellidos: Alvarez, Chinea

Buscando informacion de Marcial Chinea, (mi abuelo) murio 1926-1929(?) en Cuba, se caso con Amada Alvarez, segundo matrimonio (?), Amada murio en Cuba 1958(?). Marcial or el padre de Marcial fueron a Cuba de la isla Gomera. Marcial tuvo 12 hijos, el mas pequeno fue Aquiles Chinea Alvarez.

Mike A. Chinea

Mike Chinea's Home Page

May 3, 1998

Surnames: Alvarez, Ochart

My grandfather, Leonardo OCHART ALVAREZ immigrated from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Puerto Rico in 1889 with at least one brother, Julio.   He married and ran a cigar factory until his death in 1917.  Census indicates he was born around 1864.   His death certificate names his father as Benito OCHART and his mother as Carmen ALVAREZ, also from Santa Cruz but that is all I know about them. I would appreciate any assistance.

Nancy Hill

May 3, 1998

Surnames: Lopez, Padin, Rivera, Tirado

Looking for information on family of EUSTAQUIO PADIN, born October 13, 1889,  parents were Tomas Lopez Padin and Ignacia Tirado Rivera. He may have been born in the Canary Islands. Or it might have been his father.

Elizabeth Padin

May 2, 1998

Am seeking passenger lists of Spanish sailing vessels that brought immigrants from the Canary Islands to Puerto Rico, Cuba, Key West, Tampa and New Orleans in the 19th century. One of these ships was called "Las Palmas" .

Miguel J. Hernandez


Reply - May 9, 1998

Dear Miguel

I´m writing you from Tenerife. I had read some days ago your request about the ship "Las Palmas" and I think I can bring you a little help.  In 1897 I have found one steam-ship called "Las Palmas", belonging to "La Veloce Navigazione Italiana" company, (weight: 1222 tons, 1310 H.P., 12 knots), that it was used generally for purposes of emigration in that years.
I don´t know if this can be of interest for you, but I´m willing to receive any kind of request that you would like to put on my disposal.   Hoping to hear from you soon, receive a friendly greeting from this island.

Yours, sincerely,

Daniel García Pulido

2 de mayo de 1998

Apellidos: Domínguez, González, Perdueles

Mi nombre es Elena González Williford, Estoy tratando de encontrar información de mis abuelos.  El primero de parte de mi Mama se llamaba Demetrio Perdueles murió en Islas Canarias Y era dueño  de propiedades como en lo 1800's. Mi otro abuelo de parte de Padre nació en las Palmas, Isla Canaria.  Se llamaba Sebastián González y Domínguez. Sus padres fueron José González y María Domínguez. Por favor si tiene alguna información o me puede guiar

Elena González Williford

May 2, 1998

Surnames: Avasta, Cortez, Dominguez, Longoria, Ramirez, Salinas, Temayo, Zepeda

I am searching for passenger ship information on families that came from Spain to the Canary Islands then to Vera Cruz.   The year would have been 1590-1700.   I am searching for Longoria, Salinas, Dominguez, Zepeda, Ramirez, Avasta, Cortez and Temayo.   Most of these ancestors were in New Spain since the conquistadors, and I would like to know if any information exists regarding these surnames.

Michael Salinas


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