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Log from IIGS #Fian with Diana Hanson December 8, 1997

An introduction to our guest, in her own words:

For those of you who don't know much about me, I am the host of the Ireland Gen Web (my main focus!) as well as the Host for the World Gen Web and although I maintain a LOT of pages, I don't really know html as well as you'd think and haven't a CLUE about cgi!

My ancestry is mostly German-Irish with a little English, Swiss, and Danish thrown in for good luck! I guess that comes from growing up and living in Iowa where the tall corn grows!

I am 43 (no I'm not retired!) have two teenage daughters and I just quit my full time job at Broderbund so I could stay at home and write full time. My first book comes out next summer, and wouldn't you know it! It's a fictionalized novel about my family! My next one is a series about the Lawrence family from Lancashire England.

Among other things I'm a music and computer teacher and I am the administrator for the Iowa Digital Education Association, an internet K-12 and postsecondary online school for homeschooled, handicapped and home bound students of all ages and locations! That's where the four free online genealogy classes come from, Beginning, England, Ireland and African American. I've worked for everyone from NASA to the Waffle House and now work for myself! I love it!

I'll be spending most of my time maintaining Ireland. It's growing by leaps and bounds and I'll soon to be traveling to Ireland to inventory the records that are available. I also maintain the Pacific and Africa Gen Webs and would like to see a page for every country hosted by someone who has a passion for them! My next goal is convince everyone to do a genealogy class for their own country! :) Don't worry! We have a lot of years left!

Thanks guys!
Diana Hanson :)
Accredited Genealogist
Ireland Gen Web Host
Host of the World Gen Web Project
Muscatine, Decatur, Tama, and Blackhawk County Iowa Gen Web Host
What good is magic if it can't save a unicorn?
Free OnLine Genealogy Class for Ireland Research

Session Start: Mon Dec 08 21:53:13 1997
*** Now talking in #Fian
*** chirho changes topic to "Special Guest Diana Hanson (Peri)"
<echos> hi Peri
<Rigfennid> 3So, is there anything you'd like to say
to everyone?
<Peri> You guys really have a great group! Lots of
<chirho> Peri, did anyone introduce you ?
<Peri> Yes, Rig did! What would you all like to
talk about tonight?
<chirho> Good :) IRISH RESEARCH, whatever you can
tell us?
<echos> The Scotish Undertakers
<echos> Scots to Ireland
<jande> an interesting piece of info. came across
my desk today. . .
<Peri> Big topic! Don't know a lot about the Scots
(still learning!) but do know a lot about the Irish!
<Swan> early (1600's) emigration
<Peri> What's that jande?
<flp> I wrote you a while back and asked for
permission to use some of your material from
Ideaschool. I was surprised you gave it so
freely... Is it copyrighted and if not why not?
<jande> according to the U.S. Bureau of Vital
Stats. - 39 million people claim to be of Irish
decent, 2nd only to Germanic.
<possum> Echoes I have a very helpful book
<Peri> I've always been one to think that
genealogical information should be free
(contrary to popular opinion of me! :)
<possum> The Scotch-Irish
<Peri> Besides, most of what I use in the classes
is already online.
<possum> A Social History
<Peri> I heard that too about the 39mil.
Procreative little critters!
<chirho> hehehe that's those Irish Catholic BIG
families, like ours, 11 kids, 13 grands and one
on the way :)
<echos> ok possom
<possum> We should listen to Peri now
<possum> But I will write to Fianna-L tomorrow
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<Peri> The most important thing about doing Irish
research is to collect absolutely EVERYTHING you
can on this side of the ocean!
<jande> and if there are so many claiming Irish
roots, the folks in Ireland should be bombarded
with requests/demands for info. and put it on
the web for all of us to see!!
<Mugs> They probably are bombarded daily.
<chirho> If we all sent a couple of punts ($IRE) they could do it!
<jande> good idea - let's!
<Peri> They're very concerned with 'copyright' issues in Ireland.
<Swan> and think we're awfully pushy
<possum> Right
<Peri> That's one of the reasons I'm going to Ireland over Christmas.
<possum> They are concerned with tourism
<possum> mostly
<Quixote3> That sounds so exciting. I'm glad you can.
<jande> we are - because we've been pushed around
for so long and now we're pushing back.
<possum> Don't blasme them
<Swan> Peri, have you ever thought of leading a
group of us over there?
<possum> If they had had tourism rather than a failed potato crop
<Swan> a genealogical tour
<chirho> second that :) Swan
<Peri> That would be cool! But it's going to cost
a pretty penny to go!
<echos> to Northern Ireland?
<possum> in 1847 and onward I would probably be an Irish woman :)
<jande> i think my ancestors that came over would
be proud that the firey Irish blood still runs
in my veins. thanks, dad!!
<Swan> I'd feel so much safer with you holding my hand :))
<Peri> We're going to be spending 2-3 weeks going
in a big circle in Ireland!
<Rigfennid> Group Trip!!
<Rigfennid> we wish
<Peri> The first time I was there I almost got
blown up on the Belfast border!
<echos> I did it in 1996
<Peri> So much to see!
<flp> What areas of Ireland will you be traveling?
<chirho> Echos, you blew Peri up? ;)
<Peri> I'll be spending 3 days in Dublin, talking
with John Grenham, Jim Ryan and people at
Trinity and the National Archives.
<echos> I saw one too
<Rigfennid> i wanna go!
<Mugs> lol chirho
<jande> take me too!!
<Peri> Then it's down to Waterford, up and around
the interior, spend a couple days in Roscommon
with family.
<chirho> and all of us?
<Peri> If you were the size of wee' leprachuns I
could put you in my pocket!
<NavCom> while you're in Waterford, Peri, would you
grab up all the Penrose' you can find :)
<possum> You're going to talk to grenham!!
<flp> I'm a person who has never been out of the
U.S. ---what is it like in Ireland? homes,
culture, people, etc
<Peri> Ireland is like stepping back 200 years!
Men in flat hats, long knee rubber boots leading
carts full of sticks down the lanes a car can
hardly get through!
<Quixote3> I saw it from the harbor.
<Peri> Yes, I'll be seeing John in Dublin. We're
both working on the Dunn(e) family. Me in
Dubuque, him in Dublin.
<echos> and umbrellas over the carts
<Peri> Some! Last time I was there I'd stop at a
local bakery, buy a loaf of bread, a slab of
butter and jam, and sit by the roadside and eat
it, while looking at an old castle or something!
<flp> so they've stayed in the old but incorporated
the modern (computers, etc)
<Peri> The people are wonderful! A little wary -
but friendly!
<Rigfennid> ooh, sounds good
<Peri> Yes, so much is still very old. It's
confusing to see modern computers in old brick
buildings with iron lamp posts outside!
<Swan> are they interested in genealogy?
<Peri> They're very interested in being 'irish' and
very much history oriented!
<echos> and lots of red heads playing music
<Peri> They're very fierce about their military
history and angry at those that left.
<jande> really?
<Quixote3> Is that why the lists get a bit hostile?
<Peri> I think part of it is anger at the British
for not somehow making the famine go away!
<Peri> I think so! Ireland lost 1/3 of it's
population, many many days you'll see on the old
surname lists don't even exist except in America.
<echos> mine removed before the famine
<flp> why is that?
<Peri> Many of the families died out, or left.
Some left long before the famine when the
Rebellion of 1798 took place.
<Rigfennid> as far as i can tell, the one name i've
got came here way earlier
<Rigfennid> at least the 1830
<Rigfennid> s
<Swan> mine by 1688
<Peri> One thing you have to remember is that
Ireland is small. Only the eldest son inherited
the land. The others had to find other things to
do, or emigrate.
<possum> The Scotch Irish or ulstermen came over
very early Rig
<Peri> Many elder sons didn't marry till their 40's
or 50's. What wife wants to move in with ma-in-law?
<possum> Mine are Southernn Irish Famine Immigrants
<possum> but I have been reading up on the Scotch
<Quixote3> My Quietts are still there according to
Family Ancestry.
<Mimi7> Some of mine went to Scotland and then
immigrated to Canada
<Peri> Even when they were dying they didn't want to leave!
<echos> I have picture of Castlewelen -my ancestral site
<Quixote3> Not sure exactly when they came here.
<flp> I have been curious about: if the revolution
took place in 1798 and the famine in the
mid-late 1800's----my ancestors came to America
in 1827, why would they want to leave during
this interime
<jande> some of my McCarrons are still there too.
<jande> 'cause they were smart, flp.
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<Peri> There was no where to go. No new land to
buy. The only way for a better life for a
second or third son was to leave.
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<Peri> America was having land rushes, gold rushes!
<Peri> It was mostly the CAtholics who left. For
religious reasons as well as financial.
<echos> also came w/military & stayed
<flp> they had owned land and sold it to move
<flp> they were protestant
<Peri> Exactly! Some came to fight the Indians,
liked what they saw, and decided to stay.
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<Peri> A lot of protestants left too rather than be
overseen by English Lords.
<Peri> When I went to Sligo I noticed how much it
looked like Iowa.
<echos> or Scottish Under takers (overseers)
<Peri> :)
<jande> in what way, Peri?
<Peri> Rolling hills and lots of green! Not an
ocean, but the Mississippi River. Mine settled
in Dubuque and then Davenport.
<jande> have you been to Monaghan?
<Peri> I've been there. It seems a little flatter
than Sligo on the coast.
<echos> My Humphries are from Sligo -took land
w/general Monk after 1640
<Peri> I'll have to bring pictures for ya' all when
I come back. I have a digital camera.
<Peri> Sligo is wonderful!
<chirho> :)
<jande> oh that'd be wonderful!!
<flp> That would be great!!!!!!!
<Mimi7> Pictures would be great
<echos> great !!
<Peri> You can walk through graveyards with
tombstones back to the 1300's!
<Quixote3> Please do.
<jande> can they still be read or are they in bad condition?
<Quixote3> You're making my history glands salivate.
<chirho> hehe
<flp> Are there any materials available in US that
state the town name changes that have occurred
over the years in Ireland?
<Peri> People in Europe and Great Britain take
wonderful care of their graveyards. I've seen
old women with buckets and scrub brushes, out
cleaning the stones.
* Rigfennid is drooling
<Peri> There are gazateers available through the
FHC (haven't seen them anywhere else)
* jande too
<Peri> They give the current name, old name, etc.
<flp> okay....the town I'm searching is no longer
<Peri> The FHC has gazateers from different
centuries so it's easy to find them.
<Peri> Send me an email, I'll find it.
<flp> great.... thank-you
<echos> In SLC-FHC???
<Peri> In SLC. You should be able to order them on
microfilm though locally. Every book has been
<echos> Great
<Peri> I even found some great 'hidden treasures'
here in Iowa at the *Hysterical* Society.
<flp> :)
<Peri> They have the 1659 census and an index to
Prerogative Court of Wills 1705-1795!
<Quixote3> How would you go about ordering the
<echos> yes I've see the Wills Film
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<Peri> Look in your phone book for Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints - Family History
Center. Call, find out their hours, and then
<Peri> Once there, you fill out a form, pay a small
shipping fee and then wait for it to arrive.
<Rigfennid> Been there many times!
<Rigfennid> We've got a good one here in Los Angeles
<Quixote3> Wonderful! There is a new building.
<echos> I work there :)
<Peri> I wish! I have to drive 30 miles to the nearest 'branch'!
<echos> in Twin Falls that is
<Quixote3> Lucky girl, Echo.
<echos> love it
<Peri> I'm hoping to get a copy of the IGI here at home.
<jande> peri, according to a book i have, my
mccarrons, along with MacGeoghegans and the O
Melaghins were dispossed of their lands in 1185
or so by Sir Henry De Leon. Is it at all likely
there could be some records to document anything
in this time range?
<Rigfennid> it's a quick 1/2 hour bus ride
<Peri> If you have records that it happened, then
there are most certainly manuscript documents to
that effect at Trinity College in the Manuscripts room.
<echos> Trinity College where?
<Peri> There are really so many more records than people let on!
<Peri> Trinity College is the oldest college in the
world, in Dublin (right across from the bank!)
<Swan> which library or research room would you visit 1,2,3
<jande> this book doesn't list a specific
bibliography for this info. but has a general
one at the end.
<Swan> first I mean
<jande> and I can't determine which one is it.
<Peri> My first three days in Dublin I'll be
spending at Trinity, then Four Courts and then
lurking in the old book stores!
<echos> Tell about service by mail to Trinity
<Peri> I found some old parish registers last time.
<flp> WOW!!!!
<jande> how old?
<Peri> You don't really need service by mail.
They're on the internet, you just have to find
the right links!
<Peri> They were from the 1700's in Cork, hidden up
on a shelf. I gave them to the FHC in SLC>
<echos> abstracts???
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<Quixote3> How would we go about that, Peri?
<Rigfennid> Judy!
<jande> how'd you get them outta there?
<Peri> One thing Bishop Brown (Bishop of C of I in
Sligo) taught me is there's something called the
"Parish Chest"
<Peri> The Book I bought for 60 pounds and just
walked out with it! It was for sale. They didn't
know what they had!
<echos> wowwww
<Peri> The Parish Chest was something C of I
bishops (or ministers) kept all their records in
when they weren't allowed to keep records.
<jande> amazing . . .
<Quixote3> Welcome, Judy.
<Peri> I know that sounds odd, but it kind of
vascillated back and forth.
<JudyLca> Hi all
<Peri> The Sligo "parish chest" had old parish
records of disputes, marriages, deaths,
everything that were never written in the
official registers.
<echos> Was it micro-filmed?
<Peri> Which?
<jande> how many times have you been to Ireland?
<Peri> 5
<possum> Peri, I just read your latest email on the IRELANd list.
<flp> SLH, I think Peri needs to give her web
site....I really learned alot reading her info
on Parish records
<possum> It is nice to see Fianna included up there
with Genuki and Tiarra
<NavCom> evening Judy
<Peri> It was a long one, huh? Web site is:
[Ed note: URL corrected May 18, 1998]
[At this point the above email was inserted into the record]
<jande> you are a busy woman!!
<Rigfennid> Wow!
<NavCom> forgot to all ... "fastest typist in the
world" <g>
<Rigfennid> Tá go maith, Peri! (All right, Peri!)
<Peri> Long winded aren't I? Should have included
"the most scorched buns in the World" too! :)
<chirho> (cut and paste)
<Rigfennid> hee hee
* Rigfennid winks at chirho
<jande> how long have you been interested in
<flp> I really enjoy reading your lessons. Peri.
I've learned a lot
<Peri> I became an accredited genealogist when I
was 21 and a student at BYU. At the time, I was
the youngest ever!
<Peri> There was a little old lady who used to hit
me in the knees with her cane!
<jande> why?
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<Peri> I got away from it for about 15 years.
<Rigfennid> ouch!
<jande> byu would be good place to study genealogy.
<Peri> They all thought I was an upstart! She was
German and wore Black with a net on her hair!
<echos> the best!
<Peri> BYU was a great place to do genealogy! I
took that instead of religion.
<Peri> They have some great courses in regional
genealogy and paleogrpahy.
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<jande> paleogrpahy?
<Quixote3> How do you do that?
<Peri> old handwriting!
<jande> interesting.
<Peri> Does anyone have any questions about
stumbling blocks they've come up against?
<Rigfennid> i have real trouble understanding old
writing sometimes
<Rigfennid> especially Canadian census 1851-1861!
<flp> Are there just specific schools that offer
genealogy? what are they?
<Rigfennid> They just couldn't write clearly
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<TomG> What do you do when you find the parish of
birth and no records exist?
<jande> YES! I 've benn looking for my McCarron
ancestors for a year and can't find a trace of
them before they came to Canada.
<Peri> The only one I know of are BYU in Utah,
Rexsford, Idaho, Univ of Utah, Utah State and
<Quixote3> My block is where they came in.
<echos> Do you know if the book "Milisian FAmilies
of Ireland" by the Haraldric Artists of Ireland
is acceptable documentatiom?
<Peri> There are other records besides parish
registers. Check out lesson 8 for census
<Quixote3> Good question since the family name has
changed so many times.
<Peri> No, I wouldn't use Milisian Families. Not
enough documentation, although they used the
Heraldic visits, it was mostly hearsay to
guarantee they could keep the land.
<TomG> I think they are too old for census, born in
<Swan> where is the best library in the states for
Irish resources?
<Peri> Hard to say, probably in Philadelphia. Lots
of Irish landed there and never left.
<Peri> St. Louis also has an excellent library.
Might be able to get things through interlibrary
<flp> I've had two separate relatives try to do our
family in one leg....and they came to a
stumbling block of a relative. LDS told them he
must have been adopted because there is no
record that they could find.
<jande> are they on line?
<Peri> I believe so, but would have to look.
<echos> And Micro-film from FHC-SLC
<Swan> and the Presbyterian History Center there?
Is it good?
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<jande> i'll look.
<Quixote3> They are on line, but they have no
record of my Quietts or Andersons.
<Peri> A lot of Irish orphans came. One thing I've
going to do is search for orphans records while
there. Catheirne O'Dea has a great page too for
searching for orphans.
<flp> what can I do to try to continue their
search? I've stayed away from that line because
I felt if LDS can't find him how can I?
<echos> Anderson is Andrews you know
<Peri> The Pres. History Center is good, but the
Ulster History Foundation is better.
<Swan> and where is that?
<Peri> There are only about three people in SLC who
are really 'good' at doing Irish research. Most
of their emphasis is Englis.
<Quixote3> No I didn't, thanks.
<Peri> Just because the LDS can't find him doesn't
mean they looked very long, sorry to say!
<echos> Josie Bullock seems knowledgable
<jande> how receptive are the folks in Ireland when
one goes on a genealogy trip? Should you write
letters to parish priests and local heritage
centers before you go?
<Peri> Local heritage centers won't let you do your
own research.
<Quixote3> I found them in the census, back to 1798
so far.
<flp> Oh, so I may still have a chance? :) with
CAMPBELL? (now just to find the right one--hehe)
<Peri> All they have are 'indexes' done by
highschoolers trying to learn computers.
<echos> I had good help from parish Pries in Down Co
<Quixote3> I have Campbells in KY and IND.
<Peri> Most of the Parish priests are very helpful
if you don't ask for too much and send them a
small donation for searching and postage.
<echos> Hi cousin
<Peg> How about Northern Ireland research, Peri.
County Antrim, how good are the records?
<Peri> The records in County Antrim are excellent.
Richard White is working with Ian Kerr at
consolidating their efforts and putting more
original info on line.
<Rigfennid> ooh!
<Peri> I'd rather have Northern Ireland research
than South!
<Quixote3> Hi. :)
<echos> North Ireland has a Conference periodically
<jande> i wrote letters to two of the parish
priests in Monaghan and included a small
donation - both wrote back saying they didn't
have any records dating before 1857. So i guess
the National Library would be a better place to
<Peg> How about Catholics from Northern Ireland?
<Peri> Most all the census substitutes and old
manuscripts are in Dublin, at either the
National Library or Trinity.
<Mugs> Peri What about County Down records? Any
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<echos> My priest found family by name Lenaghen,
with family knowledge
<Peri> I think I have Down! I've been negligent!
Not much online at the moment but I have lists
and lists ready to go up!
<flp> YES!!!!!
<possum> Peri
<Peri> I've been concentrating on emigration lists
<Peri> Yes?
<possum> I don't know how you're getting all that
stuff done!!
<Mugs> Where will they be posted please Peri?
<Quixote3> You are amazing, Peri!
<Peri> I give myself a list for the week - Monday
(Ireland) Tuesday (Iowa) Wednesday (lookups) etc.
<Peri> I put up the emigration list last night from
Ballykilcline, crown estate in Roscommon
<Swan> maybe you need to teach a class on
genealogical organization :)
<chirho> hehehe
<Peri> I have all the stuff for Down, probably by
Saturday. I'll make it a priority, just for you.
<Quixote3> :)
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<echos> you're a whizzzz -I need Down
<Mugs> Thank you Peri :-))
<Peri> I'm not really that organized! Some people
have to constantly remind me to do their lookups!
<Peri> I get distracted! I get into too many
arguments and if I kept my mouth shut I'd get a
lot more done! :)
<chirho> But when you have all that stuff online
they won't need as many lookups :)
<Peri> True!
<echos> where do you live?
<jande> some people on the mail lists go out
looking for trouble, though, peri.
<Quixote3> Can't wait.
<Peri> This weeks goal is to get Down and Meath
online. I live in heaven! Iowa really!
<Swan> I've seen your answers to some folks. You're
more in control than I would be :)
<Peri> Yes, well - Brian says I look for it
<jande> i'm glad someone out there with knowledge
is willing to share it and not lord it over the
rest of us who are still learning.
<Peg> Peri, could we have your url again, I'm
getting an error message on it.
<Peri> I'm not perfect and I don't know everything
but I'm willing to look it up or refer people on!
<Peri> the url is
web/ireland/index.html for the IrelandGenWeb
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<Peri> And for the class -
<Peg> Thanks
<Mimi7> I think it's great that you are willing to
share so much. You're doing a great job!!!
<Peg> I have the class bookmarked, <G>
<chirho> Peri, did I mis-remember, or do you also
have classes on England and Scotland?
<Swan> when's the Scotland?
<Peri> Yes, I also have Beginning, Scotland (in
process) African American and England. Start at
You'll find them all.
<chirho> Thank you :)
<Peri> I also took over Scotland because they were
harassing Carol. Scotland starts as soon as I
get Ireland done.
<echos> done???
<chirho> hohohoho
<flp> what a busy woman
<Peri> I try!
<Peri> What would you all like to see online?
<flp> Old maps
<Peri> That I can do.
<Swan> keep that early emigration coming!
<Mugs> second that Swan
<Peri> I have New Brunswick Canada lists to go too.
<Quixote3> Yes, flp. I can't figure out were all
these degree locations are.
<jande> a really good curent map with townlands
listed would be good too.
<SAM> Parish records - Gortnessy Baptist Church,
prior to 1855
<flp> yes, I have been searching for the British
brig "Diana" and it seems no one has heard of
<Mimi7> I have to run. Thanks. Bye
<echos> the lists of exiles to the Colonies
*** Mimi7 has quit IRC (Client exited)
<Peri> I'll see if I can find the baptist records.
What year did the Diana sail?
<Quixote3> Bye, Mimi
<Peri> Bye Mimi!
<flp> 1827
<Peri> The list of exiles is on the CD #350 from
<echos> great -yea
<Peri> I'll see if I can find the 1827 list
tomorrow. It's listed in "The Compass"
<Quixote3> I have the beginning package. Is there
an index?
<SAM> Peri, if you really COULD find the Baptist
records, we're looking for Magiltons. Trying to
find it while my Dad can still see a little.
Lost one eye and cataract in other.
<flp> they left in May 1827 got becalmed at
Newfoundland. Landed QuebecAug 1827. I'd like
info on the ship.
<Peri> Use the updated family finder index online
at the site and
search for your ancestor. It will tell you if
it's on there or not.
<Quixote3> Thank you!
<jande> any info of sailings into Halifax, Nova
<jande> 'bout 1850 -1857?
<Peri> Not yet but Gail is searching for me.
<Peri> I have the book for NOva Scotia right here
for 1841-49
<jande> cool.
<jande> Peter McCarron?
<jande> am i pest or what? everybody is sick of
McCarron. iknow, i know!
<Peri> Cath. Mary and Owen.
<Peri> The book's copyrighted so I can only put out
the index.
<jande> how old are Cath. and Mary?
<jande> is it the cooke line book?
<Peri> They all came together Cath. age 16 from
Tyrone, Ireland, mary, 13 from Tyrone, Ireland
and Owen, age 47, R.C. (Roman Catholic, from
Tyrone, Ire) Must be their Dad.
<Peri> No, it's from Canadian records.
<jande> Errigal Traugh parish?
<echos> We need Peri on the problem solving team :-)
<Peri> Portland Parish, St. John County, Alms and
Hospital records, Patridge Island, St. John and
Charlotte County NB
<Peri> What's that?
<echos> our study group-advanced
<jande> embarkation site?
-> [chirho] PING
<flp> Peri, would you like to be a permanent
fixture of Fianna :) hehe
<Peri> all over! I put up a list last night at It's big! Give it time.
<flp> this hour plus sure has gone by quickly
<Peri> It's a list of ships, port of departure,
arrival at St. John. No people, just ships on
that page.
* chirho says she IS a permanent member of Fianna,
having taken a VU course with us :) This is her
"project" for the class/group :)
<flp> Oh wow, I didn't realize that!!!!!
<Peri> My eyes are tired, guys! I have a new email
if anyone wants it.
* chirho gives an 3Irish 3good luck hug 10to 3§ 3§
3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ Peri 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§
<echos> way to go !!!
<jande> me either.
<Peri> [corrected May 18, 1998]
* chirho thanks Peri for a wonderful evening !! :)
<flp> Thank-you so much Peri, it has been
* SAM 9,1 ---,-'-{4@ 8Thanks! Peri 4@9}-'-,--- 
<Rigfennid> Go raimh maith agat, Peri! (Thank you,
<echos> this was really informative -just super
<Peri> you're very welcome. I'll try to come back
after I get back from Ireland!
<possum> I have to leave, but I am enjoying your
contributions to Fianna
<jande> thank you so much!
<Peri> Night!
<Quixote3> Thank you and bon voyage. It's been
great to have you with us.
* chirho says we also want to thank Rigfennid for
all her hard work this course :) :)
<Swan> bye and thanks
<flp> I don't think I'll sleep tonight (I'll be
counting ancestors :) )
* chirho gives an 3Irish 3good luck hug 10to 3§ 3§
3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ Rigfennid 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§
3§ 3§
<jande> i look forward to seeing you're pictures.
<Peri> Thanks Rig and chiro for inviting me! :)
* SAM 0,1°º®§®º°4 Thanks! 0°º®§®º°4 Rigfennid 0°º®§®º°
*** Peri has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Mugs> Thanks so much Peri
<possum> Also I am a new subscriber to your Irish
list. You are doing a great job!
<flp> wow, what an evening!!!!!!!
<Rigfennid> Tá fáilte romhat! (You're Welcome!)
<Quixote3> Thank you too, Rig. You've been the
<Rigfennid> 3
<Rigfennid> If anyone wants my alii and pops, I've
got a file to pass around!
<possum> Yes Rig
<Rigfennid> i just added some new ones today, too
<possum> Thanks to you chirho
<flp> alii/pops????
<Quixote3> Don't know how to deal with them yet,
but I can try.
<SAM> We have to thank chriho, too, for all the
<Quixote3> Would also like a copy of this, please.
<possum> Quixote I am sooooproud of you!!!!
<Rigfennid> An bhfuil aon rud úr ag dul, flp?
(What's new, flp?)
<echos> and thanks to Reg for being kind to me
tonight-sorry about that
<chirho> You're all very welcome :)
<Rigfennid> like that, flp
<SAM> Me too, Rig
<Rigfennid> sure...
<Mugs> Yes please Rig
<possum> I know how hard you worked to master IRC!!
<Peg> Thanks, Peri
<chirho> rig, file please!
<chirho> Rig
* possum gives a big hug to Quixote3
<Quixote3> Thank you. You have been delightful and
so helpful, Possum!
<Rigfennid> just a sec
<possum> Bye everybody!!!
*** possum has quit IRC (Leaving)
<JudyLca> night all
<Swan> nighty night
*** JudyLca ( has left #Fian
* chirho says still coding away will email all
<echos> bye now
*** Swan has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Rigfennid> anyone else?
<flp> me whispers to chirro---I finally got back on
webmaster this afternoon----thank-you for your
help during my panic :)
<chirho> :)
<Quixote3> Chirho, Thank you too. You've kept us
on the net.
<jande> you cannot believe how hard it's snowing
here! Echos is it snowing where you are>
<chirho> you're quite welcome Quixote3 :)
<echos> yes big time
<Peg> Where are you, jande?
<flp> it's snowing here also
<chirho> Rig, I lost the request, please try again
<jande> idaho!!
<Rigfennid> 3Any more file requests?
<echos> Idaho -Jerome
<jande> chirho, thanks for your help with IRC!
<Mugs> Rig did you try to send it to me yet?
<Peg> Chirho, how's your snow?
<jande> idaho - pocatello.
<chirho> Thank you, Rig
<Quixote3> Rig, how do I get it.
<flp> North Dakota....oh no you mean more is on the
way.... :)
<SAM> Hey, Rig, are you going to show us what we
can do with it??
<Peg> jande, are you getting snowed in?
<chirho> Peg, melting. Nasty dirty slush. New
snow tomorrow they say
<echos> blowing fierce -surprised I stayed on line
<Rigfennid> there ya go, Mugs!
<flp> we need some more snow....most has melted
*** robyn1 has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Rigfennid> whee that was fast
<Peg> snow for here tomorrow also, :(
<echos> well, it's sounding a lot like Christmas
<Quixote3> Flurries in Texas? That's the weather
man for you!
<SAM> I hope we don't get ANY this year. The boys
are getting bikes, not sleds, for Christmas
<Peg> flp, only a skier would want "more snow"
<Mugs> thanks Rig
<flp> well everybody take care....thank-you Rig and
<Rigfennid> anytime...
*** echos has quit IRC (Leaving)
<chirho> You're welcome :) flp !
<Peg> Thanks all, that was great!
<Mugs> See you Flp
<Peg> thank you Rig for the file. Great work!
<jande> peg, not a skier at all but might get
snowed in. good thing i went to the store today.
<flp> no....I lived in California and missed the
snow so bad.... (I'm from eastern Montana) I
drug my husband and family back north
<Rigfennid> have fun with it, guys...
<Rigfennid> if ya need any help, just ask
<chirho> mmmmmmm mmmmmm :) RIG
<flp> I've never skiied
<jande> thanks rig.
<Rigfennid> but not tonight
<jande> its sooooo hard, flp.
* Mugs 12_.·`¯(_.·`¯(_.·`¯(_.·`¯(_.·`¯(_.·`¯ 12Waves
4Bye 12to4 Mugs
<flp> good night everbody!!!!!! take care
<Rigfennid> i haven't been skiing since 1983
<jande> i'm not good at it at all.
<Rigfennid> wanna do it again someday
<chirho> Goodnight flp, Mugs
*** flp has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Mugs> Goodnight everybody
<Quixote3> Goodbye everyone. XOXOXOXOXOX
<Peg> Oíche mhaith, daoibh... (Good night, everyone)
<chirho> Goodbye Quixote3
*** Mugs ( has left
<jande> see you all.
<chirho> Goodnight Peg
<Quixote3> Thanks again Chirho!
*** Quixote3 (
t) has left #Fian
<Peg> Keep me posted...
<chirho> drat
<chirho> too fast with the leavings
*** jande has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** Peg ( has
left #Fian
* SAM 10has to run....4cya!
<chirho> bye SAM
<chirho> You're doing swell on IRC :)
<Rigfennid> i better run, y'all
<Rigfennid> i've been here too long as it is
<Rigfennid> nite, y'all
<chirho> night. God Bless !
Session Close: Mon Dec 08 23:22:32 1997

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