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Group meetings were at 8pm EDST on the school server, class nights.
August 28, 1997
September 4, 1997
September 11, 1997
September 18, 1997
There was no meeting September 25, 1997 due to server problems
October 2, 1997
October 9, 1997 - A PARTY!!

Log for group meeting August 28, 1997

SplitLevelHead: SplitLevelHead is gonna wait a few more minutes for stragglers...

Mugs: How many are you expecting SLH

SplitLevelHead: not sure... gonna check the amount of ppl on the dist list right now...

SplitLevelHead: 11 ppl on the list including me...

Mugs: There still could be a few coming then.

SplitLevelHead: possibly...

SplitLevelHead: i feel way too warm... i don't think the air cond is on in this place...

oposum: It's warm here too SLH

Judylca: Seems comfy here. Been picking tomatoes all afternoon and cooking them down. Anything less than that is comfy!*LOL*

robyn1: winter here

Judylca: wow...Australia?

robyn1: yes

SplitLevelHead: what's the temp?

robyn1: about 15

Judylca: "Dog Days' here. worst of summer

oposum: OOh Judy I need to do something with my tomatoes we've bee gone!!

Judylca: yuck...I'll take our summer

robyn1: thats centigrade

SplitLevelHead: it's still not all that warm...

* SplitLevelHead would like to call for ATTENTION now, please...

Judylca: ok

SplitLevelHead: thank you...

Mugs: ok

SplitLevelHead: So, let's hear from the crowd about what you would like to accomplish during this class?

Judylca: Just want to learn whatever I can...kind of vague.

robyn1: Need ideas to build a page

Mugs: I would like to have people to bounce ideas off and hear theirs

oposum: Me tooo Robyn!!!

oposum: I want to do something different.

robyn1: good I'm not alone

SplitLevelHead: ok... i wish we had some more people to work with right now... *g*

Judylca: I want to have a "real" page

SplitLevelHead: define 'real'

oposum: Already Fianna is a great Irish links page.

Judylca: Have had tripod and angelfire but want one with links to family trees

oposum: chirho has a terrific page of links.

SplitLevelHead: Does everyone want to get their own research online?

Judylca: yes

Mugs: Yes i hope to do that at some point

robyn1: don't now how

oposum: So since there is sooo much available I want to contribute something elso

oposum: N0!!

SplitLevelHead: ?????

oposum: I'm concerned about privacy and I'm not sure I want to have dat available to just anyone!!

Judylca: I am going to use gedclean...only dead people will appear

SplitLevelHead: yes, that is correct...

oposum: I would like to put up general data to help other Irish researchers

Mugs: Are you thinking of your living relatives oposum?

oposum: Good idea Judy!!

SplitLevelHead: i use gedclean myself...

Mugs: what is Gedclean?

Judylca: Living are put up as "private" I think...

oposum: I felt a lot of ppl didn't agree with me at the regular class metting the other night..

SplitLevelHead: it just blanks out the dates on living people

Judylca: There's a link on Cyndi's list

oposum: but I prefer not to have data on living family members available

SplitLevelHead: their names even?

oposum: Right

SplitLevelHead: i wish it would do both... (dates and names)

Mugs: I'll have to check that out

Judylca: Remove them from the gedcom you use to create the page

oposum: Just cut it off at grandparents!!

SplitLevelHead: if you use ged2html, i think it does both...

SplitLevelHead: but i like the output of gedpage...

Judylca: I downloaded gedpage but haven't used it yet

oposum: Actually most of my Aunts and Uncles are dead. Parents are younger members of large families

SplitLevelHead: Robyn, you said 'you don't know how'... Well, we can teach you how to do it...

robyn1: thanks

robyn1: I don't even have a page yet

SplitLevelHead: that's what we're here for...

SplitLevelHead: we'll get you started...

Mugs: Neither do I Robyn

robyn1: I'm a bit intimidated by all the coding

Judylca: robyn, me too

* SplitLevelHead says... Since most of us aren't here... I'm going to ask via email about the 'skill-level' question...

SplitLevelHead: can cover everyone that way...

oposum: I don't have a page but I want to have one eventually

robyn1: me too

oposum: that's why I'm taking this class and html

SplitLevelHead: here's a thought...

SplitLevelHead: Do all of you have server space to put pages on?

Judylca: Yes

robyn1: yes I think so

Mugs: No not yet

oposum: Yes ISP

*** echhos has joined #Fian

Mugs: but I can probably get it right away

robyn1: got 2 servers both allow space

oposum: but have a Robotics modem could get space there

echos: hi-am I really here?

Judylca: Hi echos!

SplitLevelHead: yes!

oposum: or geocities

oposum: not that hard to find free space

Mugs: You are here echos

echos: Hi ya'll

robyn1: hi

SplitLevelHead: Fortune City is fun... AND...

oposum: ISP might be best because i would have some support

SplitLevelHead: They've recently opened Ballykissangel... The Irish/Gaelic district...

Judylca: Is that geocities?

echos: For Webpages?

SplitLevelHead: too late for me, as i've already moved in... but someone else could take advantage of it...

SplitLevelHead: it's a similar concept to geo... but i think it's more fun...

SplitLevelHead: and you get 6Meg of space

Judylca: coool

Mugs: How do you apply SLH?

SplitLevelHead: The mayor was recently assassinated...

They're having elections right now...


Mugs: thanks for the addy

Judylca: *LOL*

SplitLevelHead: There's an estate agents section... pick a 'district', then a street that has 'homes available'

SplitLevelHead: then just pick a vacant property...

SplitLevelHead: they've changed the procedure since i joined up...

Judylca: no down payment or closing costs?*LOL*

SplitLevelHead: i think it's a that point that they ask you for a username and password

SplitLevelHead: and then it goes into a thing which auto-generates the first page... which you can later alter...

SplitLevelHead: And coming soon they're adding FTP... (Thank you!)

echos: uploading is simple however thru their manager

SplitLevelHead: my gendata is approx 130 files... it took forever to get it up there, 15 at a time...

SplitLevelHead: Does anyone have any other questions?

Judylca: Not sure I understand ftp. That's trictly downloading isn't it?

echos: I got 10 meg thru my server in Idaho, it took forever also

SplitLevelHead: you can use an ftp program to upload to places you have accts with...

echos: It takes a lot of understanding :(

SplitLevelHead: the progs these days are easy to work with...

Judylca: I better wait then...too much might overload the brain.
echos: your favoite please?

oposum: Well echos that's why we're here. to learn together

SplitLevelHead: umm...

SplitLevelHead: i use what the school puters have installed...

SplitLevelHead: i believe it's ws_ftp

SplitLevelHead: it's worked just fine for now...

SplitLevelHead: ooh! you're double-timing, Mugs! *g*

SplitLevelHead: and you too, Judy...

echos: I have CuteFTP-seems to be a favorite in this area?

SplitLevelHead: but then, so am i...

Judylca: can't help it...saw a neighbor!*LOL*

SplitLevelHead: i've heard that's a good one...

Mugs: Just checking out the classroom

SplitLevelHead: Anything else?

Mugs: I have CuteFTP but never learned to use it. Guess i should

Judylca: Not me...can I go to the beach too? *LOL*

echos: don't understand the ???

Judylca: SLH just invited our classmates to come to the beach...*LOL*

SplitLevelHead: sure...

oposum: brb

SplitLevelHead: i think we might have a special visitor...

echos: ???

*** Cesario has joined #Fian

echos: hi Ces

Judylca: Hi, ces.

Cesario: Hi guys :)

SplitLevelHead: (`'.(`'. Cesario .').')
SplitLevelHead: (_.'(_.' Cesario `'._)`'._)
Mugs: Hi there

echos: oh cute!!

Judylca: pretty....

Cesario: don't let me interrupt - just visiting you all :) - miss ya

SplitLevelHead: We miss you too...

echos: got email this pm-said Ces has person to help with Geocities (true?)

Cesario: GeoCities Help is Available! contact Susan at

Cesario: you already talked to her echoes :)

echos: OK!

echos: yes

SplitLevelHead: You can come in here anytime, you know...

Mugs: What else did we need to discuss SLH?

SplitLevelHead: Is there anything else that anyone needs?

robyn1: no

Mugs: Is this going to be the regular meeting time?

SplitLevelHead: Is that all right with everyone? (I like it...)

robyn1: yes

Judylca: ok with me

echos: great

Mugs: ok here too

SplitLevelHead: It keeps everything all together in one day... (And it gives me the time to work on Mondays)

SplitLevelHead: sounds good...

oposum: Fine

Mugs: Robyn what time is it where you are?

robyn1: 11am

Mugs: Aug 29?

SplitLevelHead: the others will just have to live with it, since they weren't here to voice their opinions...

SplitLevelHead: almost 11am, right...

SplitLevelHead: yup

robyn1: friday

oposum: brb

robyn1: yes

** echos has left #Fian

Mugs: It's 6:52 pm here

robyn1: 10 to

SplitLevelHead: so i guess we're done with business, then...

SplitLevelHead: open season, yak away... *g*

Mugs: I'm going to the class. See you all later.

robyn1: see ya

Judylca: I'm going too. Thanks SLH!

*** Judylca has quit IRC (EOF from client)

SplitLevelHead: bye y'all...

oposum: bye

robyn1: me too

Session Close: Thu Aug 28 18:53:37 1997

clover line

Log for September 4, 1997

*** Now talking in #Fian
Session Start: Thu Sep 04 15:14:23 1997

*** z-robyn1 has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: Hiya!
z-robyn1: Hi
SplitLevelHead: I was beginning to wonder if anyone was coming...
SplitLevelHead: Mugs is in the other room... I'm draggin' her in here... *g*
*** Mugs has joined #Fian
Mugs: Hi Robyn
Mugs: I was just in channel 32 and wondered why no one was there ha ha
SplitLevelHead: so is this gonna be it for today?
SplitLevelHead is also beginning to wonder about her leadership skills if she can't even get ppl to come to meetings...
** z-robyn1 has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
SplitLevelHead: oops
*** robyn1 has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: quick return
robyn1: got booted
SplitLevelHead: i'm not even sure what it is i can do for anyone
SplitLevelHead: i don't feel like i'm being very effective
robyn1: your here
robyn1: maybe others are running late
SplitLevelHead: i just feel kinda lost without a definite *thing* to accomplish
SplitLevelHead: we'll give 'em some time...
robyn1: had a look at your site last week
robyn1: very effective
SplitLevelHead: Go raimh maith agat, robyn1! (Thank you, robyn1!)
Mugs: What kind of response did you get to the questionaire you sent out SLH? SplitLevelHead: about a third of the disty list
SplitLevelHead: speaking of which... i moved it the other day...
SplitLevelHead: ATTENTION! 'SplitLevelHead's Palace' has moved slightly -- -- Be sure to take note of this... Also now with freshly uploaded family data!
robyn1: got it
Mugs: my url catcher caught it I think
*** Judylca ( has joined #Fian
Judylca: Here I am!
robyn1: my URL catcher doesn't work
SplitLevelHead: well, it's on the group page chirho set up, so if you missed it, don't worry
Mugs: Hi Judy
robyn1: Hi Judy
SplitLevelHead: hey, you made it
Judylca: finally...
SplitLevelHead: hope we can get a few more tonight...
Judylca: Been TRYING to get my page loaded,
SplitLevelHead: and...?
Judylca: Program says it did it but it's not there yet...don't know if that's normal or not
SplitLevelHead: doesn't sound right
Judylca: I e-mailed tech support at the isp...waiting
SplitLevelHead: typical
SplitLevelHead: Anybody got anything they want to ask?
robyn1: no still don't know what to put on my page
Judylca: Just got the reply! It was their mistake and he says it's fixed! HOORAY!
SplitLevelHead: YAY!!
SplitLevelHead: good show!
robyn1: is it up now?
Judylca: STILL says "file not found....grrrr!
SplitLevelHead: yeah, where is it?
Mugs: I don't know what to put on mine either
SplitLevelHead: awww!
Judylca: supposed to be:
robyn1: glad I'm not the only one..:-))
SplitLevelHead: i see something... *g*
Judylca: IT's THERE!
Judylca: Don'tr click on those surname links tho'...they just go back to MS PUB *LOL*
SplitLevelHead: you might need to do something with that email link... it's hanging wayyyy over to the right
Judylca: so excited I can't type...
Judylca: oops
robyn1: lol
SplitLevelHead: and is the arrow with "My Surnames" supposed to be a link?
SplitLevelHead: oh, there they are
SplitLevelHead: too far on the right
Judylca: centered on arrow is just arrow
Mugs: I just checked your page Judy. It looks pretty good !!
SplitLevelHead: Scrolling sideways to find it...
Judylca: Thank you!
SplitLevelHead: But other than those 2 little things... VERY NICE!!
Judylca: To find the e-mail?
SplitLevelHead: and the names too...
Judylca: Have a 17" monitor..maybe that's the problem.
SplitLevelHead: oooh!
Judylca: not my idea...hubby's a gamer
SplitLevelHead: hmm, how to say so it don't sound obnoxious...
Judylca: go ahead...I can take it *LOL*
SplitLevelHead: It's probably a good idea to design for all who might see it...
SplitLevelHead: and they could have a variety of viewing equipment
Judylca: yes, but how do I make it smaller?
SplitLevelHead: sorta 'lowest common denominator'-type thing
Judylca: Thought it would just appear smaller but still complete..
SplitLevelHead: lemme look at it a sec...
Mugs: Robyn are you using Mirc?
SplitLevelHead: how about a 2-column table under that big graphic...
robyn1: yes
SplitLevelHead: the name list in the left col, the links in the right col
Mugs: How come your url catcher doesn't work?
SplitLevelHead: having a look at the source now...
robyn1: I don't know
Judylca: Ok...just looked in MSPUB and didn't see a way to change size of page...might be will look more later
Mugs: Have you tried to set it up?
robyn1: I thought I did
robyn1: Got the set up info off web
SplitLevelHead: there's tables all over the thing...
SplitLevelHead: looks a little convoluted...
Mugs: file options url catcher
Judylca: slh, on my screen, there is almost no vacant space on lest but about 1 1/2 inches on right.
robyn1: yes Mugs: hmm
SplitLevelHead: i'd wanna seriously clean up that file by hand
Judylca: yes, design checker said I was covering but I thought no one could see!*LOL*
SplitLevelHead: on another note... Where'd ya get the grafx from...? Or who made them?
Judylca: Guess I've still got some work to do!*LOL*
Mugs: did you add location and name of web browser?
Judylca: MS PUB
robyn1: just check
*** chirho has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: a little tinkering is in order, i think...
Judylca: It came with the link for MSIE

SplitLevelHead: Hello!
chirho: Hi all, sorry I'm late
Judylca: Hi Chirho
Mugs: Hi Chirho
Judylca: Yes*LOL* to say the least!
Judylca: Not you!*LOL*
robyn1: I check it out later mugs
SplitLevelHead: better late than not at all...
robyn1: Hi
Mugs: ok maybe I can help you with it
robyn1: thanks
Judylca: glad I showed it in here first
SplitLevelHead: are you aware that your surname links are going to...?
SplitLevelHead: placeholder files, i guess you could call it...
Judylca: yes..that's why I said not to try them...they go back into the MS PUB
SplitLevelHead: you did? guess i missed that... *g*
SplitLevelHead: i'll ask again...
Judylca: kind of a "your name here" thing *LOL*
SplitLevelHead: on another note... Where'd ya get the grafx from...? Or who made them?
Judylca: they were in MSPublisher
SplitLevelHead: oh, blank ones you can add text to?
SplitLevelHead: cool...
Judylca: Yes.
SplitLevelHead: i customized mine myself
Judylca: I love MS Pub...
chirho: And your's are lovely, SLH
Judylca: Your page is cool...checked it out yesterday
SplitLevelHead: oh thank you...
SplitLevelHead: got the new url?
chirho: ???
SplitLevelHead: not you... Judy
Judylca: FOrtune CIty is the one I went to
SplitLevelHead: still there... just different area
SplitLevelHead: ATTENTION! 'SplitLevelHead's Palace' has moved slightly -- -- Be sure to take note of this... Also now with freshly uploaded family data!
chirho: kewl!
SplitLevelHead: I thought Ballykissangel (The Irish/Gaelic District) was an appropriate place to be...
SplitLevelHead: so i up and moved the other day
SplitLevelHead: btw, dig the group page, chirho...
robyn1: brb
Judylca: Yes, that's nice, chirho
chirho: find any bobobos?
SplitLevelHead: shouldn't it be channel 32 at the top?
SplitLevelHead: not 13
Mugs: what's the url again please chirho
chirho:[dead link]
SplitLevelHead: and this line starts a little cock-eyed
SplitLevelHead: "Submission of excellent
SplitLevelHead: links to be added
chirho: k, what else?
chirho: (13 was advanced web design!)
SplitLevelHead: i think that's it...
chirho: thanks for proof-reading it! :-)
SplitLevelHead: no prob
chirho: What business did we do tonight?
SplitLevelHead: i called for any questions...
SplitLevelHead: we just been shootin' the ....
chirho: and?
chirho: can someone send the log for me to post?
SplitLevelHead: i'm always logging...
Judylca: chirho, I finally got my main page posted just before you came in but it's not good...
Mugs: lol me to chirho
chirho: URL?
SplitLevelHead: she needs to tweak just a bit...
chirho: URL?
chirho: (Me peek?)
*** Cesario has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: Well hello there!
Judylca: Hi Cesario
SplitLevelHead: chirho, spit the group page url again... she could use it... *g*
chirho: Thank you. Look who's home!
Mugs: Hello Cesario
Cesario: Hi :)
Cesario: just visiting - don't mean to interrupt
SplitLevelHead: not that anything is really seriously going on in here...
SplitLevelHead: it's very laid-back...
chirho:[dead link]
SplitLevelHead: there... that's for you
Cesario: Thanks :) will add it to my collection
SplitLevelHead: Anybody got anything important/useful they'd like to discuss?
SplitLevelHead: in the time we have left...
Cesario: but got to check it out right away :)
SplitLevelHead: i still don't feel like i'm doing anything for anyone...
SplitLevelHead: i don't have a focus
chirho: I think it's a wee early..along about week after next we ought to all be rolling
Judylca: SLH, you've helped me alot! Otherwise, I'd have just gone on thinking
that was ok!
SplitLevelHead: Mugs, robyn... Anything I can do for you?
robyn1: no I'm just floundering
chirho: And don't forget I'll be hanging out in the classroom tomorrow
chirho: to help with HTML ?'s
SplitLevelHead: once i can get those grafx fixed, then i can spring the surprise SplitLevelHead: that doesn't need to be mentioned yet!!
robyn1: what surprise?
SplitLevelHead: i'd rather keep it under the rug until it's ready
robyn1: ok
SplitLevelHead: i almost had it done last week but the grafx prgm didn't want to
SplitLevelHead: grrr...
robyn1: chirho what time tomorrow?
chirho: 8-10 pm EDST
robyn1: what time is it now?
chirho: 8:53 EDST
SplitLevelHead: And anyone can always email me with questions if they want
robyn1: ok got it
chirho: Mugs, do you have ICQ?
Mugs: I'm back. Just had to let the dog in
it's ready
chirho: Mugs, do you have ICQ?
SplitLevelHead: that won't install in here either (been wanting to try it)
chirho: Get it, get me, and we can work on the attachment thing using their chat
while you try it!
Mugs: Ok I guess I can try to get it
chirho: it installs easily
Mugs: Do you have any hints or tips about setting up ICQ
chirho: Insist that you must give permission to
SplitLevelHead: not in this school puter lab it won't
chirho: be added to list, to receive files
chirho: don't reveal real name or look feminine on it...
*** Cesario has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
SplitLevelHead: nasty peer!
Mugs: good advice
chirho: No one can "bump" into your chat so it's really private
Mugs: thanks chirho
chirho: but you info can be too easily dispersed...
Judylca: I only put ones I know on list
Mugs: What do you mean info dispersed?
chirho: from the info you give, anyone can request you through the data base.
chirho: also some yoyo is sending viruses
chirho: so don't auto accept ANYTHING
SplitLevelHead: how awful!
Mugs: oic
Judylca: I got a message not to open any mail with subject "Join the crew"
chirho: TFC..i.e., time for class
SplitLevelHead: i guess it's that time...
chirho: Move to adjourn
Judylca: See you in there! Thanks again, SLH!
SplitLevelHead: anytime...
*** Judylca has left #Fian
chirho: Thanks all!
Mugs: ok I'll let you know how it goes with ICQ
SplitLevelHead: let's go...
*** chirho has left #Fian
Mugs: thanks SLH
robyn1: ok
SplitLevelHead: sure!
*** Mugs has left #Fian
*** robyn1 has quit IRC (Leaving)


Log for September 11, 1997

Session Start: Thu Sep 11 15:06:04 1997
*** Now talking in #Fian

*** Coco34 has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: hello, what can i do for you?
*** Judylca has joined #Fian
Judylca: Hi coco
SplitLevelHead: coco.... can we help you?
Judylca: COco????? YOu there???
SplitLevelHead: hello, what can i do for you?
-> *Coco34* This room is for my study group which meets in 1/2 an hour.
Judylca: COCO???????
-> *Coco34* #Canal~Chaud This room is for my study group which meets in 1/2 an hour.
SplitLevelHead: i tried a private message to coco in the other room it's in
-> *Coco34* #Canal~Chaud Is there something we can do for you here in #Fian?
Judylca: really NEED to answer...NOW
** Coco34 was kicked by SplitLevelHead (#Fian is for my study group. You never responded to my questions as to what you wanted or if I could help you, so I had to assume you aren't part of my group.)
Judylca: Good job! Learn something new every day...
*** dirk2 has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: Hey there
SplitLevelHead: i just missed you when you came by a while back
SplitLevelHead: my attention was elsewhere for a moment
SplitLevelHead: nice to see ya!
dirk2: hi, glad I made it!
Judylca: Hi dirk
SplitLevelHead: you missed all the excitement earlier... *g*
dirk2: OK I was wondering if I was alone!
SplitLevelHead: there was intruder here that i had to forcibly remove
SplitLevelHead: my netbody was here then, but my mind was doing something else
dirk2: Sounds interesting
SplitLevelHead: someone i'd never heard of came in here and parked it, and then wouldn't respond to any questions
SplitLevelHead: so eventually I ejected him/her/it
SplitLevelHead: it was kinda fun...
SplitLevelHead: echos is coming
dirk2: will have to watch out for that. If u want to park and listen what is the protocal
SplitLevelHead: i really hope we get some turnout tonight
SplitLevelHead: if i know who you and that you're supposed to be here, don't worry
SplitLevelHead: this person was in some other room talking as well
SplitLevelHead: a complete stranger
SplitLevelHead: i wouldn't do that to someone i know
*** echos has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: all right!
dirk2: Hi
Judylca: welcome, echos!
* SplitLevelHead is going to give it a few more minutes for the stragglers...
echos: now-that was like work
echos: hi everyone
Judylca: gets easier...
echos: I hope so
dirk2: new lessons look interesting but am away behind.
SplitLevelHead: i find the last section intriguing...
SplitLevelHead: it's making me think about the coding i've done
Judylca: echos, I've only been on IRC about a month...newby myself
echos: I think I'm on top of it
SplitLevelHead: and things i should change
echos: Saw some great Irish "stuff" this am
SplitLevelHead: if i want to be more accessible
SplitLevelHead: what?
Judylca: yes, I'm considering giving up that page I madw with MSPUB and just do something simpler
Judylca: share, echos!
SplitLevelHead: you can still use those nice grafx though...
Judylca: shoot, we missed someone in the other room..
** echos has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
SplitLevelHead: i saw
*** robyn1 has joined #Fian
Judylca: the ones from MSPUB? Thought they came out as tables..
Judylca: Hi robyn
SplitLevelHead: Hiya!
SplitLevelHead: i'll have a look at them
robyn1: Hi everyone
dirk2: I have a son that helped with my site. I found the URL's and he did the technical part.
dirk2: Hi
dirk2: had fun with the Shield tho
SplitLevelHead: no, they're individual images, Judy... you can reference them from another document
Judylca: If it doesn't have an engine, my son's not interested
SplitLevelHead: shield?
SplitLevelHead: oh... now i get it
Judylca: Oh...good, cause I kind of liked the top one
SplitLevelHead: took me a second there
dirk2: Image or Coat of Aewms
dirk2: Arms that is :-)
SplitLevelHead: cool
SplitLevelHead: So, does anyone have any questions?
Judylca: I haven't learned to make any art..step-daughter's a graphics art
student..gonna have her show me
SplitLevelHead: that's good
Judylca: yes, those borders that I put around some of my text..are they a problem?
SplitLevelHead: borders where?
dirk2: where do you get the logs for these sessions if you don't make it.
SplitLevelHead: chirho is putting them up on the group page
SplitLevelHead: the last 2 are there
dirk2: Do you take Boarders? ;->
Judylca: around the list of links and the surnames
Judylca: thinking of bed and breakfast tho'*LOL*
dirk2: OK thanks, will look.
SplitLevelHead: i don't see anything, Judy
dirk2: :-))))
Judylca: huh...I do
SplitLevelHead: what do these borders look like?
robyn1: Judy whats your URL and I'll have a look?
Judylca: just black lines
robyn1: thanks
Judylca: I have MSIE...maybe that's the difference?
SplitLevelHead: don't see any black lines
SplitLevelHead: could be
SplitLevelHead: i'm on netscape 4
SplitLevelHead: now we're learning something
SplitLevelHead: not all browsers can show the same things
SplitLevelHead: it fits right in with the lesson
Judylca: yes...
Judylca: Is the page, light pebbled gray with Navy and TEal print to you?
SplitLevelHead: yeah, that's it
Judylca: well, anyway we have that part in common *LOL*
SplitLevelHead: hee hee
robyn1: Judy you mean the border around your links?
dirk2: What does mine look like on N/S4?
SplitLevelHead: coming right up...
Judylca: that's the see it!
Judylca: there's also a hairline border around the surnames
SplitLevelHead: i don't see those at all
robyn1: didn't notice the one around the surnames will go and look again SplitLevelHead: looks nice, Dirk... but the crest graphic doesn't come up
Judylca: dirk, I have MSIE and the shield's not coming up..
Judylca: I see the white box where it belongs but no pic
SplitLevelHead: i've got question mark little thingie
Judylca: Nice looking page tho'.
dirk2: Very interesting
SplitLevelHead: well, i think i kinda like the 'hairy beast' look for the moat monster...
Judylca: I have little red "x" on it but nothing happens
SplitLevelHead: he's leaping in an attack position
Judylca: slh,*LOL* he's your monster!
SplitLevelHead: i know, i know

Judylca: Big teeth?
robyn1: Crest didn't come up for me either
SplitLevelHead: big enough, and big claws... and his tongue is hanging out, too
robyn1: Judy only a line at top and bottom of surnames
dirk2: Back to the drawingboard!
Judylca: huh....learning
SplitLevelHead: it sort of looks like a humpbacked cross of a dog & bear
Judylca: cool, slh
SplitLevelHead: now i just gotta *name* the little bugger
SplitLevelHead: i think we're learning a few things today
dirk2: Who,s, mine. It is a "Stag rampant"
SplitLevelHead: Questions, questions, who has a question?
*** echos has joined #Fian
Judylca: wb, echos
echos: Good grief-power went out!!!
SplitLevelHead: oof!
SplitLevelHead: that bites!
robyn1: Hi echos
echos: hi again all
dirk2: hi
SplitLevelHead: at least it came back on echos: so where are we SplitLevelHead: Anyone have anything they would like to say?
echos: and my pc is safe
SplitLevelHead: good
echos: Where do we find those gorgeous Irish grafics etc?
dirk2: Lost in disappearing WebPage images :-)
SplitLevelHead: i noticed there were a few links on the lesson
SplitLevelHead: i found something recently... lemme dig it up
echos: Have we set any Irish specific goals
SplitLevelHead: Epona's Celtic World
SplitLevelHead: not as of yet... any suggestions?
robyn1: brb
echos: Thanks
echos: everyone state side still
SplitLevelHead: me too
SplitLevelHead: i still don't know the names of my immigrants
echos: What years
SplitLevelHead: John McCracken was born in NY in 1836... His parents came over...
Have no idea who they are
SplitLevelHead: he married an Agnes ?? (she came over, don't know if by herself or not)
SplitLevelHead: she was born in 1850
dirk2: I'm fortunate to have made some good contacts to several of my lines before 1800's.
echos: Mine Lenaghens came to NY in 1830
echos: I'm in Ireland with several of mine lines ROBERTS, STACKPOLE, LENAGHEN, O'FOGARTY
SplitLevelHead: grrr... not fair
robyn1: All I know about mine is they were convicted in Dublin
*** chirho has joined #Fian
echos: real tough reseaching there
SplitLevelHead: Hello!
Judylca: Hi Chirho
robyn1: Hi
echos: Hi Chirho
SplitLevelHead: anything on your mind?
chirho: Hi, all!
chirho: Who will send me a log to put up on pages?
SplitLevelHead: i can do it

echos: Are we searching on Web, FHC, Stacks or how?
chirho: Thank you SLH, the sooner, the better!
robyn1: Pages look good chirho
SplitLevelHead: who's we?
chirho: Thank you Robyn1
echos: Left you a page sign
SplitLevelHead: you can read about the intruder we had earlier, but you can remove it if you like
chirho: ???
echos: Anyone here -How are you getting results?
SplitLevelHead: don't worry, you see when you get it
SplitLevelHead: haven't had very many lately
echos: Chirho-signed your guest book
chirho: Thank you echos :)
chirho: TFC time for class...
SplitLevelHead: i guess so...
*** echos has left #Fian
Judylca: thanks, slh
SplitLevelHead: did we get anything done today?
Judylca: I think so
chirho: move to adjourn
robyn1: see you all there
Judylca: second
SplitLevelHead: it just doesn't feel like it to me
*** Judylca has left #Fian
*** robyn1 has left #Fian
*** chirho has left #Fian
SplitLevelHead: i guess we're done then
dirk2: hi
* SplitLevelHead is a little disappointed
SplitLevelHead: i don't feel like i'm doing anything
SplitLevelHead: are you coming to class?
dirk2: Can't make it. Got to go to a Genealogical Society Meeting. Bye
SplitLevelHead: bye
*** dirk2 has left #Fian

Session Close: Thu Sep 11 17:58:52 1997

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Log for Study Group September 18, 1997

Session Start: Thu Sep 18 16:07:55 1997
*** Now talking in #Fian
*** echos has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: Gee, guess if don't 'call' them, they don't come...
echos: Hey-my scotch Irish shows in red hi light in my hair (it did anyway)
SplitLevelHead: mine did too, when i was little...
SplitLevelHead: went further and am now bottle-red
SplitLevelHead: the only artificial thing about me
echos: my mom had georgeous chestnut color
echos: I went thru an auburn stage
SplitLevelHead: my mom's is so dark it's almost black
SplitLevelHead: my hair was a lot lighter when i was smaller, it's darkened as i've gotten older
echos: grandad always said we were Black Irish
*** Mugs has joined #Fian
echos: Mine too almost to black
echos: hi Mugs
Mugs: Hello Hello
SplitLevelHead: Hello!
echos: You Irish?
Mugs: Me?
echos: Mugs
SplitLevelHead: that's why we're here, innit?
echos: WElllllll-ya
Mugs: only about 1/4 of me is Irish
SplitLevelHead: i don't know the percentage of mine yet
echos: I'm abt 1/2
SplitLevelHead: the only known is about 6 & 7 generations back
echos: My mom is a Lenaghen
SplitLevelHead: but there could be more i don't know about yet
Mugs: SLH you have a web page at fortune city don't you
SplitLevelHead: i have so many lines still stuck in the states
SplitLevelHead: yup
SplitLevelHead: Come visit 'SplitLevelHead's Palace' --
Click! -- Also now with freshly uploaded family data and new colors! -- And Ramone...
echos: Weird-all mine go into Wales
Mugs: I tried to move into a residence but have been having all kinds of trouble
echos: been to your page.
SplitLevelHead: well, they just within a couple weeks have moved to a new server
echos: Mugs in GEo Cities?
SplitLevelHead: yes, i noticed...
SplitLevelHead: they're still ironing a few bugs out of the transfer
Mugs: I created a page but when I went to look at it ...
SplitLevelHead: what happened?
echos: I love the "Wild Irish Rover PAge"-
Mugs: It said that page no longer existed. However my name was still on the property
SplitLevelHead: did you post to the message boards?
echos: I had that problem Mugs.
SplitLevelHead: Tim SupportDude usually gets right on to the problems
Mugs: I emailed the tech support but haven't heard anything
echos: took me 6 weeks
Mugs: thats a couple of days ago
Mugs: What happened to your page echos?
SplitLevelHead: try the boards, too... it might help
SplitLevelHead: where did you move in to?
echos: I had trouble with index.html conflicting some how
Mugs: The marina Kingfisher Dr
SplitLevelHead: brb, getting those papers *again*
echos: I went to Angelfire
Mugs: Did that work ok?
echos: I have some in GEocities now
echos: great
Mugs: what are your urls?
echos: Also have some with Robotics 2000
SplitLevelHead: All righty then...
echos: Robotics
SplitLevelHead: Do either of you have anything pressing you wanna ask, discuss, etc...
echos: not really I guess !!! I am always open to learn
Mugs: I had a look echos. Are those first names all a variation in spelling?
SplitLevelHead: I wish more of the others were here
Mugs: Nothing too urgent slh
echos: ya-there are abt 100 altogether
echos: Do we have any goals SLH
SplitLevelHead: not that I've been able to figure out
SplitLevelHead: i don't feel that there's any focus for this group
SplitLevelHead: and i don't feel like i'm doing enough
Mugs: Just to learn as much as we can about everything!
echos: maybe a list of good reference material?
echos: Irish research that is?
SplitLevelHead: but we already have that
echos: haven't got there yet I guess
*** opossum has joined #Fian
Mugs: There is all that on the Fianna pages
SplitLevelHead: H'lo
SplitLevelHead: need the url?
opossum: Hi SLH
echos: Printed material also
Mugs: Hi bpossum
echos: hi
opossum: Hi everybody!
echos: I'll find it. Love surfing there
opossum: Sorry I didn't make it last week.
*** robyn1 has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: s'ok
SplitLevelHead: Hi...
SplitLevelHead: This is looking better now...
robyn1: Hi Everyone
Mugs: g'day Robyn
robyn1: Sorry I'm late
echos: Did ya'll put together "Wild Irish Rover" pages
* SplitLevelHead is sorry she wasn't able to email everyone... Been having problems with puter access lately...
SplitLevelHead: that's chirho's page
SplitLevelHead: we had nothing to do with that one
SplitLevelHead: Late is better than not at all, in my book...
opossum: It sounds as if you had a good meeting last week. (I read the log.)
SplitLevelHead: i hope we did...
SplitLevelHead: a little repeat...
SplitLevelHead: Does anyone have anything pressing you wanna ask, discuss, etc...
echos: Yours are great too :-)
robyn1: where is the log? I couldn't find it
opossum: You were all wondering if anything had been accomplished, but I can't imagine anything more productive than looking at each other's sites with different browsers!
echos: are we going to learn how to setup a page with downloadable gedoms. (zipped?)
opossum: On chirho's study group page!
SplitLevelHead: i guess we could...
SplitLevelHead: i haven't actually done that yet...
robyn1: our private page?
SplitLevelHead: i don't want to give out the one with everything (living data)
echos: I ran into some on UK pages and seems real convenient
SplitLevelHead: and i don't think it's real useful to have the crippled one there either
echos: These would be short gedcoms
SplitLevelHead: but i will pass on data to someone who discovers they are related and wants a chunk of it
SplitLevelHead: they just have to ask for it
opossum: You mean after using ged Clean SLH
SplitLevelHead: yeah
SplitLevelHead: i don't think i'd want to pull in something that's missing info
SplitLevelHead: rather get it right from the researcher
Mugs: This is the Fian study group page with the logs dead link: was Study Page
robyn1: thanks
echos: this would be a page to set the gedcome for others thanks
echos: oops
opossum: I am not ready to put my site up yet at all!! However, I am looking up and bookmarking all the neat sites Marthe is tellin us about. Where does she find all that stuff?
SplitLevelHead: good question
SplitLevelHead: how far from ready?
SplitLevelHead: our url section is rather bare
SplitLevelHead: Has anyone looked at the group pages of any of the other groups?
echos: still just 3?
SplitLevelHead: B'lieve so
echos: some
robyn1: I don't have mine ready to put up
opossum: Really far. So far I have a very basic template from my html class saved!!!
robyn1: have looked at some
opossum: I am working on learning to use scanner!!
Mugs: As I said earlier I thought I was getting a page started at fortune city. But am having some problems
SplitLevelHead: i like what some of them have done when displaying the group members
robyn1: I need a scanner
SplitLevelHead: me too
Mugs: Opossum I want to learn to use a scanner too
echos: OP did you get PrintShop Pro
opossum: Soory for the typos guys. I am trying to type too fast! [ed:trying to make em make sense! ;)]
*** LOLO has joined #Fian
echos: I've been trying my wings w/PSP this week
SplitLevelHead: Hello... How can we help you?
SplitLevelHead: You mean the grafx program?
opossum: We have a micro soft scan maker. I am trying to use ULEAD software!
*** LOLO has left #Fian
SplitLevelHead: from Jasc
echos: I think JASC to change graphics for the web
opossum: We have other programming.
SplitLevelHead: I think you mean 'Paint' Shop Pro
opossum: Dh thinks this program does more.
Mugs: Has anyone downloaded paint shop pro?
echos: Yes-of course
echos: I bought it
SplitLevelHead: i've used it before to make the palace grafx
SplitLevelHead: but i can't seem to get it installed on these school puters
SplitLevelHead: it doesn't want to
echos: I need to make my banner with it- challenging
SplitLevelHead: i found a nice site with psp tips
SplitLevelHead: PSP Tips
SplitLevelHead: neat stuff to try
robyn1: url?
echos: thanks
SplitLevelHead: back to the thing about the other group pages for a sec...
SplitLevelHead: i like that they put in their location
SplitLevelHead: and time zone
SplitLevelHead: kinda neat to see the spread out-ness of the group
*** robyn1 has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
SplitLevelHead: aww nuts
Mugs: get out the glue
SplitLevelHead: velcro
Mugs: what ever works eh
opossum: brb
echos: SLH_you doing html professionally?
SplitLevelHead: no SplitLevelHead: think i could?
echos: just wondering - sure
SplitLevelHead: there's still lots of things i don't know squat about
echos: I understand real estate & car sales are in demand
SplitLevelHead: i haven't been offered any opportunities...
echos: I've told my gr-dau. to look into it for side jobs
SplitLevelHead: cool beans
opossum: I have a question. How many of us are supposed to be in the small group this term?
SplitLevelHead: meaning?
SplitLevelHead: oh!!
SplitLevelHead: i think my mail disty list is about 11, including me
echos: this group?
SplitLevelHead: I was going to wait until Robyn got back, but... I wanna ask anyway
*** robyn1 has joined #Fian
opossum: Ok. Thanks!
SplitLevelHead: what timing!
robyn1: had trouble getting back
SplitLevelHead: Would anyone be opposed to including location info on the group page, like some other groups have done?
echos: sound good to me
SplitLevelHead: And of course i should ask the disty at large, too
opossum: Not me!!
SplitLevelHead: not even just a city
SplitLevelHead: never mind...
robyn1: what locations are we talking about
Mugs: I think its okay
SplitLevelHead: locations of the group members
opossum: Sometimes it is handy to know genealogists in other parts of the country!!
robyn1: no objection here
echos: I always like exposure for genealogy
SplitLevelHead: right now I'm looking at the page for the 'Family Seekers' group
Mugs: Just an area or a particular time zone?
SplitLevelHead: i think the group list section is quite nice
SplitLevelHead: actually, they list both!
Mugs: what's the url please
SplitLevelHead: [link no longer works]
opossum: I don't know, like to ask ppl to go out and do lookups, but you can ask about availability of state censuses etc.
SplitLevelHead: and a couple others do this, too
Mugs: thanks
robyn1: brb
SplitLevelHead: i won't have time tonight cause i gotta cut out earlier than usual, but tomorrow, i think...
SplitLevelHead: i'll ask the whole group, send them to one or more of these examples
* SplitLevelHead thinks it would be a nice addition
echos: I do too
Mugs: I like that page. Especially the book design
SplitLevelHead: this is good... getting something done... i like that...
echos: Is there an Irish Ring
SplitLevelHead: i think so, but hold your horses on that
echos: like the Scotish Ring
* SplitLevelHead has something in mind that's just for us
echos: Yaaaaa
SplitLevelHead: if i can get the grafx fixed
SplitLevelHead: it still isn't coming together yet
SplitLevelHead: but i HAVE to get it done by the time this class
finishes SplitLevelHead: that's MY goal
echos: keep working-can't wait
*** chirho has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: Well, hello there!
Mugs: brb
chirho: Hello, all! Just in from choir practice
opossum: chirho!!
echos: I'm leaving the 6 OCT for ARkansas - I' may miss some
SplitLevelHead: wow!
* opossum gives a big hug to SplitLevelHead
robyn1: Hi chirho
chirho: Mugs or SLH, who will send me the log?
SplitLevelHead: i can do it
echos: Irish Ditties?
chirho: Okay, soon?
SplitLevelHead: what for, 'possum?
* opossum smiles at chirho
SplitLevelHead: when we're done in here, it can go right out
opossum: For being a great leader!!!
chirho: thanks SLH
Mugs: I'm back
Mugs: Hi Chirho
* SplitLevelHead smiles at everyone!
chirho: What went on that I wanted to be here for?
robyn1: lol
chirho: no new creeps I hope...
echos: clever
Mugs: love the smile
SplitLevelHead: i thought about something we might wanna add/change about the group page
SplitLevelHead: will email to all asking about it
chirho: yes?
chirho: k
SplitLevelHead: and you can read about it in the log, too
SplitLevelHead: oh, and the link to vu at the top?
chirho: Yes?
SplitLevelHead: it says ''
chirho: orf, orf, orfawl!
echos: :0
chirho: (sorry, all)
SplitLevelHead: you are baaaddd! *g*
* Mugs gives chirho a big warm hug
chirho: mmm I needed that!
* SplitLevelHead reminds everyone to keep on working on their pages... I know you can do it...
SplitLevelHead: But we would like to see something soon, right?
echos: is it time to change chats?
chirho: guess we need to be getting to class
SplitLevelHead: Am getting very curious to see what you'll be putting up
chirho: move adjourn
opossum: It's about time for class to start!
Mugs: I may try another server while I wait for fortunecity
SplitLevelHead: now get to class! *g*
Mugs: lets fly
chirho: bye!
*** chirho has left #Fian
*** echos has left #Fian
SplitLevelHead: Scoot!
*** robyn1 has quit IRC (EOF from client)
*** Mugs has left #Fian

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Log for October 2, 1997

Session Start: Thu Oct 02 19:58:18 1997
*** Now talking in #Fian

*** echos has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: that's better!
echos: He has a professional after our lineage
* SplitLevelHead will wait a bit more for the late arrivals
echos: thanks SLH
echos: Ireland is hard to research
chirho: When you don't have much to start with and everyone's dead, it's hard to research anywhere...
SplitLevelHead: i still need to actually *get* there
echos: statistics say 55 tracks @ if we look
SplitLevelHead: An bhfuil aon rud r ag dul? (What's new?)
echos: you could fool me
chirho: 55 tracks @ ???? what's that mean?
echos: Chirho-took ten years to get 5 gen for me
SplitLevelHead: really?
echos: you can find 55 records that they have left some where
SplitLevelHead: most of mine are to 6, and some to 7
SplitLevelHead: and that's within the last year & 1/2
echos: really-don't give up
chirho: A cousin on mother's side took the Doll family name back into the 1500's and beyond
SplitLevelHead: i still have a gaping hole with my father's mother, but other than that...
chirho: A cousin on father's side took his dad's side back.
echos: I'm beyound 1200 on several lines
chirho: We can't find anything on our immediate grandparents!
*** JudyLca has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: i'm not giving up... i meant 'really' as incredulous
JudyLca: Hi all
SplitLevelHead: H'lo Judy!
echos: Hi Judy
echos: I've learned a lot-having to stretch my self
* SplitLevelHead wonders if this will be all that's coming tonight
chirho: Hi, Judy!
JudyLca: Hi chirho
chirho: Sent an email to Hugh 1/2 an hour ago.... He didn't know time or place..
SplitLevelHead: how could he forget? it's the same thing everytime
SplitLevelHead: no different than the week before that, and the week before that
chirho: Well, move we commence
echos: seconded
SplitLevelHead: All righty then...

SplitLevelHead: Here's what's up for tonight, folks!
SplitLevelHead: 1) URL announcements from those who are ready.
SplitLevelHead: 2) Questions from the floor.
SplitLevelHead: 3) Now you may have your surprise!
SplitLevelHead: Moment to read that...
SplitLevelHead: the first question is almost a moot point given the crowd we have tonight
SplitLevelHead: We already know yours
* chirho did four different trial versions at, feel free to take a look at what they do!
echos: here is mine:Here's my new URL
http://homep is new 8:-))
* SplitLevelHead was hoping for a larger crowd tonight, since I'd built up so much suspense
chirho: Still working at getting a better GEDCOM put together for a final version...
SplitLevelHead: keep on cookin'... that's the way...
chirho: echos, can I post that on the page yet?
*** echos has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
SplitLevelHead: ummm... that geo url...? shouldn't there be a number and an area?
chirho: yup
SplitLevelHead: and they are...?
chirho: I have geoplus, so it's ~hoseahouse
* chirho did four different trial versions at, feel free to take a look at what they do!
SplitLevelHead: there it is!
SplitLevelHead: so i guess we can move on to #2, then
SplitLevelHead: Are there any problems you'd like to discuss? Does anyone have any questions they're desperate for an answer to?
chirho: Judy, do you have a URL to post yet?
JudyLca: I have an url...but can't remember it (hangs her head in shame!)
chirho: You had some good ideas going the night we worked on the HTML...
JudyLca: Haven't made any of the needed changes yet anyway. You've seen it
JudyLca: I do have a question
SplitLevelHead: yes?
JudyLca: I'm in IIGS and use the IRC rooms there.
JudyLca: We've set up a chat session for Irish Genealogy
JudyLca: It's going great and we have lots of people and lots of questions
JudyLca: What we don't have is anyone that knows any answers!
chirho: ????? about genealogy? chat/html?
JudyLca: I have been asked to see if there is someone in this group that might be willing to attend and help
chirho: What time? #?
JudyLca: Yes, it's on
JudyLca: Mondays at 3pm CST
JudyLca: I usually just /list
chirho: I'm a working gal, can't do it
JudyLca: there are seldom more than 2-3 rooms open
JudyLca: Me too, chirho, I make it when I can get home in time but that's not consistent
JudyLca: I don't have any answers anyway
chirho: See if you can invite some folks from some of the other channels...
chirho: there's a list in the Hideaway.
JudyLca: Other channels where?
JudyLca: Oh, ok
chirho: Did you join Fianna-L?
JudyLca: I had never used IRC before IIGS..
JudyLca: Yes, but got unsubscribed the other day..resubbed now
SplitLevelHead: Judy... Could you look at the private message, please?
chirho: You know how to get to the Hideaway?
JudyLca: Thought about posting to the list
chirho: Good idea!
JudyLca: chirho, yes...visited a few times
chirho: check out the IRC page there
chirho: have a similar page in the study group stuff, too...lists places and times for some IRC's
*** Cesario has joined #Fian
JudyLca: chirho, great, I'll check that out
chirho: Welcome!
JudyLca: Hi cesario
Cesario: :) HI
chirho: How are things going?
SplitLevelHead: Hello there!
Cesario: Things are going really well - too well :)
Cesario: How bout you all?
chirho: Judy was just talking about needing some folks with answers on the Rootsweb IRC for Ireland...
SplitLevelHead: So have we got the business out of the way now, do we think?
Cesario: I don't want to interrupt...
* SplitLevelHead has something to say in a moment
chirho: Tell us the surprise
chirho: tell us
chirho: puuuuuleeeese!
SplitLevelHead: echos will be mad she missed it
JudyLca: Cesario, I think I've seen you name in IIGS.. true?
SplitLevelHead: she was egging me on this morning chirho: tell us now
Cesario: Yes - I am an IIGS IRC Team Volunteer although I'm not there much :(
chirho: tell us now
chirho: tell us now
chirho: tell us now
Cesario: just got too busy
chirho: ;)
Cesario: echos is here
*** echos has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: all right!!!
SplitLevelHead: chill out!
SplitLevelHead: yay! just in time!
chirho: ;)
Cesario: Hi Echos!
SplitLevelHead: And now, the surprise you've all been waiting so patiently for!
SplitLevelHead: For your benefit and pleasure, I proudly announce to you:
SplitLevelHead: FiannaRing -- Another way for us to be joined together...
SplitLevelHead: Go here to submit your site!
Cesario: Wow :) Way Cool SLH
JudyLca: Very Cool
* chirho gives chirho a BIG "THANK YOU" hug!
*** echos has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
chirho: that was supposed to be to SLH!
SplitLevelHead: *snort* oops...
* chirho gives SplitLevelHead a BIG "THANK YOU" hug!
*** echos has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: Thank you...
chirho: Get out the Velcro!
JudyLca: very nice!
* SplitLevelHead is bouncing off the walls now...
chirho: SLH, will you tell the Fianna-L about it now?
SplitLevelHead: With a grin from ear to ear
echos: georgeous
chirho: Can I put the news on the pages?
chirho: sound = applause, cheers and rejoicing
SplitLevelHead: I think I will, and yes you can
chirho: Way COOL!!!
Cesario: JudyLca - you want Ireland research people in the know?
JudyLca: cesario, yes!
JudyLca: We've had great attendance but don't have answers to the questions
Cesario: I asked Andrew Morris to visit sometime back and he said that maybe in the Fall he could - you could try him - he is into Ireland research
JudyLca: I am co-contact but basically just an e-mail address to use...have no information to give on IRC or Ireland! *LOL*
* SplitLevelHead wishes the rest of the group had been here to get the big news...
JudyLca: That would be great..the other contact, HLA is Irish living in England but still can't answer enough...needs help
Cesario: Also - there is another person - let me look - he was receptive to an invitation...
JudyLca: Is Andrew Morris in IIGS?
chirho: And for North Ireland, what about Linda Merle?
Cesario: Linda is definitely a good idea!
Cesario: Michael O'Laughlin is the other person I had talked to
JudyLca: How can we contact these people?
Cesario: there is a bio online for him at
Cesario: I don't think either lives in Ireland but they are both very into Irish genealogy
* SplitLevelHead reminds y'all that next week is the last class... PARTY TIME!!!
chirho: And chirho PLEADS for URL's!!!
echos: I'll miss :-((
chirho: Guess it's too late to worry about time zones and such except those we have..
SplitLevelHead: Bring your food, toys, noisemakers, grafx, etc... And let's play...
* SplitLevelHead seconds that pleading
echos: I think you have mine ???
SplitLevelHead: We'll miss *you* echos...
chirho: And we need to talk up the next genealogy class through the list...

chirho: yes, echos, I think I have yours...
echos: tears !!!
SplitLevelHead: all those who subbed since the last class ended are prime candidates for the new one
chirho: And so are the old folks, she's planning to make some special things for prev students to look into
echos: good-the last 2 months my mind has been "mush"
JudyLca: wow, just checked out Michael O's page....he would be great!
*** echos has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
SplitLevelHead: that nasty peer again
chirho: Need to try super glue, velcro wasn't strong enuf
*** echos has joined #FIAN
chirho: It's super glue for you this time young lady!
echos: I keep getting flipped out of the room ????
SplitLevelHead: so we've noticed
echos: It's raining-probably my end
JudyLca: SLH, I'm going to compare the "source" on the 2 versions of the page and see where the differences are...should be enlightening
JudyLca: Use duct-tape the handyman's secret weapon
echos: daaaaa
SplitLevelHead: you'll see quite a difference... notice the file sizes, too
SplitLevelHead: Duct-tape hold the universe together! *g*
JudyLca: Slh, squeezed in a nap this afternoon so maybe tonight I can stay awake long enough to look at it
SplitLevelHead: If you have any questions about it... Don't hesitate to email me and ask
Cesario: sorry - company came and didn't get a chance to say "brb"
echos: I see winter will be fun here - you'll find me buried in Duck tape at this rate
* SplitLevelHead asks: Are we all done for the night?
chirho: Anything else WE need to discuss? Else move we adjourn to class early for a change
JudyLca: slh, thanks
SplitLevelHead: Anytime... That's what I'm here for...
echos: cheers to SLH-& bye
SplitLevelHead: If we're done... Let's scoot!
*** echos has quit IRC
chirho: Yes, HOORAY for FIANNARING
JudyLca: Ok by me...I'll contact Michael O'laughlin...thanks!
Cesario: JudyLca - I used the e-mails from their pages to contact them
Cesario: I think he's been to IIGS IRC
Cesario: just as a visitor
JudyLca: If anyone wants to send me contact info on other
JudyLca: Hooray, Fiannaring!!!!

Cesario: Go Fiannaring! :)
JudyLca: Wow, cesario...have to ask around
* Cesario now goes to class :)
chirho: Let's go do an Irish Invasion on the class hehehe ;)
JudyLca: me too...thanks again, slh...for the Fianna Ring and for the help with the page :)
SplitLevelHead: the announcement has hit the list
SplitLevelHead: now let's go

Cesario: see you all in the next room :)
Cesario: It was early on in IIGS IRC beginnings JudyLca
Cesario: maybe MaMaT would know
*** Cesario has left #Fian
JudyLca: cesario...may duck back in and ask her
SplitLevelHead: Invade, invade! *g*
*** JudyLca has left #Fian
chirho: SLH, I have the whole log this time. Thanks!
chirho: See you in class.
Session Close: Thu Oct 02 21:05:24 1997

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