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Logs from channel 33 Fianna Meetings

October 13, 1997
October 20, 1997
October 27, 1997
November 3, 1997
November 10, 1997
November 17, 1997
November 24, 1997
December 1, 1997

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#Fian Log - October 13, 1997

Session Start: Mon Oct 13 20:59:27 1997
*** Now talking in #Fian
*** jande has quit IRC (EOF from client)
* SplitLevelHead was just being a good helper in the main room...
SplitLevelHead: got someone out of a jam
SplitLevelHead: didn't quite understand the hw...
chirho: Hello, all!
chirho: BOY is it ever hard to get on tonight!
Took me 1/2 hour!
SplitLevelHead: H'lo dere
SplitLevelHead: really!?
opossum: Really i got right on!
opossum: brb again
SplitLevelHead: I've been on all day
chirho: Have gotten replies from about ten people so far who are going to do Fianna this time. What about you two?
SplitLevelHead: about 8 1/2 hours
SplitLevelHead: i think i corralled a couple of new ones this afternoon
chirho: We'll need to coordinate lists....
SplitLevelHead: one of em's already on the list
SplitLevelHead: jande was just here and had to go
chirho: I saw her fly past as I came in...
SplitLevelHead: and we might see a special personage here this evening
opossum: I'm back.
chirho: I've been all over town beating the drum for this group...
opossum: Good grief it's only the three of us again
chirho: The musketeers, yup!
SplitLevelHead: beat beat beat
opossum: Chirho, Have you heard from anyone else?
chirho: about ten so far..
chirho: several of them are clueless about IRC....
chirho: Who knows IRCLE?
opossum: I saw you're post on Genire.
opossum: Maybe I should back you up.
SplitLevelHead: i've subbed myself to 16 more mailing lists today
chirho: please DO!
SplitLevelHead: and i still don't get any mail
opossum: Write a glowing letter about Fianna tomorrow
SplitLevelHead: not me
chirho: Oh, dear, SLH. Step one: I admit that I am powerless over mailing lists!
opossum: I am clueless about IRC. I mean I don't know the finer points.
chirho: What do you use, either of you?
opossum: About all they have to do is fugure out how to get on the server
opossum: mIRC
*** Cesario has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: but they're all for names that are mine
SplitLevelHead: me too
SplitLevelHead: hey there!
chirho: Hello!
Cesario: Hey :)
chirho: Saw your post for the class :)
Cesario: Hi!
opossum: Course since we are meeting at VU they could just use a java enabled browser
SplitLevelHead: so i guess it's girl's night out?
SplitLevelHead: yes they can
chirho: opossum, they'd have to go to the classroom to get in...
SplitLevelHead: but it works
opossum: I know some ppl don't like to upgrade browser on the grounds that old browser is familiar etc
opossum: Maybe we should provide more email support
chirho: I don't MSIE4 cause it mucks with my desktop!
SplitLevelHead: i'm a netscaper
opossum: and then just gradually drag them into IRC :)
opossum: Laura says 4 has bugs
SplitLevelHead: used it first, learned it, stuck with it
chirho: Marthe's in ch33..invited her over..
SplitLevelHead: and i love the mail filtering in communicator!
opossum: IE 4 that is
chirho: SLH, I'm browser addicted...have MSIE, Netscape, Mosaic...
SplitLevelHead: i crash it occasionally... but no big deal
chirho: anyone here read the instructions, etc on nupage.html?
opossum: Gee chirho you really are loaded with browsers:)
SplitLevelHead: i use what's on the school puters
chirho: to test pages opossum
SplitLevelHead: with subtle additions of my own of other things
opossum: Yes I did chirho
opossum: Good job
opossum: That makes sense.
SplitLevelHead: have you tried the PeopleLink yet?
chirho: I'm tempted to go ahead and duck, let you folks do the welcoming thing while I try to get an initial table of members on the new studygroup page....
SplitLevelHead: i read it
*** Cookie-- has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: and sent some ppl there
chirho: Told folks we'd talk about what direction we want to go...
chirho: Hi, Cookie :)
opossum: Hi Cookie!!
** Joanna has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: yay! ya did it!
chirho: Welcome to Fianna !!!
Joanna: Thank you very much!
chirho: the kicker is she wants OFFLINE stuff.... Cookie--: Hi opossum
SplitLevelHead: who wants?
chirho: Before folks leave, I need email addys...Joanna, Cookie..
SplitLevelHead: i didn't know you'd be joining us, Cookie
chirho: Thank you Joanna
Cookie--: mine
SplitLevelHead: very cool though
opossum: That is a little different
chirho: Thank you Cookie. Now, time zones?
opossum: However I am Acquiring a library and I have saved some really great info from Genuki now Genire
Cookie--: PDT
chirho: Thank you.
* opossum 's addy is
SplitLevelHead: sounds great, opossum
chirho: Got it, opossum
chirho: And you're near my old Atchison, KS stamping grounds:)
opossum: CST
opossum: Right
SplitLevelHead: anyone know where Olathe, KS is?
chirho: :) :) :) My grandfather practiced medicine right across from the school for the deaf in Olathe
opossum: You went to Mount St. Scholasitica Right?
opossum: I know where Olathe is
SplitLevelHead: what Co is it in?
Joanna: Excuse me. Is there a school for chat jargon?
opossum: Used to be a separate town, but it is now hard to tell where Kc Kansas ends and all those little towns begin
chirho: don't know the county...on east edge, ne edge below Atchison..due west of KC
chirho: Joanna, yes, there is! Cesario has some good stuff on the class resource page.
Joanna: Great!
SplitLevelHead: still in Wyandotte, then?
Cesario: Joanna - the Class Resource page has a link for Chat with Your CLassmates which has some chat jargon links
Cesario: invites you to visit the Class Resource page at n/3240/
opossum: My brother Mike lives in Lenexa
chirho: SLH, most likely
SplitLevelHead: excellent!
SplitLevelHead: i think i got a connection email today...
SplitLevelHead: that's why i'm asking
SplitLevelHead: well... it might just be in the next co over
chirho: We'll have a new URL for the study group...and I sorta stripped the old page.... hope no one minds ???
SplitLevelHead: it's in Johnson
chirho: brb
SplitLevelHead: what's to mind?
opossum: I have a Knsas map somewhere here in the office
opossum: brb
Joanna: Not as long as I know where I'm going.
SplitLevelHead: my other invitee is about to arrive *** MeIrish has joined #Fian
opossum: Think Olathe is in Johnson Co
*** Chas has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: c'mon in!
chirho: Welcome!
chirho: study group URL hoseahouse/fianna/group33.html
Chas: Thanks
chirho: I need to redo the table of members....
*** Angus has joined #Fian
chirho: meIrish and Chas, I need email addys and time zones.
chirho: Wecome Angus, glad you made it!
SplitLevelHead: just a bit, yes
Angus: Thank you, had some initial problems- OK now
chirho: Yes, the server is loaded tonight.
SplitLevelHead: i've been on all day and haven't had any problems
*** Irish has joined #Fian
Irish: Sorry
chirho: Irish, why sorry?
chirho: SLH, when I got on there were only 5 more spots open...
Cesario: A guest just arrived - I'll be away but stay in the channel if I can...
*** Cesario is now known as Cesario-Away
Irish: It's me kicked off somehow. Now I'm back as me..Irish
chirho: What do you want me to use on page...Irish? MeIrish?
SplitLevelHead: spots?
opossum: Hope none of us get kicked then
opossum: if we are i guess we're out of luck :)
chirho: spots, openings. like max50 present45
SplitLevelHead: should i remove the ghost?
SplitLevelHead: since i can do that
*** Cookie-- has left #Fian
** MeIrish has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
SplitLevelHead: i've never noticed them
*** Irish has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
chirho: Please, SLH
chirho: dagone peer
SplitLevelHead: never mind...
*** SplitLevelHead sets mode: +o chirho
opossum: Oh dear
chirho: Thank you SLH, now what do I do :) !!
SplitLevelHead: i shoulda been doing that all during that last class
chirho: Never learned to do the ops thing..
SplitLevelHead: it's not smart to have only one...
SplitLevelHead: i still don't know all of it
*** Irish has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: but it's not like we have any discipline problems with this group
chirho: wb, Irish
Irish: Let's see if I can stay connected now.
chirho: have some velcro :)
SplitLevelHead: velcro time
SplitLevelHead: and rope, and glue, and tape
Irish: Sounds good to me.
chirho: all in lovely shades of green! hehehe
chirho: We need to set a meeting time to publish, and start thinking about what we'll do....

Irish: Now I did this dogpile search business and got lost from there.
chirho: should get some more folks once class actually starts...
chirho: Irish, it gets easier. I was a total net newbie when I took this class last time
chirho: SLH, some night other than Thursday???
opossum: Irish I was a dedicated web cruiser when I took the clas the first time
opossum: But I picked up a lot of stuff I didn't know
opossum: Dogpile for instance
Irish: I read the newsgroups all the time but never had to search this way. AOL makes it easy.
Irish: I thought I knew how to search things out well as I am not new to the internet.
SplitLevelHead: well...
SplitLevelHead: mon or tues
opossum: Must admit that I've gone back to using Ata Vista and Yahoo though
chirho: Monday???? Sounds good to me. One of the newbies works mondays tho
chirho: Tuesday is alright, also
opossum: My search folder has about 20 URLs and I use Alta Vist an Yahoo :)
SplitLevelHead: friday is definitely out... lab is not open long enough
Irish: I never knew Dogpile existed until today. I am a die hard Yahooite
SplitLevelHead: i like alta
Joanna: Unfortunately Yahoo isn't on MSN. Found the stuff anyway. Any day except Wed good for me.
chirho: Three votes for Mon/or Tues. Any more?
Irish: Tuesday generally good here except 1x/mo I have genealogy meeting locally.
chirho: Angus, Chas?
Joanna: I can access Yahoo by its own search though.
opossum: Maybe we should meet Thus before class?
opossum: Would that work?
chirho: Irish, we count 4 monday, 3 tues
Irish: Prefer Monday
chirho: opossum..I can never get there...
Angus: Monday sounds fine
chirho: 5 monday 3 I bid more?
Irish: I gather we will be on PDT
opossum: Monday is good for me except for one a month when I have a church wms meeting
Chas: Monday Is good for me
chirho: I guess so, all VU is.... keeps it easy. Am putting a chart link on the THINGS WE NEED page to show times
Joanna: Monday or Tuesday. Prefer Tues.
chirho: 6 monday, 4 tues
opossum: Actually I do prefer Tues but Mon would be OK
chirho: looks like monday wins, for now...
opossum: I try to make the IIGS Irish grp every Monday.
chirho: Will post for 6pm PACIFIC time on Monday, October 20 ???
opossum: I feel guilty when I do two gen meeting on a given day :)
Irish: Chirho.did you get my info? I tried to send a while ago and was bounced off. Glue holding...
opossum: k Monday
chirho: Yes, Irish..what name do you want?
Angus: what time is the IIgs Irish Group
Irish: Wish I could get Irish goup but is GMT which is 4pm my time and I'm at work
opossum: 3:00 my time (CST)
opossum: What time are you on Angus?
SplitLevelHead: which is 1pm pac time?
Angus: EST
Joanna: 8PM CST
opossum: Think we are talking about two different mtings here.
Joanna: Can we go later for Irish?
opossum: Maybe we are confusing ppl
Irish: 4pm EST,3PM CST, 2pm for the MT. folks so I guess you win 1pm PST for the IIGS Irish group
SplitLevelHead: i could actually go to that...
chirho: 9pm et, 8 pm ct, 7pm mountain, 6 pm pacific for fian and also for class
Irish: Our group at 6pm PST just fine for me as will be 9PM EST for me
opossum: The meetings are usually pretty good SLH
opossum: Although there are not that many ppl coming yet
SplitLevelHead: ahem...
chirho: yes?
Joanna: Okay. Two groups..same day. Sorry/ I got lost.
Irish: Are we toatlly confused yet??
opossum: We have been hammering our some thorny research problems though
SplitLevelHead: should we be making asy decisions yet as to who's going to be running this thing?
opossum: Maybe I should shut up so we can plan meeting just for THIS class
Joanna: SLH, you are all doing fine with me.
SplitLevelHead: i dunno bout that...
Irish: I vote for SLH and Chirho
Angus: How about SLH and chirho?
chirho: SLH, will you serve until we have a final group, at least...
* SplitLevelHead does not think she has the time to be in charge of this big entity
chirho: for just two weeks?
Joanna: yes, please!
SplitLevelHead: all right... i guess so...
opossum: Ok SLH but you were a good leader
chirho: then we'll be stable and can elect
chirho: GOOD FOR SLH
chirho: :)
Irish: I can understand...SLH in college graduates this spring
SplitLevelHead: something small i can handle
Joanna: SLH, good for you.
* opossum gives a big hug to SplitLevelHead
SplitLevelHead: the whole big package i think i just too much
chirho: (The big cheese always gets mice to run fians...)
SplitLevelHead: is just
Irish: I sure would like to learn how you guys makes these comments
chirho: type em in..
SplitLevelHead: type /me message
SplitLevelHead: that's one way
* chirho proud of SLH
SplitLevelHead: you can also create other things
chirho: study group URL hoseahouse/fianna/group33.html
chirho: used popup
SplitLevelHead: now how many of you right now are the javachatters?
SplitLevelHead: at least 2, right
Joanna: I am.
Irish: I think I am.
Angus: I can be, but chose MIRC
opossum: I'm mIRC
SplitLevelHead: good for you, Angus
SplitLevelHead: those are the 2 i thought
SplitLevelHead: Chas?
Irish: So what is our purpose here tonight?
* chirho says good for the IRC users, let's help the others
opossum: But the java chatters will be just fine as long as we keep meeting here at VU
Joanna: I'll play with mIRC tomorrow and see what happens.
SplitLevelHead: start to get organized
SplitLevelHead: make plans
* chirho says to start! We've got a leader..some time together...
SplitLevelHead: Maith thú, Joanna! (Good for you, Joanna!)
chirho: How many read nupage.html?
Irish: I have IRC too and ICQ
opossum: Well we do have a temporary Rig and a tentative meeting time
chirho: about all the different types of study group projects, or pick our own...
Chas: I use Net Manage irc
SplitLevelHead: i can't icq... but peoplelink is almost the same thing
opossum: I did
chirho: any ideas, opossum? from that list?
Angus: I did too.
chirho: If we get enuf folks we could do several in separate fians (work groups)
opossum: I will try to get around to investigating either ICQ or ppl link
opossum: We cold do a bib
Irish: So who soled the first homework problem?
Irish: How about "solved"
SplitLevelHead: no telling the answers, now
opossum: Also I think we know enough to do a general guide if we pool the info we have acquired throughlists etc.
chirho: agree, opossum...
chirho: we've got disks full of URL's and stuff, as well as names of books, and places to buy em...
chirho: Mostly thanks to you!
opossum: I haven't done the 2nd problem, since I did take the class before. However, I have located a better Meta FAQ
Angus: A general guide would be good, some Counties in Ireland have limited info.
*** Joanna has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
opossum: Links
opossum: the last one was text:(
opossum: I think we should aim for a general guide
Irish: Got to go guys as am fading fast. A fulltime job, 20 y/o, 2y/o and 4 y/o have done me in for the day. Have a hubby too just back from sea (Navy) so must go for now. See ya here next Monday at 9pm EST?
chirho: Janet will accept link input for those who want to work on links...
opossum: Compiling information we have obtained through reading
SplitLevelHead: see ya then!
opossum: Explanations of townlands, parishes. (civil and religious) counties
opossum: baronies etc
chirho: Bye, Irish, will see you, and you'll be getting emails...
chirho: That geog stuff is yours, opossum, you took the course! :)
chirho: I'll send an email to the ones registered so far and cc FIANNA-L....
opossum: Maybe compile a bib from books we have read and found useful
*** Irish has quit IRC (EOF from client)
*** Cesario-Away is now known as Cesario
opossum: :)
opossum: I think Corky has a lot of good info
chirho: Will she join us?
opossum: Is Corky not going to be with us this term?
SplitLevelHead: someday i'll get the picture of the two of us
SplitLevelHead: it's not developed yet
chirho: She didn't answer plea..
opossum: All we can do is keep talking up the group both on Fianna and our other lists
SplitLevelHead: and it was taken last May
chirho: But now we have new projects and such......
opossum: Actually I have found VU classes take more time than the advertised 3 or 4 hours a week
opossum: However, you get a lot out of classes
chirho: only because you do em up right! :)
*** Joanna has joined #Fian
* SplitLevelHead is cold...
* chirho hands SLH a warm warm blanket and a cup of cocoa
opossum: ppl who have taken lessons before will probably find load fairly light
opossum: since the lessons are the same.
Joanna: Sorry, my dog pulled the plug!
opossum: They could mostly work on guide which won't take up too much time.
chirho: I certainly hope so!
chirho: WB, Joanna
opossum: SLH are you still at school?
chirho: and go to classes, opossum, which are interesting and fun
opossum: Do they turn off the furnace or what?
SplitLevelHead: yup
SplitLevelHead: but only until next May
Joanna: Sorry to interrupt. Thanks, chirho,
chirho: Joanna, dog get shocked someday!
opossum: Yes I always get a lot out of classes Cesario: Oh Gee Guys - I didn't realize I was taking a space someone else could have used... :(
SplitLevelHead: i guess they gotta keep the room cool for the puters
SplitLevelHead: but this place has a high ceiling
opossum: Sometimes individual class members have a lot to add to Marthe's Lessons!!
chirho: Absolutely
SplitLevelHead: all the heat goes up there
chirho: SLH, 'puters llike cold!
SplitLevelHead: whadya mean, taking a space?
SplitLevelHead: i know... but i don't! *g*
chirho: Cesario, we're glad to see you!!
opossum: It is supposed to be a cool night here. We may have our first frost
opossum: Guess it is the end for floweres and tomatoes :(
Cesario: On the server - just read back and seems it was way full - I could have logged off to let someone else in...
SplitLevelHead: but you're a TA... you need to be online
chirho: Well, and I should have logged out of 33...
Cesario: Glad to be here :) sorry I had a friend stop by unexpectedly...
opossum: No Wendy we're glad to see you
opossum: We miss you!
chirho: We picked all our tomatoes last week, and they all got ripe today
SplitLevelHead: yes we do
chirho: And we need your presence, too!
Cesario: :) I'm definitely glad to see you guys :)
opossum: You are really doing a good job as teaching assisstant though
chirho: (sniff) you gone, Ces, and SLH will only take on Rig as a temp...
SplitLevelHead: i'm just afraid it's too much
opossum: Yes Rig soon we will be leaderless boo hoo :(
chirho: and Ces, your resource pages are COOL
SplitLevelHead: going to be, that is
Cesario: thank you - I'm glad you like the pages :)
chirho: SLH, I'll do as much as I can to help...
SplitLevelHead: but if we don't get too big i might be able to handle it
Joanna: Guys, it's about time for me to check out. Do we have anything other than new Group URL? Next Monday 3CST and 8CST? Which site?
chirho: 3 IIGS 8 here
chirho: Joanna, you'll be getting some email,, too
SplitLevelHead: you'll be reminded
Joanna: Thank you very much.
Cesario: say you guys - the study groups are all getting a BB of their own
Cesario: Marthe has set them up I just have to put in the links
Cesario: I'm sure GEUROPE has one
SplitLevelHead: cool
chirho: SLH, actually, the bigger we get, the less you have to do, the Fians will each have a Rig... :)
SplitLevelHead: good point
chirho: A BB... wonderful. For the BIG group or us little guuys too?
SplitLevelHead: remember to lowercase that
Cesario: :) SLH does Rig real well!
Cesario: for the BIG group but it's a free BB place
Cesario: you could probably sign up for a Fianna one
Cesario: just for the study group
Cesario: one sec - I'll see if I can find the GEUROPE url
Cesario: then you can find the place at least
SplitLevelHead: The whole Fíanna -- Rígfennid ... a fían -- rígfennid
Cesario: sion.cgi?unique=3012119 [look on PLACES WE NEED FAQ]
Cesario: there it is
* SplitLevelHead likes to get her terminology straight
SplitLevelHead: that server doesn't seem to like to connect
chirho: thanks, SLH :) I was never sure!
SplitLevelHead: i'm waiting for it
SplitLevelHead: gotta see this thing
chirho: And thanks Ces, for URL.. may I note it on group page?
SplitLevelHead: oops... got a 'server down or not responding' message
Cesario: Geez - that happened before - it says it happens
chirho: Marthe's home next door..
SplitLevelHead: what a great epithet she let loose with
Cesario: on the main page
Cesario: only last time all the BBs got lost :(
Cesario: keep trying it and I'll let Marthe know
opossum: BBs could be good
chirho: But emails are better..folks keep em sometimes :)
Cesario: cool - maybe I should go say HI
opossum: Maybe a better way to communicate with non IRC members that email in some ways.
SplitLevelHead: it doesn't look like it wants to go tonight
Joanna: Goodnight, all.
SplitLevelHead: *snort*
SplitLevelHead: i keep everything
SplitLevelHead: Oíche mhaith, Joanna! (Good night, Joanna!)
chirho: Good night, Joanna
opossum: Also a good way to attract new Fennidi :)
Joanna: Goodnight madears.
Cesario: take care All :) Great to see you guys again!
*** Cesario has left #Fian
chirho: yeesssssss opossum
* chirho purrs
SplitLevelHead: like cats?
chirho: Like easy advertising!
Chas: I'll say goodnight also
chirho: cats ok too
*** Chas has left #Fian
chirho: Good night Chas, oh, well.... :(
SplitLevelHead: ours are morons
SplitLevelHead: mother and daughter
opossum: We have five cats
*** Joanna has quit IRC (Joanna)
opossum: Or they have us
opossum: I am not sure which
SplitLevelHead: they're almost 5 1/2
chirho: Angus, you still with us?
opossum: ours range in age from five to twelve
Angus: I will say goodnight as well. See you all next week.
SplitLevelHead: Oíche mhaith, Angus! (Good night, Angus!)
chirho: Looking forward
chirho: goodnight
chirho: watch your mailbox
chirho: :)
** Angus has quit IRC (Leaving)
opossum: A grandmother, mother, two daughters and an obandoned kitten I found at my folks five years ago
chirho: lotsa cats! Keep mice from barn.
* SplitLevelHead is still shivering
chirho: Well, folks, I guess I should go page making with the new names...
chirho: and try to do some more advertising...
SplitLevelHead: ours bring them in the house from outside
SplitLevelHead: go for it!
SplitLevelHead: see ya later
opossum: They don't live in the barn! They DO allow us to live in the house with them
chirho: Be warm, be happy!
opossum> I too had better run
chirho: study group URL hoseahouse/fianna/group33.html
Session Close: Mon Oct 13 22:28:14 1997

book HR

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LOG FOR October 20, 1997 #FIAN

[Ed. note: There was a bit of choppiness..folks got knocked off and there was a major net split. Therefore we lost a lot of log.. marmar was kind enough to convert and send this to chirho...there are gaps. An attempt was made to indicate where the major ones occur.]


SplitLevelH i still have the backup on dalnet
SplitLevelH ahem...
*SplitLevelHead would like her ops back
flp: No, I can't, I don't know how
*** opossum has joined channel #fian
marmar: Hi, is that #Fian?
SplitLevelH what're you using
flp: mIRC
opossum: Hi I thought I wasn't going to get on
opossum: Hi again marmar
*** chirho has joined channel #fian
SplitLevelH then click on my name, then right-click
*** TomG has joined channel #fian
SplitLevelH go to control
SplitLevelH it's right there
opossum: I couldn't connect os I tried IIGS and got right on
*** Mode change "+o SplitLevelHead" on #fian by flp
SplitLevelH thank you...
SplitLevelH k
marmar: Opssum, am I or you in two places at once or have we switched? Is this where I am meant to be for the Fianna group?
SplitLevelH now, if you don't mind... i'm gonna undo you
*** Mode change "+o chirho" on #fian by SplitLevelHead
opossum: I hope we are not going to have server problems again this term :(
*** Mode change "-o flp" on #fian by SplitLevelHead
flp: no problem
SplitLevelH I certainly hope not!!
chirho: Marmar, you're in the right place.
opossum: No marmar I tried IIGS because I couln't get on over here
marmar: Chirho, great! So, hi everybody. Do we have a topic?
flp: I saw you guys over in rootsweb didn't I
opossum: And yes marmar we are both now in the right place :)
opossum: At Fianna meeting
chirho: Hi Dirk2, glad you could make it! :)
chirho: When do you start your world travels?
opossum: Hi Dirk2 Good to see you!
opossum: flp Yes marmar and I were on IIGS
flp: :) thought I saw you guys
chirho: Perhaps, SLH, the first topic should be "emergency measures" and I'll post it on the pages?
SplitLevelH very good idea
*** secret has joined channel #fian
*SplitLevelHead is rounding up stragglers in the main room
secret: Hi all!
marmar: Chirho, I would like to ask a question of clarification. I am in study groups Lemail and Geoourope? Does Fianna have sub-groups in both? or Only one?
flp: hello
*** Cobra has joined channel #fian
opossum: Good idea chirho
chirho: While she's doing that, is there anyone else that wants to change nicks, give time zones, etc? I so, please send me email TONIGHT!
opossum: I am sarting to worry about the server!!!
Cobra: holy cow! Am I here yet?? (Fianna group)??!!
chirho: marmar, we're only in GEurope.
*** FlyBoy has joined channel #fian
SplitLevelH we have our own subgroups under ourselves
*** Lt_Yar has joined channel #fian
chirho: Cobra, you made it
TomG: Split, CarolMcJ is still having trouble getting on, I don't know if you can contact and help
Cobra: Cool!
SplitLevelH where is she?
Lt_Yar: Does anyone know how to get to a knew channle?
*** Mode change "+s" on #fian by SplitLevelHead
TomG: She sent an instant message on AOL but now says she's signed off
SplitLevelH you aren't one of mine, are you?
chirho: Lt_Yar type /join #whatever...then leave us! Cobra: do I always have to type /join #Fian to get to this room??
*** Mugs has joined channel #fian
Lt_Yar: Thanks
Lt_Yar: Got to go
Mugs: Hello everyone
chirho: Yes, Cobra, unless you have mIRC
SplitLevelH if you're java chatting, yes
marmar: Chirho, thank you for that info. I can now think about a topic for my/our project.
dirk2: hi all, just called to phone , got to catch up.
* opossum smiles at Mugs
*** Lt_Yar has left channel #fian
secret: Chirho, I was supposed to be "sky" but I couldn't get in on that nick, so I chose secret. I'm in Pacific zone, specifically CA.
chirho: Dirk2 when do you start your world travels? SplitLevelHead forgot to make it secret again when i got here
chirho: OK secret...
Mugs: Sorry I am late but I had a little trouble getting on
SplitLevelH the room, that is
SplitLevelH we all did
SplitLevelH server got whacked
opossum: I had trouble getting on too
opossum: Doesn't bode well for the future:(
secret: glad to know I wasn't the only one who had trouble getting in here.
SplitLevelH So... what should we do for our emergency strategy?
marmar: I am in Australian Eastern SUMMER time, and it is now Tuesday here at a quarter past noon. What is the time where you are Chirho? I hope 6.15 pm on Monday?
chirho: We need an alternate arrangement that we can just go try if we can't get on the server. Only problem is that leaves the Java folk behind
SplitLevelH it's that time for me, marmar
chirho: Time ET 9:15 pm
opossum: Right
chirho: PT 6:15. Monday
opossum: There were only about 7ppl on IIGS tonite
SplitLevelH unfortunately, it does
opossum: one channel
*** woodchuck has joined channel #fian
Mugs: Chirho did you figure my time zone out?
chirho: Welcome woodchuck SplitLevelH yay! ya made it!
Cobra: stupid question two: I just clicked my way in here...Netscape 4.0....guess that's java?? What do I do if java won't work??
woodchuck: Hi, Our list has me listed as SAM, but webmaster disagreed.
chirho: Yes Mugs, check on the yellow page...PLACES WE NEED
Mugs: k
chirho: Would you like to change to Woodchuck?
FlyBoy: set logs on
chirho: Cobra, that's java.
*** chirho: We need to set aside some IRC teaching time
woodchuck: I don't care, but they said SAM was in use. (Maybe just at this time.) Kept asking for a password
chirho: some other time
SplitLevelH mine always is on
chirho: Anyone here NOT join FIANNA-L mailing list?
dirk2: 25th Oct, will be offline about 3 weeks. Glad I got on tonight.
Cobra: thot so....guess I'll have to grab a copy of mIRC ??is that better than java??
chirho: Have a good trip, Dirk2! :)
leftii: not I
chirho: Cobra, YES !
Cobra: chirho....ok...
opossum: Just got your emergency msg SLH
chirho: leftii, think about it.... good idea :)
SplitLevelH but it seems we don't need it... *g*
opossum: Good fast planning
opossum: But I do think we are OK for now
Mugs: Cobra you will like using mIRC better than Java
SplitLevelH well... it was getting close to time, so i grabbed at what i could
Cobra: Mugs....will have to try my "spare" time ha ha
Mugs: spare time whats that ??
SplitLevelH yeah, what's that?
marmar: Chirho, how many of us in the FIANNA group Geurope?
chirho: Cobra, there are some links on the yellow page to help you get started. PC or Mac?
opossum: :)
SplitLevelH i think it's about 36 or 37
Cobra: chirho...PC
chirho: mIRC will do it then, Cobra
** flp: what yellow page are you talking about chirho
SplitLevelH I've got 2 more incoming
*chirho says FIANNA 0 study group URL chirho: At the bottom of the page is a link to PLACES WE NEED....
Cobra: I haven't done a chat since my long departed AOL days, a couple years ago!
chirho: that's the yellow page!
flp: okay, just wasn't sure
marmar: Are we going to talk about the study group topic/s today?
marmar: Everyone is so quiet. WHere are you? Maybe I'm just too far away.


BIG net split

[Those left in the room discussed some IRC topics, what a net split is, etc. and waited eagerly for the return of the group.]

flp: thanks, I think I may be strarrrrttttiiinnnggg to understand :)
secret: what do we do now?
chirho: On the yellow page, go to the tex^mom pages, and try to find her channel... she'll teach you all about IRC
*** Mode is +s
*** TomG has joined channel #fian
chirho: wb
chirho: marmar, glad to see you back
chirho: wb TomG
*** Mugs has joined channel #fian
chirho: wb Mugs
TomG: Hey, was that the server again?
flp: welcome back for now
*** woodchuck has joined channel #fian
Mugs: get out the velcro I think I need it tonight. lol
marmar: Hi, everyone I'm back. Suddenly I was no longer connected. Eeek!
chirho: no, they've managed to come back in
*** opossum has joined channel #fian
woodchuck: Me, too, marmar
opossum: Hi What happened
chirho: wb opossum
chirho: where's SLH?
chirho: How full is the server, did anyone notice?
woodchuck: This mirc stuff is WAY harder than genealogy!
chirho: opossum, we had a net split.
chirho: woodchuck, not really, once you've been through it a time or two
Mugs: This reminds me of the dalnet chats
TomG: Woodchuck, you made it
opossum: I didn't notice I'was glad to get on
woodchuck: Yeah, right!
chirho: Mugs, what server were we going to use instead? Wasn't it afternet?
marmar: Well, whatever it was, nice to see you all again. Did we talk about study topics?
chirho: cause they only have one server?
opossum: I din't know whether to try here again or Dalnet
chirho: No, marmar, we're talking about net splits and stuff
Mugs: I think it was afternet
woodchuck: I've made it TWICE now Rick. Let's see if I can stay this time.
Cobra: we couldn't discuss...ya'll left us!
opossum: No Dalnet
*** chirho: so of course we gossip about you
flp: :) ohhh the stories
chirho: opossum, Dalnet has gobs of servers...lots of splits...
opossum: #Fian
opossum: same as here
opossum: Yes but that is where SLH set up emergency room
chirho: we were going to move from Dalnet, remember?
marmar: chirho, of course you gossip about us (smiley). so, what now?
opossum: She said she had to move fast
Cobra: well, fewer people in the room does make it easier to keep up :)
chirho: Does anyone have a very special interest in any of the topics?
opossum: Where is SLH
chirho: opossum...geographical divisions?
opossum: Maybe she went to Dalnet
opossum: Or can't get back on
marmar: I am interested in how to access info on COunty Clare pre-1850. How can I fit that into a topic, chirho?
chirho: probably on Dalnet. Repeat...geographical divisions, opossum? Would you want to work on that?
opossum: You mean for study group chirho?
*** dirk2 has joined channel #fian
chirho: Yes, possum
*** SplitLevelHead has joined channel #fian
chirho: wb dirk
SplitLevelH yesh!
opossum: I would take that
woodchuck: My ancestor is from County Derry, so I'm interested in that.
chirho: slh, help me get you back up here!
flp: she's back
TomG: I wouldn't mind getting into the church records
SplitLevelH why did it take so long to get me in here?
*opossum smiles at SplitLevelHead
SplitLevelH click on me, then right-click
SplitLevelH go to control
Cobra: Church records are interesting. Counties Down & Tyrone
SplitLevelH grumble grumble... frabber schnabber server
dirk2: What happened, was it my finger!! or the server. got cut off???
*** Mode change "+o SplitLevelHead" on #fian by chirho
SplitLevelH Go raimh maith agat... (Thanks...)
chirho: net split, Dirk2
leftii: I would just like to know the proper procedures for getting info from abroad anywhere
marmar: looks like church records in several counties are of interest
*** FlyBoy has joined channel #fian
flp: I'd like something in Down
Mugs: the server Dirk
chirho: Right, marmar..
Cobra: getting info from USA would BE NICE!
opossum: I will take Geo divisions chirho
flp: I'm with leftii
FlyBoy: Did the server go down again?
dirk2: Oh, good. For once it wasn't me. :-)))
opossum: Don't know as much about them as you seem to think though:)
chirho: Good opossum...
Mugs: How to get started researching in....location seemed intresting to me
chirho: yes, split
leftii: ok flp we should get together then with someone with more experience
SplitLevelH gee, weren't we just talking about that?
opossum: I was wondering whether we might try to do something about critiquing heritage centers
chirho: Good Mugs, lots of folks really seem to be wanting that one
flp: sounds good to me
opossum: They really seem to vary fro pretty good
opossum: to pretty awful
chirho: True
marmar: Mugs, yes. So that each of us would work on the particulars of a chosen county. THe Two people interested in Derry could work together? Is that the idea?
opossum: Of course Marthe said this was an extended project
chirho: looks like we can get at least three, possibly four interest groups worked out
chirho: geog, church, general, heritages...
leftii: Your not talking about family history centers are you?
chirho: Yes, marmar..working together in smaller groups
opossum: So we could do heritage centers later
*** eire223 has joined channel #fian
SplitLevelH that's better!
opossum: I am acquiring a file from lists etc. though
chirho: welcome eire223
flp: hello :)
chirho: Guess we'll do a little newspapering, eh?
eire223: why couldn't I see you talking in dalnet split level?
eire223: oh well
Cobra: the church thing would be interesing but know really nothing about either religions.....
*SplitLevelHead crosses her fingers that the room stays put
SplitLevelH you couldn't???
SplitLevelH i was talking my head off
marmar: Does everyone know the Heritage COuncil in Irleand is accepting submissions right now on doing genealogy in Ireland, including the Heritage Centres?
SplitLevelH Pls abbreviate, 'SLH' is just fine...
eire223: doesn't matter now. I couldn't see anything you said tho
chirho: Cobra, the thing is to learn how to get Cath records, where to find Presbyterian records etc
opossum: Yes It was on Genire
Mugs: Who was interested in Co. Down?
flp: I am
opossum: but I haven't dealt with heritage centers though yet
Cobra: well, am interested in Presbyterian records....
SplitLevelH so how do we want to divide up who is interested in what?
opossum: Have just heard lots of very mixed things about them
SplitLevelH a fragmented one, albeit.... *g*
Mugs: flp I'd like to learn how to research there too
flp: I want to know How to get started especially in CO Down
eire223: Is Donegal a choice?
dirk2: My wifes McKitricks are from Co. Down.
chirho: SLH, how about we send out a note with descriptions of work groups they've shown interest in, and then have folks email in their choices and further suggestions
chirho: suggestions
eire223: good idea
opossum: Sounds good chirho
marmar: OK, for starters I am interested in how to access info on people in COunty Clare pre-1858, including RC CHurch records.
*** Big has joined channel #fian
dirk2: My Dohertys are from DON
flp: YES
leftii: How about a How to get started on Your Immigrant Family
SplitLevelH i thought we were going to be dividing them up here and now?
Cobra: am interested in Presby. Tyrone pre 1800
Big: thank you
opossum: marmar that would be good
*chirho says we will send out email listing the types of groups you've been discussing and ask for email joinups to the different groups, OK?
opossum: We need to do that for all counties
SplitLevelH You all did go take a look at that list of topics, right?
opossum: Because availability of records really varies
woodchuck: Got it in front of me.
eire223: I did not see a specific list
Mugs: yes slh
leftii: looked but didn't remeber
Cobra: oh! that's it! that's what I want! How to start on immig. family! scratch the church recs!
chirho: eire223... my URL nupage.html
opossum: Yes I did
secret: yes slh
opossum: But can we think up our own
eire223: I thought I saw some suggestions but no list of finished study groups
marmar: Chirho & opossum, yes I like the follow-up via e-mail idea. But we'll need someone to distill the interests expressed here. Oh, and not all the group are here now, are they?
flp: I did, but it was so vast, I forgot it.
opossum: Course of the ones that Marthe listed Geo divisions would be good
eire223: think i did see that page
*chirho says chirho will distill
opossum: Immigration and naturalization would be good too
Big: yes, I did
*** Signoff: TomG (Leaving)
dirk2: As my Doherty info is pretty well organized, I could go for Co. Down. Would make Bet (wife) happy.
SplitLevelH oh nuts...we lost one
*** TomG has joined channel #fian
SplitLevelH wb
chirho: wb, TomG
woodchuck: He's BAACCKKK
TomG: got pig ponged
opossum: SLH Why don't you and chirho send out suggested topics
Mugs: I'd like Down too. Dirk hope you have more experience than I do
TomG: ping
opossum: We can't do all Marthe suggested right now and still have more than one or two in group
secret: I like "how to get started on immigrant families" too!
eire223: my probs are finding out when my ancestor actually got here, and how to trace his family, I know his parents names & am told he was from donegal
opossum: If this is to be an extended project
* SplitLevelHead is not sure we're supposed to be concerned with specific place information
eire223: I know he was here before 1861
marmar: If someone wanted to do a critique of the heritage centres,it might be easily done by e-mailing all VU students a short questionnaire. Those who have paid the centres to do research could voice their response. Yes?
opossum: we might have to leave some topics for later!!
eire223: not sure how to formulate my topic
SplitLevelH overall and general, i think
chirho: yes, marmar
dirk2: If you Know nuthin, then maybe I know a bit more. :-))
Mugs: lol
chirho: SLH, we can do anything we want as long as we ask Marthe first
dirk2: but not much LOL
opossum: Let's stick with Marthe's suggestions for now
SplitLevelH yeah, i guess...
opossum: But we might not be able to cover them all
chirho: opossum, we shouldn't try to do all
*SplitLevelHead has a suggestion
chirho: maybe top 3
marmar: ll, I'm looking forward to Chirho's summary to make my final choice.
flp: Are we supposed to cover them all, or are we to take a few for this course and have others to do as well as continue ours?

SplitLevelH how about i go down the list and spout 'em out, and get a response if anyone wants it
opossum: I would take Geo divisions but they are on the web
chirho: flp, a few
opossum: several places
opossum: I checked
opossum: I am a lttle at loss on this mainly offline sources thing
chirho: opossumm, could do a summary and weave those links in
marmar: Go ahead, SLH
secret: SLH go for it
opossum: Does that mean we are not supposed to duplicate information that is already available on the web?
SplitLevelH ok... top of the list...
SplitLevelH Historic overview and explanation of divisional features (parishes, counties, states, tribes, etc.).
SplitLevelH any takers?
chirho: yes
marmar: It's certainly relevant to getting info pre-1850
flp: Are you going to read them off and we mark a possible interest or a definite one
opossum: Me too
chirho: tribes, clans, etc... NI and republic SplitLevelH any kind of interest
SplitLevelH all righty...
flp: thanks
SplitLevelH next one...
SplitLevelH How to get started researching [in] (fill in ethnic/location).
opossum: Actually we could do a lot septs are like clans or tribes :)
leftii: me for that one
Big: yes
SplitLevelH ok
secret: yes
chirho: yes, SLH, a couple have mentioned it
marmar: While the topic is releveant to pre-1850 research, such info is in every How to Research Ireland book? I would like to do something a bit more obscure. NOt knocking the books, you undersatand, just wanting to get into new territory.- for me, at least
woodchuck: yes
Mugs: I like that one slh
flp: I like this one SLH it sounds like what I described b/4
SplitLevelH i missed a bit trying to get in... best to make sure
dirk2: sounds good
SplitLevelH those surname maps would be good for first one
SplitLevelH we put the titles of the books
chirho: marmar, the books argue over a lot of it...
SplitLevelH offline resources
chirho: Good, SLH
marmar: slh, re topic 2 now, yes. I would like to do that for COunty Clare.
SplitLevelH next one
chirho: sounds like marmar could do evaluations of good books...
SplitLevelH we could have general 'get started'
SplitLevelH and county specific
eire223: what does a study group actually do once you're assigned to one? (sorry for the dumb Q) might help me decide what topic to pick..
SplitLevelH back to list
marmar: Chirho, it is possible, but I want to push into COunty Clare...
SplitLevelH we'll get to that
SplitLevelH Locating and using vital records
chirho: Eire223, the work group takes the topic and tries to learn as much as possible, then share with others
Big: yes
secret: yes
chirho: good one SLH, but different in different areas...
SplitLevelH i kinda like this one myself...
eire223: that one sounds like a good one for me
opossum: Locating and using in Ireland is a big topic!!
chirho: limit to a few counties!
opossum: Records really vary!!
SplitLevelH you got it
eire223: I know, i just meant i need to learn that
eire223: donegal :-)
Mugs: Would it cover vital records in more than one country?
SplitLevelH good question
flp: I know I'm getting ahead of you SLH, but I was in the Ireland chat earlier today and the key question both this week and last week was where are acurate and detailed maps of Ireland on the internet
Mugs: county
chirho: Mugs, IRELAND...NI and Republic
opossum: SLH even if we are not in your group
SplitLevelH even if 'who' isn't in the group
chirho: that's three/four topics...9-13/group
*SplitLevelHead hasn't made any choices yet herself
opossum: Me
opossum: Sorry
opossum: I thought you were taking records
SplitLevelH let's just finish the list and see which ones are the most popular
SplitLevelH we're not done yet
SplitLevelH Locating and using military records
SplitLevelH anyone/
SplitLevelH ?
Mugs: not interested right now
flp: not yet
chirho: Dirk2?
leftii: not yet
secret: no
SplitLevelH let's save this one for another time, then...
eire223: that sounds fascinating, although it won't help my current genealogy search, but does sound interesting
SplitLevelH i think we might have a taker here for #5...
SplitLevelH Locating and using migration and immigration records
woodchuck: yes
chirho: yes
SplitLevelH I like this one too
opossum: yes
Cobra: yes yes !!
flp: yes
Mugs: yes i like that one too
eire223: oops, that sounds like what I need
leftii: would'nt that fall into the how to catagory
Big: yes
opossum: Maybe this could be a group
SplitLevelH looks like it...
SplitLevelH #6
SplitLevelH Locating and using archives and libraries
opossum: Lots of interest and not unmanagebly complex
dirk2: Need to do alot in Co. Down
chirho: VERRA Important..
flp: yep
SplitLevelH how's this one?
opossum: Is that libraries in Eire?
leftii: I lke that one but am over extended
marmar: a good topic #6 and if my poor ignore COunty Clarea is too narrow a topic I could be interested in #6.
Mugs: I like this one too
chirho: Any moderate size library should be able to help
eire223: I guess we each just take one group, right?
dirk2: Bets Mckitricks were part of the Plantation =- early to mid 1600's from Scotland
SplitLevelH if you feel you can handle more than one...
SplitLevelH #7
SplitLevelH Locating and using censuses and related counts
chirho: Eire223, we haven't tied it down yet... hang in there
chirho: yes, important.
woodchuck: yes
opossum: No census until 64
Mugs: This could be very useful
chirho: goes into using Family Hist Centers...
SplitLevelH there's *some* 1851
opossum: Does that include substitutes
chirho: Feds in US and how in Ireland
SplitLevelH or whatever that year is
eire223: censuses in Ireland?
SplitLevelH related counts
opossum: Spining wheel taxes etc.?
SplitLevelH tax lists
flp: I prefer some of the others better
chirho: right
Cobra: tithe applotments. etc?
eire223: wow
SplitLevelH middling response to this one?
chirho: right
marmar: yes, the 1901 census is said to be very thorough and you might pick up the rels left behind.
opossum: true marmar
Cobra: ooooooh never thot of that!
SplitLevelH #8
opossum: But mine are RYANS and MURPHYS ETc.
SplitLevelH Locating and using church and religious records
eire223: my ancestor was dead by 1890 and his parents surely were
TomG: me
woodchuck: yes
chirho: supposedly quite complex, esp the Presbyterian ones
opossum: Left thousands behind :) :)
marmar: recently I heard about Eviction lists for 1800+ as an underutilised source. DOes that fit in here?
chirho: yes
flp: I need this one
chirho: Eviction with census
Big: yes
*** Moran1 has joined channel #fian
SplitLevelH eviction from what?
opossum: Gee marmar that's a good one
Mugs: I am interested in learning how to access church records
Cobra: i need this one, but am overextended !
secret: yes
opossum: surely could be fitted in somewhere
flp: hello
Moran1: Hi ya'll
chirho: Welcome Moran1 :)
SplitLevelH hey...glad you made it
opossum: eviction from
marmar: I am interested in accessing church records (guess where?)...
Big: Hi Moral1
opossum: farms
SplitLevelH next one??
flp: :)
SplitLevelH #9
opossum: land I guess I mean
SplitLevelH Locating and using society and organizational records
opossum: Landlord threw them off
Mugs: not County clare marmar??
flp: I don't think so
secret: no
marmar: Mugs, (smile).
Cobra: no...
chirho: That could include DAR, Irish-American etc... they've got lots of stuff
flp: but b/4 I say that maybe I should ask what this means
Mugs: not now
opossum: Actually there are supposed to be some very good local history organizations in Ireland
flp: No
Moran1: I'll attempt this one - anyone else?
opossum: I am not talking about the heritage centers
*SplitLevelHead was just going to say something like that
*Mugs just smiles and nods
secret: sounds interesting, but I can't say yes to everything! VBG
eire223: * eire wonders about the purple text
eire223: :-)
SplitLevelH we can always save stuff for another time
SplitLevelH almost...
SplitLevelHead action
marmar: You know, I don't think we are going to be short of topics.

SplitLevelH oops
SplitLevelH type /me action
opossum: I think this could be a good one but I am getting overextended
opossum: FHC centers in this county could fit in here too
chirho: eire223 type /me blah blah blah
SplitLevelH all right...
SplitLevelH next one
SplitLevelH #10
SplitLevelH Bibliography of related books and publications (book reviews).
eire223 wonders about the purple text :-)
chirho: Think we could all pitch a piece or two that way...
woodchuck: yes
*chirho cheers eire223
Cobra: too time consuming!

Mugs: no for #10
marmar: yes, chirho, if we keep a list of what we consult as we go along...
opossum: Right I have been reading some books on the famine
SplitLevelH for later, then?
chirho: marmar could give us a lot I bet!
SplitLevelH then it's ready for later
secret: yeah, later
*flp wonders how to change colors chirho: hehehe!
opossum: If we did one or two book reviews apiece that would take care of the book reviews
marmar: You can have my list anyway, the group who does this topic. Gift...
SplitLevelH last one...
SplitLevelH #11
SplitLevelH Problem research areas--missing records, bureaucratic obstacles, etc.
< opossum: Didn't Marthe say something about a bibliography?
chirho: Marmar, that's very kind!
eire223: so is the point of the study groups to produce results that others will use in the future or to study for our own things?
opossum: That would be shorter than reviews
flp: Right now I have plenty to read as it is, oh my
opossum: Plenty of those in Ireland ROTFL
marmar: Listen all, I think I have to go. I'm off to look at a second-hand scanner. Wish me luck and I'll see you in the e-mail. Oh, where will the log be posted?
chirho says it's both for us now and others later
opossum: TOO BIG a topic :) :)
SplitLevelHead: i read a great article in Family Chronicle about this area
* chirho says FIANNA 0 study group URL chirho: with log
opossum: Both we learn and help other researcher too :)

My record ends here (marmar)
[The major business of the evening had been transacted. There was a review of the groups and an estimate of the interest and all remaining agreed to look at groups 1,3,5,6,7 and see what the remainder of the study group thought. A reply form has been posted and all were to get an email for the URL.]

We are all grateful to marmar for this much of the log! :)

book HR

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LOG for #FIAN October 27, 1997

Session Start: Mon Oct 27 21:10:31 1997
*** Now talking in #Fian

* SplitLevelHead is pretty sure you're all on tenterhooks about your group assignments...
Peg: Okay, will do it later.
SplitLevelHead: The group listings are now online here -- 3336/fianna/fians.html
sky2: yes, yes, SLH, dying to find out what I'll be working on VBG
TomG: What the heck is a tenterhook?
chirho: to be on tenterhook is to be very very anxious on a meat hook
SplitLevelHead: y'know... i have *no* idea what it is...
SplitLevelHead: that's a really good question
Mugs: Hi gang sorry I am a bit late
SplitLevelHead: just a learned expression, i guess
SplitLevelHead: haven't missed much
Peg: it's what we are all hanging on....
flp: :)
SplitLevelHead: has anyone looked at the new page yet today?
marmar: No. SLH.
Quixote: A tenderhook is very sharp..edge.
SplitLevelHead: oh duh
Peg: Haven't had a chance to
* SplitLevelHead is trying to remember whether they got any emails with that url
flp: Not yet
leftii: yes
Peg: not with that url, SLH
leftii: The last letter the Url did not work
SAM: I tried to find a page with the groups, but I kept getting error messages! Finally gave up after being booted twice.
sky2: Webster says tenterhook means any of the hooked nails that hold cloth on a tenter (stretching frame), means to be in suspense.
SplitLevelHead: but you did get info on it earlier today, then?
SplitLevelHead: oh good, leftii!
Peg: got an email earlier, but not with that url....some different ones.
SplitLevelHead: Go raimh maith agat, sky2! (Thank you, sky2!)
sky2: Welcome!
leftii: Just now looking at new page with groups
chirho: leftii, which URL didn't work?
leftii: brb
SplitLevelHead: oh... guess i should...
SplitLevelHead: Céad míle fáilte, fénnidi! (A hundred thousand welcomes, fénnidi!)
SplitLevelHead: kay-mee fall-shuh
*** sno-king (java@18.seattle-06.wa.dial-access.att. net) has joined #Fian
chirho: New URL ...fians.html only announced an hour ago. no mails yet
chirho: Welcome :) sno-king, glad you made it
*** Cesario ( has joined #Fian
sno-king: Finally!
chirho: this is the only time you're likely to be here, isn't it?
SplitLevelHead: Hiya!
chirho: We're so glad to see you!
Cesario: Hi :)
SplitLevelHead: what was it before? don't 'member * chirho says 3 FIANNA 10 study group URL 3.html
chirho: click midway down to find YOUR assignment!
leftii: ique=2298640
leftii: thats the one that wuold not work
SplitLevelHead: oh, that's the BB
SplitLevelHead: the server seems to be not working lately
marmar: Chirho, are you telling all of us to click midway down?
SplitLevelHead: at least today, as far as i've seen
chirho: marmar... on our regular page with the two trees... midway down it describes the groups and has a link
SplitLevelHead: the link to the assignments page is a little ways down the page
* chirho says 3 FIANNA 10 study group URL 3.html
marmar: chirho, ta
SplitLevelHead: i'd say about a 1/4 of the way down
SplitLevelHead: look for this phrase... Study group assignments are here!
chirho: ta = ??
Peg: I've got it
Peg: thank you, got what I wanted.
SplitLevelHead: thanks...
leftii: 36/fianna/fians.html
chirho: righto
marmar: That's strine for thank you. (strine=Austra lian)
Cesario: The Fianna BB is working for me right now :)
* SplitLevelHead knows *lots* of terminology... *g*
chirho: Cesario, from what link?
chirho: ta marmar. Neat!
Cesario: The one that was just put up in this room
Cesario: I cut & pasted
chirho: Good. Thank you, Cesario
Cesario: unique=2298640 SplitLevelHead: i knew that one too...
SplitLevelHead: yup.. it is working now
SplitLevelHead: but it wasn't just even 20 mins ago
opossum: I cut and pasted too Cesario
chirho: looks like the one I coded on the yellow pages...
chirho: number's same, etc...
opossum: I have a question.
opossum: I am the only returning Fennidi in my group
*** eire223 ( has joined #Fian
SplitLevelHead: So are there any questions about what you're supposed to do next?
*** jande has quit IRC (EOF from client)
SplitLevelHead: oh nuts
chirho: most groups have only one, one group has two returning fennidi
chirho: welcome eire223
opossum: Yes I am rather A Newbie as far as IRC goes
marmar: I will look at the page (mid or 1/4 way down - later. I don't want to overburden my irc genie.
eire223: hi
chirho: marmar, you got your first choice, whatever it was
leftii: I have no experience with finding immigration stuff can some one email to me and help?
opossum: I have gone to tex^mom's class some and I know how to do colors etc.
Peg: chirho, who is the returning fennidi in my group?
chirho: opossum, you know what you must
chirho: brb
eire223: will there be a chatlog of this posted somewhere later? I am late for something I need to do.
Mugs: leftii I'm in the same boat
SplitLevelHead: Mugs & SAM
Peg: leftii, I'm in that group too....we will drown together.
SplitLevelHead: yes, there will be a log posted to the group page
leftii: LOL
marmar: Chirho, I am wounded. How could you forget I am focussing on County Clare....? :-)
Peg: Go raimh maith agat, SLH
*** Cesario has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
chirho: Peg, you have both Mugs and SAM
leftii: This doesn't bode to well
SplitLevelHead: The group listings are now online here -- 3336/fianna/fians.html
Peg: thanks chirho,
chirho: marmar, do your topic thinking and working on County Clare!
eire223: I will read your log, thank you.
opossum: I have never been a channel op
SplitLevelHead: it's not too hard
Peg: Anyone in the immigration group interested in County Antrim?
sky2: should we go look at the listings now to find out what group we are in?
*** SplitLevelHead sets mode: +o opossum
SplitLevelHead: give it a shot! *g*
leftii: Don't know which county mine are from so It matter
opossum: I really feel as the returning Fennidi I should call the meeting at least until we get a Rig elected
*** Mugs has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
leftii: won't
Peg: Good idea, opossum.
SplitLevelHead: very good idea!
SplitLevelHead: but lowercase, please
chirho: We hoped the returning folks would help their fians get started
eire223: I'm interested in county donegal, if I'm in immigration
SplitLevelHead: fian leaders are rigfennid
Quixote: See you all later. Thursday?
Peg: You hear that, Sam? We will be looking to you for leadership!
Peg: Now, where did Mugs go????
chirho: Quixote, any questions before you go?
SplitLevelHead: remember, all y'all in your separate groups need to pick a meeting time/place for yourselves
opossum: k I will email my group members and see what we can set up!
SAM: I'll try, but I'm no expert!
chirho: You have Mugs to work with SAM
chirho: Thursday for class Quixote
Peg: It's okay, we'll all swim together.
SAM: Since Mugs is gone, we should put her in charge!
Quixote: I can't think of anything. The search across the pond will be arduous. Good Luck!
SplitLevelHead: and pick out a leader
Quixote: Yes.
SAM: I'll lay in a supply of liferafts and shark repellant, Peg.
* chirho says ATTENTION the email addy is coded into the nickname in the table on both the study group page and the ...fians.html page
SplitLevelHead: Any other questions?
* chirho says that way you can easily reach one another
*** Cesario ( has joined #Fian
Peg: Good thinking Sam. I see TomG and eire223, leftii, and I are your subjects.
chirho: There will be a MOTD with everything included. ONCE only!
eire223: what's an email addy?
Peg: Mugs must have gotten booted.
SplitLevelHead: subjects... what a term! *giggle*
SplitLevelHead: address
TomG: loyal subjects
SAM: No, Peg, co-workers!
chirho: email address in a form that when you click on it it pops up your email program and you can send right from there
*** jande ( has joined #Fian
Peg: Your email address, eire223.
eire223: MOTD?
opossum: Yes I see
SplitLevelHead: message of the day
jande: i made it back.
*** Quixote has quit IRC (Quixote)
eire223: thanks, sorry!
Peg: (My next statement to Sam will be...O Sovereign King!!) bow three times.
* SplitLevelHead and her flying fingers strike again! *g*
leftii: so thats what that means
* chirho says, please remember to send me a copy of mail to your fian...put FIAN 1 or FIAN2 etc in the subject so I can sort it out!
marmar: Oh, jande. Do I know the feeling? Welcome back.
eire223: How are we to set up our intrastudygroup meetings? Peg, are you in my group?
jande: i was afraid my isp would be too busy again!!
chirho: MOTD Message of the DAY... like on chat servers!
jande: will a log be pasted on the study group page?
SplitLevelHead: log of tonight -- yes!
chirho: Yes, as long as one of us succeeds in capturing a log it will be sawed and built into a post on the page
eire223: i don't use chat servers, i'm sorry...except for this get together
chirho: :)
SplitLevelHead: you guys get to set them up amongst yourselves
* SplitLevelHead asks... Is there anything else we need to cover today?
*** sno-king has quit IRC (sno-king)
chirho: Any questions about todays big email and study groups?
eire223: Immigration class folks send me a note! I'll try to write you too!
leftii: k
marmar: Do we talk about Lesson 3 assignment - in relation to FIANNA and Ireland?
* chirho says there are two dead links in lesson link for LDS FHC gopher, and the link for the first hotlist item is broken. Marthe knows. Peg: Okay eire.
chirho: We really should be asking if everyone did alright with lesson 2
leftii: Lds was ftp site
Peg: I haven't even seen it yet (lesson 3)
chirho: right leftii
SplitLevelHead: bummer that it doesn't work
opossum: Haven't done it am concentrating on this guide
* SplitLevelHead hasn't really looked at #3 yet either
eire223: bye
*** eire223 ( has left #Fian
* chirho says Any questions/problems about lesson 2?
*** Mugs ( has joined #Fian
chirho: wb mugs
opossum: However, good reason to check links again!!
marmar: Lesson 2. After a few false starts I was successful and had replies almost immediately. But it is a very fastidious site? Has to be just right, eh?
leftii: mugs is back
Peg: wb have gained a family...see what happens when you leave?
Mugs: I was lost in cyber space somewhere
sky2: No questions. Lesson 2 was fun and I learned a lot.
opossum: Did any of the newbies have trouble with last weeks lesson?
* chirho says It IS a VERRRY FASTIDIOUS site, yes
Mugs: a family?
opossum: Could send address for MetaFAQ etc.
TomG: Mugs, while you were gone we put you in charge
leftii: adopt us
opossum: Sky2
Mugs: lol
* chirho moves that we elect SLH as RIG for this large group. Please vote with yes or no
chirho: or make nominations
Peg: Sam said he/she will help.
opossum: I learned a lot too in the last class
leftii: yes
TomG: yes
Peg: Yes
sky2: YES
Mugs: yes
flp: I went searching and looking, but I haven't sent out a message yet
SAM: yes
opossum: I thought I new a lot about the web etc
marmar: I am only guessing at what RIG means. But SLH is no PRIG so it sounds ok. Yes, from me.
opossum: but I learned a lot of new things
jande: yes for slh, if she can juggle it with the rest of her life.
chirho: RIGfennid is large group leader.
rigfennid is small group leader
SAM: I LOVE Dogpile!
opossum: Yes to SLH for RIg :)
sky2: I've been all over the web but never to Dejanews before. Discovered a whole new web world!! marmar: Chirho, I am glad I used upper case, then. * chirho says we have a majority - last call for votes
opossum: Me too Sam but we need to vote!!
* SplitLevelHead is blushing now...
chirho: shall we acclaim?
* SplitLevelHead whispers... only the first letter is caps
SAM: I voted yes.
* opossum gives a big hug to SplitLevelHead
SplitLevelHead: not the first 3
marmar: !!!!!!(Acclaim)
Peg: Yeahhh!!!!!
* chirho gives an 3Irish 3good luck hug 10to 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ SplitLevelHead 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§
Mugs: clap clap
TomG: Long live the Rig
flp: I agree with you sky2, I thought I'd waituntil this week to venture further
SplitLevelHead: /me says Go raimh maith agat, daoibh... (Thanks, everyone...)
SplitLevelHead: oh nuts
SAM: SLH, I'm glad you come with subtitles!
chirho: Now, SLH, you must get an email addy for RIG-SLH !
SplitLevelHead: what, another one?
chirho: yup! ;)
SplitLevelHead: let's try this again
SplitLevelHead: thxall
* SplitLevelHead says Go raimh maith agat, daoibh... (Thanks, everyone...)
SplitLevelHead: that's better
* Cesario congratulates SLH!!! *big hug*
SplitLevelHead: do i really have to?
chirho: One good queen to another, Cesario
chirho: No, we'll let you keep your own name, if you must ;(
chirho: ..
SplitLevelHead: i could alter the nick during chat if you guys want...
marmar: Now, o Rig, what will be the topic for nest week? Or do we just turn up on time?
SplitLevelHead: but it's too much of a pain in the butt to muck with email addys
SplitLevelHead: good flipping question
chirho: Please do during chat, Rig!
SplitLevelHead: if any of the fians have had a chance to meet by then... a little report would be nice
*** arnie (arnielang@99.rochelle-park-02.nj.dial-acc has joined #Fian
chirho: That way we'll know who's what... and it's shorter to type!
chirho: Arnie, are you joining the Fianna?
leftii: Hey arnie
SplitLevelHead: Ces just made me an offer...
SplitLevelHead: of her old name...
SplitLevelHead: what do you guys think?
chirho: WOW
chirho: because now Cesario is known to us as FIRSTRIG
leftii: sounds good if i come up anything
* SplitLevelHead 12___(¯`'·.¸(¯`'·.¸ 4\ / 12¸.·'´¯)¸.·'´¯
* SplitLevelHead 4____( ***( *****4 Cesario *****
)*** )____
* SplitLevelHead 12___(_¸.·'´(_¸.·''´ 4V 12`''·.¸_)`'·.¸_
* opossum is also reseaching IVY, LONG, ROBERTS, MAYES in Morristown, Hamblen Co (formerly Jefferson Co), Tennessee
marmar: What is Cesario's old name? Do you mean instead of SLH?
* chirho gives an 3Irish 3good luck hug 10to 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ Cesario 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§
flp: opossum, it looks like I'm in your group
opossum: Yes flp
arnie: I don't think so I just bumped into Peg and she invited me
* chirho says there are two dead links in lesson link for LDS FHC gopher, and the link for the first hotlist item is broken. Marthe knows.
SplitLevelHead: Of course, you all realize now it'll take me a while to answer to this new name...
chirho: Well, you are welcome to share with us Arnie
SplitLevelHead: Until I get used to it
* chirho says 3 FIANNA 10 study group URL
arnie: OK Thanks
Peg: You're a fast learner, SLH, you will be used to it in no time.
SplitLevelHead: the name transfer is in progress
chirho: arnie, email from the study page if you decide to join us
* SplitLevelHead 's head is whirling...
Cesario: be back in a minute -
arnie: ok
marmar: Arnie, sometimes we do talk genealogy with this mob, truly.
SplitLevelHead: but on the pages... please keep both nanes... so ppl don't get *really* confused
Peg: It just takes us awhile to settle down....typical Irishmen.
SplitLevelHead: and what a mob we are! *g*
arnie: I was wondering!
SplitLevelHead: that's right!
chirho: SLH, We've already changed Ces to FIRSTRIG on all pages
SplitLevelHead: but i think i should stay with what i got now for the regular classroom
SplitLevelHead: i've seen
*** Cesario is now known as Rigfennid
SplitLevelHead: no, i mean list me with 2 names chirho: yes, like this "Rig-SplitlevelHead"
Mugs: why not...:-))
SplitLevelHead: the old and new, so to speak
chirho: then when you leave office you'll be RIGTWO-SplitLevelHead
chirho: or, since i type the pages: RIG-SLH
SplitLevelHead: ehhhhh...
chirho: hehehehe
*** Rigfennid is now known as Cesario
SplitLevelHead: O woman of power, you! *g*
chirho: ;)
opossum: flp I will email
SplitLevelHead: now for the test try-out...
SplitLevelHead: It comes from the title of a song by Napoleon XVI, the same guy who did "They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haa!"

marmar: It's my lunch time. I'm off. I will look up my study group, elect leader, suggest we arrange a chat & small report, and see you all next week. Somehwere in all that laughter we did a lot of things today.

opossum: Bye everybody
flp: sound good
*** opossum has quit IRC (Leaving)
SplitLevelHead: what!?!?!
flp: bye
chirho: great marmar!
Peg: marmar. nice summary and good model for the rest of us.
Mugs: Is anybody from my "family" still here?
leftii: yes
Peg: Sam, Mugs what do you think?
Peg: still here, Mugs.
SAM: Yes
Mugs: I can't remeber who you were
TomG: Just for a few minutes more
*** SplitLevelHead is now known as Rigfennid
Peg: Peg, leftii, Tomg, Sam, Mugs....I don't see anyone else here.
flp: I'll see you all Thursday! Good night
Cesario: Long Live Rigfennid! * deep bow *
Peg: List is on that fian.html page.
Mugs: Do you guys want to arrange a meeting soon to discuss what we'll be doing?
* chirho gives an 3Irish 3good luck hug 10to 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ Rigfennid 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§
*** flp has quit IRC (EOF from client)
arnie: Bye all
*** arnie (arnielang@99.rochelle-park-02.nj.dial-acc has left #Fian
leftii: Long Live Rigfennid! * deep bow *
SAM: Whenever you want, Mugs. You and I are the "sr" members, I guess.
Peg: I'm game, Mugs...time and we have a room? or shall I set one up?
TomG: say when
leftii: that would be a good idea
*** marmar has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
chirho: Peg, you can use this one!
Mugs: I think we can use this room any time except Mondays at this time
Peg: Okay, chirho, thanks.
Rigfennid: oops... that was supposed to be an L, Ces... not a 1
Rigfennid: oh well
Peg: What's a good time for everyone?
sky2: I don't know what group I'm in yet. Haven't visited the group assignments page. Will find out later.
Cesario: sorry - can't tell between the two
* Rigfennid feels weird now...
Rigfennid: i'm not myself anymore
Cesario: yes you :)
Rigfennid: s'ok... i can fix it later, right?
Mugs: evenings around this same time are ok with me
chirho: No, you're getting better and better as who you are, RIG
Rigfennid: just don't pick Mondays! *g*
Peg: sky, your in group 2, vital records.
Cesario: I've been Cesario for a while now :)
Cesario: definitely
leftii: only have Friday night an d Saturday night cler]
leftii: clear
jande: sky2, you're with me doing vital records. TomG: Tuesdays or Sundays are good for me
Cesario: you may need to drop the name and then register it again
SAM: That's OK with me too, except for Halloween night (end of month reports)
Peg: Friday not good for me. Wed or Sat fine.
Rigfennid: oh....
Rigfennid: no prob
chirho: Rigfennid and chirho are available to help, answer questions, etc, by email at all times :)
sky2: Hi jande. Who else is in our group?
Peg: if it's 9-10 eastern time, Tues or Sun. fine
jande: sky2, you're with me doing vital records
Rigfennid: so do i have to do the password thing every time i sign on?
Cesario: Yes
jande: sky2, you're with me - vital records
Rigfennid: ugh... there's no way to have it remember me?
Cesario: but it's no big deal - I do it with Cesario
chirho: Rig, I've got it set up as an automatic...
sky2: I got it jande! Thanks!
Rigfennid: bugger
Mugs: I'm getting confused gang
chirho: Rig, set up auto reply with nickserver
chirho: like a popup
leftii: looks like sunday is good mugs
Mugs: Is Sunday good for everyone?
Rigfennid: more info later?
chirho: k
TomG: Sunday is good for me, anytime
SAM: OK by me, MUGS.
Peg: Sunday night if fine for me.
leftii: only if early like 7pm
Peg: here, what time.
Rigfennid: there's instructions on the chat w/classmates, right?
Rigfennid: i need to look at that more closely, then
Mugs: leftii which zone are you in?
Peg: can we make it 8, leftii?
Peg: I'm not always home by 7.
leftii: eastern
Peg: Where are you Mugs, Sam and Tom? I'm MA
leftii: got other class here at 8pm in different channel
Mugs: Is that 6 PST leftii
SAM: I'm in MD.
leftii: no 9pm
Peg: Oh, that's right, leftii. I sat in on it last night...
Mugs: I'm in Sask. in CST
chirho: MUGS, it works best to have em all email you...with days, times
chirho: then you have hard copy to shuffle! if you print it out
Peg: Good idea, chirho...don't forget to include time Zones. What's your email, mugs?
SAM: I was getting ready to suggest that.
Mugs: Thanks chirho.
Mugs: Why don't you guys email me with your times you can be here on Sunday and I'll go for the majority
chirho: I'll send a starter to each group
leftii: k
TomG: ok
chirho: Rig-SLH, shall we adjourn?
Mugs: When there is a consensus I'll email everyone ok
Peg: ok
Peg: sam, Mugs??? email?
leftii: night all
Rigfennid: I guess so...
chirho: move so
SAM: Mine is
jande: rig, how's this?
Peg: mine is
Rigfennid: But if y'all want to keep on talking amongst yourselves, go right ahead
chirho: Goodnight all! Thank you Ces! Thank you Rigfennid!
*** leftii has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Cesario is very glad to have passed on the Rigfennid to a most capable successor :)
Rigfennid: hey! ya got it!
Peg: Thanks, Sam.
Rigfennid: Go raimh maith agat, Cesario! (Thank you, Cesario!)
sky2: Aren't all our email addys on the MOTD?
jande: rig, how's this?
Peg: Thanks Mugs
Rigfennid: Oíche mhaith, chirho! (Good night, chirho!)
SAM: Goodnight everyone.
jande: rig, how's this?
Mugs: See you guys later
Rigfennid: you're here again, jande...
*** Mugs has quit IRC (Leaving)
* chirho says all email addresses are coded into your names on tables!
chirho: bye
Session Close: Mon Oct 27 22:26:16 1997

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