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Logs from channel 33 Fianna Meetings

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November 3, 1997 November 10, 1997 November 17, 1997
November 24, 1997
December 1, 1997

book HR

*** chirho changes topic to "FIANNA MEETING !!"
<chirho> ******************** log on
*** Angus (angus@ has joined #Fian
*** jande ( has joined #Fian
<chirho> Hello! :)
<chirho> jande, congratulations!
<chirho> Angus, glad to see you here :)
-> [chirho] PING
Session Close: Mon Nov 03 21:18:14 1997

At this point apparently the VU server again went down!
Folks tried to get on afternet (unable to get on),
to get back on school server (rots o'ruck, charlie!),
and to get on the IIGS server (no one there)
and a few finally gathered on DALnet, #Fian:

Session Start: Mon Nov 03 21:28:26 1997
*** Now talking in #Fian
<marmar> Hi, Rigfennid, and welcome to your first meeting as Rig
*** Rigfennid ( has left
<marmar> Oh, and chirho, hi.
<TomG> Rig, going to be cozy tonight I think
<SAM> Your way sounds fine to me. I'm working on it already.
<marmar> Chirho, I have the cushion you lent me ready for when
I'm pushed off. How are You? Good trip?
<chirho> A bit weary from that last spin in cyber space!
<chirho> wonder how many will find us? just saw mugs on ICQ,
she's going to try to come
*** Mugs ( has joined #fian
<marmar> That was a week ago? Or different trip?
<Mugs> Hi gang
<chirho> Hello Mugs!
<marmar> hi, mugs
<chirho> marmar, you mean the real trip with the eight hour
rides..just go home a couple of hours ago. Trip was good
<chirho> Where's Rig?
<chirho> Tom, ops, please?
<marmar> Yes, Chirho, the real trip. Of course you are tired
* marmar slides back cushion to chirho
<Mugs> Did everyone else have trouble getting on tonight
<TomG> Sorry, I'm here now
<SAM> I did. Tom helped me.
<chirho> yes, mugs, I'd been there and got knocked off..
<marmar> Yes, tried webmaster com., then, and was
<Mugs> I kept knocking but no body let me in :-(
<chirho> If Rig isn't back in a couple more, I'll try webmaster
* marmar pats mugs on back and sympathises
* Mugs just smiles and nods
<chirho> thanks for the cushion...just keep it away from my head
so I don't fall asleep :)
<chirho> I'm going to go try webmaster...if I don't return we
can assume it's open! :)
Session Close: Mon Nov 03 21:35:57 1997

Session Start: Mon Nov 03 21:37:10 1997
*** Now talking in #Fian
<chirho> no good :(
<chirho> Guess we need to meet here.
<SAM> If anyone's looking for an immigration 1847-1871, I have
the Irish Passenger lists in front of me.
<chirho> Mugs, SAM, how did your meeting go?
<Mugs> I thing it went rather well
<chirho> Did you pick a rig?
<chirho> and when will you meet?
<Mugs> yes its me...surprise
<Mugs> We met last night
<chirho> congratulations
<marmar> Well, I am loooking for an immigration, but I bet you
don't mean from Ireland Addelaide, South Australia. :-)
<Mugs> and will meet every SuNDAY
<chirho> At what time?
<Mugs> at 9 EST
<chirho> Will post that on pages. Thank you :)
<SAM> Correct, marmar.
<chirho> marmar, did your small group meet?
<Mugs> I wonder if we should change to Dalnet?
*** jande ( has joined #fian
<SAM> I wasn't surprised Mugs.
<chirho> Rig WAS here,
<chirho> welcome jande and congratulations!
<marmar> Congrats., Mugs on being a rig.
<chirho> I was just asking marmar about how your group went
<Mugs> tks
<jande> hi everyone. thanks chirho! are we having a Fianna
<jande> hi marmar!
<chirho> Trying to.... Rig was here, no one can get on
<chirho> hmmm, wonder if she went to afternet? We'd talked
about trying that.
<marmar> Yes, chirho. On Saturday PT 4pm, elected jande as rig
and divided up the vital records into the four ancient
kingdoms and one person doing an intro to what the LDS have
on film.
<jande> i was one and kept wondering where everbody was.
<marmar> Hi, jande. Please correct my brief account for chirho.
<jande> sorry, on.
<chirho> good marmar. Is that when your group will continue to
* marmar pokes jande to answer
<jande> i think we might need to change the time we meet, so
that bowler won't have to stay up into the wee hours of the
<TomG> Chirho, do I need to do something to switch the @ over to
your name?
<jande> marmar might have to get up and drink coffee in front of
the computer monitor.
<chirho> TomG, right click on my name, click control and click
click give ops
<marmar> Yes, even three hours before would be ok, that's 7 am
for me.
<chirho> So you'd meet at 8 pm?
*** marmar has quit IRC (Killed ( (NickServ
*** SAM has quit IRC (Killed ( (NickServ
<chirho> ouch!
<TomG> It says "ops" but doesn't change it
<jande> oh no!!
<chirho> TomG, try again. Right click on me, then control then
give ops
*** TomG sets mode: -o TomG
<TomG> but I can deop
<jande> no, chirho, we'd meet between noon and 1 pm MST.
<chirho> okay, that mkes sense :)
<chirho> mamkes
<chirho> makes
<TomG> did it but no luck
<chirho> whew!!!!
*** mar ( has joined #Fian
<chirho> Okay, TomG, we'll just keep on a keepin on here :)
<chirho> wb mar
*** Woodchuck ( has joined #Fian
<mar> I was kicked off, had to change my identity and clamber
back. Where's that cushion?
<chirho> Hello!
*** mar has quit IRC (Killed ( (NickServ
<Mugs> wb woodchuck
<chirho> oops, they took her again!
<jande> shoot!
<Woodchuck> Me, too, mar. I USED to be SAM!
<Mugs> This nick thing can really be a problem
<jande> are there problems in the links tonight.
<chirho> One of the reasons we talked about afternet.
*** Woodchuck has quit IRC (Killed ( (NickServ
<chirho> rats!
*** marmar ( has joined #Fian
<chirho> wb marmar
* chirho gives marmar the cushion :) Here, rest your bones
<jande> get out the glue, marmar.
<Mugs> stick some glue to your chair marmar
<marmar> Yes, they did. Did you see me scream?
<chirho> nooooooo!
*** marmar has quit IRC (Killed ( (NickServ
*** SAM ( has joined #Fian
<chirho> Hi! wb
*** Vesta ( has joined #fian
<Mugs> hold on tighter Sam!
<Vesta> hi guys!
<chirho> Hello!
<SAM> Now I'm Sam again! I'm tired of all these changes. And
they've killed marmar again
<Mugs> Hi vesta
*** SAM has quit IRC (Killed ( (NickServ
<Vesta> hi mugs :)
<Vesta> anything interesting going on here, tonight?
<jande> there they go again!
<Mugs> Are you here for the Fian meeting Vesta?
*** marm ( has joined #Fian
<chirho> And are you the Vesta on the Irish lists?
<chirho> wb marm
<Vesta> no... don't know what that is!
<marm> I'm back. DO we have a plan?
* chirho hands marm the cushion
<Vesta> i'm probably interupting something here...
<chirho> Shall we try afternet portlalnd?
<Vesta> so i guess, i'll leave now
* Mugs gives marm a big warm hug
<chirho> vesta, no more than the nickserve is interrupting!
<marm> Thanks, Mugs
<chirho> goodby Vesta, thanks.
<Vesta> lol
<Vesta> i see
<Vesta> bye guys!
<Mugs> bye vesta
<Vesta> see you later :)
<Vesta> bye mugs
<chirho> Well, shall we try the school again?
<Vesta> bye chirho
*** Vesta ( has left #fian
<chirho> or continue this bumpy ride?
<marm> Shall we try afternet portalned (is that it?) if this
starts to play up again?
<Mugs> You go chirho and we'll try to wait here
<chirho> okay. Hope to find you once again! BYYYYYYYEEEEE!
Session Close: Mon Nov 03 21:55:56 1997

Again, no access either place! So back to DALnet:

Session Start: Mon Nov 03 21:57:47 1997
*** Now talking in #Fian
<chirho> no good :(
<Mugs> Sam do you know how to change your name now you are here
<Woodchuck> I'm beginning to feel schizo.
<chirho> can't get on VU and can't get on
*** Woodchuck has quit IRC (Killed ( (NickServ
<Mugs> type /nick "newname" and put
<marm> Chirho, is there an urgenat message for us all. Or do we
go to the Fianna study group bb?
<chirho> Is there any other business?
<chirho> marm ????
<Mugs> thats as far as I got last time and she got kicked off.
<marm> We lost our Rig. too...
<marm> marm is my mew name, chirho.
<chirho> Well, maybe she's someplace with some of the others...
guess we'll have a double log!
<chirho> marm, you asked about urgent message or bulletin board?

*** SAM ( has joined #Fian
<chirho> wb
<marm> ok, goes with our other multiple identities on this
<Mugs> its your nick thats geting you kicked out sam
<SAM> Why, Mugs? I get kicked off as Woodchuck too.
*** SAM has quit IRC (Killed ( (NickServ
<chirho> sam, try snigglefritz
<chirho> rats!
<Mugs> some one else on this server must have it too
<marm> Yes, chirho, I meant in case we all fall into blcak holes
again, should we look on the BB for any messages for you -
that you couldn't get to us today?
<Mugs> too slow again
<chirho> don't have any message marm :(
<Mugs> lol chirho
<Mugs> thats too hard to spell
<chirho> will put up logs as soon as I can collect em
<chirho> need to make cMcJkool!
<marm> Ok, then should we just say meet again next week? Jande,
what do you think?
*** McJ ( has joined #Fian
<chirho> wb McJ
<jande> sure, that's fine.
<marm> Hi, McJ.
<McJ> I'm trying again. I'm "Sam, alias "Woodchuck" alias McJ
<jande> maybe we need to send out an e-mail of all the places to
check for a meeting room if we have these problems again.
<Mugs> thats the problem with using different Irc servers Sam
<chirho> we're trying to get together to work on that!
<marm> I have just had my best laugh all day, Sam/Woodchuck/McJ/S
<Mugs> your nick is good on one but may be taken on another
<McJ> I've had that happen, but they always send me a message to
tell me to change it.
<chirho> jande had a question about logs, anyone else interested
in how to do it and how to find it?
<marm> Yes, a list of fall-back channels would be good.
<McJ> No one ever "killed" me for it.
<chirho> I only know it for mIRC. logging, that is
<Mugs> There's a first time for everything Sam. lol
<marm> I can log on Mirc under File menu.
<chirho> To find a log, check in your general options, 4th
little icon, tab logging. At the bottom it tells you where it
has stored your logs.
<marm> Things seem to have settled down.
<chirho> you can change it there if you wish, but not when
you're trying to save a log!
<chirho> any other questions about logs?
<chirho> Any other questions at all?
<chirho> Does everyone understand lesson three?
<chirho> any questions on lesson 3?
<chirho> any questions on lesson 4?
* marm gives an exhausted sigh
<TomG> Just read the help file and listed you under auto/op but
still no luck
<Mugs> I haven't been able to get to classroom
<Mugs> It just keeps shutting down my Netscape
<chirho> Note, we have a test which will be available the 5th of
the month!
<McJ> Haven't read it yet. Busy doing immigration.
<TomG> Haven't seen it yer
<McJ> I'll copy and forward to you Mugs.
<chirho> TomG, don't worrry...can't fix it for now. We're doing
okay. :)
<Mugs> thankks Sam
<marm> I was saddened to read about the former student who has
stolen Marthe's lessons. Is that the story?
<chirho> sure sounded like it :( frown
<jande> test? we've never had a test before.
<Mugs> :-O
<Mugs> stole her lessons?
<chirho> I know! Wonder what kind of test?
<TomG> pop quiz
<jande> how could the lessons be stolen. . . weren't they
copyrighted someway?
<marm> A test on lessons 1,2 & 3. Oh, deat those search engines
again: 200, 000 results to choose from!
<chirho> BUT copyright is not international
<jande> marm, where'd you hear about this?
<chirho> marm, and lesson 4!
<chirho> jande, it's in the lesson 4 administrative stuff
<marm> jande, copyright does not prevent stealing. I think it
just measn that Marthe can prosecute. I think.
<chirho> And that only in the USA!
<marm> jande it is in Marthe's lesson 4, and she reminds us of
the copyright.
<jande> i guess i'd better look at it. i was too busy today.
<chirho> Any further questions? Any further business?
<Mugs> I think not Chirho
<marm> I came across some lesson from Diana Hanson on the net.
Is that the one referred to? Haven't looked at them yet.
<chirho> motion to adjourn?
<marm> No further questions, chirho.
<chirho> marm, Diana Hanson's lessons are not stolen from
Marthe. Someone "in another country" stole the lessons
* marm warms a cup of cocoa for chirho who needs to sleep
<chirho> ADJOURN. Everyone is welcome to stay and chat!
<Mugs> good night Tomg
* chirho gives an 3Irish 3good luck hug 10to 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§
3§ jande 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§
<jande> thanks so much for all you help chirho!!
<marm> but the wind has dropped. Pity, because I must go now.
Oh, jande, did you need me to contact Pat?
* chirho says congrats rig jande!
<McJ> I'm fine Mugs. I'll go copy Lesson 4 for you now.
* chirho gives an 3Irish 3good luck hug 10to 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§
3§ Mugs 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§ 3§
<TomG> oh Mugs, let me know if I need to resend the file
<Mugs> that would be great Sam
*** TomG has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<McJ> Bye everyone.
<Mugs> tom I will just as soon as I check
<chirho> bye McJ
*** McJ has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
<Mugs> g'night sam
<chirho> good night all :)
<jande> marm, i just sent her an email and chirho is helping me
figure out sending the log.
<Mugs> night Chirho
Session Close: Mon Nov 03 22:16:29 1997

An email from RIGFENNID SplitLevelHead - inviting all to try IIGS again!

Session Start: Mon Nov 03 22:17:40 1997
*** Now talking in #Fian
<Rigfennid> hey!
<Rigfennid> what a disaster!
<chirho> Hello!
<chirho> couldn't get on anywhere but DALnet
* Rigfennid shakes her head in utter despair
<chirho> and kept bouncing names out
<chirho> anyone here but the two of you?
<Rigfennid> why does this keep happening on our might?
<chirho> (Hi, there Angus, sorry, was in a rush!)
<Rigfennid> Moran just left
<chirho> We have a report from Mugs and one from jande
<Rigfennid> oh!
<Angus> I must have missed her. I saw you there. My eyesight
must be getting bad. Hi Chirho. We were just talking about
you. I got on through IRC rootsweb.
<Rigfennid> when did this happen?
<chirho> Shall I go ahead and post that log?
<chirho> Rig, we ended up on DALnet, and some stayed there while
I roamed around trying to find you
<Rigfennid> i tried that first, but thought it might be too
unstable, and decided against it
<chirho> Since you'd been there when some got there, we ended up
staying there, since we couldn't find you
<Rigfennid> dumb move, i guess
* Rigfennid has been an idiot
<chirho> I think this is a better idea... maybe we should just
hold a couple of IRC classes
<chirho> and insist that folks come here?
<Rigfennid> sounds good to me
<chirho> couldn't get on portland afternet, either....
<chirho> We could just start here....
<Rigfennid> nope, me neither
<chirho> Now when to have IRC classes?
<Rigfennid> i have no clue
<chirho> DALnet is pretty stable usually - except the nick
server... nasty old thing!
<Rigfennid> and after all the trouble i went to to register the
<Rigfennid> and figure out how to set up the aop's
<chirho> What if we ask for folks who don't have IRC to email
one of us?
<Rigfennid> can't even use the stinkin' thing
<chirho> Good experience for you!
<Rigfennid> and we send them -- what?
<chirho> I know, it's irritating!
<Rigfennid> oh, you mean for instruction
<chirho> and work out a time or two to do an IRC class?
<chirho> yep
<Rigfennid> i've got the time periods before meetings on Mon &
*** opossum ( has joined #Fian
<opossum> Hi guys
<Rigfennid> H'lo
<chirho> And we could just go ahead and overload the school
server as they learn !!!
<chirho> welcome opossum!
<Rigfennid> if they/we can get in, that is! *G*
<Rigfennid> and i do mean all day before meetings
<chirho> Or use #Fian DALnet..
<chirho> opossum, do you have a report from your group?
<Rigfennid> well we better make a choice... there, or here?
<chirho> If you give it now, I can get it into the log!
<opossum> I am beginning to think we should meet over here if we
could get Java users to try an IRC program!!
*** marmar ( has joined #Fian
<Rigfennid> i get here about 9am pst... and don't leave until
many many hours later
<chirho> Rig, here for meetings ONCE THEY HAVE a chance to learn
IRC. Not fair before
<opossum> Everytime I can't get connected I come over her to
check my connection
<chirho> opossum, another great mind!
<Rigfennid> no, i meant the choice between here/dalnet
<chirho> Welcome, marmar
<Rigfennid> i think this is fine
<opossum> There are usually about five ppl here
<opossum> :)
<chirho> here
<chirho> Possum, FIAN 1? report?
<marmar> Hi, everyone. I have just left and chirho,
where we had a rough time. Will your chat be posted? We did
not know you were here. ALas :-(
<opossum> This server is not likely to be overloaded
*** jande ( has joined #fian
<Rigfennid> might there be any problem with the amount of ppl we
could have?
<jande> hi, folks.
<Rigfennid> h'lo
<chirho> hi!
<opossum> Fian 1 report . Not much happening
<Rigfennid> well, i sent the message as a cattle call to regroup
<marmar> Is this a biggies meeting. I just saw SLH's e-mail and
hurried back to IRC.
<opossum> we need to get together to elect permanent rigfennid
<marmar> Hi. jande. We must stop meeting like this.
<opossum> No marmar we're not very BIG:)
<opossum> This meeting is for anybody who can get here
<Rigfennid> meant to be a status check, see how everyone is
doing, find out who the group leaders are...
<Rigfennid> help those that are confused, if we can
<jande> fian 2 met on Saturday and made some initial decisions
and assignments.
<opossum> Some ppl have not indicated when is the best time to
<Rigfennid> oh, good!!
<Rigfennid> for #2, that is...
* Rigfennid applauds the progress...
<opossum> However I am hearing from Quixote...
<opossum> Maybe we could just vote by email!!
<Rigfennid> whatever works
<opossum> I have java users
<chirho> We've been talking about getting them to use IRC
<jande> someone assigned to our group has never responded to
emails and some come back saying she is unknown. i assumed
it was an aol problem, but maybe not.
<Rigfennid> we've got to convert them...
<chirho> Rig could teach a class
<chirho> jande, who's the unknown?
<jande> does anybody know "Nom"?
<jande> Nom
<chirho> NormaNisco...she was posting to the newsgroups with the
same email
<chirho> and only one got sent back to me, the latest one...
<Rigfennid> only me teaching?
<jande> do you know which newsgroups, chirho?
<opossum> Well she seems like an eagar member chirho
<opossum> Maybe just a server prob
<chirho> GENIRE, IRELAND-L, and I think FIANNA...a couple of
weeks back
<chirho> think it's probably AOL on the fritz again it was, you
<opossum> All they really have to do is figure our how to
<Rigfennid> nothing new there
<chirho> And download, and install....
<Rigfennid> so *can* someone on aol use a separate chat client
<opossum> Can learn about pop-ups colors later
<chirho> and that's frightening when you're new
<Rigfennid> finding out for i friend i want to talk to more often
<jande> i haven't received anything from the GENIRE list for
awhile, i'm afraid i got unsubbed. Anybody have an address??
<chirho> jande, address for what?
<jande> to resub to GENIRE.
<chirho> lists by country
<opossum> Jande digest or list?
<Rigfennid> is 30k too big for a webpage file?
<jande> thanks chirho, you're a wealth of info. :)
<chirho> ugh! 30k! Take forever and a year to load!
<opossum> jande I will email to Fianna-L tomorrow.
<Rigfennid> that's ONE part of EIGHT
<opossum> Some other ppl are also wondering how to sub to genire.
<jande> email what opossum?
<opossum> Will that be OK?
<Rigfennid> i really don't wanna divide it up more
<jande> oh that'd be good.
<opossum> genire address
<opossum> I think I am going back to list mode
<jande> i have to go, i have a sick cat.
* marmar moves to door and slips out quietly
<Rigfennid> bye...
<jande> i'll see you soon.
<jande> bye
<chirho> Will post on "yellow pages" - tomorrow night, how to
sub to IRELAND-L, GENIRE, Scotch-Irish -- FIANNA-l is already
<Rigfennid> good show
*** marmar has quit IRC (Ircle was here!)
<opossum> Those irritating little envelopes are driving me up
the wall!!!
*** jande ( has left #fian
<chirho> envelopes?
<opossum> Good idea chirho1
* Rigfennid will try again, since i didn't get an answer...
<opossum> Better than posting to Fianna-L
<Rigfennid> so *can* someone on aol use a separate chat client?
<opossum> Yes Rig I do think they can
<chirho> No idea, Rig, but I don't like AOL anyway! Think
<opossum> They used to make it very difficult I think
<Rigfennid> i wouldn't know anything about it, but one of my
best buds is on it
<Rigfennid> i want to talk to him more often
<opossum> Just what I've read of course since I have always used
an ISP
<Rigfennid> he needs a 'real' net access
<opossum> I think the online services have all lightened up on
<chirho> I spent about 15 hours of the free trial and trashed
it (AOL). Too much trash too easy to get to....
<Rigfennid> but up in Redding, it's 'get what you can', i
<chirho> Okay, I'm going to go and try to turn this into a
log...add newsgroups to yellow pages...tell everyone to come
here for main group?
<Rigfennid> amen to that!
<opossum> Has anybody received anymore guidance from Marthe on
this Guide thing?
<Rigfennid> and they can do whatever they want for fians
<opossum> Is it going up on one site?
<Rigfennid> Níl fhios agam... (I don't know...)
<chirho> no, opossum...just that we're to do a 5 to 15 min chat
about it.... :(
<Rigfennid> hopefully NOT the first to go??
<opossum> I saw that in the lesson
<chirho> I'm sitting on MY hands!
<opossum> Who wants to talk?:)
<Rigfennid> nobody volunteer us for the 1st session!
<opossum> Right
<Rigfennid> uh, you got me
<opossum> No volunteering :)
* Rigfennid is glad we're all in agreement, here... *g*
<opossum> I really have decided on a plan
<Rigfennid> Hey, Angus! How ya doin' over there?
<Rigfennid> oh?
* chirho says my eyes are closing slllooowly, closing...closing!
G'night all!
<Rigfennid> Oíche mhaith, chirho! (Good night, chirho!)
<Rigfennid> Codladh sámh, chirho! (A pleasant sleep, chirho!)
<Angus> Still here listening to the good talk.
<chirho> zzzzzzzzzzz
<chirho> bye all!
Session Close: Mon Nov 03 22:44:59 1997

Sorry, folks, for all the switching in and out. We have made
some decisions, as you see, however, and hope next week will
be much better! Everyone will be getting a MOTD about the
changes. Good night!

book HR

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Session Start: November 10 1997 on #Fian
IIGS server: port 6667

<jande> i have a lot to learn about mIRC, tried to
find a book at store today, they didn't have one
<jande> cool - echos.
<chirho> There is an enormous book in the help
itself, and several places on line
<chirho> check out toward the bottom of our "yellow
<jande> ok, i'll look there.
<chirho> echos has taken the dive from webmaster
and is on the way here
*** echos has joined #Fian
<jande> unavailable, i think.
<Rigfennid> yay!!
<chirho> well, echos isn't back on webmaster aand
not here yet WAIT
<jande> hi echos!!
<echos> hi-whew
<chirho> hoooooraaaay for echos!!!!
<Rigfennid> you spoke too soon...
<Rigfennid> Maith thú, echos! (Good for you, echos!)
<echos> :-)))))
<chirho> great job! Glad to see you made it echos
<jande> way to go.
<Rigfennid> it's my sister's birthday today...
<Rigfennid> mom's making a carrot cake at home (she
asked for it)
<echos> H-BD
<Rigfennid> she's 23 now
<jande> oh, yum, my favorite.
<echos> me too-favorite
<Rigfennid> and she's gonna make a *real* one, too
<Rigfennid> not a mix
<jande> wow.
<jande> lot of work.
<echos> moms do that
<chirho> sam just swung through VU, hope she say
the header...
<jande> no wonder we're worn out all the time.
<chirho> say=saw
<echos> are we supposed to meet w/Rod also?
<Rigfennid> she said she hasn't made a scratch cake
in eons
<jande> me either. buy one at the bakery.
<echos> nothing like from scratch-yum
<chirho> echos, this is the main FIANNA meeting,
the one we have each week
<Rigfennid> we mostly tend to make mix cakes...
fast and simple
<chirho> starting in just a few minutes....
*** Mugs has joined #fian
<chirho> Are you in Rod's group also, echos?
<Rigfennid> no... me
<Rigfennid> not that i've done anything for it yet
<echos> yes-I think-problem
<Rigfennid> don't have time
<chirho> When do you meet with his group?
<jande> hi mugs.
<chirho> wb mugs
<echos> the list said this PM at 6 PST
<Mugs> Hi againb
<Rigfennid> lemme check on that...
<chirho> oh, oh dear.... well, echos, let's ask mugs
<echos> I am just trying to get back in swing
<chirho> mugs, echos is new in your group, but not
<chirho> she's doing two study groups
<chirho> both meet Monday nights at 6 pm....
<Mugs> She Is?
<chirho> Yup
<echos> guess I need to check in wdith
<echos> rod?
<Mugs> You are very ambitious Echos
<Rigfennid> as far as i can tell, Rod isn't doing
anything with advanced tonight
<chirho> Why don't you talk to mugs a moment first,
<echos> good
<chirho> find out when she meets
<echos> mugs???
<chirho> MUGS is rig for FIAN 3
<Mugs> Echos our Fian meets Sundays at 6pm PST
<echos> I tried last PM guess you were here not 33
<Mugs> have you been receiving the messages I have
sent you?
<chirho> I'm going on poor memory here, Echos,
which fian are you in?
<echos> I think 3
<chirho> k, keep talking to Mugs :)
<Mugs> Yes i have Echos on my list for 3
<echos> that will work then
<Mugs> Echos we had a back up plan to meet here if
we couldn't get in on 33
<Mugs> Did you get that message?
<echos> except Sunday is a busy night w/Christmas
<flp> hello
<echos> yes
<Mugs> Some of the others can't make it so they
receive the log of the meeting to know whats
been happening
<jande> hi, flp.
<Mugs> Would that suit you better
<echos> I got it too-thanks, yes better
<Mugs> Come to the meetings when you can but when
you don't show up I'll send you the log
<chirho> flp, did you read the header back at VU?
Am trying to find ways to remind people to be HERE
<Mugs> Which of the sub groups do you want to work
with Echos?
<chirho> hi, peg
<flp> no, I got an email from oppossum
<echos> thanks, I think, passengerlists????
*** Peg ( has
joined #Fian
<flp> hello
* Mugs thinks RedCobra, Eire,TomG and Sam are
working on Passenger Lists..
<echos> I need to be briefed
<Mugs> Do you havetheir email addy's
<Mugs> Hi Peg
<echos> I had the log
<Mugs> of both meetings or just yesterdays?
<Peg> H all
<echos> yesterdays
<Rigfennid> YES!!!!!!
<Mugs> ok I'll send you last weeks too and a list
of everyone's email
<Rigfennid> everything made it through the upload!!!
<echos> I haven't had any assignment or interchanges
<Mugs> That should bring you up to date ok Echos
<echos> ok
*** Rigfennid sets mode: +o jande
*** Rigfennid sets mode: +o Mugs
<Mugs> Did you have any more questions echos
<echos> I hope not
* Mugs just smiles and nods
<echos> <g>
<chirho> TomG's on the way, hi Peg, glad you made
<Peg> saw your note on webmaster.
<Mugs> Peg see you've got i problems again
* Rigfennid started on the 'cat cozy' the other
<Rigfennid> i doubt they'll appreciate it...
<Rigfennid> it's about the size of a record now...
Remember those? *g*
<flp> LOL......know them that well...huh
<chirho> Good!Peg, hoped folks would see it! :)
<Peg> Don't pick on me, Mugs, I've been fighting
with it all it's working.
<flp> I still have a lot of them
<chirho> Well, I guess this is us, shall we start?
<Rigfennid> guess so...
<Rigfennid> So how is everyone doing in their
<chirho> :( one person replied and we're just
starting out the two of us
<echos> I'm not yet-been out of town
<Rigfennid> you've got an excuse, echos *g*
<Rigfennid> hmm, and 4 was a small group to being
<flp> I'm not, I'm confused, but it's my fault I
haven't emailed possum to get details figured out
<Rigfennid> naughty...
<chirho> ;)
<flp> I just don't know what we're supposed to be
doing, exactly
<Rigfennid> i think we're all in that boat
<Rigfennid> the directives are a little bit vague
<flp> okay, I feel better already
<Peg> I found quite a bit on the net re:Naturalizati
on that I think will fit in with what Sam has.
<chirho> Rig, a "little"bit is an understatement
<flp> I know we're researching history, but I'm
confused as to what parts, where, when, etc......
<chirho> ;) Peg
<chirho> flp, history and or geographical
stuff...townlands and all that
<flp> right
<Rigfennid> Mugs... I hear your folk have been
working like beavers?
<flp> but are we supposed to do specific site or in
general and are we to assign ourselves to the
area or be assigned
<flp> I don't have a problem getting with it, it's
just I don't know what to get with
<Mugs> They are a very keen bunch that Fian 3

<Rigfennid> good show
<chirho> flp, would you rather do "history" or
<flp> I'd learn from both, so it doesn't matter

<chirho> I know opossum took a class on the
geographic stuff...why don't you pick something
you'd like and start to work on THAT?
<TomG> Don't know how to add IIGS to
server list

<Redcobra> geez...never thot I'd get in here!!
<chirho> welcome, Redcobra, did you see the note?
<Mugs> We've met a couple of times and have
subdivided into working groups
<chirho> Angus, we MUST talk!!!
<Redcobra> chirho...yeah, thanks!! was ILL last
<Mugs> Hi Redcobra
<Angus> Hi Everyone:
<chirho> okay, here's what you do.

<Redcobra> hi mugs!!!
<flp> okay, I feel like an idiot just waiting, but
I kept waiting for a message and here we are
this far into the course
*** MaMaT ( has
joined #Fian

* Rigfennid has a question... Who has has a cold
now or the remnants of one?
<Mugs> Hello Angus

<Angus> What should we talk about
<Rigfennid> else has

<Redcobra> oops! redcobra...bad cold in head!!

<Rigfennid> me!
<Peg> Why, Rig...have you got it too?

<echos> I have jet lag-bad
<Redcobra> cold meds make me braindead too
<flp> starting to get ovet one

<Rigfennid> sorry, but i don't agree... it keeps
the weirdos out
<Angus> Hi Mugs
<flp> oops over
<Peg> I think everyone in the country has it.
<Mugs> I keep ducking...haven't caught one yet
<Swan> thanks, see you there I hope
<flp> which country......hehehe

<jande> me either, husband and son are sick but not
<Rigfennid> too much trouble
<Angus> chirho, what happened to fian4??
<Peg> probably all of them, flp!<G>
<Rigfennid> if you know the channel name, you know
where to go... no need to list

<flp> :)
*** SAM ( has
joined #Fian
<flp> hello
<Redcobra> hi SAM!
<Mugs> Hiya Sam
<SAM> At LAST!!!
<chirho> Angus, pick up the little box, and talk
about fian4 there
<chirho> welcom SAM!
<Rigfennid> oh really...
<SAM> Thought I'd NEVER get here
<echos> Welcome Sam
<chirho> TomG, how's it going?
* Rigfennid asks... was there a message sent out to
the whole group telling everyone to come here
<SAM> chirho rescued me

<Rigfennid> as in email...

<Peg> Hi Sam
<Redcobra> yep! emailed
<jande> yep, i got it.
<flp> yes, possum emailed us
<SAM> I didn't get one, and when Chirho told me, I
couldn't figure out how to.
<Peg> I haven't received it yet.
<Mugs> I think all of Fian 3 got it...thanks to
<echos> YAAAAA for 3
<SAM> All but me, Mugs.
*** Swan ( has joined
<Mugs> :-( Sam
<flp> hi, swan
<SAM> Hi, Swan. You found it too.
<Mugs> sorry
<Swan> I'm here
<Peg> Hi, Swan
<Mugs> Hi Swan
<Redcobra> hi swan
<echos> hi Swan
<chirho> Swan, yipee!
<Swan> don't know why I thought it was
<chirho> Prob cause we always call it IIGS
<flp> LOL
<Redcobra> me too swan, had to go double check!!
hee hee
<flp> at least you got here
<Mugs> What does IIGS stand for?
<echos> thought you'd never ask
<echos> mugs-what is 3 called???
*** TomG ( has
joined #fian
<chirho> At least we're doing a better job of
getting us into one place tonight! Maybe next
week we'll be a crowd! :)
<Redcobra> hi Tom!!
<chirho> Hooray for Tom G !!!
<flp> hello
<Mugs> Fian 3
<SAM> International Internet Genealogical Society,
<TomG> Took 30 minutes but I made it
<echos> yaaaa for Tom
<SAM> Hi, Tom.
<Mugs> thanks sam
<Mugs> Hello tomg
<TomG> Glad to see you two
<SAM> No prob, Mugs, I thought someone else would
answer you, so I waited
<Mugs> I didn't receive your mail about the LA
regional archives naturalization
<Mugs> list today
<Redcobra> Tom, thx for census totally
puzzled now!! <BG>
<TomG> I'll resend it tonight
<Mugs> ok Tomg
<TomG> what's the puzzle

<Redcobra> Tom, am missing a daughter Blue! She
wasn't supposed to be out of the household yet!!
<chirho> 1/3 of us all in the same place at the
same time! A record!

<Mugs> 100% improvement from last Monday nite
<TomG> Red, could be many reasons she's not there.
*** Rigfennid changes topic to "Fianna Group
Meeting-- Study Group Members Only"
<chirho> Next week will be even better..
<Redcobra> Tom, I know...just was hoping, that's
*** Rigfennid sets mode: -s
*** MaMaT ( has
left #Fian
<Rigfennid> bye

<Rigfennid> whoa!
<SAM> I may not be here next week - I'm on vacation
and I'll be visiting my parents. I'll try to
join you from their house, but I'm not sure
they'll let me tie up phone and computer for too
<Rigfennid> that was one of the iigs irc team ppl
<Peg> Really?
<Peg> She is over on the genealogy channel too
<Rigfennid> they didn't like all the invisible ppl
in a secret room
<Rigfennid> no one knew we were here
<Rigfennid> they want to be advised of our presence
<jande> problem?
<Peg> How did she find me?
<Rigfennid> not any more
<chirho> hope they'll let us come...
<Rigfennid> but the rigs need to email her with...
time and channel name and general purpose
<Rigfennid> i've got the addy...
<chirho> send it out email to us, then, okay?
<jande> shoot -
<chirho> check
*** echos has quit IRC (Leaving)
<chirho> So we need to let her know when we
schedule a meeting here?
<Rigfennid> basically
<Rigfennid> once/per day/time should cover it
<SAM> Maybe she'll have refreshments ready next
<Rigfennid> i'll get on this one
<chirho> hehehe
<Rigfennid> the rigs can tell about theirs
<jande> 'k.
<chirho> will do. Thanks
<Mugs> ok
<Peg> she is on genealogy right now, telling us she
has several Winthrop Fleet ancestors.
* Rigfennid is still shaking a little... thought
I/we were in big trouble
* chirho says RIG must have handled it right, since
it turned out well
<Redcobra> Yay! Our leader has saved us once

<Rigfennid> but i was rather nervous
* Mugs gives Rigfennid a big warm hug
<flp> you did a great job....proud of you :)
<chirho> Do we have any other business tonight?
<Rigfennid> thinking...
<chirho> Fian4 report: we will meet here at 6pm PT
on Fridays. So far Angus and sno-king have
checked in
<chirho> and Dirk2 should be home soon, maybe this
<jande> bowler and big dan are lost and nom is
still in ireland.

<jande> fian 2 will struggle along without them.
<Rigfennid> 2so know we know... No making the room
secret, and have a topic that is appropriate to
send those that aren't ours, away
<chirho> jande, BigDan is a fireman, works 24 on 24
off, won't make many chats...and had death in
<chirho> Bowler can only get emails to a few folk,
seems to have some kind of spam filter
<jande> i know.
<Rigfennid> To change the topic of a room... /TOPIC
#channel newtopic
<Mugs> oic
<Swan> Don't know what's going on with me, never
had a problem with ppl receiving my mail before
<Rigfennid> don't worry about the 'secret' part...
If you don't make that way, it isn't
<chirho> Swan, who's not getting your mail?
<Mugs> k
<flp> I need to all have a great
week....thanks for the help tonight, I think I
understand better
<Mugs> bye flp
<chirho> flp, good night, glad you made it here! :)
*** flp has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Rigfennid> 2So does anyone need any help with
<chirho> I think we've made some progress. Now if
each of us brings another on next Monday, we'll
be a crowd :)
<Mugs> How many more weeks do we have to complete
this project?
<chirho> four
<Rigfennid> ummm
<Rigfennid> yeah, that
<chirho> weeks
<Swan> not sure, sent to chiro and cc'd whole
group, but received message back from someone
other than you
<Swan> at
<Mugs> Thats my isp
<Mugs> maybe they returned your mail to you?
<Swan> just realized that
*** Mugs ( has left
<Swan> did you mugs get message from me last week?
*** Mugs ( has
joined #fian
<Peg> I didn't, Swan
<Peg> wb Mugs
<Mugs> Swan will you resend the messages to me
<Mugs> I get kicked out at the most convenient
<Swan> sure
* Mugs 's addy is
<Swan> right
<chirho> You can also send someone an email by
clicking on their nickname in the table on the
group page and the table in the fians page!
<Redcobra> brb...
<chirho> jande, I've changed the email addy for
sky2 already.
<TomG> Mugs, if you don't get an Email from me by
tomorrow let me know
<jande> ok.
<Swan> thank you, I know
<Mugs> ok Tomg I'll do that
<TomG> I didn't get kicked at all last night so
I'll attach the log for you
<chirho> Just talked to Marthe, she'd like FIANNA
to "design our own" format for info....
<Rigfennid> oh really...
<SAM> Tom, Can you send it to me? I got kicked
<Mugs> Super! You must have glue on your chair tomg
<TomG> No problamo SAM
<SAM> Thanks, Tom.
* chirho says Marthe has asked FIANNA to design
formats for displaying info
<Rigfennid> now isn't that nice...
* chirho says each rig, please work with your group
to put something together
<TomG> Chirho, for instance?
* chirho says she will then put samples on the web
so everyone can comment
<Mugs> Get your thinking caps on Fian 3's
<jande> good.
<Redcobra> thanks to whoever sent last nights fian
3 log!
* chirho says then we can put best suggestions
together and send to Marthe
<TomG> Chirho is too good to us
<Mugs> it was me Redcobra
<SAM> I've got mine one Mugs, but the battery's low!
<Redcobra> Thx Mugs...even missed xfiles was so
<Mugs> oh you must have been sick
<Mugs> Try energizer Sam
<Rigfennid> i forgot to put the tape in for X until
24 minutes after
<Rigfennid> eating dinner... not paying attention
<Rigfennid> we still have last season to catch up on
<TomG> gotta go, see you guys later.
<chirho> bye TomG
<Rigfennid> i can get last night's from a friend,
anyway... when we need it
<Rigfennid> bye
<Redcobra> see ya tom
<SAM> Night, Tom
*** TomG has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Mugs> C U L8r tom
<Peg> by tom
<Peg> (late as usual)<G>
<jande> i'm out a here too.
<Redcobra> oh've had the cutest little
sayings tonight!
<chirho> So, summary....
<Peg> Bye jande.
<Rigfennid> bye y'all that are leaving...
<Mugs> lol
<SAM> goodnight jande
*** jande ( has left
<Mugs> Bye Jande
<Redcobra> gotta go..haven't done homework in
weeks, need to type my research items.
<Swan> me too, yawn
* chirho says summary: We have managed to get a
third of the group here all at one time, a FIRST!
We will continue to work in small fians. Each
fian will work with their rig on format
suggestions which we will post and discuss and
then send to Marthe. See everyone here same time
next week! :)
*** Redcobra (tmattison@ has left
<Mugs> Bye by Redcobra and Swan
*** Swan has quit IRC (Leaving)
* chirho asks did we miss anything?
<SAM> Can't think of anything.
<chirho> move to adjourn?
<Mugs> i think you got it all covered Chirho
<Rigfennid> umm, the rigs need to email the iigs
irc team member who was here earlier
<Rigfennid> with their meeting info
<Angus> Will leave now, see ya'll next time.
<Peg> Me for the night. See you later.
<Mugs> got it Rigfennid
<Peg> Second
<Mugs> bye Angus
<SAM> Goodnight, all.
* chirho adds rigs email IIGS with meeting schedules
*** Angus has quit IRC (Leaving)
<Mugs> See you Peg
*** SAM has quit IRC (Leaving)
*** Peg ( has
left #Fian
<Rigfennid> possum needs to know
<Mugs> Solong Sam
<chirho> Will send possum the summary and also post
the log
Session end.

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