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Session Start: Mon Nov 17 20:47:33 1997
*** Now talking in #Fian

*** flp has joined #fian
<Rigfennid> Dia duit, a flp! Cén chaoí a bhfuil tú?
(Hello, flp! How are you?)
<flp> Great so far :-))
<chirho> Hi, flp, how are you tonight?
<chirho> oh, we hit enter at the same time! :)
<chirho> any trouble getting here?
<flp> Nope, came right in :)
<chirho> Good! now we need you to sign up to help
with the IRC-ATHON !
<flp> he he
<chirho> just one hour... please?
<Rigfennid> when is this being planned for?
<chirho> December 6, all 24 hours
<flp> Tonight I copied the inst. for using mIRC. I
want to know how to do all the "fun" things you
guys do with this thing.
<jande> what is the IRC-ATHON?
<chirho> flp, if you help with the I-A, I'll
personally teach you the fun!
<Rigfennid> that's a saturday...
<chirho> yup
<Rigfennid> not sure yet if i have a work-party
that i have to be at...
<chirho> IRC-ATHON...read about it on any BB or in
lesson six!
<Rigfennid> no schedule for next month yet
<chirho> ah, one hour!
<flp> I've had the inst. for getting in, but I've
always been intimidated with the fun stuff :)
<chirho> fun stuff IS fun! :)
<Rigfennid> i'd have to be all the way on the other
side of town
<chirho> borrow a friends puter!
<Rigfennid> as far away from my house north as Long
Beach is south
<flp> By then, I may be able to feel confident
enough to say yes :-0
<Rigfennid> no one nearby... that's a PC user... *g*
<Rigfennid> a lot of my friends are mac ppl
*** Mugs has joined #fian
<Rigfennid> we'll see...
<Rigfennid> i might be available anyway
<Mugs> Hi All
<chirho> welll, Rig, we need folks for the Mac, too!
<flp> hello
<chirho> Hi, Mugs
<flp> brb, have to go tuck in kids :)
<Mugs> How is everyone tonight?
<chirho> k
<chirho> and you?
<Rigfennid> what i'm meant was... *they* use it...
I don't/won't
<flp> ok, I'm back
<Rigfennid> not with a 1500ft pole
<jande> i never thought it was possible - i caught
that awful stuff Rig was complaining about a
week ago. it's nasty stuff, i should of had a
flu shot.
*** Marthe has joined #Fian
<Marthe> Aha!
<Rigfennid> hi there!
<Marthe> I found you all....
<jande> oh, no.
<chirho> Welcome, Marthe, you found us hehehe
<Marthe> Just wanted to make sure I was sending
people to the right server.
<Rigfennid> It appears we have a guest...
<chirho> :) THANK YOU :)
<flp> boy, we're in trouble now......
<Rigfennid> that's a good thing...
<chirho> caught behind the barn again!
<Marthe> You've had a few lost sheep looking for
<Marthe> But now I know where to send them, so I'll
get out of your hair.
<chirho> Thank you for coming by
<chirho> :)
<Marthe> And anything you hear about me is
absolutely not true. :)
*** Marthe has left #Fian
<chirho> hohohoho
<jande> see ya Marthe ;)
<Rigfennid> nuts
<Rigfennid> and i had a funny comment
<flp> :)
<jande> i hope this isn't going to be a reenactment
of the last class!
<chirho> jande, I agree :)
<chirho> guess I should go lamb hunting!
<chirho> thought this week they'd make it on their
own... have sent emails, rigs have sent emails,
rigs bring em here to meet and folks still don't
get here!
*** possum has joined #Fian
*** chirho sets mode: +o Mugs
*** chirho sets mode: +o possum
<possum> Hi flp Glad you could make it.
*** RED2 has joined #fian
<chirho> Dirk2 is back in town. Got email today
*** Peg has joined #Fian
<Rigfennid> good, good
<chirho> Hi, RED2, take a bow! clap, clap
<chirho> Welcome, Peg
<Peg> Hi all
<RED2> thank you,Hi everybody
<Mugs> Hi bpossum, Red2 and Peg
<possum> Hi Mugs
*** Redcobra has joined #fian
<Peg> flp, the SHIPSLISt message I sent got
bounced back, wrong address.
<chirho> welcome all!
<Redcobra> hi everyone!
* Rigfennid will give it a little while more for
<Mugs> Hi Redcobra
* chirho says we have an offer from a special guest
speaker. :)
<Rigfennid> oh do we now?
<Rigfennid> who? who?
* chirho says do we want to have it here on IIGS?
<Redcobra> do tell...
* chirho says or do we want to go to VU for it?
<Rigfennid> can we trust vu?
<Rigfennid> to not die on us
* chirho says...I'm thinking to invite the FIANNA
<Redcobra> better luck here, dontcha think?
<Rigfennid> well who is it?
<RED2> when?
<Rigfennid> that too
<chirho> and since everybody in the study group is
now officially in Fianna, shouldn't we share the
URL? For the Hideaway?
<Rigfennid> it's your baby... if you want to... go
right ahead
<possum> yes chirho I haven't given my group the
URL yet
<chirho> Think we should have our guest after the
<RED2> how many?
<Redcobra> what URL???
<Peg> The suspense is getting to me...<G>
<chirho> Maybe we should just STRONGLY suggest that
everyone join the FIANNA-L?
<flp> I'm confused, what are we talking about?
<Rigfennid> how can we be sure that everyone has,
or hasn't?
<Redcobra> I subscribe to Fianna-L, and I still
don't get any of this??!!
<chirho> Tell em to, if they miss out it was their
<Rigfennid> with the maiser lists you used to be
able to 'review' and get a list of subscribers
<chirho> Redcobra, I've been working on something
for surnames...
<Rigfennid> i don't think we can do that now
<chirho> Rig, we protected the FIANNA L from that,
but I could ask Cloudy to check...
<Redcobra> ooooh, a secret!!
<Rigfennid> maybe a fresh message to the list about
the Hideaway for the new subscribers is in order?
<possum> Right
<Redcobra> perhaps I accidentally deleted some
really good email from Fianna-L??
<chirho> After I get a form up for adding more
surnames and make the page indexed...at least.
Don't think I can do search yet on geocities...
<chirho> Probably not, Redcobra, Cloudy may not
have it in her welcome message..
<Redcobra> oh
<chirho> Though she was supposed to... :(
<Rigfennid> hmpf
<Redcobra> well, I may have been having one of
those brain-dead kind of days!
<chirho> after all, it's just a URL, right? hehehe
<Rigfennid> but a good one!
<Redcobra> oh you're KILLING me!
<chirho> hehehe!
<chirho> All right, read your FIANNA mail
<Redcobra> Ok!!!
<chirho> or later tonight. brb
<Rigfennid> So how are those paragraphs shaping up
that I'm going to be getting from the rigs...?
<Rigfennid> And I think there will only be a
morning presentation...
<Mugs> Have been giving it some thought but don't
have anything down on paper yet
<jande> mine will be fine once my head clears up
from this crummy cold. i will send what i have,
it seems the majority of my fian has fallen off
the face of the earth!
<Rigfennid> One of my uncles is coming in to spend
Thanksgiving weekend with us...
<Rigfennid> and he's getting in on Wednesday
<Rigfennid> So I think I should be there
<possum> How many paragraphs Rig? Chirho said
about two, but if you need more....
<Peg> and I will be gone on vacation this Friday.
<jande> how many people will be able to attend the
am meeting to give you added support?
<Rigfennid> i have no idea
<possum> Me too jande, but I do have flp here
<Rigfennid> 2 is fine, if even that much
<possum> Yeah flp
* Rigfennid would *like* to have at least one
person from each fian at the presentation...
<Rigfennid> If at all possible
<Mugs> Where is it held again Rig
<flp> oh, oh, what did you just volunteer me
<Rigfennid> that's the morning class discussion
<jande> tell us what you need to have . . .?
<Rigfennid> classroom
<Mugs> channel33?
<possum> Actually I am hearing regularly from most
of my Fian even if they are not chatting yet and
I am feeling very up!!!
<Rigfennid> oh geez, what was it again...
<Rigfennid> wasn't there an email stating what i
<chirho> the classroom /join #channel33 on
<Rigfennid> wednesday morning the 25th
<possum> Flp I am just bragging on you for coming
to the meeting!
<chirho> and there's a new server name in Marthe's
lesson :)
<jande> i didn't get one from you.
<Rigfennid> really!
<Rigfennid> lemme go dig up what i thought i read
<flp> Question....are we talking, Wednesday or
Thursday, am
<Rigfennid> weds
<chirho> We are talking about the day before
<Peg> Now I'm lost. That is wed the 25th?
<Peg> I won't be here <boo hoo>
<possum> Wednesday flp Thurs is Thanksgiving!!
<chirho> Marthe moved class to Wed due to
<flp> okay, now I get it....was wondering if I'd
been on Mars too long :-0
<Rigfennid> found it...!
<possum> I will come Rig
<Rigfennid> Subject of message -- Rig meeting
<Rigfennid> remember that one/
<Rigfennid> ?
<Rigfennid> thx
<possum> Yers Rig
<jande> oh yeah, sorry.
<possum> I got the msg
<Rigfennid> So is that all cleared up now?
<Mugs> I'm not sure i can make it to the am
presentation but will try
<chirho> :)
<Mugs> Clear as mud Rig !
<Rigfennid> It doesn't necessarily have to be the
leaders... Just *someone*
<possum> i will come I swear )
<Redcobra> Sorry Mugs, gotta work that day :(
<possum> I will be moral support :)
<Rigfennid> dig that
<Mugs> I will ask the others in Fian 3 to see who
can come
<jande> i will try to get somebody there. . . maybe
marmar could do it.
<Rigfennid> just as long as i get the material to
be talking with/about
<chirho> by next Monday!
<jande> 'k
<Peg> Will the log be posted?
<Mugs> k
<Rigfennid> that's awful early in the morning for
<chirho> yes, the log will be up
<Rigfennid> like 5am or something
<Peg> Thx, I won't be on the net that week.
<Mugs> on holidays Peg?
<chirho> Peg, it's time to buy a laptop for travel
<jande> i know, but she's the only one who has
really shown any interest at all. the only one
who will come to fian meetings too!
<Rigfennid> ooh! I see a message... *g*
<Rigfennid> sent it out on the sly, din't ya!
<chirho> hehehe
<jande> maybe sky2 is back?
<Mugs> Red2 could you attend?
<RED2> Isn't that wed. the 26?
<chirho> yup, Wed is the 26
<possum> I will come, but we may be going to Iowa
during holidays.
<Rigfennid> y'know... you're right!
<Peg> chirho, I have the laptop, I don't have a net
connection (that I can afford)
<Mugs> Yes it is Wed 26 Nov
<possum> I will send email addys where I can be
<chirho> Peg, sign up for the AOL free time!
<chirho> hehe
<RED2> Day before my mother"s 90th brthdy..have to
<possum> Big day Red2
<Mugs> ok :-)
<Rigfennid> wow!
<Mugs> that is a big day
<Peg> hmmmm, never thought of that...good idea, I
will see if they have a number there, netcom
<RED2> you can say that again..big family party
<Peg> That really is a great day, Red.
<chirho> AOL has some crazy problems with chat,
mIRC has special instructions for them...
<chirho> RED2 90!
<Rigfennid> oh, so aol users *can* use mIRC too?
<Peg> I know, I've walked a number of people
through it.
<Rigfennid> gotta tell my friend that
<chirho> yep, AOL can use mIRC
<RED2> can you believe i found her older cousin in
the phone book?
<chirho> special setup
* Rigfennid is grinning from ear to ear
<Redcobra> Red2, wow!
<chirho> congrats :) Red 2
<Rigfennid> are the instructions in the help file?
or on website?
<chirho> Some of the help websites
<chirho> and should be in AOL help, too
<RED2> thanksgiving. brthday, reunion, Wow!
<chirho> (though they probably aren't on AOL help)
<Rigfennid> i meant in mirc help
<Mugs> sounds like a lot of food to me REd
<flp> take lots of notes!!!!! Red2
<Redcobra> Mugs, lol!!!
<Mugs> :-)
<chirho> Rig, don't think in the program help...
have seen in some of the mirc websites, not
necessarily the official ones. check links on
"yellow pages" and Cesario's page
<possum> Chirho. When is this IRC marathon. Maybe
I can get some of my group chatting. :)
<chirho> December 6
<chirho> Saturday
<Rigfennid> will do...
<Rigfennid> and i'll have to wait and see about that
<flp> If I remember right tonight when I was
checking out the referred addresses that were
sent in my email about IRC, there was an address
specifically about AOL
<Mugs> What is it all about Chirho this is the
first i've heard of it
<RED2> time?
<chirho> Peg and Marthe and Cesario were talking
after the disaster Thurs night
<Peg> chirho, think we will get enough sign ups for
the 24 hours?
<chirho> Peg, I surely HOPE so! otherwise i'm
going to be d..n tired!
<Peg> Me too, I've already informed family, that I
am off limits for the 6th.
<chirho> Be nice if folks could take an extra hour,
just to be in the room and chat
<Redcobra> Where's the info on this chat-a-thon?
<chirho> Dec 6 is St Nicolas day, guess the I-A is
their goodies for this year!
<Mugs> I could manage some time that day. Just
tell me what you need
<RED2> all day on the 6th?12 to 12?
<chirho> Mugs, there's an announcement on the
lesson six... go to the URL and sign in :)
<chirho> RED2, midnight to midnight!
<Mugs> ok I'll check that out
<chirho> IRC-ATHOON
<flp> found a site for aol using mIRC
<Rigfennid> cool, thx!
<chirho> FIANNA-L folk, check your email. If you
don't belong yet, join!!!
<Rigfennid> gotta pass that on
*** Peggy has joined #Fian
*** Peg has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<Peggy> what happened?
<possum> flp you are doing fine
<possum> Sending chat msgs and everything :)
<Mugs> Split personality Peg
<Redcobra> whoa...
<Peggy> I think I'm schitzo tonight. I started to
ask how to sign on to fianna-l. I thought I was
on, but I havent' received anything.
<chirho> There isn't much
<Rigfennid> it's been a little quiet lately
<chirho> Directions are on both the group page and
the yellow page :)
<flp> possum, are you trying to talk me into doing
an hour?
<chirho> check your email first, I just sent
something out. If you didn't get it, then sign
<jande> i don't have a message, chirho and i'm
pretty sure i was on the FIANNA-L
<chirho> Flp, she's trying to save you from me
twisting your arm to get four hours! ;)
<RED2> I thought i signed up when i started the
course-not sure
<chirho> sent it out ten min ago...gie it a few
<chirho> gie=give
<Redcobra> brb, gonna check email!
*** Redcobra has left #fian
<Rigfennid> i have it, but sometimes messages are
slow to other places
<RED2> i don't dare check i'll never get back
<possum> No flp I really am just bragging on you
<chirho> and some servers are slow to put messages
<flp> sure you are....
<possum> You are my only group member who is
<possum> :)
<chirho> RED2, you don't have to leave to check,
but we'll get into that latter...
*** Redcobra has joined #fian
<flp> :)
<chirho> wb
<Redcobra> Thanks Chirho....got it, haven't read it
yet, but got it!
<RED2> i'm the newest newbie around when it comes
to computers
<possum> You too are doing fine REd2
<Mugs> There is a lot to learn at first but after
awhile it starts to make sense
<RED2> and serious gen.
<Redcobra> Hey Red2, you're way ahead of alot of
folks! Can't get my mom to try this yet
<possum> Just get on IRC and chat
<chirho> RED2, what hour are you going to give?
You are needed! If you want to just stay in the
classroom to help the javachatters to hang in
there, that's VERY important!
<possum> Can learn fancy stuff later
<Redcobra> I can volunteer for an hour (gulp!), but
unsure what time yet.
<Mugs> I'm living proof you can teach an old dog
new tricks :-))
<chirho> hehehe Mugs
<Rigfennid> now where is this -athon thing going to
<RED2> I tried javachat first
<jande> i got it, chirho.
<flp> Go ahead and put me down, just let me think
about a time for a bit
<Mugs> you are on mIRC now Red?
<chirho> The IRC marathon day will be centered on
channel33. After folks get on and off a time or
two with IRC, MaMaT here and turp will greet them
at their respective servers for punch and
cookies. Still have to ask texmom^... and who
<RED2> yup
<chirho> flp, there's a URL with a form to sign up
<Mugs> Much better than the Java chat
<RED2> uh oh! TexMoM?
<flp> okay.
<chirho> tex^mom
<Rigfennid> how do they know where they're supposed
to go next?
<Peggy> I got the message chirho so I must be on
the list.
<possum> Fantastic chirho
<flp> I can usually get suckered into most
anything....as long as it's for the good :)
<chirho> on afternet..tex^mom MaMaT on IIGS
turp on dalnet
<Peggy> What time do you figure you will need the
most help?
<possum> I mean fantastic
<RED2> when my son in law hooked my mirc up he
goofed around and got me thrown off her channel
<chirho> Good, peg
<chirho> Peg, no real idea... maybe evening
<Redcobra> lol red2!!!
<Rigfennid> do they get to just go off on their own
to wherever they want? or is that set up
<Peggy> evening, EST?
<possum> Oh boy
<RED2> that's why i've avoided mirc!
<chirho> RED2, I'll speak to her, tell her you're a
nice kid just needed a little straightening out
! :)))
<possum> that should get everybody using the main
genealogy servers:)
<flp> Is that called the Luck of the Irish? :)
<Mugs> Watch out Red2 Tex Mom will get you....:-))
<RED2> I didn't even do it!!!sob sob
<Mugs> lol
<chirho> aw, there, now, RED2
* chirho takes out hanky and passes to RED2
<RED2> I'm banned from the gen. chat channel
<Peggy> Don't cry, it'll all come out in the wash.
<Peggy> I think I'm banned from a couple of them.
<chirho> Red2, those bans usually only last 30
* Mugs gives RED2 a big warm hug
<Peggy> (Too many questions when I first signed on)
<Rigfennid> too many?
<RED2> me and boots-her son was on her end
<flp> Have you tried sending her a message
explaining the situation....maybe get a
<Rigfennid> there's no such thing?
* possum gives a big hug to RED2
<RED2> don't know how to reach her
<Redcobra> Well, gotta go, spied an email I've been
waiting long time for!
<chirho> email her, Red2
<Rigfennid> later...
<Redcobra> Will check out the duty roster for the
-thon thing
<RED2> where?
*** Redcobra has left #fian
<chirho> her URL is on yellow pages... her email
addy is on her URL...
* Rigfennid still has to see if i'll be available
that day...
<Mugs> I'll see if i have TexMom's email and send
it Red2
<RED2> ok, i'll try
<RED2> thank you
<Rigfennid> that was NOT grammatically correct...
<RED2> i might be available at the beginning and
the end
<chirho> GREAT!
<RED2> don't know about the middle
<RED2> when i can i'll pop in
<Peggy> I probably will pop in and out all day to
see what the traffic flow is.
<Mugs> What about the table of contents for our
study group that Marthe asked for in Lesson 5
<RED2> what are discussing? anything & everything?
<chirho> pick one hour and make it official, so we
KNOW we've got some times covered, k?
<chirho> We'll get it from your samples for the
format thing, Mugs
<chirho> Can rework it a couple of times...
<RED2> I keep forgetting my midnight is only 9 pm
for you
<Mugs> ok
<RED2> wait is that 12 your time?
<RED2> that brb
<chirho> RED2, timezone, please?
<Peggy> chirho, is your midnight to midnight, PT?
<possum> http://cust2.iamerica.net/pscobb/index.htm
<chirho> M to M PST
<possum> # Genealogy Forum
<Rigfennid> you wouldn't beleeve who i'm talking to
right now
<Rigfennid> this pc clock is fast
<possum> Tex^mom"s channel page
<chirho> so for eastern time zone it's 3 am to 3 am
*** jeanne has joined #Fian
<Rigfennid> Incoming!! *g*
<jeanne> hi all!
<Rigfennid> Look who's here!
<chirho> hi!
<possum> Write Red2 and apologize
<jeanne> I am an alumus :-)
<Mugs> Hello Jeanne long time no C
<jeanne> hi Mugs!
<possum> Jeanne
<flp> Are we going to be talking about a certain
subject or are we just going to be "jabbering"
<jeanne> and o'possum!
* possum gives a big hug to jeanne
<jeanne> is Wendy here?
<Rigfennid> not tonight
<Rigfennid> but sometimes
<RED2> back
<chirho> nope, she's Cesario at VU class, a TA now!
<jeanne> miss ALL of you!
<Rigfennid> but then, i'm a Wendy too
<possum> We miss you too Jeanne
<jeanne> yes thats true SLH :-)
<chirho> jeanne, you could come on and join in !
<jeanne> how is the new class?
<chirho> pretty good.
<Rigfennid> hey, we could always use another hand...
<chirho> different type of projects, tho
<jeanne> chirho!
<jeanne> :-)))
<Rigfennid> seems to be going all right, i think
* chirho gives jeanne a warm hug
<jeanne> well I didnt want to butt in here :-)
* Rigfennid (¯`·.(¯`·.(¯`·. 4---{@ jeanne @}---
* Rigfennid (_.·`(_.·`(_.·` 4---{@ jeanne @}---
<Rigfennid> nah, fennidi never butt in...
<Rigfennid> always welcome
<jeanne> I just have not had the time for VU yet :-(
<Rigfennid> whether original foot soldiers or
freshly inducted
<Rigfennid> time... what's that/
<Rigfennid> ?
<chirho> Marthe's working on an intermediate and an
advanced course... :)
<jeanne> LOL
<jeanne> oh GOOD!
<Rigfennid> excellent!
<chirho> There will be a minute fee, 10 to 12 $US
to keep VU going
<jeanne> maybe I will join you again :-0
<chirho> tiny fee
<chirho> Good!
<Rigfennid> Tá go maith, jeanne! (All right,
<chirho> We've got some grand folks here, and you'd
benefit from knowing them, as they would you
<jeanne> oh VU is charging a fee now?
<Rigfennid> they've had to start that
<chirho> yes, they're sponsorless
<jeanne> are the classes as large as they were?
<chirho> 1440 for this one
<Rigfennid> big enough, i guess
<chirho> 8000 was TOO many!
<jeanne> YES chirho!
<Rigfennid> absolutely!
*** jande has quit IRC (Leaving)
<jeanne> VU has no sponsers?
<jeanne> what a shame!
<chirho> no, AOL bought Compuserve.....
<chirho> so that took away sprynet
<Rigfennid> i heard about that
<jeanne> yep :-(
<jeanne> AOL should sponser!
<flp> I wonder how Marthe handles that many
people.......I don't think I ever could....
<chirho> ughn!
<Rigfennid> you'd think *someone* would sponsor
<jeanne> I will have to look into that...hehehe
<Rigfennid> she doesn't have to... the groups take
care of that
-> [jeanne] USERINFO
<possum> Well the fees they are talking about are
very minimal Jeanne
<Rigfennid> not much really
<possum> Even for me
<possum> I am on a strict genealogy budget
<Mugs> Time for me to fade off into the sunset folks
<jeanne> well guess I better get back over to #gen
and let you guys study :-)
<Rigfennid> Oíche mhaith, Mugs! (Good night, Mugs!)
<Mugs> See you later
<chirho> yes, possum, my friend, all you can spend!
<flp> goodnight
<Rigfennid> study?
<chirho> Good night Mugs
<Rigfennid> we're just yakking
*** Mugs has left #fian
<jeanne> oh are you done with your meet?
<RED2> guess i better leave, too
<Rigfennid> technically, yeah...
<Rigfennid> business done, right?
<chirho> move to adjourn
<Rigfennid> it's rather informal these days
<flp> me, too.....have a lot of email to read
<jeanne> IIGS is taking up most of my free time
<RED2> me too
* Rigfennid waves bye to everyone!
<Rigfennid> Come visit 'SplitLevelHead's Palace' --
<flp> goodnight
<chirho> bye all who are leaving!
<Rigfennid> just thought you might want to see
*** flp has quit IRC (Leaving)
<RED2> mail, i mean, and dogs to put out--again
<Rigfennid> if you haven't already
<jeanne> bye all :-)
<Peggy> good night.
Session Close: Mon Nov 17 22:36:33 1997

book HR

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Session Start: Mon Nov 24 21:05:55 1997
*** Now talking in #Fian

<Rigfennid> very fast recovery
<chirho> hmmm how did I get knocked off?
<Rigfennid> Níl fhios agam... (I don't know...)
<chirho> happened earlier tonight? but I was going
anyway, to do the page
<chirho> Will see if it's the popups...
* chirho says http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hil
ls/3336/fianna/fian3format.html[dead link]
<chirho> oh, well
<chirho> just unlucky tonight!
<chirho> ops, please?
*** Rigfennid sets mode: +o chirho
<Rigfennid> ooh ooh!
<chirho> Thank you
<Rigfennid> there's a message from diane on fianna-l
<chirho> yes?
<Rigfennid> wanting to know when and where
<Rigfennid> subject line -- Yo Anne!
<chirho> I answered her at 5:45, three hours ago....
<Rigfennid> oh...
<chirho> that's why I knew she might be here..
<Rigfennid> this can't be that old
<jande> is that the diane from #genealogy room?
<chirho> brb
<jande> i talked to her earlier today.
<chirho> jande, it's the Diane who does the lessons
for IIGS
<Rigfennid> actually, i read wrong... it says diana
<jande> oh, her different diana. this diana is
going to look for info. on my family when she
goes to ireland over christmas.
<jande> it's too cool, i hope she is able to find
something, since i haven't been even remotely
<jande> chirho, is mail there yet?
<Rigfennid> hmmm... i've got something from fians 2
and 3... nothing from 1 yet
<jande> try again. . . Rig the info. I sent ok?
Do you want/need something else?
<Rigfennid> it might be a little more detailed than
i need, really
*** SAM has joined #Fian
<Rigfennid> Dia duit, a SAM! Cén chaoí a bhfuil tú?
(Hello, SAM! How are you?)
<jande> i cc'd it to chirho with intent that she
could utilize the info. for the page.
<Rigfennid> good idea... i could distill it, i guess
<SAM> Hi. I'm having one of THOSE weeks! I hope
it's not contagious!
<jande> cut and paste as necessary.
<jande> more is better than not enough!
<jande> sam, it's only monday, hope it gets better.
<chirho> There was a new "Yo Anne"... she doesn't
have IRC. Sent her to download it now. Will
have to keep watching email...
<jande> chirho, did you get mine?
<chirho> jande, I just pulled in mail, saw your
name fly by.
<chirho> brb
<SAM> ME TOO!!!!! Having computer problems,
customer problems, employee problems, employer
* Rigfennid has been having LIFE problems...
*** flp has joined #fian
<flp> hello
<SAM> Sorry, RIG, got my sympathy. Hope you didn't
catch it from me.
<jande> i'm glad it's only a three day work week,
there is hope, otherwise, i'd be way depressed.
<chirho> jande, found you! looks nice.
<Rigfennid> i left/lost my knit/crochet project bag
on the train last weds
<jande> cool, thanks chirho. ;)
*** possum has joined #Fian
<SAM> I work Sat & Sunday, so no break there!
<flp> hi, possum
<chirho> Welcome, possum
* chirho says http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hil
ls/3336/fianna/fian3format.html[dead link]
<SAM> Hi, possum
<jande> didn't you lose your organizer recently too?
<possum> Hi everybody!!:)
<jande> oh, poor sam :(
<chirho> possum, the URL is a "quick and dirty"
page from what you sent me
<jande> hi possum and flp.
<Rigfennid> got that back... the fabric store had it
<SAM> Yup, and the customers all took Nasty Pills.
<Rigfennid> how annoying
<chirho> I work until Friday night a week from
<flp> brb
<jande> that's good . . .
<chirho> no holiday, no weekend offf :(
<SAM> Poor Chirho! That's AWFUL!
<Rigfennid> i need to go the the MTA lost & found
<chirho> snif, snif
<Rigfennid> but i want to go do research too
<jande> i don't know how you can do that. i'd be
too tired and cranky.
<chirho> that's what I get the big bucks for...
only don't get big bucks! Ah, well.
* Rigfennid wavers between the possibilities
<SAM> I'll send you some turkey if it will go
e-mail! Cooking for a crowd.
*** dirk2 has joined #Fian
<Rigfennid> HIYA!!
<chirho> Yo! Dirk you're here!
<Rigfennid> Well look who's back
<jande> chirho, you have to work on thurday?
* possum waves at dirk2
<possum> Good to see you back Dirk :)
<dirk2> Hi all, yes I have finally made it. Got
home in time tonite!!!
<chirho> yep, jande, every patient must be seen by
a doctor every day in the hospital. We take
turns, this time I get the burn!
<jande> are you a doctor?
*** chirho sets mode: +o dirk2
*** chirho sets mode: +o jande
*** chirho sets mode: +o possum
<jande> that's great chirho, except for bad shifts!!
<SAM> Wow, Lots of chiefs here, but hardly any
<flp> back
<chirho> They start in med school to convince us
we're made of stainless steel and not damaged by
abuse ;)
<Rigfennid> yeah... where are they?
*** chirho sets mode: +o flp
*** chirho sets mode: +o SAM
<chirho> ALL chiefs! hehehe
<SAM> Field promotion????
<jande> lol
<chirho> temporary. Retire as buck private ;)
<SAM> Long as I get to retire! I'm getting to that
age! I'm a grandma twice now!
<chirho> :)
<Rigfennid> is there a limit to the size of the
popup file?
<Rigfennid> it won't let me paste in any more stuff
<dirk2> Whats this "sets mode: +o" and how come I'm
a @ :-)
<flp> when I worked medical I worked all the
holidays when I was single thinking it would
come back to me later in life---how wrong I
was----oh well at least the married people got
to spend time with their families
<Rigfennid> ops, dude
<chirho> My longer ones seem to drop me off the
<chirho> dirk2, did't you know you're a rig? for
<jande> i think the members from fian 2 have
disappeared, haven't talked to 'em in ages.
they won't respond to email.
<chirho> jande, that's typical...
<chirho> start with a big crowd, end with a few
dedicated souls...
<chirho> speaking of which, where's Mugs?
<SAM> Or crazy people!
<jande> i had such high hopes for 'em.
<chirho> hehe
<chirho> and me a shrink!
<dirk2> Oh ya ??? got elected 'cus I was away,
<chirho> RIGHT!!!!
*** Mugs has joined #fian
<Rigfennid> there you are!
<jande> there she is.
<SAM> Hi, Mugs
<chirho> KATHLEEN is interested and working hard,
dirk, she does only email tho
<Mugs> Hi everyone
<chirho> Hello :)
<flp> hello
<possum> I have 3 who are communicating with me and
we are a small group
* Mugs just smiles and nods
<possum> I am very pleased :)
* jande rolls her eyes.
* possum gives a big hug to flp
<chirho> very good, possum :)
<jande> i'm disappointed
<dirk2> I remember seeing that you (chirho) were
standing in for me. ;->
<chirho> me too jande, but don't hurt about it
<chirho> hehe
<flp> I'm sooooo proudddd :)
<chirho> just for a while
<chirho> or you can send me a whole BOTTLE instead
of a stiff drink!
<chirho> hehehe
<SAM> I know where they sell virtual beer! But no
hard stuff!
<jande> good for you possum!
<chirho> flp, of what are you proudddddddd :) ?
<jande> do they have wine too?
<possum> No good for them :)
<dirk2> Have I got any "injuns" on my list?
<chirho> ???
<SAM> I'm not sure. I'll check though.
<flp> being one of the ones in possum's group :)
<possum> Really a great group!
<chirho> dirk2 there's a special page
<Rigfennid> All Right!
<chirho> http://www.geocities.com/~hoseahouse/fianna
<jande> that too!
<chirho> has your group listed there and the emails
are clickable
<chirho> :)
<chirho> will send out an announcement to your folks
<chirho> to harass you for direction !!! ;)
<Rigfennid> Céad míle fáilte, fénnidi! (A hundred
thousand welcomes, fénnidi!)
<Mugs> lots of virtual whines on the internet
<jande> hehe
<Rigfennid> who's got fian1?
<SAM> Hey, chirho, Mugs needs her curlique
<Rigfennid> 3possum -- Paragraphs?
<possum> Well send tomorrow Rig promise I am ready
one page on geopgraphy one on history
* Rigfennid has submissions from 2 and 3
<Rigfennid> page?
<possum> K I will send
<Rigfennid> sounds kinda large
<possum> sorry Rig Paragraphs
<Rigfennid> that's better
<possum> I am half asleep you siad two paragraphs
*** chirho sets mode: +o Mugs
<Rigfennid> It will be prolly be a short
presentation... I need to get to class as soon
as I'm done
<dirk2> there has been a lot of changes this last 3
weeks. I'm a bit behind and some URL'shave
changed also??
<Rigfennid> i'll just spit it out and go
<Mugs> What is the time again for the presentation
<chirho> Right... we opened half of the Hideaway.
The other half is still hidden :)
<Rigfennid> the morning class session 10am pst, weds
<possum> So I just did political geography briefly
since I did not have time for physical and
political counties etc are more important
<Mugs> tks
<Rigfennid> sounds good
<Rigfennid> we can always add more later
* chirho says http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hil
ls/3336/fianna/fian3format.html[dead link]
<Rigfennid> 2Can anyone else make it for the session?
<possum> It is difficult to be that brief
<chirho> fian3 sent a format. Anyone else? SOON?
<Rigfennid> for backup support, Q&A, etc...
<dirk2> I lost the last 3 lesson of WebPages and i
see V.U doesn't have Archives anymore????
<possum> Chirho do we have a page
<flp> I'm going to try to be there, but my husband
is already making other plans for me
<chirho> fian3 has a page
<Rigfennid> i might have them, dirk... need to look
<Mugs> I'll try to attend but not sure
<possum> I will come Rig
<possum> Those other ppl have their pages up!!!
<SAM> I expect to be there.
<possum> The groups that have already presented I
<Rigfennid> 2That way when i have to scoot, you guys
can field the floor
<possum> k
<possum> We said we would come Rig
* chirho says http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hil
ls/3336/fianna/fian3format.html[dead link]
<Rigfennid> excellent...
<possum> Are you just going to present in the
<flp> Guess I have to get my hiney in gear, huh
possum...I'll get it to you b/4 the weekend (or
give it a BIG try)
<Rigfennid> nope... uncle's coming to town... have
to be home for that
<chirho> I could do the evening...
<chirho> If Rig would send me the materials...
<Rigfennid> are we even scheduled for the evening?
<Rigfennid> or does Marthe have another group for
<chirho> I'll try to go, and see what Marthe
wants..if I have the materials
<chirho> course could just refer everyone to the am
<flp> I'll for sure be at the evening session
<SAM> I'm lost. Is there another class in the
<chirho> yep
<chirho> two classes
<chirho> 10 am and 6 pm both PST
<Rigfennid> possum, when you're done, send to both
me and chirho, ok?
<jande> are there format suggestions?
* chirho says dead link
<possum> OK flp :)
<SAM> I may have to miss one - I have a lot of
gluten-free baking to do. No more convenience
<chirho> Need from the others
<Rigfennid> eek! my address book is gone!
<jande> 'k i'll look.
<chirho> SAM, who has sprue?
<Rigfennid> or is that spoo? *g*
<chirho> Gads, Rig! Will send out messages to all
with you copied..
<Rigfennid> jande, Mugs... Could you pass your
submissions on to chirho? Please
<Rigfennid> i think i know what the prob is
<chirho> LABEL em!
<Rigfennid> i think if i reboot it comes back
*** SAM has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
<jande> rig, i did send it to chirho.
<chirho> You can get to anyone with the page...
click on nick, has email addy
<Rigfennid> o yeah, that's right...
<Rigfennid> forgot
<chirho> jande, is that what I just got?
<jande> yes. you didn't get first one.
<chirho> k
<chirho> tx
<chirho> are we here?
<Rigfennid> yep
<Rigfennid> 2Anything else we need to discuss?
<chirho> How many more meetings?
<chirho> When to have "guest" speaker?
*** SAM has joined #Fian
<chirho> wb
<flp> This is a 10 week course, isn't it
<chirho> eight
<Mugs> wb Sam
<possum> Too short
<SAM> Hi, AOL's messing with me!
<Rigfennid> how rude
<flp> so, next week is our last class?
<possum> We really need ten like some of the others
<SAM> My sentiments exactly.
<chirho> Then let's have our guest the week after
<chirho> that will be after the IRCathon, so more
will be able to attend
<chirho> :)
<Rigfennid> yeeps! this is week 7 already
<SAM> That works for me Chirho!
<SAM> Time to pull some all-nighters
<possum> We are staying here for Thanxgiving
<dirk2> what course are you on now? I am not
following any at present as i seem to have
missed the start of Gen for beginners
<chirho> December 8, 1997 IIGS server #Fian
Special mystery guest!
<possum> but will be going to Iowa on Friday
<Rigfennid> but you took it the first time anyway
<chirho> oh, will post log
<Rigfennid> where in IA?
<possum> Will email addys where i can be reached
<chirho> :)
<dirk2> or was that the one I'm Fian4 for????
<jande> chirho, give us a hint.
*** Mugs sets mode: +o SAM
<chirho> class33
<flp> I won't be here next week--have a fire
meeting--it's our Xmas party--I have to be
<possum> Around Des Moines
<Rigfennid> I might still have relatives in IA,
once I find out who they are
* chirho says FIANNA study group URL
<Rigfennid> Wiseman in Des Moines
<possum> Monroe Madrid Pella etc
<possum> Yes I saw your Palace!!
<possum> Do you need a lookup
<possum> Can't do to this time but maybe next time
<Rigfennid> cool
<Rigfennid> that would be great
<possum> I am taking all this Fianna stuff with me
and working on it there!!
<chirho> :)
<Rigfennid> good for you
<possum> Don't you have MO pl too
<Rigfennid> nah, even better...
<Rigfennid> Maith thú, possum! (Good for you,
<possum> I am in MO
<Rigfennid> yeah i do
<possum> I saw your site
<Rigfennid> a few counties worth
<Rigfennid> and some are still in the St. Louis area
<possum> I can get to MO IA and KS sometime
<Rigfennid> reunions every year
<Rigfennid> I've got KS too
<possum> But that is about as far as I get :)
<chirho> and I, lived in KS, relatives in MO and
<possum> I know Rig I saw KS at your site
<Rigfennid> the throneroom file is getting big
<possum> You have really done a ot of work no
longer than you have been at this
<Rigfennid> i might have to divide it up
<Rigfennid> about a year & as half
<flp> My relatives were all over> NH>OH>MO>WA>MT
<possum> Hey chirho
<chirho> mmmm
<possum> They were advertising your Alma Mater on
TV last night
<Rigfennid> mine were very all over
<chirho> ? Good, I think
<chirho> :)
<possum> All those fresh faced young girls :)
<possum> It is hard to imagine being that young ever
<possum> :)
<chirho> yep
<Rigfennid> and i got a whole bunch more this past
<Rigfennid> JENKS up the wazoo
<Rigfennid> and now i have CARNEY, and ALDRICH...
and SMITH (yuk)
<dirk2> This will be on Fianna Log??? I'm called
for supper. ???
<Rigfennid> i was hoping i'd never find that one
<chirho> Yes, dirk2, there it will be...
<Rigfennid> good eats!
<flp> I have Smith also....
<dirk2> thanks
<possum> I must go too
<chirho> goodnight
<chirho> goodnight
<SAM> I don't have Smith, but I have Jones, Kelly,
Evans, and White!
<possum> Rig I will email you the paragraphs
<Rigfennid> good, good
<Rigfennid> and chirho too!
<possum> I will write later about look ups
<chirho> cc chirho
<chirho> :)
<possum> k
<dirk2> zdirk2
<possum> I won't get to the lookups until this
class is over, but I am hoping to get some time
to research then
<chirho> dirk2, are you focusing on census in Co.
Down? or Clare? or which?
<Mugs> someone said goodnight and dirk2 went to
<dirk2> will record for another couple of min.
<chirho> Dirk2...which county?
<Rigfennid> ah, the virtual body
<possum> I am starting to remind myself of that
article in Family Chronicles about the different
kind of genealogist
<chirho> ?
<dirk2> Co. Donegal and Co. Down don' know much
about Co. Down
<chirho> k
<chirho> thanks
<possum> I am the one who spends all her time taking
<flp> me, too
<possum> learning how to be a genelogist
<chirho> hehehe
<possum> But never actually getting any genealogy
<Rigfennid> i'm getting lots done!
<chirho> aint it de trut
<chirho> nothin done!
<possum> You really are Rig!!!
<Rigfennid> i wanna do more tomorrow
<possum> Bye everybody
<chirho> bye
<flp> good night
<Mugs> bye possum
<SAM> G'night possum
<possum> MY MIL AND FIL are down from Iowa
<Rigfennid> Oíche mhaith, possum! (Good night,
<possum> And I am being very rude!!
*** possum has quit IRC (Leaving)
<jande> see ya possum.
<Mugs> MIL & FIL?
<chirho> rude, or giving them time with their son?
<Rigfennid> mother in law, father in law
<Mugs> ohhhh
<Mugs> duh
<Mugs> :-)
<jande> don't feel bad Mugs, it took me a while
too. ;)
<Rigfennid> they're having way too much fun in the
other room with their little pictures
<chirho> Any other business?
<jande> what other room?
<flp> but that's never how the in-laws look at
it....you're just plane ol rude....especially
with THAT genealogy--it's such a waste of
<Rigfennid> #genealogy
* chirho asks if there is other business... else
move to adjourn :)
<Rigfennid> 2Are we done for the night?
<jande> hey does anybody know what part of Ireland
would have been considered the midlands in 1150?
<flp> yes...have to get to another chat on the hour
<jande> anybody?
<Rigfennid> i have no idea
<flp> I don't know
<Mugs> No idea at all jande
<Rigfennid> and possum's not here now
<Rigfennid> she might know
<SAM> I'm still in the 19th century.
<jande> i need an expert.
<SAM> Have you e-mailed Diana Hansen?
<chirho> ask on GENIRE... post to Ireland newsgroup?
<jande> my family's land was taken away from them
in 1150 - it was called midlands.
<jande> good suggestions, i will do both!
<chirho> soc.genealogy.ireland
<chirho> Read about spam on find.html in hideaway
<chirho> then post to newsgroup
<chirho> new article on spam, also on virus
<chirho> and in the private Hideaway... new pages!
<SAM> My dad says we should find a new name for
SPAM. He loves canned SPAM and thinks it's an
insult to his favorite food.
<chirho> hehehe I eat it too, but don't like it in
my mail box!
<Mugs> I like spam sandwiches too Sam
<flp> goodnight everyone...anyone taking the Xmas
Traditions course?
<jande> bye lfp.
<jande> oops, flp
<chirho> not taking course. Good night flp Glad
you came :)
<SAM> Wish I could, but I need time to bake a
billion gf cookies!
<Mugs> bye flp
<Rigfennid> the lady who babysat me and my sister
put little chunks of spam in the ramen... it was
<Rigfennid> Oíche mhaith, flp! (Good night, flp!)
*** flp has quit IRC (Leaving)
<SAM> Sounds good, but Ramen's out. Gluten!
<Rigfennid> she was/is Hawaiian
<Rigfennid> are you allergic?
<jande> i like ramen.
<SAM> Hey Rig, did you ever look to see if CLOUGH
was an Irish word?
<jande> don't like spam.
<Rigfennid> don't remember...
<jande> see ya all.
<Rigfennid> bye...
<chirho> bye!
<Mugs> Bye Jande
<chirho> thanks for info :)
<SAM> No, my grandson is autistic, and is on a
gluten-free diet. His test scores have more
than doubled long as grandma bakes a lot!
*** jande has quit IRC (Leaving)
<chirho> Great, SAM! God bless his grandma!
<Mugs> My goodness Sam when do you sleep?
<Rigfennid> ohhhh
<SAM> If you know anyone with autistic kids,
suggest it. Drs don't tell parents - we looked
for the answer fo 4 years!
<Rigfennid> i know why i can't find it... the
server that the gaelic-l archives were on, they
aren't they anymore...
<Rigfennid> don't know where they moved to
<SAM> I DON't sleep. Work 11 hours, bake 2, autism
research 2, genealogy 2, take a shower, cook and
clean. Nap in the car.
<Mugs> Not behind the wheel I hope
* chirho says zzzzzz time to go! G'night all.
<SAM> I don't drive. THAT's what I have a husband
<Mugs> bye Chirho
* chirho says get your formats in, PLEESE
<SAM> Goodnight chirho.
<Rigfennid> if i knew the word for dictionary...
<Mugs> will send you what I have
<Rigfennid> i might be able to find a link on this
one page i *do* have

Session Close: Mon Nov 24 22:11:40 1997

book HR

Session Start: Mon Dec 01 1997 * chirho says our BB has changed again.. Let
everone know. New url is:

<Rigfennid> 2Soooo... Does anyone have something they want to say about their experience this
<RED2> i feel i've been learning a lot
<chirho> Still experiencing... lots of NEW stuff
about genealogy off line... lots of work ahead :)
<jande> ditto on work ahead. wish the newbies in
my group would have stayed with it.
<Mugs> I am grateful for all the support from the
members of Fian 3 and appreciate all they are
*** SAM has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<chirho> The folks who are working are REALLY
<Rigfennid> oh nuts
<chirho> Fian 3 has been a "top producer" so far :)
<chirho> Though individuals in other groups are
doing a lot, also :)
<Mugs> Take a bow Fian 3 :-)
<chirho> sno-king has been doing a great deal in
Fian 4
<chirho> Craic had a back injury and has been flat
in bed
<Rigfennid> i just saw that email a few minutes
<jande> ouch.
<Rigfennid> how unfortunate
<chirho> Fian 1 has also been pretty busy :)
<chirho> now for chirho to get to work! ;)
<Rigfennid> 2Does anyone have any pressing concerns?
*** SAM (CarolMcJ@202-230-248.ipt.aol.com) has
joined #Fian
<Mugs> What will be happening in Fianna after class
has finished?
<chirho> We have a "mystery guest on December 8,
here, at meeting time :)
<Rigfennid> that's a good question...
<Rigfennid> but after that...?
<chirho> We could continue to meet here Mondays?
and keep working on our projects a bit?
<chirho> Or take the month off?
<SAM> That sounds good to me.
<Mugs> I like that idea Chirho
<chirho> I'm willing to keep working on coding even
when the current batch is up
<chirho> Figure it'll help us get ready and ahead
for the next round! ;)
<Mugs> Try to meet during Dec. to keep in touch
at least and add to what we've started
<chirho> :)
<Rigfennid> once (real) school lets out... my puter
time is a bit limited
<SAM> It'll give us a break from the wrapping and
<Rigfennid> but i'll see what i can do
<Rigfennid> And from Dec 22-Dec 29...
<chirho> Good, Rig, we need you too! :)
* Rigfennid will be on a little trip!
<Rigfennid> And won't be here at all
<Rigfennid> You'll have to fend for yourselves
* chirho is green with envy hehehe
<Rigfennid> for that week
<SAM> Where are you going??? Somewhere fun??
<Mugs> Good for you Rig
<Rigfennid> Ontario, Oregon -- To spend Xmas with
my grandmother
<Rigfennid> me, mom, and my sister are going
<jande> oregon is really close to Idaho!!
<Rigfennid> and maybe in the process meet a few
fennidi... *g*
<Rigfennid> yes it is
<Rigfennid> and she's right on the border, too
<chirho> And Rig, don't forget to ask the family
LOTS of questions... :)
<Rigfennid> family? it's just her...
<Rigfennid> all 5 of her kids are scattered across
the country
<chirho> just her probably has lots more familly
stories stashed away in her head..
<Rigfennid> she moved there later in life when her
kids were grown
* Rigfennid will bring tape 'corder, of course...
<Rigfennid> duh
<Rigfennid> and there's the papers to get, too...
that she can't find right now because of her back
* Rigfennid can't wait
<chirho> Mugs, jande, talk the IRC-athon up among
your fennidi! We put the mystery guest on the
8th so they'd be able to come :)
<jande> ok, i'll get the word out. basic info.
about it is on the class page?
<Peg> Just getting caught up with the discussion.
<Mugs> We did talk abit about it last night at our
<chirho> will send emails with info
<Peg> chirho, thanks (for the surnames)
<Mugs> I'll email eveyone in the group to refresh
their memories
<Peg> DDDD and zonie are interested in volunteering,
I have to give them the url..brb
<chirho> http://www.geocities.com/~hoseahouse/irctim
<chirho> is where the times covered are listed
<chirho> ircsign.html is where to sign up
<Peg> Thank you, I will send both to him.
<chirho> The school server should still be up,
cause that's the final class day for us and
others have two more weeks..
<jande> thanks, i'll send it out.
<chirho> MYSTERY GUEST here, next Mon night at 6 pm
<chirho> :)
<chirho> TOPIC: Irish Genealogy
<Rigfennid> Gee, what else? *g*
<Peg> I love mysteries!!
<chirho> hehehe
<chirho> Read all about it in FIANNA-L we're
inviting them!
<Peg> We should get a good crowd.
<chirho> Also, please try to get your folks to all
sign up on FIANNA-L in order to keep in touch :)
<Rigfennid> whee! maybe it'll be a full night
<jande> i'll see you all next week.
<Rigfennid> should i wear the uniform?
<chirho> :) jande
<chirho> yep, Rig
<chirho> Maybe add a "2"?
*** jande (andejoan@as51-01-16.isu.edu) has left
<Rigfennid> could do that
<chirho> and we'll see if we can get "1" here?
<chirho> hehehe!
<Rigfennid> i was just going to ask that!
<Rigfennid> beat me to it
<chirho> Might invite Marthe, too?
<Rigfennid> sure
<chirho> will do
<chirho> when I send our urls in
<Peg> I think Marthe would like that.
<chirho> And of course, the talk is followed by a
<chirho> Bring your typewritten goodies :)
<Rigfennid> party... party...
<Mugs> The low calorie ones?
<Peg> Oh, boo hoo....I have never kept up with the
goodies. I only have a few.
<Rigfennid> digital candy is non-fattening
<chirho> yes, Rig, it's one of those times when
people try to relax and enjoy themselves!
Students don't get to go to many, I know..
<Mugs> Maybe we could have a 'goody exchange
<Rigfennid> no, i was chanting
<Rigfennid> maybe it should go like this
<Rigfennid> PARTY! PARTY!
<chirho> I see:) hehehe
<Peg> I love to party..
<Rigfennid> very good!
<chirho> wow! SAM
<Peg> That is some party, SAM
<chirho> (Sam, hit your up arrow and then enter!
<chirho> (Sam, hit your up arrow and then enter!
<Peg> That is some party, SAM
<chirho> it causes a repeat!)
<chirho> it causes a repeat!)
<Rigfennid> you can scroll thru your past posts
<Rigfennid> and do them again
<Mugs> Í learned something new tonight
<chirho> Also, please try to get your folks to all
sign up on FIANNA-L in order to keep in touch :)
<Mugs> Í learned something new tonight
<Mugs> Í learned something new tonight
<chirho> :)
<Rigfennid> and you did an accented I, to boot!
<SAM> I haven't partied in YEARS! Since 2 kids and
2 grandkids! Think I'll remember how????
<SAM> See, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!
<SAM> See, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!
<SAM> See, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!
<SAM> me too, Mugs
<Mugs> lol
<chirho> hehehehe
<Mugs> lol
<Mugs> lol
<SAM> See what you've started Chirho? You've
created a monster!
<SAM> See what you've started Chirho? You've
created a monster!
<chirho> hohoho
<chirho> hohoho
<Rigfennid> that one's Alt-0205
<Peg> Okay, with six kids, 12+ grandchildren and 1
grgranddaughter, I can party the hardiest!
<RED2> you got me beat!
<SAM> WOW, Peg! I'm impressed! Thought I was
doing good!
<chirho> Peg, with 11 kids, 13 1/2 grandchildren
and NO grgrands, you're ahead of me!
<chirho> 1/2 in the oven :)
<Rigfennid> technically, guys... our lingo should
have í in them
<Peg> Not really, chirho, you beat me with that
11!! Wow, I'm impressed!
<Mugs> Beats 2 kids and a dog :-) No grand kids yet
<SAM> Just wait, Mugs! Grandkids are FABULOUS!!!!
<Mugs> Thats what everyone tells me.
<chirho> Yep, spoil 'em and send 'em home :)
<RED2> yup, they go HOME!
<Peg> There's time, Mugs.
<Peg> That's why i love them too.
<SAM> Although I still have 1 "kid" 2 Granddogs and
2 grandcats at home
<Rigfennid> oh!
<chirho> We're living thru our last teenager UGH!
<Rigfennid> there's a word we haven't been using
<SAM> For the first few years the grands lived with
me. And the daughter and her husband, "the LUMP"
<Rigfennid> fénnidecht -- chaos
<Peg> Oh, I know that feeling chirho! had 5 at
<chirho> hohoho RIG!
<Rigfennid> it could come in handy...
<SAM> Actually, I even enjoyed my teenagers.
<SAM> I'm insane.
<Rigfennid> I wrote a bunch of words down when i
read FMC
<Peg> Rig, is that the translation? chaos? I like
that. How did you do the accent?
<Rigfennid> tuirseach (appr, toor-sock) -- tired
<chirho> Send me a glossary, I'll put it in the
<Rigfennid> é -- Alt-0233
<Peg> I'm even more insane, Sam....I still work
with them all the time.
<Rigfennid> i've got a cheat-card with the codes
<SAM> I'm still looking for a meaning for "Clough"
<Rigfennid> i tried looking
<Rigfennid> it wasn't in either dict i had at home
<SAM> Do you teach, Peg?
<Peg> 233
<Rigfennid> hold down the Alt key
<Rigfennid> then type 0233 on the keypad
<Rigfennid> then you get a é
<Peg> No, Sam, Director...originally social worker,
group work and community organizing
<chirho> é
<Rigfennid> or an í
<Rigfennid> 0237
<Peg> é
<Peg> Thank you, Rig
<chirho> Neat, Rig, much better than going hunting
in the special characters file!
<Peg> í
<Rigfennid> á 0235
<chirho> ë
<Rigfennid> ò 0242
<Rigfennid> oops... going the wrong direction
<Peg> Where did you learn these? I can do them in
word perfect but no where else.
<Rigfennid> ó 0243
<Rigfennid> ascii code chart
<Rigfennid> or a variation of such
<Peg> Okay, is it in my manual and I missed it?
<Rigfennid> should be
<Rigfennid> ú 0250
<chirho> Peg, Win95, CharMap
<Peg> probably in my word perfect book and I didn't
pay attention.
<Rigfennid> there's capitals and lowercase with
accent marks going in both directions
<chirho> Thank you for a most useful tool :)
<Rigfennid> on the back of the card is my reminders
of my irish alii
<Rigfennid> there's quite a few
<Rigfennid> An dáiríre atá tú? (Are you serious?)
<Rigfennid> An bhfuil aon rud úr ag dul? (What's
<Rigfennid> if i could only *say* them
<Peg> I have been copying every phrase you utter
(see how attentive I am?)
<Rigfennid> very good
<Rigfennid> Bíonn chuile dhuine lách go dtéann bó
ina gharraí. (Everyone is sociable until a cow
invades his garden.)
<Rigfennid> i *do* know a few words by sight now
*** SAM has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<Rigfennid> bó -- cow
<Peg> chirho, are you saying they are in the win95
manual? mine is a skinny little book....
<chirho> poor SAM, we need to get out the ropes and
duct tape!
<Rigfennid> Nollaig bhreá a dhéanann reilig teann.
(A fat Christmas makes for a tight graveyard.)
<Peg> I love that one, Rig! hehe
<Mugs> hehehe
<chirho> Peg, you have, in accessories, a
programlet called Character Map. They're there
<Rigfennid> Ní dhéanfach an saol capall rás d'asal.
(All the world would not make a race horse from
an ass.)
<Rigfennid> and the bh is sounded like v
<Peg> WOW! Its been sitting there all the time,
(I've been on the computer for 20 years) do you
believe it?
<Rigfennid> Trí rudaí faoin ól: é ól, é iompair,
agus é íoc. (Three things about the drink: to
drink it, to hold it, and to pay for it.)
<Mugs> Some people forget the last one quite easily
<Peg> dddd is going to join us in a minute....he is
not in this class but has taken other classes
with Marthe
<chirho> Wonderful, Peg
<Rigfennid> and this greeting...
<chirho> Rig, those are marvelous phrases. LOLROF!
<Rigfennid> oops
<chirho> Even in English they're wild!
<Rigfennid> Céad míle fáilte
<Mugs> Athousand welcomes
<Rigfennid> is approximately prnounced Kay-mee
<Rigfennid> or something like that
<Peg> That one I know (the only one)
<RED2> Hate to leave but 4:30 rolls around real
fast. Night all
<Rigfennid> Oíche mhaith, RED2! (Good night, RED2!)
<chirho> Night
<Mugs> good night red
*** RED2 (LJL@port9.dove.prodigy.net) has left #fian
<Rigfennid> Is túisce deoch ná scéal. (A story
requires a drink.)
<Peg> bye Red
*** dddd (rookie@bos-ma5-25.ix.netcom.com) has
joined #Fian
<Peg> Hi dddd, meet my new friends
<Rigfennid> i got a whole pile of these
<chirho> Welcome dddd
<Rigfennid> Dia duit, a dddd! Cén chaoí a bhfuil
tú? (Hello, dddd! How are you?)
<Peg> Friends, meet dddd
<dddd> hello
<Mugs> Hi dddd
<dddd> Is that French?
<Peg> dddd, that's your ancestors language, gaelic
<dddd> I never would have guessed
<Peg> This is an Irish study group.
<Rigfennid> Tá sé in am bidh! (It's time for food!)
<dddd> I will have to remember that one. lol
<Peg> Rig is giving us some new phrases
<Rigfennid> Muise... (Indeed...)
<dddd> Where are you from Rig?
<Peg> You missed some of the good ones...I have the
log, I'll email it to you.
* Rigfennid is in Los Angeles, CA
<Rigfennid> i can do em again... *g*
<Rigfennid> i'll just plow thru from the top and
they'll come up
<Rigfennid> Cén fáth? (Why?)
<dddd> That's okay I have a very close connection.
<Peg> dddd=son
<Rigfennid> Mar sin é? (Is that so?)
<chirho> dddd, we hear that you've taken some
classes with Marthe, also hear you've volunteered
to help with the IRC-athon on this Sat, Dec 6?
<dddd> oui
<Rigfennid> Cén áit? (Where?)
<chirho> Muy bien, gracias
<Rigfennid> you've seen this one before
<dddd> I am going to sign on after I leave here.
<Rigfennid> Slán agat (Good Bye!)
<Mugs> bon dáccord dddd
<Rigfennid> Más é do thoil é... (Please...)
<chirho> Thank you dddd, take a look at the times
we've already filled first:
<dddd> I didn't touch the cord
<Rigfennid> something like mahs-ed hell-ay
<chirho> http://www.geocities.com/~hoseahouse/irctim
<Rigfennid> Tá mé anseo... (I'm here...)
<chirho> the same URL /ircsign.html is where you
sign up, one for each separate hour....
<Rigfennid> Tá mé go maith... (I am well...)
*** RED2 (LJL@port9.dove.prodigy.net) has joined
<Rigfennid> tah may goh moh
<chirho> WB, Red2
<dddd> I will have to learn how to pronounce all of
these sayings
<RED2> had to come back for a min.
* Rigfennid is giving approximate pronuniciations
for a few of them as i go
<Peg> Good luck with the pronunciations,
dddd....they are all tongue twisters.
<Rigfennid> Gabh mo leithscéal! (Excuse me!)
<Rigfennid> gah moh leshkale
<Peg> Oh good, Red, you missed my goodbye...too
fast for me.
<RED2> have someone who wants to join gen newbie.
what's the subscribe address, anyone know?
<Rigfennid> B'fhéidir... (Maybe...)
<chirho> Red, to join fianna or another group?
<Rigfennid> Anois díreach! (Right away!)
<Peg> Rig, any way to show us where the accent
(sound wise) would go?
<RED2> I don't know-he just said gen newbie
<chirho> the email lists are on the Rootsweb.com
pages... www.rootsweb.com
<Mugs> is that a list perhaps?
<chirho> and then look for email lists
<Rigfennid> umm... if i remember where it was...
i'll cap it
<Rigfennid> shoulda been doing that
<Rigfennid> Tá brón orm... (I'm sorry...)
<Peg> Thanks, that will give us a clue
<Rigfennid> gah moh LESH-kale
<Peg> That works, thank you, Rig
<Rigfennid> something like mahs-ed HELL-ay
<RED2> thanks. i'll try that
<Mugs> I've got to go. See ya later
<Rigfennid> Níl fhios agam... (I don't know...)
<chirho> good luck, red2
<chirho> bye Mugs
<RED2> in the AM
<Peg> Bye, Mugs and Ed.
*** Mugs (mroesk@draken35.sk.sympatico.ca) has left
<Rigfennid> the last word is like AH-gum
*** RED2 (LJL@port9.dove.prodigy.net) has left #Fian
<Peg> ed=Red
<Rigfennid> Sin a cheapaim... (I think so...)
<dddd> I like gum
<Rigfennid> Ní cheapaim é... ( I don't think so...)
<Rigfennid> Fan go fóill... (Please wait a
<Peg> Either my fingers or the keyboard is sticking
<Rigfennid> i've even doctored that one so i can
add to it on the fly
<Rigfennid> Fan go fóill... (Please wait a
moment...) and i'll go get it
<Rigfennid> Arís! (Encore! Again!)
<Rigfennid> Tá sé in am bidh! (It's time for food!)
<Rigfennid> Is túisce deoch ná scéal. (A story
requires a drink.)
<Rigfennid> now we're in repeat mode
<Rigfennid> Trí rudaí faoin ól: é ól, é iompair,
agus é íoc. (Three things about the drink: to
drink it, to hold it, and to pay for it.)
<Rigfennid> Ní dhéanfach an saol capall rás d'asal.
(All the world would not make a race horse from
an ass.)
<Peg> Arís!
<Rigfennid> Nollaig bhreá a dhéanann reilig teann.
(A fat Christmas makes for a tight graveyard.)
<Rigfennid> Maith thú, Peg! (Good for you, Peg!)
<Rigfennid> Bíonn chuile dhuine lách go dtéann bó
ina gharraí. (Everyone is sociable until a cow
invades his garden.)
<Rigfennid> Tá an ceart agat. (You're right.)
<Rigfennid> B'fhéidir go bhfuil an ceart agat.
(Maybe you're right.)
<Rigfennid> An dáiríre atá tú? (Are you serious?)
<Rigfennid> Ababúna! (Good Heavens!)
<Rigfennid> Dia daoibh! (Hi there, everyone!)
<Rigfennid> plural hello, basically
<Rigfennid> instead of just to one person
<Rigfennid> Slán go fóill! (Bye for now!)
* Rigfennid says Go raimh maith agat, daoibh...
(Thanks, everyone...)
<Rigfennid> my plain thanks is missing
<Rigfennid> i must have altered it
<Rigfennid> An bhfuil aon rud úr ag dul? (What's
<Rigfennid> and that's just alii
<Rigfennid> there's also the pops
<Rigfennid> Go n-éirí an t-ádh leat, Peg! (Good
luck, Peg!)
<Peg> These are wonderful, Rig. I think I will put
some of them in the pops.
<Peg> Now, tell me how <G>
<Rigfennid> gimme a minute or two... and i'll make
a quick text file and send it off
<chirho> Me, too?
<Rigfennid> then just copy it into your pops and
alias files
<Rigfennid> ok...
<Rigfennid> now i need a moment to do it
<Peg> Go raimh maith agat, Rig
<dddd> Popups are easy once you know how.
<dddd> Dia daoibh!
<chirho> Have lots of pops, no aliases, tho...
don't know how to make them work..
<Peg> oh,oh, like mother, like son.
<dddd> be right back going to make that a popup
<Peg> dddd is good at this stuff (I think Zonie
taught him)
<Peg> He didn't learn it from his mother...
<chirho> Zonie helped me a lot last term with IRC
<Peg> He has a great mirc page for newbies.
<chirho> Do you have the URL?
<Peg> yes, brb
<Rigfennid> ladies... it's incoming
<Peg> http://home.onestop.net/flfry/start.htm
<chirho> Got it! Thank you :)
<Rigfennid> now a word of caution!
<chirho> Thank you, Peg.
<Rigfennid> remove the 'nxx' at the beginnings of
the lines
<Rigfennid> and make sure the items are all on one
<Rigfennid> if they line break, they don't work
<Peg> Your welcome....okay, Rig, got it.
<Rigfennid> and above all... have fun with them!
<chirho> :)
<chirho> Now, Rig, how do I make an aliais, and how
do I get it to show up?
<Rigfennid> i wanna see you guys playing with this
stuff too
<chirho> I make lotsa pops, can't get alias to do
<Rigfennid> well, look inside the file
<chirho> and
<Rigfennid> for an example
<Peg> Do I just paste them into my popup screen
(once I have doctored them?
<Rigfennid> the editor has little tabs
<chirho> yes
<Rigfennid> paste the first part in the aliases
<chirho> k
<Rigfennid> the second in the popups section
<chirho> ah ha!
<chirho> and then
<Rigfennid> save the files
<chirho> and next, to use?
<Rigfennid> type the command that's at the front of
the line
<chirho> okay! :)
<Rigfennid> Más é do thoil é... (Please...)
<Rigfennid> is... /pls
<chirho> got it :)
<Rigfennid> you're making more irc commands,
<Rigfennid> so don't use those words
<Rigfennid> i did by accident once
<Rigfennid> i had an explanation of my name -- /nick
<Rigfennid> stupid
<Rigfennid> it's fixed now
<chirho> hehehe so it changed it!
<Rigfennid> no...
<Rigfennid> it took over
<Rigfennid> It comes from the title of a song by
Napoleon XVI, the same guy who did "They're
Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haa!"
<chirho> right. Understand now
<Rigfennid> and did that instead of changing the
nick when i wanted to
<chirho> hahaha
<Rigfennid> in fact... i discovered the mistake
when i first donned the uniform
<Rigfennid> tried to put it on, and got that
<chirho> This has been a very informative meeting,
thanks to you, RIG
<Rigfennid> Tá fáilte romhat, chirho! (You're
welcome, chirho!)
<chirho> And now I must put this tired gray head on
the feathers. See you next week if not before :)
<Rigfennid> ta FALL-shuh row-aht
<Rigfennid> Oíche mhaith, chirho! (Good night,
<Rigfennid> Codladh sámh, chirho! (A pleasant
sleep, chirho!)
<chirho> Good night all

Session Close: Mon Dec 01 22:51:59 1997

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