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Logs for Intermediate Practical Internet Genealogy

April 13, 1998
April 21, 1998
April 28, 1998
May 5, 1998
May 12, 1998
May 19, 1998
May 26, 1998
June 2, 1998


April 13, 1998 #Fian

Session Start: Mon Apr 13 20:06:31 1998
*** Now talking in #Fian
#Fian created on Mon Apr 13 19:49:06
<possum> Hi chirho
<chirho> :) Hello, everyone!
<chirho> ops, please!
*** possum sets mode: +o chirho
<chirho> :) Thank you.
*** possum sets mode: +o dirk2
<dirk2> Where are u . Im Victoria, BC We have nice sunny weather at present but a bit cool - Hi Chirho
<chirho> In Erie PA we have 70 F, sunny and pleasant. Rain due tomorrow
*** Joins: MzPatches (
<chirho> :) Welcome, MzPatches :)
<MzPatches> Hi all
<possum> it keeps raining here. I don't know whether we will ever get in the field!!
<chirho> We're just getting assembled here.
<dirk2> Hi M/P
<MzPatches> I almost forgot! Just call me Patches
<chirho> possum, that rain is headed this way, so it should clear up for you!
<possum> :)
<chirho> :(
<chirho> hehe
<dirk2> Someone always gets it
<chirho> Did everyone find lots of cousins during the break?
<possum> I emailed you chi.
<MzPatches> no :(
<possum> Only one genealogical expedition all break :(
<chirho> possum, I didn't get it yet, and am afraid I'll lose connection if I load, but will try. brb
<MzPatches> been too busy working to research
<possum> Spend all my time learning how to be a genealogist
<dirk2> Have had some good returns from RSL and NewBrunswick -L
<possum> No time to actually find ancestors hehe
*** Joins: Mars7 (
<possum> wecome back mars7
<MzPatches> hi mars
<Mars7> Hi Everyone!
<dirk2> hi mars
<possum> You disappered so fast last time I didn't get a chance to greet you!
<Mars7> I wasn't sure what server we were meeting on.
<possum> chirho didn't say but I figured here
<possum> since that is where we have been meeting
<Mars7> I didn't think anyone was here when I signed on earlier.
<possum> This is our regular room now isn't it chirho??
<possum> I was
<dirk2> best be spacific for all us forgetmealls :-)
<possum> but you were in and out so fast
<Mars7> I thought the room was empty.
<possum> I couldn't catch you!
<Mars7> sorry
<possum> :)
<possum> glad you are back!
<possum> :)
<possum> It looks like a nice group
<possum> lots of returnees
<Mars7> I'm glad I found it. It's been so long since I've used IRC.
<possum> and apparently Corky is rejoining us
<dirk2> Is every body happy!!! :-)
<possum> I have really missed her!
<possum> Yes Dirk2 :)
<possum> Quite happy!!!
<Mars7> very happy
<possum> brb
<chirho> :) I'm Baaaak. Got possum's message and just saw her leave.
<chirho> Corky won't be able to make it tonight, she's still at work
<chirho> Hi Mars7, see you made it! :)
<possum> back
<Mars7> yes, I wasn't sure what server we were on.
<dirk2> Guess we are supposed to go back to "school " this week ( or is it next??
<Mars7> lesson 1 is up
<possum> Yes
<MzPatches> already printed lesson 1
<possum> No flies on marthe
<possum> Really liked the lesson
<dirk2> looks likeI'm lagging ( as usual)
<chirho> possum, got your note. Glad you're here after all!
<Mars7> I want to video tape older members of my family telling tales about the family.
<possum> guys, I must go. I will read log. Am ready to help any newgies etc. Anthing the fennidi decide to do is fine with me!!
<chirho> MCW, a newbie, can't get on, and she's got AOL, so we need someone who knows how to set mIRC for AOL to help her.
<chirho> Possum, thanks for coming!
<possum> See you next week. Will write.
<chirho> Will post log
<possum> Bye
*** Quits: possum (Leaving)
<Mars7> sorry I don't know aol.
<chirho> Folks, by now, those who'd be here are pretty well here
<chirho> corky may get here, per her note
<chirho> so we have to make a couple of decisions
<chirho> #1, how to help the newbies
<chirho> #2, elections next week
<chirho> #3, when to meet, Sunday at 8 EDT?
<chirho> or another time.
<chirho> End of agenda. Please talk about it!
*** chirho sets mode: +o Mars7
*** chirho sets mode: +o MzPatches
<MzPatches> #3 - Sundays are better for me
<Mars7> I'm agreeable to any day after 8 pm
<chirho> Mars7, even Sunday?
<Mars7> yes
<chirho> :)
<chirho> Dirk2?
<dirk2> Sunday is good - 9:00 EDT (6:00 PDT
<chirho> What about 10 pm EDT, Sunday, because of the cert class? (I forgot!)
<Mars7> ok by me
<MzPatches> too late for me
<Mars7> too late for me too
<chirho> 930?
<chirho> Or Mondays?
<chirho> 8 pm EDT
<Mars7> Monday is fine with me
<dirk2> Even 7:00 PDT ia OK but wouldn't want to keep you Easterners up too late ;->
<chirho> hehehe, dirk2
<MzPatches> yea, Dirk especially when we work early hours ;)
<Mars7> maybe it should be 9 on Mondays so people in PDT can get home from work.
<chirho> :)
<MzPatches> might be able to make a couple Mondays but no guarantee....
<dirk2> Got to be kind to the workers, ( who keep our pension plan in the Red)
<Mars7> yeah, I'm up at 5:30am
<chirho> Tuesday any better? Think Marthe's only having class on Thursdays, if I read it right.
<MzPatches> yes for me
<Mars7> yes for me
<chirho> k, try for Tuesday 9 pm EDT?
<MzPatches> that would work
<Mars7> ok
<dirk2> Ya, me too, but it is to go walhing or swimming (retired 17 yrs)
<chirho> Everyone willing to be "big sibling" to a newbie and meet with them by email and lead them into using IRC?
<chirho> I could just assign folks....?
<MzPatches> I wouldn't be that big a help... I've still got a long way to go on IRC
<Mars7> I'm using Pirch. I'm planning on downloading mIRC this week and trying it out so I won't be much help
<chirho> MP, it's just to get them online and onto IRC, on the server and into the room.
<MzPatches> me too on Pirch, never could get mIRC to work
<chirho> ACK! Invaded! :)
<chirho> Mars, there's all kinds of stuff about mIIRC on the
<MzPatches> I'm lucky I made it here chirho
<chirho> page
<chirho> MzP, we're glad you did :)
<dirk2> OK 6:00 PM PDT or PDST, which ever is in at the time? I'm using mIRC32
<MzPatches> thanks
<Mars7> I know I just printed it off earlier tonight
<dirk2> On Tuesdays that is ??
<chirho> k, dirk2. Now, are you going to continue to crusie through every class, or will you join us more often!
<Mars7> How many newbies are having trouble?
<chirho> I envy dirk2 his travels!
<chirho> let me go count, mars
<chirho> looks like five
<chirho> one of whom, at least, is on AOL ( a sticky wicket, that)
<chirho> And we can't cheat and use IRC Magic's first lesson this time, it's not public :(
<Mars7> According to the directions the one on AOL needs to install AOL's winsock.dll
<chirho> Can give one to corky and one to possum... that leaves three to be helped...?
<chirho> Mars7, yep.
<chirho> Can see if SAM can help the AOL person, she's on AOL, too
<chirho> leaves two. Any takers?
<chirho> Dirk?
<Mars7> I can't help anyone until I get up and running on mIRC and I might still wind up on Pirch.
<chirho> Mars7, at least you get here :)
<Mars7> if I can't get mIRC to work
<Mars7> I'd to glad to practice with someone.
<chirho> It's like meeting them in the java classroom on school, and going from there into the great wide world of IRC...some get quite frightened by it all
<MzPatches> I work 10+ hours days so I don't think I can help.....
<chirho> MzP, that's okay. Just be here for groups !! :)
<Mars7> I was never able to access the java classroom
<MzPatches> will try chirho
<chirho> Through your browser?
<Mars7> yes
<chirho> Ulp!
*** Joins: Poweruser (john.dobso@
*** Quits: Poweruser (Leaving)
<chirho> quick one!
<Mars7> I'm still using windows 3.1
<chirho> oh. ic
<dirk2> I used tex^mom's info put up on 7/5/97 by Melvin Schmidt
<chirho> Do you have the URL? I lost it :(
<chirho> Or is it the same as on the FAQ page?
<dirk2> Now that it is there I'm not sure how I did it :-)
<chirho> At least you're here :)
<chirho> k, there will be a special MOTD to lay all these problems out for everyone and ask for volunteers.
<chirho> Anyone have problems witih lesson 1?
<chirho> with
<Mars7> no
<MzPatches> no
<dirk2> If I still have it on the old notes I can Email it. Cleaned out a lot of that stuff last month
<chirho> Thanks, dirk2
<chirho> looks like all the MUST do's are done :)
<dirk2> I think it was on the FAQ
<chirho> Any other BUSINESS?
<Mars7> Do we post our homework answers directly to the BB
<chirho> Yes, and we should use the BB that Cesario has set up
<Mars7> right
<chirho> Did everyone get the address for that?
<MzPatches> ok
<chirho> I'll post it and make sure it goes out to all.
<chirho> Guess we'll let our BB go :(
<chirho> and stick to theirs
<dirk2> Have got it yet
<chirho> anything else for business?
<Mars7> nothing I can think of
<chirho> :) Time for play!
<chirho> I'll see everyone here next TUESDAY 9PM EDT, right?
<chirho> and bring a friend with you :)
<Mars7> ok
<MzPatches> hopefully :)
<chirho> k, then. Have lots of fun! find lots of cousins!
<chirho> Goodnight
<MzPatches> bye
<Mars7> bye
*** Quits: MzPatches (Client exited)
* chirho says bye everyone
Session Close: Mon Apr 13 20:54:12 1998

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Session Start: Tue Apr 21 20:53:40 1998
*** Now talking in #Fian
#Fian created on Tue Apr 21 20:20:20
<echos> hi daph & chirho
<flipper> yo, chirho.... :)
<chirho> :) Hi all you wonderful people! :)
<possum> Since I am learning about ICQ I decided that I might as well take the class
<echos> I don't know ICQ
<chirho> ops, please
<possum> Member how I swore never to take two classes again
<echos> me toooooooooooooo
<possum> Now I am taking 3 :(
<chirho> hehehe
<flipper> I've been thinking about ICQ but don't know if I'd use it enough to have it take space
*** MCW-away is now known as MCW
<MCW> "OK Back to PLAY"
<chirho> echos, ops, please
<possum> Hi again MCW :)
<MCW> real sorry aboutyesterdqy chirho
<chirho> NO Problem :)
<MCW> how stupid of me not to look at my own page for direction :)
<chirho> possum, ops, please!
<possum> Well we are trying to get my Mom to use netmeeting
<flipper> chirho, they just want to keep you from being a button pusher :)
<chirho> :)
<possum> She can't type very well because of her arthritis
<chirho> then they'd better set a topic!
*** Parts: echos (
*** Joins: corky2 (
*** possum sets mode: +o chirho
<chirho> Thank you :)
<corky2> ISP bounced me
*** Quits: corky (Ping timeout)
*** chirho sets mode: +o flipper
*** chirho sets mode: +o corky2
*** Joins: echos (
<possum> Sorry chirho
*** chirho sets mode: +o echos
<possum> I was busy blabbing and didn't hear you ask for ops
<possum> :(
*** chirho changes topic to "ELECTION of Rig and arranging term plan"
<flipper> likely story, possum...... :)
<chirho> 96 lashes with a very wet noodle!
<possum> :)
<possum> brb
<flipper> only 96
<corky2> I beg out of being officer due to vacation in weeks four and five of class
<chirho> by then the noodle will be a puddle of mush!
<echos> :)
<chirho> Corky, you and travelers, not fair! :)
<corky2> don't travel that much :(
<possum> Corky it is good to have you back!!!
<echos> I'm irish green :)
<chirho> But to IRELAND :)
<corky2> thanks possum
<possum> Was hoping when intermediate was finally ofered you would be back :)
*** Joins: corky (
*** chirho sets mode: +o corky
<possum> Yes like chiro we are all as green as the little ppl :)
<corky> thats twice my ISP bounced me :((
<chirho> Though I miss calling you WildIrish ;)
<echos> whew -got knew glasses and I can't see a thing :(
<corky> go ahead - call me WILD
<chirho> hhehehehe
<corky> with any luck (of the Irish) will get to see the church my gg grandparents were married in
<chirho> MCW, glad to see you made it in spite of all the pitfalls of mirc! :)
<chirho> daph, do I know you?
<MCW> lol I even got off work early
<chirho> :)
<MCW> not sure how often that will happen so I am glad I made it tonight
*** Quits: corky2 (Ping timeout)
*** Joins: Sunny (
<echos> yaaaa MCW !
<corky> please excuse me if I disappear a lot - my ISP seems to be contrary tonight
*** Parts: daph (
<chirho> I didn't mean to scare her away!
<MCW> I am sure glad we meet here cause there are major splits going on on class servers :)
<chirho> Even brushed my teeth :)
<corky> chirho - likely story!
<echos> :)
<chirho> Hi, Sunny :)
<possum> Sunny you maaade it
<Sunny> Hi I made it tonight. My irc skills are a little rusty.
<possum> Good to see you
<corky> how many are expected for class tonight
<chirho> The list in the MOTD.. what is it, about 16 or 17?
<chirho> of whom 6 or 7 probably can't do the mIRC yet :(
<possum> 26
<echos> I count abt 26
<chirho> :)
<possum> chirho you sent out 26 names
<chirho> :)
<corky> maybe they are dislexic like I was and transposed irc.iigs to iigs.irc
<chirho> never have time to count!
*** Joins: abbi-- (
<possum> We will prolly have to break into Fians
<possum> Hi abbi :)
<chirho> MY fault, I did it in one of the motd's :(
<corky> ah ha
<chirho> Hi, abbi--
*** Joins: PBN (barmar@
<abbi--> hi allhiall
<echos> hi abbi--
<chirho> :) Welcome PBN :)
<MCW> on chirho also about AOL and such I am on msn. I happen to have aol at one of my students homes only
<possum> Well a third of us are here already
<possum> Not too bad
<MCW> unless there is another MCW you have me in moto as AOL
<chirho> yes?
<PBN> Hi Everyone. thanks to Irish and possum!
<chirho> Yeah for Irish and possum !!
<possum> Hi PBN
<possum> :)
<MCW> but i have msn as my isp
<echos> :) !!!
<PBN> Hi Possum
<chirho> k, MCW, glad to know that :)
<MCW> not sure that is matters though
<chirho> Only for getting mIRC installed and working properly
<corky> what will the group be doing this class? Adding to the web site info?
<chirho> :) continuing projects.
<possum> The guide
*** Quits: PBN (Leaving)
<chirho> And working on one's own research
<corky> guide?
<chirho> oooops we lost her!
*** Joins: Mars7 (
<possum> We will probably be able to work on the Guide forever
<chirho> Hi, Mars7
*** chirho sets mode: +o Mars7
<Mars7> Hi everyone
<MCW> oh I can do that chirho That is something I Do know something about LOL
<possum> Takes longer than a link project like Fianna
<corky> hello mars7
*** Joins: PBN (barmar@
<chirho> And is more fun and more challenge
<Mars7> Hi corky
<chirho> wb, PBN
<chirho> Have some duct tape, you and Corky
<possum> Up to 10 :)
<corky> thanks - will take it!
<chirho> And the superglue's over there by the coffee :)
<possum> Dirk7 has probaly forgotten :)
<corky> will glue my fingers to the keyboard
<chirho> hehehe
<possum> We need to bombard him with reminders next time
<corky> dirk7 from original fianna?
<possum> Or is he off on his travels??
<echos> always appreciated <G>
<possum> Yes Corky
<chirho> Abbi--, MCW, PBN, Sunny we're oping the oldtimers for now, so you can tell who's been in Fianna before
<possum> Dirk has been with us every term
<chirho> Dirk2, part of every fian, away every fian :) He travels in May
*** Joins: sitka (
<possum> But sometimes he just lurks
*** Joins: Irish (
<chirho> Welcome sitka, glad to see you made it! :)
<possum> Hi Irish and Sitka
<Irish> Hi all.
<PBN> Hi Irish . thanks for your help
<echos> hey !!!
<abbi--> just lurking myself still gettin my feet wet
<sitka> Hi very glad to finally be here
<Irish> Just got in from work.
<chirho> Just explained to some of the others, we're oping the old timers, @ in front of their name, so you know who they are :)
*** chirho sets mode: +o Irish
<corky> abbi - stick your feet in the cement like the rest of us
<abbi--> that may be where I really am!
<corky> as long as we're not near a river we're ok
<sitka> it took me almost ten minutes to get on the net
<sitka> so who got elected?
<possum> We haven't voted yet
<Irish> Great to see you PBN! See you made it too :)
<chirho> You got here in time to be tapped ;)
<possum> We probably should go ahead
<corky> ready
<possum> before Corky gets bounced again
<Irish> Who is running?
<corky> quite possible :))
<possum> Abt half of us are here
<chirho> Dirk2 and Corky are traveling, so bowing out. chirho is webmaster and unable to do more :)
<possum> flipper I think you would make a good Rig
<corky> you who?
<flipper> I don't know if I knkow enough to do it
<possum> you are not a newbie anymore :)
<abbi--> I can second that one
<echos> not I, flipper would be good
<possum> flipper this is your 3rd time with the grou[.
<possum> you know mIRC
<sitka> what does a Rig do...for us newbies, no not for us...but so we understand
<possum> I think you would be great!!
<Mars7> Count me out. Daughter's getting married and I have a wedding to plan.
<chirho> Rig=rigfennid=leader
<flipper> what exactly is the job description?????
<possum> The Rigfennid is the group leader
<corky> good luck mars7 - you'll need it
<chirho> flipper, EVERYTHING ;)
<flipper> I know, I just wanted it in writing.... :)
<possum> flipper it is not that hard
<Mars7> I've been thru it before. This is the second daughter to be married
<possum> chirho does most of the work
<chirho> chirho does web and stuff. You do the rest, inspire us and organize us and all that. Also make and serve coffee
<corky> mars7 - luck you - 2 daughters to marry
<possum> chirho won't be leader though
<possum> Come on flp
<flipper> I mught if Possum and chirho read over my shoulder
<sitka> I guess I'm old hat....married off three daughters and two sons
<corky> chirho does plenty already!!
<possum> will help flipper
<possum> promise
* chirho calls for a vote for flipper
<sitka> vote
<corky> aye
<flipper> okay, I guess.....
<MCW> yea
<chirho> aye
<Irish> Aye
<echos> aye
<Mars7> aye
<Sunny> aye
<possum> Aye
<abbi--> abbi
<PBN> Flipper aye
<abbi--> aye
<sitka> looks unanimous!
<chirho> any nayes?
<possum> Yeaaa flipper
<Irish> Congrats!
<chirho> Flipper, you'll have to change your nick :)
<flipper> now why do I feel this may have been a set up or a run-in
<chirho> We dub you Rig4,
<possum> Rig 4
<chirho> hehehehe
<abbi--> standing ovation!!!
<possum> :)
<echos> :)
<Mars7> :)
<sitka> :)
<corky> consider yourself knighted
*** flipper is now known as Rig4
<chirho> yeah hooray!!! clap clap c lap
<chirho> :)
<sitka> your thing
<chirho> We need to think about breaking into fians or what tack to take, and what projects
<Rig4> okay, what are this semester's plans for the class?
<chirho> Work must be posted five weeks from tonight
<sitka> what work?
<corky> phew - that's a short time
<chirho> Marthe likes the way we're building the guide
<chirho> 4 weeks to dig, one to write and chirho stays up a couple of nights :)
<echos> Ya for MArthe
<possum> I think with 26 of us we will have to break into at least two Fians won't we?
<Irish> Projects is a hard subject since we are working on oral histories and not necessarily dates, search info etc.
<Rig4> also, we need to consider a night for the newbies to have a session where they can get comfortable with mIRC (after they fugure out how to get on)
<chirho> Marthe said to keep right on with what we're about on the Guide.
<PBN> That would be great
<sitka> what guide?
<possum> Well I am very proud of the newbies that got here tonight
<possum> clap clap
<corky> now that I have straightened out my immediate problem, I can contact some newbies
<chirho> I could send out some email with a list of the projects that aren't finished and the one's that are not even started...
<Irish> Great chirho
<echos> sounds good
<possum> Good idea chirh
<corky> chirho - that would be helpful
<chirho> then set up a "chose it form"
<sitka> I say again........what work....what guide?
<PBN> That would be good Cirrho
<abbi--> sounds good
<possum> See chirho's page sitka
<sitka> ok
<Sunny> sounds good to me
<chirho> sitka, the Fianna site is a guide to doing Irish Genealogy. We try to get all the basics and some of the other stuff
<Rig4> Irish, there is a spot on the guide re: oral history, what about adding to it...or working on the projects we've already been working on....or any topic re: Ireland that you really are interested in.
<chirho> It's not my page, I just code it. My pages are at hosea house
*** Joins: JanL (pettypiece@
<possum> Right chirho
<chirho> Welcome, JanL
<chirho> Glad you could make it :)
<possum> However thanks for all the work you do
<Mars7> Hi JanL
<sitka> and good pages they are, chirho
<sitka> hi JanL
<chirho> ahhh, gee : )
<JanL> Hope I'm in the right room, this is the irish group, right?
<Rig4> welcome JanL good to see you made it, I didn't confuse you too much last night :)
<corky> excellent pages - use them in my web info for my local genealogy Irish group
<chirho> Right, JanL
<sitka> chirho...that really looks like a smiley face!
<chirho> JanL, we just elected Flipper to be our leader = rig this term :)
<Rig4> How about we try to have everybody with a topic next week, if not already working on it?
<possum> Good idea
<Mars7> sound good
<Irish> Will do
<corky> chirho will send info on topics & a choose form??
<chirho> Will send email with information and page URL for project sign up.
<sitka> o.k. for us newbies......please explain
<corky> good
<Sunny> I like that idea
<PBN> Greatr Cirrho
<PBN> OOps my spelling
<chirho> sitka, will explain in email :)
<sitka> thank you!
<JanL> Can you give a newbie an idea of what you mean by a topic
<corky> pbn - we don't correct spelling
<possum> brb
<Rig4> chirho, where should we have everybody send thier topics to, or should we just make it next meeting to make it easier (especially on you)
<chirho> Will start to explain now. :) The web site where our group page, FAQ page and all are on is also a guide to doing Irish genealogy. Over 120 pages so far, and growing. We keep working on it, long way to go!
<chirho> We break it down into topics and approach each one with vim and vigor! Try to match interests and such :)
<Rig4> The topic can be anything or any area concerning Ireland that you think you might like to write a report on, or, it could be a how to ....
<chirho> That's what we mean by projects.
<Irish> Can work individually or in groups.
<echos> My topic "Welch & Scotch Irish of PA" Wm Penn's Claimants
<chirho> echos has put up a whole bunch of great pages, and Irish has one up too
<chirho> but most of us add to the guide :)
<corky> since I will be gone for two weeks, is there anything I could get in Ireland that would help us - given I will be on a tour most of the time?
<chirho> (except chirho who types and codes it all and so gets a free ride! :)
<sitka> and how long is this report. free ride? HA :)
<Irish> hardly free ;)
<chirho> sitka, a lot of variation, some folks did all their work as a group and turned in one long labor of love, some turned in a short topic, a lot did inbetween.
<Rig4> Last semester I started a page on just a general info about Ireland, geography, some history, population, I'm thinking this time finishing it with the political part
<Mars7> corky - write a report of your tour and send us pictures!
<chirho> :)
<corky> will you get me a scanner?
<chirho> can make a "tour in Ireland" page!
<sitka> :)
<abbi--> drool:)
<Mars7> :)
<echos> great Idea
<corky> tour of NI only - yes
<chirho> You can get a disk of digitalized pics when you get your pictures developed :)
<PBN> Drool again
<corky> disk of digitized pics???
<chirho> yep, they'll scan them and give you a disk, lots of the bigger places.
<possum> Yes Corky a CD
<echos> al ready scanned
<Rig4> Corky, It would be great to put some photos on....Until I saw a recent PBS show re: Ireland, I didn't know what it looked like or anything...I think there are a lot of curious people
<corky> WOW
<chirho> not necessary to have CD, can get em on a floppy
<PBN> Ireland is Gods own country
<echos> I went several years back -loved it
<corky> will definitely look into it - and try to take in focus pictures
<sitka> that would help:)
<chirho> With your commentary about some of what you saw, and maybe one or two places where you got a chance to do some genealogy..
<corky> picly picky
<corky> glad to do that
<chirho> :)
<Mars7> What places are you planning to visit?
<Rig4> Okay, should we consider sepatating into fians?
<Rig4> or wait until we have topics?
<chirho> Does someone want to try to do some background on the sites Corky will visit? That way we could all be thinking ahead about what she can share :)
<Irish> might want to wait until we have topics - may make dividing easier.
<chirho> Rig, let's wait til we see who wants what.
<possum> Let's wait until we have topics Rig
<PBN> I think it would be better to wait
<sitka> I agree
<corky> Armagh, Glens of Antrim, Giants Causeway, Bushmills, Ulster Folk Park, Beleek, Donagal, Derry and a few days on my own in Dubin
<possum> But I do think we will have to split
<Rig4> that's what I was thinking, but I know it had been mentioned earlier
<possum> Bigger group this time which is great
<sitka> does that mean a different night on mIRC?
<possum> Sitka
<chirho> Rig, I'll post a page with the choices as they come in and you and I can labor over it until it's complete, and then unveil it next week. You'll have to assign for the laggards who don't send in their form! ;)
<possum> that is the prob
<possum> If we break more meetings
<PBN> I hope it can be at the same hour Great for Aussies 11am.
<sitka> do we all get together anyway?
<echos> great for me too
<possum> Hard to get everybody together
<JanL> What form, I think I missed something
<possum> Yes Sitka two meeting
<corky> pbn - you in Australia? What time is it there now? keep getting confused
<chirho> An option I think we might be able to get is to have two or three simultaneous small meetings and then end up in here?
<PBN> 11a. Wed. morning
<chirho> I'll double check with MaMaaT
<sitka> I like that idea
<Rig4> so, chirho, are you going to post on the MOTD a form for thier topics?
<possum> However, we could try meeting together on this night both groups
<corky> thanks pbn
<chirho> Yep'er
<Rig4> k
<possum> chirho
<chirho> ?
<possum> great idea
<chirho> ahhh, gee : )
<possum> I mean about small metings and then meeting in here!!
<chirho> can you tell I just made thatone!
<sitka> yes
<corky> practice makes perfect
<chirho> hehehe
<Rig4> chirho, you be sooooo gooooood :)
<sitka> you do like "hehehe" don't you?
<chirho> Rig, do we have any more business tonight? And are there any things to share about the lesson?
<chirho> hehehe, easy to type... feels like a chuckle :)
<PBN> Good lesson
<sitka> are we talking about lesson two at VU?
<possum> Marthe does do great lessons
<PBN> Yes
<chirho> either one or two
<JanL> I will be in Reno next week, is there a way I can retrieve a log of the meeting?
<chirho> haven't talked about either
<possum> The meetings are logged JanL
<sitka> I need to know that too..will be out of town
<Rig4> Should we try to schedule a time for the newbies? How many still need to learn how to get on mIRC
<chirho> JanL, the logs are posted evry time. The link is the date at the bottom of the group page :)
<possum> chirho posts them to site
<Irish> Haven't read two yet. One was very informative.
<JanL> great
<corky> I wrote a sample letter an it seemed "wimpy" - but didn't want to be forceful and turn anyone off to responding (lesson #2)
<possum> chirho
* chirho says look at at bottom of page :) And don't tell what's on the top of the log page! hohohoho!
<MCW> Sorry but I will also be away and not sure if I will be able to connect from Thursday to Sunday
<PBN> I find you just have to have courage when writing these letters
<Rig4> How many newbies haven't had any mIRC help?
<possum> Sorry Corky I think some genealogogists are tooo forceful
<Mars7> I wrote a rather simple sample letter too.
<possum> turn everybody off
<chirho> got two new newbies today :)
<possum> Nothing wrong with being polite
<corky> definitely don't want to be forceful
*** Quits: MCW (Flying off to Eagel's Nest See ya there!)
<possum> I get a lot of email that are more like demands than requests!!
<Rig4> I worked with JanL last pm b/4 she got bumped :)
<corky> ok, then softer is good?
<JanL> flipper gave me a lot of help last night, until my server bumped me
<chirho> especially demands from Halbert's. DON'T bite, they're scams :(
<possum> I think so corky
<corky> thanks for input
<Irish> I wrote a letter to a cousin of my husband's and got back two inches of info back to the 1600's and a picture!
<possum> Good grief Halbert's
<chirho> WOW
<sitka> do you know how many directions I go before I got on? Thanks everybody!!!!!!!!!
<possum> Guess they are still around
<Mars7> Terrific
<PBN> We have been thru a sililar scam in Aus. not called Halbert's
<echos> i'm impressed Irish
<corky> Irish - wish I had your cousins
<Rig4> nice, Irish
<possum> somebody writes asking about once a month on every list I am on!
<Irish> Wonderful woman!
<Mars7> I found mine in Ireland.
<abbi--> perhaps you can loan us one or two cousins
<Irish> May have found another in Australia - need to write there too!
<possum> :)
<Rig4> over the break I got info Scotland/Ireland on my husbands family back to 367 A.D.
<Sunny> I have to leave someone upstairs needs the phone see ya next week
<sitka> do we ever chat on genealogy forum?
*** Parts: Sunny (
<chirho> Rig !!!
<Irish> LOL Rig4
<possum> what we need in this group is an Irishman
<Rig4> yes um
<sitka> how many parts?
<possum> Maybe we can have Corky kidnap one
<possum> :0
<corky> sorry - I get first pick!
<possum> hehe
<echos> :)
<JanL> I'm married to one -- is that close enough --from Belfast
<Rig4> remember my brick wall and the MIL that wouldn't help me......that's the line and no help from her :)
<corky> actually with any luck I'm meeting one in Bushmills
<chirho> :) Rig...
<possum> Like the whiskey Corky??
<Irish> Great work Rig4 - how did you do it?
<corky> to take me to see the church gg grandparents married in
<possum> hehehe
<sitka> actually...if we have no other business or lessons chat...I better git!
<PBN> Have a Guiness for me
<chirho> How about some chat lesson?
<corky> Bushmills, as in the whiskey - home for my ancestors
<Rig4> well, should we close the main part of the meeting, if no one has any questions
<possum> :)
<Irish> Second that.
<echos> :)
<chirho> Rig, how about some chat help time?
<possum> k
<sitka> :)
<Rig4> and if the newbies want to stick around for any help, some of us I'm sure will hang around
<Mars7> Corky, you won't be far from my cousin in coleraine.
<corky> no
<JanL> I'll stay
<Irish> Tried to help PBN but it was difficult in different parts of the world :)
<PBN> So will i
*** Joins: MCW (
<PBN> You were wonderful Irish Thanks
<corky> Mars7 - you have any Kane's or McAllisters
<chirho> Rig, was it you or Corky that suggested some help with things on chat that make life easier?
<echos> Well I'm splitting -good to meet all the newbies
<chirho> bye echos, take care :)
<Rig4> bye echos
<possum> Let me start my dishwasher and throw out Bagel Beagle and I'll be back
<possum> brb
*** Quits: echos (Leaving)
<corky> not me - but it's a good idea
<Rig4> me
<sitka> would love to but can't...looking forward to lessons and your e-mail chirho
<chirho> k, sitka, night :)
<sitka> night:)
<Rig4> bye, sitka
<corky> bagel beagle???
*** Parts: sitka (
<abbi--> Take care all...night
<Irish> got to go myself - son needs Scottish food for school project.
<abbi--> exit
<chirho> night abbi--
<Mars7> No, Moore's, and Clarke's
<Rig4> any key problems in mIRC, newbies
<corky> Irish - don't make haggis
*** Quits: Irish (Leaving)
<Mars7> from Pomeroy, Co Tyrone
<PBN> Not so far
<chirho> So who needs/wants what about chat? Rig has offered, don't let her slip away!
<chirho> meanwhile, the business being concluded, chirho will make like a leprechaun :)
Session Close: Tue Apr 21 21:51:16 1998

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April 28, 1998 #Fian

Session Start: Tue Apr 28 20:43:00 1998
*** Now talking in #Fian
#Fian created on Tue Apr 28 20:41:39
*** chirho changes topic to "Study Group Meeting"
*** Joins: Rig4 (far@
<Rig4> guess who made it after all
<chirho> Wonderful!
*** chirho sets mode: +o Rig4
* chirho says fians are announced at fiansipig.html
<Rig4> the program was only 35 minutes long :)
<Rig4> did everyone get signed up?
*** Joins: corky2 (
<chirho> Nope, sent you an email
<chirho> Hi corky!
<corky2> hello
*** chirho sets mode: +o corky2
<corky2> just in trying to get online my ISP kicked me once already before I got into the group??!@!#
<corky2> ISP going out of business next month so am finding a new one - hopefully more reliable
<chirho> grrrr snarrrl
<Rig4> got home from work at 6:20 had to be at program at 7:00--had to shower and eat dinner) so haven't read email yet......was just opening it up until we get started
<chirho> bad isp!
<corky2> very baaaaad
<chirho> :) Corky will get a BETTER one ;)
<corky2> really like the lessons so far for class - they make me think!
<chirho> And all new :)
<corky2> noticed on the bb that most of the class had not posted homework as of last night. Am I missing something?
<chirho> Probably not, a lot of us don't post it :( Too much else going on to get credit for the course!
<chirho> But the course makes a good focus point.
<corky2> ohhhhh - I don't want credit either but I was posting anyway
*** Joins: PBN (barmar@
<corky2> that takes some of the pressure off
<chirho> Hi PBN, glad to see you got here :)
*** chirho sets mode: +o PBN
<Rig4> hi, PBN
<corky2> hi pbn
<PBN> Hi Everyone
<chirho> Rig, did you see the email yet?
*** Joins: abbi-- (
<PBN> Glad i didn't forget how to get on
<corky2> hi abbi
<chirho> :) Hi there abbi-- :)
*** chirho sets mode: +o abbi--
<abbi--> hi everyone
<PBN> How are the Study Group subjects going
*** Joins: dirk2 (
<corky2> I tried contacting a few newbies re IRC but no response
<chirho> Almost everyone made a choice :)
<chirho> Hi Dirk !!!!
*** chirho sets mode: +o dirk2
<dirk2> Hi all
<corky2> back at ya'
<chirho> Dirk2, are you willing to do some military history as I suggested?
<chirho> One unit at a time sort of thing?
<dirk2> Great day here, sunny, warm
<corky2> dirk2 - where?
<chirho> Lovely day in Erie PA, temps 38-60 and sunny :)
*** Joins: possum (
<PBN> winter here 26 and sunny
<dirk2> I have a bit of data on the 54th of Foot from some of my research. Is it of interest?
<abbi--> same in northern Ontario - hard to believe, but wonderful
<corky2> sunny So California is finally sunny and all is right with the world - high 70's
<chirho> :) Possum, Rig 4 made it tonight, too!
*** chirho sets mode: +o possum
<possum> I see
<PBN> Hi Possum
<corky2> hi possum!!!!
<dirk2> Victoria, BC
<possum> Hi flipper!!
<possum> Rig 4
<corky2> dirk2 - Victoria a beauuuuutiful
<chirho> sent her to read her maill, possum
<Rig4> hi possum :)
<chirho> Rig, shall I post the page URL for fians?
<Rig4> I'm still cheching now and then....
*** Joins: Mars7 (
<chirho> :) Mars7
*** chirho sets mode: +o Mars7
<Mars7> Hi
<PBN> Hi Mars 7
<dirk2> The 54th was in Ireland in 1773-5 and in America in late 1770's.
<Mars7> Had trouble signing on. Kept getting timed out.
<chirho> Dirk2, can you email me a paraagraph or two about them?
<chirho> to put up in the guide, dirk
<dirk2> OK
<chirho> :) Thanks :)
<dirk2> guide?
<chirho> Celtic Knot has sent me piles of great stuff! I'm coding like mad :) Will send URL's out in mail
<chirho> Dirk2, our guide to doing Irish Genealogy, all 130 pages so far of it!
<chirho> We're really short on military stuff!
<dirk2> ofcourse- :-)
<corky2> chriho - urls on what
<chirho> The new pages Celtic Knot is sending in :)
*** Joins: MzPatches (
<corky2> 'lo mzpatches
<chirho> :) MzPatches, glad to see you here :)
*** chirho sets mode: +o MzPatches
<MzPatches> hi
<PBN> Hi
<Mars7> hi
<Rig4> chirho, I just got to your message...I like the idea about the group three
<abbi--> hi mzPatches
<chirho> Okay, shall I announce?
<dirk2> The Celtic SIG leader of my Gen. Soc is very impressed with the Fianna URLs and data
<possum> My feet are wet. Will be back as soon as I put on warm socks and fuzzy slips
<chirho> :) We hope they are useful
<chirho> Rig4, will you announce or shall I?
<corky2> I put our url in all the web columns I write - as #1
<chirho> :)
<Rig4> yes, you can....I have a total of 5 messages from newbies replying (1 more today that won't be here tonight--something came up--will be here next week
*** Joins: Irish (
* chirho says the fians are assigned :) All those who did not sign up will be added to group 3
<chirho> and
* chirho says fians are announced at
<possum> I'm baaaack
<chirho> don't run us down as you stampede to check it out :) !!
<chirho> hehehe
<PBN> Have we been sent our groups yet. i haven't received one yet
<chirho> everyone has what they asked for, except the four who didn't ask
<dirk2> %his is my 1st notice to all interested Dohertys. Clann Gathering in Co Donegal,
<chirho> PBN, they're on the web at the above URL
<PBN> Thanks check it later
<Rig4> Does everyone know what these mean....what is "expected" (using that word loosely) :)
<chirho> :) Dirk2, sounds like a lot of fun! Too bad we're not Doherty!
*** chirho sets mode: +o Irish
<chirho> Hi, Irish,you sneaked in past me! :)
<corky2> yes, I have to figure out how to scan pictures on to email
<MzPatches> ok, Rig, what is expected :)
<abbi--> I'm not sure what is "expected". Can someone enlarge a bit?
<possum> chirho is just looking for an excuse to get to Ireland!!
<possum> She is getting greeener and greener
<chirho> Corky, get them done onto floppies by the developer
<PBN> Aren't we all
<chirho> hehehe
<Irish> Hi all.
<corky2> pack your bags and meet me at the airport :))
<PBN> Which one?
<corky2> if floppies or CD are easier, that's what I'll do
<chirho> Plane won't take mechanized w/c. Some other time, maybe
<corky2> LAX or London or Dublin
<dirk2> To be held July 14 -24, 2000, Inishowen Peninsula, (Letterkenny, Buncrana, Moville "Derry" City , etc.
<possum> She would be a Doherty, a flaherty a Phelan a Whalen.... hehehe
<chirho> hehehe
<PBN> My husband's family come from just neatLetterkenny
<Rig4> getting together with your fians, deciding whether you will be doing individual topics or a group topic, choosing a topic....anything pertinent to the area your fian covers, and getting the results to Chirhoby at least the end of the 6th week of class
<possum> Ryan O'brien...
<possum> Sorry I will behave :)
<Rig4> anything to add Chirho, Possum?
<chirho> It seems as if each fian has been able to generate some really good material by individuals, helping one another through email or by meeting here.
<chirho> Suggest you send around to the othrs in your group and pick a rig to report up :)
<possum> Actually I agree with chirho!!
<Rig4> yep
<chirho> the nicks click and give you your email already addressed, just put in a subject and message :)
<dirk2> brb got to go read last batch of entrys,:-) I'm a hunt peck and hope typer and can't look at screen and type!!!
<possum> Individidual projects with help from group seems to work best!!
<corky2> how many pictures would we like to put on the web site? need to start preparing info to go with pictures
<chirho> Corky, we can work in quite a few, a couple on the county pages and a lot more to describe your trip :)
<corky2> describe trip (as in travellog) or historical description of picture?
<chirho> Make it different... the lady who helped me at such and such a churchyard to find my gggf's stone, and such as well as a bit of scenery
<Rig4> this is true, Possum, if the newbies have any problems, get together and work together....but it's a GREAT feeling when you finally get your own done and find it posted by Chirho.
<chirho> as in travellog
<chirho> witha tad of history on the side :)
<Rig4> Scary at first....then it gets easier
<corky2> chirho - going on tour - not much genealogy - just pleasure
<chirho> do one or two genie things anyhow :)
<Rig4> Any questions?
<corky2> ok, thanks
<chirho> thank YOU, Corky
<PBN> Which URL for the Studt Groups chirho
* chirho says fians are announced at
*** Retrieving #Fian channel info...
<corky2> do I email pics and travellog to Rig?
<Rig4> How about people taking a few moments and posting your Irish surnames....... so we can get to knkow who we're working with......
<chirho> Corky2, to me for putting up on web
<corky2> great
<Rig4> No, send them to Chirho, she does the posting
<corky2> Kane, McAllister, Sharp, Woodside, Corcoran, Neville, McGuire, Mulligan
<chirho> Boyes, Dowd, Kearney, Plunkett, Reilly
<Rig4> posting on the web is NOT my forte
<MzPatches> Casey, Sullivan from County Kerry
<Mars7> Moore, McCLean, Dempsey, Flynn, Clarke,
* Irish is researching DONEGAN, McKAY, McKAMEY, O'GRADY HENDERSON. BARTLETT, GARIANO, DeLONG and many more!
<PBN> CONLAN, HATCH ,HAnd McGee McSHANE Hoggan Cullen
<Rig4> Gamble, Buchanan, Pollock, Harrison, and about 50 more that I'm not quite ready to get into :)
<PBN> Harrison also foe me
<chirho> And of course everyone has put them on the list on Fianna, right?
<dirk2> caught up, The Doherty Clann data bank has 1.5 M nan
<abbi--> JOHNSTONE/JOHNSTON, at first thought to be from County ARMAGH, but I've just found out that they came from County TYRONE
<Rig4> Also, a reminder......There is a Ireland chat session on IIGS at 3 p.m. CST on Mondays....a great place to visit to get a bit of info...
<PBN> CONLAN is from Co. Tyrone also
<corky2> mine from Co. Antrim - except Corcoran, Mulligan, McGuire and don't know where they are from, yet.
<dirk2> oops - names in it, lots remote.
<Rig4> PBN, what county for Harrison?
<Mars7> MOORE and CLARKE are from Co. Tyrone
<chirho> Plunkett - Dublin, Boyes=Boyle - Co.Donegal
<PBN> Not sure. James Harrison transported in early 1800's
<Rig4> hmmmmm......
* possum is researching RYAN, HOULIHAN or HOULAHAN(County Tipperarary>South Adams, Berkshire County, MA>Nebraska City, Otoe County NE), O'HERIN (Fairfax VA/Washington DC>Northwest MO) GAFFNEY(Co Limerick) MURPHY,WHELAN or WHALEN in USA and IRL
<abbi--> Great, PBN. I know very little about Co. Tyrone. Have spent too much time hunting in Co. Armagh :)
* possum is researching RYAN, HOULIHAN or HOULAHAN(County Tipperarary>South Adams, Berkshire County, MA>Nebraska City, Otoe County NE), O'HERIN (Fairfax VA/Washington DC>Northwest MO) GAFFNEY(Co Limerick) MURPHY,WHELAN or WHALEN in USA and IRL
* possum is researching RYAN, HOULIHAN or HOULAHAN(County Tipperarary>South Adams, Berkshire County, MA>Nebraska City, Otoe County NE), O'HERIN (Fairfax VA/Washington DC>Northwest MO) GAFFNEY(Co Limerick) MURPHY,WHELAN or WHALEN in USA and IRL
<PBN> Will send you all I have on Harrison which isn't much
<Irish> McKay is from Antrim, Donegan from Cork.
<corky2> possum - knen Whelen's in NJ
<possum> Sorry I was looking at the fian assignments
<possum> Forgot to scroll down :(
<chirho> hehehe, at least we know who you're searching :)
<Rig4> Any good stories of researching info on Ireland? Let's give the newbies some "hope" before we slit up tonight
<possum> I didn't mean to put up surnames 3 times
<dirk2> I'm searching Fetters, McLellan, McAlmon also (IRL>CAN 1760's)
<possum> playing possum :(
<Rig4> sure you didn't possum
<corky2> records for periods before civil registration ARE available - to some extent
<possum> loots of whalens
<corky2> found marriage of gg grandparents in 1852 on LDS microfilm :))
<possum> Not as many as Ryan and Murphys though
<abbi--> My Johnstones came to Quebec City in 1832 and settled near Ottawa on the Quebec side of the border.
<PBN> WE fornd a Brown from cornwall with no knowledge
<possum> I really looooove having such "popular" surnames :(
<corky2> Kane in Co. Antrim is just like Smith or Jones here
<chirho> hehehehe Have a smith back there somewhere !
<PBN> So do I
<dirk2> Also McKitrick from Co. Down SCT>IRL1660s>CAN 1815
<abbi--> Isn't it wonderful! Does frustration really build character???:)
<chirho> yep, mine's huge!
<corky2> no - it builds brain cells to figure a way around the problem
<Irish> I wholeheartedly agree!
<corky2> input from classes like this realllly help
<corky2> many times someone elses problem has shown me a way to solve mine
<Rig4> Well, I hadn't gotten ANY info on my husband's family, BUCHANAN, then a cousin sent some info....I joined a list, and found a distant cousin and now that tree goes back to Fargallus (possibly Fearghal) the Monarch of Ireland who was born in 678 AD....since then I've been able to go to 367 AD
<corky2> mine dropped from Mars or Jupiter into Ireland around 1850's
<possum> well abbi and Mars7. It looks like we are the group. I don't think we need a small "r" rigfennid do we???
<Irish> Have you cited all your sources Rig4? :)
<chirho> green, green, and greener. Makes me want to say I'm back to Eve and working on Adam :)
<chirho> yep, to report, possum
<possum> We are all returnees and there are only 3 of us.
<corky2> I got the Adam part - it's just missing some until 1850
<chirho> pick one to serve ;)
<chirho> heheeh corky
<possum> Unless one of you wants the job :)
<Rig4> quite a few....but still working on it....luckily the distant cousin already had copies :)
<Mars7> No possum.
<dirk2> I'Ve got Adam's GFather. ;->
<abbi--> No for me, too, possum
<corky2> cousins, you have cousins? We hold family reunions in a phone booth!
<possum> really guys I think it is your turn
<chirho> possum, just to keep order, will you report for HISTORY group?
<possum> I have been history Fian rigfennid before.
<chirho> You're big kids and don't need a leader, but I need a reporter
<chirho> ;)
<possum> You two can be co rigfennids :)
<chirho> :)
<chirho> clap, cllap
<corky2> such diplomacy :)
<abbi--> Fine with me :)
<possum> :)
<Mars7> ;)
<Rig4> is there anything anyone feels we need to go over tonight?
<possum> abbi you can repot our progress to chirho and Rig4
<chirho> :)
<abbi--> Will do :)
<chirho> Horay!!!!
<possum> clap clap abbi
<corky2> just a reminder that I will be gone from the group until 5/19 - returning with many infocus (I hope) pictures
<chirho> one group already has its rig :)
<Mars7> yeah abbi
<chirho> Corky, that's your project :)
<Rig4> oh, I forgot I want to congratulate chirho on her new position with, is it Ireland list?
<abbi--> bowing and looking modest!!!
<chirho> Ireland GenWeb maintain the main page Thank you
<PBN> Which Ireland list?
<corky2> what new position??
<Mars7> congrats!!!
<corky2> BIG job!!
<Irish> Not the list - but the web page.
<PBN> Congrats!
<chirho> yep
<possum> :)
<abbi--> Congrats!
<Irish> Isn't it the Ireland GenWeb page?
<chirho> Diana Hanson had it all ready, I just keep the links fresh :)
<corky2> the web page is in good hands :)
<PBN> How id Diana
<Irish> Big job!
<possum> I am soooo far behind on reading the list I didn't know
<chirho> Gettig better, she still need a lot of rest
<possum> Yes chirho how is Diana??
<Rig4> I know Diana needed to get a few things off her shoulders, but boy chirho, how do you do it, your always involved, what an inspiration for all of us in the future :)
<abbi--> Amen to that :)!
<chirho> I gave away a web site last week, I too am starting to cut down and focus more
<Irish> Good for you.
<PBN> We need you
<chirho> Need a few folks to start working on their html, someday you all will have to t ake over fiannag
<corky2> chirho is BUSY person
<Rig4> my mistake fiingers have a mind of there own tonight....webpage not list ;)
<dirk2> Good some of you have talents, where would I be without you? :-)
<corky2> Word in Office97 automatically codes url's when you put them in
<chirho> Have Office 97, generates HUGE pages, not readable by script to voice or by lynx
<corky2> ohhhh
<possum> corky2 have you gotten any suggestions on an ISP yet???
<possum> I just belong to a small local one so I don't have any information to offer
<corky2> yes - haven't had time to check out all responses. Don't want to use AOL
<Rig4> any business we need to take care of, or should we adjourn, so some can go, and some can stick around and talk
<possum> Right Rig4
<corky2> will probably use hotmail as permanent address though, then I can change ISP's without a problem
<chirho> Remember, we'll continue this meeting for those who can/want to be here.
<possum> Move we adjourn
<corky2> second
<chirho> second
<chirho> third
<PBN> second
<Rig4> :)
<chirho> fourth
<dirk2> I
<Irish> ditto
<possum> hehhehe
<MzPatches> 4th
<chirho> 5th
<Mars7> AOL raised their price and I heard AT & T will no longer offer unlimited assess.
<Mars7> 6th
<corky2> thanks for info Mars7
<chirho> hehehehe
<MzPatches> 10th
<Mars7> Have to run. Bye
*** Quits: Irish (need to straignten house before visitors come over and still feed the kids!)
*** Parts: Mars7 (
<Rig4> okay, if anyone has any problems, contact myself or chirho.....if can't get us, possum may be around to help.....everybody have a great week
<corky2> considering Earthlink or maybe Prodigy
<chirho> Bye all! See you next week :)
<corky2> bye chirho
<PBN> I'll say bye till next week. Have some family things to do
* chirho says bye everyone
*** Parts: PBN (barmar@
<MzPatches> bye
Session Close: Tue Apr 28 21:47:07 1998

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