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April 13, 1998
April 21, 1998
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May 5, 1998
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May 19, 1998
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June 2, 1998

May 5, 1998 #Fian

Session Start: Tue May 05 20:12:30 1998
*** Now talking in #Fian
#Fian created on Tue May 05 19:57:28
*** chirho changes topic to "Full Group Meeting - Name that Project! ;)"
[history fian...snipped]
<chirho> busy... :)
<chirho> Idle minds are the devil's workshop,
<chirho> Idle hands his tools !!
<MCW> thats true
<chirho> Guess we should be in pretty good shape ;)
<MCW> and speaking of which I have some resources for lookups but didnt know where to post except to BB in classroom
<chirho> :)
<chirho> tell the folks to take a look when they all get here! :)
<MCW> The Gazetter is very interesting to read even if I wont find anything I need in it:)
<chirho> Which Gazetter?
<MCW> And it was fun to look in the 1912 plat book and see where I live now
<MCW> It is an obscure publication called Catholic Directory & Parish Gazetteer 1899
<chirho> 1899! American or Irish?
<MCW> it list all those who were registered in any churches here in that youar and it also has pictures that are one of a kind
<chirho> :)
<MCW> there are no othere places that they will be found
<MCW> Of the Diocese of Monterey and Los Angeles
<chirho> Sounds "kwel" :)
<MCW> even the ads are great to read
<MCW> :)
<chirho> hehehe, wish the prices still were real!
<MCW> I got UFT and am having a bear of a time getting it installed
<chirho> Is that part of the ftm group?
<MCW> I also work for the priest who is the archivist for the Doicese of Orange and San Juan Capistrano
<chirho> :) Gives you a chance to search some records?
<MCW> boy when you see the prices and wages and such
<chirho> hehehehe
<MCW> it is all so interesting
<MCW> and the records Jesh
<MCW> so many are very hard to decipher I will not be ablre to read normal writing soon
<chirho> hohohoho sounds like a nurse talking about the doctors' writing!
<MCW> yup
<chirho> you said you're taking seven courses, where are you in school?
<chirho> and what are you studying?
<MCW> I am taking Visual Basic, HTML 101, Web Design, Netscape, Irc Magic, ICQ, PIG-I
<MCW> here I am
<MCW> but I also work
<MCW> Eagel's Nest- the URL for study groups info at
<MCW> lol
<chirho> gulp!!
<chirho> LOL :)
<MCW> had to do that so I could keep myself straight
<MCW> but my biggest problem is getting to meetings cause of still being at work
<chirho> yep
<chirho> know that feeling
<chirho> :(
<MCW> thank goodness for logs:)
<chirho> at work, in meetings at work, bored to tears in meetings at work, and missing 'em here!
<MCW> yes true true
<MCW> :)
<chirho> See you're with the migrating folks. Have you all picked topics, methods, etc?
<MCW> in kwesters we dont really have one subject we are all doing something different Some are writing reports others are making search trail and different stuff
<MCW> noe with the migration group I dont know
<chirho> :) Sounds interesting
<MCW> the eo group is kwesters UK Kilt Quest at least we came up with a name
<chirho> neat one, too!
*** Joins: flipper (far@
*** Joins: abbi-- (
<MCW> had big discussion about who actually even wore kilts!
*** chirho sets mode: +o flipper
<flipper> hi guys
*** chirho sets mode: +o abbi--
<abbi--> Hi everyone
*** flipper is now known as Rig4
<MCW> I thought all did but others say only the scottish did
<MCW> but I have my kilt but I am also Irish and scottish so I m not sure where it came from
<chirho> The kilt questions get batted into the ground every few months on both the SI list and the Scotland list :)
<Rig4> yep
<Rig4> how are you all doing tonight?
<MCW> :)
<abbi--> Great :)
<Rig4> chirho, is there anything pertinent we have to discuss or just a review :)
<chirho> Supposedly the Irish had em first, like bagpipes, and took em to Scotland. Of course the scottish say the irish didn't have tartans... etc., and on it rages :)
<MCW> lol I am sure we will also get to that discussion also:)
<chirho> Rig4, Like to get reports on the fians :) and make sure everyone's doing okay on lessons. Otherwise don't know. How are the newbies and IRC?
<MCW> but is it such a big deal anyways
<Rig4> that's all I had planned, but was wondering if you'd come across anything else
<chirho> Not really.
<Rig4> only to those who want to make it one MCW
<MCW> good cause I don't think it is
<chirho> Been working extra time at hosp. due to the recent events in this area. All the schools are sending in all their kids who look at one crossed, knee jerk to the killing :(
<Rig4> I skim the emails about it just in case I might miss something.....but that's all I do is skim
<Rig4> chirho, where are you?
<MCW> and I am glad to see a cookbook going I didnt see that before I have faxed all my irish priests and told them to raid their moms kitchens and send to me
<Rig4> which cookbook, MCW
*** Joins: sitka (
<chirho> Erie PA..8 miles from Edinboro, PA where the 14 year old shot a teacher and wounded some classmates
<MCW> I saw that there was a cookbook being worked on somewhere
*** chirho sets mode: +o sitka
<chirho> MCW, have started on on our site :) Only two recipes so far!
<sitka> o.k. chirho...what does "sets mode:" mean?
<chirho> Works best if there's a story with the recipe :)
<Rig4> okay, I thought you must be around there.....I know what your occupation is and you have my honest appreciation for what you do....I used to work as a Paramedic
<chirho> sitka, means we made you an "op"
<sitka> o.k.
<MCW> LOL hopefully I will be able to contribute more One of the priests is coming from ireland next month so I have added cookbooks and history of cooking to the list of resources I have asked him to bring
<Rig4> over time sitka, you'll get all the mIRC stuff figured out
<chirho> :) ;) :)
<sitka> can anyone help me make mIRC a shortcut on my desktop? It is a shortcut on my start menu..but it would be easier on desktop.:)
<abbi--> I have a number of languages but computerese isn't one of them!:)
<MCW> you can do that in windows explorer
<MCW> go to the mirc file
<sitka> I figured out that you are working on a cookbook.
<sitka> then what?
<MCW> and chose Shortcut to desktop
<chirho> sitka, put the start of one in the Hideaway :)
<MCW> right click on it
<sitka> too easy for me, I guess! Thanks
<Rig4> the cookbook has two recipes in it in the fianna web site
<chirho> Just as another Fianna service to help folks learn about their heritage.
<sitka> is the cookbook a project for the total class or just a group?
<chirho> Anyone is welcome to submit :)
<Rig4> small group tonight, so far
<chirho> No group has it for a project. More important stuff in the guide for projects.
<sitka> like..I'm supposed to be working on "vital records" I'd be glad to do so if I knew what to do
<chirho> Does anyone know why CABBAGE witih the corned beef?
<MCW> Readers digest also has put out a book cook book series called heritage I have the one about the early american cooking but I will write up what they ssay about what came from ireland and submit it
<MCW> oh cabbage I was told was cause it killed the bacteria in the beef
<chirho> That would be nice. Not your main project, tho, this is an extra:)
<MCW> not sure if that is so though
<chirho> MCW, nice idea but not killing bacteria :)
<sitka> as far as cookbook goes...why spareribs and sauerkraut?
<MCW> sounded a bit feeble when I was told also
<sitka> what is LOL, please?
<chirho> Back to corned beef... anyone give up yet? hehehe
<MCW> but it would have been nice if it did:)
<Rig4> cabbage with corned beef is an american transition, but it got the start that in order to preserve the meat they had to corn it, then cabbages were so much in abundance that they just put the two together.......I think :)
<sitka> you and your "hehehehe"
<MCW> maybe would have saved alot of food poisioned people at that time
<chirho> logical but not right hehehe
<chirho> hehehehe
<Rig4> spareribs and saurkraut are also german
*** Joins: PBN (barmar@
*** chirho sets mode: +o PBN
<sitka> what do you mean also?
<chirho> Hi, PBN :)
<sitka> I thought corned beef and cabbage was Irish? Hi PBN
<Rig4> spareribs and saurkraut are found in various cultures
<chirho> we're collecting guesses about why it was CABBAGE and corned beef :)
<PBN> Hi1 Everyone.
<Rig4> cabbage also soaks up any grease.....
<sitka> of course...cabbage & sauerkraut are kind of one and the same
<PBN> Corned Beef and cabbage seem to be popular in Aus. U.S. and ireland
<chirho> way off base folks :)
*** Joins: possum (
<sitka> hi MO buddy
<chirho> a genealogy-related reason!
*** chirho sets mode: +o possum
<possum> Hi sitka :)
<Rig4> hmmmmmmmm
<Rig4> hi possum
<sitka> has to do with family or heritage?
<abbi--> Hi again possum :)
<chirho> possum, we're having a guessing session about why CABBAGE and corned beef
<PBN> Probably it was cheap or home grown in ireland
<chirho> yep has to do with heritage and reasons for leaving homeland.
<sitka> like the potatoe famine?
<Rig4> cabbage is one of they're major produce crops
<MCW> case it could be stored for so long
<PBN> It is not very popular in U.K.
<sitka> o.k. chiro...fill us in!
<chirho> not even warm. Political reason!
<abbi--> French Canada makes boiled dinner with corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes.
<MCW> oh political?
<Rig4> hmmm....could it be, that with the potatoes all gone they had to resort to the cabbage to take the place of potatoes?
<chirho> hint, corned beef goes UNDER the cabbage. Cabbage smells
<sitka> so do I....that sounds good to me!
<sitka> can't have anything to do with the UK, can it?
<MCW> and so did the politicians
<sitka> I agree!
<Rig4> LOL
<chirho> Tenents weren't allowed to have beef! So they cooked it under cabbage to hide the smell :) Things that bad made folks leave!
<MCW> wow
<sitka> aaaahhhh
<Rig4> hmmmm, great lesson, thanks chirho
<sitka> what's LOL
<Rig4> laughing out loud
<chirho> laugh out loud LOL!
<MCW> I can't wait to tell that to the person who gave me the answer about bacteria:)
<sitka> and where do you come up with that stuff!
<PBN> How much of the Cookery Book is done
<chirho> hehehe, my secret! :)
<Rig4> 2 recipes
<sitka> what kind of recipes are we collecting? all Irish?
<chirho> Yep
<chirho> to help folks know about their heritage
<chirho> a side project
<Rig4> should we get started on some fian items...or does chirho have more Irish words of wisdom
<PBN> I will have to see what I can remember from my mother and grandmother
<sitka> wisdom????????????
* chirho covers mouth and sits on hands :)
<sitka> I'll have to talk with my cousin (if he's talking to me)
<sitka> you should cover mouth and sit on hand :)
<Rig4> okay, how can you sit on both hands and cover your mouth at the same time, chirho
<possum> chirho
* chirho giggles, and stays quiet
<possum> They ate potatoes 3 times a day!!!
<possum> Just boiled potatoes!!
<sitka> until they ran out and ate cabbage!
<Rig4> how is everyone doing on projects? Have you started?
<PBN> Irish mixed grill boiled pot. baked pot and fried pot.
<possum> How can they have recipes heheh???
<possum> PBN I loooove it ROTFL
<PBN> Have started research on irish Convicts to Aust.
<chirho> :)
<Rig4> somebody asked a bit ago about vital statistics
<PBN> Have contacted members of my group but no reply
<abbi--> Our fian will be working on 1798 revolution
<sitka> ?????? my study group is "vital record" and my project is "vital records" can they be intertwined?
<PBN> I think we are in the same group sitka
<sitka> Rig4...could use all the help we can get!
<sitka> goodooo PBN
<sitka> so what are we doing?
<Rig4> how broad are you getting there there a specific item you'd want to work on?
<chirho> sitka, find some aspect of searching vital records that's interesting to you, follow it through, and write about how to do it for the guide :)
<chirho> See what's already there so you don't duplicate :)
<Rig4> under the heading of vital records....
<sitka> specifically????????
<sitka> like birth, or death, or what?
<PBN> Convicts can go under vital records?
<chirho> birth, death, marriage, divorce
<Rig4> census, marriage records, birth certs, death certs, etc
<sitka> you have a specific?
<PBN> Yes Convict transportation to australia
<sitka> OK chirho...I thought last time chiro looked too short :)
<Rig4> a lot of people on the emails are ALWAYS wondering where to go or what to do or what to mail to get info
<Rig4> ie, what form, cost, who to send it to......
*** Quits: abbi-- (Ping timeout)
<sitka> I wondered about the mailing aspect and if it was just supposed to be what could be found on the www
<chirho> oops, get out the glue!
<PBN> Aus. unfortunately doen,t keep census records
<Rig4> no, you can include info on FHC's
<sitka> ok......what is FHC? :)
<sitka> some kind of channel?
<Rig4> or anywhere you find to get info.....churches, courthouses,
<Rig4> family history center
<sitka> thanks
<sitka> PBN are you from AUS?
<PBN> Yes
<sitka>'s the weather there??????73 here today
<possum> Windy volunteers at an FHC. i told her she would be great on FHC records
<PBN> &8 ans sunny
<Rig4> Any questions concerning any of the lessons so far?
<PBN> 78 i meant
<possum> I am going to stay here tonight for a while!!
<sitka> I sure am learning a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!
<PBN> I haven't quite got the hang of this weeks lesson
<Rig4> how's that?
<possum> Cause we are alll gone by the time she gets home. Tuesday is the day she volunteerrs apparently and she is on the West Coast!!!
<PBN> I haven't spent much time on it
<chirho> You know, timeline for Ireland would make a neat project, too!
<Rig4> yes it would
<sitka> I got one histerical :) society in OH can't make up my mind about the other
<PBN> Good idea
<sitka> yes it would
<possum> There is one somewhere though.
<chirho> CelticKnot is in Ireland most of this class...
<sitka> my family tree CD has a time line....wars...presidents..etc...really good stuff
<chirho> We haven't heard from Batair
<Rig4> I haven't looked at this week's lesson yet, I'll get it after has slowed me down this time around
<chirho> And PBN's doing convicts to AU
<possum> i sent in the bookmark to the Fianna site the 1st one the link site.
<PBN> I sent him an EMail
<chirho> Maybe sitka could do a timeline?
<PBN> No reply
<possum> However, I am not sure it is still up!!
<Rig4> sitka, does that CD include timeline for Ireland? or only your family
<sitka> oh oh.....I haven't looked yet this week...I was talking about last week's
<sitka> timeline is over many years...spanish american war..civil war...etc
<chirho> Right, but we need for Ireland :) Could act as a table of
<sitka> if I remember's just USA
<PBN> I must look on the net to see a Timeline
<Rig4> do you think you could work on one for Ireland?
<chirho> contents to the historical section of the guide! :)
<sitka> if I knew where to start..sure
<sitka> I suppose this is an extra project too?
<Rig4> I think you'd get a lot of info from the FHC, also your local library
<chirho> sitka, prehistory... Irish records (oral) handed down from the 500 or 600's BC
<Rig4> not necessarily
<chirho> Sitka, as your project this term :)
<chirho> Not a side project at all!
<PBN> II don't mind helping Sitka
<chirho> Very important
<chirho> :)
<chirho> :)
<Rig4> that would be great you two....
<sitka> know there is a FHC not too far from where I live..I just need the time to get there...
<chirho> Would use as TOC for the history section :) Make item into link when someone does article on it :)
<sitka> Yes chirho....:) :)
<PBN> Can you contact Batair chirho
<sitka> what's TOC?
<chirho> TAble of Contents
<sitka> ok
<sitka> how does one make a link?
*** Joins: abbi-- (
<chirho> PBN, everyone gets the MOTD
<chirho> sitka, I make the links in the coding. You give me the data!
<PBN> Yes perhaps it is too much for him
<sitka> you mean I have to talk to you even more?
<sitka> just kidding :):):):):):)
<chirho> hehehehe just send an email with the data arranged nicely
<sitka> oh...nicely now you want!
<chirho> yep!
<sitka> would you give me a starting point, please??????
<chirho> I try very hard to reproduce your input via the coding!
<PBN> I will see what i can find about both subjects and email you sitka
<sitka> thanks PBN
<chirho> 500 BC
<chirho> for real.
<chirho> see the ancient Irish names page. old.html (click it here!)
<sitka> you hhhhhhaaaaaaaavvvvveeeee to be kidding!
<sitka> where's that?
<chirho> on the fianna hideaway
<Rig4> it would be great to see you go as far back as you can.......then, next term some one else can also add a few hundred years....
<chirho> check on the front page
<sitka> a few hundred years you want?
<sitka> and what kinds of things do "we" want on this timeline?
<chirho> actually there's a site you can download the annals of the four masters from :)
<sitka> care to share?
<sitka> what four masters?
<sitka> I suppose you are one :)
<chirho> Main points in the early times... less than one per century until the scotia go to scotland.. a little more there... then a few and the gallowglass, plantation, and so on in a tad more detail
<Rig4> battles, if you find info, rulers, major changes that affected how the country ran ie, the potato famine, what do you think chirho
<chirho> Don't let it get toooo involved. Yep Rig4
<chirho> NOT all rulers, we already have a list :)
<PBN> Do you need web sites?
<sitka> please?
<chirho> Just ones that make big historical changes
<chirho> No, we need facts. :) Have sites :)
<sitka> and since I'm looking...I must as well look long
<sitka> PBN...want to help...we'll do a duo
<PBN> That is good
<PBN> Righto!
<chirho> (Guess that adds sitka and PBN to the history fian as a ssubgroup?)
<PBN> Fine with me
<sitka> o.k. I've got your e-mail...was that supposed to be ssubgroup?
<abbi--> Welcome :)
<Rig4> I do have some ruler info back to 678 AD from my husbands tree, if you need some names or I knkow of a web site with accurate info for that same family with variants in the names
<chirho> :)
<Rig4> let me knkkow if you get in a bind and if it would help you out
<sitka> 678 A.D.???????????
<sitka> anything will help us out
<PBN> It could be a good help
<possum> Chirho that is really great idea cause even if there is a timeline on the web using a linked timeline as a table of contenrs is clevetr and unique idea
<chirho> sitka, the first important Irish thing was the coming from Spain in 500 something BC!!!
<sitka> what?????????????
<chirho> hehe
<possum> However, this is a history thing and I think you should give us sitka Hehehe
<PBN> We'll become olies pretty soon
<Rig4> I think she's yelling :)
<sitka> hehehe
<sitka> yah, but I'll do it...won't we PBN?
<possum> We are the smallest Fian unfairrrrr!!
<PBN> Of course we will mate
<sitka> possum.......want to join us?
<Rig4> possum, as good as you are YOU can handle it :)
<sitka> I don't think I want to mate with you PBN
<possum> actually we are doing fine and organized!!!
<possum> no sitka
<sitka> what project are you doing possum?
<PBN> That is a Aussie expression for friend
<possum> We will do information to back up your timeslines!!!
<abbi--> BUT, we'll make up in quality what we lack in quantity <big grin>
<sitka> I know that :):):):)
<possum> rigfennid abbi have you told them what we are doing????
<sitka> definitely quality !!!!!!
<Rig4> no abbi hasn't
<sitka> told who?
<abbi--> Yes, but I was out for awhile. so did everyone hear?
<Rig4> all of us
*** chirho sets mode: +o abbi--
<sitka> what did we hear?
<Rig4> I didn't abbi....must have missed it
<abbi--> ok. We're researching the 1798 revolution.
<Rig4> now I remember
<sitka> possum......have you ever been in Carthage? lots of history there!
<possum> Awhile ago there was a whole discussion on the Irish lists!!
<chirho> sitka, we'll do greece after you finish ireland
<chirho> hehehe
<possum> I don't think there is a lot on '98 on the web!!!
<Rig4> okay, abbi's covered, and is sitka and PBN what about you MCW?
<sitka> ok...whats MCW
<abbi--> We have Mars7 with us as well
<possum> No sitka
<sitka>'re talking about the Irish revolution
<Rig4> MCW, what's your topic
<MCW> lol sorry
<MCW> in kwesters we are very eclectic some are working on reports others on search trails
<MCW> that is the eo UK Kilt Quest group
<MCW> and I am not sur what the migration group is doing
<sitka> it just you and me?
<PBN> We are sure diversified
<chirho> Of course MCW could read the story of the Irish race and do the timeline from 1500 BC to 562 BC for sitka ;)
<PBN> I guess so sitka
<chirho> (that's a joke, folks)
<possum> I have the story of the Irish race chirho
<sitka> You better hope that's ajoke:):)
<MCW> sure anything else you would like me to do Just dont expect any results for a while I also have the
<Rig4> sitka, not to worry, there are a few around here that will give you guidance, all you need do is ask
<MCW> plat book from 1912 in orange county ca if anyone needs a look up
<PBN> We will be fine sitka
<sitka> I'm asking.............I'm asking........
<possum> Pretty biased but an oldie but a goody
<sitka> sure we will...mate!
<chirho> :)
<MCW> and some other obscure publication too
<possum> Do you know it is on the web!!!
<MCW> it it the plat book?
<MCW> on that is good to know
<possum> I am going to stop buying books because sooner or later everything is on the web!!!
<chirho> possum, Story of the Irish... at mca site?
<sitka> ok....what is the plat book?
<Rig4> sitka and PBN, my email is
<sitka> where is the mca site?
<possum> DH found the URL
<possum> He said you should look this up!!!
<possum> I siad if it is anything major I have it
<sitka> thanks Rig4
<chirho> sitka, It's a site called Making America or something such, very nice, lots of social science and history books, papers, etc. online to download :)
<PBN> We will be in touch Rig4
<MCW> The other publication is 1899 Catholic Directory and Parish Gazetteer for the Diocese of montery and LA if any has a need to see if someone was registered in that year in any of the churches in the area I know we are In Ireland but just an offer
<chirho> :)
<Rig4> is there anything we definitely have to discuss tonight before we adjourn?
<sitka> PB>>>>>>>what is a good time for to get together?
<MCW> I haven bought these I work foe the archivest in the diocese so we are getting alot of donations
<chirho> how we're going to pay for sitka's mental hospitalization ;)
<sitka> hehehehehehehehe
<Rig4> It sounds like we're off to another GREAT start with some great topics
<PBN> Anytime on Email it is 1200 Thursday midday now
*** Parts: PBN (barmar@
<possum> The story of the Irish race!!
<chirho> k, THANKS, possum :)
<possum> I am going to stay around for a while and see if Windy can connect!!!
<chirho> Sitka, I hope it helps to know that a timeline only names events and time they occurred..doesn't give all the details :)
*** Joins: PBN (barmar@
<abbi--> have to leave now. See you all next week
<chirho> like: 1624 pilgrims landed///1772 Continential congres/// etc
<chirho> bye abbi--
<sitka> bye abbi
*** Quits: abbi-- (Leaving)
<PBN> sorry I lost connection
<chirho> glad you're back :)
<Rig4> well, if no one has anything pressing how about if we adjourn so if someone has to leave they can, and the rest can stick around and just talk.....
<chirho> second
<sitka> is 2200 Tuesday here! how will we ever keep that straight?
<sitka> third
<sitka> hehehehehe
<Rig4> then everyone have a great week, and any Mother's, I wish you a happy Mother's Day.......
<PBN> I have a son living in SFO so i will work the times out easily
<chirho> thank you Rig, and thanks for a good meeting :)
<sitka> thanks Rig and thanks for a good meeting...after the cabbage, of course
<chirho> hehehe
<sitka> :)
<chirho> now I suppose you want desert, yet?
<PBN> Happy mothers day to you all andthank you rig 4
<Rig4> Yea, it was pretty smelly in here for a while
<sitka> amen
<sitka> dessert sounds realllllllllllllll gooddddddd
<PBN> Never mind the potatoes will fix everything
* chirho offers sitka a stick of 1<~Juicy-Fruit~>1
<sitka> anything in mind, chirho
<sitka> how'd you do that?
<chirho> hehehe
<possum> brb
<sitka> if I wasn't cracked up before.......I sure am now
<chirho> clicked the mouse
<sitka> sorry!
<PBN> Sitka is great - she asks the question we all want the answers for
<sitka> ok.....what's brb?
<chirho> (it's called a popup, we'll do it together sometime, and then you'll know, too. Or you could take "IRC Magic next term!
<chirho> be right back
<chirho> bbl be back later
<chirho> ttyl talk to you laater
<MCW> hehe mIRC class next term!
<PBN> I trhink I will
<Rig4> I think I'll leave b/4 I get hungry again, good night everyone.....the answers for how she did that are ALL answered in the mIRC magic course that VU offers...check it out :)
<chirho> night Rig4
<sitka> I guess I will..that means you have to put up with me again
<sitka> night Rig
<PBN> If we ever get out of 500bc in Ireland
<MCW> nite Rig4
<chirho> hehehe PBN
*** Quits: Rig4 (good night one and all :))
<sitka> this grandmother of 9 is (was) going to be out of here
<PBN> I might find some more ancestors
<chirho> Actually, encylopedia britannica probably has more than you'd need for the time line :)
<chirho> 9 grandchildren Wonderful :)
<PBN> I only have 5 g children
<sitka> you tell us
<chirho> hehehe
<chirho> and did you see the example above?
<sitka> it was more fun the other way.......
<sitka> what example?
<sitka> you mean the one about only events...not details?
<chirho> 1624 pilrims land at Plymouth rock//1772 Continental congress//
<chirho> right
<sitka> 1,624 pilgrims landed at Plymouth? :)
<chirho> give or take a few ;)
<sitka> hehehehehehe
*** chirho sets mode: +o PBN
<possum> Do you know that you can get Britanica free for a week??
<sitka> I really like doing that hehehehehehe
<sitka> on the web?
<sitka> PBN...I have 5 kids to start 9 ain't too bad
<possum> I did that during break because I wanted to get a head start on my projects
<PBN> We only have 2 kids
<possum> really din't get much done Where does the time goes
<sitka> so 5 is pretty good
<PBN> No time now have to work on the Study subject
<sitka> that britanica on the web and how do we get to it?
<possum> I want to get Britanica on CD. Much cheaper that a subsriction!!
<chirho> and we have 11 children and so far they've only managed to get it to 13 grandchildren, but another son is getting married in August :)
<sitka> are you kidding?
<chirho> this time i'm serious :)
<possum> Actually I wannt the actual books butI have no place to put them
<sitka> ooooooooooooooo I'm impressed!!!!!!!!
<sitka> where are you from chirho?
<possum> I have Encart but a have decided I NEED Britanica!!
<PBN> Encarta should have some of the info as well
<sitka> oh good...I have Encarta
<chirho> mainly from Philadelphia, but currently in Erie Pa for another year or so
<PBN> I love reading PA. All the shops
<sitka> and what does that have to do do with having 11 kids...cold winters?
<sitka> I think PA is a beautiful state.....
<chirho> Lived there a while, too, PBN. Nice people and good PA DUTCH cooking!
<possum> sitka Encarta has a pretty good section on ireland
<possum> Britanica is even more extensive
<sitka> but how do I find it?
<possum> An Encyclopedia would be just fine for a general overview!!!
<sitka> at least it's a place to start!
<possum> Actually you could sign up for the free week....
<sitka> want to share how and where?
<possum> Pick a week when you have some free time so you could really use it!!!
<sitka> good idea
<PBN> WWhen will that be
<possum> Just a sec sitka and I will get up the URL
<sitka> are you kidding????????who has free time?????????
<sitka> chirho did you leave us?
<chirho> :) here
<sitka> just checking!
<chirho> did you want me to go? ;)
<sitka> no....just wondered if you were upset about the cold winters?
<chirho> hehehe
<possum> Britannica seven day free trial
<sitka> thanks possum!
<sitka> as I said already once......I am now going to leave
<chirho> Goodnight
<PBN> will be in touch sitka
<sitka> unless I'm like my mother and keep saying goodbye:)
<chirho> hehehe!
<sitka> hehehehehehe good night...
<chirho> You're welcome to hang out :)
<sitka> I'm already hanging
<chirho> hohoho
<sitka> that's why I'm really going to do this
<possum> Groliers has a seven day free trial
<PBN> do what
<sitka> talk to you later PBN
<sitka> say goodnight
<sitka> you're really full of info aren't you?
<chirho> She's a whiz, sitka, always sending out the greatest URL's :)
<PBN> I had better say bye . good session ,sitka seems like fun
<chirho> If you're not on Fianna-L, join it to get her URL's :)
<sitka> ok and now I'm really going to go
<PBN> Bye
<sitka> or did I say that alread
<chirho> bye! waving vigorously
<sitka> hehehehe God bless!
<chirho> and you!
*** Parts: sitka (
<possum> :)
*** Quits: PBN (Leaving)
<MCW> chirho I thought I had signed up to receive Fiann1but havent received anything should I submit again The ont email I get is from you
<chirho> Well, MCW, did we end up with a Fianna project for you? Or is there some way you can do two writeups for one study?
<chirho> MCW, instructions for signing up are on the find page. Notice the word request in the email addy to sign up :)
<possum> brb
<MCW> I am doing stuff with eo UK Kilt Quest but I dint know what the migration group is doing I chose that one cause
<MCW> I have a naturalization paper on my ggf and that is all
<MCW> so
<possum> I told Windy that I would wait for her but I would probably have to take a walk around the office every now and then
<chirho> We've done a whole lot on ships lists and stuff already, have you had a chance to look it over?
<MCW> hopefully the info I get for one I will use also for the other
<possum> History Fian met at 7:00
<chirho> :)
<chirho> right before this :)
<possum> I have trouble sitting still for so long
<chirho> and chirho won't gate crash next time!
<MCW> Yes I get lost alot theough when I search and have to keep reminding myself what I am really after:)
<possum> And tomorrow night I have two classes back to back WAAAHHH!!!
<chirho> that's the fun of research, isn't it? All the neat stuff you find along the way?
<possum> chi rho drop in anytime!!!
<chirho> possum, have to put the puter on a desk you can raise, then you can stand a while and sit a while!
<chirho> Thank you for the invite, possum :)
<MCW> I love to search but I never find what I am looking for but I do learn alot of other info:)
<possum> Hey that's a great idea chirho
<MCW> there is so much out there to see
<MCW> and places to go
<chirho> that's the spirit, MCW :)
<possum> He can build a new desk as soon as he gets the beans planted!!!
<chirho> hehehe
<possum> brb
<chirho> and hoed, and picked and you get em canned!
*** Joins: Rig4 (far@
<chirho> Hi Rig4, possum is walking about the office,
<Rig4> chirho, I'm glad you're still here
<chirho> MCW is looking for great things and finding lots of good ones along the way
<chirho> and I'm still laughing!
<Rig4> I was just reading email and........
<MCW> rofl
<chirho> ?? Rig
*** chirho sets mode: +o Rig4
<Rig4> lost the message let me find it....
<chirho> MCW, you still there?
<MCW> kind of I am also in group and campus so
<MCW> am spread a bit
<Rig4> got a message from JLedit who is asking to change groups...and or do two topics
<chirho> a split person, eh? :)
<chirho> :) What does JLedit want to do?
<Rig4> Is listed under Migration.....
<chirho> cause we got no answer to the request for signups
<Rig4> He didn't say what topic he wanted to do.....I referred him to you....explanation was the computer has been down for a while and just got it back up
<chirho> did you get the email addy? If so, please email it to me. Got a bounce at don't have new one
<chirho> k. Thanks
<MCW> ok I guess I should go pay attention to what is happening in #campus class now thanks for a great meeting see ya all later
*** Parts: MCW (
<chirho> ??? maybe the mailbox was full if puter was down.
<possum> Bye MCW
<possum> I'm baaaaack
<chirho> Looks like Windy isn't going to make it. Hi possum, all stretched out?
<possum> Yep
<chirho> I was keeping the room open, and Rig4 dropped in :)
<Rig4> well, I figured you might still be here soooooo, be looking for an email....I referred so if there's a change you can take care of it.... :)
<possum> But I thinkI will wait a little bit longer
<chirho> Think it's time to go get the log coded so I can put it up in am. Goodnight all :)
* chirho says bye everyone
<possum> i promised I would and I would like to see if she is connecting or not!
<Rig4> goodnight....
<possum> bye chirho!!
Session Close: Tue May 05 22:34:13 1998


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Session Start: Tue May 12 20:30:25 1998
*** Now talking in #Fian
#Fian created on Tue May 12 20:28:38
*** chirho-away changes topic to "Timeline done!!! How's YOUR project??? :)"
*** Joins: Peg (
*** chirho-away sets mode: +o Peg
<chirho-away> :) Hi, Peg
<Peg> Hi, you are back
<Peg> How's it going?
<chirho-away> Hi, back now.
*** chirho-away is now known as chirho
<chirho> Time for group :)
*** Joins: Rig4 (far@
<Peg> Ok, we're a group <G>
*** Joins: abbi-- (
<Rig4> hi guys
*** chirho sets mode: +o Rig4
*** chirho sets mode: +o abbi--
<abbi--> Hi all
<Peg> Hi Rig, abbi
<chirho> Hi, Rig, abbi-- :)
*** Joins: Sunny (
<chirho> Wow, sitka was howling, but she and PBN already have the timeline done!!!
<abbi--> Hi Sunny
<Rig4> small group so far.....thought I was late....was reading the past 3 days email-----at least some of it....
<chirho> Hi, Sunny :)
<Sunny> Hi
<Peg> Hi Sunny
*** chirho sets mode: +o Sunny
<Sunny> I have to be quick I'm making supper so when the rice cooks I have to be gone
<chirho> :) glad you dropped in :)
<Rig4> WOW....I sent them the addy to the knights site to use as a link.....I didn't know they were doing sooooooo well
<Rig4> at least you're here, Sunny
<chirho> And now PBN is sending in material about the convicts to AU stuff!!
<chirho> Guess I have to stop snoozing and get to coding :)
<Rig4> has everyone been working on the midterm? Any problems.....can't give any answers, butmaybe an idea....
*** Joins: PBN (barmar@
<Rig4> I'm glad they're into it.
<abbi--> Is it two weeks from now that you want our projects?
<PBN> Hi Everbody
<Rig4> hi PBN, been talking about you :)
<Rig4> about how great you've done on the timeline
<PBN> what have i done now
<PBN> I really enjoyed it
<chirho> Next week, if possible, abbi--
<Rig4> and now you're into the AU convicts....IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!!!
<PBN> I think that will take a little longer. a subject dear to my heart.
<chirho> :) PBN, we can always start small and add to it :)
<PBN> How is the cookery book going!
<Sunny> I have a question about my study group project. Pettypiece quit the class. Leaves two of us. So we just find links to archives and libraries relating to Irish research??
<chirho> No one sends recipes :(
<PBN> I will
<chirho> Sunny, links, or places we don't already have listed on the
<Rig4> I have a long, long, lost "cousin" that I think wound up in AU....all of a sudden disappeared to England and then never heard from again. Was sent to England for political reasons
<chirho> counties pages: and all 32 pages following :)
<PBN> Will I send URL's for the convicts or do you have them
<chirho> Send, pleasse, PBN, anything you want to show :)
<chirho> please. :)
<Sunny> Okay after this week my life should be saner. I hear the microwave so will have to go. Talk to you next week, I hope
*** Quits: Sunny (Leaving)
<abbi--> We have a bit of a problem in that one in our group may not be able to do the research because of living too far from source material, so we also may have only two of us.
<chirho> g'night Sunny :)
<chirho> Glad you came by
<chirho> abbi-- what's you topic?
<Rig4> I'll get you a few recipes later, chirho, but, they won't be originals....none were handed down :(
<chirho> :) just put a nice story with it :)
<abbi--> the 1798 revolution - one of us doing biographical sketxch of Wolfe Tone and I'm doing research on the events leading up to the revolution.
<PBN> If i can find anything i willsend it to you Abbi.I may have it in my notes
<Rig4> hmmmm, I don't know anything about the revolution......
<chirho> abbi-- no library near you? No encyclopeadia? Check last weeks log for URL's for encyclpaedias :)
<chirho> kindness of possum:
<abbi--> Thanks, PBN :)
<PBN> Check the Irish Archiveson the internet
<Rig4> addy, PBN?
<abbi--> I'm not having trouble doing research, but Mars7 is. Sorry for the confusion :)
<PBN> I don,t understand
<chirho> What part is Mars7 working on?
<Rig4> do you have an address for the Irish archives Is there a specific site or are you mentioning in general
<chirho> hmmmm geocities is REALLY slow tonight, can't get even the group assignment page to load yet... it's been five min and I only have 60% of 6k !!!
<PBN> I will look it up for you and send it to you
<Rig4> thanks
<chirho> the main URL for the Irish National Archives is on
<PBN> what is the treetops URL. i can,t find it
<chirho> for Irish National archives URL 2/3 down page
<abbi--> She was to let me know today whether she would be able to do something on the lasting results of the revolution, but I haven't heard yet. I'll email her tomorrow if I don't hear tonight. She lives in a rural area and hasn't too much access to library, etc. She found some great material online, though.
<PBN> I meant treehouse
*** Joins: possum (
<chirho> :) possum
*** chirho sets mode: +o PBN
<abbi--> Hi possum:)
<possum> Lo guys
*** chirho sets mode: +o possum
<Rig4> possum will have the addy to the treehouse handy.... :)
<Rig4> hi possum!!!!!
<chirho> The addy to the treehouse is on Find-it page also :)
<possum> Oh rats!!!
<abbi--> Many thanks all :).
<possum> I think my email has clogged up again!!!
<chirho> OH, NO!!!
<Rig4> possum, are you going to be around for awhile, tonight, I have a computer question to ask you, I think you'll know
<chirho> possum, for a laugh go to :)
<possum> possum (beleive it or not) does not have the addy of the treehouse handY
<Peg> What is nett up to?
<chirho> Rootsweb is installing some programming that will strip attachments sent to lists :)
* Rig4 whispers at leat chirho had it :)
<possum> Hope I can answer you RIG
<Rig4> oops least
<possum> Great chirho!!!
<chirho> Peg, do you mean the internet, or Netti?
<possum> I am sorry, but I have a good ISP and we have great equipmwnt and mocdern programming....
<possum> I know this is well-intentioned, but if I am having these problems
<Peg> I thought Nettie was Jeanette???
<possum> what about everybody who is not set up as well!!!
<PBN> is another Archives listing
<chirho> Peg, Nettie is like a yeti, but for email ;) Take a look later and have a good laugh!!
<possum> Some ppl just have an email connection...!!!!
<PBN> For Ireland i mean
<possum> Sorry I am RANTING again
<possum> Most of this IS a well-intentioned effort to share!!!
<Peg> Thanks chirho, I'll check it out.
<possum> but grrrrrrr anyway
<chirho> ;) very serious business it is, yep, Peg ;) !! :)
<Rig4> we'll listen to you possum
<possum> Sorry Tirade finished!!!
<Rig4> we ALL have our moments
<possum> hehehe
<Peg> Gee, wish everyone lost their temper that way <G>
<PBN> It's the Irish way
<chirho> and got all better as quickly :)
<Rig4> so, are there any problems with the projects that we may be of help with?
<possum> abbi I want WOLFE
<abbi--> Given :)!!!!!!!!!!
<chirho> Do folks reallize I need to be coding by NEXT WEEK for our projects?
<possum> WAS going to right since I thought my email was fixed!!!
<abbi--> He's all yours!!!!
<possum> Thax!!!
<possum> :)
<possum> Is anybody taking Mathe's midterm ???
<Rig4> abbi, how are you doing?
<possum> Whew!!!
<PBN> Yes I have sent it in
<Rig4> I'm working on it after meeting......
<possum> I am not getting CEUS at usual but I always take the tests
<abbi--> I'm going to be away from Thrusday until Tuesday, possum, but I'll send you an email where I can be reached.
<possum> She has outdone herself this time (VBG)
<chirho> tough test?
<Rig4> Peg, how's the project going?
<PBN> i didn't do the homework this week
<possum> k abbi
<possum> essay mostly
<possum> she is REALLY picking our brains this time hehehe
<Rig4> Possum? Project?
<possum> Can hardly wait to see the final!!!
<PBN> It was quite a good test.
<chirho> I usually take them for myself and don't send it in, but just didn't get to it this time. Maybe I'm glad I skipped this one!
<possum> We are doing the Revolution of 1798!!!
<Peg> I'm behind as usual.
<Rig4> guess that's why she's calling this the "intermediate" course :)
<Peg> I'm not getting ceu's tho.
<possum> abbi is our rig
<chirho> like, wait til we get to the "Advanced"!! ;)
<possum> hehehe
<PBN> Very stimulating
<Rig4> earlier, possum, there were questions about where to find info on that topic
<abbi--> I gave everybody the rundown on our project just before you got here, possum.
<possum> abbi you are doing the events leading up to the revolution aren't you???
<possum> I get Wolfe hehehe
<abbi--> Yes, and Mars7 will do whatever she can find material for.
<Rig4> I still take the test evern though no CEU's that way I know that I've learned something from class
<Peg> Sounds fascinating.
<possum> Next tem I want to do DanO'Connell and "the Old Irelanders"!!!
<PBN> Good idea
<chirho> :)
<abbi--> Sounds great!!!
<chirho> There's a lot on the timeline that should stimulate good history notes :)
<possum> Maybe the Young Irelanders later???
<possum> hehehe
<chirho> Thanks to sitka and PBN, who are already finished with it!!
<PBN> Loved doing it
<possum> Wow!!!
<possum> Gee i had some URLs to send you!!!
<possum> :)
<chirho> "poor" chirho, trying to code it up now :)
<Peg> Nice visiting, thanks...have to go get ready for my study group.
<Peg> bye for now.
<PBN> Irish history is really interesting ,butsadly neglected
<chirho> By, Peg, glad you came in
<Rig4> chirho, you're rubbing it in... :) Hey guys!!!!I think she's HINTING again that things need to be gotten in to her ASAP!!!!!!!!
<possum> And you 2 are purpoting to be newbies hehehe!!
<Peg> nice seeing you all again, I've missed you.
<chirho> And we miss you, Peg, come more often
<chirho> :)
<Rig4> they can always add them later, possum
<possum> :) yes Peg!!!!
<Peg> Thanks, g'night for now.
*** Parts: Peg (
<possum> brb (very soon!!)
<PBN> Has anyone heard from sitka. i hope she is alright
<Rig4> Is there anything that Needs to be gone over tonight?
<chirho> Got copies of her parts of the timeline. Is she having a problem?
<PBN> not here
<abbi--> Does each of us send our part of the project to you, chirho, or am I supposed to put it together?
<Rig4> I haven't....when did you last talk to her
<PBN> On the weekend
<chirho> abbi-- each sends to me and tells me what to do with it ;)
<PBN> She sent me a mothers Day card
<abbi--> Oops! I think my question was just answered.
<abbi--> Thanks, chirho :)
<chirho> np :)
* chirho is working on second pages for all the counties, hope everyone likes it when it's done :)
<PBN> i am sure we will
<chirho> such stuff as what actual census/substitutes for each county
<abbi--> Great! Looking forward to seeing it!!
<chirho> and so on
<chirho> need help tho!!!!
<PBN> how?
<Rig4> well, it looks like possum and abbi have their parts under control, and PBN and Sitka are done......unless there are any problems that need to be discussed, let's adjourn and enjoy :)
<chirho> Need folks with access to FHC's to look for LDS fillm/fiche numbers :)
<Rig4> what kind of help, chirho?
<chirho> see right up, Rig
<possum> back
<PBN> I could do some for you .Tell me what you want
<chirho> PBN, could send you and email?
<PBN> Great
<chirho> an
<chirho> :) After the projects are up, k?
<Rig4> I have access, but no time right now until the middle to end of July or August :(
<abbi--> Hope to be back in time to meet next week. Bye for now.
<PBN> Whenever
<chirho> :)
*** Quits: abbi-- (Leaving)
<chirho> oops, not even a goodnight?
<possum> chirho i get to my Gen Society and the FHC so infrequetnly that my films keep getting returned
<chirho> me even worse, it has stairs, so I can't get in unless it's a very healthy day ... so far haven't made it :(
<chirho> Thinking about buying their new CD
<possum> Had to pay an extra months rent on an AGLL film at my neighbors a mile away
<chirho> hehehe
<possum> not a good time of year to help :(
<PBN> I have a FHC not too far away from me
<chirho> :) PBN, don't forget me, I'll send you an email once the projects are coded.
<possum> I am thinking about running in and getting film and bringing it here and reading it on fiche reader
<PBN> Whenever you like chirho
<possum> I don't have a microfilm reader!!!
<chirho> Would like to get some of the main numbers for main censuses etc posted on the county pages :)
<possum> Really great idea chirho
<chirho> Stole the Irish National Archive and Irish Library numbers from the IRLGEN site, since it's drifting down...
<Rig4> Is someone working on maps this term, or am I dreaming?
<possum> Will help if I can :(
<chirho> Not officially
<possum> we are nearly done planting so there is hope!!!
*** Joins: sitka (
<chirho> But there are some marvelous new URL's I'm saving to code up a "map section" in the Guide
<PBN> Hi Sitka
<chirho> SITKA :) :)
<sitka> hi hi
*** chirho sets mode: +o sitka
<possum> Sitka!!!
<sitka> what
<chirho> You surelly do work fast for a NEEEWWWWBIIEEEEE ;)
<possum> HI!!! :)
<sitka> oh....hi!!!!!! how's the mighty mo?
<possum> Hear you got your project done. Wow!!!
<sitka> are we really done?
<Rig4> I would love to see us post current maps and maybe, a map of every say 50 years previously.....soo many towns have disappeared....I think it would be a GREAT project for future times
<chirho> :)
<sitka> I thought we'd have to do much more
<Rig4> hi Sitka!!! Good job
<possum> Yes
<chirho> Wow, Rig, do you have a scanner? I have a scanner, no maps :(
<PBN> thanks for those URL's sitka
<Rig4> I have a maps
<sitka> hi Rig4 yes I have a scanner and I know I didn't scan you anything yet
<possum> I would love to steal ancestry maps (I am a subscriber) but would be unethical :(
<sitka> and you're welcome...hope you can get something out of them
<possum> I too have a scanner chirho!!!
<chirho> Yes, we don't want to be smelly, we want good material :)
<sitka> are we back to smelly?
<possum> That is what I did on the VU break
<sitka> what, got smelly?
<chirho> LDS have some maps for each county that were done by some students in Londonderry,
<possum> I really meant to get a running jump on projects....
<chirho> But there's not much online.
<chirho> Good verbal sites, now TWO of them...
<possum> but I finally got my tutorial done!!!
<Rig4> HLA keeps asking me every time I've been to the Ireland chat on Mondays if I've ordered my maps yet......not yet... :(
<chirho> both searchable..
<possum> We have had the thing for some time:(
<sitka> why are we talking about scanners?
<PBN> What is the number for the Irish chat
<possum> DH asked when exactly I was planning to learn to run it :(
<chirho> Trying to think about getting some historically accurate maps online, sitka
<Rig4> 3 pm central time in IIGS #ireland
<possum> What about copyright chirho???
<sitka> chirho...have you put together the stuff we sent on our project and where is it so we can look at it?
<chirho> Have to use OLD maps, or redraw 'em
<Rig4> we could always ask permission
<sitka> Sorry I'm late....just got home from church meeting
<chirho> sitka, not online yet, about half coded. Will send URL as soon as it's up :)
<possum> Everytime I go to my genealogical Soiety (which hasn't been often recently :(
<possum> I copy stuff etc...
<sitka> shame...shame....:(
<possum> Anyway am concerned about copy right!!!
<Rig4> whats the name of the place that handles the old maps....ah yes the ordinance maps
<chirho> hehehe, sitka and PBN are too fast for old chirho's fingers!
<PBN> Poor Chirho
<chirho> ordnance survery maps are crown copyright, copyrighted forever
<sitka> possum...I agree with you...I really do! but how to purchase maps? and is this another class project?
<PBN> She keeps us busy
<sitka> yes she does:)
<Rig4> would maps be under the same copyright law as music is.....if you change one word or one or two notes, it's no longer under that copyright?
<chirho> Nope
<chirho> :(
<chirho> Need to redraw 'em
<Rig4> it was an idea
<sitka> if we redraw 'em they won't be too awfully accurate
<chirho> Sitka, nothing says we couldn't use a light box...
<PBN> Depends
<sitka> what is a light box?
<Rig4> maybe someone could be in luck that's in the next class....and happen to have some old old maps....handed down thru the family...
<chirho> there are some FABULOUS maps online for USA, 1850 I think
<chirho> hehehe Rig
<sitka> wouldn't that be nice...
<chirho> light box = box with glass top, used for tracing.
<possum> light boxes are very simple....
<sitka> ok. now I'll look for maps...
<possum> We have a homemade one...
<sitka> are we really done with our project? our time line didn't have a time line, did it?
<chirho> speeeeedy sitka...we're talking about for NEXT term :)
<possum> We made it years ago for reding farm maps...
<PBN> I could only find it up to1974
<Rig4> it would be very close that way....and they couldn't say that we just scanned them in.....
<possum> Scanning is faster Rig 4
<chirho> 1974 is enough for now. We're looking for DEAD people :) You can always add later.
<PBN> Isn't scanning acceptable
<sitka> well if some of us get the maps scanned to you who have light boxes...we're all set, aren't we?
<possum> possum has become very laaaazy
<PBN> Good thinking
<Rig4> yes...but the copyright laws...
<sitka> scanning I would think would be the same as copying
<possum> light box is covered with dust!!!
<PBN> Dust it
<sitka> hear hear!!!!!!
<chirho> scanning, printing, then making one using a light box is new work...
<sitka> right!!!!!!!!!
<chirho> doesn't break copyright
<possum> in corner of office with old family phots piled on top!!!
<chirho> :)
<PBN> I agree
<sitka> right!!!!!!!!!
<Rig4> are you sure.....
<chirho> hehehehe
<possum> Scannnes are faster hehehe!!!
<possum> K
<possum> chirho
<Rig4> I thought scanning was a copyright problem
<chirho> seems like a good way to pass long farm winter evenings :)
<sitka> is it a copyright problem?
<chirho> Rig, scanning and putting the scan on line is copyright problem.
<PBN> Are you on a farm chirho
<possum> Could actually UNCOVER light box :(
<sitka> that would be a start!
<chirho> Scanning as part of "an artistic process" isn't copyright problem, if new product results...
<possum> poor laaazy possum
<chirho> PBN, not on farm. grew up on farm :)
<possum> spoiled by puters....
<sitka> that's what possums are, right?
<chirho> hehehe
<chirho> poooooooor possum ! ;)
<possum> yes chirho it is vey sad hehehe
<sitka> PBN....have you had time to check out any of those URLs?
<PBN> Poor Possum
<PBN> Not yet
<Rig4> well, I think some sort of maps would really be a great project
<PBN> Have been busy typing up info
<sitka> hold it!!!!!!!did our time line have a time line?
<PBN> thanks for them sitka
<PBN> I think so
<sitka> I just hope they are of some use!
<chirho> Just to be done by next week, sitka. And you beat that by MILES :)
<Rig4> sitka, PBN did you get my email with the two addy's about royalty?
<PBN> Aren't we clever
<sitka> chirho...I know...but we didn't set a
<PBN> I don,t think so sitka
<chirho> That's okay sitka :) What you have is marvelous :)
<PBN> I just went as far as i could both ways
<sitka> as long as you say so :):):):)
<PBN> Who are we to argue?
<sitka> now I have to concentrate on the rest of the class behind
<Rig4> the key thing is it's a start....can always be added to.....good thing to continue next term :)
<chirho> sitka's like the rest (most of the rest) of us, behind :)
<sitka> whose behind are we talking about now :):):)
<PBN> Not mine
<chirho> don't get fresh, now !!
<sitka> better not be mine
<sitka> you started it
<Rig4> well we study the past, might as well be behind in the past :)
<chirho> hehhe
<sitka> hehehehe
<PBN> Very clever
<chirho> A round of applause for sitka and PBN and the timeline!!!
<chirho> clap
<chirho> clap
<Rig4> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<PBN> thank you
* chirho gives an Irish good luck hug to        sitka       
* chirho gives an Irish good luck hug to        PBN       
<PBN> I feel good now
<sitka> I felt good I really feel great
<possum> Gee I have to get offline think it is Bruce's turn
<sitka> you said you'd show me how you do that
<chirho> :) :)
<possum> possum has tooooo many bookmarks
<Rig4> see ya....
* chirho gives an Irish good luck hug to        possum       
<sitka> night
<sitka> I don't know where to start with my bookmarks...
<possum> i was looking for this terrific scanning site I found durning break...
<chirho> and a hug to possum's light box :)
<chirho> hehehe
<possum> Wayne's Tips...
<PBN> when its dusted
<chirho> hahaha
<possum> DH ordered me the book...
<chirho> hohoho
<sitka> lug out that old light box...possum...dust it off and we'll see what you can do with it
<chirho> :)
<chirho> possum the cartographer :)
<possum> Wanted to use the computer hehehe
<PBN> A whole new career
<sitka> how did you get from a light box to a computer?
<PBN> walked
<sitka> have any of you heard of TSL The Ships List?
<Rig4> yep
<PBN> Tell us more
<sitka> I got a lot of URLs for PBN from there
<chirho> sistka, after she draws, she scans!!!
<possum> bye must leave before I become a pumpkin...
<PBN> Bye
<chirho> hohohoho hehehehe
<chirho> bye :)
<sitka> maybe they can get maps...bye bye
<possum> or a potato hehehehe
<sitka> they get pictures of ships, etc.
<Rig4> A great list for info....just don't get into any of the skirmishes that occassionally happen there
<chirho> potato blight is coming again :(
*** Quits: possum (Leaving)
* chirho gives an Irish good luck hug to        Rig4       
<PBN> Most of the convict ships were pretty ghastly from below
<sitka> there's so many msgs it takes an hour to read them
<chirho> just for general principles, and thanks for being our Rig :)
*** Joins: Buckeye (
<chirho> Hi, Buckeye :)
<sitka> hi buckeye
<PBN> Hi
<Rig4> hello
*** chirho sets mode: +o Buckeye
<sitka> are you really a buckeye?
<PBN> I love your questions
<Buckeye> Hi chirhoyep really a Buckeye
<sitka> and if so, where bouts are you from
<chirho> sitka, buckeye names it :)
<sitka>'re partial
<sitka> buckey names what?
<sitka> that was supposed to be Buckeye
<chirho> ms prim slides her glasses down and says "Which American state is known as the Buckeye state?"
<sitka> OHHO
<Buckeye> Born in Dayton, Montgomery Co. Ohio in 1941 Home town, Tipp City Miami Co. Ohio. In Oregon just now, but hope to gohome in June!
<chirho> :)
<Buckeye> Where Y'all from?
<Rig4> I didn't know there was a state named OHHO :)
<chirho> Erie PA for now, normally Philadelphia :)
<sitka> A lot of my family was born in Ohio...I'm from Mighty Michigan
<PBN> Gold Coast Australia
<sitka> You are funny..Rig
<sitka> :):):)
<sitka> My dad always called it that
<Rig4> eastern North Dakota by way of Montana-->California-->Oklahoma-->North Dakota
<sitka> they were from Wellston, Nelsonville, Creola, Perry County
<Buckeye> That's O HI O, my kids ragg me bad because we bucks pronounce it O HI A they say we never learned to talk right!
<sitka> they are right:):)
<Rig4> I have a lot of research in Ohio
<chirho> You should hear those folks in Kentucky! They all have beards, pickup trucks with rifle racks, and none of em talk properly!
<Buckeye> LOL sitka! :)Australia you say?? Always wanted to go there
<PBN> Do we have anmore to do/ i had better go soon
<PBN> Great place .Alot of irish settled here
<chirho> PBN, glad you were here. And thanks again for all your hard work :)
<Rig4> nope we're done for tonight PBN
<PBN> No problem
<Buckeye> Yo chirho, they do that in Oregon too:D
<sitka> one son went to a college north of Minot Buckey
<PBN> See you all next week
<sitka> night at you later God Bless
*** Quits: PBN (Leaving)
<Rig4> well I live south of Fargo
<Buckeye> Bye PBN Nice to know ya
<sitka> his school was by the Little Turtle Mountains
<sitka> ten miles or so from Peace Gardens
<sitka> I can't remember the name of the school..he was only there a year
<sitka> lots of Canadian kids for hockey..
<Buckeye> Rig4 were you guys trampled under all that snow 2 winters ago?? You folks come out of it OK?
<sitka> Buckeye...know anything about any of those places I mentioned?
<sitka> did you get famous after the movie?
<Buckeye> Turtlw Mt sounds familiar. Are you living there now did you say?
<sitka> nope...we live in Michigan
<Buckeye> Oh, yeah, You guys are the ones that embarrased the Bucks to death last Nov, Right. ?
<sitka> no...buckeye...the places in Ohio.......
<sitka> right-0
<Buckeye> Sitka, sorry I gotta look when I type so, could you say them agai. I get lost now and then
<sitka> o.k. Creola, Nelsonville, Wellston, Perry County
<sitka> Rig and chirho are you still with us? didn't mean to hog the show
<chirho> Yep, sitting here relaxing :)
*Rig4* bye
<sitka> that you deserve!!!:)
<Rig4> yes...just figuring something out :)
<sitka> I thought I smelled smoke!
<chirho> And now, folks, old chirho gotta go talk to the pillow, too tired to type anymore :)
<sitka> what did you figure?
<chirho> Sleep well, then work hard! Night all :)
<sitka> night God Bless and I'm going also...sleep well yourself!
<chirho> Buckeye, glad you made it. Come an hour earlier next week, okay? :)
* chirho says bye everyone
Session Close: Tue May 12 22:22:45 1998

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