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January 18, 1998
January 25, 1998
February 1, 1998
February 8, 1998
February 15, 1998
February 22, 1998
March 1, 1998

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Session Start: Sun Jan 18 21:35:55 1998
*** Now talking in #Fian
#Fian topic is Study Group Meeting
#Fian topic set by chirho on Sun Jan 18 21:00:44
#Fian created on Sun Jan 18 20:52:01

<chirho> Let's to work, shall we?
<chirho> Need to think about what project we want to do this class
<chirho> and need to elect a rig
<chirho> NO one has sent me any thoughts on either topic...
<oposom> I think we should continue working on the Guide
<Peg> I've been thinking, but can't decide...
<chirho> Same topic or pick up some others?
<oposom> sending links to Janet if we run across anything really interesting
<Peg> The Guide makes a lot of sense, but what areas.
<echos> guide sounds good
<Peg> MsPelican, we worked on a Guide last semester, that can continue to grow.
<chirho> k
<chirho> sounds like the basic word is GUIDE
<chirho> How about I send around an email listing the seven areas
<chirho> and see what folks want?
<MsPelican> I'd jump in but I'm too new but very interested and would like to listen
<chirho> I know Dirk2 wants to work on counties.. I think it was down? or Clare?
<Peg> good idea, chirho. I've forgotten what all the areas were.
<echos> I'll be continuing my Celtic pages -ok?
<chirho> Thanks to the hard working folks from last class some areas are pretty well covered..
<Peg> I might be interested in Antrim.
<chirho> echos, sounds good
<chirho> :)
<MsPelican> and I'll help/assist anyone who asks....
<Peg> What is Dirk2 doing with the counties?
<chirho> Wonderful, MsP..we aren't shy!
<chirho> Peg, nothing yet, he'd indicated an interest is all
<Peg> MsPelican, be careful....that's what I said last time lol
<MsPelican> LOL
<Peg> Any suggestions on a focus for counties, that may be accessible here in the states?
<chirho> Would almost have to be FHL's
<Peg> Or just find everything possible related?
<chirho> FHC's that is
<chirho> yep, Peg, and books etc., etc in libraries
<Peg> That makes sense.....their hours are sooooo limited, a major city.
<chirho> and some links to stuff that's online
<Peg> I have some of that for Antrim.....hmmm..yes, I think that makes sense for me.
<Peg> I'll find him yet.....elusive great grandfather!
<chirho> So maybe folks want to take a county and one or two work on it?
<Peg> Sounds good to me, chirho.
<chirho> We can be sort of loose aboout it all
<chirho> NEXT TOPIC
<chirho> we need a Rigfennid, a group leader
*** echos has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
<chirho> In the MOTD i said absence was NOT protection!
<Peg> nice try, echos!!
<chirho> do we want to act as a nominating committee and collect votes by email?
<oposom> Hey Peg
<Peg> That sounds good. What does everyone think?
<oposom> How about you?
<Peg> Peg is looking the other way.....following echos....
<oposom> I think you would be great or flp would be a good leader!
<Peg> flp would be great. What is involved.
<chirho> and so would the possum
<oposom> Even if she just joined us last term
<MsPelican> sound good to me
<Peg> oposom would be wonderful!!
<Peg> I nominate oposom!
<chirho> second
<MsPelican> third
<oposom> EEEEEk
<chirho> hehehe!
<Peg> I like this process!
<chirho> next nomination? or ask for acclamation?
<Peg> Unamimous nomination....why do we need any more?
<chirho> oposom, looks like you need a longer nick!
<Peg> Right...Rig.
<oposom> I will do my best.
<Peg> I know you will do well.
<chirho> Your best is very good, we saw that last time arouond :)
<MsPelican> congradulations oposom!!!!!!!!!!
<chirho> I'll try to help you as much as possible :)
*** echos ( has joined #Fian
<Peg> We all will.
<chirho> the gavel is handed to our new Rig, oposom
<oposom> I know you will chirho
<chirho> wb echos
<Peg> Boy, that's what I call timing!! echos.
<MsPelican> wb echos
<echos> where did I go???
<echos> sheeeesssssh
<Peg> I don't know, we thought you had a date.
<chirho> you left via a ping timeout, which means you hadn't said enough!
<oposom> I would say absolutely not, but we have a small group and a lot of returnees so I guess I can depend on a lot of help
<oposom> :)
<Peg> That must be why I never get pinged out....never know when to keep my mouth shut...
<chirho> hoho :)
<Peg> I like the size of the group this time.
<oposom> Me too Peg
<Peg> chirho, how do you do a blind mailing?
<echos> so ...May I ask a dumb Qest.
<chirho> the only dumb is the one unasked..
<oposom> Not unmanageable and some really good newbies like Ms Pelican :)
<Peg> My dumb question was first...
<echos> why have you got the @ and I haven't
<Peg> Thanks chirho, makes me feel less dumb.
<chirho> a blind mailing is to put the email addy in the BC: spot
<Peg> The whole group?
<chirho> echos, that's called ops, we try to have several experienced folks with it for various reasons
<chirho> Peg, one should name one in the TO: and can put the rest in the BC:
<Peg> Okay, thanks, chirho.
<chirho> Incllude yourself in the BC's, so you can be sure it works :)
<Peg> okay. <G>
<chirho> for example my netscape doesn't seem to learn that trick
<echos> OK, I thought so.
<Peg> My eudora is also through instructions...
<chirho> MSIE and various outlooks did it ok, and I use Eudora Pro now and it works.
<echos> Is there an Eudora Shareware?
<Peg> I'm hearing a lot re:eudora pro. Think I'll get it.
<chirho> Eudora Light is free.
<Peg> Yes, echos, eudora light.
<chirho> can get it at
<echos> does it work ok?
<oposom> I used Eudora Light when we first went on the internet
<oposom> I liked it
<chirho> works great if you only have one incoming account
<Peg> I like it better than any I've tried.
<oposom> I have become a terminally lazy IE user
<Peg> I have two addys, both get delivered.
<Peg> I don't care for IE.
<oposom> Iike pressing on URLs when they appear on usenet or lists
<chirho> So if you have more than one ISP, it won't get, but if you have several addys, all transferred to one it works.
<oposom> and going directly to the web site
<Peg> oposom, how do you keep up with usenet and lists? I signed off the newsgroups.
<chirho> echos, did that get your question?
<oposom> But I thought Eudora Light was really a good email program
<oposom> Mostly lists
<oposom> I am not a great fan of usenet
<echos> It should work, I'm channelled thro one ISP
<Peg> I seem to switch around.
<oposom> Although I like genealogy. methods
<chirho> it will work then, echos
<chirho> Free Agent is free and makes a nice newsgroup reader
<echos> thanks chirho
<chirho> it also has an email send function
<Peg> I use Free Agent when I sign on newsgroups.
<chirho> and you can use a "fake" address, and give your real one down in the sig
<echos> I have Free Agent -haaven't used yet
<chirho> It's nice :)
<oposom> I liked Free Agent too
<oposom> but like I said I am lazy!!
<Peg> Sometimes I feel like a yo yo jumping around from mailing lists to newsgroups and back.
<Peg> Took me all day today to read mail.
<oposom> Actually the news program is the part of IE I liked least
<oposom> I know Peg and I keep joining lists
<Peg> Netscapes newgroups isn't bad, but not as many features as Free Agent.
<chirho> I "reply" and change it to my address on articles that I like or that have a URL I want to follow... then I can just click when I get my email!
<oposom> Sheesh I joined a list when I was doing Marthe's midterm last term
<Peg> me too.
<echos> have you used AOL Instant Messenger?
<Peg> No, never could get it to work. Don't have aol.
<Peg> I use ICQ and love it.
<chirho> I'm averaging 500 emails a day between genealogy and catholic stuff and psychiatrist stuff! Have a LARGE delete key!
<Peg> Where do you find the time, chirho? Do you work too?
<chirho> I recommend ICQ and will be putting up an ICQ page in the private Hideaway this week or next...
<chirho> Peg, about 60 hours a week
<echos> great idea
<Peg> When do you sleep?
<chirho> Peg, what's that!
<Peg> I have my kids screaming at me....when are you coming??
<chirho> Possum, time to adjourn?
<Peg> Daughter expecting baby this next week in CT! Won't leave son with anyone else...
<chirho> Peg, we'll be waiting to hear..
<echos> congrats
<oposom> Yes I think we have covered our agenda chirho
<oposom> Thanks guys I will do my best
<echos> bye for now then
Session Close: Sun Jan 18 22:18:06 1998

book HR

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January 25, 1998

Session Start: Sun Jan 25 21:00:19 1998
*** Now talking in #Fian
*** Topic is 'Study Group Meeting'
*** Set by chirho on Sun Jan 25 20:39:11
#Fian created on Sun Jan 25 20:38:55
<Rig3> Forgot about the SB
<Rig3> Do you suppose anyone will show up
<MathAce> I'm here.
<Rig3> Well I guess we're here
<chirho> Hithere, MathAce
<flipper> I called an uncle tonight that I figured wouldn't remember
me....he's about to become 82 y/o.....Boy once he figured out who I
was...the info flowed....
*** chirho sets mode: +o MathAce
<MathAce> Thank you
<flipper> we were on the phone just short of 2 hours
<chirho> Wow, flp, that's great ;)
<Mugs> New nick MathAce?
<chirho> Mugs, meet Peg!
<chirho> (didn't I send out the announcements?)
<MathAce> Mugs and I know each other, chirho
<flipper> Us important ones are here hehe :)
*** TheGate has quit IRC (Firestar IRC Network Beyond any other IRC Network
/server 6661-6666 and 7777)
<Mugs> From Fian # 3 Chirho
<chirho> NavCom, is everything okay?
<MsPelican> right you are...flipper
<chirho> I know, Mugs, just didn't know if you knew was hiding behind that
imposing MATHACE mask :)
<NavCom> super fine chirho .... would they ever be otherwise <g>
<MathAce> You told me I had to look non-feminine
<chirho> Thank you :) NavCom.
<Mugs> recognized part of the email addy
<Rig3> flipper did you get my email about the book?
<MathAce> (of course, if you could see me for wouldn't have
bothered :{
<flipper> okay, now you have me curious....who's behind the mask ;)
<chirho> Mugs, you're sneaky...
<chirho> ??? Math?
<MathAce> what?
<chirho> flp, meet Peg !
<Mugs> No the DavePeg part
<MathAce> flp and I know each other.
<MathAce> Dave is my other half.
<MathAce> I always told you I was schitzo.
<chirho> hohohhoh
<Mugs> hehehe
<flipper> well, Peg, it's nice to know if friends are in the room, even
if they have to be behiind a mask :)
<MathAce> agreed.
<Rig3> I just got an email from Eleen and she is lost!!!
<Mugs> flipper have you been flp in a past life?
<Rig3> Does anyone know if Ellen is an IRC user?
* chirho wants to know if anyone is willing to log the meeting and send it
to me in an email...flu is starting to wear me down again!
<chirho> Rig, she's just starting. Where is she? I'll go...
<Rig3> k chirho
<Rig3> Peg will you log?
<MathAce> I got it!
<MathAce> as long as I don't get bounced!
<Mugs> I'm not sure I can log with this 'challanged computer" Chirho
* chirho says thank you. Where's Ellen? At school?
<Rig3> k MathAce
<Rig3> Should have writen and made sure everyone knew IRC!! Darn!
<Rig3> I am going to write a short not to E. brb
<chirho> she emailed me but didn't think she'd try tonight, so I put it on
the "after flu" pile..
<Rig3> Don't know where she is
<Rig3> She just said she is lost!
<chirho> Rig, tell her to get ICQ and look me up by chirho
<flipper> yes, that is now my alternate name.....because...Cande decided
that when she saw flp she thought of dolphins....then she remembered then for the next few classes she called me flipper, and Marthe
started calling me I decided I had better change it b/4 we really
got people confused...I kindof like it...I'm no longer just initials... :)
<Rig3> Do you suppose I should pop over to #roots or waht?
<Rig3> k
<Mugs> I like your new identity too
<chirho> I think the new id's are very SWANK !! ;)
<chirho> And I'm glad folks are using safer nicks. :)
<chirho> Cuts down the slime meisters for all of us. :)
<Mugs> you are so right chirho
<Rig3> Be right back!
<MathAce> she's not in roots...
<chirho> Everyone here decided what to work on?
<chirho> We need to spend some time and energy on the new folks so they
don't feel so overwhelmed, I guess...
<MathAce> County Antrim here.
<flipper> okay, chirho, I'm working mainly in County Down...south of
Belfast, in an area that isn't even on any maps--Moybrick--right next to
Finnis also in tthe townland of Artana which I don't know too much
about.....hey group, any suggestions for a project topic...I'm stumped...had
a wonderful one last term but have mind block this time
<Rig3> Yes
<chirho> :) Great!
<Rig3> I have been remiss
<Rig3> :(
<flipper> did any one check the IRC genealogy site
<chirho> I think counties are a good way to begin to tie together and try to
use some of what we found, and
<MathAce> yes, webmaster, not iigs
<NavCom> well, thanks for allowing me to listen in chirho .... I'll depart
the fix and leave you good folks to your great work
<chirho> look for weak spots...
<Rig3> There aren't that many new ones this term so we should be able to get
them on IRC
<NavCom> nope only me and genehunter on #genealogy
*** NavCom ( has left #Fian
<Rig3> And introduced to the project much earlier
<Rig3> As I siad I have been remiss
* chirho regrets, just have no more push. See all in class. Rig, Peg, thanks
for the logs. G'night all :)
<Mugs> night chirho
<Rig3> You chirho are so busy with everything else
*** chirho ( has left #Fian
<MathAce> night, chirho...hope you feel better
<Rig3> I should have been contacting them and see what they know!
<MathAce> that's me, always too late...
<Mugs> sometimes people pause a bit and others leave on their last keystroke
<flipper> hey guys, did anyone notice my need help message to chirho...any
ideas would be helpful for a narrow down
<Rig3> Wait fipper
<MathAce> I didn't see it yet, flip, what's the broad topic?
<Rig3> I have been concerned with Ellen
<Rig3> Let me read back
<flipper> did you email back to Ellen?
<Rig3> Yes
<Rig3> flipper I have emailed you about book and propsed project
<flipper> has she ever been here b/4
<Rig3> Course you are right
<Rig3> It must be narrowed down
<Rig3> I will write again
<flipper> I saw the message about the book...I wasn't sure what you meant by it
<Rig3> Think of something that can be handled
<Rig3> Like your geo divisions last time
<Rig3> great job BTW :)
<flipper> could Ellen have gone to webmaster and entered #fian?
<Rig3> I mean would you like to take a county in Northern Ireland
<MathAce> I looked there
<Rig3> or would you like to take a short Northern Irish History Project
<Rig3> Like the planters frinstance?
<flipper> well it'd have to be Down, because as far as I know my relatives
only lived in that county
<Rig3> Or why the Scoth Irish emigrated to Ireland
<MathAce> That's why I'm doing Antrim, flipper.
<Rig3> Or why they left and emigrated to this county?
<Rig3> Or you could just take Down
<Rig3> Mathace has suggested we take two counties, but you may not have time
for that
<flipper> I see a couple of great ideas for me...or I may do some history of
<Rig3> Maybe you would like to do Down
<MathAce> I did? Now I'm confused.....
<Rig3> member the Guide is a continuing project.
<Rig3> There will be more time to do other things later
<MathAce> If you are concentrating on one might cover two
<flipper> I'm still not sure why my ancestors left was after
the rebellion and b/4 the famine
<Rig3> Last week
<MathAce> If you are concentrating on an entire county, then one.
<MathAce> What year, flipper.
<Rig3> But we agreed that MsPekica might want to just take Donegal
<flipper> 1827
<Rig3> Actually with you coding and my other responsibilities
<Rig3> not to mention chirho's
<Rig3> I think 1 is about all we could do
<Rig3> we can't possibly do all 32 counties this term
<MathAce> I agree. But I think I am looking at the whole County...Antrim is
not that large.
<Rig3> Sounds good MathAce
<Mugs> It would be better to take smaller bits and do a more thorough job
<MathAce> flipper, I have a came in 1833 and on in 1851...
<MathAce> That would be ideal, Mugs, if I knew more about the county. Need
to learn a lot more before narrowing.
<Mugs> Get quality not quantity
<flipper> maybe I'll try the history of Down, how it formed it's size and
maybe why so many Scot-irish chose to live there.....just a basic info to
get the area in the project going
<Rig3> Right mugs
<MathAce> I'm open for suggestions, a topic that can be narrowed?
<MathAce> I think I'm with flipper...just finding out much about the area
and the differences between Northern Ireland and Ireland.
<Mugs> I guess I was thinking in terms of doing 'a' county rather than
trying to do 2 at a time
<MathAce> Okay, agreed.
<flipper> Math, what about just getting it started with just a basic area
about Antrim, like I'm considering...that way others next term can build on
it or you can....
<Mugs> Are we looking for ways to research or are we looking for history?
<MathAce> I'm reading The Great Hunger now....need the background to get a
<Rig3> either
<Mugs> oic
<Rig3> I think Fran is looking in terms of history since she was in my Fian
last time
<MathAce> Next is "The story of the Irish in Boston", especially the chapter
on Catholics.
<flipper> well don't the average person need to know something about the
county b/4 they can start searching it...
<Rig3> But ultimatrely we will want to cover all aspects
<MathAce> my feeling exactly, flipper.
<Rig3> Sometime down the road
<Mugs> that is true. I guess I was thinking from a research point of view
<MathAce> MsPelican, have you decided on an area.?
<Rig3> It might be a good idea for us to check again what is available on
line already so we can fill in gaps
<Rig3> Maybe just link to stuff that has been covered
<flipper> yes, Rig...but you have to start somewhere
<Rig3> Right fliper
<MsPelican> I believe Donegal
<Rig3> I have complete confidence in you
<Rig3> You did a perfect job last time
<Rig3> Narrow topic
<Rig3> Really good!
<Rig3> You covered the topic
<flipper> but very necessary :)
<MathAce> Yes, flipper, I agree, good coverage.
<Rig3> Great job
<flipper> I think though that I should ask Chirho to add the wording
Administative divisions onto the title of Geopolitical divisions...I have
told people about the link, to make it easier to explain it and they keep
coming back...I can't find it
<Rig3> i think you are rithtflipper
<Rig3> much better
<Rig3> I think I said geophical divisions
<Rig3> And that can be confused with physical geography
<Rig3> Geo political subdivisions sounds a little verbose too
<Rig3> think your term is perfect!!
<Rig3> Just write to chirho and have her change the title!!
<Rig3> Sorry for all my typos :(
<Rig3> I am a sloooooow typist
<MsPelican> Question:
<Rig3> And a bad one!!!
<Rig3> k Ms Pelican
<Rig3> You have the floor
<MsPelican> What exactly am I looking for in Donegal and when I do find this
allusive info.....what do I do with it?????
<Rig3> Write it up and send it to chirho
<Rig3> She does all the html
<flipper> I just checked it----it says"Understanding the Geo-Political
Divisions in Ireland"
<Rig3> with the help of Math Ace :)
<MsPelican> kind.....any online info dealing with County
Donegal.....or just in relation to genealogy????
<Rig3> well if you want "Administrative Subdivisions" tell chirho
<MathAce> MsPelican, I'll help in any way I can. I am floundering also with
Antrim. We can decide together.
<flipper> I will
<MsPelican> THANK YOU!!!!!!
<Rig3> Right
<Rig3> We will help each other
<Rig3> That's what Study groups are for
<MsPelican> :-)
<flipper> that's what this group is for!!!!!
<MathAce> MsP, I'm starting out (already doing) searching the web for
everything concerning Antrim.
<Rig3> A lot of the work at VU is accomplished with the help study group!!
<Rig3> I will send out another general email tomorrow
<MathAce> Check the guide to see what has already been covered re:"your county"
<Rig3> But remember you should contribute your ideas too
<flipper> MOTD--- :)
<MsPelican> alright....I've got some also...(DON)....but didn't know which
to send and/or how to write it links (addy's)?????
<Rig3> Many of you are experienced researchers :)
<MathAce> MsP, are you on ICQ?
<MsPelican> <-------isn't
<Rig3> This is a democratic group
<MsPelican> yes...I am Math......#467092
<MathAce> Ok, MsP, I will add you to my contact group if you like and we can
compare notes as we go.
<MsPelican> alright and thanks..........
<MathAce> my ICQ UIN is 2189344
<Rig3> brb
<Rig3> MathAce you're in charge for a minute
<flipper> when does this class end? when is our dead-line?
<MathAce> I'm not sure myself, flipper. I forget how many weeks.
<Mugs> now we get to throw chalk and erasers.....while she's gone
<MsPelican> I beleive it is 8 weeks
<flipper> I know it's 8 weeks, but.........tonight I can't add :)
<MathAce> Everybody duck, Mugs is throwing things...
<Mugs> lol
<MathAce> Sometime the end of March or so.
<MathAce> Did anyone check if the next lesson is online yet?
<Mugs> The 8 weeks will fly by before you know it
<MathAce> That's for sure!
<MathAce> Mugs, what county are you doing? or are you?
<flipper> well that'll long as I get the project done by the end
of February....last time I didn't choose my topic until 2 weeks b/4 the
end......bad girl...naughty
<Mugs> I am interested in Down
<MathAce> That's right beside Antrim. Slowly but surely I'm getting my maps
<flipper> weeelllll, what area of down are you doing...topic?
<Mugs> I'm not sure Flipper
<Mugs> I am interested in where to research and what one can access
<MathAce> I am covering library research in my other study group, trying to
see if I can somehow connect it here.
<flipper> GOOD plan!!!!
<MathAce> MsP, these are some good ideas on focusing for your county.
<Rig3> flipper You did just fine
<flipper> well, I'll keep out of your way....I stick to history or the
Scot-Irish impact......
<MsPelican> I'm listening.....all ears :-)
<Mugs> My family is from Newtownards which is 9 miles from Belfast
<Rig3> It takes a while to chose a research plan
<Rig3> The only thing is I would like to get started a little earlier
because of chirho and MA
<flipper> Moybrick is about 30 miles south
<flipper> of Belfast
<Rig3> Also Marthe may expect us to make a presentation this time again
<Rig3> I haven't heard
<MathAce> My focus is more apt to be on how to identify the town they came
from, when you only have the county.
<Mugs> Doesn't seem far by North American standards but could be worlds
apart by Irish
<Rig3> It would help if we had more research done if we have to present
something to the class
<MathAce> That's very true, Rig
<Rig3> MA
<Rig3> That is a great topic!!!!
<MathAce> I like that....MA.
<flipper> Last term, I kept thinking somebody was going to assign me a
topic.....after about 5-6 weeks they hadn' I FINALLY asked
questions......Boy did I rush.... (don't do as I what's
recommended..find out!!!!)
<MathAce> sounds seems to me I've heard that song before.
<Rig3> I have been hoping Fianna could do something like that for a long time!!
<Rig3> A lot of ppl only know the county
<Rig3> me for instance
<Rig3> :(
<Rig3> It is really difficult to dig up townlands
<MathAce> Well, maybe we can discover a way!!
<Rig3> And impossible to research without them :(
<flipper> I'd love to learn that one MA, I know people from Artana....but
what town???? I'll love reading it!!
<Mugs> I'm not even sure what townlands are
<MathAce> Diana just came back with a piece of info for ggrandfather
left from Belfast!
<Rig3> See flippers project from last term :)
<Rig3> :)
<MathAce> I had been searching the Liverpool ships.
<Mugs> I've read some explanations on the lists but....
<flipper> weeellll Mugs, you need to read my article from last terms
<Mugs> I will do that Flipper
<MathAce> Yes, flipper...decidedly!
<flipper> there's not too much more that can be added to that one, just a
different way of phrasing some of it....
<MathAce> That section is extremely helpful, flipper and a friend is sending
me maps.
<Mugs> I am going to have to fly away now. See you all next time
<Rig3> Bye Mugs
<flipper> good night
<Rig3> How about everyone else
*** Mugs ( has left #fian
<Rig3> Time to adjourn or more to be covered
<MathAce> I'm looking at the step just before.....knowing the county, now
finding a parish, town or townland name...
<MathAce> That was a fast hour!!!
<flipper> I'm glad you all like it.....I always hated writing papers in
school--and now look at me, oh my....
<MathAce> How true!
<Rig3> Sure was a fast hour
<Rig3> But a most productive meeting I think :)
<flipper> Ms Pelican....what's your topic?
<flipper> or have you decided?
<MsPelican> My topic....Donegal....I think
<flipper> what part?
<MsPelican> confusion is more apt!!!!
<flipper> any special, parish, townland?
<flipper> history?
<MsPelican> Woodquarters, Cranford, Letterkenny
<flipper> Don't know any of those....
<MathAce> Lucky you, MsP, you at least have some names to start on. You can
narrow your internet search!
<MsPelican> That is where family lives
<flipper> Are your roots Irish or Scot-Irish?
<MsPelican> Irish
<flipper> ooohhhh that could be rough searching in Donegal
<Rig3> brb
<MsPelican> because???
<MathAce> Why, flipper?
<flipper> coz of the records........maybe you could learn more about where
the Irish records are kept inDonegal and where the Scot-Irish records are
kept....I'm sure there are links around for that, and I bet Diana would
answer a lot of your questions if you tell
<flipper> her your involved with Fianna and your researching Donegal
<MathAce> Yes, Diana can be very helpful.
<MsPelican> Thank you flipper....I will
<flipper> The reason I said the search could be difficult is
<flipper> Donegal is part of Northern Ireland, right?
<MsPelican> NO
<flipper> oooppppps
<MsPelican> it is the most northern of the southern counties
<flipper> then it may not be after all....I was looking at my map and found
Donegal in the north....
<MathAce> I think it is right outside of the Northern group.
<MathAce> My map is downstairs....
<flipper> okay, that's why I was wrong...
<MsPelican> is way up there
<MathAce> I am going to finish reading my mail (just got back before study
group). MsP call me if you need help. I'll be around tomorrow night after
9 EST.
<MathAce> Rig, are we adjourned?
<Rig3> Ms Pelican It sounds like you know quite a lot about you subject
already :)
<flipper> My thoughts were that people, especially in NI of Irish
descent....(Usually Catholics) were unable to marry in Catholic churches and
very poor records were kept on most anything Catholic
<Rig3> Yes MathAce
<MathAce> Sounds like she has more than me :(
<Rig3> I think we should adjourn
<MathAce> second
<MathAce> All in favor?
<Rig3> Great IRC session but I think we need to ponder this
<flipper> aye
<MathAce> Hope we can find Ellen???
<Rig3> And then email about some of this stuff etc
<MathAce> and where is everyone else?
<MathAce> I'll send the log to chirho, anyone else?
<MsPelican> thank you all for your help....
<Rig3> Some things are better accomplished via IRC and some things have to
be thrashed out via email
<flipper> yep!!!!
<Rig3> Specially when you type as slowly as the Rig
<flipper> goodnight everybody
<MsPelican> night
*** MsPelican has quit IRC (Leaving)
<flipper> you're faster than me Rig
<Rig3> I'll gent in touch with Ellen tomorrow
<MathAce> Night all
<flipper> night
*** flipper has quit IRC (Leaving)
Session Close: Sun Jan 25 22:15:06 1998

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February 1, 1998

*** Topic for #Fian: Study Group

*** Topic for #Fian set by chirho on Monday, February 2, 1998 0:59:27
*** Channel created at Monday, February 2, 1998 0:59:09
Peg: Hi Mugs
Mugs: Hi Peg how's it going
Peg: It's going! How about you
Mugs: Pretty good. I thought I'd check out #cert and see what its all about before our meeting starts
Peg: Me too. actually, I'm enrolled.
chirho: Glad you're both there :)
chirho: We'll get a fian for it, ok?
Peg: sounds good to me *G*
chirho: *G*
*** Mode change "+o Mugs" on #Fian by chirho
*** Jim ( has joined channel #Fian
Jim: # Appears as TIKI.
*** Jim has left channel #Fian
Peg: Hi Jim, (TIKI)
*** Cley ( has joined channel #Fian
*** Temp (WmTempCo@ has joined channel #Fian
chirho: Hello, Cley
Cley: Hwo.
chirho: Hi Temp
Mugs: Hello Temp
Peg: HI Temp
Cley: What we gonna study?
Peg: and Cley
Temp: Hi all glad to be able to join in
chirho: Cley, this study group is for a different course. You'r welcome to stay and listen :)
Cley: What will I hear?
chirho: Talk about that other course, tonight.
Temp: Let me ask 1 question that is off subject. What is happening to the Certification Class
Cley: It is happening next door.
chirho: They're finishing up this class rigiht now on this server in #cert
chirho: just type /join #cert and you'll be in both rooms
Temp: #cert
chirho: yep... but you must start with a /
Peg: Temp, you have to type /join
Temp: join #cert
chirho: ... / / / /
Cley: So after I type /join #cert then I click back & forth between rooms?
chirho: that is type: /join #cert
chirho: yep
Peg: Patience, chirho.....just because you don't fell well
chirho: ;)
Cley: Kewl.
*** RonC ( has joined channel #Fian
Peg: Hi Ron
Peg: Here is another Irishman
Mugs: Hello Ron
chirho: Greetings :)
RonC: Hi....don't know what percentage, but at least the heart is Irish...:-)>
chirho: We're working on stuff for another course, but you're welcome to stay and listen :)
chirho: Did anyone hear from Rig today?
RonC: OK...I'll take the hint and shutup ....:-)> (no offence taken )
Peg: No me.
Peg: no=not
Mugs: No I haven't
Peg: can't type either.
Temp: no
*** possum ( has joined channel #fian
Mugs: speak of angels
chirho: Hello! Just asking about our Rig
possum: Hi Mugs :)
Mugs: Hi possum
*** Mode change "+o possum" on #Fian by chirho
possum: See most of you are in the other room too
chirho: Ron, Cley, a Rigfenid is a leader. Possum is our current Rigfenid :)
possum: Can scarcely keep track of one chat :)
RonC: Thanks for the translation...
possum: Wow big crowd in #Cert
Mugs: Just call us nosy I guess. Don't want to miss anything
possum: :)
chirho: We seem to have our attention divided thoroughly :)
Mugs: so right Chirho
chirho: Wonder if we need to think about a different time?
possum: If a lot of ppl are going to want to go to Diana"s meeting maybe we should set our meeting up an hour or back next week
possum: Ha chirho
chirho: Her group starts at 8pm EST
possum: Just saw what you said
chirho: that is an hour up... maybe we need to go back then? to 10 EST?
possum: Great minds think alike :)
possum: Well I think ten EST would be goo
Mugs: I figured #cert would be over before this class started but looks like its still going
possum: Will that be too you chirho?
chirho: yep
possum: Mugs I thought that #cert is set for the same time as Fiana
possum: They may be just starting
possum: wildfire is over there
chirho: Been here all evening, they start at 8 it's not 9:16
Mugs: I think it was for 8 EST and we are for 9 EST?
chirho: not=now
possum: Great group Diana has!!
chirho: right, Mugs
Peg: I just asked Diana. She says class is one hour, but she will stay around for 2.
possum: Well maybe we could just move it till 10:00EST next week
chirho: I'm game.
Mugs: Thats good for me too
possum: k
Peg: ok here.
chirho: Cley, what are you working on?
possum: Wildfire Mama T Diana
chirho: ???
possum: Looks like #cert is going to be a good meeting
chirho: yep, it's good :)
possum: chirho why the ???
*** flipper (far@ has joined channel #fian
possum: Does anybody here have any ???? :)
chirho: Didn't know why you were listing names
chirho: Hello flipper
chirho: :)
flipper: hi everybody
possum: k Hi flipper
Peg: hi flp
Mugs: Hi Flipper
chirho: flipper, could you deal with this meeting at 10 EST instead of 9?
Peg: Have we decided how we are narrowing topics?
flipper: yep
chirho: Folks are picking bytheir interests.. didn't you pic a county?
flipper: it's 8:14 pm here
Mugs: flipper your in the same time zone as me
possum: Well some topics may need to be narrowed
possum: Also I can see a chance of duplication long term
chirho: Diana's class has started and she meets here at 8 EST, supposed to be an hour but she's still going strong
possum: I was going to communicate via email
chirho: possum, I've got to send out another MOTD, with everyone listed. We're okay so far.
*** Signoff: Cley (Leaving)
possum: Sometimes it is easier to deal with some things emailing rather than IRC
Peg: I picked a county but trying to decide what to cover.
chirho: Also, I'm making some basic County pages... had planned to add them to the Roves, but decided to give em to Fianna instead
possum: Great chirho!!
chirho: Which one, Peg?
Peg: Antrim
possum: brb
chirho: Peg
chirho: lots of links and some addresses and stuff
Peg: Yes, chirho I saw it, that's what made me start thinking about narrowing!!
Peg: I found many urls on Antrim....I loved them.
chirho: You saw it? I just put it up and didn't announce the llink!
Peg: When did you put it up? i did a search in Alta vista on Antrim, it may have been another one in geocities.
Temp: Good night all
chirho: G'night?
*** Temp has left channel #Fian
Peg: Night, Temp
chirho: Temp, can you make
chirho: rats
chirho: Well, I guess we WILL definitely have to change our time. :)
possum: Think they're about to break up across the hall :)
chirho: Seems to be winding down
possum: We need to think about ways to get our newbies included
possum: I menat to email you chirho, but didn't want to bother you
chirho: Yep, they seem to be doing their own thing. And I'm too bushed still to go nip their heels
possum: hope you are feeling better :)
chirho: some
chirho: :)
possum: Thiught about going back to VU
flipper: what if each of us emailed a certain number of them and talked them through irc usage
possum: But with this ceritficate thing
chirho: Sounds good
possum: I don't se how that will be possible
chirho: Possum, VU still goes down a lot...
possum: I know chi
possum: Have attended some peacefull meeting s ately
chirho: I vote stay here and meet late
flipper: I'm fine for 9
possum: But we know that as term advances more ppl will be chatting
chirho: flp, what time zone?
flipper: central
possum: more ppl will find thay can use java
possum: more ppl will discover IRC
chirho: k
possum: talk talk talk
possum: server overloads
flipper: oops, forgot you were talking eastern :)
chirho: 9 CST is fine :)
possum: Sory interupting
possum: chirho I gather we have voted
possum: Stay here
chirho: Those of us here did...
possum: Start an hour later?
chirho: yep
chirho: and some folks need to be big sis and big bro to newbies and get them here :)
Mugs: this server is very reliable
Mugs: lol now I said it in both rooms
possum: Sore is
flipper: weeellll, what if you put out a message to everybody in the MOTD that states to contact _____ _____ if you need help with IRC so you can get ALL the benefits of the study group and as well the class
possum: Would like to see IIGS more used
*** Mars7 ( has joined channel #Fian
*** Signoff: RonC (Client exited)
chirho: MiMi, Hi!
possum: I am not signed up for cert yet
Mars7: hi everyone
flipper: hello
possum: maybe someday but this free meeting is great!!
Mugs: Hi Mars7
Mars7: I'm not signed up either.
flipper: then certain people can sign up to be the people for the newbies to we did the first week of class with the peer advisors
chirho: Who's volunteering to help newbies get here? I have that Barbara, Ellen and Crill are all lost on IRC
possum: chirho
Peg: I can help them
flipper: I sat in the chat room and helped whomever came was easy
Mars7: I'm still lost in IRC myself!
possum: I don't think anybody uses IRC except MS P
flipper: I can help
Mugs: I can help I think
chirho: I don't know anything about the two latest ones.
Peg: I thought we had msP all set....
chirho: Peg and flipper
chirho: MsP is FINE on IRC...
possum: I have heard from them all and am trying to answer since you have been under the weather
chirho: Peg and flipper helpers for IRC
chirho: :) Thanks, possum
possum: No the two newest ones don't use IRC either
Peg: Barb, Ellen and Crill need help?
chirho: yep
*** RonC ( has joined channel #Fian
possum: Now that you are better I will send update
Peg: Ok, do I have their addys?
chirho: that's five newbies and two helpers...
Peg: Hi Ron, wb
possum: they do all seem to have new browsers though
Peg: 5? who are the other 2?
chirho: Peg all addies will be in tomorrow nights MOTD
chirho: two more newbies, possum has em
possum: So they can go to class at VU as long as server holds up
flipper: addys and I will email them to meet me in the Java room and start helping them Peg, what's a good time for you?
Mugs: Can you remember the help page for setting up mIRC that we used during the IRCathon?
flipper: I have it copied
possum: I know study group signup had ended but
flipper: Rag Tag
chirho: Will include that... also fiannag/find.html has a pile of IRC stuff
possum: they got lost
possum: Big Dan
Peg: ok, I'll meet them here, I have a study group (or something) at 9 on most nights
Mugs: that was a very helpful tool
possum: had that one email for several days
chirho: Big Dan made it here... he works crazy hours
Mugs: I just can't remember the chaps name. Must be old age or something..
chirho: 24 on and somem a fireman
flipper: Rag Tag addy is:
possum: Big D thought maybe you were hiding out chirho ")
possum: :)
chirho: Zonie hangs out in RagTag and did the page
possum: I do hope youa are better
Mugs: Zonie...thats his name
chirho: still weak and groggy most of the time
possum: Ugly flu going around!!
chirho: Finally taking some time off from hospital to rest
possum: Wow Zonie Great Idea
Mugs: His page is the one I am thinking of. You remember it Peg?
Peg: Zonie is THE ONE for mirc. couldn't have done it without him.
chirho: I'll send out the URL
Peg: Yes, Mugs....great!!
Mugs: He had everything laid out step by step with pictures and good instructions
chirho: Right. I'll send URL
chirho: in MOTD TOMORROW night :)
flipper: I just put the rag tag addy up above that's the Zonie site
Peg: and he is frequently on Rag_Tag for additional help.
Mugs: I think Rag Tag is for ppl more advanced than newbies isn't it?
flipper: can't get much more basic....
Peg: Zonie helps everyone....all welcome.
chirho: And always a gentlelman
Mugs: maybe I am getting it confused with another one then.
chirho: RagTag started as a study group for advanced HTML, he and Blossom^ have continued to render aid to the suffering there since :)
possum: Zonie has a newbie's site.
RonC: G'Night gang, thanks for letting me hang out...
possum: I have it bookmarked,
chirho: Ron
Mugs: See you Ronc
Peg: Night, Ron.
possum: That's why I haven't been paying attn
chirho: hope you'll join our Certification fian :)
possum: I have been lokking
possum: too darn many bookmarks!!
Mars7: I've got to say good bye too.
*** Signoff: Mars7 (Client exited)
Mugs: bye Mar
Mugs: too late
*** RonC has left channel #Fian
chirho: He has one for PIRCH, also
flipper: there's also an SOS group mirc setup problem solving that leapin' put together thru VU at the beginning of the course in the "classroom" or the your desk column might be worth others looking into
possum: Pictures and everything
Peg: I think I first met him when I was using Pirch.
chirho: Possum, I just posted the URL's
possum: See I did get something out of staying up all night at the IRCathon
flipper: it goes into how to set up with pictures and Rag tag continues on from there
chirho: ;) hehehe
possum: Isee chirho
Peg: I think we all did!!
possum: I mailed these off to the newbies
possum: but I don't know if they have looked the info up
chirho: Some folks need to have a lot of hand holding in the beginning ;(
Peg: That's true...well we can do it.
chirho: :)
possum: Also
possum: I think VU is going to have a free site and post lessons
possum: IRC is offered thi semester
chirho: That's what I've heard.
possum: Ghattens and Leapins instructions at VU were how I got on IRC
flipper: yes, I'm taking the IRC class this term :)
possum: I never had time to take the class
possum: I just read the lessons
Mugs: Has it started yet flipper?
chirho: I'm starting to lag... any more business? flipper, want to join echos and I in working on ops stuff?
flipper: class started at the beginning of the term.....
chirho: flp, the rest of our study group is off doing bigger and better things, want to join echos and I?
flipper: I don't know too much about ops....just a litle, but yes I can help
chirho: :)
chirho: Will email tomorrow, flipper
flipper: okay
chirho: Any more business?
possum: No chirho
chirho: Goodnight, then to all you wonderful folks :)
possum: I think we have to handle the rest of this stuff via email
possum: Willl right
Mugs: Good night Chirho
flipper: Soooo, what are we doing re: the newbies....whose contacting who? etc.
Peg: Think we are all tired tonight.
possum: Sorry write
possum: Yes
*** chirho has left channel #Fian
Peg: Flipper, are you emailing them (newbies) re: mirc?
possum: We will email around flipper
flipper: I can......Possum do you have heir addys handy?
*** mc ( has joined channel #Fian
possum: cc everybody on what you are sending out to Newbies
possum: Then we won't be duplicating
mc: hiya guys
possum: will mail addys flp
flipper: thanks....that way no duplication
Peg: okay, let me know when and where, flipper and we can set up a relay.
possum: Suggest we 4 be committe for newbie IRC help
Peg: ok with me.
flipper: any special time to meet with them in Java or just privately one on one
possum: think chirho need s to rest
possum: we should adjpurn
flipper: okay---Peg, Possum, flipper and ?
Mugs: ? Mugs
possum: flipper let's see when they will be available and they can be paired with those of us who are available
flipper: okay I thought so but thought I had better check :)
possum: You too Mugs
possum: We need all the help we can get
flipper: sounds good....just wanted to include it in the email
possum: It will help if you want to get them on via java flipper
possum: to try daytime
possum: server hoplds up better
Mugs: It is a big step to start IRCing but once you do it you really wonder what your worried about
flipper: yes, this is true....I'm home most of the day so time isn't too bad a problem.
possum: What do you all think?
possum: yes MUgs
Mugs: Day time is not so good for me
possum: All they have to do is get on the server
*** Signoff: Peg (Ping timeout)
*** Peggy ( has joined channel #Fian
possum: They can pick up the bells and whistles later
possum: :)
*** mc has left channel #Fian
Peggy: server must be getting tired, bumping me.
possum: :)
Peggy: wouldn't even let me use my own name...
*** Peggy is now known as Peg
flipper: well, in the emails we'll just ask them what's the best time....and just maybe their time zone will work for us!!!!!
possum: k Daytime may not be so good for newbies either
Peg: what did I miss.
Mugs: What was your nick last time MathACe?
possum: Mugs we may need night time help
possum: Some of them will be unavailable during daytime
Mugs: Evenings are best for me as I work during the day
possum: You can help in the evening
flipper: I'm a stay at home mom so anytime is okay.
End of session.

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