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January 18, 1998
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February 8, 1998
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February 8, 1998

Session Start: Sun Feb 08 20:50:29 1998
*** Now talking in #Fian
#Fian created on Sun Feb 08 20:33:31
*** robyn1 ( has joined #Fian
*** Irish ( has joined #Fian
<possum> Hi robyn1
*** Connie ( has joined #Fian
<possum> Hi irish
<robyn1> Hi possum
<Crill> When irish eyes are smiiilling . . . all the worrlld is bright and gay . ..
<Irish> Hi everyone - again!
<Crill> Or whatever :]
<chirho> Hi! brb
*** Connie ( has left #Fian
<Crill> Chirho gone for a Pilsner?
<possum> :)
<possum> Well we have a few minutes before everybody shows up
<possum> Good time for a break
<possum> Did everybody get their mid term done?
<Crill> betcha.
<Irish> I finished mine a little while ago.
<Crill> um. . .heheh. . . not quite yet.
<possum> I still have to write my query
<possum> And I need to look over the names again
<possum> That's always the hardest part
<possum> However, form the look of some of my censuses this might be a skill I could use.
<possum> Think studying invisible handwriting would be better though :)
<Crill> Am still unclear about process for CEU credit. Do we send it in, or not?
<chirho> Well, I'm back. And also back home and recuperating. Did get pages updated yesterday, but haven't finished reading emails...
*** mc ( has joined #fian
<possum> Crill I am not getting CEUs, but I think Marthe will ask for those getting CEUs the last 2 wks of class
<chirho> Welcome mc
<mc> thx! : )
<Crill> OK, possum.
<chirho> robyn1 !!!! :) :) :)
* chirho turns cartwheels of joy
<robyn1> :-))
<possum> Don't know whether she will ask group leader about homework, but I have saved all email and chirho will still have the BB up.
<mc> you guys are all registered in the course?
<chirho> This is a Virtual University course we're talking about here, mc
<Crill> So we send it to the group? The info so far seems contradictory.
<possum> chirho I am glad you were feeling better
<mc> ah... sorry...
<chirho> Crill, put it on our BB and send it to possum
<possum> What do you mean by back hoe?
<chirho> mc, stay around and welcome :)
<possum> Were you in the hospital??
<Crill> OK. Will do. Thanks, chirho.
<mc> thx chirho
<chirho> yes, possum almost all week
<chirho> pneumonia
<possum> I mean other than your work there??
<possum> Oh dear
<possum> I kept worrying that you had been hospitalized when you stopped writing?
<chirho> so don't know what's been going on ;(
<Crill> @-',-- flower for you, chirho
<possum> I told DH I was worried about you because you sounded so sick last Sunda!!
<chirho> Thank you Crill
<possum> We are glad that you are back and are feeling better.:)
<chirho> possum, your thoughts must have helped :)
* possum gives a big hug to chirho
<chirho> Mugs, are you here?
<chirho> Irish?
<chirho> thank you possum
<Irish> I'm here :)
*** dirk2 ( has joined #Fian
<chirho> Hello, dirk2 :)
<chirho> How are you faring weatherwise?
<Mugs> I am her now chirho
<Irish> Our backyard has been flooded - many streets closed.
<chirho> :) Mugs
* Mugs gives chirho a big warm hug
<possum> Our weather here is wonderful:)
<chirho> Irish, what part of the country?
<Crill> peasoup fog and -8 here . . . a lovely day.
*** flipper ( has joined #fian
<Irish> Rocklin, CA (outside of Sacramento)
<flipper> hi, everyone
<possum> We are bound to have more cold though
<Mugs> Hi flipper
<dirk2> Hi, finally got home in time to get here. 7:00 PM made the difference.:-)
<chirho> Irish, I have an extra rowboat here in Erie, PA, I'll try to email it over ;)
<possum> This is after all Northwest MO
<Irish> Thanks!
<possum> Good to see you Dirk
<Mugs> Hi dirk2
<dirk2> Weather has been very nice for Feb.but just started to rain.
<Crill> where are you, Dirk?
<possum> And great to know that the time change is woring out for everybody!
<flipper> Irish, I used to live in Lodi, CA and Stockton, CA
<dirk2> Victoria, BC, CAN
<Irish> They are pretty bad now too! Where do you live now?
<flipper> ND
<Mugs> I figured you must be on PST Dirk
<Crill> a fellow Canajun, eh!
<Mugs> eh
<possum> brb
<Irish> dirk2 - do you have any info on Vancouver birth certs?
-> [chirho] PING
<Irish> Where in ND?
<Mugs> Where are you from Crill?
<flipper> south of Fargo.....I grew up in Montana
<Irish> I lived in Three Forks MT and Minot ND for a while.
<Crill> Manitoba, Canada, Mugs.
* Mugs lives in Sunny Saskatchewan Canada
* mc is living in Ottawa ON CAN
<flipper> I remember you saying that about Minot, this past week in class
<Mugs> SW corner of the province
<Crill> Good deal . . . three CJ's here.
<Irish> Oh yah :]
<Irish> Must be getting old.
<flipper> mugs, how close to Calgary?
<Crill> four!
<Mugs> are you around Winnipeg Crill
<Mugs> I am about 500 kms from Calgary (300miles)
<Crill> 70 miles west, Mugs. the Metropolis of Miami, Manitoba.
<Mugs> Crill have you ever heard of a place called Purves or Burves?
<flipper> I saw you said southwest corner.....that's the only town I know of in the area :)
<Mugs> Flipper its only 5 hours by car
<Crill> Not in Mb, Mugs. There's a Purvis in Sask, isn't there.
<flipper> Crill, I think I live abooouuuttt 300 miles from you....I think
<dirk2> Irish - BC Vital Stats has put a lot of datao
<Crill> Was in Ottawa last weekend, mc! Awful, the tree damage.
*** Peg ( has joined #Fian
<Irish> I know - but this is one for 1919 - and they want $50.00 (don't really want to pay that much)!
<mc> yes, it looks a little depressing...
<Crill> Hey, practically neighbours, flipper! We've probably driven by.
<chirho> :) Peg
<Mugs> I'm not sure Crill
<Crill> Especially from the air. Unreal, mc.
*** Peg is now known as MathAce
<MathAce> be back in a minute.
<flipper> I remember when I lived in CA just driving 10 miles was way tooooo far. People laugh at us when we go to buy groceries about 35 miles away....I love it!!!!
<mc> yes, i guess it would look totally different from the air... but it sure was pretty when it was happening!
<Crill> Why, mugs? You know someone there?
<dirk2> oops hit wrong key :-) --lot of data online URL is under "BC Archives"
<Crill> Yup, flip. Good prairie country.
<Crill> Weird, eh, mc?? The beauty of destruction . . .
<Irish> Tried the BC archives - the birth date is too recent to be on their
<Irish> site
<chirho> Jack London started one of his books with a few poetic prose lines about the northern winter's beauty and dangers..
<mc> yes, it is strange, so beautiful... but people suffering
<flipper> As I said b?4 I grew up in MT. when I'd mention the long drives, my BIL would say no way, how can you exist? Boy, am I glad there's a lot of unenlightened people out there
<Crill> and then there's "Sam McGee"!
<robyn1> gotta go guys, good to see everyone again
<Mugs> Crill I am trying to read some notes my grandfather wrote. They are all in Russian except for the place name and i think it says Purves or Burves Man
<chirho> Thanks for coming robyn, come back soon :)
<robyn1> ok
*** robyn1 has quit IRC (Leaving)
<possum> And the night on the Marge of Lake Lebarge when I cremated Sam McGee :)
<Crill> Hm. Let me check mymap, Mugs. Could be one I don't know.
<Mugs> and its the first time I've been warm...
<flipper> Speaking of Russian...... I have a question that I feel I should have asked a VERY LONG time ago.......
<possum> My grandparents were from TN
<possum> Not the Irishment the other side
<Crill> And there wasn't a breath in that land of death; as I hurried horror-driven . . .
<possum> Wonder how they liked their first NW MO winter?
<flipper> My grandmother was born in Odessa..... But everybody claims her as German/Russian..... Please explain....
*** Temp ( has joined #Fian
<chirho> I used to find em pretty COLD possum !
<chirho> wb Temp
<dirk2> BC Archives Home Page --
<Temp> well i'm here and glad to be so
<possum> A lot of Germans had emigrated to Russia
<Mugs> Flipper there is a religios group known as Mennonites who went from Germany to Russian and them to N. america
<possum> So she might have been of German ancestry although she was from Russia
<Crill> Ok, what do I know. There is a Purvis, and not that far from here *blush*. It's a very small village, right near the US border, center of the province.
<flipper> okay, so is it like my Irish Russia and then Germany? My grandmother's family were devout Catholic
<Mugs> Is it on a current map Crill?
<possum> :)
<Crill> Is that where your people settled, mugs?
<possum> Well this has been a great winter chirho So far
<possum> Too much mud though
<Mugs> no but my grandfather spent some time there before he met my grandmother
<flipper> I have the same problem with my Grandfather (Austrian/Hungarian)
<chirho> Up here, too, no days where we were subzero, the bay isn't even frozen
<Crill> Yes, mugs. A good one.
<Crill> Just south of Crystal City, Pilot Mound.
<dirk2> I forget criteria births 100 yrs - deaths 20 yrs -marriages to come soon (I think)
<Mugs> Crystal City!! thats where he met my grandmother
<possum> Well flipper Hungary was once part of the Austro Hungarian empire
<Crill> aha, mugs! The plot thickens!
<possum> Before WWI
<Mugs> Crill
<Mugs> Crill
<Mugs> Crill
<flipper> I know this is Irish research.....but, where do you start to search with things like Aust/Hung
<Crill> The towns are about 10 miles apart.
<Crill> Hey, neat, Mugs!! Is this the plot thickening??
<possum> When did they come flipper?
<flipper> 1900
<Mugs> I am so happy to know that
<Mugs> Crill it is a rainbow hug from me to you
<possum> Well they would have been born in what was then the Austro-Hungarian Empire
<Crill> Great, mugs . . . am warm all over.
<possum> Actually they might be neither Austrian or Hungarian.
<flipper> she was born in Odessa, Russia....they met in America
<possum> The empire included lots of other nationalities
<flipper> possum, what do you mean.....
-> [chirho] PING
<possum> In fact that was one of the factors which began WWI.
<Mugs> I wondered first of all if it was a town and then I wondered if it still existed or had gone the way of so many prairie towns
<Mugs> faded off into the sunset after the elevators disappeared
<possum> The heir to the Austro-Hungarian emoire was assinated by a Serb.
<flipper> supposedly he was born in Austria (I've been told in a town called--Istvonfeldt----can't find the town anywhere
<Crill> It must be very small; the town identifier is in the <200 population category.
<possum> Although Serbia was a country a lot of Serbs were included in the empire
<chirho> flipper, have you looked for an Autro-Hungarian list on rootsweb? If there is one, you're likely to get some answers there..
<possum> Actually they are still having a lot of problems over there today
<flipper> I was on the Hungary list for a whie and that's where I found the town wasn't
<possum> My sister an army captain is on a break from Bosnia right now
<possum> But she will have to go back!!
<Mugs> Crill I have sooo little infor on my grandfather. He died in 1935 and his info went with him
<chirho> flipper, I have some URL's for around the southeastern Europe area... will try to find them for you
<chirho> Maybe one will lead to more?
<Mugs> This is another little piece you have given my tonight
<flipper> thanks, I really appreciate any help :)
<possum> Did you look for a map the empire in 1900 flipper?
<Crill> Have you checked Mb vital stats, Mugs? At that date, they should have some info on him.
<dirk2> Irish - Thereis a new site up called BC Cemetary Finding Aid
<flipper> I don't see any of the newbies in here....did any reply?
<Irish> Where is it?
<possum> The empire included several counties or parts of countries
<chirho> Crill made it :)
<Crill> When did he come, Mugs? Was he part of the Mennonite emigration?
<flipper> no, I haven't possum
<Mugs> He died in Sask
<possum> So they probably weren't from what is now Hungary
<Crill> Newbie here, flip.
<Mugs> No as a matter of fact he was a Catholic
<Crill> Hm. Any kids born here?
<dirk2> got that
<flipper> oh weren't sounding like a newbie....... :)
<Mugs> Yes my Dad and his brothers and sisters
<Crill> I bluff well, flip! :]
<possum> flipper maybe we can find something on the web tomorrow
<Irish> Thanks dirk2 :)
<Crill> In Mb?
<possum> We can both look and email each other
* mc whispers: Can I ask a stupid question?
<flipper> thanks, possum.....I knew better Crill....I've seen you around the rooms :)
* chirho whispers, sure, mc
<Mugs> No in Sask. Grandparents came to Sask in 1923 or 24
<mc> lol -- what class are you guys taking?
<possum> I don't have anyone from there so I don't know anything about gen research just history.
<flipper> is there really such a thing as a stupid question-----hope not or I'd have the award!!!!!
* chirho says this group is taking Practical Internet Genealogy
<possum> Think depending on where they were from there might be some pretty good records though
<Crill> There are a lot of town histories done in the last few years, around centennials - might even be something from Purves.
<mc> ah.. so it encompasses all aspects of the net?
<chirho> yep, mc
<possum> Especially if they came as late as 1900
<mc> cool!
<Crill> please, Mc! join the rest of us sq askers!
<possum> flipper
<possum> That is not a STUPID question
<mc> what's a "sq asker" ?
<chirho> be a sqasker, not a squasher! :)
<possum> Those are good questions
<Mugs> That is a good point Crill. I could probably write to the mayor of Purvis and see if they made up a book
<flipper> I knew that.....I saw mc whispering and just had to comment....but you have to admit, I have asked some ddooosssers
<chirho> ;)
<possum> Tat could be pretty interesting research flipper
<mc> lol sq = stupid questions -- LOL
<flipper> what? Stupid Questions? :)
<mc> : )
<chirho> right mc :)
<possum> No Austro Hungarians
<possum> and German Russians
<possum> :)
<Temp> leaving see ya later
*** Temp has quit IRC (Leaving)
<chirho> he leaves tooooo fawst!
<chirho> fasst
<chirho> fast!
* mc giggles :}}
<flipper> I know....I'm feeling better tonight so I'm being "catty" just have dh bring me another saucer of milk....
<chirho> heheheh
<possum> I always think the research is as fun or even more fun than actually finding them
<Mugs> Flipper I have some urls on Germans from Russia would you like them?
<possum> You learn all kinds of things along the way :)
<flipper> but you know possum.....if I did those topics, I'd get overwhelmed, and would have to cut out a few of my things and probably not get to meet with all YOU wonderful people ;)
<Crill> Might want to try Crystal City or Manitou, mugs. Don't think Purves would have any kind of Council.
<flipper> I'd love them Mugs
<possum> Then I think you should wait until later to start ion your other research flipper :)
<possum> After all we have a lifetime to search
<possum> If we find them right off, the fun will be over
<Crill> Hubby suggests Pilot Mound - some good historians there.
<chirho> but possum, it takes longer to get on back to Adam ;)
<mc> any of you guys part of my family... I've been searching everywhere for them!
<flipper> mugs, send them to
*** RonC (c@Toronto06-55.Better.Net) has joined #Fian
<MathAce> Hi Ron,
<chirho> Hi, RonC
<RonC> Hello all...just going to lurk for a catch the drift
<possum> brb
<chirho> we're drifting all over Canada and Euroope
<chirho> Europe tonight
<chirho> But some folks are getting closer to their prey :)
<chirho> Any questions about Fianna tonight?
<MathAce> That's always nice...wish I could say the same...
<RonC> Always encouraging to hear that success is out there somewhere
<possum> Well it has been a productive chat
<chirho> How's the IRC committee coming?
<mc> is Fianna strictly Irish?
<possum> Howeve...oh chirho just asked what I was going to ask :)
<chirho> mc, technically, yes
<mc> k
<Mugs> crill would you know the postal code for Crystal city or Manitou?
<possum> Well we are an Irish group
<flipper> I've received some messages back....sent them all on to possum
<chirho> And folks' projects?
<chirho> any help needed?
<chirho> any ready to start coding?
<Crill> mugs, try this by snail mail: Nick Didkowski, Snowflake, Man. R0G 2K0 He is the municipal councillor for the Purves area, and knows it well.
<flipper> I caught your cyber flu this past week....all intentions for doing research went down the drain, chirho
<Irish> Not yet ready to start coding - but soon.
<possum> I think it is coming along and we have some newcomers tonight Irish and Crill :)
<Mugs> thats just wonderful Crill. thanks
<chirho> oooh, I'm sorry flipper. I did cover my mouth when I coughed...
<Crill> Well, good luck, mugs!
<flipper> :)
-MathAce- Only you can see this Let me know when you need help with coding.
* Mugs just smiles and nods
<chirho> k
<possum> Well we need to beaver away these next few wks
<flipper> finally ventured out of bed for tonights chat....see how important all of you are to me :)
<Irish> Not new to the study group - just the chat :)
<Crill> Yup, possum. It's been fun, joining you nice people.
<possum> Provided chirho is well enough to take stuff
<chirho> :) Fllipper
<flipper> who was doing Co. Antrim?
<Mugs> Whats happening with the IRC learning session?
<possum> I know that Irish
<possum> I have seen your lessons and stuff
<possum> It is just that we are glad to get to talk to you :)
<Irish> :)
*** Murph ( has joined #Fian
<Crill> When Irish eyees are smiilllling . . . sure, tis like a morn in May . . .
<Irish> :)
<flipper> Since last Sunday's meeting, I've seen a LOT of messages out there re: Co. Antrim, listing web sites, etc.....I've saved a few of them if anyone needs some sites for Co, Antrim......who is doing this county for their topic
<MathAce> That's me, flp, but haven't really coordinated anything yet.
<possum> I know we have somebody on Atrim
<chirho> don't remember, but send the URL's, I'll add em to the nubbin page
<possum> Cause I member seeing it
<MathAce> There is quite a bit on the net, trying to organize how to handle.
<MathAce> I've got Antrim
<chirho> MathAce! Right. Did you find the nubbin?
<flipper> let me know if you want these addy's.....I've saved them when I've thought of it.....
<possum> Hey Canadians
<MathAce> send them along, flip, that would be great...already have about 40
<Crill> yah, possum?
<Mugs> yes
*** Murph has quit IRC (Leaving)
<possum> Did you know that Vickie L is thinking of starting up the Isish to Canada list again?
<MathAce> Yes, I sent a note that I would be interested.
<possum> Sorry Irish teehee
<MathAce> Ron, that should interest you.
<Irish> I contacted her about that. Have not received any info back yet.
<Mugs> No tell us more possum
* flipper whispers----boy, am I glad I'm keeping mine just to the "basics" of County Down history
<Crill> sounds good, possum. where?
<RonC> I replied withing minutes that I was go for that list..
<possum> I will email info out tomorrow so all you Canadians can write to Vickie!
<Mugs> is that quick ronc? hehehe
<possum> So she will know that ppl are interested
<Irish> Just checked - received this re the Irish/Canadian list: The Irish-Canada list will not be a mailing list. It will be a list. Here
<Irish> is part of the "What is the Irish-Canada List":
<Irish> "You and others can search the IRISH-CANADIAN LIST by surname, date, location
<Irish> in Ireland or Canada, and perhaps get a clue to further research.  In
<Irish> contributing to the list, you should be prepared to share your genealogical
<Irish> information with others.  Your address is given in the list so others can
<Irish> contact you directly."
<Irish> The Irish-Canada (probably will include Scottish as well) is for sharing
<Irish> information.
<Irish> Sorry - so long!
<Crill> tx, possum.
<flipper> addy, possum?
<dirk2> I'm chasing McKitricks in Co. Down, c- 1650 - 1850 (plantation from Scotland)
<possum> I will have to email the addy cause I don't have it to hand
<mc> are you guys making web pages of all the urls, etc that you are collecting
<Irish> Will be!
* flipper whispers to MA---I'll email some over to you sometime this week....not for a few days though
<possum> I guess Irish has left
<mc> : )
<chirho> mc, go to and see what we do! :)
<Mugs> I look forward to that possum
<mc> k, i'll do that!
<Irish> I'm still here!
<flipper> :)
<possum> Well we are using we are collecting URLs
<possum> But we are also doing research
<possum> on our own
<possum> We did a link site first term
<possum> The guide is a little more complex
<chirho> link site
<possum> As I said we are writing "papers" to on subjects that interest us!!
<possum> As well as linking to compatible web sites
<possum> Go to the site chirho gave you
<possum> She has a great explanation of what we are doing
<flipper> example.....rather than putting a map of a site in and having "copyright" problems....find a map on the web that covers your topic and put a link in.
<possum> chirho is Marthe's original explanation of the Guide still up?
<chirho> Not that I know of. But Marthe is planning some revisions in the basic idea.
<dirk2> Would it be cricket to pass that site on to my Gen. Soc. Irish SIG.
<chirho> We'll be alright, just a matter of some recoding..
<chirho> OH YES :) Dirk
<dirk2> great
<chirho> The guide is an effort to draw together all sources and all other guides, and be usefule to both newbies and seasoned genealogists.
<chirho> fiannag site belongs to anyone in the group :) We can all promote it.
<chirho> because we're all making it.
<possum> k
<RonC> Thanks for letting me listen in, tight for time tonight...will stop back again if I may...
<chirho> ;) Ron
<chirho> glad to have you
<flipper> I'm always talking about it in the Ireland chat on Mondays....
<possum> We would be glad to have you Ron :)
<MathAce> G'night Ron.
<chirho> :) flipper
<dirk2> I think it is a wonderful tool for those interested in Irish research.
<Mugs> night RonC
* RonC fades slowly into the sunset....with an appreciative wave of the hat..
*** RonC (c@Toronto06-55.Better.Net) has left #Fian
<possum> flipper hla advertised Irish chat on gen Tips so maybe she will get more ppl
<possum> Gen-Tips is a big group
<flipper> she puts out addys about once a month
<Crill> gotta go. Night, all.
<chirho> maybe someone would get her to put fiannag site on her list?
<MathAce> my biggest problem is that I'm at work when the Irish chat is on.
<possum> I like it I will try to remember tomorrow
<Mugs> Good night Crill and thanks again eh
<chirho> Goodnight Crill, glad you came. :)
*** Crill (arlz@ has left #Fian
<possum> If ther are no more questions I think we should adjourn so our
<flipper> I think we definitely need to get these chat sessions (ie. Ireland chat) and there times and locals in our Guide or the treehouse
<dirk2> 'nite crill
<Irish> MathAce - I am too - sometimes I am able to sneak into the chat!
<possum> Recuperating members can get some rest
<chirho> flipper, it's on the find.html page
<MathAce> I can't always get to the computer at 4pm....busy time.
<flipper> what about ALL the other wonderful genealogy chat sites
<possum> However, if our recovering members want to chat..:)
<chirho> If there's no more to log, I think I'll fade :)
<Mugs> Possum what about the Newbies Irc?
<possum> bye chirho
<MathAce> Bye, chirho
<possum> ?? Mugs
<Mugs> Take care Chirho
<flipper> I think I'll follow in your footsteps chirho
<chirho> bye all. Thanks for your prayers for the sick !
<flipper> goodnight everbody.....see you all during the week
<possum> If you mean the IRCathon
<Mugs> Just wondering if there is an órganized' help session
* /part: no channel specified
<mc> i didn't realize that you were an extention of Wendy's group
<possum> chirho might know
<Mugs> I volunteered to help out but ...
<possum> They were going to have it early in the term?
<dirk2> I'd like to see a list of all appropriate Chat site on Fianna-L or at least the ones that are considered the best
<Irish> Need to break up the usual Sunday night boy arguments! See you all soon! Hope you feel real better soon chirho :)
<flipper> Mugs, I sent out notes, not much response
*** Irish has quit IRC (Leaving)
<possum> I will ask Marthe in class Tuesday
<chirho> Since there were only three of our folks and there was a course to refer to, Marthe said not this time..for IRCathhon
<Mugs> thats what we talked about last Sunday night
<possum> And I will give chirho about a day to catch up on mail
<possum> :(
<possum> Too bad
<Mugs> I did't mean another Ircathon
<chirho> So we could do one, but prob better to just get together one on one with the new ones..
<possum> Ciourse if we could get new members on
<chirho> Now, I'm really leaving!
<Mugs> Some of the newbies needed a hand
<possum> So faR mUGS WE HAVEN'T RECEIVED anymore screams for help
Session Close: Sun Feb 08 23:10:04 1998

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*** Joins: flipper (
<flipper> hello all
<Mugs> Hi flipper hope you have better luck staying in this room
<flipper> have I seen these names somewhere before
<chirho> hi
*** Mugs sets mode: +o flipper
<flipper> so do I....I think your pinging helped....crossing fingers though
<chirho> we have a few moments... brb :)
<Crill> deja vue, flip.
<Mugs> Well you didn't get kicked out did you....hehhhe
*** Mugs sets mode: +o Crill
<Crill> what is this setting mode thing?
<Crill> sounds scarey.
<Mugs> It means everyone in here has ops
<Crill> Like aiming a cruise missle or something.
<Crill> ops?
<Crill> optics, optometrists, ??
*** Joins: robyn1 (
<Mugs> nothing just means you have some control over who is in the room
<flipper> so that if somebody with ops gets kicked out somebody already here can reops them
<flipper> operations
<Mugs> if someone gets rowdy or rude the op can kick them out
<Crill> aha. control freaks . . .
<robyn1> lol
<Mugs> It is also supposed to help keep people connected to the server too
<Mugs> unless your name is flipper of course
<flipper> :)
<Crill> Keep flip glued in??
*** Mugs sets mode: +o robyn1
<flipper> so far the super glue seems to be holding :)
<Crill> Keep the claws dug in, Flip1
<Mugs> touch wood flipper
<Mugs> brb
<Crill> How are things in Glocca Morra . ..
<Crill> Are the something something still singing there . . .
<Crill> Gotta get in an Irish mood here.
*** Joins: mamie (
<Crill> Too ra loo ra loo ra . . .
<Crill> Too ra loo ra li . ..
<Mugs> back
<Crill> Hush my Irish baby . . .
<Mugs> Just in time for the singing
<Crill> Sleep now, don't you cry.
<mamie> hello - I am new here. Is this an "open" genealogy group or is it only for those registered for a class?
<Crill> Cybersinging ideal for me . . . can't tell offkey :]
<Mugs> good thing you can't here me either
<flipper> Ohhhh, yes we can........
<Crill> We're in a class, mamie. But imagine OK if you join.
<Mugs> Are you doing Irish research Mamie?
<Crill> Uh oh, Flip!
<mamie> Yes, trying to learn about my grandparents from Ireland
<flipper> If you're doing Irish research you can sit in :)
<Crill> Names, Mame?
<Mugs> Thats usually what we talk about here. Mind you there are times we get totally off track too
*** Joins: kerryanne (as@
<mamie> Thanks- I'd LOVE to sit in! I'd like to learn about where I can find an online Iris genea class too
<Crill> Derailed is good, too. Can be very interesting.
<Mugs> Hello kerryanne
<Mugs> your right Crill
* kerryanne ®%®%®%® ®%®%®%®%® ®%®%®%®%® ®%®%®%®
* kerryanne ®%®%®%®.....HI EVERYONE.....®%®%®%®
* kerryanne ®%®%®%® ®%®%®%®%® ®%®%®%®%® ®%®%®%®
<flipper> weeellll guess what.......we're in one...... :)
<Crill> Hi Kerryanne. You're in a good mood!
<flipper> can't sign up for this session......but there will be another
<Crill> Hmm. No links there, Mam. Darn.
* kerryanne will listen in if its ok
<mamie> Oh well, When is the next one?
<Crill> Not if we get singing again, Kerry. :]
<kerryanne> now where did i put my earplugs
*** Joins: dirk2 (
<Mugs> Sure kerryanne its ok. But there will be a price...the admission price is one popup which yo can send to me
<dirk2> Hi all!
<Crill> popup??
<Crill> Hi dirk. How doing?
* kerryanne throws water balloons at Mugs !!! Duck!!!!**splat** **splat** .. **splat** **splat** **splat** **splat** **splat** **splat** **splat** **splat** **splat** **splat** **splat** **splat** ...**splat** **splat** **splat** then kerryanne runs away giggling... leaving Mugs dripping all over the floor!!
<kerryanne> hehehe
<Mugs> Hello Dirk
*** Joins: abbi-- (
<Crill> Woo. Now the floor is all rainbows!
<Mugs> lol Kerryanne....I ment dcc it too me
<Peg> HOLBROOK, MILLER, NICHOLS, PADDOCK, all early New England
<Peg> Ireland > MA mid 1800's
<Peg> ERIKSON, LARSSON, Sweden > MA 1890's
<Peg> REED, WALTON, Nova Scotia > MA mid 1800's
<Peg> PARKER ?? > MA and others.
*** Quits: flipper (Ping timeout)
<Crill> Woops. There goes flip again.
<robyn1> they don't make glue like they used to
<kerryanne> how does one dcc a popup?
<dirk2> Where are your Doherty's from, Peg?
<Crill> How do you do colours? I feel behind the times here.
<Peg> MA from Ireland, one, haven't researched yet.
<Mugs> are you using mirc Crill?
<Crill> Yup, Mugs.
<Crill> Gotta colour icon . ..
<Mugs> I am just looking up something Crill brb
<Crill> But it doesn't make sense
<Crill> Try again here
<dirk2> Mine came to NB Canada from Co Donegal in 1819, Mother and 5 children.
<robyn1> Hi kerryanne we meet again
<Crill> Nope
<kerryanne> brb
<Crill> Now maybe?
<Crill> Hey, got it.
<Peg> I'll keep you posted as I find them, dirk2, think they went to Canada first.
<dirk2> OK
<Crill> Looking for: Brandon, Cruikshank, Johnston. Good Irishmen, all.
*** Joins: rig3 (b.roorda@
<Crill> Or bad, maybe, according to family legend . . .
<rig3> brb
<rig3> Are we lagging?:(
*** Joins: Major37 (
<Crill> Hi rig.
-> [Crill] PING
<Crill> Bunch a laggards, rig. ;]
*** chirho sets mode: +o rig3
*** Joins: flipper (
<flipper> finally
<rig3> back
<Crill> Maybe a ball & chain, Flip . . .
<Crill> A few nails, some rope -
<flipper> heavily welded in place maybe....
<flipper> I've never been knocked off this many times
<Crill> Like rodeo time, Flip.
<flipper> have I been that obnoxious? Hope not :)
<kerryanne> maybe u should change your nick to sups glue it may stick u in place
<Major37> anyone see me..or have I been hit by a cyber-truck?
*** Joins: Irish (
<flipper> u b here
<Crill> Hi Major. You visible!
<kerryanne> i c u
<Irish> Got lost - hopefully bringing MCW with me.
<Major37> Thanks..Crill...and kerryanne...
<dirk2> hi Major37
*** Joins: MCW (
<Major37> Evening..dirk..
<flipper> did Joanne make it tonight
*** Joins: echos (humphri@
<rig3> Good attendance tonite :)
<Irish> Hi - MCW - beat you, but nice to see you!
<Crill> Hi MCW. You made it.
<kerryanne> [Major37 PING reply]: 1 second
<MCW> yup glad I found Irish I would never have made ti.
<Crill> Hi echos.
<echos> company gone -this small town togetherness gets in the way Sundays
<echos> but hi all
<Crill> Know that one, echos!
<Major37> Are we drink irish coffee together....and doing genealogy research...kerry...with that ping
<dirk2> This later time slot is much better
<Crill> A pint o Guinness, Major.
<Major37> :)
<robyn1> Hi echos
<Crill> And a few potato pancakes.
<Major37> now that is a double :)) Crill...
<Crill> Makes for a livelier session, Major! Gets the blarney goin'.
<flipper> Hey guys, b/4 we start I have to tell you my GREAT news
<Crill> Yeah, Flip??
*** Parts: abbi-- (
<kerryanne> u managed to stay in here for 2 minutes??
<flipper> also b/4 the super glue fails again
-> [chirho] PING
<Crill> Flip exit line coming' up
<flipper> Remember when I told you all my MIL wouldn't share the genealogy with me
<chirho> mmm
<Crill> yup
<dirk2> ya
*** Joins: abbi-- (
<flipper> well, today I talked with a cousiin of my husbands, and she has a copy of it and will be mailing it to me this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Crill> Hi again abbi.
<chirho> Wow! Wonderful!
<echos> i'm impressed
<flipper> all the way back to 1200's
<chirho> ooooooh
<Crill> congratulations, Flip! 1200's?? Wow.
<dirk2> That will make MIL happy????
<Irish> WOW!
<echos> name please???
<echos> lineage that is
<flipper> and.....I also found out that they were in IRELAND and not Scotland......Anyone searching BUCHANAN?
<echos> I Know Buchanan of Old State ofFranklin
<chirho> so happy for flipper, I'm flipping cartwheels :)
<Crill> Probably Scotland before Ireland. Buchanan very scottish name.
<rig3> Franklin TN echos??
<flipper> they were in IR between 1200-1600's then came to America......that's all she told I can't wait....
<echos> East TN -1783ish
<flipper> I kept looking for Scotland too
<Crill> Good stuff, Flip. What a break!
<dirk2> That's where mmost the scots came from. ireland!! :-)
<flipper> FINALLY!!!!!!!
<echos> Buchannans came down the "Irish Track" from SW PA
<flipper> now, I can calm down and be calm during study group
<chirho> don't be too calm!
<rig3> Right Echos dow you have TN roots?
<Crill> No wonder you flipping out all the time.
<echos> Big time -Laqrence Co
<Major37> May I ask the group...a question...
<echos> Lawrence Co
<Crill> Uh oh. What, major??
<flipper> :) if I get too calm...I'll just get bumped out of here
<chirho> Major?
<rig3> My grandparents came from Morritown
<Major37> I am researching John William Brennan, born 1834, Rochester, NY....
* rig3 is also reseaching IVY, LONG, ROBERTS, MAYES in Morristown, Hamblen Co (formerly Jefferson Co), Tennessee
<chirho> and, Major?
<echos> I Know Roberts, Mays & Long out of SC to TN
<Major37> should I be looking for an Irish background...or English...any help would be appreciated...
<chirho> Major37, could be any - Irish, Scottish, or Engllish
<rig3> Really echos???
<Major37> k...thanks..chirho...
<echos> My Husband has John Williams
<rig3> Trouble is lots of Roberts, Mayes and Longs in TN
<echos> really -reg3
<rig3> Lots of Longs and Robertses everywhere :(
<dirk2> Trying to locate McLellan's in "Derry" area c- 1740 before going to NB C- 1760
<echos> time period -they came abt 1806 from Spartenburgh SC
<chirho> Has anyone any questions about using newspapers, and Marthe's PLOY?
<rig3> Really interesting echos
<rig3> I haven't done that much in TN yet
<Irish> I look forward to trying it :)
<Major37> Yes..chirho..I have never used those resources...
<dirk2> Originally from scotland (Rossthier ?)
<rig3> Still working on all my famine Irishmen
-flipper:#fian- DCC Send (
<Major37> what is PLOY?
<chirho> Major, are you a VU student? We had a neat lesson on it, it will be posted on the web in a few weeks..
<echos> I tried Georgia newspapers abt 1800 -very interesting things
<rig3> chirho, A fun lesson this week.
<Major37> Oh..I was..chirho...but never did my homework...sorry...but really a neat on-line service...
<rig3> And different than what we have had before :)
<echos> Lots of stuff about "Pass Ports" into the Territories
<chirho> Has anyone used the PLOY? Written to the editors of papers near where ancestor originated?
<rig3> This is the 3rd time I have taken this class so it was fun doing something different.
<Crill> No. Is there a source for Irish newspapers circa 1800's?
<echos> No I went to Augusta Georgia Archives
<chirho> Probably the library in Dublin for old papers
<Major37> Do you use the international helplist for volunteers willing to do research in most countries...Crill?
* chirho says we must have coding in during the next week and a half! Marthe wants it all online by week 7
<rig3> Crill they have a site with daily articles from 100 years ago.
<Crill> No. Saw your mention in Cert, Major. Will check this out.
<rig3> But the famine is later than you want of course
<Major37> I may help..Crill...
<Crill> where, rig? Have some famine Irishmen, too.
<Irish> Chiro - uploading my site as we speak!
<rig3> k chirh
* chirho says send your coding email to with CODING and your topic as subject
<rig3> I know, I am "lagging" myself
<rig3> All this writing....
<rig3> Two classes and lots of writng:(
<kerryanne> be back soon
*** Parts: kerryanne (as@
<Major37> take care...see you soon...
<Crill> Yes, Major?
<rig3> I did find some great material... at NW MO gen society last week :)
*** Parts: Major37 (
<MCW> .
<echos> my face is red -what is "CODING"?
* chirho says just type your topic up and I'll code it when I get it
<echos> k
<rig3> Crill
<chirho> echos, you code your own pages
* rig3 is researching RYAN, HOULIHAN or HOULAHAN(County Tipperarary>South Adams, Berkshire County, MA>Nebraska City, Otoe County NE), O'HERIN (Fairfax VA/Washington DC>Northwest MO) GAFFNEY(Co Limerick) MURPHY,WHELAN or WHALEN in USA and IRL
<chirho> :)
<Crill> Rig?
*flipper* :)
<rig3> The Rig should have worked harder keeping up in html class two terms ago :(
<rig3> need to take it again
<flipper> Rig....I know of some WHALENs in Fargo, ND
<echos> is a group doing "Irish Pedigrees"
<chirho> Peg and I can handle coding if you get the material in on time :)
*** Joins: kerryanne (as@
<rig3> Really flipper?
<rig3> Lot's of Whelans or Whalens
*Peg* bye
<rig3> Get this mine spelled ther names both ways.
<flipper> Yes, a close friend that I no longer see was married to a Whalen
<rig3> Two brothers
<echos> I will put up a page to SLC"_FHC Micro Film numbers if not
<MCW> I used to work for a Whalen
<rig3> They weren't estranged or fact very close :)
<chirho> echos, send me the URL so I can submit it with the rest :)
<rig3> WHALEN is one of the most common names in EIRE
<echos> k
<kerryanne> is trying to find itchens/itchins/hitchens/hitchins
<robyn1> where from kerryanne
<rig3> Not quite as bad as MURPHY or RYAN though :(
<kerryanne> no idea
<chirho> hehehe, rig
<kerryanne> first name of genjo
<chirho> kerryanne, ask on IRELAND-L
<rig3> Yes but those sound rarer than mine kerryanne!!
<rig3> Ulstermen or Southern?
<robyn1> I have a Mary HITCHEN from Lancashire
<echos> Not Kitchen ???
<rig3> brb
<kerryanne> not kitchen that i know of
<flipper> Does anyone know where Sterlingshire is....Is it England or Scotland?
<kerryanne> in his handwriting h
<Irish> Need to go - kids are gone and husband is demanding time!
<flipper> have a good evening
<echos> hitchen is really different -might need to watch for name change???
<echos> bye
<Irish> Will let you know when the site is done correctly - hopefully in the next few days.
<chirho> MacSlyght has Itchingham, see Etchingham
<chirho> also has Hintchen
<chirho> not itchen
<chirho> itchin
<Irish> County Cork info
<kerryanne> i have found it as itchens/itchins/hitchens/hitchins
*** Quits: Irish (Leaving)
-MCW:#Fian- DCC Send winzip.lnk (
<echos> testing
<chirho> Winzip is at
<kerryanne> on marriage cert in his hand hitchens
<chirho> useful program
<Crill> problem, echos?
*** Joins: tiana (
<Crill> Hi tiana.
<echos> no thought I was pinged
<Crill> Descriptive, that term - pinged.
<tiana> howdy,,, was just doing a test for my wife,,, she's doing a geneology class
<chirho> MCW, did that answer your request?
<tiana> on this net
<kerryanne> robyn1 do u know the origins of mary
<chirho> tiana, what class?
<Crill> Must be a southerner, tiana!
<tiana> here,,, i'll put her on
<MCW> did I ask for something?
<robyn1> will have to check kerryanne and email you
<tiana> the certification class
<kerryanne> ok
<kerryanne> email is
<chirho> MCW I got a DCC request for winzip.lnk
<robyn1> ok
<MCW> I don't know why?
<MCW> may be when you put up the url
<chirho> tiana, you're late by about two hours. :( We just finished that. It meets in #cert
<kerryanne> will see soon
<MCW> I guess I have something set on auto
<rig3> tiana the certification class meets at 7 CST Tues and Thurs
<chirho> rig, that's Sun and Thurs
<flipper> you're in the fianna (Irish) study group
<kerryanne> brb
<rig3> You can come Thursday tiana
<rig3> Now that you know how to get on IRC
<chirho> tiana, come to #cert on Sun and Thurs at 7 CST
<tiana> yes, I know, I just know nothing about doing this & my husband was showing me "the ropes". You were right there so he put me on here to see what it was like!
<Crill> Gotta go - see you all next Sunday.
<rig3> Soory the Rig takes tooooo many classes and is half asleep
<chirho> welcome, tiana!
<chirho> If you're interested in things Irish, we do em!
<rig3> great tiana Glad to have you
<chirho> bye Crill
*** Parts: Crill (arlz@
<rig3> It is good to practice :)
<flipper> if you have irish interests......let us know
<tiana> Are any of you looking at Irish CATO families? Ever heard of the surname??
<chirho> And there will be a Fianna group for the Certification class, also :)
<chirho> Have heard CATO, yes
<chirho> don't have any
<flipper> I don't have any
<tiana> Is it a common Irish name? I've heard there's an Irish whiskey by the name!
<rig3> :)
<dirk2> and it's good too!!
<chirho> tiana, join the IRELAND-L at rootsweb, you'll get good answers there. I've seen a few posts about CATO
<rig3> There is a RYAN's Irish Cream
<rig3> :)
<chirho> and Bailey's uuuummmmmmm
<dirk2> he was the "Green Hornet's" side kick :->
<tiana> This is really easy, isn't it!!! I think I will try Irish Roots - hadn't thought of it before! I appreciate y'all helping out a newbie! Gonna run clean up from dinner :( Bye!
<flipper> hmmmm....Rig.....are you into those Irish refreshments?
<rig3> tee hee Dirk
*** Parts: kerryanne (as@
<chirho> bye, come back
*** Quits: tiana
* chirho asks if anyone has any questions or problems with VU course, homework, project
<rig3> No chirho
<rig3> Has everyone gotten their midterms back?
<flipper> I'll probably get mine into you by the end of the week
<flipper> I haven't
<echos> I'm fine -just stretched to limits right now
<chirho> abbi-- Glad to see you made it :)
<abbi--> Hi, all. Finally made it, but since my first, I'll just sit back and observe.Someone mentioned JOHNSTON awhile back. I have some info on Johnston family emigrating to Canada from Armagh around 1832. Any help?/exit
<rig3> Well the hour is about up and I have been on this puter all night.
<flipper> Good night all
<chirho> dirk2, glad you'll be with us
*** Quits: rig3 (Leaving)
<chirho> good night flipper
<Mugs> night flipper
*** Quits: flipper (everybody have a GREAT week!!!!!)
*** Parts: abbi-- (
<chirho> enjoy, folks, turn out the lights when you leave :)
Session Close: Sun Feb 15 23:15:23 1998

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February 22, 1998

Session Start: Sun Feb 22 22:03:45 1998
*** Now talking in #Fian
#Fian topic is Fianna Study Group at 10pm ET
#Fian topic set by chirho on Sun Feb 22 19:42:27
#Fian created on Sun Feb 22 19:42:07
<chirho> Hi, I'm back. Please op me when you notice me!
*** Joins: echos (
<echos> hi again
*** Joins: possum (b.roorda@
<echos> JUst had an exciting call from a researcher on my Hall/Potter side of family. The Potters are from Ireland.
*** Joins: flipper (
<flipper> hi guys.....
<possum> Hi flipper
<flipper> I made a mistake a bit ago over in the cert class...
<echos> i flipper & possum
<echos> How is tht?
<possum> How did Cert class go?
<flipper> Someone asked a questiona about ordinances etc....
<flipper> I didn't know the answer....
<chirho> back :)
<echos> Wish I had caught that
*** Joins: Irish (
<flipper> so I referred them to here if they didn't find the answer
*** Joins: dirk2 (
<possum> teeheee
<echos> what was ???
<flipper> but I gave them the webmaster server
<flipper> oops
<Irish> Hi :)
<echos> Hi Irish
<possum> I have been only sitting in on Cert class
<dirk2> Hi all ...
<echos> me too :0
<flipper> in fact MCW just found me over there.....
<chirho> Hi all :)
*** Peg sets mode: +o chirho
<echos> hi Chirho
*** chirho sets mode: +o possum
<Peg> just got back, sorry.
*** Joins: MCW (
<possum> Missed tonight because am desperately trying to finish gude projects tonight
*** chirho sets mode: +o flipper
*** chirho sets mode: +o dirk2
<possum> Have been at this puter all day :(
*** chirho sets mode: +o echos
*** chirho sets mode: +o Irish
<flipper> sooooo....could somebody monitor both spots....there was a new person asking questions....
*** chirho sets mode: +o MCW
<possum> I am going stir crazy!!
<echos> but you love it ???
<chirho> hehehe, of course we ALL do!
<dirk2> Looks like everyone is in the "mode" :-)
<possum> Also have a writng family history project due Tesday snff
<possum> Snifff snifff boo hoo
<Peg> aww, don't cry, you'll make it!
<echos> here's a tissue
<possum> Thanks echos
<flipper> possum, if you weren't busy you wouldn't know what to do with yourself....
<echos> :)
*** Joins: robyn1 (
* chirho says she's glad possum's giving everyone a good example and working hard on her PROJECT !!! :)
*** chirho sets mode: +o robyn1
<possum> I fell behind yesterday cause we spent all yesterday up at my folks
<possum> sitting up my sister's computer
<echos> the story of my life -retired you know
<possum> She is going to leave it when she goes back overseas
<flipper> chirho, I have all my info for my project.....I have to put it all together.....You should see it in the next day or two....
<possum> They are NOT excited about technological advances
* chirho smiles at flipper
<possum> I thinnk a lot of hand holding will be needed
<flipper> I was amazed at some of the info I found out
<Peg> chirho, need any help coding yet? I haven't received anything on this end yet.
*** Joins: Mugs (
<echos> just got a call from a POTTER?HALL relative. Doesn't even know puter back to snail mail
<Mugs> Hi everyone
<flipper> I wanted to write about the history of county Down....but I've changed it to a brief history of Northern Ireland....
<possum> Oh echos How primitive!!
<possum> Guys
*** chirho sets mode: +o Mugs
* Mugs just smiles and nods
<echos> right
<flipper> I've really learned a lot....I wanted to know the exact size of the country, the popultion at different times....
<possum> I don't know what you will think about this but I have been working on something new.
<echos> sounds like a very good theme
<chirho> Peg, so far we're doing okay.. nothing from nobody :(
<possum> You know all that newspaper stuff I have been bombarding you with?
<chirho> yep :)
<Peg> I've set up a page for Antrim, but haven't completed yet.
<chirho> k, Peg, did you find my stuff?
<possum> Well I found tons more stuff so I am trying to bash it into some sort of shape for the guide!!
<echos> you have mine ...:)
<Peg> Yes, trying to consolidate that and a million other sites<G>
<flipper> Found out it's very humid and in July very seldom gets above 58 degrees, and in January very seldom gets below 40. It made me think about how the ancestors lived in the type of climate :) it's been really interesting....
<chirho> yes echos and Irish sent me their URL's :)
<chirho> flipper, that's cold!
<echos> I was there in Aug -very chilly
<flipper> but I think I'm going to save political for next time we work on project..
<possum> back
<Mugs> Its the dampnessthat makes it feel colder
<echos> Especially since they still go in pony carts on gravel roads
<flipper> I never thought about this.....I thought it was something we need to be aware of when doing research
<possum> yep flipper there's always a next time
<possum> I think this Guide could become a looooong continuing project>
<chirho> :) :) :) I've asked for space on Rootsweb for it
<possum> Good
<echos> yaaaah
<flipper> plus they have a constant westerly wind...that's why the temp doesn't fluctuate too much.....
<Peg> I've started buying Irish newspapers....
<possum> chirho Do you have any more infor for us on security breach??
<chirho> Took profiles completely off of site.
<possum> k
<chirho> revamped a number of other pages and let the whole thing go public
<possum> Peg You mightt be able to save your money
<Peg> Probably wisest move.
<echos> yes -wise
<possum> I have found so many Irish newspapers on the web....
<Peg> I know, I've seen them on here, but easier to read with my morning coffee<G>
<chirho> leprechaun helped me spruce up front page too :)
<Peg> Hard to carry the computer around :-)
<possum> You're rigth of course Peg
<echos> gotta look yet
<Mugs> It seemed like a matter of time until someone let it slip :-)
<possum> It is just that Marthe's newspaper lesson has really set me off...
<possum> This is becoming a major obssession
<Peg> Me too, that's what got me started...
<chirho> GREAT possum ;) More work for me!
<echos> I'm back to far to find much in news papers. More in MSS
<possum> brb
<echos> how far back have you found paprs
<Peg> I've been reading current, but believe local library has back quite aways.
<Peg> Heavy Irish neighborhood.
*flipper* I had probs with my bookmarks and then only had the one addy....was positive it was index...but when the breach came out I was really worried...thank-you
*flipper* bye
<echos> Dirk -visited your page today -impressed
<Peg> Local supermarket carries no less than 7 Irish newspapers, 3 from Ireland and 4 from Irish in America.
<dirk2> thanks, gotsome upgrading to do soon.
<echos> :)
<Peg> What's the url, dirk?
<flipper> MSS ???
<echos> manuscripts
<flipper> :)
<Peg> thanks
<echos> sure wish I had a Doherty line. There is a Broucher link in Barbadoe Islands I've watched
<echos> 1650ish
<dirk2> I have a son who is WP experienced!
<echos> Chirho -can't remember how to set message
<chirho> geocities is getting overloaded again, lots of down time and lots of slow time... that's why I want to get our study group pages onto rootsweb :) (and Hoseahouse is planning to move, too)
<chirho> echos, click on icon on bottom bar
*** Quits: robyn1 (Network is unreachable)
*** Joins: robyn (
<Mugs> wb robyn
<chirho> :) wb
<robyn> thanks lost my connection
<dirk2> Doherty Clann has a WP - - my son is the webmaster
<chirho> have some duct-tape
<robyn> ta
<possum> rootsweb seems like a good location
<chirho> Dirk, it's a lovely site :)
*** chirho sets mode: +o robyn
<Peg> Looks good, dirk!
<Irish> Got to go = family bugging me all night - see you all in class this week!
*** Quits: Irish (Leaving)
<possum> If I get a little ahead on my gen budget ought to send Brian leverich a contribution
<chirho> she leaves too fast!
<flipper> glad to see it's somebody elses' turn to be hopping in and out of here
<robyn> lol
<possum> I would really wonder what kind of set up he must have to carry all that traffic
<Mugs> Everyone has their turn in the barrel flipper
<flipper> Ihad my night last week
<Mugs> tonight its robyn
<robyn> lol
<flipper> I know...that's what's fun :)
<dirk2> Thanks all -- will see my son gets due credits. :-)
<robyn> mind boggling isn't it
<chirho> Any questions or problems with the latest lesson (ethnic groups, etc)
<possum> flipper are you doing th homework this term?
<flipper> yes
* flipper whispers.....but not in #history, as I found I ran into time problems...
<flipper> why
<robyn> lol
<possum> I found some really neat German Russian stuff that I was going to send to you. I thought I just might as well paste them on the gen class bb too
<possum> But if that is waht you are doing I don't want to duplicate
<echos> I hope I will be able to post some stuff on the "Scotch/Irish of Ulster (undertakers
<flipper> sounds good...did I tell you, that for a VERY belated Xmas present...4 days b/4 Valentine's...I got a German-Russian Cookbook, with a bunch of Historical Society info in it?
<possum> There is a section on German emigrants to Russia in the Geman Research Guide published by the FLC
<possum> Yes you did!!
<possum> Sounds neat!!
<flipper> no, I'm not working on it for's for my own family lines
<possum> Really the family history guides are the biggest bargain going
<echos> And very comprehensive
<flipper> also Mugs sent me a bunch of for a university that's only 30 miles from me... :)
<possum> The ones on the countries are positively stuffed with useful info and only a dollar.
<echos> a must for a serious researcher
<possum> I just got done ordering some guides since our local center doesn't have very many of them.
<possum> The one on the householder's index is free!!!
<chirho> :)
<flipper> dh and I are trying to get our schedules squared away so I can get timed into FHC...schedule got crazy
<echos> Can you get in by appointment?
<flipper> yes, it's just our personal schedule got hairy
<possum> Also they have a new one on the Hamburg immigrant index (Also Free!)
<echos> I have it
<flipper> possum, you're making me drool
<echos> used in my class Thur PM
<Peg> !MCW scotland-the-brave.mid.wav  Thanks for the Wav!
<flipper> I don't have my addys for the homework assignment handy at the moment.....
<possum> Actually if Iona is using the computer, I have a great time investigating the other resoures.
<chirho> !MCW scotlalnd-the-brave.mid.wav Thanks :)
*** Joins: Ron (rcushman@Toronto04-12.Better.Net)
<Peg> Hi Ron
<possum> Last time I messed around getting the hang of AIS
*** chirho sets mode: +o Ron
<possum> Since the puter was busy I had to use fiche
<Ron> Thanks Chirho,...hi Peg and all
<flipper> hello
<echos> AIS -very good where census was destroyed
<Peg> !Ron canada.mid.wav  Thanks for the Wav!
<Peg> !MCW canada.mid.wav  Thanks for the Wav!
<possum> flipper I will email my homework so you cna loodk at it before I post
<flipper> thanks, that would be great :)
<possum> Sorry for all the typos :(
<echos> hey -join the party
<chirho> tired poor old fingers, possum
<flipper> don't worry, I still undersstood
<possum> possum is a poor typist :(
<chirho> possum still gets the message across :)
<echos> my meaning -we all do it :)
<possum> AIS is good for locating relatives exactly and avoiding ordering in several censuses!
<echos> and to establish migration paterns
<echos> sp :)
<dirk2> how about 2 fingers -- (hunt , peck and hope!!!)
<possum> AGLL and FHC charges are very reasonable but $3.50 here and $3.50 there
* chirho whispers: Biblical method, seek and ye shall find
<flipper> I've been searching mainly Kentucky and Missouri, and Tennessee lately so that's tha addys that I used for homework I'll try to remember to post them to Bulletin board tomorrow
<echos> ya -it all adds up
<possum> I like to be sure microfilms are going to have some info I need before I rent one!
<possum> However, I did order in a microfialm on Householder's index just to get the hang of it.
*MCW* lol yes
<robyn> gotta go guys see you later
<echos> Does your FHC have indefinate loans on file -check there first?
<flipper> bye
<possum> I am looking forward to seeing your stuff flipper
<chirho> thanks for coming, bye Robyn
<Mugs> see ya Robyn
*** Quits: robyn (Leaving)
<possum> I have TN and MO research
<flipper> right, I forgot
<possum> Where are you searching in MO flipper?
<flipper> I know you're in northwest....I'm in central west and southwest
<echos> my family cam efrom Polk Co
<flipper> Joplin and south of St. Louis
<flipper> mine's from POLK county too
<echos> My HAmmack came from Joplin
<possum> That's a ways flipper
<echos> we're probably cousins
<chirho> :)
<flipper> yep...that's why I haven't bugged you about searches once I found on the map where you are compared to where I'm searching :)
<possum> grin
<echos> HAll, Potter, Breshears, McPheters
<possum> However, I ocassionally do get off the farm
<flipper> never know....I did find a VERY distant cousin about 3 weeks ago...she now lives in Tennessee but we were both searching Kentucky
<possum> Iona went to KC Friday.
<possum> I had to cancel because I was so far behind on clases
<echos> All mine came thru Tennessee & KY
<flipper> oops....I wrote ST L...I meant KC
<flipper> minds not working tonight
<possum> Just as well because she never made it to the KC national archives branch any way
<echos> Well Hubby is chomping at bit for phone :) bye
<chirho> bye :)
<Mugs> !MCW californ.mid
<possum> Hey flipper if you need any help KC is apossibility
*** Parts: echos (
<possum> I occassionally get down there
<possum> I haven't been to St. Louis in years!!!
<flipper> Gamble in POLK county, Lockwood, Joplin, Kansas City, Golden City,
-> [chirho] PING
<possum> There is a great genealogical resource (mid continent library) and the KC branch of the archives in KC
<MCW> .
<possum> and I am going to get there before the spring rush starts
*** Joins: Jack (
<possum> Where is Golden City Flipper?
<flipper> south of KC
<possum> Must look it up on a map
* chirho asks again, any questions on the lesson, any problems with projects? 5 minute warning for official meeting. :)
<flipper> Linn Creek, MO also
<possum> I've heard of Linn Creek!!
<MCW> nothing here chirho
<possum> me neither
*** Joins: BarryB (
<flipper> no questions for me either
<possum> In fact I should stop jabbering and get back to Guide project!!
<possum> Bye
*** Quits: possum (Leaving)
<BarryB> Sorry to intrude. What is this channel about? Got a newbie in one of my channels wnating to know.
<chirho> Goodnight all :) Log will be up in a day or so, geocities willing!
<flipper> Dickerson in Aldrich, MO Skaggs in Polk county
<Mugs> !MCW nitenite.wav
<dirk2> As I'm not taking a class this semester, not much to say
Session Close: Sun Feb 22 23:12:31 1998

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