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January 18, 1998
January 25, 1998
February 1, 1998
February 8, 1998
February 15, 1998
February 22, 1998
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Session Start: Sun Mar 01 22:23:03 1998
*** Now talking in #Fian
#Fian topic is Study Group meeting at 10 pm EST
#Fian topic set by chirho on Sun Mar 01 19:18:47
#Fian created on Sun Mar 01 19:09:51

<Mugs> I do too Irish they are on my Husbands side and i haven't persued them yet
*** chirho-away is now known as chirho
*** flipper sets mode: +o chirho
<Irish> Try my new website: County Cork Helper
<chirho> ::) Thank you
*** Mugs sets mode: +o Irish
<chirho> Did I miss much?
<Mugs> What is the url Irish?
<flipper> we've been welcoming jgarr as a visitor
<chirho> any need for log?
<chirho> for that period?
<flipper> not so far
<chirho> k tx
<Mugs> MCW's Sound page
<jgarr> Thank you all!!
<chirho> Welcome jgarr
<flipper> just addys for fianna and county cork sites
<jgarr> is this a members only meeting?
<flipper> will possum be here tonight?
<chirho> No, jgarr, you're welcome to stay :)
<chirho> Haven't heard from the Rig
<jgarr> OK....Don't want to crash a party!!
<Mugs> We have people dropping in all the time jgarr
<chirho> Did anyone have questions about the latest lesson?
<Thyme`> im a new visitor too jgarr
<flipper> you aren't, we like having extras----they eventually join :)
<jgarr> That's nice......I'm a Rootsweb sponsor, but I don't often use Mirc.....
* chirho says FIANNA study group URL
<Thyme`> are you supposed to officially join a channel here
<jgarr> pig??
<MathAce> Practical Internet Genealogy
<chirho> pig is NOT porcine, it stands for Pr
<chirho> :)
<jgarr> Oh......Thought it was an insult!!!
<chirho> hehehe
<chirho> just to us who live on the page!
<Irish> lol
<Mugs> lol
<MathAce> pigl is even better<G> sounds like pigl's wiggles.
<chirho> Does any one remember the Mrs Piggle Wiggle books?
<MathAce> (sorry, must be the medicine talking...)
<dirk2> Mugs? is that /~fianna/pig - or - /~fiannag/pig ??
<flipper> :)
<MathAce> sure...
<Thyme`> i do i still have mine
<Thyme`> i liked the upsidedown house
<chirho> - /~fiannag/pig g for study Group
<Mugs> let me check
<chirho> couldln't get fianna when I got the site, JCowan already had it :)
<dirk2> thanks!
<dirk2> :-)
<flipper> Do we have a topic tonight chirho....other than getting projects in to you
<chirho> but the Gaelic is full of unpronounced consonants, so I thought fiannag was "ok"
* chirho asks if anyone has any questions, comments about the lesson?
<Mugs> Dirk its
<chirho> Mugs, you need the g at the end of fianna fiannag
<flipper> it was a review for me....
<dirk2> :->
<Mugs> confused? who me? ....hehehe
<chirho> and since I put it up,,,,and am the fian "nag".... ;)
<chirho> hehe
<flipper> I just know "I hate citing sources" If it wasn't a necessity I wouldn't :)
<Thyme`> well you have to be good or you wouldn't remember miss piggle wiggle
<chirho> Have URL's from Irish and echos, pages from flp, Rig
<chirho> and a URL from MathAce
* chirho asks, any other projects coming along?
<flipper> I will send you an email probably tomorrow---very basic----so we can fix the 2 charts that messed up, I assume in the sending :(
<chirho> chirho loaded 32 pages today, one for each county!
<chirho> Flipper, maybe in the fact that I don't have MSWorks and had a divil of a time reading it!
<flipper> okay chirho, what's on these 32 pages?
<flipper> sooorrrrryyyy
<Irish> Great chirho
<flipper> you did a great job then :)
<chirho> some county pages have gobs and gobs of goodies, some just snail mail and some URLs... nubbins for folks to work from and add to
<chirho> County Cork is a project from last time, PBurns did it and I added a bit
<flipper> site addys.....I think our visitor said county cork.....
<chirho> and Angus did monaghan
<chirho> Irish, a member, did a County Cork help page and we added her URL
*** Quits: Thyme` (Ping timeout)
<flipper> or all just on our web site?
<chirho> can reach all our projeccts, including those off site by going to :
<chirho> the new ones have a little red "NEW" next to them
<flipper> there you go jgarr......that will get you going :)
*** Joins: Crill (arlz@
<chirho> Hi, Crill !
<flipper> hey, Crill
*** chirho sets mode: +o Crill
<Mugs> Well hello there Crill!!
<Crill> Hi, guys. Sorry I'm late.
<chirho> We're glad you made it :)
<Crill> Hi Mugs. How're things in Saskabush??
<Crill> Thanks, chirho.
<Mugs> Pretty good snow on our side
<jgarr> Ok, I'm looking!
<Crill> Up to our ears, here . . .
<flipper> how much snow have you gotten Crill?
<Mugs> I Know!
<Crill> Umm . . . 25 cm, I think.
<Mugs> about a foot
<Crill> Darn heavy stuff, too.
<flipper> we've gotten 6-10 inched south of Fargo... :( Boy was I getting the spring bug.....
<Crill> Well, we had April in February . . .now Dec in March1
<flipper> I guess we're about the same.....yes, I agree with you
<Crill> So what's our topic de soir?
<Mugs> It came in like a lion anyway
* chirho says PROJECT do you have one, Crill?
*** chirho changes topic to "Hanging out the excuses :)"
<Crill> Heh, heh . . um no. Started one, but work got crazy.
<flipper> chirho's put up 32 pages of county sites on the web site
<chirho> k, keep up on it, we'll use it next time
<Mugs> the dog ate my computer?
<chirho> heheh
<Crill> Thanks, Chriho. Was working on County Fermanaugh, and there isn't much on it.
<Crill> Dunno why - lots of people came from there.
<dirk2> 2 min. to "Over Ireland , so willsay g'nite. Willcatch the rest of this Chat when the Log is up.
<chirho> Crill, you're right. But it's growing. Check it out at
<flipper> bye, dirk
<chirho> and go from there!
<chirho> Bye Dirk
*** Parts: dirk2 (hdoherty@
<Crill> OK, thanks, Ch. Will do.
<chirho> LITTLE c chirho
<chirho> :)
<Crill> Musn't denigrate yerself, ch. Deserve a Big C.
<Crill> #;]
<chirho> religious reason.. I'm just a little chi rho
<Crill> Eh?
<flipper> Are we going to get anymore guest speakers ie Diana last term, in the future....during the next semester?
<chirho> Greek letters
<Crill> Ah! Got it.
<chirho> Flipper, who will YOU bring!
<flipper> oh
<flipper> I don't know anyone.......... ;)
<chirho> MaMaT might be a good one... or one of the folks from the Dalnet genealogy-help room
<chirho> so you DO know folks :)
*** Joins: Suebee (rbundy@
*** Joins: Jack (
<chirho> Hi, Suebee
<chirho> Hi Jack
<Jack> HI chirho
*** chirho sets mode: +o Suebee
<flipper> we're talking at the Ireland chat about having one of the maps guru's coming in and speaking at one of those
<chirho> mmmmmm an evening affair, shouldn't it be ??? HINT !
*** Parts: Jack (
<Suebee> Hi all...starting my Irish Roots and thought I'll join in tonight
<chirho> Glad to see you here
<Crill> What names, Suebee?
*** chirho changes topic to "party next week!"
<flipper> btw, an advertisement......IIGS #ireland 3 p.m. central time Mondays Ireland chat
<Crill> genealogy, flip?
<flipper> YES!!!!!
<Suebee> Wondering if anyone could point in the direction of where to look to start collecting info on gggrandfather..WALSH that came over in 1850..parents died about 1838 in Glynn, Limerick Co?
<Crill> Party, chi?? Your place?
<chirho> Party HERE
<Suebee> Also looking for KENYON came over about 1860/62
<chirho> Suebee, check out the Guide at
<Crill> BYOP, obviously . . . :]
<flipper> do you have ggrandfather info?
<chirho> That's why we worked it up :)
<Mugs> and goodies to Crill
<Mugs> cyber ones have no calories
* chirho gets out mugs of hot coffee """] """] """] """] Umm smell the Folgers!!
<Suebee> Michael Walsh b 10 Nov 1826 Glynn, Co Limerick..parents died when he was 12 came over with two went out West other serviced in Civil War died at the end of War on way home from Va after war
<Irish> Got to go - dinner is ready (hubby cooking tonight). See you all later!
<Crill> Hey, wow. Neat, chiro!
<chirho> for all those who were up late doing their projects, a little java
*** Quits: Irish (Leaving)
<chirho> bue Orosj
<Crill> See ya Irish.
<flipper> :)
<Crill> Needed that . . .
<jgarr> I prefer tea, myself........
<Suebee> Michael married in 1860 in Carroll Co Maryland..not far where I live now; had 12 kids
<Crill> 12 kids . . .oof.
<Suebee> died 26 april 1901 in Carrollton, Carroll Co Md
<Crill> What other projects are being done?
<Suebee> but trying to get hometown in Ireland and get no real proof
<flipper> Suebee, b/4 you get too involved with Ireland, make sure you've got all your towns squared away for here, as well as names dates, etc, for here otherwise it gets very cofusing when working Ireland.....
<chirho> all the things marked "NEW" on the Guide page, Crill
<Crill> OK. Will watch with bated breath.
<Crill> whatever "bated" means.
* Mugs gets out mugs of hot chocolate """] """] """] """]
<chirho> Crill, all we have so far is up...
*** Joins: Jack (
<chirho> bated means you're holding your breath - you have abated breathing until...
<Crill> Kahlua, Mugs?
<flipper> When I started, I tried to do Ireland right away and got very confused....
<Mugs> sure
<Crill> Irishmen, gotta do it right.
<Suebee> I have all the family info for here, ggrandparents, ggrandparents, parents etc...
<flipper> then go for it :)
<chirho> I still haven't done the FIRST bit of overseas research, tacking it all down here still
<Suebee> they all lived and died in Carroll/Baltimore County, Md..Michael homefarm was in Carroll Co, Md where he settled after working on the Railroads.
<chirho> Suebee, do you know who came over, and on what ship? and when?
<flipper> I'm still getting a lot for keeps sneaking up on me :)
*** Parts: Jack (
<Crill> Yeah, by the ton sometime, flip! Those 12 kids at a time created mega relatives.
<flipper> first step I think would be passenger lists.....
<chirho> hehehehe
<Suebee> THAT'S the was suppose to be Michael, and two brothers..a Peter and a George
<Crill> Am up to 3500 now.
*** Joins: MCW (
<chirho> Hi MCW :)
<MCW> better late than never
<Crill> Hi MCW!
*** chirho sets mode: +o MCW
<flipper> an ancestor went from 5 children to 13.......
<Mugs> Hello MCW
<Suebee> No ship name and a guessing on time period..about 1850 maybe 1855
<Crill> Jack seems to be getting pinged.
<MCW> have something for you chirho after class
<chirho> :) for meeeeee?
<MCW> popup
<chirho> :)
<Crill> Not bad, retroactively, flip!
<MCW> don't want to mess logs now with it
<Suebee> I guess I should check all ships coming into NY, PA and Baltimore?
<chirho> When Suebee?
<chirho> LOTS of ships
<Suebee> I don't know what port at this time
<flipper> that's the best way to find out where they came from over there
<chirho> year?
<Suebee> about or between 1850-1855
<Suebee> when is a Irish boy/man at magority?
<chirho> LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of ships! New Orleans and the Carolinas, too
<chirho> better look up some naturalization recocrds
<chirho> records
<Mugs> Is it 21?
<flipper> you could join 1-2 of the ships lists and they may be able to help you out
<Crill> When his father says he is, Suebee.
<Crill> :]
<Suebee> what if the father dies when he is 12 and he has only his brothers?
<flipper> back then it was....
<chirho> NEED to know when (yr at least) and hopefully what port, should look up naturalizations.
<Crill> Hmmm . ..
* flipper whispers you have any starting questions also......?
<chirho> lots of orphans in New Orleans and New York at that time...
<Crill> I had one ancestor came over at 15 and set up as a farmer.
<Crill> So must have been accepted as an adult. In US, though.
<chirho> child labor was still big
<flipper> my grandparents got married in US at 16 years old
<Suebee> I will have to talk to some of my older cousins...and try to get a date pinpoint down and
<chirho> yep
*** Joins: pbg (
<chirho> Hi there pbg
<Crill> Amazing. My 15 yr old can't do dishes right.
<pbg> Hi chirho..:)
<flipper> :)
<pbg> Mugs..:)
<jgarr> no, not really.........
<Suebee> off to Annapolis I'll go and check out the naturalization papers
<Mugs> Hello PBG!
* pbg Chuckles....;))
<flipper> my 16 year olds about the same, Crill
<chirho> Good, Suebee
<Mugs> !MCW irisheye.mid
<pbg> sorry I've never met any of the other nicks...Hi! :) Nice to meet you all..:)
<flipper> hello pbg
* pbg Smiles :))
<Mugs> !MCW irishrov.mid
* chirho says last call for questions!
<Crill> Any sources for Irish aristocracy, do you know.
<flipper> as in royalty
<Suebee> from the #cert chat; everyone was mentioning about cemeteries in Ireland..are they on line
<Crill> Well, offshoots of royalty.
<chirho> as in soc.genealogy.medieval
<flipper> crill, let me quickly look for some addys
<Crill> Thanks, flip.
<chirho> Crill, do the same as withthe commoner, up the ladder, find the ship, and forward thence. :)
<pbg> could do a search on Irish Royalty??
<Crill> Dead ending there - trying to work backwards, chi.
<chirho> and take a look at our "OLD NAMES" page in fiannag
<Crill> Tried that, pbg. Just ran into an add for Debrett's Peerage.
<chirho> hehehe
* pbg Chuckles....;))
<pbg> actually you know there is no such thing as's a figment of someone's imagination..:))))
<Crill> Old family legend - Brandon side related to Tudors.
<flipper> now these aren't in general.....they are for the Buchanan family I'm searching....but you may find a side line.....
<chirho> Go Brit... soc.genealogy.british
<Crill> And Mary Tudor did marry a Charles Brandon.
<pbg> been reading how the rights of the lord created nothing but havoc? :(
<Crill> So would like something re Brandon line.
<Crill> no, pbg. Where?
<Crill> The famine, you mean.
<pbg> warwick list
<chirho> pbg, also mentioned on Scotland-GenWeb-L
<pbg> no...the lord had first right and often took it..:(
<Crill> OH!
<pbg> yes chirho..there as well
<flipper> these go back to 678 AD and 326 AD
<pbg> yup Crill..lots we have to learn yet..:( :))
<Crill> Thanks, flip. Might be helpful.
<Crill> Dear dear. Messing up our genealogy, pbg!
<flipper> Also,
<pbg> sure is..:)
<Crill> At least the "gene" part.
<pbg> good thing I'm more concerned with the living, huh? :))
<Crill> Always a good idea, pbg. . .
<pbg> can imagine it's sure playing havoc with those who think they are who they are not? :(
<flipper> if you can find Charlemagne in your line......found a site---don't take seriously---but it's fun to look at-----
* pbg Smiles :))
<flipper> line of descent from Adam and Eve to Charlemagne
<Crill> Charlemagne is in your line, flip? Neat.
<chirho> We also have the Irish line of descent from Adam and Eve to the Milesians
<pbg> read another on that....that french line had trouble as well...not all of the seigneurs where on the up and up...:(
<Crill> Now THAT's genealogy!
<chirho> and on OLD NAMES we come on down from the Milesians :)
<flipper> toofish/joelines/adamlou.htm
<pbg> apparently we all go back to the middle east somewhere's..can't remember just were tho right off the top of my head..
<Crill> Our Cruikshank family history starts that way, too. First there was Adam and Eve - then the Cruikshanks. Nobody else counts, apparently!
<pbg> any of you have any luck linking some of your lines so far?
<pbg> lol Crill..:))
<chirho> Back to 1500's on one, in Bavaria
<flipper> Yes, I have Fargallus, Monarch of Ireland...678 AD,Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland 1274 AD, cousin to James Buchanan, president,
<Crill> Definitely good stuff, flip. Love Rob the Bruce's castle.
<pbg> Good...make sure they are correctly linked..:))
<flipper> and a few more.....and these are the proven ones.... :)
<Crill> Feel like I should be tugging the forelock here, or something. . .
<pbg> well I came up to see if the cert class was still going....but alas...tooo late aGain..:(
<Crill> All we got is Henry XVIII, by legend only.
<Crill> And who wants to be related to HIM.
<pbg> so jumped in here....nice seeing you all..:)
<pbg> lol Crill..:)
<Crill> Yup, pbg. Were you working late?
<MathAce> night, all
<pbg> sure glad most of mine where walking quiet road..:)
<chirho> night
<pbg> yes
<Crill> night, Math.
*** Parts: MathAce (
<Crill> Survive better, staying out of trouble . . .
<chirho> **** END OF LOG ****
[ed: now we'll see what MCW has! :)]
<Suebee> Thanks for all your help..everyone :)...goodnight
<pbg> found a link to my french side a response tonight...still amazes me how I am finding living relatives...:)
<chirho> Goodnight Suebee
*** Quits: Suebee (Leaving)
<pbg> Night suebee..
<Crill> Those are the best kind, pbg.
<flipper> Charlemagne, is for sure, just have 4 different routes to get to him.....illegit kids and legit one's between him and Robert the Bruce
<flipper> so now I'm trying to figure that out....doubt if I ever will :(
<pbg> good..:)
<Crill> Well, off to bed, too. G'night, all.
<chirho> Night Crill
<pbg> actually it wasn't the children but the minds of the society back then! Amazing, huh?
*** Parts: Crill (arlz@
<flipper> I did learn something in one of the last few days while digging about Charlemagne......
<pbg> sorry chirho..didn't mean to disrupt your apologies...winding down now..:))
<chirho> Enjoyed your being here pbg
<pbg> ? flipper
<flipper> they say that when there were illegit kids
<pbg> Tks chirho..:)
<flipper> that they would put "fitz" in front of the name ie...fitzgerald
<flipper> that way the child had the credit of the father but he was still separated
<chirho> fitz is another "son of" and not necessarily illegit
<pbg> hadn't heart that one flipper..tks for passing it along...who knows could be worth keeping in mind..:)
<chirho> like mac and o'
<flipper> I don't know how true this is....but I found it in 2 separate areas
<pbg> ahhhhhhhhhh there's another route
<pbg> been fortunate..haven't had any fritz yet
<chirho> MCW, are you there?
<pbg> MacDonald you mean chirho??
<MCW> maybe I showed you already but if not then ....
<chirho> yep, son of Donald
<MCW>  (___)
<MCW>  ____ ___ _ _ _______
<MCW>  ____ ___ _ _ _______
<MCW>  \____x-'--\\x // \\ x//--'-x____/
<MCW>  \_____x---\\ (( ~ ~ )) //---x_____/
<MCW>  \_____x--\*((\ = /))*/--x_____/
<MCW>  \___x \-*))) (((*- x___/
<MCW>  \___*_/((( )))\_*___/
<MCW>  )) ((
<pbg> k
<chirho> :) MCW lovely!
* pbg is in/habite Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada
<MCW> ,:,
<MCW> {@};;{@}
<MCW> {@};;{M};;{@}
<MCW> ;;;{@};C;{@};;;
<MCW> {@};;{@};W;{@};;{@}
<MCW> ;:;;:;;{@};;:;;:;
<MCW> ;\ \;\ \ | / /;/ /;
<MCW> \ \ \Y/ / /
<MCW> \_\ | /_/
<MCW> \\Y//
<MCW> <>===<>
<MCW> /)((\
<chirho> WOW !
<chirho> You're getting too good at this :)
<Mugs> kewl MCW
<flipper> that is too cool!!!!!!!!
<MCW> ( _____ )
<MCW> / / - - \ \ Hmmm... now where
<MCW> | |-O-O- | IS that brain
<MCW> .|( () )| of mine?
<MCW> | \ \_/ /
<MCW> / --- \
<MCW> (___) (___)
<pbg> first time to see those chirho....there are lots going around...purdy! :)
<Mugs> !MCW alzheim.wav
<chirho> Yet, that last one is a picture of me!
<chirho> hehehe
<MCW> we finally got to these in our class
* pbg Chuckles....;))
<chirho> And now, sadly, I must part
<MCW> \|/ ____ \|/.
<MCW> .@~/ ,. \~@..
<MCW> /_( \_ / )_\.
<MCW> ...\__U_/....
<MCW> Ne Ner Ne Ner Ne Ner
<Mugs> !MCW neener.wav
* Mugs _.`(_.`(_.`(_.`(_.`(_.` Waves Bye to chirho
<pbg> Night chirho so should I..:(
* chirho says Goodnight all, God Bless
* pbg 's page?:
* pbg Seeking/Recherche BREMNER, BOUDREAULT, GRANT, McKAY, WILLS & WATT....Canada, US & Internationally! List of all the above & more, may be joined at:
Session Close: Sun Mar 01 23:27:23 1998

book HR

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