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County Armagh

Miscellaneous Records

Dates and Source Locations

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The source codes for Location are: NAI = National Archives of Ireland, NLI = National Library of Ireland, PRONI= Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast), UHF = Ulster Historical Foundation, AH = Armagh Ancestry, SLC = Salt Lake City film number available through your nearest Family History Center.

Date Source Source
1602 First Census of the Fews Louth Arch. J. 8(2)(1934)
1622 The Survey of Armagh and Tyrone Ulster J. Arch. 23 (1960)
1630 Census of Men and Arms on Settler's Estates Seanchas Ardmhacha 5 (2)(1970)
1634 Copy of Subsidy Roll NAI, M. 2471, 2745
1641 Book of Survey and Distribution SLC 1279327
1659 Penders Census of Ireland SLC 1924648
1659 Extract for Fews Baronies Louth Arch J. 8(2)(1934)
1660 Poll Tax Abstraxcts SLC 1279356
1661 Book of Survey and Distribution PRONI T 370/a and D 1854/1/8
1669 Hearth Money Roll for Parish of Liburn and Adjoining parts of Parishes of Magheragall and Masgheramesk Down and Connor Hist. Soc 8(1936)
1680 Life and Times of Fr. Edmund Murphy, Killeavy 1680 Louth Arch. J. 7(3)(1931)
1689 Protestants attainted by james II SLC 1279332
1737 Tythe Payers of Drumcree NLI I920041 P1
1738 List of Freeholders of co.Armagh NLI P206, Armagh Co. Museum
1740 Protestant Householders in Parishes of Creagan, Derrynoose, Loughgall, Lurgan, Mullaghbrack, Shankill, and Tynan GO 539, NAI, RCB, SLC 258517, PRONI T808/15258
1753 County Armagh Poll Book GO MS443, NAI, PRONI, SLC 1279327, Belfast Central Library
1766 List of Holdings and Occupiers of Armagh City Armagh Public Library
1766 Religious Census of Parish of Creggan GO ms 537, SLC 100173, NAI
1770 List of Inhabitants of Armagh City PRONIT, Armagh Public Library, NLI SLC 258621
1796 List of Flax Growers of Armagh NLI, Ulster Gen & Histo. Guild Newsletter 1 (7) (1981)
1796 Surname index for 1796 Spinning Wheel Premium entitlement lists All Ireland Heritage, Inc. 1986 12 microfiches
1802 Game License Holders Ir. Anc. 8(1)(1976)
1804 Statistical Survey of the County of Armagh Royal Dublin Society (1804)
1819 Thomas Bradshaw's General Directory Armagh Public Library
1819 Historical Memoirs of the City of Armagh (1819) Armagh Public Library
1820 J. Pigot's Commercial Directory of ireland Armagh Public Library
1821 Government Census Remnants for Parish of Kilmore PRONI, SLC 258511, 258621
1821 Extract of Derryhale Ulster Folklife
1821 Family compositions and Occupations in Kilmore Parish North Irish Roots
1824 J. Pigot's City of Dublin and Hibernian Provincial Directory Armagh Public Library
1833 Extracts of Kilmore Parish Tithe Applotments NLI 1920041 Pa
1834 Mullabrack Parish Lists NLI
1837 Marksmen, Armagh Borough Parl. Papers 1837 11(1)
1839 Freeholders and Leaseholders in Armagh, Tiranny, O'Neiland W. and O'Neiland E. PRONI
1839 List of Persons who obtained Game Certificates in Ulster PRONI
1841 Mathew Martin's Belfast Directory Armagh Public Library
1842 Mathew Martin's Belfast Directory Armagh Public Library
1843 Voters List NAI, M. 2471, 2745
1846 Slater's National Commercial Directory of Ireland Armagh Public Library
1847 Castleblayney Poor Law Rate Book Clogher Records 5(1)(1963)
1852 Registry of Voters in Armagh, Lower Fews, Tiranny, O"Neiland E and W. , Upper Fews, Lower and Upper Orior SLC 258499, Belfast Public Library
1852 Henderson's Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory Armagh Public Library
1855 Poll Book for Co. Armagh SLC 100181, 258500, and GO ms 443
1856 Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of Ireland Armagh Public Library
1859 List of person who voted at the election for the borough of Armagh PRONI, Armagh Museum
1864 Griffiths Valuation .
1865 R. Wynne's Business Directory of Belfast Armagh Public Library
1870 Slater's Directory of Ireland Armagh Public Library
1877 Henderson's Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory Armagh Public Library
1881 Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of Ireland Armagh Public Library
1883 Farrell's County Armagh Directory and Almanac Armagh Public Library
1888 G. H. Bassett's Book of Antrim Armagh Public Library
1894 Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory of Ireland Armagh Public Library
1900 Provisional list of pre-1900 School Registers in the PRONI Ulster Gen & Histo. Guild 9(1986)
1901 Census SLC, NAI
1911 Census NAI
. History of the Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh Armagh Public Library
1610-1811 Co. Armagh Will Index ACM SLC 1279384
1612-13 Survey of Undertakers Planted in Armagh Hist. Mss. Comm. Rep. (Hastings Mss) 4 (1947)
1630-1631 Muster Rolls PRONI T934, PRONIT T 934
1654-1703 Book of Survey and Distribution SLC 1279356
1663-64 Hearth Money Roll for Orior Barony Louth Arch. J. 7(3)(1931)
1664-65 Co. Armagh Householders Seanchas Ardmhacha 3(1)(1958)
1664-66 Hearth Money Roll PRONIT604, NAI m2741, 2745 SLC 100181
1664-67 Extract for Barony of Fewes Louth Arch. J 8(2)(1934)
1666-1837 Armagh .
1670-71 Franciscan Petition Lists Seanchas Ardmhaca 15(1)(1992)
1677-1858 Armagh .
1678-1858 Dromore .
1691-1846 District of Drogheda .
1721-1844 Dromore Marriage License Bonds NAI, SLC 100867
1727-1845 Armagh Diocesan marriages Licenses NAI, SLC 100859-860, 930388-89
1727-1858 Peculiar of Newry and Mourne .
1793-1908 Armagh Militia Records NLI P. 1014
1795-96 The Migration of Ulster Catholics to Connaught 1795-96 Dungannon Public Library
1799-1800 Militia Pay Lists and Muster Rolls PRONI
17th Centu Ballentaken Beragh in the 178th Century Seanchas Ardmhaca 10(2) (1982)
1813-30 Registered Freeholders of 20s and 40s, Baronies of O'Neilland E and Upper Orior NLI, PRONIT
1813-30 Bary of Tureny, Lower Fews, Upper Fews NLI
1813-30 Lists of Freeholders SLC 258511, 258621
1821-31 A List of Registered Freeholders of Co. Armagh PRONI
1825-35 Tithe Apllotment Survey .
1830-39 Armagh Freeholders SLC 1279330, AMC N87
1837-37 Occupants of Armagh Parl. Ppers 1837 11(1)
1841-1910 Workhouse Records: Lurgan Union SLC 259166-72
1844-1909 Armagh Standard BL
1844-1982 Armagh Guardian BL
1844-current Ulster Gazette BL
1851-73 Co. Armagh Persons entitled to vote ACM, SLC 1279325
1859-current Portadown Weekly News BL
1861-74 Lurgan Gazette BL
1871-92 Belfast District Will Books SLC 920328-39, 930381-94
1877-1915 Lurgan Times and Portadown Recorder BL
1890-current Lurgan Mail BL
18th cenu Some Lists of Mid-18th Century Linen Drapers in S.E. Ulster Ir. Anc. 1191)(1979)
Family Histories Atkinson SLC 1279354
Family Histories Beck SLC 1279355
Family Histories Chambers SLC 1279356
Family Histories Cole SLC 1279357
Family Histories Jakcons SLC 1279358
Family Histories Pilleys SLC 1279359
Family Histories Pillows SLC 1279360
Family Histories Anderson SLC 1279327
Family Histories Burleigh SLC 1279328
Family Histories Hollingsworth SLC 1279329
Family Histories McAlindon SLC 1279330
Family Histories McBride SLC 1279331
Family Histories Peebles SLC 1279332
Family Histories Whaley SLC 1279333
Family Histories Woodhouse SLC 1279334
Family Histories Smith SLC 1279335
Family Histories Blaney of Lurgan, co. Armagh Ir. Anc. 3(1)(1971)
Family Histories Descendants of Roberrt McCann of Cloghoge, Co. Armagh Ir. An. 5(1)(1-6
Family Histories Pedigree of Molyneux of Castle Dillon, Co. Armagh Armagh Public Library
Family Histories Obins of Castleobins RCB
Family Histories O'Neill Armagh Public Library
Family Histories Hovenden Armagh Public Library
Family Histories Stronge Armagh Public Library
Gravestone Creggan Seanchas Ardmhacha 6(2)(1972)
Gravestone Kilclooney SLC 1279354
Gravestone Mullaghabrack SLC 1279384
Gravestone St. Patricks SLC 1279356
Gravestone Sandy Hill (Armagh City) Seanchas Ardmhacha 11(3) (1985)
Journals Breifne UHF
Journals Craigavon Hist. Soc. Review UHF
Journals Down and Connor Hist. Soc. Journal UHF
Journals North Irish Roots UHF
Journals Seanchas Ardmahacha UHF
Journals Seanchas Dhroim Mor UHF
Library Armagh County MuseumThe Mall EastArmagh BT61 9BE
Northern Ireland
Library 3
Central Library
Royal Avenue
Belfast BT1 1EA
Library Souther Library Board Headquiarters
Brownlow Road
Craigavon, Co. Armagh
Library Ulster American Folk Park Library
County Tyrone
Post-1858 Wills District Registry of Armagh PRONI, SLC 917201, 917484-93, 917906-16,
Research Services Armagh Ancestry
42 English Street,
Armagh, N Ireland BT61 7Ab
Research Services Armagh Record Centre
Ara Coeli
Armagh BT61 7GY
Societies Armagh Diocesan Historical Society/Cumann .
Societies Armagh Natural History and Phil. Society .
Societies Craigavon Historical Society .
Societies Creggan Historical Society .
Societies Keady and District Historical Society .
Societies Markethill and District Historical Soceity .
Societies North of Ireland Family History Society .
Wills and Admin Prerogative Court .
Wills and Admin Consistorial County (diocese of Armagh) .
Wills and Admin Quaker Wills from the Lisburn Meetings Ir. Gen. (1950)

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