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County Carlow

Church of Ireland Records

Earliest Dates and Source Locations

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The following sources, census substitutes, families histories and newspapers and such are available at the following locations: SLC = Salt Lake City fimlm number available through your nearest local Family History Center, NAI = National Archives of Ireland, NLI = National Library of Ireland, GO = Genealogical Office in Dublin, CCHC = Carlow County Heritage Center. BL = Belfast Library, RCBL = Ruling Church Body Library in Dublin. For further information about their actual addresses, please see: Important Addresses.

Parish Earliest Date Location
Ardoyne Lost .
Barragh 1799 LC, RCBL
Bilboa 1846 RCBL
Carlow 1689 RCBL, NAI, GO
Clonagoose or Borris 1846 RCBL
Clonegal (see Co. Wexford) See Co. Wexford .
Clonmelsh 1846 RCBL
Clonmore 1826 LC, RCBL
Cloydagh Lost LOST
Dunleckney 1791 LC, RCBL
Fenagh 1809 LC, RCBL
Hackettstown 1799 LC, RCBL
Kellistown (Kellistown) 1854 RCBL
Killeshin (See Carlow) 1824 LC, RCBL
Kiltennel (New Ross) 1837 RCBL
Kinneagh Lost LOST
Lorum 1845 RCBL
Myshall 1814 LC, RCBL
Nurney 1845 RCBL
Old Leighlin 1781 RCBL
Painestown (Carlow) 1833 LC, RCBL
Rathvilly 1826 LC, RCBL
St. Annes 1859 LC, RCBL
St. Mullins Lost LOST
Staplestown Lost LOST
Straboe (see Rathvilly) See Rathvilly .
Tullow 1696 RCBL
Tullowmagimma Lost LOST
Urglin Rutland Church (Carlow) 1710 LC, RCBL
Wells 1870 RCBL

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