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County Clare

Church of Ireland Parish Records

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The following records exist and are available. Locations are: SLC (Salt Lake City Family History Center), NAI = National Archives of Ireland in Dublin, NLI = National Library of Dublin, Clare HC = Clare Heritage Center.

Parish Earliest Date of Records Location
Clare Abbey (or Clare) 1845 RCBL
Clondegad 1845 RCBL
Clonlea 1845 RCBL
Drumcliff (Ennis) 1744 LA, NAI MFCI I, M5222 Indexed by Clare HC
Feakle 1845 Clare HC
Kildyserg 1847 RCBl
Kilfarboy (Miltown) 1845 RCBl, indexed by Clare HC
Kilfenora 1853 RCBL
Kilfiddane (see Kilmurry) . .
Kilfieragh or Kilfearagh (Kilkee) (also see Kilrush) 1829 RCBL, NAI M5244
Kilfinaghty (Sixmilebridge) 1862 RCBl, indexed by Clare HC
Kilfintinan no records .
Kilkeedy lost lost
Killaloe 1679 LC, NAI MFC 5, M5222, Indexed by Clare HC
Killard 1848 RCBL
Killinaboy or Kilnaboy (Corofin) 1799 RCBl, indexed by Clare HC
Killonaghan lost lost
Kilmaley lost lost
Kilmanaheen 1845 RCBL
Kilmurry 1845 RCBL
Kilnaboy (see Killinaboy) . .
Kilnasoolagh (Newmarket) 1731 RCBL, NAI MFCI 2, 5, M5222
Kilrush 1741 RCBL, NAI MFCI 4,5, M5235
Kilseily 1848 RCBL
Kiltenanlea lost lost
Newquay lost lost
O'Briensbridge lost lost
Ogonneloe 1807 NAI MFCI 5, Indexed by Calre HC
Quin 1845 RCBL
Rathbourney lost lost
Sixmilebridge (see Kilfinaghty) . .
Tomgraney (Bodyke) 1845 LC, Indexed by Clare Hc
Tulla 1845 LC, Indexed by Clare Hc

Co Clare OR County Index

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