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Derry, Londonderry

National Censuses/Substitutes

Civil Survey of Ireland

Sir William Petty`s Civil Survey of Ireland, compiled between 1655 & 1667, contains lists of the principal landlords of each townlands as well as their predecessor before the Cromwellian confisctions of 1641. It contains a great deal of topographical information arranged by county, barony, parish and townland. Unfortunately very little of this survey remains, although Co Londonderry and Co Tyrone are available. PRONI T.371


Records Specific to County Derry

1618:Survey of Derry City & county, TCD MS. 864 (F.I.9.)
1620-22:Muster Roll. PRONI T.510/2
1628:Houses & Families in Londonderry, 15 May, 1628 (ed. R.G.S. King, 1936)
1630-31:Muster Roll of Ulster. Armagh Co. Museum. NL Pos. 206 & PRONI T.1759/3C/2
1654-56:Civil Survey, Vol. lll. NL I 6551 Dublin
1661:Books of Survey and Distribution, PRONI D.1854/1/23 & T.370/C
1761:Militia Officers PRONI
1796:Catholic migrants from Ulster to Mayo. See Mayo
1797-1804:Yeomanry muster rolls. PRONI T.1021/3
1808-13:Freeholders lists. NA M.6199
1813:Freeholders PRONI T.2123
1829:Census of Protestants, Chapel of the Woods parish, PRONI T.308
1832:Londonderry city, PRONI T.1048/1-4
1833-39:Emigrants from Co. Londonderry. In Brian Mitchell, Irish Emigration Lists, 1833-39, Baltimore, 1989
1833-34:Emigrant lists, various parishes; Martin, Historical Gleanings from Co. Derry, NL Ir.94112 m 5
1837:Aldermen, Burgesses and Freemen of Coleraine. Parliamentary Papers, 1837, Reports from Committees, Vol II (2), Appendix B
1837:Valuation of towns returning MPs (occupants and property values). Parliamentary Papers, 1837, Reports from Committees, Vol II (i), Appendix G
1837:Marksmen (illiterate voters) in parliamentary boroughs: Londonderry & Coleraine. Parliamentary Papers, 1837, Reports from Committees, Vol II (i), Appendix A
c.1840:Freeholders Register, PRONI D.834/1
1868:Voters List, Londonderry city, PRONI D.1935/6
Memorial Inscriptions

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