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tex^mom on How to work the URL Catcher in mIRC:

URL CATCHER: Go to General Options/URL Catcher select ENABLE. Choose ACTIVATE,,,, PLACE,,,, SEND ONLY ,,,, AND EDIT ,,,,,, then be sure the path at the bottom of the page is the correct one for your web browser Click OK.

To go to that website : Open the URL Icon, (sixth from the RIGHT.) LEFT click the site you are going to, then RIGHT click and choose VIEW... it will open your browser to that page.


TO EDIT URL LIST: Left click on URL, then RIGHT click and choose EDIT. In the TOP dialog box Type a description of the site. i.e. Genealogy: Gendex Index or War : Civil War Texas.

Then change the "?" to the first letter of the Catagory you have created. Do this as you collect them, lest they get ahead of you and you forget what the sites are.

TO SEND URL to Chat Screen: Highlite the URL you wish to print to the chat screen with LEFT mouse,then RIGHT click and select SEND TO. A popup menu will appear with the names of the screens you have open. Select the one where you want the URL to be sent.

Note: You can also manually add websites by choosing ADD in the EDIT window or DELETE URL's that are out of date.

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