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The Care and Feeding of a Favorites/Bookmark File!

The MSIE Favorites and the Netscape Bookmarks files are probably one of our most used tools :) but also one of the most aggravating!

I find that my MSIE Favorites can quickly eat up as much as 4 or 5 MEG due to the way in which the files are constructed and handled by the computer.

How to deal with this? Well, for me the easiest thing has been to make them into web pages :) Yep, that's where they all come from, and by using subfolders I am able to get a head start on my page, arranging the bookmarks in related folders which much more quickly translate into web pages :)

Now, it so happens that I use two ISP's, one with Netscape and one with MSIE. So what do I do to get my Netscape searches into Favorites format, and vice versa? Well, there's this delightful little freeware program, called NavEx, which does it in a jiffy, and can even merge them! NavEx can be found in several collections on the net.

Most often I go from MSIE Favorites to a Netscape format, since the Netscape bookmarks are all on one HTML page! The biggest drawback to the whole process there is that they are NOT kept in the same order, although they ARE kept in the same folder.

And if I want to send it to a friend, I can post it on the web and send them the URL, send it as an attachment to an email, or load it into Notepad and send it as text:) I can also print it from text in Notepad and have all the URL's and titles there (with all the HTML markup showing) or I can use the Win95 Explorer and click on the file, which puts it up to read on a copy of the MSIE browser. The MSIE browser has a neat little trick to it, I can print the page and SHOW the URL's by clicking the box in the lower left hand corner of the dialog box that comes up when I ask to print :)

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