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About VIRUSES !!

Virus Hoaxes:
The following appeared in a recent issue of the Scout Report: Internet Virus Hoaxes
Periodically a series of "important messages" about new email viruses make their way through various mailing lists. While savvy Internet users can usually immediately spot these hoaxes, they can be both intimidating and frightening to neophytes (not to mention the bandwidth wasted when the messages are passed on to other users.) Two of the better sites that track both email and other computer virus hoaxes are the U.S. Department of Energy Computer Incident Advisory Capability's Internet Virus Hoaxes page, and Symantic Corporation's (producer of Norton Utilities) Virus Hoaxes. Between them, they describe more than fourteen hoaxes, from Good Times, to PENPAL GREETINGS, to Join the Crew. Background, including the actual "warning" message is provided. These sites provide a valuable service to the Internet community, especially for new users.

CIAC Hoax Busters

Symantic Virus Hoaxes

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