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Celtic Toes!

On one of the lists there has recently been a discussion of various *inherited* features. One thing mentioned was *Forbes' fingers* and chirho is anxious to find out just what that is, since her DH has very odd fingers and may be from a Forbes sept!

>>The gif file is the drawing by chiropodist Phyllis Jackson who made the original observation. She has practised for over 25 years in Herefordshire and in the Cotswolds. She has also done archeological research on foot bones, identifying several anomolies that persist through many generations. The text that accompanies this drawing (there are other drawings and photos in the original article) follows. On the left is what Miss Jackson calls the "Scots-Irish type, a long narrow foot, but with the toes almost in a straight line. On the right is the Modern English type, chubbier than the Scots-Irish type, but with the toes sloping down sharply. Other types of foot (not shown) include the Italian foot, with a very small little toe. This is often seen on Roman statues, suggesting that it is a type that has persisted for two millenia."

Her article was published in "Current Archeology" and can be viewed at their website. --
Roger Hillhouse
San Diego, California<<

outline of feet

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