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Gaelige Ice Cream

Gaelige ice cream (pronounced 'gway-lee-guh) is an easily made ice cream. The liqueur is the ingredient that gives this ice cream its distinctive flavour.

3 bananas
3 oz. walnuts
4-6 tablespoons Irish coffee liqueur
2 oz. granulated sugar
1/2 pint cream
2 egg whites
slices of banana dipped in lemon juice
Walnuts to decorate

Slice bananas. Grate walnuts. Mix bananas, walnuts, sugar, cream and a 1/3rd of the liqueur
Beat egg whites until firm and fold into the banana mixture. Place mixture into an ice cream container. Freeze for 1 to 2 hours.
Arrange ice cream in dishes. Decorate with remaining fruit and nuts.
Pour remaining liqueur over ice cream.



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