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ADAIRA.TischerADAIR, Alexander. Born November 12, 1825 in Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan.
AHEARNP.KazloAHEARN, Daniel (1821-1881). Married Mary HARTNET. Daughters: Ellen (TIMMONS-WALSH), Catherine (COFFEY), and Sarah. Will of 1881, in Burke, NY., USA.
AHERNED.AherneAHERNE. No further information given.
AIKENJ.AikenAIKEN, c.1850.
AIKENAikenJohn and James. Lived at Dunadry, Nr. Belfast, Co.Antrim circa 1850
ALDERDICED LottALDERDICE/ ELDERDICE, Hugh b 1785 Ireland according to cemetary records Gettysburg, Adams Co., PA. Married MYERS Catherine PA 1811. Brothers James d 1836 and John d.18 years old. Alderdice/Elderdice perhaps from CO.Armagh or Antrim.
ALGEOKSkinnerRobert ALGEO, came to America from Ireland bet. 1800 & 1818 Daughters: Jane PATTON b 1788 Carrie b 1818
ALLENE.ByrneALLEN, Bridgit. Went to San Francisco, from Co. Clare.
ALLENP.GeeALLEN, Bridget. Born in Westmeath, c.1851. Married Joseph HACKETT. They lived in Longford.
ALLENC.SmithALLEN, Thomas. Born c.May 21, 1831, in Co. Armagh. His father was William ALLEN, known as "Big William". He was a farmer. Emigrated to Canada in 1850, when he was 19, but after 14 days at sea, was almost shipwrecked, and returned. He tried again in 1851, and landed in Toronto. He worked in a brewery, owned by a Mr. PLETT (a relative). He later opened his own brewery (The Eastern Brewery). He became an Alderman in Toronto, from c.1885-1900.
ALLISONA.McIlvaneyALLISON. No data available
ALLISONTweedieMary Ann Allison married George Albert Moss 1915 in Derry, Northern Ireland.
ALYWARDS.AbbotALYWARD. Owned fishboat. Sank off Cape Scott.
ANDERSONE.DavisANDERSON, Samuel, born Ireland 1818, parents unknown. Married Jane KENNEDY. Maitland name somehow connected.
ANDERSONG.BoweANDERSON, Jan. Born c.1828. Married Patrick BOWE, born c 1823. They were married in Kilkenny, c. 1848.
ANGUSH.GrahamANGUS, John. Born in the 1830's, in Ireland. He was the skipper of a 3 masted ship. Had 8 children.
ARAIZAR.E.ReyesARAIZA. No information given.
ARMSTRONGL.NestorArmstrong, Mary. Married Patrick TREACY c. 1833. They had 9 children.
ARTHURBJ HinshawEdward James, b in Ireland, according to the 1871 and 1881Scottish census. He was probably born in the mid 1840s, based on his age when he got married. His marriage certificate lists his parents as Edward ARTHUR and Mary HOOD.
ASKINDell BondASKIN/ERSKINE. Magheramorne, Co. Antrim. Thomas ASKIN, born 1847, a Master Mariner to Australia. Father James ASKIN, brothers, Robert Erkine, died 1890's, and William ASKIN. One brother went to the US, and another to Canada. He had nieces, Tillie and Jenny ASKIN.
AUSTINA.AustinAUSTIN, James (1760-18??). He was a Presbyterian, born in Ireland (Northern?). Later moved to the Philadelphia area of the US, before settling in Nova Scotia, at the end of the American Revolution.
AUSTINP.CampbellAUSTIN, Thomas and Elizabeth, from Mallow.

R.BaileyBAILEY. A BAILEY born 1767 in Virginia. Would like to know origins in Ireland.
BAILIEA.BAILIEBAILIE, William. Born 1820, in Greyabbey, Co. Down. Died July 20, 1870. Married Emily Ruth GILMORE, January 15, 1835, Greyabbey. She was born December 16, 1816, in Greyabbey, and died August 2, 1902 in Bondurant, Iowa, U.S. Children:Robert S., born May 12, 1837, Greyabbey, died January 21, 1905, in Iowa, Amelia, born ?, married WHITE, Hughie, born?, James, b. ? in Ireland, William, born March 8, 1851, Ireland, and died May 15, 1929, in Iowa, and John , born May 1852 in Ireland.
BAMBURYT BamberyCo. Kerry--historically in Limerick (1200's plus)--"lost" track from 1400's to 1800. From 1800 to present, those I can document were from Bedford on Listowel (just outside Listowel, Co. Kerry).
BANNINGW.SmithBANNING. Originally from Co. Cork. Family emigrated to Canada, at the turn of the century.
BARAGREEKSkinnerDennis BARAGREE b Jul 1843 Limerick Ireland d. 9 Jun 1909 Looking for parents
BARCLAYS.CookBARCLAY, John. Born, 1922 in Mulingar, Co. Meath.
BARDENSheryleeAny BARDENs in Dub, Irl. What happened to Georgina BARDEN b1884 in Dub.Was a nurse in WW1 in France. Par: em to Aus.
BARRC.McCauleyBARR, Bridget, born 1870, in Ballyloskey, Carndonagh, Inishowen, Co. Donegal. She was the daughter of James BARR and Catherine McDAID/McDEVITT. Bridget married Patrick McCAULEY, had two children, was then widowed. She then married Bernard DOHERTY. They had five children.
BARRETTC.OlsonBARRETT, William. born c.1809, Co. Cork. Married Elizabeth ALLEN. Emigrated to VT., USA., and later Watertown, WI., c.1832. Brothers: possibly Richard and John. Had a sister, Catherine BARRETT, born June 4,1824, at Bandon. She came to America, and married Samuel SALISBURY.
BARRETTC.OlsonBARRETT, William, from Bandon, Co. Cork.. Born c.1809. Siblings probably were Richard, John, Catherine and Anne. His father may have been James. The family emigrated to Jefferson Co., WI., in 1839.
BARRYD.TikkanenBARRY, Catherine. Born 1862 in Cork, or Limerick. Died January 5, 1900, in Biddeford, Maine, USA. Catherine was the daughter of Thomas BARRY. She married Edward RICKER, sometime during the late 1890's. Believed to have left her father, Thomas, and mother (unknown), as well as siblings, behind in Ireland.
BARRYT.BarryBARRY, John Thomas. Born c.1825. Married Margaret DEFLEY (born 1850). Both from Co. Roscommon. Emigrated to U.S., 1852.
BARRYE.BarryBARRY, Michael Mark. Ships Captain, from Cork. Married Ellenor (Ellen) MURPHY, in Cork City, in 1842. Children: John F., Patrick, Bridget, Ellen, Honora, Mary, Michael, Thomas, and Annie. At least two of the children were born in New York. About 1857 they returned to Cork, then emigrated to Queensland, Australia, in 1864.
BASHFORDR.OliverMayo c. 1750-1820
BASHFORDR.OliverDublin c. 1820-1860
BASSETTM.MurrayBASSETT, Henry Joseph. Born c.1851, in Waterford.
BAXTERJerryDorcas b.1804-05 in Londonderry, Ireland m. John Dorcas Stewart b.1798-1800 in Donegal Co.
L.BailiffBAYLIFF, Edward, Daniel, and Thomas. All were in Chester, PA., USA., by the early 1700's. Spinoff of name is BAILIFF.
BAYLYR.BaylyBAYLY, William (Captain). Born 1841, in Donegal. Died in 1906, in Biloxi, MS. Married Lee V.(David) HARDIMAN (Memphis,TN.), in New Orleans, LA., on 1/29/1876.
BEARYN.KennedyBEARY. Araglen, Co.Cork.
BEATTIEM.FerryBEATTIE.No data available.
BEGGSusbanglaAnnie, wife of Robert James Brennan, Belfast
BEGGYD.BottingBEGGY. Looking for anyone with the name of BEGGY, BEGGIE, or BIGGY, from Co. Meath. Any time period.
BENFIELDG.GilbertBENFIELD, William. Married Melinda PURDY. Looking for prior ancestry.
BELLM.MullenBELL, Jemima,born 1829, Carnew, Co. Wicklow, married Mathew HOUGHTON about 1850, and migrated to Quebec, Canada, then to Kentucky, USA.
BELLB CroweEdward c.1798, Ireland m. JOHNSON Olivia c 1806, Ireland
BELLJ.MountBELL, John. Born in Ireland,c.1783, place unknown. Married Rachel, born c.1784. They had a daughter Margaret, born c.1813, in New York City. They also had Elizabeth and John. Moved to Trenton, New Jersey.
BELLP.HandBELL, Edward. Born 1798, in Ireland. Married Olivia JOHNSON. Settled in Ontario, Canada.
BENNETTS RosenhauerWilliam, born 1850 in CA, not much information
BERGENJ.GuayBERGEN, John William. Born in Ireland, c. 1860, and died in 1909. He married Margaret MACKEY, who was probably born in Newfoundland. They had a son J.(John) William BERGEN, born November 24, 1875, and died on February 14, 1953. He married Mary Jane GALLAGHER, on April 4, 1902 in New York.They had a son John Thomas BERGEN, born August 29, 1919, who married Julia Sztyk, (b.3 July 1921).
BERKERYF.O'DwyerBERKERY, Patrick. Born Blackrock, 1905.
BINGHAMD.ShiversBINGHAM. MarrieD into the FOWLER family.
BLACKBlackb:1761 Ballymoney, Antrim N. Ireland Presbyterian m:Mary Wiley came to PA before 1800
BLAKEDennisno data
BLAKESJ.BlakeBLAKES, William. Born Ballymoney(?), Co. Antrim.
BLANEYDolphinMargaret, b. c1841. Moved to SCT before 1869. Had child Margaret Jane BLANEY.
BLAYNEYK.A.ManuelBLAYNEY, Teresa. Born early 1900's, in Ballymena, Co. Antrim. Parents: William BLAYNEY and Roseanne GILLESPIE. Came to the US., December 1949.
BLUEK.BlueBLUE, Patrick (1806 - 1871), and John BLUE, born 1844. Married Rose McVIKER, born 1841. Children: Marianne born 1870, Mary b. 1871, Margaret b. 1872, John b. 1873, Daniel b. 1875.
BOGUESM.BoguesBOGUES, Charles. Born 1831-1838, in Co. Antrim. Married Margaret Ann BELSHAW, (born c. 1856, Co. Antrim). She is buried at the Maghergall Presbyterian Church, Lisburn. Charles died 1901, buried Derriaghy Chapel, Lisburn. Children: Eliza Jane, Catherine Margaret (1873-1969), and Annie. All born in Aghnahough Townland.
BOHANT.ZoblBOHAN, Peter. Born April 10, 1820, (Co. Cork?). Father of Ada.
BOLANDC.HoarBOLAND, Margaret. Wife of Michael BOLAND. Arrived in PA., USA., in April 1862, with 3 of 11 children. Need information on Michael, maiden name for Margaret (1818), children, and their location in Co. Clare.
BOLANDP.BolandMichael GEARY BOLAND, born c. 1830 in Co. Galway. Emg. to NYC during Irish Famine. Married Alice O'NEILL during 1850's. Children John 1856, Arthur 1860, Thomas 1862, Joseph 1864, Edward 1867. Michael died in 1870's. Need original area in Co. Galway.
DolphinMary married James DEANS c. 1850
BONESW.CaseyBONES, Mary Jane, born February 17, 1912 in Kilmore, Co. Mayo. Her was mother Bridget SWIFT, and her father Thomas BONES. She had a brother, John.
BONNERS RosenhauerB- 1800-1808 in Ulser maybe CO Limeric, found them in QC Canada from 1837 on.
BOSSIDYJ.BossidyBartholomew Bossidy married Alice White in Tallow, Co. Waterford, on 15 Feb., 1817. They had six children, five youngest came over c.1850, settled Lee, Mass. Need info on Bartholomew and Alice.
BOURKEP.WillcoxBOURKE, Bridget, from Galway. Came to Australia with her brother, Patrick Henry, around the 1800's. Parents Jack/John BOURKE, and Mary COSTELLO.
BOURKER.BourkeBOURKE, Richard J. Born 1865, in Ireland.
BOVAIRDK.BovairdBOVAIRD, Charles. Married Margaret RUSSELL. they had children. Ballybolander, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, 1700's to 1900's.
BOWDENJean McCarthyBOWDEN, Moore. No further information given.
BOYCELara IskanderBOYCE. Donegal/Milford.
BOYDSluggoWalter Boyd b. 1824 SCTLD m. Jean (Jane) Clark b.c 1830 SCTLD an.25,1848 Kelso, Roxburghshire,SCTLD 3 sons Thomas b. Jan.6,1849 , James b.Dec.10,1851, Robert b.July 17,1853. All were probably born in Sprouston, Roxburghshire, Scotland
BOYDbschrodeHenry, b c1844 in ? IRL m. Margaret CONNOR October 02,1865 in ?, Co.Down, IRL > SCT by at least 1868.
BOYLES.WeigandBOYLE, Michael William. Married Ellen CAMPBELL. Lived in Doochary, Co. Donegal. Children: Charles, Mike, Anne, and Bridget (emigrated to Philadelphia, PA.). The rest of the family remained in Ireland. Seeking information on those left in Ireland.
BOYLED.BoyleBOYLE.No other information given.
BOYLEPat ??Ireland tp Lincoln, Ontario ca 1830
C. Braden- ElmBRADEN/BREADEN. Four brothers left Ireland, in the 1750's for Western PA., US.
BRADINB.ClarkBRADIN, Catherine. Born 1831, in Ottowa CAN. Married Robert S.KEENAN. moved to Syracuse, NY 1874-1880. Jane BRADIN, sister of Catherine, born 1847. She moved to Syracuse, NY, at the same time. The parents of Catherine and Jane were listed in the US Census (1880), as being born in Ireland.
BRADLEYKayDavid & Mary, lived in Carrigans Village, Co.Donegal 1867>Philadelphia.
BRADYP BradyJohn Brady entered Ellis Island c. 1910, settled in Brooklyn and Sayville, NY
BRADYC.Brady-SpringerBRADY, Terence, born Co. Cavan, 1800, and Mathew BRADY, born c. 1825, Co. Cavan, married Bridget RODDON/RODDEN SMITH.
BRADYC BarrettJames BRADY believed to have been born in Dublin around 1853, died 19/11/1928 aged 75 years at Clay Cross, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England. Married to Mary (surname unknown) who died 13/9/1935 aged 74 years. Both are burried in Danesmoor cemetary. Their daughter Helen BRADY was born 10/07/1904 in Clay Cross.
BRADYC.BarrettBRADY, James. Believed to have been born, in Dublin, c. 1853. Died 19 November, 1928, aged 75 years, at Clay Cross, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, ENG. Married Mary (surname unknown), who died 13 September, 1935, aged 74 years. Both are buried in Danesmoor Cemetery. Their daughter, Helen, was born 10th July, 1904, in Clay Cross.
BRADYJ.CapstickBRADY, Margaret Ann. Married Thomas MARTIN. They would both have been born c.1870. They moved to the Sunderland area, North England.
T Lissett
Mary Brady b.circa 1850's Ireland; father John Brady supposedly a farmer. Lived in Cable St, Liverpool and married 1869 a William Eastwood. Then moved to Bolton, Lancashire had six offspring and died aged 36 years old.
Cinéal mBinnigh
PeggyJohn Braly Born 1720 Antrim Co. IRE. Son of Hugh "Brawley" Born abt.16?? Ire. Co Cork?
BRANIGANB.RitzelBRANIGAN, James. Born 1828, Stallmullen, Co. Meath.
BRANNANtaffyElizabeth, Co Wexford, married James Morrissey about 1865. Immigrated to U.S. about 1880
BRANNIGANA. McIlvaneyBRANNIGAN. No data available.
BRANNONR.BrannonBRANNON. No further information given.
BRAYK.JanssenBRAY, Mary Louise. Born 1846 in Ireland. Married Michael McDONALD (born Ireland, 1845). Went to N.J., and N.Y., USA. Children: Joseph, Mary J., Kate, Edward, Lillian, Minnie and Charles.
BRAZELLM.GeraldsBRAZELL. Only information is that the family came from Ireland.
BRAZILMarshaBRAZIL. No data available.
BREADONV BreadonJohn Breadon, spouse Elizabeth Penman, Daughter Rachel Mary born 1871: son William, born 1877 county Dublin Ireland.
BREENE.DavenportBREEN, Patrick. He married Ellen FITZGERALD in 1869, in Anacarty Parish, Tipperary.Children: Winifred, and Laurence. Sponsors: Daniel, Honora, John, and Catherine BREEN. Patrick and Ellen, emigrated to the US, in 1872-3. They went to St. Louis, MO.
BRENNANJ.BurgessBRENNAN, Patrick. Born c.1869. Parents stationed in India, after the mutiny, his father as a soldier, and his mother as a nurse. His father came from Kilkenny, and mother from Dublin, where her family were store owners. Patrick emigrated to Canada c.1887-1891. Married Isabella MYLES, and settled in Ottawa, ONT. He had 8 siblings, one named James, and one Mary. Mary stayed in Ireland.
BRENNANusbanglaSam, about 1848-1932, Belfast daughter Catherine emigrated to US in 1927
BRENNANP.BarnesBRENNAN, Patrick. Married Mary BYRNE c.1870. They lived in Onondaga County, NY. Children: John Patrick, b.1885, died 1952, Syracuse, NY, Ellen, Cecelia, Catherine, Julia, Margaret, Francis, Peter, Agnes, Sr.August.
BRENNAND.BrennanBRENNAN, Pat. Born 1784,in Stranorlaughan?, Donegal. Married in 1811 to Bridget McHUGH, born 1788.
BRENNANTerryJohn. born c1800. Need to find birthplace Ireland or Scotland. Married Ann Carroll/Jamieson 1830. Have traced son James b1830 at Eaglesham Scotland emigrated Australia 1863. Both parents dec by then.
BRESLINCherylWilliam, Born around 1826
BRETTJohn MorrissBRETT, Ellen. Born 1883, in Co. Cork. Her father was Timothy BRETT. Looking for ancestors.
BRIERLYC.BroderickBRIERLY, Ellen. Married to Michael LYNCH RIC. They lived in either Castlecomner or possibly Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny. They had nine children. Anne the oldest born 1872, and Eugene, the youngest, born 1887. Thomas born 1885, married Agnes SHEEHY, from Marybourgh, Co. Laois, c.1907.
BRITTK.ShergoldBRITT. No further information given.
BROBSTBigDanWilliam C., s/o Jacob Brosbst of Switzerland & Helena Ludwig of Ohio, b 1878 Ohio, d Lancaster, Pa., m Erma L. Ray
k terryMary b. c. 1828, IRE. 1851 Catholic, Newark, N.J. m. Patrick KALAIN - CALOREN - KALON b. Ire c. 1825. Both died Orange, Essex Co., N.J. by 1870. 5 children: James 1851, Mary, Anna, Julia, John.
BROWNJ BormanJohn and Susanna - Ireland to Canada about 1830- after a few years to Monroe county, NY. Grandson married daughter of Mary and Patrick HART. Children of John and Susana: Samuel, James, Thomas, Elizabeth, Amy, John, Susanna, Letitia (my great grandmother), William and Mary.
BROWNC.BrownBROWN, James. Born c.1822. Married Annie ARMSTRONG, c.1848. First son, Alexander, born, December 31, 1848, in Nova Scotia, Canada.
BROWNW.R.BrownBROWN, Robert and Andrew. Robert born 1834, and Andrew in 1839. Both born in Co. Tyrone. Came to the US c.1850.
BROWNL.WhiteBROWN, Mary. Born in Co. Donegal. Her father's name was Alexander. She married Andrew WALKER, also from Co. Donegal. Both came to America in the 1830's, and lived for a time in New York. They then moved to MI., and were married in St. Clair County, in the mid 1830's.
BROWNaranladyWilliam Brown Co Mayo
BROWNES.MatthewsBROWNE, Joshua. Simeon, Maxamillian, Marguerita, Georgiana, Antonia, Dargaville and Chaworth BROWNE are all relatives. Possibly came from Westport.
BROWNEPeterJoseph, b. 12 October 1891 Fermoy, Co.Cork died Waterloo, Liverpool, UK March 1964
BROWNEPeterWilliam, DOB not known place of birth: Ileclash, Fermoy, Co.Cork; occupation: coachman died on 3 December 1929
BROWNLEES.OursienBROWNLEE, James. Born in Co. Cavan, in 1758. Possibly married to a Margaret DAVIDSON. Had a son named Alexander, born 1797, in Co. Cavan. Married Catherine ROSS. They had nine children, one of which was John BROWNLEE.
BUCHANANS.OstgardBUCHANAN, Adam. Married Sarah Anne TAYLOR, in Cloghroe, Co. Donegal, 1872. Emigrated to Pennsylvania 1872-3. Then moved to Minnesota. No information on parents, or siblings.
BUCHANANB BondMary 1765-1845 born ? died in Monaghan daughter of Michael Buchanan and Susanna Russell dates and places unknown
BULGERMarshaBULGER. No data available.
BULMANJ.StrandBULMAN, Thomas. Born 1852, in Fermoy. Married Mary LENIHAN (born 1853), c.1875, in Fermoy. Their children were: Benjamin (1875), Anna (c.1879 in Fermoy), Bertha (c.1880), Norah C. (1881), Donald ( between 1878-1891), Helen (between 1878-1891). Ellen (1879, in Fermoy, died 1944 in Boston), Cornelius ( 1881 in Co. Galway, died c.1904), Thomas (1883, in Carrigaline, died 1957 in Boston), Francis (1884, died 1966, in Jamaica Plain, MA.), and Timothy (1886 in Fermoy, died 1972 in Jamaica Plain, MA).
BUNWORTHK.CrowleyBUNWORTH, Charles. Co. Cork. Son of Richard BUNWORTH. Died 1915.
BURKL.GrangerBURK(E), John. Born c. 1746, in Ireland, possibly Carlow or Co. Kilkenny. Died 1832 in Vermont, USA.
BURKEB.MacKinnonBURKE, Honora, and brothers Nicholas and Martin. Came from Tipperary to Tasmania, Australia, in the early 1850's. Need information on family back in Ireland.
BURKEG.DuffyBURKE, Johanna. Born Ireland in 1806, in Forest, Templemore, Cp. Tipperary. Married Michael DUFFY, in Templemore in 1835. They came to Troy, NY in 1851, with their children, Mary Anne, Thomas and Lawrence.
P.WillcoxBURKE, Bridget, born c. 1861. Came to Australia from Co. Galway, in the early 1880's. Parents Jack BURKE and Mary COSTELLO.
BURNSL.FlynnBURNS, John T. Born c.1874, VT., USA. Married 1897 to Louise Dorothy NOLAN, born 1874, and died 1916, in Arlington, MA. Children: John (1898(?)), William, Frederick, (born 1901, and died 1978) and Christopher (born 1903).
BURNSR GavanKildare
BURNSM.BurnsBURNS, John. In South Australia, 1876. Need to find John's Irish ancestry. Married Mary CALLAGHAN.
BURNSJ.GarnettBURNS. No further information given.
BURROWSJeffCounty Carlow
BURROWSS.JohnsonBURROWS, Robert. Born 1825, in Ireland. Married Margaret HENDERSON, 19 March, 1851, in Glasgow, SCOT. They had a daughter Annie, born August 24, 1862, in Glasgow.
BURROWST BurrowsThomas Henry Burrows Jr b. August 12, 1875 County Tyrone, Ireland son of Thomas Henry, Sr and Mary Ann Little m. Emmalina Wiley b. 1879 Ireland
BUSTARDK.WhiteAnn BUSTARD from Clarcam Co. Donegal. Married James HIGGINS 1859 Donegal town
BUTLERF.WalkerBUTLER, Annie. born 1883, in Ireland. Mother Isabella BUTLER. Grandparents Robert and Mary STORIE. Lived at Letterkenny.
BUTLERB.WilkinsBUTLER, Andrew Jackson. His parents came from Ireland. Andrew married Caroline DENTON. Her parents were Richard and Susannah (BEET) DENTON, from Sheffield, England. The area they came from in Ireland, is unknown.
BUTLERS. O'Flahaven-FouldsWilliam M., b. Feb 3, 1884 in Jamestown, Drumsna, Co. Leitrim. Father John BUTLER, mother Elizabeth CONNOLLY. William had six siblings: William, Thomas, Bridget, Elizabeth, Frank, Mary-Ann?.
BYERSS.MatthewsBYERS, William. Born in Ballyjamesduff, Co. Cavan, in 1884. He came to the US in 1907.
BYRNEE.BurnettBYRNE, Michael Joseph. Born June 7, 1871, in San Francisco. Died May 3, 1931, in San Francisco. Married Catherine A. DUGAN/DUGGAN. Born June 5, 1873, also in San Francisco. Michael's parents were Robert BYRNE and Bridget McDERMOTT, both born in Ireland.
BYRNEY.PrattWicklow. 1700's onwards
BYRNEE.ByrneBYRNE, Thomas. Married Mary KELLY in 1831, in Co. Kildare. Went to San Francisco in 1867.

CAFFERKYC.CafferkyCAFFERKY, Patrick. Born c.1829. Married Honor McHALE, January 10, 1856. Died Galway, 1916, They had nine children. Need information re parents, siblings, birth date/place, and resting place.
CAHALANEM.K.LindenCAHALANE, John. He married Norah NEILL. There were at least 4 children from this marriage. The family arrived in Heir Island, Skibbereen, Co. Cork, sometime after the 1852 Griffiths Valuation. It is believed that the family originally were from Rath, Baltimore, Co. Cork. Known children are: Ellen, Cornelius, Mike, and Patrick.
CAHALANEde GREGORYCornelius, born c. 1865, Heir Island, Co. Cork. Married Ellen McCARTHY-Driscol. One child, Nora b. 1901. Ellen came from the Mainland.She was previously married to DRISCOL.
CAHILLS.PetersenCAHILL, John. Born 1833-35. A carpenter. Parents:Conrad CAHILL, and ? GALLAGHER. Emigrated from Co. Cork, c.1840-50. Had two older brothers.
CAHILLT NelsonJohn Cahill from County Clare, Ireland to Paris, Ontario, Canada around 1850.
CALLAGHANT.O'CallaghanCALLAGHAN/O'CALLAGHAN, Timothy. Born 1852, at Milleen, Rockchapel, Co. Cork.
CALLAGHANT.O'CallaghanCALLAGHAN, Daniel, married Catherine BAILEY, of Stagmount. Children: Timothy 1867, Thomas 1867, Daniel 1872, Michael David O'CALLAGHAN 1878, Kathleen, Mary CALLAGHAN CUSICK, Maggie.
CALLAGHANL.FaugheyCALLAGHAN, John Philip. From Cavan. Married Bridget Francis MOORE. Children: Philip, Patrick, Frances, Susan, William, and Ann. Came to Australia, in 1850.
CALLAHANK.CallahanCALLAHAN. The first CALLAHAN was CEALLACHAN of Cashel, 10th Century A.D.
CALLANC.BowdenCALLAN, Christopher born Ireland 1811. Also Christopher born, 1841, Henry born 1831, Dublin, Patrick born 1833, and Eliza born 1844.
CALTERM.Calter.CALTER. No further information given.
CAMPBELLT.CampbellCAMPBELL, William. Came from Ireland. Looking for relations in Ireland, or elsewhere.
CAMPBELLK.ClippertonCAMPBELL, John Edward. Born 1880, near Clane, Co. Kildare. Looking for his parents.
CAMPBELLR NorineResearching Elizabeth Campbell of Ireland who married James Crawford and immigrated to Boston, Mass in 1726
CAMPBELLPat??Australia to Troy NY ca 1870
CANNONK.MorganCANNON, settled in Winchester, KY. USA, 1848-1855.
CANNONA. McIlvaneyCANNON. No data available.
CANTRELLD.StewartCANTRELL, Jane. Born c.1860's. Lived at Taylor's Hill, Galway City. Married Edward ROTHWELL, from Aughrim and Ballinasloe. Dunlo Hill House. They had 13 children.
CANTWELLBigDanThomas, s/o John Cantwell & Margaret Delaney, b 1855 Ireland, d Apr 14, 1932 Fall River, Massachusetts, m Mary Ann Hickey
CARDENJ RedmMichael Carden b.c. 1800 m. Catherine Mittan around 1821 - three sons, Timothy b. 1822, James d/o/b unk, & Michael d/o/b/ unk.
CARDENJ RedmTimothy, from the township of Killala County of Mayo m. Ann Missett son John in 1847 and a daughter Mary in 1848. John died at sea on his way to the USA at 2yrs old. James Carden b 6/21/1850 Ann Carden b 7/23/1852, Patrick b 8/21/1854, Margaret b 11/15/1857, Michael b 12/17/1859, Joseph J b 9/02/1862 & Thomas b 3/19/1865.
CARDENJ RedmThomas, b 3/19/1865 m. Anna Duffy. 8 children: Fred J b 11/04/1894, m. Ann Kearns; Ruthb 1896 m. John Lynady; Alberta b 5/22/1896; Josephb 3/5/1898 m. Lillian Westgate; Kenneth b 10/20/1899; William b 7/15/1906 m. to Hilda Freyman; Jerome b 1907 and James b 9/24/1901 m Lucille Mallett the dauther of Edwin Mallett & Sarah Sweet.
CARDENB.BurgeCARDEN, William Blackwell. Died Inischrone 1848. His wife Ann went to the US in 1850. Ann (nee ASHMAN) died in Sullivan Co., NY. Children: Mary, George, Ann, John, James, Robert, William, and Alice. All came to the US 1849/50. They all came from Co. Sligo, and Co. Mayo.
CAREWTOMRobert Shapland Carew, b. 1819, Woodenstown, co. Tipperary, married Euphemia Gordon, born 1829, daughter of Rev. Thomas Gordon, Clonmel. She died 21 Feb 1864, buried St. Catherine's Cemetery, Ontario. He died 14 Apr 1889, buried St. Jerome Cemetery, Dublin.
CAREWTOMRobert Gordon Carew, b. 29 Jun 1855, in Ontarion, 2nd son of Robert Shapland Carew and Euphemia Gordon Carew. He married 1stly 20 Aug 1884 Clara Belle Poorman, born 30 Nov 1862, Liberty, Indiana, died 21 Jan 1899. He married 2ndly 16 Aug 1906 Cornelia May Carberry. He and his brother, Joseph Thomas Carew, born 2 Jan 1848, founded Mabley & Carew, Cincinnati, Ohio. He died 29 Jan 1947, buried Spring Hill Cemetery. Cincinnati, Ohio.
CAREWTOMJoseph Carew, Woodenstown, co. Tipperary, father of Robert Shapland Carew who married Euhpemia Gordon, and Mary Ann Carew who married Thomas Armstrong. He succeeded his brother Robert Carew, the younger, who died 20 Oct 1872. He inherited Grangeberry and other lands in co. Tipperary. He died Oct 1873.
CAREWTOMRobert Carew, the elder, Woodenstown, co. Tipperary, father of Robert Carew, the younger, and Joseph Carew. His will dated 1806.
CAREWTOMJoseph Thomas Carew, son of Robert Gordon Carew and Clara Belle Poorman Carew, born 18 Dec 1887, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He married 1stly 18 Dec 1911 Helen Geisler who died 20 Mar 1932, and had a son, Joseph Thomas, Jr., born 21 Aug 1913. He married 2ndly 25 May 1933 Mae Juner. He died in 1981 and was buried in Seattle, Washington.
CAREYK.Stepek-MillerCAREY, Michael. Married Johanna TUCKER, in Chicago, on January 23, 1870. They had 13 children, the youngest being William. He married a Grace REECH, and had 4 children. Lorraine STEPEK CAREY, is the line I am looking for. The family, is believed to have come from Co. Cork.
CAREYK.WhiteThomas CAREY b. abt 1814 Co. Mayo to Ontario Canada
CARRIGM.CarrigCARRIG. No further information given.
CARLEYK.O'NeilCARLEY, Patrick, and his wife Ann CAINE. They came from Roscommon. He was listed as a land owner, and cattle dealer.
CARNAHANB.RhodeCARNAHAN. No further information given.
CARRIGYJ.CarrigyCARRIGY, Patrick. Son of James CARRIGY and Rose MENHAM
CARROLLC.AllerCARROLL. From Co. Mayo. Researching their family in Ireland, PA. and NJ., U.S.A.
CARROLLK.CarrollCARROLL. No other information given.
CARROLLP.WillcoxCARROLL, William. From Haggardstown, Co. Louth. Arrived in Australia, mid 1830's.
CARSONE.DalzellCARSON, Edward. Born February 4, 1885 in Tyrone. Died July 20, 1950 in Pittsburgh, PA., USA.
CARVERK.ParkerCARVER. Any CARVER'S from Ireland or Upstate New York.
CARVERCarolynWas in Albemarle Co or Frederick Co Va, USA, by 1760.
CASEYLoudes McDonaldCASEY, Martin. Born 1867, and died 1973, in Tipperary. Married Ellen. Believed to have had 3 sons and 1 daughter: Michael, Christopher, Patrick and Julia.
CASEYR.A.CoffeyCASEY, James. Born c.1775, in Kilkenny. Married Mary CLANCY. They left Ireland in 1825, for Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.
CASEYS.McNuttCASEY, Martin and Margaret MULLIGAN CASEY, from Tuam, Co. Galway. Died in 1903 and 1906. They had at least one son Martin, who settled in Texas. Martin and Margaret lived on Cloontoo Road, and are buried in the old cemetary in Tuam, on thr Athenry Road.
CASKEYR.WimbushCASKEY.Looking for County of birth.
CASKEYA.FlowersCASKEY. Cork, Ireland.
CASLINJ.OlsonCASLIN, James. Born October 15, 1835, in Strokestow, Co. Roscommon, and Ann MELLENY, born September 10, 1837.
CASSELK.BahrCASSEL, Michael, came to the U.S., c. 1833-1836, from Ireland.
CASSIDYBJ HinshawHelen, dau of Michael CASSIDY and Mary GOODWOOD, she was b. in Ediburgh according to her dau's birth certificate. My guess is that her parents were probably from Ireland.
L.LutterbachCAVANAUGH, Owen. Born 1800, in Ireland. He was married by 1855, to Catherine KELLY, born 1833 in Ireland. Children: Elizabeth, b.1855 in Evansville, IN., Vanderburgh County, USA., Kate, b. 1858, Mary A., b. 1857, Annie, b. 1862, and James K., b.1867.
CAVANAUGHR.BraunCAVANAUGH, Francis, born c. 1820-25, in Ireland. Married Catharine FITZGERALD, born September 1844, daughter of Edward FITZGERALD and Ellen DOYLE.
CAVERLEYR.WoodCAVERLEY, Richard. Co. cork, 1840. Married Mary SMITH. They possibly lived near Skull or Skibberee, near Bantry Bay.
CAVINL CavingggGrandfather-ROBERT CAVIN, b.c.1775 (?) Co.Cavan, IRL >PA (BUCKS Co.?) USA late 1700's ? settled near Hiddenite, NC (c.1800?). He was married to the former Miss SUSAN (SUSIE) HAYNES. Children include: ZIZA GATES, SALLIE, WILLIAM H. and ROBERT WINSTON.
CHAMBERSJ.ChambersCHAMBERS. From Belfast. J. CHAMBERS came to the US. in the late 1800's, through Canada into Montana. Homesteaded around Great Falls, Montana.
CHAPMANN.ChapmanCHAPMAN. Born Co. Cavan. Emigrated to New Zealand on the "Ramillies", April 14, 1847. Married Elizabeth Mary RILEY. Died January 21, 1871, in Auckland, New Zealand.
CHAPMANW.ChapmanCHAPMAN. From Roscrea, in Co. Tipperary. Occupations included, boot and shoemakers, and possibly a policeman.
CHERRYJ.BahandaCHERRY, James. Born c.1840, Newtownards. Married Mary Jane McWHINNEY, 1867, in Newtownards, Co. Down. His parents were James CHERRY and Mary RICE>
CLANCYD.P.JohnsonCLANCY, Thomas. Married Dorothy O'LEARY. They lived in Co. Limerick. They had a son named John Michael CLANCY, born April 15, 1916.
CLAREJ.ClareCLARE. No further information given.
CLEARYOlavbc 1820 Co Monaghan s/o Patrick CLEARY AND Ann FARRELL m 1845 Portneuf Co, Quebec Ann DARMODY
CLEMENTSF.WalkerCLEMENTS, Daniel. Born Ireland in the 1800's. Son Patrick born in Scotland. Mother Margaret INGLIS.
CLEMENTSodaddyoJoseph, married Anna son John
CLERYE.ByrneCLERY. Co. Clare.
S.DunavantCLIDSDALE, Mary. Born c. 1837, and died March 29, 1887, in Aughnacloy, Co. Down. She married John HENRY.
CLIFFORDB.FordCLIFFORD, John and Daniel, married Mary FORD and her sister, Catherine. Moved to Binghamton, NY, in 1870's.
CLIGGETTF.CollinsCLIGGETT, William. Married Bridget SHEA, February 27, 1838, in Doneraile, Co. Cork. Three children: Patrick, Margaret and Thomas. Patrick and Margaret (married Dennis COLLINS), arrived in the USA., in the 1870's. Looking for parents and siblings.
CLINTONtaffyMichael, b abt.1814, Co. Louth. immigrated to U.S. about 1840.
CLUGSTONC.Brady-SpringerCLUGSTON, Samuel, born 1888 in Carrickfergus. His father and brother were both named John CLUGSTON, possible uncle named Richard CLUGSTON.
CLUNEH.McCulleyNo data given
COANP.CoanCOAN. No further information available.
COATESP.WoodCOATES. Maynooth/ Celbridge, Co. Kildare. Master stonemasons in the 1700/1800's. Samuel settled in the NYC area, in the early 1840's. Married Catherine NOONAN. Sons: Christopher, Edward and Joseph, all stonemasons, in Brooklyn, N.Y.
COCHRAND.DickmanCOCHRAN, John. Born Dublin, c.1760. Emigrated to US prior to 1783. Married in the US to Francis SCOTT. Children: John b.1791, in KY., and Robert b.1785, in KY.
COCHRANC.LafontaineCOCHRAN, John Jnr. Born 1743, died 1814. He married Sarah FOSS in Rockingham, NH., in May 1764. He is thought to have been born in Northern Ireland, and that perhaps his father, John COCHRAN Sr., was an Irish sea Captain.
CODYDennisJames Cody, b.1830, to New Jersey 1854
CODYDeeJohn Cody of Carlow, Ireland married Mary Ann RICHARDSON. Had son, John Richardson and daughter, Mary Ann. John Cody died in Ireland and Mary Cody brought children to USA (New Orleans)
COFFEER.A.CoffeyCOFFEE, Ambrose. Born c.1775, in Dublin?. Parents were William C. and Sarah RALIEGH (RAWLEY?). Came to the US in 1767, as an indentured servant to John HOUGH.
COFFEYP.BeaversCOFFEY, Marcella. Born May 1856, in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. Married Brian MURTAGH, March 6, 1880 in Mullingar. She died August 4, 1922. They had 11 children.
COFFEYM TurnerChristopher baptised Edenberry, Offally 1825 . Mother Mary Le Strange father Patrick Coffey. Had 2 sisters Rosa and Judith, also two brothers (John, William) that went to USA sometime before 1843.
COLEKayJesse J. & Margaret J. PA in early 1800's. from Scotland?
COLEMANJ.DelynnCOLEMAN, Michael, and Leonora (Honora) (Nora) BULKLEY COLEMAN. Both born in Ireland, c. 1805. They emigrated to NY., living in Livingstone Co., through 1880. They had at least three daughters, one being Nettie (Nora) COLEMAN. She married William E. HURLBURT, of Danbury, CT.
COLHOUNT.ColhounCOLHOUN, Samuel (1803-1875). Born probably at "Teeronail" property at Lifford, Co. Donegal. He died at Omagh, Co. Tyrone.Parents names unknown, his mother may have been a BUCHANNAN, and may have died in 1858 aged 96.Samuel's siblings were William James, Robert, Matthew, Joseph, George and Ann Jane They lived at Sunderland, ENG., in 1903. John emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1865, and married Elizabeth MILLINGTON from Cheshire, ENG.They had eight children. Some members of the family changed their surname to COLQUHOUN.
COLLINSJ CollinsThomas COLLINS, Mary WARD. St Munchin's. Co Limerick.
COLLINSColleen ThorneCOLLINS, Julia. Born in Co. Kerry. She was convicted of stealing Apparel, and transported to Tasmania, Australia. She married there, in 1846.
COLLINSK.FenwickCOLLINS, John. Born in the 1840's. Married Sidney A. HICINBOTHAM, who was also an Irish immigrant
COLLOPYM.DohertyCOLLOPY, Mary. Married Michael McMAHON, St. Johns, Limerick City, in 1891. Children: Mary, born 1893, John, a daughter ?, Others?. Daughter Mary married John DELANEY, of Tipperary. They both died in the USA.
COLVINK.BrownCOLVIN. No further information given.
COMAND.DonahueCOMAN family from Co. Tipperary
COMISKEYI.RileyCOMISKEY, Owen and Catherine. From Co. Monaghan. Came to New Jersey, USA., in 1881. They were living in Harristown, NJ., in the 1900 Census.
CONNELLYG.MorganCONNELLY, Matilda. Born 1835, Dublin. Father Thomas CONNELLY, a farmer. Her mother's name was Ellen.
CONNELLR.ConnellCONNELL, Richard, and William. Born c. 1825-1830, in Co. Laois. Emigrated, c. 1855 to Trenton, Mercer Co., NJ. Richard, had two sons: Richard, born 1860, and William, born 1858.
CONNERG LambertConner, Lawrence 1752-1826 Dublin>Virgina USA>Kentucky USA
CONNERYCONNERYCONNERY. From Freshford, Co. Kilkenny.
CONNOLLYL VerboortThomas CONNOLLY, born Dec 22, 1856 in Dublin, IRE. Immigrated to US between 1871-1873. Married May GROENDYKE in Atchison, Kansas in 1886.
CONNOLLYIcarusPatrick b. 1869, immigrated to US approx 1890.Is said to have left several siblings in Ireland
CONNOLLYE.ValezCONNOLLY, Margaret. Born 1897, in Skibberean. Lived on a farm named Argy Han. Siblings included Catherine, John, Patrick, Bartholomew, and Vincent. Seeking the names of Margaret's parents.
CONNOLLYL.ConnollyCONNOLLY, Francis Bernard. Born c. 1900 in ? Married in NY to Elizabeth UMBACH. Their son William George CONNOLLY, born May 31, 1924 in NY, NY. Died March 1, 1983.
CONNOLLYGearóidConnollys in Co. Monaghan, the town of Carrickmacross. Phillip married Jane Mulholland had 10 or more children
CONNOLLYS.PlaceCONNOLLY, John. Born Ireland 1814, died 1882. Married Bridget SHERRY, also born in Ireland, 1819- died 1953. Emigrated with 2 sons John and James, c.1842, to Prince Edward Island, Canada. They had 5 more children in Canada.
CONNOLLYLynnHanorah, b. 1864 IRL, d. 1934 Chicago. Married Michael DONOVAN 1885, had 9 children.
CONNORMary S.CONNOR. Associated with Ballyhaunis and Knock area, Aghamore, Co. Mayo.
CONROYL ConroyThomas 1868 in Ireland,arr on SS Wyoming 5/14/1890 with his wife Mary Flaherty Conroy.Worked on the docks in Brooklyn,NY. had 5children, 2 died as children 1904 & 1905. Thomas supposely died 1905,children placed in a home till 6/23/1907.Can find any info on Daug.Nora or when Thomas & Mary died & buried.
CONROYL ConroyThomas Conroy b cc 1868 where in Ireland? m. Mary Flaherty 1870 where in Ireland ? Married around 1889/90 befor sailing to USA. They arrived in NY on May 14,1890 on the SS Wyoming.
CONWAYL.NestorCONWAY, Sarah?. Married Thomas NESTOR. Possibly from Belcarra, Co. Mayo.
CONWAYS.HolakCONWAY, Ellen. Born January 1863, in Tralee, Ireland. Parents John and Ellen. Brother sibling? She married Patrick GIBBONS in 1882, in Lawrence, MA. Naturalised in the US. in 1873. Children: Richard, Patrick, Ellen, John, Frank, Agnes, and Joseph Patrick.
CONWAYJ.ConwayCONWAY, John J. Married Mary McGOVERN, of Brooklyn, c.1900. Lived in Newburgh, until 1914, when John moved with his 5 children, to Brooklyn.
CONWELLmjCONWELL, Daniel.Emigrated to St. John, New Brunswick, from Donegal, c.1845. Moved to Peabody, MASS., c.1902, with his wife Lucy BOURQUE CONWELL. His father was John CONWELL.
COOGANL.CooganCOOGAN. No further information given.
COOKJ.ForsytheCOOK and McBATH. Ireland. Place of birth, named as Prince E., in Census. Headstones name Co. Galway and Co. Waterford, as places of birth. Where is Prince E.?
COOMBSBoomerCharles E., b. Auburn, ME. circa 1840, m. Liza Ward of Topsham, ME.
COONEYP.KazloCOONEY, Patrick. Ireland, Canada and the USA.
COONEYEd StittJohn b:abt 1740 near St. Mary's Cathedral in Co. Cork, Ireland m.Mary Brusinade
COOPERM.WaldronCOOPER, William A. Born c.1800. Came to New York City, ca. 1827. Wife Eliza Jane. Children: Margaret, Nathaniel, Robert, Eliza Jane, William, and Charles. Died January 1, 1854 in New York City.
L ConroyWilliam or Wilhelm came in 1853/54 w/wife & son. Christina Wilamine Mullerspack to Butler Township,Pa.
COPELANDC.HunterCOPELAND, William. Born c.1788. Married Nancy, born c. 1792. Both born in Ireland. They migrated to Richmond, Carleton, Ontario, CAN., 1825-1829. Two of their children were born in Ireland: John, born c.1818, and James, born c.1825. A third son William, was born in Canada, c.1829.
CORBETTM.TracyCORBETT, John and Jane(MAYS). John, from Co. Tyrone, was born in August 1812, and Jane on March 18, 1812, in England. By 1832 they were in Kings County, Ontario, Canada, raising a family. They moved to Garafraxa,ONT. John died on February 8, 1880 in Arthur ONT. Jane died October 4, 1885, also in Arthur.
CORCORANCorky1840 IRE>Waterbury CT 1840-1910>Pontiac MI >Los Angeles CA 1922+
CORCORANJ CorcoranJohn Corcoran & Kate Nolan m.1841 Co.Westmeath, Children: Julia, Kate, Bryan, Patrick, Peter, Christopher, Rose, John, Bridget. 3 came to Australia. Searching for info on Peter,Christopher & John.
CORCORAND.LundyCORCORAN, Thomas. Born 1851, VA. Died 1929. Sexton, St. Michael's Catholic Church, NYC. Married Bridget HACKETT, Eire, 1860-1931.
CORRJ.CorrCORR, John. Born 1871, in Ireland. Married Rose FITZSIMMONS. Last known address, Russell Street, Belfast.
CORRIGANSharonPatrick b. nr Ferbane Off 1802, d. 1874 KC,MO. m. Elizabeth Murray of Westmeath 12 children
COSGROVEMaureenCOSGROVE, Myles. Born 1895, in Crumlin, Co. Galway. His parents were Michael, and Mary. Siblings were a twin sister Delia, Mary, Martin, William, Pat and Peter. Married Maryann MAHER, of Ballymacward, Co. Galway. Left Ireland for Scotland, them to MASS., and New York area, USA.
jkremerSearching for information on MATTHEW Costole/Costello b. Co.Tipperary, Ireland. He married Ann O'MEARA (also born in Co.Tipperary). Abt. 1820 he, his wife, & 4 children: John H, Ellen, Matthew, and Mary emigrated to America. Matthew had a brother, Michael.
COSTELLODDeanMichael (Mick) Costello m. Sally Campbell in the 1850's poss. Co Mayo, Ireland. children: Patrick, Julia, Mary, Bridget, John, Michael, James & Thomas all born poss. Co Mayo.
COSTELLODDeanPatrick Costello s/o Michael (Mick) Costello & Sally Campbell b. 1857-1863 in Co Mayo.m. Ella N. Ward in Elkton, Cecil Co., MD,U.S.A. in 1891.
COSTELLOMartin CostelloCOSTELLO, Patrick, born March 14 1884, to Martin and Ellen (COSTELLO) COSTELLO, at Parke. Patrick died May 1926 at South Portland, Maine. He had 3 brothers, Mark, John, and Ned. Mark and John came to the US, Ned had TB and stayed in Ireland. There were also two sisters, Mary and Hannah, both died in the US. I have visited my father's home in Ballynahoun. Patrick married Barbara McGINN ( in Irish GING).
COSTELLOM.HanlyCOSTELLO, James. Married Mary MULRENAN. They had a daughter, Nora Agnes COSTELLO. Also from Roscommon.
COSTELLOR. CostelloResearching COSTELLO'S from Jefferson and Berkeley Counties, WV.
COSTIGANMerryCatherine, b. 1825 in Ireland
COTTINGHAMC.BowdenCOTTINGHAM, John, born Dublin 1786. Also John COTTINGHAM, born Dublin 1811-1819.
COUGHLINP CoughlinPatrick Born Jan/1866, Lisnagry, Limerick Cty. Son of Michael and Johanna (Fitzgerald). US in 1893, Whiting, IN, married Mary Josephine Cleary, DOB July/1874.
COURNEENF.NiermeyerCOURNEEN. Co. Tipperary, Parish of Mont-Sea.
COURTNEYFiclor Co. Cork
R.CourtneyCOURTNEY COURTENAY. Co. Antrim, Templepatrick Parish, Townlands of Craigarogan, Rickamore, Claughanduff, Dough.
COURTNEYLynnCatherine DONOVAN b. 1886 Chicago, d. 1980. Married John W. Courtney, 1910.
COYLEM.ToddCOYLE, Owen Joseph. Born in Drogheda, Co. Louth, believed to have been in 1879.
COYNEMaureenCOYNE, Delia. Born 1890, in Ballyveane, Co. Galway, near Clonbur. Siblings: Mary, Ellen, Kate, and Pat, also one brother who is still living. Moved when she was two, to Kilmaine, Co. Mayo, to be raised by an aunt, believed to be named LOFTUS. She left Ireland, and settled in the New York area.
CRANSTONS.AndersonCRANSTON, 1619 to the present. Ulster.
CRAWFORDR Norineresearching James Crawford of Ulster who married Elizabeth Campbell and emigrated to Boston Mass in 1726.
CRAWFORDB CroweJohn b. 1825 Coleraine, Ireland brother CRAWFORD David b. 1 Mar. 1819, Fermanagh, Ireland
CREANM HavensRobert Crean IRL>NJ abt. 1904
CRIMMINSS.O'ConnorCRIMMINS, Benjamin. Born c.April 28, 1878. His father was David CRIMMINS, born in Ireland, possibly Cork or Limerick.
CROCKETPAULACROCKET, William, born c. 1730 (place unknown), died June 1792, Marr. Elizabeth ----, born July 1734 in Ireland. Children: (1) Samuel,b.14 Dec., 1759 near Carlisle, PA., died 21 April 1841. Marr. 25 Sep. 1787, Sarah WILSON, b. 27 Feb. 1766. Sarah died 31 May 1847. Both died in Robertson Co. TN. (2) Mary, died 7 Oct. 1831. She marr. Samuel UTTER, Cumberland Co. PA. (3) Margaret (Peggy) marr. ---WILSON. (4) Jane, marr. James SHANNON. (5) John, born c. 1766, near Harrisburg, PA., marr. Rebecca JOHNSON.(6) William, b.18 Dec.1769, marr. Rosanna. Will. died 16 Feb. 1842. (7) James, b. 1760/1767, died 2 Sep. 1795 in Cumberland Co. PA. This family of CROCKET'S were known as the Greenwood clan, as there were three Crockett clans at that time in Cumberland/Lancaster.
CRONINT.CroninCRONIN, John. Born c.1837 near Macroon. Married Catherine, sailed to Pennsylvania c.1862.
CROSBYR.RayburnCROSBY, James and Hannah. They had seven children, and came from Co. Westmeath. One son, Edward, moved to the USA.
CROSSONJ.CrossonCROSSON, William. born c. 1823 Came to America from Co. Donegal(?), about 1840, said to have been 17 years old.
CROZIERC.VarnerCROZIER. No data available.
CRUMLISHS.CrumlishCRUMLISH, Thomas.From Donegal. Emigrated in 1874, from Scotland to New York, ending up in Philadelphia. Married Bridget ROSS, also from Donegal. Sons: John, Thomas, and James (Judge J. CRUMLISH Sr.) A Catholic family.
CULHANEOregonJames CULHANE b. cir. 1835 in Limerick, son of Patric CULHANE, James married Bridget O'Hara
CULLENJimG.G.Grandmother was Jane Cullen, b. 1814, d.1880 husband John Roach, b. 1817, d. 1861. Both were from Co. Wexford, Ireland but lived most of their married lives in St.John's and Middle Cove on the Avalon Peninsula in the Colony of Newfoundland.
CULLINAjgCULLINA. No further information given.
CUMMINGSS.ButterfieldCUMMINGS, James R. Married Katherine, possibly in Co. Cork. Emigrated to PA., in the US, late 1870's. James was a horticulturist.
CUMMINGSG.CummingsCUMMINGS. No further information given.
CUMMINSL.BarnardCUMMINS. From Haggard, Rathroe, Co. Wexford.
CUMMINSM.HendersonCUMMINS, Robert, Snr. Born May 1703, in Co. Antrim, (Belfast?). Married Peggy BLAIR(?), and second wife was Jane LOGAN, born 1724, in Belfast.
CUNNINGCCUNNING. No further information given.
CUNNINGHAMOregonBridget CUNNINGHAM married George O'Hara cir. 1830 in southern Ireland
CURREENJ.GearyCURREEN. From Ardmore, Co. Waterford.
CURHAMA Hatfield1840's Co.Kildare.
CURTINNealCurtinSearching For all Curtins in US to tie back to Ireland. Currently have over 1500 names.
CURTINM.CurtinCURTIN, Patrick. Born 1875, in Ennis?, Co. Clare. Died Somerville, MA., U.S. Married Anne LOONEY, June 6, 1900, Somerville MA. Parents were John and Mary (O'LOUGHLIN). Looking for information on Irish side.
CURTISM. In CoffsSlane Co Meath

DACEYP.GeeDACEY, Patrick. Born 1816. He died in Manchester.
DAGNAND.StanavechDAGNAN, Michael. Born Co. Roscommon, c.1838. Emigrated to America, c.1863, from Liverpool to New York. Settled in Indiana and Illinois. Married Lucy TRUSS, in the US., October 14, 1858. Original spelling may have been O'DUIGENAN or DUIGNAN.
DAILYIcarusMary Bridget b. 1847, Co. Kerry, Ireland.Immigrated to US. Aprox. 1869.Poss. married in Cork before sailing.
DALBEYCorky (Wild Irish)1900 Philadelphia PA
PattiJames Daily b. abt 1801 Daughter Mary b. 1852 in King County (Offley)Died Ottawa Canada 1872
DALYR.DalyDALY, James J. Married Catherine (KATE) McGARVEY, on July 25, 1889, at St. Patrick's Church, 242 S. 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA. At the time, James resided at 427 Bamwell Street, and Kate at 420 S. 26th Street, Philadelphia, PA.
DANIELColleen ThorneDANIEL. No data available.
DARLINGTONM KleindiesnstFrank and Anna, emigrated from Dublin to NYC in 1912 (on the Lusitania) with their children: Anna Mary b 1898, Helen b 1902, Michael and James. Also Patrick HUGHES and his brother (from Anna's first marriage to Patrick HUGHES).
DARCYM.HeppellDARCY, Patrick and Jane. Left Ireland for Leeds, England in the 1820's. Children: William, born 1827, James born 1829 and Thomas, born 1832.
DARDISC.AllerDARDIS. From Co. Westmeath. Researching their family in Ireland and the U.S.A.
DARMODYOlavbc 1788 Lisdowny, Co Kilkenny, d 24 Dec 1846 Portneuf Co, Quebec m 15 Feb 1814 St. John's Newfoundland to Eleanor (Alice) Morrissey
DARRAGHM.GormanDARRAGH. Cork, Co. Cork.
DARRAHA.AllenDARRAH, Robert. Married Elizabeth McAFEE, in Ireland, c.1800. They had nine children: Sarah, Daniel, James, Robert, Matthew, and Charles,?,?,?.
DATER.DateDATE, Thomas. Married Bridget Ann MURPHY, in Co. Carlow. Emigrated, with children, to Canada (Sarnia, ONT.), in 1853.
DAUGHERTYJ.MahoneyDAUGHERTY, Joseph. Born 1841, at Lansing, Michigan.
DAUGHERTYM.DaughertyJeremiah William, b. Bridgeport, NE., in 1890. died San Bernardino, CA 1971. His father: James Henry DAUGHERTY, died in 1913, probably in Bridgeport, NE
DAUGHTONS.DaughtonDAUGHTON. No further information available.
DAVIDGEM.Conry.DAVIDGE, Margaret. Eloped c.1840, with Andrew ELLIOTT. They went to Missippi, USA.
DAVIDSONCahoonNo information.
DAVISONAussieGeorge of Drumarin Tyrone, occ.weaver. Father Robert, occ. weaver. George married to Anne PENTLAND of Tullylish Co. Down Dec.1867
DAVISJ AudiaAnna Mumford Davis born 1837
DEADYJ AudiaJohn Deady born 1837
DEALEW.DealeDEALE, William and his brother John Henry DEALE, left Dublin, Ireland, for Cape Town, South Africa. John Henry, a medical doctor, died on the way when the ship they travelled in, sank. William arrived in Cape Town, during 1812, as a business partner, in a business (unknown), that opened a branch in Cape Town. Looking for other DEALE'S from Ireland.
DolphinJames Deans m. Mary BONES about 1850. Sons: James and Robert b. 1855-1865
DEANETweedieHarry Deane married Alice Eaves they had 2 children Billy & Joan. Billie's son Anthony Harry Deane. London area.
DEEMP.DeemDEEM. Family believed to have come from Ireland. Any information appreciated.
DEERINGC.DearingDEERING, Christopher, born 1828, Town of Usk, Parish of East Narraghmore, Co. Kildare. Emigrated to the USA in 1849. Married Julia DUFFY in Philadelphia, PA in 1855. She was born March 21, 1821 in Milltown, Parish of Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow,the eldest daughter of William and Bridget DUFFY.
DEERINGBrendaKildare Town ,Ireland
DEERINGM.DeeringDEERING, Mathew/George. Married Julia. Children: Matthew, Margaret, Thomas, and Bridget.
DELANEYM.DohertyDELANEY, John P. Born 1891, Cooliney, Thurles. Died 1921 in NJ.,USA. Parents were Michael DELANEY, a labourer, and Ellen BRENNAN. John emigrated to NYC, in September 1913. Married Mary DOHERTY. Children: Michael and Helen.
DELANEYA.JohnstonDELANEY, Mary. Born c.1839, in Kilkenny, to Percy DELANEY and Johannah GRACE.
DEMPSEYM.K.LindenDEMPSEY, Hugh. Married Mary REED/REID from Kilberry, Co. Kildare. There were at least 2 children from this marriage: John, and James.
DEMPSEYMerryMichael, b. 1820 in Ireland
DENNENYKSkinnerRossaline DENNENY b to Thomas DENNENY & Catherine McCABE m Dennis BARRAGREE 1869 d 5 Jul 1927 in USA
DERMODYD.DermodyDERMODY (O'DERMODY), Joseph W. 1832-1905.
DERRIGDiakittyPATRICK m. Mariah Sweeney came from Ireland, possibly Mayo County. they had 12 or 13 children, incl: Michael, Patrick, Hubert, (my grandfather, b. in Dunmore, Scranton PA in 1909) and Alice.
DERRIGDiakittyHubert Derrig m. MARIE MCCARTHY (b. in Dunmore, Scranton PA in 1915, her parents were JAMES and Bessie) they had 6 children, Richard, Robert, Thomas, Marie, Catherine, Anna.
DEVINNYM.GrimmDEVINNY, William H. Son of Hugh (native of Belfast), and Ann (native of Larne). Emigrated from Belfast, in 1823. Next found in Brant Co., ON. in 1840.
DEVITTDannyBoyMichael m. Rebecca (Murdock) Devitt in Clinton Mass. abt. 1855 They moved to St. Paul Mn. and raised 8 children
DICKN.BarginearDICK. From Drumragh, Co. Tyrone and Ardstraw.
DIGGESS.DiggesDIGGES. In Dublin, there is a B.& B. Restaurant, called Drury Court. It is located on DIGGES Lane. As it is the submitter's surname, they are wondering how this lane got its name.
DILLONA.D'AmoreCounty Kerry in 1800's; in Palmer, MA by 1850's
MHPHonora, b. abt 1800, d. 1876, Detroit, Mi.
DINANR.Kay-RileyDINAN, Mary. Married John SHEEDY/SHEEHY, February, 1809, at Kilfinan. Known children: Roger, Thomas, John, Eleanor, Mary and Michael. These children followed John to Australia, after he was transported to N.S.W., as a convict. No record of Mary joining them. Looking for her parents, place and date of birth.
Z.SeskDINN O'DOUINNIN. Any information appreciated.
DINNINGS.DinningDINNING. Father born in Ireland, son born in Scotland (Christian names not given ). Both moved to Hamilton, Ontarion, CAN.
DOCKERYP.DockeryDOCKERY. No further information given.
DODDgunnyWake Co./ Almanse Co. NC 1814 / 1831
DOHERTYBrownMary Ann, marr. Joseph BROWN. Died 1879, while visiting relatives in Bunnagee, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, after the birth of Alexander.
DOHERTYS DohertyHUGH DOHERTY, b. May 1812, Co. Tyrone, d. February 20, 1884, Tyrone Township, Minnesota. Married SARAH EVANS, b. abt 1804, d. April 17, 1886 Tyrone Township, Minnesota. Children: JAMES HUGH, B.March 14, 1836, Co. Tyrone, Ireland MICHAEL, b. about 1830 SARAH, b. September 1832 ANN, b. about 1834 SAMMUEL, b. March 25, 1838 Co. Tyrone, Ireland PATRICK HUGH, b. June 28, 1840, Co. Tyrone,Ire. FRANCIS, b. 1848, Philadelphia, Pa. Family emmigrated to Pennsylvania 1847, 1857 moved to Minnesota settling in LeSueur County. Hugh named Tyrone Township after Co. Tyrone
DOLAND.SchwartzDOLAN, Patrick. Born March 17, 1830, in Co. Cavan. Died, also on St. Patrick's Day, in Huntingdon County, PA. John DOLAN, a possible cousin, or brother. Wife Mary BROWN.
DONAHUED.McLambDONAHUE, Samuel. Born 1827, died 1910, Indiana Co., PA. Married Martha CARNEY.
K.BowenDONEGAN DUNNIGAN. No further information supplied.
DONOVANS.O'DonnellDONOVAN, CATHERINE - born in 1840 in the Parish of Urlingford, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland. She married James O'DONNELL from County Tipperary, Ireland most likely in New York around 1862. They had five children. The first son John T. O'Donnell was born in New York in 1864; died in 1905 in San Francisco. The others were born in San Francisco. Children were James William O'Donnell (1866-1929); Joseph Francis O'Donnell (1874-1928); Catherine O'Donnell BARNES (1876-bef. 1905); and Susannah O'Donnell MORRIS (1879-1963).
DONOVANLynnPatrick b. 1825 IRL, D. 1844 IRL. Married Katherine KIRBY, 1844. HAD 6 children.
DOOLJ.DoolDOOL, Lewis 1837-1904. The DOOL family came from Co. Antrim, to Canada, then to the USA.
M.MullerDOOLY/DOOLEY, Ben or Frank,from Sundayswell, Co. Cork. Frank's son Peter, was in the Royal Navy, in World War 11. The family had a business in Cork City, in existence, in 1925.
DOOLEYSluggoJohn Dooley b. 1810 in IRL m.Cynthia ?? b. 1812 NY 3children ; M.E. b. 1847 Louisiana,John D. b.1849 Louisiana, and Frances b.May 14,1852 Old LaSalle, Texas
DONOGHR.DonoghDONOGH, Andrew. Born September 28, 1824, in Ireland. Emigrated to Ontario, CAN. Married Margaret LEE, February 10, 1851, in Markham, York Co. She died during birth of Alexander, March 24, 1852. He then married Jane Jackson, December 27, 1854, in Albion Twsp., Peel Co. Raised a large family.
DONOGHR.DonoghDONOGH. Andrew Ormsby DONOGH, John ORMSBY (CAN.), Ormsby, Robert Ormsby DONOGH. How are these people all related?
DONOVANDanKerry or Cork IRL to Manhatten NY by 1870 to 1925
DONOVANE.DonovanDONOVAN, Dennis. Born in Ireland, to Peter DONOVAN.Dennis married Ellen HAGGERTY. They emigrated to the US., in 1860, with one child, Margaret. They settled in Ulster County, NY. Their children, born in the US., were; Peter, John, Ellen, and Mary (Minnie). Dennis died in 1906.
DONOVANJohn R.ClarkeDONOVAN, Owen (born 1779 in Cloin, Co. Cork), and his wife, Ellen MELAINEY (born 1786, Cloin, Co. Cork. Emigrated c.1820 to Newfoundland, Canada, then Quebec, then to Albany, NY.,USA, and finally in Bethany, Jefferson County, GA, by c.1855. They had three known children: Ellen, born 1825 in Ireland, William born 1826 in Quebec, and Timothy, born 1832, in Albany, NY. Both Owen and his wife, and sons William and Timothy are buried in Bethany Cemetery, Wadley, Jefferson Co., GA., USA.
DOODYJ.BossidyPatrick Doody & Catherine Kennedy, both from Limerick, married Bridgeton, N.J. in July, 1895. Not known when they immigrated. Raised their family in Meriden, Conn. Need info on the two.
DORAND.DoranDORAN, Patrick Joseph. Born April 3, 1905, in Carbury, Co. Kildare. Had three brothers and one sister, Christy, Tommy, Jack, and Annie. Tommy never married, Jack had two or three daughters. Annie's married name was NELSON.
DORRISC.JacksonDORRIS. No further information given.
DORSEYJ.DorseyDORSEY, John. Born 1828 in Co. Clare. Married Mary MORAN from Co. Kildare (born 19 December, 1828). Emigrated to Canada, c. 1850, moved to Boston c.1855. They settled in Refugio, Texas in 1859. Daughter, Margaret (born November 1854).
DOUGLASB.CainDOUGLAS, Joseph D. Born c.1840, in Ireland. Married Mary DUNN or O'DONNELL. One son Joseph, born Ireland c.1867. Came to the US., c.1869/70. They then had Michael, William A., Margaret, Mary, and Steve. Lived in Jersey City, NJ. Mary died in 1887, and Joseph in 1895.
DOUTHITE.DavisDOUTHIT, Robert Andrew, born 1683, Coleraine, Londonderry. No other information, except son John, born in 1709.
"DOWLINGJ.T.DowlingDOWLING, Sylvester. Possibly from Wicklow. Born 1865, died 1911 in Astoria, NY. USA. Married Mary LAWLOR.
DOYLEY.PrattGlendalough, Wicklow . 1800's onwards
DOYLER GavanDoyle family Dublin
DOYLER.BraunDOYLE, Ellen. Married Edward FITZGERALD. They had a daughter Katharine, born in September 1844, in Ireland.
DOYLEA.HampshireJohn Gough married Mary Ellen Doyle prior to Emigrating to Canada in 1825. Both were from County Wexford. John was the son of William and Ann (nee Murray) Gough.
DRAFFINWylieNo information.
DREWJ CollinsJohn DREW, Ann MCDERMENT. Moroe Village.Co Limerick.
DRISCOLLP VarleyMary, Boston, MA, 1873
DRURYJ.BoltonDRURY, James. Born in 1875, in Glenderry, Ballyheigue, Co. Kerry. He married Bridget BARRY, and had eight children: Thomas, John, Johanna, Vera, Peter, Mary Anne, Lena, and Michael. Trying to locate parents of James.
DUANEobrienmMartin. Emigrated from Meelick, Co. Galway, IRE to US circa 1850-1860. Served in the Union Navy during the Civil War. Held rank of (??) Assistant Paymaster. James (?) Duane, a brother, is said to have followed him from Ireland. Both were reported killed (letter to family in Ireland) in later years "by Indians". It is not known whether or not they had married.
DUFFINP Wolak probably from Co. Antrim - probably emigrated to Ontario, Canada in the early 1800's - some of these also ended up in Morris, IL
DUFFYT.SmallsDUFFY. Co. Clare.
DUFFYV.BoggsDUFFY, Andrew. Date of birth unknown. Died 4/4/1919, Charleston, SC. Married Mary BYRNE. Parents Patrick DUFFY and Mary GILLIGAN. One brother, Thomas; other siblings unknown.
DUFFYJoOwen J. Duffy born in Monaghan about 1810 married Jane Durnan about 1848
DUFFYJ RedmAnna, Daughter of Michael Duffy and Wineford Loftus. Wineford had 9 other children, they were Catherine b 1855 m. to Peter Coyle in 10/16/1878; John Duffy b c 1858; Bridget aka as Biddy, b 3/27/1860, m. Edward T Gorman in 1899; Maria b 3/21/1862 m. Thomas Healey; Thomas b 3/24/1869; Patrick b 1/14/1865; William b 3/3/1871; Margaret b 12/16/1873 m. Charles Burke; and Elizabeth b 10/15/1873 m. Evan Thomas.
E.BurnettDUGAN DUGGAN, Hugh. Born c. October 26, 1835, in Ireland. Emigrated to San Francisco before 1866. Had 4 children: Mae/Mary, Alice, Anna M. and Catherine A. These children were all born in San Francisco.
J.HutchinsonDUGGAN/DOOGAN. In Ireland or Australia.
DUGGANS.BowmanDUGGAN, Catherine. A 17 year old 'servant girl', sent to Australia, on the ship Lord Wellington, from Co. Cork. She arrived in Sydney in 1820, where she and others were sent to the female factory, at Parramatta, N.S.W.She married George BOWMAN, also a convict. they had at least 4 children: Catherine, Maryanne, Thomas and William.
DUGGAND.JohnsonDUGGAN, John. Born 1873, possibly in Skibberean, Co. Cork. Went to London?, married Alice LARKIN, died in London, 1949. They had 6 children.
DUGGANE.DavenportDUGGAN, Patrick. Married Catherine O'DWYER, 1803, in Tipperary Parish. Their children were: John, Catherine, Denis, Mary, Thomas, Patrick, Honora, William, and Michael. All born between 1805 and 1823.
DUNBARV.DunbarDUNBAR. Born in or around Armagh.
DUNLAPWill DGABRIEL.Born Ireland, known to be in Canada by 1818. children were William, Gabriel, Sarah, Elizabeth & Catherine. Wife: Catherine HOBEN.
DUNNNancyDUNN, Mary. Born 1841, in Dublin. Married Jonas SIMPSON. In 1870 she was listed in a census for Los Angeles. She had a son, Joseph Henry Patrick SIMPSON.
DUNNB.MacKinnonDUNN, James. From Armagh. A convict transported to Tasmania, Australia, in 1827. His brother John (wife Ellen), came in 1836. Sister Isabella, a widow Mrs. William Johnston, and 6 children:. Nephews Jas. BIRD and John LINTON, came with them. Looking for family in Ireland.
DUNNLodeeEdward, 1830
DURNINGA.Durning CooperDURNING, Nicholas. Left Ireland, c.1738/39. Trying to find place of birth in Ireland.
DURNIONK.MacWhorterDURNION, Patrick, and his wife Mary McDEVITT, who came to America c.1882-83. They had many children, one of which was John Frederick, born 04/01/1870.
DWYERKitJoseph ? Galway In the 89th Reg(Britsh) a Grenadier - born c1826. In Canada in 1826 > Ireland m. Margaret EDDINGER > 1858 to Quebec, CAN and in 1862 to London Ont where he joined the Royal Canadian Rifles. Need parents

EARLYB.GriffithEARLY, Peter. Born 1790, Co. Tyrone. Went to Knox County, MO.,USA.
EARYK.JefferyEARY, Joseph. Born c.1804. Wife Alice. Brothers Richard (went to USA), John, Mary and Kathleen (USA). Transported to Australia, in 1847 on the "Pestongee Bomangee"
EASTERL.GranthamEASTER. No further information given.
EAVESTweedieRobert Thomas Eaves b. 1872 Bromley Kent.married Olive Eleanor SimpoleHad 5 chn. Alice, Robert, Sonny, Ellen, Olive.
EBYM.PopovichEBY. From time of GAULIC Invasion of ITALY, 400 b.c.
ECCLESC.KopserECCLES. No other information given.
EDDINGTONKitMargaret: b c1832 , ? Loughrea Co.Galway Father John. Margaret m Joseph DWYER. Need mother.
EDWARDSSheeCatherine, b abt 1762, Dublin. Convict to Sydney on 3rd Fleet 'Queen'
ELLIOTTM.ConryELLIOTT/ DAVIDGE. Margaret DAVIDGE, eloped c.1840, with Andrew ELLIOTT. They went to Mississippi, USA.
ENGLISHA.KingENGLISH, Micheal. Emigrated from Ireland, c.197, to New York. Married Kathleen McNALLY. Returned to Liverpool. Buried under name Micheal McGINTY ENGLISH.
ENGLISHTurnbullJohn. J. - b.1854 county Kerry, Ireland married Johanna HACKETT in Chester county, Pa
ENNISSharonEdw. m. Rebecca Hogan Geighanstown, Killalon (Clonmellon), Meath 1848 d. aft 1893 in Iowa
FALEYJ.FerraroFALEY, Timothy. Married Bridget. Left Co. Cork for the USA 1860-65. Settled in Tenafly.
FALLONbbFALLON. Means leader. No other information given.
FALLONLodeeThomas, 1830
FANNANWm Hartley18thC-19thC
FARLEYgailBroadstreet 1794 IRE. Catherine 1796 IRE. (no location) to NY, Albany co. before 1820 ch: Chas J. John , William, Catherine, Angeline, Phoebe, Female (name unkn).
FARNEYejNo data given
FARRELLM.MulloyFARRELL. Allyalla, Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan. 1600-1960.
FAUGHNM.FaughnFAUGHN. No further information given.
M.FaughnFAUGHNAN/FACTNA/O'FAICTNAIN. No further information given.
FEEHANP.BelFEEHAN, John. Moved to New Orleans, LA., USA, begore 1872. Married Bridget MAEGHER in New Orleans.
FEENEYB BondBridget 1780-1869 married and died in Monaghan, Ire
FEENEYB BondPatrick 1766-1841 born ? died in Monaghan, Ire m. Catherine Kelly ca. 1762-1843 born ? died in Monaghan
FEENEYDanKerry or Cork IRL toManhatten NY by 1870 to 1925
FINEGANW.FineganFINEGAN. No further information given.
FEERICKB.ElfertFEERICK, Patrick. J. Born 1867 in Blessingtown, Co. Mayo. Parents: Michael FEERICK and Catherine MEENAGHAN. Emigrated 1888, to MO. Married Rosette HILL. Siblings: Myles born 1876, Andrew born 1871 and Mary born 1873.
FENNELLYW.FennellyFENNELLY. The family arrived in Boston, c.1890. There were 10 brothers and sisters: Lawrence, William, Michael, John, James, Issac, Richard, Lena, Mary and Elizabeth.
FENNESSPeterMary Ellen, b. c1860 married: william BROWNE approx 1880 died Ivy Cottage, Ileclash, Fermoy, Co.Cork 3 June 1932
FENNERANP.FenneranFENNERAN. No other information given.
FERRELLJ.FerrellFERRELL, Martin E. Married Harriet Matilda CHAPMAN. They had at least one son, names Earnest Alanzo, born March 21, 1868, in Clinton, Henry, MO. Other relatives were Wallie WINCHELL, born November 28, 1902 and Wallace, born 1870. Both from Rich Hill, Bates, MO.
FERRISCollartThomas, b.1818, Ireland. Wife Louisa b.1816. Moved to N. Ire., then to Ont. Can. in 1841.
FINIGANE.Finigan FINIGAN, Edward P. Born in Dublin, c. 1837. He migrated to NYC, or NY State, prior to 1865. His first son Thomas M. was born, November 5, 1865. Both moved to Boston area, where Thomas raised a large family.
FINIGANE.FiniganFINIGAN, (FINNEGAN), Thomas. Born in New York, in 1865, after his father arrived from Dublin.
FINLEYSheryleeMary Anne FINLEY b abt 1839 Newry, Co Down, Irl.died Aus 1913.
FINNELLB.BedardFINNELL, Michael. Emigrated to the US., in the late 1800's.He married Mary Ellen LACY. They eventually settled in upstate New York (Ellenburgh). Family history says that they came from Co. Clare, or Co. Armagh. It is not known if they were married prior to leaving Ireland, or in Cheerbusco, New York.
FINNERTYJL SnowElizabeth Finnerty (b Nova Scotia) m. John LEWIS (b. Ireland) ca. 1873
FINNIGANM. In CoffsCo Meath
C.Brady-SpringerFISCHA/FISCHER/FISHER, Robert born 1840, in Toulouse, France, married Mary Jane IRWIN. Children: Carrie, Louise, and Martha, born c. 1864 in Belfast.
FITZGERALDBigDanEdmund,s/o Thomas Fitzgerald and Ellen (unknown), b 1819 in Ireland, Co Cork (possibly Upper Blackwater area), d 1884 Fall River, MA,USA, m Ann Hannan
FITZGERALDYatesJames, married Mary HOLLAND, c. 1880, Dublin City.
FITZGERALDK.FitzgeraldFITZGERALD. No further information given.
FITZGERALDR.BraunFITZGERALD, Katharine. Born September, 1844, in Ireland. Her parents were Edward F. and Ellen DOYLE.
FITZGERALDM GriffinMary. born 1864/5, Limerick. Married Patrick GRIFFIN in 1882 Cathedral of Limerick.
FITZGERALDM GriffinJohn. Had a butcher store in Limerick in Garryowen or on Cornwallis St at the time of daughter Mary's and Patrick GRIFFIN'S wedding IN 1882. Wife unknown.
FITZPATRICKFitzpatrickJohn, born c. 1835, Co. Clare, near Ennistymon. Emg. to Australia, mid 1800's. Family in Clooney South, Co. Clare.
FITZSIMMONSJ.HowardMary Fitzsimmons HOWARD, came to Boston from Baldoyle, Dublin in mid-1800's.
FITZSIMONSDeeHugh Fitzsimons came to USA abt. 1819. Married Mary Ann Cody in New Orleans in 1851.
FLAHERTYL.WilliamsFLAHERTY, Patrick. Born 1840. Went to the US., c.1855. Mother and sibling followed. May have settled in PA., and Oklahoma.
FLAHERTYM.FlahertyFLAHERTY, Kip and Mary. Married in Prior Lake, Minnesota.
FLANNERYK.McKenzieFLANNERY, Lot. Married Margaret COLLINS, Limerick, 1839. They then went to Australia.
FLEMINGJ OwensSamuel Fleming b 1820 Ireland m unknown. Children: Elizabeth b 1852 Ireland,Mary b 1854 Canada,William b 1859 Canada,David b 1860 Canada d 1938 OK m Sarah Jane Ferguson,Joseph b 1861 Canada,Samuel b 1863 MI,Sarah b 1866 MI
FLOODYA LaveryFLOODY, Thomas and wife Margaret. Emigrated from Ireland, c.1850 to Cumberland.
FLYNNLodeeJohn, 1830
FLYNNJ MagnerCornelius Flynn married 1891,to Ellen Magner b:1868, Ballyhooly, Cork.Imm: 1877 to Jersey City, NJ
FLYNNDanKerry or Cork IRL to Manhatten NY by 1870 to 1925
FLYNNB.FordFLYNN, Margaret, married Michael FORD. Had 10 children, who moved to Binghamton, NY. Margaret moved to Binghamton after Michael died, c.1880.
FOLEYW.FoleyFOLEY, Daniel. Born to Patrick and Honora, nee SULLIVAN. Daniel sailed from Castlemane to Boston MA., in 1847, aged approximately 23 years.
FORANJ.ForanFORAN. Family from Killkee, Co. Clare.
FORDB.FordFORD, Michael, married Margaret FLYNN, had 10 children who moved to Binghamton, NY. Michael died in Ireland, c. 1880.
FORDYCEL.WilliamsFORDYCE, Hugh. Born September 18, 1701, in Ulster. Death unknown.
FOREMANW.SpellFOREMAN. No data given.
FORRESTALT.ForrestalFORRESTAL, Mark. Newfoundland, 1870.
FORTUNEL.J.FortuneFORTUNE. Family came from Waterford, or Wexford. Landed in Nova Scotia.
FOSTERE.BarryFOSTER, Allen. Born 1850, in Abbeyleix, Laois. Father John, married Martha RUDD in 1878. He was a member of the RIC, and they lived in many counties. Emigrated to Queensland, Australia, in 1903, with their family. Children: John George, Sarah Isabela, Ernest William, and Annie.
FOXAussieRichard Fox ,son of Robert married Elisabeth Pentland Tullylish Co.Down
FREEMANG.FreemanFREEMAN, James. Arrived NY., USA., 1893, from Collops, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan. Parents Margaret DUFFY and Patrick FREEMAN. Married Catherine TINNELLY, Drumskerry, Kingscourt. Daughter of Margaret WELDON and Patrick TINNELLY. In 1900 census, lived in Manhattan. Attended church of St. Mary's, New York.

GAFFNEYGaffneyGAFFNEY. No further information given.
GAFFNEYMHPElizabeth, b. 1830, m. Moses DOANE, d. Detroit, Mi.
GAHAND.LuzzoGAHAN, Maurice Patrick. Born c. 1800 - 1820. Married Catherine LYNCH.
GALLAGHERC.McRaeGALLAGHER, Mary. Came to the USA, with her cousin, Elizabeth, c.1908. Her father was John, mother possibly Ann. She had a sister Grace.
GALLAGHERJ.SelfGALLAGHER, Daniel. Married Esther DUNNE, on November 21, 1864, at Killeigh, Co. Offaly. Known children: Mary b.August 23, 1865, Daniel b. December 5, 1869, Kathleen, b.May 18, 1874. They were all born at Ballingar, Philipstown, Co. Offaly. Seeking information on lineage.
GALLAGHERJ.GuayGALLAGHER, Mary Jane, born October 19, 1883, at Hazelton, Harrisburg, PA.She married J.William BERGEN, on April 4, 1902 in New York. She was the daughter of Thomas GALLAGHER, born Ballyboufay, Ireland, and possibly died in PA., USA. Her mother was Jessica STUART. Mary Jane had two brothers, John Thomas, and Peter GALLAGHER. Mary Jane's mother died, in PA., when Mary Jane was about three years of age.
GALLAGHERL.EversmeyerGALLAGHER, Thomas C., born 1841 OH., brother Bartley b. 1830, Ireland. Parents unknown. Brothers lived in Olney, Richland Co., Illinois in 1860. Thomas was a printer, married Sarah MOREHOUSE in 1864. Lived in Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas. Divorced Sarah M., and married Sarah TURNER in 1877, Webb City, MO. Believe they had a son, Thomas born 1882, MO.
GALLAGHERtaffyJohn, Co Donegal, married Mary Sweeney about 1845, Immigrated to U.S. about 1882
GAMBLEB.KennedyGAMBLE, Alexander. Born 1834, Cooteshill area, Co. Cavan. Father Moses, mother Helen YOUNG. Married Mary Ann NEILL, 1861 Dundee, Scotland. Emigrated to the US, 1863-65. Moved to Beaverton, Ontario, 1868/69.
GANTLEYMerryWilliam, b. 1824 in Mountmellick, Co. Laios, Ireland
GARLANDB.SmithGARLAND, Francis. Born May 1, 1807, in Co. Louth. Son of Walter and Catherine. Arrived in Boston, MA., in 1850.
GARRETTP.MorrisGARRETT, John. Came from Ireland.
GARRETTL.SuvantoGARRETT, Frederick. Born Belfast, January 19, 1905. Died North Bay, Ont., CAN., September 22, 1955.
GARRITYR.YeatesGARRITY, John Patrick. Died in 1917, in World War 1. Lived in Glasgow, and had a daughter Kathleen GARRITY.
GARRITYD.MumbyGARRITY. No data available.
GARTLANDE MillerCatherine Gartland b.abt1740 in Armagh County Ireland married Patrick MCSHERRY (b.1725 Armagh). Settled in PA/MD area.
GARVEYP.MeyersGARVEY. From Castlebar Area-- Glenhest, Glenisland. Came to Batavia, Chicago, Dekalb, Illinois, South Dakota, and Canada, in the 1850's, and earlier.
GARVEYS.CrowleyGARVEY, Peter, born Ireland c.early 1800's. Peter married Rose KING, born England. Two children known, Alice, born c.1830's. She married a man named COOK. The second known child was Mary, born July 18 1837, in Lanc., St. Helena.
GASCOIGNER.GascoigneAnnie Gascoi(g)ne born Dublin 1853-4 son of Robert Musician & unknown
GATCHELLC.GatchellGATCHELL, Frederick. Born in Ireland, 1832. He left Ireland, about 1850, for Halifax, Nova Scotia. Eventually, he went to Fenelong Township, Ontario. Seeking information re his parents.
GAUBERTR.GaubertGAUBERT. No further information given.
GAULEYC.MitchellGAULEY, Hugh. Born 1820, in Co. Fermanagh. Married Mary Jane SCHOFIELD, who was born 1820, in Co. Armagh. Three children were born in Co. Armagh: Abraham( 1840), Elizabeth Jane (1843), and Thomas (1844). The family emigrated to Canada, by way of the USA, c.1845. Hugh was a teacher who probably studied in England.
R GavanDominick from Ballina Co Mayo or Co Tipperary a farmer his son John born in 1812 and married in Australia in 1862.
GEARYJ.GearyGEARY. From Ardmore, Co. Waterford.
GEARYJ.GearyGEARY, John and wife Eliza. Parents of William GEARY, born 1834. Married Martha GRAHAM, December 25, 1852, then Margaret RAMSAY, June 28, 1868. John may have come from Fernhill, near Tandrageem, Armagh, (Ballymore?).
GIBBONSS.HolakGIBBONS, Patrick. Born 17 March 1854 in Ireland. Parents Richard and Mary? Naturalised 12 November, 1876. Married Ellen CONWAY from Tralee. They lived in Lawrence, MA. Children: Richard, Patrick, Ellen, John, Frank, Agnes, and Joseph Patrick.
GIBSONGibsonRobert. Left Stewartstown c. 1816. Marr. Margaret. Appears with wife and two daughters, in 1820 USCensus in Trumbull Co. OH.
GILBERTG.GilbertGILBERT, Thomas. Born 1842 or 1843, in Breage, Cornwall.ENG. Looking for prior ancestry.
GILFEDDERAndrew SargentGILFEDDER. No further information given.
GILLJ.GillGILL, Lawrence, from Dublin. Born in 1798. Searching for other GILLS, willing to share information.
GILLANJ.SweeneyGILLAN, William. Married Mary BRENNAN. Daughter Catherine, born 1813. She married John SWEENEY, then emigrated to Australia, in 1841, on the ship "Joseph Cunard".
GILLEECEJ.GilleeceGILLEECE/GILLEESE/GILLICE, James. Born in Ireland c. 1855.A son, James, born Preston, Lancs., England, in 1877. This son, married Hannah SIMISTER, in 1896.The name GILLEECE, is presumed to be a derivative of MacALEESE.
beansoupWilliam F. born ca 1876/7 either in Fall River, MA or IRL. m. Annie (Annorra) GILL (b. ENG???) SON John GILLIGAN, b. Fall River, MA,USA on November 2, 1904
GILLIGANbeansoupThomas F., born ca mid 1850's ?? IRL. Wife's name was Mary.
GILLIKINW.GillikinGILLIKIN. No further information given.
GILLINGHAMM TurnerBridget b. Limerick approx 1828
GILMERW.GilmerGILMER. Co. Louth.
GJERTSENCorky1880's Lohne NOR to Brooklyn NY
GLASSCorky (Wild Irish)1860's IRE to Philadelphia PA 1890's
GLAVINV.L.Patrick James, b. c. 1840 in Irleland, emigrated to Taunton, MA by 1862. Married Abby FLYNN, b. 1843 in Ireland, d. 1888 in Taunton. Their children: P.J. Jr., Ellen, Mary, John, James, William, Michael, Abby, Delia, Hannah. Help with origins in Ireland. Mayo? P.J. Sr. never naturalized. Died 1907. Need origin in Ireland - Mayo?
GLEESONK.FarleighGLEESON, Michael. Born c.1844, in Dunmore, Co. Galway. Arrived, Sydney April 8, 1862, aged 17, on his own. Married Johanna Mary WHITE, in 1867, at Murwillumbah, N.S.W.
GODKINC.HarperGODKIN, Margaret. Born Ireland, c.1811. Her mother was called Mary. Margaret married Edward ALLEN, in 1839, in Liverpool, England. Nothing more known re the GODKIN family.
GODSILLR.GodsillGODSILL, William, and Mary RILEY, son Patrick Henry GODSILL, born 14 March 1847, died 27 October 1914. Grandsons, Frank Patrick GODSILL, born 28 March 1878, died 7 October 1960, and Richard Albert GODSILL, born 24 August 1902, died 11 October 1965.
GOONANK.Goonan GOONAN, O'GOONANE, GOONANE. Located in Killaloe, Galway, Co.Clare in the 1700-1800's.
GORMANd blaise.
GORMANStormin65Patrick John b.1878? in Waterford Co. d. 1955 in IL. Married Bridget Kennedy 19 JUN 1897 at St. Rose of Lima in Chicago,IL. Son Arthur b.22 MAR 1899 in Chicago daughter Mabel FRYE
GORMANTimGPatrick, born Moycarkey Parish, Co. Tipperary, 1823. Died Saginaw Co., Mi, 1873
GORMANTimGThomas, rented land in Cloughmartin twp., Co. Tipperary, 1831 - 1853
GORMANTimGMichael, born 1850, Cloughmartin Twp., Co. Tipperary, shows up in 1901 Ireland Census, daughter Ellen, 5, son James, 7
GORMANK.HanleyGORMAN, James Bartholomew, married Catherine DEVIN, in Longford 1844. Children include Mary, James and Katie (twins), Anne, Bernard, and others. Mary marr. Thomas HESLIN in NYC in 1868. Family includes Heslins, Igos, Mahons, from Longford.
GORMLEYT.DiverGORMLEY. No other informatio given.
GORRELLM.CantrellGORRELL, John. Born c.1846, in Co. Donegal. Went to the US., in the 1860's, as listed in the 1880 Census for Greencastle, Putnam, Indiana. Married Margaret ARMSTRONG.
GOUDEYV.RastolnikovGOUDEY, George. Left Ireland in the 1700's.
JanfRobert John, migrated to Australia circa 1874 from Co. Armagh. Name changed to Grayson in Australia. Parents were William and Eliza Jane Gracey (nee Cuppage)
GRADYM.J.O'GRADYGRADY. No data available.
GRAHAMG. PearceLooking for information on the family left behind in Ireland of Robert William GRAHAM b: 1803 in Clones, Monaghan ? Ireland d: in Madoc?Ontario, Canada. m. +Mary Adalaide Clarke b: in Ireland m: 1838 in Clones, ? Monaghan Ireland d: in Madoc? Ontario Canada
GRAHAMC.O'BrienGRAHAM, Michael. From Youghal, a saddler in Foulkes' shop. Die July 1932, aged c.78. Married Mary CARROLL, from Piltown, Co. Waterford. He probably came from Midleton.
GRAHAMA.DavidsonGRAHAM, Robert. Born 1800, in Ulster Prov., Co, Monaghan. Married Elizabeth GRAHAM, born 1796, of the same place. They arrived in Baltimore, MD., and got married in 1821. They both died in Huntsville, Madison Co., Alabama. Seeking ancestors in Co. Monaghan.
GRAHAMC.VarnerGRAHAM, John. Born 1799, in Co. Fermanagh, Ulster. Married Jane CROZIER, born 1806, in Clone. Came to Erie Co., Ohio in 1834, with 5 children.
GRAHAMM.GrahamGRAHAM, Timothy. Born April 18, 1832, in Naas, Co. Kildare. He was the son of Hugh GRAHAM, and Anastasia DUNN.
GRANTA.LaveryGRANT, Peter, and wife Mary RONAY. Emigrated from Ireland c.1850, to the North of England.
GREALISHSharon RGREALISH, Terrence. Married Mary COLMAN. They had a son, born in Galway, in 1834. He was baptised, in the Cathedral, in Galway. There is also, a John, and a Michael J. GREALISH, from Kilcoman, Castlebar. Have correspondence from Bishop Michael Browne, Bishop of Galway, dated 1967, re this family.
GREENK.JefferyGREEN, Edward. Born in Westmeath, c.1822. Parents: Thomas and Ann. Siblings: Thomas, Patrick, Matthew, John and Jude.
GREENG.MartinGREEN, Philip. Born 1803. Married Honora McCARTHY, or McCABE. Emigrated to Canada.
GREENS.GreenGREEN, George. Son of George. Married Jane RENNIE, December 12, 1861, at the Presbyterian Church of Castleneagh, Co. Down. Children: Younge Rennie, Jane, and Robert Rennie.
GREENB CroweHenry S. b. unk. d. abt. 1845-46, Ireland m.MCNAUGHT Jane b. 1811 Ireland. Children: Jane b. 22 Apr.1842, Ireland Susanna b.22 Aug.1844, Ireland
GREENEG.MartinGREENE, Godfrey. From Kilmanahan Castle. Died 1682. Land in Waterford and Tipperary.
GREENEC.WilsonGREENE, Henry Sacheveral. Born July 1833, in Ballysharmoch. Came to Ontario, Canada, with his mother, c.1839. He died in Sangamom Co., Illinois.
GREENSALLK.ShergoldGREENSALL. No further information given.
GRIFFINK.WhiteAnn GRIFFIN b. abt 1835 in Co. Ontario Canada- Married Timothy Harrington abt 1860
GRIFFINK.JettGRIFFIN, James. Born 1816, Co. Kilkenny, most likely in Griffinstown or Graignanemaugh. Married Mary SHEEHAN, also from Co. Kilkenny, in 1838. Their children were all born, in or near, Graig. All baptised in Duikes Abbey in Graig. Children: Martin, John, Margaret, Michael, also Ann, Patrick, and others. Emigrated to America, in 1850.
GRIFFINJ CollinsLawrence GRIFFIN Co Waterford. left 1843.
GRIFFINBGriffinPatrick Griffin b. 1817, county unknown. m. Margaret Hussey, One daughter Mary, came to New York, late 1840's
GRIFFINM GriffinPatrick. Born abt 1860 Limerick or Cork. M. Mary Fitzgerald in 1882 Limerick. Emig. to England abt. 1890. C. Thomas b. 1883, Patrick b.1887, John b. 1885, Bridget b. 1889, all in Limerick.
GRIFFINM GriffinThomas. B. abt. 1830 Cork? Had shoemaker store in Cork. Wife unknown. C. Patrick b. 1860, Katy b?, Molly b?, Michael b.? and Lena b?
GRIFFITHJ.FlemmingGRIFFITH, Mary/May. Married William John FLEMMING (bootmaker), c.1800. Children: Jane c.1826, Margaret c.1835, and Robert c.1852. Her daughter, Margaret, emigrated to Australia, in 1854. She married twice: 1. James GRIFFITH, c.1856, and 2. Alexander GRIFFITH, 1836. These men were possibly related to her mother, as both men had emigrated from Ireland, James c.1841, and Alexander, c.1859. Possibly all came from Dromore/Omagh, Co. Tyrone.
GUESTG.MorganGUEST, John. Born c. 1831 in Templemore, Co. Tipperary. His father was also John GUEST , and his mother was Harriet (nee KIDD).

A.HoyerHAGAN, Thomas. Born c.1645, in Co. Tyrone, Munster. Emigrated to MD., in 1662, as servant of John MEEKES. Died February 2, 1715/16, in Charles Co., MD. Spouse, Mary AISQUITH(?), c.1645 - 1726.
HAGERTYB.SekeyHAGERTY, James. Borb 15 March 1762, in Ireland. Married 20 November 1784, to Margaret McAFFEE, born 20 May 1784, in Ireland. The family emigrated to the US, arriving Wilmington, Delaware in 1787. Have complete descendants information on parents and siblings of James.
HAGERTYE.DonovanHAGERTY, Ellen. Born in Ireland, to John and Mary HAGERTY. Ellen married Dennis DONOVAN. Went to the US., in 1860 with one child, Margaret. They settled in Ulster County, NY. Children born in the US., were Peter, John, Ellen, and Mary (Minnie).
HAGGARDYD.WilliamsHAGGARDY, John, and his brother Con. Came from Ireland. Arrived in the US., prior to 1888.
HALEBigDanLevi, b Jan 1846 Birn Twp., Athens Co., Ohio d 1929 m Laura E. Smith
HALLJ.HallHALL, John. Christened c. 1796, in Donaghmore, Co. Tyrone. Married Eliza FULTON, christened c. 1800, Donaghmore. Moved to Co. Armagh, in the mid 1840's.
HALLJ.HallHALL, John Thomas. Born 1832 in Camus, Co. Tyrone, to John HALL and Eliza FULTON. Married Mary Jane HAMILTON in 1858, in Tandragee, Co. Armagh. Emigrated to Australia in 1863.
HALLK.BlueHALL. From Cornadrung, Co. Longford, 1700 to the present.
HALLIGANJ.BrownHALLIGAN. No further information supplied.
HALLIGANP.HalliganHALLIGAN. It is believed that HALLIGAN or O hAileagain originated in south Armagh. Submitters ancestors, came from Armagh.
HAMILTONJ.HallHAMILTON, Mary Jane. Born 1835, in Ballyshiel, Co. Armagh, to William and Sarah HAMILTON. Mary Jane married John Thomas HALL in 1858, in Tandragee, Co. Armagh. Emigrated to Australia, in 1863.
HAMPTONG.GilbertHAMPTON, Ernest. Married Pauline (?), in Grass Valley, CA. Beverly HAMPTON married Dennis COUGHLAN, in Nevada City. Parents were Alvin or Albert HAMPTON and Ethel KITTO. Seeking information on HAMPTON parentage.
HAMYLNJ.SharpeHAMLYN, William. Arrived in South Australia, c.1849. Seeking information re HAMLYNS, in Ireland.
HANDLONK.MengSearching for family of Julia HANDLON, b. bef 1820, County Cork, m. Thomas NAGLE, children Mary Ann, Thomas, Michael, Thomas, and (maybe) Maria. Came to U.S. about 1850.
HANLEYJerrySamuel, b.1803 Ireland, m. Rebecca Stewart of Donegal Co., Children born in VT.
HANLEYJ.HanleyHANLEY, James. Born c. 1834, Co. Kilkenny. He migrated to Newport, South Wales. Married Elizabeth Anne O'BRIEN, of Caerleon, in 1856. On his wedding certificate his father is named as Daniel HANLEY, a husbandman.
HANLYM.HanlyHANLY, John. Born in Roscommon, on 4/5/1890. Married to Ann COLLINS, also from Roscommon.Any information welcome.
M.JohnsonHANNAH, Samuel. Born in Co. Down c. August 1804. He married Elizabeth GIBSON. They emigrated to Huron County, Ont., Canada.
HANNANBigDanAnn, d/o Daniel Hannan & Mary McDowell,b Dec 17, 1820 Carriglea, Cork, Ireland,d Jan 2, 1908 Fall River, Massachusetts,m Edmund Fitzgerald
HANNONFiclor Ellen, Co. Sligo, b. 1870. Parents unknown.
HARGADONR. Van VarickMary Hargadon, b. 1848 in Clogher Beg, Calry, Sligo, Ireland, daughter of Michael Hargadon.
HARNANPhilJohn, From Ireland abt 1860 To Glen Carbo Coal mines
HARNEYHarneyJames Henry, born approx 1861-possibly Ireland,possibly Boston,U.S.A.??? m. Elizabeth (Bessie) Boulter- lived in Port Arthur (now Thunder Bay) ON. 5 children: Ace, Amy, Edna, Nina, & Zella. He died in his early 60's when his children were quite young
HARPERA.LaveryHARPER, James and sons James (b.1830) and John (b.1834). Sons found on 1851 census at Sherburn, Co. Durham. Mother Elizabeth McCARTHY? Researching origins in Ireland.
HARRINGTONK.WhiteTimothy HARRINGTON b. abt 1828 Co. Mayo to Ontario Canada.
HARTJ BormanPatrick from Killashandra parish, co. Cavan, Ireland; to America 1847 - eventually settled in Wisconsin. Also accompanied by his brothers Peter, Barney, Michael and John and 2 sisters (names unknown) The brothers all settled in farms near Green Bay, Wi while the sisters married and remained in the east (New Jersey?) If anyone has access to NJ census I would really like to find out more about these 2 sisters. I know they worked as housekeepers in I think Jersey City after arriving in America.
HARTM.EdwardsHART, Fanny. Born to Stanley and Iverna, in Enniskillen, c.1844. Emigrated to Australia. Married James McCAMISH, also from Ireland.
HARTEFiclor Michael, Co. Sligo, b. 1871. Parents Luke Harte and Ann Hagerty.
HARTIGANJ CollinsMargaret HARTIGAN married Michael COLLINS. St Munchin's Parish 1847.
HARTNETTE.HartnettHARTNETT. Lived on Prosperity Square, Cork City. Attended St. Finbarr's, South Catholic Parish.
HAWKL.BailiffHAWK, John. Born c.1820. Married Hattie (Heda) SHOOK. They lived in TN., during the early 1800's.
HAWKSBYR.OliverSligo c. 1770-1870
HAWKSHAWP.CooperHAWKSHAW, William. Born 1777. Son William, born 1807.
HAWTHORN /ESheryleeMary Ann HAWTHORN/E b abt 1816, mothers was Mary KELLY. Mary HAWTHORN/E marr Benjn BONES in Tas in 1845, d1855 in Vic Aus
HAYESFiclor Co. Cork
HAYESR.MorrisonHAYES, James Patrick. Born June 19, 1912. Married Janet WHITED, in Northern California.
HAYEST.HayesHAYES. No further information given.
HAZLETTM.JohnsHAZLETT, William P.. Born in Lebanon, Hunterdon County, NJ., in 1816. He married Lydia BROWN, in 1834. Trying to research his parents, who came from Ireland.
HAZLITTM.JohnsHAZLITT, Robert. Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. Went to the US., in 1730.He and his wife Mary BLAIR had 8 children. Lived in New Jersey. Looking for early family in Ireland.
HEALYYatesDublin City, c. 1860-1998.
B.GardnerHEALY/HEALEY. No further information given.
HEARNSK.O'HearnHEARNS. No further information given.
HEFFERENP.HevronHEFFEREN, Denis William, son of James and Helena. Believed to be from the Dublin area. Denis HEFFEREN left for Australia, in 1853.
HEFFERNANM. In CoffsNew Chapel, Tipperary
HEGARTYP.WillcoxHEGARTY, Nancy. Born c. 1812. Came to Australia, from Co. Derry, in February 1858, on the "Stebonheath". She came with her son Joseph, aged 21.
HEMSWORTHG.HemsworthHEMSWORTH. Family from Co. Galway, near Portumna. Interested in family migrations, during the 19th century, to Canada, the US, and Australia.
HENNERLEYPeter HennerleyHENNERLEY. Possibly of Irish origin. Went to Altringham, England, at the turn of the last century.
HENNESSYA.HennessyHENNESSY, John, married Eileen Corkran. They moved to the US in the early 1900's.
HENRYS.DunavantHENRY, John. Born c. 1826, and died December 23, 1884, at Aughnacloy, Co. Down. Married Mary CLIDSDALE.
HENRYS.DunavantJames HENRY, b. Scotland, died c. 1888 Aughnacloy, Co. Down.
HENRYRedcobraAlexander, b.abt 1800 IRL (Co. Down?), sailed from Newry 1849>Mercer Co., IL 1850
HERBERTGodboutBartolomew Edward GODBOUT, b. late 1800's Co. Cork. Mother's maiden name GRIFFITH. One sister Monica settled in MAS. USA>
HERLIHYJ.HerlihyGrandfather Henry Herlihy left from Cork
HERRICKM. In CoffsTipperary
HESLINK.HanleyHESLIN, Thomas married Bridget Mary DEVIN in Longford c. 1840. Children include Thomas Jr., Mary, Margaret, and others. Children emg. to NYC in 1860's. Family names incl. Igo's, Gormans, McKeons, Mahons, all from Longford.
HICKEYBigDanMary Ann, b May 1858 Ireland, d Nov 1, 1914 Fall River, Massachusetts, m Thomas Cantwell
HICKEYJ.HickeyHICKEY, James. Came from Ireland. Moved to the US., and lived in Wabash County, Illinois, c.1830. Was married to Mary Jane ULM for a few years, and had 2 sons with her. They were: William Edward HICKEY and Dewitt HICKEY. Separated from Mary, he reportedly moved back to Ireland, in the 1830's. William Edward had a son William Wilson, and he had a son named Roy Milton. William Edward moved his family to Pretty Prairie, KS, and William W. moved his family to Meade, KS.
HIGGINSAliBridgett, IRL > USA 1850's with husband Michael MARONEY. Her father Michael also came at this time.
HIGGINSJ.KeatingHIGGINS. Researching in general area of Oranmore Parish, Galway.
HIGGINSPatHIGGINS, Patrick. Married Ellen McDERMOTT (ROE), in Boyle Catholic Parish, Roscommon, June 1, 1853. Three children all born in the same location, Anna/Anne 1856, Catherine 1859, Edward 1864. Family emigrated to the US., in 1865. Daughter Mollie born 1869, in Red Oak, Iowa, Not in the 1870 census, but in the 1880 census at Hamilton, Hancock, ILL., working for the railroad. Killed 1884, family then moved to Decatur, ILL.
HIGGINSK.BarksdaleHIGGINS, Peter. Born c. 1800, in Ireland (Cork?). Married Bridget FAIGHEY, also born in Ireland.Had a son Patrick, born December 24, 1842, in Ireland. Patrick married Brigid Johnston, born May 1, 1850, in Ireland. All later resided in the Wheeling, Marshall Co., WV. area. Patrick and Brigid's children: Mary Alice, James, John, Charles, Katherine, Ann and Alice. Patrick may have had a brother, John born 1828, in Ireland, who married Mary born, 1836. John and Mary's children were: John, James, Michael, Edward, William and Joseph.
HIGGINSK.WhiteANY HIGGINS from Co. Donegal- James HIGGINS born abt 1822 somewhere in Ireland!. Son Andrew born 1854 Donegal town.
HIGNEYH CowanJohn James,immigrated to Canada from Belfast around 1910. His parents were William and Mary Ann Higney. Last known address in 1914 was Belfast Ireland.
J.HilburnHILBURN HILLBURN HELBURN. Ulster, late 1600's/early 1700's. Maybe associated with the VAUGHAN family, tenants etc.
HILLINGB.ShoneMargaret HILLING, marr. Thomas KEARNS. Children Thomas, b. 1880 Dewsbury, Yorks., Margaret, (dec. aged 10 years), and Henry. Family came from, and returned to Newry, Co. Down.
HINCHEYThomas HincheyHINCHEY. Name derived from HENNESSEY, being a known Co. Clare name. Submitter's Grandfather and three siblings emigrated from Ennis, between 1847 and 1860. Could neither read nor write, and were not listed in any census.
HINCHEYR.HincheyHINCHEY, John. Emigrated to Canada c.1818-20. Homesteaded land in Boistown, Province of New Brunswick. Married in Canada, 1822. Occupation listed as School Master on records. His brother, Patrick, filed for a land grant, however, no record of receiving same, in land office in New Brunswick.
HOBANJ.HarrisonHOBAN. No further information given.
HOBENWill DCatherine
HODGSONcrosbowGeorge b. 1701 Ireland. d. 1774 on Guilford Co. NC m. Mary Thatcher 21 Feb 1729 Wilmington, NewCastle Co Delaware
HOGANV.L.Daniel, b. c. 1835 in Ireland, emigrated to NYC by 1860, m. Rosanna MCCAFFREY, b. 1843 in Ireland, d. 1905 in Taunton, MA. They had at least one child, John Francis HOGAN, b. 1861 in NYC. John m. Catherine LYNCH of Taunton, their children: Daniel b. 1883, Sarah b. 1890, John Jr. b. 1893, Charles b. 1896. Help with origins in Ireland (Cork?), and evidence of Daniel in NY.
HOGANSharonGarrett d. 1743 Ballynegall WM, m. Thomasine Hogan surveyor to Earls of Fingall bros-Charles d. 1724 John Philip (Priest-educ. Sorbonne, alive 1738).
HOGANP.GoinsHOGAN. No further information given.
HOLBROOKJ.HalbrooksHOLBROOK. No other information given.
HOLDENR.GossHOLDEN. In SC. in the 1700's.
HOLLIDAYG.HaydenHOLLIDAY, John. Married 1837, Antrim. Born between 1800-1806.
HOLMESM.GantleyHOLMES, Thomas. Born 1815, in Co. Westmeath.
HOPKINSP.WillcoxHOPKINS, Bridget. Born 1833, Dunmore, Co. Galway. Father Thomas, a butcher, and mother Bridget MOORE. She came to Australia, on Irish Orphan ship,"Digby", arriving in Sydney, April 4, 1849.
HOPPERM.HaycockHOPPER, Denny/Daniel. Born c.1760's. Married ? McCARTNEY, and lived in the townland of Tullyvannon, Parish of Killeeshil, Co. Tyrone. Children: Margaret (b. c.1787, married William NEELY), David (b.c.1790, married Isabella MARSHALL), Samuel (b.c1793, married Annie IRWIN), Thomas, Andrew (married 1st ? BRECKENRIDGE, 2nd Mary Jane KERR), Marjoire (married William ERVING). Several of the siblings emigrated to Quebec, c.1830's, and then on to Ontario, c.1850's. Looking for any descendants, plus related HOPPER families, in the parishes of Carnteel, Errigal, Keerogue, and Termonmaguirk.
HOPPERM.HaycockHAPPER HOPPER, Andrew. Son of Daniel HAPPER and(?) McCARTNEY, born c.1800, Townland of Tuulyvannon, Parish of Killeeshil, Co. Tyrone. Married Mary Jane KERR, of Sixmilecross, Tyrone, and left c.1837, for Hinchenbrooke Township, Huntingdon County, Quebec. Moved to Camden Township, Kent County, Ontarion, c,1858. Looking for siblings of Andrew: David, Margaret, Marjery, Samuel, and Thomas. as well as descendants.
HORANB HONGCatherine Horan b. 1827 Ireland / married Timothy Tansey 1846 in Ireland. Immigrated to USA 1847-1848
HORANM KearneyPatrick T. Horan b.1853 County Tipperary, Ireland d.1918 Baltimore, Maryland
HORANL.HoranHORAN, James Francis. Born June 1859, in Killigeary, Carrowmore, Lacken, Co. Mayo. Married Mary MOLLOY, from Killala. Looking for ancestors.
HORRIGANB.GoinsHORRIGAN, Jeremiah. Born in Ireland, c.1840. Possibly Co. Clare. Married Mary GREEN, (also born in Ireland), in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio, c.1867. Two children: James, born c.1868, and a male child born february 12, 1874 /9name possibly /edward, or Edwin). James could have been a relative (nephew?) of Margaret HORRIGAN, who emigrated to the US., in 1821, and lived in Toledo during that time.
HOUGHgailWm. 1850s-1903 NYC
HOUGHTONM.MullenHOUGHTON, Mathew, born 1827, Hollyfort, Co. Wexford, married Jemima BELL, c. 1850 and migrated to Quebec, Canada, then Kentucky, USA.
HOURIHANS.HenriksonHOURIHAN, Mary. Born Cork, c. 1906-1908. Father: Timothy or John, Mother: Margaret (HOURIHAN?). Looking for birth date, town or parish where she was baptised.
HOWARDJ.HowardStephen AND Mary F. came to Boston from Baldoyle, Dublin, in the mid-1800's.
HOWARDA.YerexHOWARD, Thomas (Little Tom). Born 1765. Married Margaret TALBOT.
HOWLEYPattiBartholomew Howley & Mary Daimon Mayo? died in Plague in Canada aft 1848 daughter Mary
HOZACKAussieMargaret of Loughans, Tyrone married to Joseph PENTLAND Tullylish 1866
HUGHESA.WheelerHUGHES, Ellen. Born Ireland, 1810. Spouse unknown. Known children: Catherine (QUINN) born Ireland 1843, Richard born Ireland, 1850, (was in Cohoes NY, in 1880).
HUGHESG.GilbertHUGHES, John, married Elizabeth?. Son John, married Celia MURPHY. His son John F.HUGHES, married Pearl M. LYNCH. Children: Bob, Fran, John and Stanley.
HUGHESJ.SelfHUGHES, Catherine. Married George ABRAHAM, on January 3, 1802, at Powerscourt, Co. Wicklow. Emigrated with son, George, to Australia, and died at Yarra Bend, Victoria, on July 5, 1859.
HUGHEYT.PatonHUGHEY, William. Born September 25, 1802, in Co. Derry. He died on December 29, 1878, at Swanson.
HULLA. McIlvaneyHULL. No data available.
HUMPHREYusbanglaCatherine, died about 1920, Belfast wife of Sam Brennan daughter Catherine emigrated to US in 1927
HUNTERS.DetloffHUNTER, John. Born c.1800, in Ireland. Moved to Middlesex, London, and married Bridget O'SHEA, c.1820. Unable to find record of John's birth.
HUNTERM.GordonHUNTER, John. Born c.1806, in Strabane, Co. Tyrone. Emigrated to L.Canada, c.1821(?). Bootmaker. Married Nancy ANDERSON, c.1826. Children: Robert B., Thomas Anderson, William John, Nancy Jane, Samuel James, Hamilton D., Margaret, Elizabeth Maryanne, and Louise Mariah.
HUNTYJ.SelfHUNTY, John Philip Curran. Married Mary Ann ABRAHAM, daughter of George and Catherine HUGHES, on December 20, 1828.
M.MetcalfeHUOLOHAN WHOLOHAN. Tipperary.
JSemperAlexander. From Co. Antrim early 1700's, went to PA about 1725 with brother, James.
HUTCHINSONJ.HutchinsonHUTCHINSON. In Ireland or Australia.
P Wolak from County Westmeath - emigrated to Morris,Illinois ca.1848
IGOEK. HanleyIGO, Thomas married Margaret HESLIN in Ireland, 1840. Children: Thomas Jnr., Margaret, and others. Children emg. to NYC in 1860's. Family names incl. Gormans, McKeons, Mahons, all from Longford.
IRWINC.Brady-SpringerIRWIN, Mary Jane, born c. 1840, married Robert FISHA/FICHER/FISHER, from Toulouse, France. They had 3 girls, Carrie, Louise, and Martha, born c. 1860-1864 in Belfast.
IRWINW.IrwinIRWIN, Patrick. Born in Galway City (Shantalla), in 1885. Emigrated to Boston, date unknown. From his birth certificate, his father's name was Bartly and his mother Mary MCDONOGH. He had two brothers, Martin and James, and two sisters, Mary and (?).

JACKSONR.DonoghJACKSON, Thomas(Gen.). Ireland. Married Anne HENDERSON, born 1798 in Ireland. Children: Robert, James, Mary, Thomas, Jane born Co. Sligo 1819-1829, Margaret, Eliza and Sarah born Mono Twsp. Ontario, CAN.
JILLJ.GrayJILL, Naomi Gray.
JOHNSTONS.RiceJOHNSTON, Adam. Born 1765. Died 1844 (will probated January 22, 1844, Giles Co., VA.). Married 1785, in Fermanagh, Ulster.
JOHNSTONSecordGeorge, born c. 1786, Co. FER, NI. Marr. Mary WIGGANS 1806.From 1836, Ont. Can; Que., Can. Four or five children.
JOHNSTONM.McGregorJOHNSTON, William. Born c. 1819. Married 1838, to Jane GRAHAM. Two children: Elizabeth, born 1838, and Robert George, born 1839 in Co. Cavan. Came to Sydney, Australia aboard the "Ramillies", in 1850.
abbiGeorge b c 1786, County Armagh, Ireland emigrated to Canada Apr. or May 1832 with wife Polly Ann and 4 children.
S.CrowleyJOICE/JOYCE, Patrick, born Ireland c. 1791, married Ellen McDADE, born Ireland c. 1797. Came to Pennsylvania,c.1824, with 3 children. Lived in Pittsburgh, PA.,and had 11 children.
JONESR NuttLiverpool, England
JONESD HeseltonNo Data
JORDANP.JordanJORDAN, Patrick. Born in Killala, Co. Mayo, c.1829. Emigrated to Canada in 1847. Settled in Connaught, Winchester Twps, Dundas County, Ontario, Canada. Married Elizabeth BECKER, and had 11 children.
JORDANL JordanSimon Jordan C 1600 County Down
JOYCEM.McCartneyJOYCE - COYNE. Came from Maan, Co. Galway.
JOYCEJ.WrightJOYCE, Margaret. Born 1877, in Co. Galway. Went to Massachsetts(?). Her brother Patrick and sister, Katherine travelled with her. Married P. MERRILL, and settled in Portland, Maine.
KANAUGHR.KanaughKANAUGH, Eliza (GANNETT). Emigrated to the US, in the mid 1800's.
KANECorky (Wild Irish)1850 Co.Antrim IRE>NY NY>Bushmills, Co.Antrim IRE 1853-1881>Philadelphia PA 1881-1932
KANEM.McCartneyKANE, Robert. Born 1840, Drumfane, Ballymena, Co. Antrim.
KANED.NothstineBridget KANE, 1832-1855, married Patrick HELFERTY, one child Mary, b. 1872 Milford, MA. Mary married Willard Elsworth PETTIS, November 5, 1891 in Rhode Island.
KANED.NothstinePatrick KANE, early 1800's. Married Bridget (last name unknown) early 1800's. One child Catherine c.1848, Providence, RI., married Benjamin Henry PETTIS, on July 4, 1871.
KAUFMAND.BackusKAUFMAN. Jennie WHITE, lived in Mercer, PA. A descendant of Christen KAUFMAN. Settled in Lancaster Co., early 18th century. His wife was a QUIGG, from Belfast, N.I.
KAYDennisMargaret Kay, b. 1830 Queens Co, m. James Cody 1860 in Trenton, NJ
KEADYcrosbowMoses b. 1740 In Donoughmore, Co Donegal, Ireland.
KEALEYWill DNicholas.In Canada by 1850.
KEARNEYM KearneyFrancis Kearney b.1787 County Derry, Ireland d.1855 Harford County, Maryland
KEARNSB.ShoneKEARNS, Thomas, Ireland, Yorkshire, Co. Down. Married Margaret HILLING. Children, Thomas, born c. 1880, Dewsbury, YRKS, Henry, b. 1884, Margaret. Family returned to Newry, Co.Down.
D.PierceKEARNS/KERINS, Patrick. Born 1820, county unknown in Ireland. Married Mary PIDGEON in Carbondale, PA., in 1844, at St. Rose Catholic Church, Carbondale. She was born in 1822, county unknown. Patrick's mother was Bridget, born 1785. His father was thought to be Thomas.
J.KearyKEARY/KERRY. No data available.
KEELYM. In CoffsHopkinstown, Co Meath
KEENA.TerrellKEEN, Timothy. Emigrated from Ireland, in 1862. Trying to find where he came from in Ireland.
KEENANSheryleePatk KEENAN marr Rachel COOPER. Child Peter KEENAN b abt 1841 in Dunlavin, Wic, Irl. Peter em to Aus, marr Margt McPHERSON in 1865.
KEENANM.CahillKEENAN, John. Born, June 28, 1886, in Co. Longford. Went to US., in 1905. Parents were Thomas KEENAN and Mary CARRIGY/CARRAGHY. A brother, Patrick KEENAN, born February 8, 1885, in Lamagh, Killashee, Co. Longford.
KEENANR GavanPatrick and Sarah from Creegan, Co Armagh
KEENANC.KopserThomas and Ann Keenan, parents of Hugh (b1833-NI) Hugh emigrated to US in 1850, possibly to join older brother, Michael in the Newburgh NY area.
KEHELYR.KehelyKEHELY, Timothy. Emigrated to Australia, aboard the "Ganges", in 1841. He went to New Zealand in 1863. Looking for names of his parents.
KEIGHTLEYriverJohn Keightley, sons Patrick and Michael, Patrick b. December 21, 1922 d. Co. Leix (Laois) 1961. Patrick m. Anne Heffernan (d.1970) and they lived at Ballygormil farm in Timahoe. Had 5 children--John, Thomas, Mary Fennely, Anne McBrian, and James.
KELLS.HoneyKELL. From Ballyconnor, Co. Cavan.
KELLEHERD.KelleherKELLEHER, Mick and Jack. Their parents were Donal KELLEHER and Maire O'LEARY. They went from Muineflugh Carriganima, Macroom, in 1850, to USA. Two brothers remained in Ireland, Dan, in Bishopstown, and Pat, in Killeens.
KELLEYE.BushKELLEY. Married Frank ALEXANDER, c. 1885/95. She came from N.Ireland. Settled in Chicago c. 1900.
KELLEYK.LinehanKELLEY, Mary (Agnes). Born January 14, 1885, died December 20. 1944. Married Thomas LINEHAN, born March 1, 1880, and died October 9, 1954. Daughter of William T. KELLEY (1856-1913), and Ellen DORE/DOER (1861-1930. They lived near Tomah, Wisconsin. Had 3 children.
KELLYJ.SmallingKELLY, Patrick Mahoney. Born c.1800. Married Oleeta ?(believed to be Cherokee). Father of Sarah Jane KELLY, born July 19, 1826, in North Carolina.
KELLYT.KellyKELLY, Thomas, Michael, Bridget, Annie and Mary. All born in Belmullet, Co. Mayo. They all went to the USa. Father was Edward KELLY, 1784/1864 of Drum Mayo. Mother was Mary McCOY of Aberdeen, Scotland. Brother, Henry stayed in Ireland, joined Police Force, died 1900. Another brother Martin, 1822 joined the East India Artillery, died in India, 1850. Another brother Edward, married Mary KEANE, Went to Australia, and died 1904.
KELLYP. Stonesiblings Patrick (<1828), Mary, and (brother); Canon McGuire, N. Ireland; Patrick + Ellen Lyons, Ballyhaunis (Mayo) and Queenstown/Cobh (Cork). Children Minnie, Lizzie, Annie, Kate, Rosemary, Charles, Martin, John, James, Patrick, ca 1855-1865, Cork and Mayo.
KELLYB.MackinnonKELLY, Robert. Born c.1822. A convict, transported to Tasmania, Australia, in the 1840's. Born in Kings Co. Looking for family in Ireland.
KELLYL.LutterbachKELLY, Catherine. Born 1833 in Ireland. Moved to Evansville, IN., Vanderburgh County, USA.
KELLYE.ByrneKELLY, Daniel. Married Sarah BYRNE, 1805 in Co. Kildare. Witnesses: James BYRNE and John FLOOD. Their daughter Mary KELLY married Thomas BYRNE.Went from Ballysax, Co. Kildare, to San Francisco in 1831.
KELLYE.McDONOUGHKELLY, Martin. Married Bridget CONNOR, February 19, 1833, in Creeragh, Ballyhean, Co. Mayo.Children: Bridget, Alice McGREEVY, Anne O'DONNELL, Catherine McDONAGH, Rose, John, and Honor Basquill. Some family still live there.
KELLYL.PilkingtonKELLY, Wilson. Northern Ireland. Married Sarah ATHERTON, born 1856, died 1914. Two children: B.Robert KELLY, born September 27, 1881, New York, and Bertha KELLY.
KELSHA.CaseKELSH. Looking for name origin.
KENEALLYR.DemersKENEALLY, Cornelius. Born 1848, in Co. Cork. Married Ellen SHEEHAN 1876, in Boherbue. Died in 1917.
KENNEDYodaddyoMichael, b 1845 married REGAN Alice and both emigrated to awrence MA c1860
KENNEDYStormin65Bridget b.1877 in Carlow Co.married Patrick Gorman 19 JUN 1897 at St. Rose of Lima in Chicago. Son Arthur b.22 MAR 1899 in Chicago,IL. daughter Mabel FRYE
KENNEDYE.DavisKENNEDY, Jane (could be Mary Jane or Jennie) KENNEDY, born Ireland, 1818. Married Samuel ANDERSON, 1845/46.
KENNEDYobrienmStraide, Co. Mayo, Ireland TO US. Patrick Kennedy - emigrated to Chicago circa 1900. He had a son who was a lawyer who visited his uncle (or cousin) in Albany, NY in early 1950's.
E.DonovanKENNY, John. Born Limerick, 1835-40. to James and Mary (O'DONNELL/O'DONALD) KENNY. They also had a daughter, Joanna KENNY. John emigrated to the US., 1855-59. HE settled in Ulster County, NY. John married Mary Ann SEXTON, at Rosendale, NY., in 1868. Their children were: James, Joseph, John, Jeremiah, Daniel, and Margaret. John died in 1901.
KENNEYJ.KenneyKENNEY, Thomas Douglas. Born in Ireland, in the late 1800's. He moved to Ontario, Canada, as a young child. Looking for origins of family in Ireland.
KENNYJ.KennyKENNY, Ann (born 1822), Michael (born 1824), John (1819). Came to Canada ( Ontario) in 1835, from Tipperary. Their parents were Michael and Honora (MADDEN).
KENNYP.KennyKENNY, John. Married Margaret MULLINS, both from Ireland. Had 8 children, in England, prior to emigrating to MASS., US., Bridget 1865, Thomas 1867, Mary A. 1869, Margaret 1872, John 1875, Bernard 1878, and Joseph 1880.
KENNYE.BenedettoKENNY, Michael and Margaret (BYRNE). Settled in Chicago in the early 1900's.
KEOHANEL.AhearnKEOHANE, James and Mary (SULLIVAN). Co. Cork. Lived in Bantry, in the late 1800's-1900's. Sons: Michael Francis and Peter. Michael Francis moved to the US, in 1900, to live with his maternal aunt Kath. SULLIVAN and Mortimer SULLIVAN.
KEOUGHANRegnierPatrick, from Ireland. Emg. to New Brunswick in 1836. Married Mary CASEY, children James, Honora, Martin.
KERNANMGleisnerRose a. Kernan born Ireland 1840,died Iowa, USA 1912.. Daughter of James Kernan and Catherine McBride Kernan.
KERNANG.KernanKERNAN. No data available.
KERNANJoMichael Kernan County Cavan Married Mary Savage of Shercock about 1865 emegrated to USA in 1866 aboard the Royal Hybernia
KERNSD.KernsKERNS. Wondering if this is an Irish surname?
KERRS.O'DonnellKERR, MATTHEW (or Mathew?) PETER KERR (his father) and Maria BRYNS KERR (mother). Matthew was born in 1844. Matthew married after he immigrated to the USA in 1862. He came to San Francisco and married to Maria NUGENT by Rev. Father NUGENT (exact relationship of these people has not yet been determined; possibly a brother.) They had six children: Minne E. Kerr O'DONNELL (married James William O'DONNELL)(1869-1936); Catherine "Kittie" KERR (1871-1944); Anna KERR SULLIVAN (married EUGENE D. SULLIVAN)(1876-APR. 1970); Joseph M. KERR (1873-bef. 1911); Matthew L. KERR (1882-1911); and Ignatius A. KERR (1891-1932). Matthew died in 1917 in San Francisco and his wife Maria died in 1924 in San Francisco. Maria NUGENT was from County Kilkenny, Ireland Parish of Tullaghanbrogue, Townland of Ballykeefe Hill.
KERRI.RileyKERR, William. Born Ireland. Married Catherine COMISKEY (born Co. Monaghan), in NJ.,USA. William's brother married Catherine's sister, Mary. Living in Harris Town, NJ., according to the 1900 Census.
KERRYK.WallsKERRY, Nellie. Co. Kerry. Emigrated in the late 1800's or early 1900's.
KIDDejNo data given
KIDDJ.GarnettKIDD. No further information given.
KIDDG.MorganKIDD, Harriet. Married John GUEST. Son John was born in Templemore, Co. Tipperary, c. 1831.
KILBANEJ.GarnettKILBANE. No further information given.
KILGALLENT MooreMichael KILGALLEN m. Catherine DOLAN. Family lived in Balla, Co. Mayo in 1860's
KILLEENP.GeeKILLEEN, Thomas & Winfred, c. 1840. Parents of Martin, James, and Anne. Possibly from Galway or Kings Co.
KILLEENB.BaronKILLEEN, Michael and Elizabeth.
KILLIANT.KillianKILLIAN. No further information given.
KILLORENS.GilchristKILLOREN, Michael. Married Alice HART, c. 1839. Son John emigrated to Glasgow, Scotland. John married Susan CAVAN on August 3, 1864.
KINGSTONK.WhiteJohn Kingston b. Drimoleague Cork 1839 - father Paul, mother Mary Kelly. In Canada in 1864, Erie Co. NY 1865
KINSAULW.KinsaulKINSAUL. No further information given.
KIRBYC.CheneyKIRBY, John and Katherine (nee FIELD), and their 5 children. Emigrated from Waterford to South Australia, in 1839. Tracing origins.
KIRBYLynnKatherine b. 1826. Married Patrick DONOVAN. had 6 children.
KIRBYCONCANNONJohn, Limerick. Marr. Mary McMAHON, c. 1834. Children John, Catherine, Thomas, Margaret, Mary, all bap. St. Munchins, Limerick, 1830's and 1840's. Emg. 1850 to Portland, MA.
KIRKLANDDLSCallie L., b. 23 Aug 1886, d.5 Aug 1922, m Wm. Jude Lindsay before 1902.Her father was General Kirkland, mother was Georgann Adams d.1946 in NC.
KIRKWOODD.KirkwoodKIRKWOOD, William. Married 1. Mary LENNOX, c.1878 at Magherafelt. Children: William, John, Sam, Hugh and Margaret Jane. His 2nd wife was Matilda CHURCH, c.1891 at Castledawson. Their children were Thomas and Sarah Ann.
KIRTONNealCurtinSearching For all Curtins in US to tie back to Ireland. Currently have over 1500 names.
KITSOND.PhilipbarKITSON, William Edward. Born in 1889, in Cork, and was orphaned. He was moved from a home in Canada, c.1897. Searching for his parents names, and any siblings he may have had. William died in 1959.
KLINGAMANBigDanGeorge, s/o George & Catherine b Sep 30, 1798, d Jan 18, 1856 Meyersdale, Somerset, Pa. m Catherine Hochstetler

LACEYR.PierceLACEY, Michael. Born 1799, in Co. Wexford. Married Anastasia COLFER, c. 1825-30. Emigrated in 1831.
LACYB.BedardLACY, Mary Ellen. Came from Co. Clare, or Co. Armagh. She married Michael FINNELL. They emigrated to the US. in the late 1800's, settling in upstate New York, at Ellenburgh.They may have been married in Cheerbusco, New York, or in Ireland, prior to leaving.
LAFFEYDennisJames Laffey, b. 1826 Bohaun, Co Galway
LAMBDLSSamuel, b.13 Jul 1758 m. Hannah B? A son Isaac Lamb m. Mary Parrott a son Jehu Lamb (1811-1873) m. Louvenia Gardner,a daughter Martitia born 1837. Guilford Co., NC
LAMBERTB.LambertLAMBERT, John and Mary (HICKEY). Married in 1819. They had 6 children: Michael, William (died 1847), and Patrick, who went to Australia. Have no information on the other 3 children, Nicholas, Mary or James.
LANDRIGANL.CollierLANDRIGAN, Thomas and Mary, and son Jerimah. Arrived in Sydney, Australia, January 1839.
LANGANJ.LanganLANGAN, Patrick, left northern Mayo in 1850. Went to the mines of East Pennsylvania.
LANGANN.LanganLANGAN, Patrick. Born c.1835. Went to america, c.1854. Lived in Brooklyn, New York. He married Teresa McGIFF. Looking for county of origin.
LANIGANMSheehanPatrick Lanigan b. 1813 Newtown Kells, Kilkenny, marriedHonorah Dillon b. 1834 (Pts: John Dillon & Mary Maher) 11 Feb 1858 at Tullaroan.Their children all born at Kilmanagh, Kilkenny. Richard 1859, John 1861, Mary 1863, James 1865, Patrick Joseph 1867, Thomas 1869, Anastasia 1871, Edward 1874, Bridget 1876. John and James migrated to Australia and Patrick Joseph and Thomas migrated to Australia in 1885. Thomas only stayed a short while then went to USA and was never heard of again. Patrick born Kells. Dates of death for each: Richard at Kilbrahan,Kilmanagh 3 Jul 1933; John (Australia) 6 May 1929; Mary, Ballinamara at childbirth (no date)c. 1889; James (Australia) 22 Sep 1901; Patrick Joseph (Aus) 18 Aug 1930; Anastasia (Walsh) 1953; Edward Thurles 8 Jan 1945; Bridget mid 1930 UK. She was a caretaker for a Priest in UK.
LANDYR.PignatelliLANDY, John. Born 1808, in Ireland. Entered US., through Boston, in 1831. Married Margaret MALUMBY. Their son, Thomas LANDY (b.1842) PA., married Agnes DALTON in 1865.This son married Alice GERLACH in 1896. Their son John born 1903, married Anna GALLAGHER, in 1924. A daughter Eileen LANDY, born 1929 in PA., married Christopher COX, in 1946.
LANGTONJ.AitkenLANGTON. No further information given.
LARACYP.GeeLARACY, Phillip. Christened in Kilkenny Cathedral, 1831.
LARKIN (S)L LarkinJames Charles b.1858 somewhere in Ireland came to NH via Canada died July 22, 1916 in Haverhill NH. M. Nellie Elizabeth GETCHELL
LAUGHLIND. ThornPatrick, born 1815, Co. Wicklow. Married Margaret CULLON also from Co. Wicklow.Left New Ross in 1847 for America.
LAVELLEaranladyBrigid Lavelle Easkey Parish
LAVERYA.LaveryLAVERY. Brothers, James (b.1836), and Joseph (b.1843). Father Joseph. James and John emigrated to the North of England c.1850.
LAVERYH.LaveryLAVERY, James. Born Co. Down, 1811, to William and Isabella McWHINNEY (McWHINNIE). Her father was Hugh McWHINNEY. James and Isabella were married in Ireland? Children: Hugh, David, Robert, and John.Emigrated to Australia on "Queen of the East", in 1854. James died in 1863.
LAVERTYM.BoardleyLAVERTY,John. Born 1801, in Larne, Co. Antrim. Spouse possibly Ellen. Their daughter, Jane LAVERTY, born c.1836, in Larne, Co. Antrim. Jane married Robert Alexander McKAY, in 1858, and emigrated to Clare, South Australia, in 1865.
LAWLERP.MeyersLAWLER, John, Michael, and Mary. From Castlebar Area, Glenhest, Glenisland. John came to Chicago and DuPage, in the 1850's. His brother Michael, came to the U.S. in the 1860's, with his daughter Annie. Their mother Mary, came to Illinois, in 1855, possibly from Wexford.
LAWLERD.PisariLAWLER, Edward J. No other information given.
LAWLESSL.LawlessPatrick LAWLESS and Louisa O'HARA, in the 1830's at Baldoyle, Co. Dublin. Children Mathew and Charles.
LAWLORJ.T.DowlingLAWLOR, Mary. Her obituary states that she was from Marysborough, Ireland. On her headstone, the information is born 1862, died 1939, in Astoria, NY.USA. Cemetery records list her as 72 in 1939.Married Sylvester DOWLING. Elizabeth LAWLOR b.1836, died 1911, and James LAWLOR, b. 1869 and died 1920, are both buried in the same grave as Mary and Sylvester.
LAWLORJ.T.DowlingLAWLOR, Mary. Father Dennis and mother Julia DUNNE. Born September 16, 1866, in Stradbally, Laoighis, Ireland. Also a Dennis LAWLOR married a Ruth DUNNE, Co. Wicklow, in 1825.
L.CawdreyJohn Richard O'LEANY/O'LEAHY/LEANEY/LANEY, transported to Australia in 1826. May have changed his name to LEANY/LANEY from O'LEAHY/O'LEANY. Came from Tipperary. When transported was married with six children. Later remarried in Australia.
C.WentworthLooking for info on Alice L.Leary born March28,1878 Believe in Tipperary. She came to the U.S.and settled in Portsmouth,N.H. Also had a brother John born 1858 who also came to the U.S.
LEARYH Dowd Murtaugh Leary born in Wexford county abt 1835. He immigrated to NYC in 1858. Married Anna Donnely also from Ireland abt 1858. He was a seaman
LEEL.BrownLEE. Trying to find where family originated.
LEHANEM.K.LindenLEYHAN/LEHANE, John. Married Bridget BURKE, from Carrigtwohi, Co. Cork. One of their sons, John LEHANE/LEEHAN emigrated to Boston, MA., in the late 1860's. His siblings were: Timothy, Mary, Bridget, Catherine, and Norah.
LESLIES.LeslieLESLIE. Believed to have lived in Co. Tyrone, at one time. Supposably a Scottish name. There is a LESLIE Castle, somewhere in Ireland. Emigrated to Canada, in the early 19th Century, via England and New York.
LEWISJerryMary, b.Ireland m. John Stewart b.1767 in Scotland
LEWISJL SnowJohn Lewis (b. Ireland) m Elizabeth FINNERTY (b. Nova Scotia) ca. 1873
LEYDONA.O'ConnorLEYDON, Margaret. Roscommon. Married James SHAW in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, U.K.
LIBBYE.VelezLIBBY, Phillip. Emigrated from Ireland, in the mid 1800's, to the US. He lived in Boston's South End. He married Catherine Monahan, also from Ireland.
LICHTENBERGERBigDanElizabeth, d/o John Gilliam & Clara Lichtenberger, b Mar 28, 1776 Meyersdale, Somerset, Pa. d May 21, 1850 Baltic, Coshocton, Ohio, m Christian Lind
LINDBigDanChristian, s/o Konrath Thomas Lind b Dec 27, 1768 Somerset Co., Pa. d Jul 6, 1855 Baltic, Ohio, m Elizabeth Lichtenberger
LINDENMaureenLINDEN, from Belfast , Ireland.Traced back to 1700's, they were also located in Co. Louth.
LINSKEYM.KadlecLINSKEY, John. Father of Margaret LINSKEY. She was born c. 1861, at Salthill, Co. Galway.
LINDSAYDLSNo dates on Joseph Lindsay, had a daughter Artie who married a Jones, a son Wm. Jude Lindsay(Jones)lived around Bryson City, Swain Co., NC
LINIGHANP.BurnsLINIGHAN. No further information given.
P VarleyCornelius, Gloucester, MA, 1877
LIPSETTT.LeboBallyshannon, Donegal area.
T.Lebo1835-1849 from County Donegal.
LISTJ.ListLIST, James. Born 1846. Emigrated to Boston. He was a printer.
LIVINGSTONBigDanAustin, s/o Andrew & Mary b abt 1837 Licking Co., Ohio, m Louisa Morris
LOANM.BoguesLOAN, Charles. Born 1831-1838, Co. Antrim. Married Margaret Ann BELSHAW, born c. 1856, Co. Antrim. She is buried at the Maghergall Presbyterian Church, Lisburn. Charles died 1901, buried Derriaghy Chapel, Lisburn. Children: Eliza Jane, Catherine Margaret,(1873-1969), and Annie. All born Aghnahough Townland.
LOCKARDmwkIsaac Lockard b ca 1820 Ireland d after 1870? Ohio? m. Ann McKAHN (McCAHOON) Family lived in Western PA and Eastern Ohio Children: Martha 1844, William b 1849, Sarah 1850, Archibald 1851, Isaac 1854, Mary L 1856, Robert 1858, Isabel 1858, John 1859, Andy 1863 all from Ireland
LOFTUSJ RedmWineford was the daughter of Martin Loftus and Catherine Mahon, Wineford was born around 1837. Catherine Mahon had two other children Thomas & Mary. Mary Loftus married a gentlemen with the last name of Langan.
LOFTUSE.LoftusLOFTUS, James. Married Catherine QUINN/CUNNEY, 1869, in Aclare, Kilmactiege Catholic Parish, Co. Sligo. His siblings were born in Glenree, Co. Mayo 1871-1887. They were; James, Mary, Anne, Michael, Pat, Bridget, Catherine, and Ellen.
LOFTUSE.LoftusLOFTUS, Michael. Co. Mayo. Married Margaret DEEGAN in Dover NH., in 1906. Margaret was the daughter of James DEEHAN and Catherine MAYE (MEAGHY). They married in Aclare, Kilmactiege Parish, Co. Sligo. They also had a son John DEEHAN, who emigrated to NYC.
LOFTUSS.McGowanLOFTUS, Thomas. Born late 1700's. Married Anna REILLY, before 1818, in Co. Mayo.
LOGANA.McIlvaneyLOGAN. No data available.
LONERGANC.JudgeLONERGAN, Bridget. Born c. 1850, in Kilsheelan, Co. Tipperary. Her father was John LONERGAN, a farmer, and her mother Catherine CONNOLLY. Emigrated to Australia. Bridget possibly had two brothers. Had a dairy farm.
LONERGANL.NestorLONERGAN, Margaret. Married John MORRISSEY, c. 1874, in Co. Tipprary. They had nine children.
LONGB AlcornHugh Martin Long & Elizabeth Elliott were born in Belfast, Ireland in the 1800's
LOONEYM.CurtinLOONEY, Anne. Born 1876, in Ennis? Co. Clare. Died Cambridge, MA., U.S. Married Patrick CURTIN, 1900 in Somerville, MA. Parents Michael and Catherine (RYAN).Looking for Irish side of family.
C.WilkinsLOORIM, Mary and Bridget, arrived in Victoria, Australia in 1852. Catholic family.
LORDENM. In CoffsBandon Co Cork
LORIGANK.JefferyLORIGAN, Daniel. Born c.1798, in Ballyclogh, Co. Limerick. Married Jane WALSH. Emigrated to Auckland, New Zealand on the "Westminster". Arrived in 1843, with 9 children.
LOUGHEEDK.LougheedLOUGHEED, Phibbs, son of William and Margaret (nee SMITH ), from Clougher, Co. Mayo. They were farmers. Phibbs married Ann Jane BELL, born 1827, at Granumore, Co. Sligo. She was the daughter of William and Ann BELL, (nee LOUGHEED, a distant cousin of William LOUGHEED). Phibbs and Ann were married at Ballymote, Co. Sligo, on 19 March 1850. They emigrated to South Australia in the later half of 1857.Anxious to find ship, and passenger list.
LOVINGF.LovingLOVING. No further information given.
LUDDYJ.BurkeLUDDY, Jeremiah,(born 1774, and died 1830), and Bridget INGLIS. Lived in SPITTLE, Parish of Ballylandera, Co. Limerick. Jeremiah had a dairy farm that was approx. 64 acres. They leased the farm from the Earl of Kingston. Jeremiah is buried in the Killbehenny grave yard. After his death, Bridget ran the farm, and is listed in the Griffith's Valuation. Bridget died after 1851, and before 1858.
LYNADYH.LynadyLYNADY, Charles. No further information given.
LYNASD HaugheyJane Lynas, married to Jacob Haughey c1864, mother of at least seven in Armagh, Armagh
LYNCHK.LynchLYNCH, James. Born c.1845, in Ireland. Married Catherine STANTON, in Ireland, and then moved to London, ENG. Their son Edward H.LYNCH, born November 10, 1866, in Poplar, Middlesex, ENG. Moved to Detroit, MI., USA.
LYNCHR.LynchLYNCH, John. Born 1750, in Ulster. Went to America, and settled in Virginia.
LYNCHJandeEliza(beth) bc 1815 Co Monaghan IRLL>Halifax Nova Scotia btwn 1851-1857
LYONSDLSRansom, b. Ireland. No dates. Had a son Osborne Spence Lyons b. Mar 1852 Carroll Co., VA. d.1923. m. Louella V. Ward b.1855 Guilford Co., NC.d. 1940 or 1946.

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