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MacmelScotland or Belfast. If SCT, don't know county. McAleese may be orig spelling
McALLISTERCorky (Wild Irish)Co.Antrim IRE TO Philadelphia PA 1880?
M.TuttleMcALONAN/McALONEY, Alexander. Born c.1765. Came to Nova Scotia from Antrim, Co. Down, with wife and children. Children:Robert, b.1774, Samuel, b.1771/77, Thomas, b.1799, Daniel, b.1809, and his children Archibald, b.2/2/1845, James Alexander, b.1829, John, b.1811, and William, b.1827.
McARDLEI HornerRose A. McArdle b. 1862 in Castleblaney Co. Mongahan.
McAULEYSMisenerMargaret McAuley born aprrox. 1851-52 in Ballycastle, Antrim. Parents were Archibald McAuley and Rosetta McNeil
McBATHJ.ForsytheMcBATH, and Cook. Ireland. Census names Prince E. as place of birth. Headstones say "natives of Co. Galway, and Co. Waterford". Where is Prince E?
McBRIDEMsPelicanJames J. Co Donegal (1880-1962) immig. to Philadelphia, PA
McBRIDEC.JacksonMcBRIDE. No further information given.
McCABER.BartelsonMcCABE, Richard H. Born January 11, 1830, twenty one miles north of Dublin. Son of Patrick, born February 9, 1808, and Bridget TONER, born 1835.
McCAFFREYDanKerry or Cork IRL to Manhatten NY by 1870 to 1925
McCAFFERTYR.CupoMcCAFFERTY. No other information given.
McCAIGEG. McCaigeMcCAIGE, born in Antrim Town, Co.Antrim. Need information on the origin of name. There are 6-7 similar spellings in N.I. phone book.
McCALLIONP. StoneFamily of Annie Ena McCallion (b. 1886) and sister Mary Jane, Derry. Annie emigrated to Philadelphia, PA ca 1900. Also: Campbell connection?
McCAMISHM.EdwardsMcCAMISH brothers, James, John and Maxwell. Emigrated to Australia, from Northern Ireland, in the mid to late 1800's. Other family emigrated to the US., and New Zealand.
McCAMMONR.HamptonMcCAMMON. Looking for anyone with any information, re this family.
McCANNA.DochertyMcCANN, Susan. Married Edward DOCHARTY, in 1844, Duntocher, Scotland. Birthplace, Ireland.
McCARROLLD.McCarrollMcCARROLL, James. Born c.1743. Emigrated to America, c.1765.
McCARRONB.MillerMcCARRON, Michael, and his wife Isabella DRUMMOND. Emigrated to Scotland, before 1818, and then to Canada, with family of 10 children, pre 1834.
McCARRONJandePeter bc 1814 Co Monaghan IRL TO Halifax Nova Scotia betwn 1851-1857
McCARRONJandeUlster Province
McCARTHYPointerDaniel, born c.1810. Married Johanna CRONAN, born c. 1830. Emg. 1845 to E. Bloomfield (Livingston Co.) NY.
McCARTHYB DrummTimothy from Cork, emigrated to USA pre 1850. Married to Mary ?
McCARTHYIcarusMargaret b. 1871, immigrated to US aprox 1890.
McCARTHYM. McCarthyJohn McCarthy, born 1824, county Cork,Ireland Catherine Fitzgerald,born 1925, County Wexford,Ireland.
McCARTHYD.SchwartzMcCARTHY, William. Came to America, from Ireland in the mid 1850's. He died in the late 1880's, in Huntingdon County, PA. His sons Daniel (born September 1868), and Daniel Leo (February 13, 1902) were both born in Huntingdon County.
McCARTHYR.McCarthyMcCARTHY, Denis. Born in 1835. Married Mary BROWN. Children: Thomas, John and Patrick, born in Wales. Emigrated to Alleghney Co., PA., USA., in 1860. Son Joseph born in Pittsburg, PA., in 1865. Denis' parents unknown. Mary BROWN'S parents were Paul and Mary BROWN.
McCARTNEYA LaveryMcCARTNEY, James and wife Margaret. Emigrated to Cumberland c.1850.
McCARTNEYM.McCartneyMcCARTNEY. Co. Donegal, 1700 and 1800's.
McCARTNEYR.EngleMcCARTNEY, Andrew. Born 1750, in Ireland. Married Sarah Weinbright, born 1753, in Ireland. Went to America after 1775. Had a son Thomas, born 1775, in Ireland.
McCAULEYC.McCauleyMcCAULEY, Patrick, from Donegal. Married Bridget BARR (born 1870), from Carndonagh, Co. Donegal. They had two children, John and James. James McCAULEY married Etta Susan DOHERTY, in Everett, MA., U.S.A.
McCAULEYP.McAuleyMcAULEY(McCAULEY), Francis. Born 1757, Laid Parish, Co. Antrim. Married Mary McCAMBRIDGE, born 1775, Laid Parish, Co. Antrim. Had a few children in Ireland, then moved to Kingston, Ontario area, about 1800. Had a total of 10 children. One son, Patrick, appears to have returned to Ireland, where he had a son named James. James also moved to Kingston, ONT.
McCAWL.RichardsonMcCAW, Hugh and Maria. Believed to be from Dunmurray, c.1840-1860.
McCLARTYP.GrayMcCLARTY, Mary, (possibly maiden name). Children: Jane, James Charles Clark, and one other son. 1850-1900.
McCLARTYP.Gray.McCLARTY, Mary (1840-1900). Layde Farm, Cushendall, Co. Antrim. Married John. Daughter Jane, and sons James Charles, John and Frederick. Church of Ireland.
McCLEANB.MeyerMcLEAN, Isabella. From Templemore, Diocese of Derry, 1861.
McCLEARYT.McClearyMcCLEARY, William. Born 1779. Married Sarah HILLHOUSE (born 1792 in Co. Derry). Their son William, born June 17, 1817, married Ann EDMUNDSON. All died in Ontario, Canada. Looking for their Irish origins.
McCLEERYC.Brady-SpringerMcCLEERY, Robert, born c. 1866 Belfast, married Martha FISHA/FISCHER. Children: Albert, Robert, twins Louisa and Martha, Mary Jane (Minnie).
McCLEERYS. GenereauxMcCLEERY, Margaret. Born 1846. Parents John and Eliza. Emigrated to Canada, in 1855.
McCLURGY.PrattRuthven McClurg, father of Mary Anne. Belfast Area.Possibly in County Down.
McCLUSKEYA.McCluskeyMcCLUSKEY. No further information given.
McCOLLUME.McCollomMcCOLLOM, Hugh. Born 1785, in Castleterra Parish, Co. Cavan. His brothers were: Thomas, Terence, Randall, and William.
McCONNELLB.McConnellWilliam McConnell, husband of Sarah Arnold. Born about 1867, died 1938 Monaghan Town, County Monaghan.
McCONVILLEA. PalmerJames McConville married Elizabeth Bradshaw had three Children: James, Nelly, and Rose
McCORDC.JantzenMcCORD, William. From Co. Antrim. Married Charlotte SIMPSON in 1899. Left for Canada. William's father was named Alexander.
McCORKELLMary McRobert Mc Corkell of Milltown, Londonderry. b.1898, his parents - Robert Mc Corkell and Ellen REID
McCORMICKM.J.O'GradyMcCORMICK. No data given.
McCORMICKbcormacsData from the 16oo's
McCOURTG.McCourtMcCOURT. No further information given.
McCOYTurnbullOwen F. - born in Ireland, emigrated to N.J. married Bridget CONWAY also of IRELAND abt 1886
McCRACKENL.McCrackenMcCRACHEN, Francis Sterling. Born c.1860, in Co. Down. His father was Robert, and his mother Elizabeth. Need more information on this family in Co. Down.
McCREADYM.McCreadyAlexander MCCREADY came to US and to PA in 1786. His wife, Sarah, came 6 months after him, having their first child, Ann, while on ship.
McGILLM.McCreadieMcGILL, George. Born 1818, in Ireland. Married Ann FLANAGAN. Went to Scotland, where all of their children were born.
McCREARYR.PlegerMcCREARY, Henry Joseph. Born 1852, and died 1915. Married Jennifer May YOUNG, born 1854, died 1913. Her parents were John Joseph YOUNG, born June 27, 1824, in Scotland, and Kathleen O'DAY, born March 17, 1827, in Cork, Ireland.
AussieAndrew,of Kernan,Tyorne occ.weaver Father Alexander occ. labourer. Andrew married to Sarah PENTLAND Jan.1863
McCUDDENA Hatfield1830's Co. Armagh
McCULLOUGHJennyJoseph Born c.1806 Dundalk, Co Louth. Parents are John McCullough & Margaret?
T.CroninMcCUNE, James. Born c. 1815, /co. unknown. Went to Canada c. 1840. Lived in Hastings County, Ontario.
McCURLEYJulinaJas McCurley, b. 1871 Belfast, Ireland d. abt 1948? m. Christina Stanyer 1st son, Stewart, born in 1898 in Quebec. Other children, Irene, Isabel, Campbell.
McCUTCHENK.ChaMcCUTCHEN. No data available.
McDANIELC.McDanielMcDANIEL, Patrick and Ellen (1800-1900). Lived in Greenaun, Co. Leitrim.
McDERMOTT-MOVILLEBrownJohn, Co. Donegal, marr. Mary GELLENEGH c. 1870. Children Catherine, Ellen, Bridget, Michael, William, Hannah, Mary Ellen and James
McDONALDfishyguyPatrick, b:co. Cavan on October 1819. Arrived California US in 1854
McDONALDgailJohn, son Richard,1871 Bklyn.
McDONALDK.JanssenMcDONALD, Michael. Born 1845, in Ireland. Married Mary Louise BRAY (born 1846 in Ireland). Went to N.J., and NY., USA. Children: Joseph, Mary J., Kate, Edward, Lillian, Minnie and Charles.
MCDONALDL WORKMANJOHN b.1792 IRL. Wife: POLLY b. June 182? was ore digger with sons JOHN JR., DAVID, & Hiram MCDONALD. Left Ireland time unknown to USA. Armstrong, Pa.
McDONNELLK.McDonnellMcDONNELL, Bernard. From Co. Tyrone. Married Catherine GRAHAM. Moved to Canada in 1821.
McDONOUGHK.BlumbergMcDONOUGH, Patrick. Born 1932 in Co. Galway. First wife was Bridget JOYCE. Children include: Patrick, Festus, Mike, Bridget, Coleman, John, Barbara, Mary and Thomas.His second wife was Mary McDONOUGH. Their children include: Catherine, Margaret, and Annie. Came to the US, one by one starting in 1882. They settled in St. Paul.
AussieJames of Drumarin, shoemaker, father Robert, a farmer. James married to Mary PENTLAND of Tullylish Co. Down Dec.1861
McELREAK.McElreaMcELREA, James. Born April 18, 1876. Emigrated to Canada. Married Josephine STEWART, and had 7 children: Fergus, Irvine, John, Stewart, Ranald, Mary and Josephine. Settled in Usborne township, Ontario, Canada. Buried at Kirkton Union, Ontario, Canada.
McENTEED. McEnteeMcENTEE, John J. Born 1820. Rochester, Toronto, Rochester, New York City.
McENTEEPatConnaught to Troy, NY ca 1870
McFADDENMsPelicanCatherine (1877-1949) married James J. McBride (??) 3 sons Patrick (1912), John (1913), Edward (1915)
McFARLANDG.BrozResearching the Irish name McFarland directly from Ireland around the dates of 700 A.D to 1400 A.D.
MCFARLANDMarianneNo data given
McGANNM.McGannMcGANN. No further information given.
McGARRITYD.MumbyMcGARRITY. No data available.
McGAUGHEYS. WhiteWilliam McGAUGHEY, born c. 1700, Co. Antrim, emg. to America from Glasgow c. 1738.
McGEEBJ HinshawFrancis, b. abt 1822 in Donegal, according to his dau's birth certificate. Married Helen CASSIDY in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1848. His death certificate lists his father's name as Bernard McGEE.
McGIFFS. McGiffMcGIFF, James T. Born 1857, believed to have been in Westmeath. Married Ellen FOLEY (Antrim) in NYC. US. James died in 1912.
McGILLW.HartMcGILL, Jane. Born February 12, 1825, in Co. Cavan (Cavanaugh in obituary). Emigrated to Canada in 1827. Married George McLAUGHLIN (also from Ireland), and had a son David George, born April, 1852 in Canada. Known siblings of David are Eli and John J., born 1848.
MACGILLDOWIEB.KildowMAC GILLDOWIE. Family possibly from Ulster. The name was changed to KILDOW sometime after 1603. Clan was Mac GIOLLA, Oubthach.
Martin CostelloMcGINN (in Irish GING), Barbara, born 27 January 1892, came to the US in 1909. After coming to the US, the family used the surname KING. Barbara married Patrick COSTELLO, she died July 1975 in Portland, Maine. She had four brothers Patrick, Michael and John, the fourth was killed by the Black and Tans in the 1920's. Her sisters Mary, Catherine and Julia, all came to America.
McGINTYM TurnerMichael, from County Mayo. Born 1821. Father Patrick. Brother Patrick. Sister Nancy
MixSaid to be of Armagh/Ulster Ireland origin.
McGLOHONJ.Fowlerbeleived to be SI. To have left Ireland prior to 1700 for Va,or Carolina.
McGLOINP.FraserMcGLOIN. No further information given.
S.HowardMcGONIGAL, John. He married Grace ?. He was born in NYC., c. 1878. His father John was born in Ireland, in 1833.
McGOVERNB.ShoneMcGOVERN, Peter, Ireland, Glasgow, Co. Down.Married Sarah BURNS. Children: John, b. 22 October 1892, Glasgow, James, Peter, Minnie, Maggie, Bridget, Sarah. Family returned to Newry, Co. Down.
McGOVERNA.NeagleMcGOVERN, Thomas. Married Mary (?). Children: Peter (married Elizabeth SCOLLINS), Thomas and Ann. The original Thomas may have died in Ireland.
McGOWANJ.A.ThatcherMcGOWAN,John. Born 1790. Left Dublin, for India, in 1811. Believed to have been born in Ballinamore. His father was also John McGOWAN.
McGOWANS.McGowanMcGOWAN, Patrick. Born early 1800's. Married Nora PRESTON, before 1844, in Co. Sligo or Mayo.
McGOWENM.MullenMcGOWEN, Mary, born c. 1786, possibly Co. Antrim. Married John McMULLEN and emigrated to the US (KY.) about 1825.
McGOWENR.OldfieldMcGOWEN, Mary. Born c.1818, in Co. Donegal. Married John HOCKEY, in N.S.W., Australia. Died in Albion Park, New South Wales.
McGRANEP.McGraneMcGRANE, Owen and Margaret, from Co. Meath. Margaret born 1799, died 1870 and children, emigrated to Iowa, U.S.A. in 1850's. Children: Patrick, John, Richard, Thomas, James, Terrence, Peter, Elizabeth and Owen.
McGRATHJoe McGrathMcGRATH Genealogy.
McGRATHVHOEM? Wexford B:Mar 1841
McGRATHobrienmWaterford, Ireland to New York, about 1880. Apparently the entire family (siblings) emigrated at the same time (this is not confirmed, although I am sure they all wound up over here). Given names include Mary (b. 1857), Andrew, William, Patrick, Martin, and Margaret. Patrick relocated to Monson, Maine. William and Martin went to New York City and were in the police force. Wm retired a Deputy Inspector. Mary found her way to Hampton VT/Granville NY and Married Thomas O'Brien. They later (circa 1916) relocated to Albany, NY. It is possible that there are one or two missing siblings who, last the family knew, were in Schenectady, NY.
McGRATHG.McGRATHMcGRATH,George. Came to the US., in 1847. Killed in the Civil War, in 1864, in the Union Army, at Petersburg VA. Thought to have come from Co. Clare. He had four brothers.
McGROATJ.SmithMcGROAT, Grace. Married John HAGGERTY in Inver, Co. Donegal, in 1855.
McGUFFINK.A.SillivanMcGUFFIN. No further information given.
Corky (Wild Irish)1898 IL to Los Angeles CA
McGUIRED.McGuireMcGUIRE, Richard. Born c.1787. Lived in, what became Ashe County, North Carolina.
McGUIREP.EakinsMcGUIRE, Knute. Had a son, Robert, who married Mary BELL. Her parents were Billy and Katie CASKEY. Possibly from Co. Fermanagh.
McGUIREG.McGuireMcGUIRE, Stephen (Steve). Believed to have come to Canada, East Coast, prior to 1910, then went to Sask. Eldest son, Grant Wallace born 1909/1910. Youngest son, Kendall. Family farm in South Sask-Kipling area.
McGUIREM.McCreadieMcGUIRE, Patrick. Born 1818, in Ireland. Married Bridget DUFFY, c.1843-44. Went to Scotland, in the early 1850's.
McGURTYJ.GarnettMcGURTY. No further information given.
McHARGC.McHargMcHARG. Searching for origins.
McILROYB.McIlroyMcILROY. No data available.
McILVANEYA.McIlvaneyMcILVANEY (VENNEY/VENNA etc.). Left Ireland for Scotland about 1850.
mwkAnn, m. Isaac LOCKARD. b ca 1825 Ireland d after 7 Aug 1867 daughter of Archie McCahoon, sister of Archy & John McCahoon
McKAYM.BoardleyMcKAY, Robert Alexander. Born 1833, possibly at Grange, Killyglen, Co. Antrim. Married Jane LAVERTY, 1858, in Larne, Co. Antrim. They went to Dalry, Ayr, Scotland. Went to South Australia, in 1865. His father was James McKAY.
McKAYB.ShoneMcKAY family of Co. Down, who owned a bakery. They sold it and emigrated to Australia, in 1880's, taking a niece, Bridget HUGHES with them.
McKEEA.BailieMcKEE, Ellen. Born January 8, 1840, in Killinchy, Co. Down, and died May 24, 1896, in Bondurant, Polk County, Iowa. Parents William McKEE, and Jane GOUGH. Married Robert S. BAILIE December 14, 1865, in Ireland. He was born May 12, 1837, in Greyabbey, Co. Down.
McKEED.MillerMcKEE, Alexander Mills. Born March 10, 1844. One known older sister, Eliza. Left Ireland for America, c.1851, with sister and family. Names for parents, and birthplace not known.
McKEELgunnyBeaufort Co NC 1790
McKEEVERJ.GearyMcKEEVER. From Co. Waterford.
McKEEVERB.ShoneJohn, of Quay St. Larne, Co. Antrim. Married Elizabeth. One daughter, Charlotte Elizabeth, b. 1894 in Derrygarvie, Co. Antrim.
McKENNAF.WalkerMcKENNA, Charles. Born 1868, in Ireland. His father was John, and his mother was Mary.
McKENNAB.ShoneThomas William. May have married Mary KEARNS. He was possibly in the military. Present as a witness at a baptism in Dewsbury, York, in 1880.
McKENNAP.McKennaMcKENNA, James. Born Ireland in 1812. Married Sarah NEVILLE, in Ireland. Family in Quebec, Canada, in 1848. James arrived in Canada, with his three brothers, John, Cornelius, and Leo. He also brought 2 daughters with him.
McKENZIEC.RobinsonMcKENZIE, Beverly Allen. Came from Co. Cork to Canada. GGGrandfather lived to be 103. He worked on a railroad in Canada, and always wore a kilt. They emigrated to Kentucky and Missouri. A brother believed to have stayed in Kentucky. Have found several ALLENS and AARONS.
McKEONK.HanleyMcKEON, Catherine married Thomas HESLIN in 1840, Killoe, Co. Longford. Family incl.John James McKEON. Children emg. to NYC in 1860's. Family incl. Gormans, Igos, Mahons, all from Longford.
McKEOWNM.McKEOWNMcKEOWN, Bernard. Born 1800+. He married Nelly McARDLE, and had at least one son, Patrick, born 1839. Patrick of Dunmurry, Co. Antrim, married Mary Sarah JOHNSTON, in 1865. They had at least two sons, William, b. 1869, and James b. 1870.
McKEONP.KennyMcKEON, Micheal/ Mary STOREY (1802/3). John McKEON (1844-1939), married Mary LYNCH; went to England, and Lowell, MA., USA. Then to Fall River, MA. Children: Mary J (1870), John Edward (1871-1872?--buried in Dukinfield cemetery), Edward (1873), Agnes (1876), and Margaret (1878).
McKEONEL LarkinJames b. May 1860. Lived at 556 Judson St. Phila., PA USA wife Emma Jan. 1867 daughters.. Lizzy Oct. 1885, Retta Feb 1888, Emma Sep. 1890 & son Bernard May 1884.
K.JacksonMcKERNEY, Hugh and Mary. Hugh was in Enniskillen, 1840. Children: Hugh, Andrew, Thomas, Anne and Mary. Mary was married in Preston, Lancashire, England. All in the building trade.
McKEWENgailJohn NYC, married Kathren FARLEY June 5,1866 NYC.
McKINSTRYMatrixAndrew around 1780-1790 born married Janet(??) left Co Antrim area for Ayrshire around 1824
W.BurgnerMcKISSICK KISSICK, Robert. Born April, 1804, in the Ballykelly area of Co.Londonderry. His father Henry KISSICK (c.1763-1824), came to America, sometime between 1806-1808. The family first settled in Westmoreland Co., PA., then settled in Fleming Co., Kentucky in 1809.
McKNIGHTE.DavenportMcKNIGHT, George. Born 1808, in Banbridge, Co. Down. Enlisted 74th Reg't of Foot, 1823, and never returned to Banbridge. Searching for descendants of family, left in Banbridge.
McLAUGHLINL.NestorMcLAUGHLIN, Margaret Mary. Born Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim. Married Francis Joseph NESTOR, 1922 in the USA. Her father was Arthur McLAUGHLIN.
McLAUGHLINP.McLaughlinMcLAUGHLIN, Edward. Married Anna McLAUGHLIN, both born 1895. Lived in Malin Road, Moville, Co. Donegal. looking for information on relatives, and descendants, buried Ballybrack Graveyard.
McLAUGHLINE.McLaughlinMcLAUGHLIN, Joseph. From Ballymoney.
McLINCHAMc.McLINCHA. Pronounced the same as McLINCHEY.McLINCHEY meaning "son of mariner".Looking for people with the same spelling.
McLOONEJ.PatrickMcLOONE. Family ended up in Co. Donegal.Searching for where name originated, and whether connected to similar sounding names.
McLOUGHLINR.BemisMcLOUGHLIN, Edward. Married Ann Healy CLARKFIELD. They came from Knock, Co. Mayo, 1841-1926.
MacMAHONM.ClyborMacMAHON, Nellie. Born c.1840. in Co. Clare. Married Martin O'MEARA, from Tipperary. Emigrated to US., and settled in MN. Had 11 children, including Evelyn O'MEARA, born c.1910, and died c.1961. She had a daughter, Jane HUMPHREYS, born 1945, and died 1993.
McMAHONB.FordMcMAHON, Patrick, born c. 1810, married Anna, born c. 1815. Moved to Binghamton, NY. Had daughter born 1858.
McMAHONM.DohertyMcMAHON, Michael. Born c.1870?. Married Mary COLLOPY, 1891 in St. John's Parish, Limerick. The family settled in Pennywell Lane, Limerick City. Children: John, Martin b.April 1893, and a daughter. There may have been other children.
McMAHONFiclor Michael, probably from Co. Clare, b. 1877. Parents Michael McMahon and Margaret Callahan (O'Callaghan)
McMAHONP.MeyersMcMAHON, Bridget (LAWLER), Thomas, Patrick, Owen, James, and Alice. They came to Chicago in the early 1850's, and settled in DuPage.
McMANAMANK.R.McManamanMcManaman's from Mayo-from Achill Island, County Mayo, and the surname is spelled McManaman and McManamon primarily. From the early 1860's through 1893, Bridget, Patrick, James, Michael, Grace, and Honor came to America. Martin and at least one other remained.
McMANEMYB.ClarkMcMANEMY, John. Born c.1816/19, in Ireland. A Protestant whose father was born in Scotland. Married in Canada in 1837.
McMILLANC.McMillanMcMILLAN.Lived in Illinois, US., for the last 25 years.
McMILLANJ.McMILLANMcMILLAN, Matthew. Born Saintfield, Co. Down in 1930. Searching for extended family bith in the UK., and world wide.
McMORRISP.McMORRISMcMORRIS, William, and wife Lady Jane DONOVAN, both from Ireland. Born c.1735. Left Ireland, in 1767, to come to the US, with 5 small children, from Belfast to Charlestown, S.C. Settled in Fairfield District or County.
McMULLENM.MullenMcMULLEN, John, born c.1779, possibly Co. Antrim. married Mary McGOWEN and emigrated to Kentucky, USA, c. 1825.
McMULLENK.McMULLENMcMULLEN, John. Born September 12, 1871, in Co. Antrim. Parents John McMULLEN and Nancy NICKLES. Married Gertrude HUGHES, and settled in Coatbridge, Scotland. Later emigrated to Canada. In 1902 they settled in Cape Breton, N.S.
McMONAGLEJ.McMonagleMcMONAGLE. Looking for family from Ireland.
MCNAMARAMariannePatrick Co. Clare b.1840 entered US 1861
McNEILLM.HolmesMcNEILL, Thomas. Born in Trien, Castlerea, Ireland, c.1906.
McNENNYP.LuxtonMcNENNY. No other details available.
McNEVINP.GeeMcNEVIN, Anne. Born Galway, 1822.
McNULTYE.ValezMcNULTY. No data given.
McPARLANEN.McPARLANEMcPARLANE, James. A farm labourer. Married Bridget SCULLEN in the mid 1800's. Emigrated to Glasgow. They had a son, Thomas James, born c.1906/7.
McPEERL.ClarkMcPEEK. No further information given.
McQUAIDP.GauvinMcQUAID. Would like information re McQUAID family history, (County, coats of arms, kilts, etc.)
McQUIRKG.KannerMcQUIRK, Rosanna, married John O'REILLY, October 27, 1887, in the County of Cy. The City of Dublin residence of Rosanna and John was 4 Abercorn Road.
McREEMcReeno data
McSHEEHANcedrycGeorge, baptised in London England c1850
MacSHERRYE MillerHugh MacSherry b.1852 in Loughgilly parish, Armagh and d. 1940 in Dublin is distant relative of Patrick MCSHERRY and Catherine GARTLAND.
McSHERRYE MillerPatrick McSherry b.1725 in Armagh married Catherine GARTLAND. Left for USA about 1750. Settled in PA/MD area and had 12 children.
McSWEENEYP.KazloMcSWEENEY, Patrick. Left Cappamore, Ireland, on April 21, 1827.
McSWINEYA.McSwineyMcSWINEY. No further information available.
McTARSNEYN.BaldwinMcTARSNEY, Elizabeth. Born 1816, in Armagh, Co. Tyrone. Emigrated to USA., in the late 1830's. Later her mother Bridget (widowed), sister Jane (married to James MELLON) and two brothers, Patrick and John, joined her in New Orleans. They resettled in Scott County, Indiana. Elizabeth married James BALDWIN. She had four children.
McTIERNANJ.ForanMcTIERNAN, Mary. Born c.1890, Lake Allen, Co. Leitrim.
J.SharpeMcVITTIE McVITY MAVITY, Ann Jane. Arrived in South Australia, in 1855. Born in Fermanagh, in 1839. Married William HAMLYN, in South Australia, in 1856. Seeking birthplace, parents, siblings, and what kind of work she did.
McWEENYD.McWeeny FishburnMcWEENY. Information on the surname, and its derivitives, origins, meaning etc.
McWHINNEYH.LaveryMcWHINNEY (McWHINNIE), Isabella. Born Ireland c.1803, died 1863. Father Hugh McWHINNEY. Married James LAVERY, born Co. Down c.1811, died 1871. His father was William. Married in Ireland? Children: Hugh, David, Robert and John. Emigrated to Australia in 1854, on the "Queen of the East".
McWILLIAMSF.WalkerMcWILLIAMS, Elizabeth. Born Co. Antrim, c.1830. Father was John, and mother ? DICKSON. Elizabeth married John McGEE, in Scotland, in the 1850's.
McWILLIAMSJ.McWilliamsMcWILLIAMS. No further information given. Would like to find origin of name.

LAFFEYDennisJames Laffey, b. 1826 Bohaun, Co Galway
WmBrown1800-Present. Ballinrobe Area of County Mayo/US
MACKLINaccademyHugh Macklin m. Charity Wilson both b. bef. 1755 Ireland dau. Elizabeth b. 1786 Ireland m. Joseph Carmichael b. 1766 Newberry SC d. 1855 Butts Co., Ga.
MADDENM.SchmuckerMADDEN, William. Born March, 1898, in New York. His father was Timothy MADDEN, who came to New York, before William was born. Timothy married Lula DREW.
MADDENR.CavenderMADDEN, John Peter, married Eliza EVANS
MAGINND.MaginnMAGINN. Born 1814, Fintona, Co. Tyrone.
MAGUIRES.J.MaguireMAGUIRE. No other information supplied.
K.ReidMAHADY MAHEDY. No further information given.
MAHERL.NestorMAHER, Ann. Born c. 1850, in Co. Tipperary. Married Stephen TREACY c. 1877. They had 7 children. Ann died in 1892.
MAHONMerryMary, born 1835 in Ireland GrandpreMAHONY, Jeremiah and Catherine ALLAN/ALLEN. Departed West Cork, for Ontario, CAN., in the 1820's. Daughters Catharine, Ann, and one son Denis. Catharine, born May 1831, in the town of Edwardsburg, ONT., married John McCARTHY.
MALIAS.MalleyMALIA, Anthony. Co. Mayo. Emigrated to NYC., 1841. Married Mary CUMMINGS. Children: John born 1850,Mary 1852 and Patrick. Daughter of Martin CONNOR and Barbara O'CONNOR.
MALLEYS.MalleyMALLEY, Martin. Died 1866, Killerduff. Married Mary CONNOR, daughter of Martin CONNOR and Barbara O'CONNOR.
MALONEYSkip ShafferMALONEY. Believed to be originally from Co. Cork.
MALONEYR.CavenderMALONEY, William N., married Elsie (or Emmeline) E. HEMINOVER.
MALONEYSMaloneyNo data given.
MALONEYB.KuehnMALONEY, John Joseph. Co. Cork. Married Catherine GIBBONS, before or after he emigrated to the USA. They had a son Daniel, as well as two daughters. They lived in N.J.,mid 1800's.
MALONEYFiclor Mary Ann, probably Co. Clare, b. 1869. Parents Michael Maloney and Mary O'Callaghan.
MANGANB.FordMANGAN, Patrick, born 1835, married Ann HURLEY and moved to Binghamton, NY.
MANGANJ.selfMANGAN, Patrick. Born c.1780, in Ballingarry parish, Co. unknown. Had a relative Francis, possibly a much younger sister. He also had a son William. Wife unknown. Patrick joined the British Army, and went out to Australia, on a convict transport. He died at Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
MANTILG.MantilMANTIL. No further information given.
MARONEYAliSteven, Michael & Tom, MARONEY came to USA around 1850's and their mother M. Maroney born 1786 came along.
MARRINL.HowardMARRIN, John. Born June 21, 1875 in Co. Cork. Left and went to PA.,USA, and worked for Carnigue in PA. Went back to England, because of poor health, and married Anne KENNEDY. Anne was 12 years younger than him. They had four children:Eugene, Mary Anne, David, and John.
M.MulloyMARRON MARRIN. Allyalla, Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan.
MATEERB.MazzellaMATEER, John. Born 1843 in Ballynahinch, Co. Down. Married Agnes DICKSON (1865?). Emigrated to Dutchess County, New York.
MAITLANDE.DavisMAITLAND. Would like to contact any Maitland, with connections in Ireland in 1600 and 1700's.
MARSHA.MarshMARSH, James. Born in Moate, Co.Westmeath. He was born on the 18 November c.1890. He left Moate c.1914, to move to England.
MARTINJ.HallMARTIN, Morris. Married Ellen SHEA or O'SHEA. Morris was born, c.1825, in Ireland, and died in Worcester, Massachusetts, on May 22, 1914. He was a stone cutter.
MARTINC.MartinMARTIN, James. Married Agnes COULTER in Dromara, Co. Down, on August 8, 1829. Later moved to Scotland. Their grandson William MARTIN, came to Australia, in 1888.
MARZBigDanPeter, b Jun 1850 Germany, d 1929 Canton, Ohio, m Albertina Petras
MAVITYJ.SharpeMcVITTIE McVITY MAVITY, Ann Jane. Arrived in South Australia, in 1855. Born in Fermanagh, in 1839. Married William HAMLYN, in South Australia, in 1856. Seeking birthplace, parents, siblings, and what kind of work she did.
MAWHINNEYL.WampachMAWHINNEY, Radcliffe. Born c.1853 in Northern Ireland. His father was Robert MAWHINNEY. Robert was a farmer, and died c.1893. Radcliffe moved to England, married, had several children, then moved to Canada. He died in 1929. Looking for information re Radcliffe, his mother and father.
MAXWELLR NuttCounty Down, Ireland
MAXWELLB.SymonsMAXWELL, Thomas. Born c.1793, at Roscommon. Transported to Australia, 1823. Father: Samuel(?).
MAXWELLM.G.WilsonMAXWELL, Anslem. No further information given.
MEAKERC.MeakerMEAKER. This family has been traced back to Tipperary, Ireland, back to 1100
MEDDINGSC.KoetjeMEDDINGS. No further information given.
T.MelilloMEEGHAN/MEIGHAN, Daniel. Mother was Theresa and father Daniel. Sisters Agnes and Loretta. His Grandparents came from Cork. Looking for relatives.
MEEHAND.DixonMEEHAN, Michael. He emigrated to Wisconsin. Married Elizabeth (maiden name unknown). Their daughter, Henrietta, was born in Wisconsin, in 1871.
jkremerArthur MEIGHAN b.May 22, 1826 in County Monaghan, Ireland. > in Iowa in 1856.
MILLERJ.MillerMILLER, John. Born May 26, 1839 in Co.Monaghan, Ireland. He settled on a farm in Creemore, ONT.
MISSERTJ RedmTimothy Carden married Ann Missett, the daughter of John Missett and Mary Burke, Co. Meath. Ann had three brothers Joseph, John, & Arthur.
MITCHELLG.HaydenMITCHELL, Nancy Mary. Born c.1818, married 1837, in Antrim.
MITCHELLD.BlaisMITCHELL (MICHELL), Robert, born c. 1833. Son of Robert MITCHELL, possibly born in Ireland. Believed to have married in Surrey, to Helena LYONS. His second wife was Hannah, born in Ireland, aged 50 on the 1861 Census of North Shields. Siblings of Robert were, Harriot born 1834, and Ellen born 1826.
MOCKLERA.ClarkMOCKLER, Thomas. Born c.1804-1808. Parents believed to be Patrick MOCKLER and Mary HEALY, of Cashel. Patrick and family emigrated to Nova Scotia, from Co. Tipperary in the early 1800's. Surname HEFFERNAN also associated with this family.
MOEBUSCorky (Wild Irish)1880's Brooklyn NY
MOFFATTK.WhiteBernard MOFFATT b. abt 1822. Died at age 100 in 1922 in Simcoe Co. Ontario Canada - wife Mary Ryan
MOLLISONM.DrewMOLLISON. looking for ancestors of Laura MOLLISON, born January 6, 1865, in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.
MOLYNEAUXP.ConnerMOLYNEAUX, Thomas. Born b. 1860. Married Elizabeth THORNTON. Son Thomas Josephum, born 1889, and daughter Catherine, born 1891. Came from Co. Kerry, emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1892.
MONTGOMERYA.CurranMONTGOMERY, James. Lived in Carrigart, Ireland.
MONTGOMERYd montgomeryNo Data
MOONEYK.DohertyMOONEY. Emigrated from Ireland to the Southern Shore of Newfoundland, CAN. Researching who was the first MOONEY to have come over from Ireland.
MOONEYJ.MooneyMOONEY, Hugh T. Born 1840, in Co. Wicklow. Married Anna GAGGEN, in February 1869. He died in 1894. Hugh's parents were Christopher MOONEY and Mary MOONEY.
MOONEYE.ByrneMOONEY, Eliza. Went to NY., from Ireland, in 1848, aged 16, presumably with her sister Mary, who was 18. They were shoe binders. Catholics, but no County known.
MOOREBoomerFrank, son of Frank and Ella Brewer, of Boothbay Harbor, Maine
MOOREBigDanMargaret, b 1770, d Jul 1865 Wetzel Co., West Virginia, m James Morris b 1775 Montgomery Co., Pa., d May 12, 1834 Rocky Run, Wetzel Co., West Virginia
MOOREM.MooreMOORE, William. He was born in Ireland, in 1829.
MOOREY.PrattHenry, born c 1831 Belfast to Robert Moore. Henry married Mary Anne McClurg born c 1832, Belfast, daughter of Ruthven McClurg. Henry and Mary Anne settled in Oldmonkland Scotland.
MOOREN.RandolphMOORE, Robert. Married Fanny BLAIR (1808), Co. Antrim.
MORANR.DemaretMORAN, Viceroy. Researching O'MORAN nobles, who went to Spain, 1500-1600.
MORANK.MorganMORAN, Hannah, settled in Maysville, KY. USA, 1840-1855.
MORANBrendaKildare, Ireland
MORANJ.DorseyMORAN, Mary. Born 19 December 1826 or 1828, in Co. Kildare. Married John DORSEY. Emigrated to Canada, c. 1845-50. Moved to Boston, Ma., c. 1853, then to Texas 1859.
MORANC.CookeMORAN, Mary. Married Michael OLIVER. Mary born February 2, 1870-85, in Lipson, Swinford, Co. Mayo. She died February 1956, in Ballyglass, Swinford, Mayo. Her father's name was Owen MORAN. Her first daughter, Katherine OLIVER, was born December 1, 1900, in Ballyglass.
MORANM.MoranMORAN. No further information given.
MORONEYK.ParkerMORONEY, aka. MARONEY, from Kilrush, Co. Clare.
MORRISBigDanJonathan, b abt. 1735 Whitley Twp., Pa. d 1816
MORRISONK.WhiteHanora (Morrison) CAREY b. abt 1825 in Co. Mayo to Ontario Canada.
MORRISSJohn MorrissMORRISS, Patrick. Born 1850. Married Catherine MURPHY, born 1853 in Tipperary. They were married 1873-74.
MORRISSEYOlavMichael / Alice WALSH 4 known children Catherine, Elizabeth, Thomas, Eleanor (Alice). Eleanor born 1790 in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny
MORRISSEYMerryJohanna, b. 1837 in Ireland
MORRISSEYtaffyJames, Co Wexford, married Eliz. Brannan about 1865, immigrated to U.S. about 1880
MORRISSEYL.NestorMORRISSEY family in Co. Tipperary. Oliver born in 1793, married an O'NEIL in a 2nd marriage. Two children, John and James.
MOSSTweedieGeorge Albert Moss b. 1895 Cambridgeshire.Parents Albert Moss & NellieYounger brother Edward.
MORTONKate AdamsonMORTON, James. Omagh, c.1860. May have had a sister, Minnie or Winnie. There could have been other family members.
MOYNIHANE.MillerMOYNIHAN, Abbie. Born c. 1884. Her mother was Julia BUCKLEY. Looking for information on the BUCKLEY and MOYNIHAN families, in the Macroom area.
MULCAHYK.WhiteThomas MULCAHY b. abt 1835 Co.Cork. Children all born in Hartford CT during 1870 time frame. Married Mary Ellen Tressy.
MULDOONL.LovellMULDOON, Ellen. Born 1820, in Co. Fermanagh. Married George McCREA/McRAE. They had 5 children in Chichester, Quebec, CAN. She died November 14, 1897, and is buried at Sheenboro. Need information on the MULDOON family, in Fermanagh.
MULDOONFiclor Co. Galway
MULDREWS.L.MuldrewMULDREW, Patrick O'Neil. Arrived ? from Ireland, August 15, 1756, from Dublin.
MULGREWP.MulgrewMULGREW. No further information given.
MULHOLLANDM.MulhollandMULHOLLAND, Henry. Born Eden Londonderry, 21 December 1874. Father Beresford MULHOLLAND, and mother Mary Ann.
MULHOLLANDC.JantzenMULHOLLAND, Ellen. Born Donaghmore, Co. Tyrone, in 1835, baptised 1838 at St. Patricks Church as Eleanor. Father George MULHOLLAND, died 1840, mother Anna. Ellen married Alexander SIMPSON, in 1859, in Donaghmore at St Patrick's Church, lived at Coalisland, Co.Tyrone, and Dunmurry, Co. Antrim. Ellen died, 1909, in Belfast Children: John, Alexander, Anna, George, Charlotte, Robert, and William. Some are buried in Belfast City Cemetery.
MULLALLYM MullallyLawrence. Probably emigrated from County Tipperary to Newfoundland, CA, in the late 1700's
MULLANEM WentzellMichael Mullane (1879-1926).Born in Newcastle West Monagae,Limerick. m. MARY DORE(?-1913). Moved to Chicago,IL. Two children:William(1910-1994) and Marie(1913-1992).
MULLANEJ.CummingsNo data available.
MULLARKEYM WentzellPatrick MULLARKEY:(abt. 1873- abt. 1945). m. Margaret QUINN. Both lived and buried in Dunmore, Co.Galway. Had six children: Mary b1921, Martin b1923, Bridie b1925, Rita(McGann) b1927, Philomena b1929, and Patrick b1934.
MULLENReneMULLEN, Arthur. Born 1810, Kilkenny. Married Rosana CARROLL (born 1810-1812), also from Kilkenny. They had several children in the US.
MULLENMerryMargaret, b. 1816 in Co.Meath, Ireland
MULLENL.CurryMULLEN. Born Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow, in the 1860's.
MULLIGANCorky (Wild Irish)1880's IRE to ENG to Waterbury CT
MULROEDennisMargaret Mulroe, b. 1841, Bohaun, Co Galway, m. James Laffey
MULRYNEE.SchultzNo information.
MULVALEP.MulvaleMULVALE, Francis. Born c.1926. Came to Canada from Ireland. Married Margaret Catherine. Looking for origin of surname.
MULVANYM.MulvanyMULVANY. No further information given.
MULVEYDavid MulveyMULVEY, from Westmeath, Castlepollard, and Letrim.
MULVEYjmulveyMULVEY. No information given.
MUNCEAmandaHugh M. Munce b.Dec 7, 1827 in Callaleigh, Sligo,CO.Emigrated to Bradley, ME, USA in 1849. Parents were Hugh Munce and Jane Maxwell (of Scotland).
MUNNELLYM.GutowskiMUNNELLY, Michael (Mick) or William. One of them, believed to have lived in or around Chicago, in the late 1920's or early 1930's.
MURLEYM.MurleyMURLEY. Griffiths lists a number of MURLEY'S in Cork and Kerry. The surname also appears in Cornwall, England.
MURNINW.MurninMURNIN. Originally from Co. Down.
MURPHYI HornerPeter Murphy b 1858 in Drishanebeg a district outside Skibbereen Co. Cork. Parents were Jeremiah Murphy and Catherine Shea.
MURPHYWill DMartin Washington
MURPHYK.WhiteThomas MURPHY b. abt 1837 location unknown. Married Bridget CAREY - children born in 1870's in Ontario Canada
MURPHYJ Magner Bridget (Murphy) Magner, daughter of John & Mary Murphy born: IR, IMM: about 1880, NJ. married Feb. 4, 1883, NY to Thomas Magner
MURPHYG.MurphyMURPHY, William. Georgetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.
MURPHYK.ParkerMURPHY, from Kilrush, Co. Clare, or Willsboro, New York, and surrounding areas, or Maine.
MURRAYP.MurrayMURRAY, John. Born 1854, in Co. Meath? Married Bridget BARRY. Children: Gertrude, Micheal, Bridget, Helen, Patrick, and John. Moved to England, then to Boston, USA. Had GAFFNEY relatives.
MURRAYL.FlynnMURRAY, James E. Born 1864, Boston. Parents: Patrick and Mary O'MEALIA. Married 1902, to Honor T. RYAN, born 1870-71, Boston. They had 5 children: Mary Catherine (1903), Agnes Louise (1904), Katherine(1905), James (1908) and Joseph (1910).
MURRAYA.Hampshire William Gough married Ann Murray, Catholic, 1803 or before. William transported to Australia,about 1803, for his part in the Rising of 1798.William was from Enniscorthy. Ann Murray was from Milltown. One son, John, emigrated to Canada 1825, have data onhim
MURRAYM.MurrayMURRAY. From Co. Down. Came to the USA (Pennslyvania), in the late 1800's.
MURRAYSharonEliz. (1804 Westmeath-1877 KC, MO), lived in Quebec (St. Jean Chrysostome) 12 children sibs-Mary Ann Tarsney Thomas d. Cedar Rapids, Iowa aft 1885, Ellen.
MURRAYJ.ZillmanMURRAY, James. A land proprietor from Johnstown, Co. Donegal. Married Jane RALSTON c.1800. They had a son, James, born 1805.
MURTHAC.FranciesMURTHA, Mary. Married James RYAN. Came to New York State, from Ireland, in the early 1900's. Children: Agnes, Kaye, Alyce, and Robert.

NAGLEMarvinThomas, b. c1810, Co.Cork m. Julia HANDLON/HANDLIN/HANLON b. abt 1812, Co.Cork ch Mary Ann NAGLE b. 2 Apr 1847, Co.Cork; Thomas NAGLE b. IRL, d. 19 July 1941, Parkesburg, VA; Michael NAGLE b. 1845, IRL; Martin NAGLE b. 10 Oct 1851, Newbern, VA
NANNERYS.CoffeyNANNERY, John Joseph. Emigrated, in the late 70's, with 3 members of his family from Ireland to the US. He became a US citizen in 1887, and made a trip to Westmeath in 1889.
NEALONW.ScottNEALON, Michael. Born 1798, Limerick (Hospital?). Emigrated 1818, to Hastings County, Ontario, Canada. Married Jane McKENNEY (born c. 1801, Canada), about 1828, near Belleville. Reportedly wrote a book, condemning the English treatment of the Irish.
NEELEYJ.NeeleyNEELEY. No further information given.
S.NeillNEILL, James. Born near Belfast, on February 2, 1814. Went to Pennsylvania, between 1814 and 1830. He was a Methodist minister, and a coal mine operator/merchant. He was in business with the Milnes family.
NELSONT NelsonJohn Nelson came from County Clare, Ireland to Canada October 24th 1854 (?departed ?arrived) with his wife Ellen Cahill and at least 2 children - Patrick Henry and Mary Anne. Some of his wife's family - the Cahills- may have travelled with them.
NESTORL.NestorNESTOR, Thomas. Married Sarah? CONWAY. Possibly from Belcarra, Co. Mayo. Came to Providence, Rhode Island before 1888.
NESBITH.WilliamsNESBIT, William. Born 1810/1818, at Ballygoney(?). Son of James NESBIT, and Elizabeth Jane BEATTIE.
NESBITTR.LymanNESBITT. A Miss NESBITT married John HUNTER, c.1783. Her sister Isabella NESBITT, married a Mr. GILLESPIE, another sister Jane NESBITT died September 28, 1854. All came from Ramelton, Co. Donegal
NESBITTS.SmithNESBITT, James. Belfast. Married Annie BUCANNAN. They had 3 children: James, William, and Anna Bella. Emigrated to the US., in 1904. Lived in Chicago, ILL.
NEVILLEB.smithNEVILLE, Ellen. Born in 1843 in Ireland, and died in 1879, in Brooklyn, NY. Married Patrick O'SULLIVAN. Known children: Maryellen, Ellen, Michael, Martha, Margaret, and Katie, all born in Brooklyn, NY.
NIXONL.SchorzmanPatrick Michael, b. 28 Feb. 1842, in Ireland. Father John NIXON. Emg. to CA., USA, from Ireland.
NOLANPattiBridget Nolan Mother of Mary Daily b. 1852 King County (Offley) & Thomas born 1835 + James Daily Other children?
NOLANC.NolanNOLAN, William, (born c.1833), and Thomas (born c.1836). Left Ireland for Bradford, West York, ENG., by 1856.
NOLANJ.SecaurNOLAN, Edmund. Born in Ireland, 1794. Died Auburn, NY., USA., 1887. Married Honora WALSH. They had a son, James, (born 1825, Ireland, died 1905, USA. Trying to find Irish birthplace, and when they went to the USA.
NOONANPatriceNOONAN, born in Connecticut, October 29 1913. Married HANSON. Said that her family came from Tipperary.
NOTTINGHAMK.HannaNOTTINGHAM, James Hamilton, from VA, USA. Married Susan Anne ATHEY (originally a Co. Galway family), from Arkansas, 1853.
NUGENTTurnbullCatherine - b. 1833 in Ireland ,emigrated to Canada and married Andre Beaulieu in New Brunswick, Canada nov. 1854
NUTTR NuttIreland, Canada
mchicksO'BANNON/O'BANNAN/BANNAN/BANNON/O'BANAIN, Bryan who came to Virginia, USA in the 1600's. He received a land grant in King George Co.,VA.Thought to be the first of the O'BANNONS in America. Have information from today back to Bryan O'BANNON.
O'BOYLEP.MeyersO'BOYLE. James came to Batavia in 1853, and then to DeKalb, IL., in the 1860's. His brothers, John, and Edward, came to Batavia, in the 1850's. Their sisters, Mary (MORAN), and Bridget (FEENEY), came to Batavia 1852/3. Their cousin Patrick, came to Batavia, IL., in the late 1850's.
O'BRIANT.SmallsO'BRIAN. Tralee, Co. Kerry, c.1854.
O'BRIENMerryPatrick, born 1825 in Ireland
O'BRIENM. McCorkellLooking for info on Mary O'Brien, born in Ireland in 1809, died in Liverpool, UK, 30th May,1878. She was born either at Dromolond or Rostellan Castle. She married a Mr McNab.
O'BRIENMARSHAO'BRIEN. No data given available.
O'BRIENobrienmKilkenny, Ireland > New York. Thomas Lawrence O'Brien. Emigrated from Ireland about 1880. Originally from Ballinacrony, Windgap, Co. Kilkenny. Looking for ancestors, cousins, etc. of Thomas.
O'BRIENE.McLeanJohn O'BRIEN b. March 11, 1800 in Dublin d. 9/23/1863 IL w. Esther ? b. 2/1806 in Dublin d. 9/1887 IL. Children: Catherine, Mary, Peter, Ann, Rosetta, Edward, Amelia, and Rachel. Immigrated to America 1849/1850.
O'BRIENE. McLeanO'Brien family from Dublin ca. 1800.
OBRYANM Albano Joseph O'Brien m. Elizabeth Currier 1883 Ontario. moved to Michigan then Chicago spelling changed to O'Bryan. Children- Walter, Lawrence, Eva, Jetta, Vida, Emma. Parents Patrick & Johana O'Brien
O'CALLAGHANWill DJohn Henry. M Mary Helena MCCARTIN. In Canada by 1850. Son of Cornelius O'CALLAGHAN.
O'CALLAGHANFiclor Mary, Co. Clare, b. 1859. Parents Bartholomew O'Callaghan and Margaret O'Halloran
O'CONNELLP.ReynoldsO'CONNELL, Honora. Married Martin O'MARA. Had two known daughters: Bridget, and Catherine. Another possible daughter was Honora. Refer O'MARA entry for further details.
M.ThirO'CONNOR CONNOR. No further information given.
PatTipperary to Troy, NY ca 1870
O'CONNERDanKerry or Cork IRL to Manhatten NY by 1870 to 1925
O'DONNELLE.McDonoughO'DONNELL, John. Born April 27, 1863, in Ballyhean, Co. Mayo. Married Mary WALSH, also from Co. Mayo, August 7, 1892, in Brooklyn, New York.
O'DONNELLV.O'DonnellO'DONNELL, James. Born 1859/60, possibly in Co. Cork. Died in Melbourne, Australia, in 1951. Emigrated to Melbourne, and married Australian born Catherine Tracy.
O'DONOVANFiclor Co. Cork
O'DRISCOLLM.O'DriscollO'DRISCOLL, Patrick. Born Doolin, Co. Clare, c.1900. Son of Michael and Nora (McDONNAGH). One of 12 children: Michael, Joseph, Tom, Daniel, Jim, Willy, Dennis, Austin, Liz, Bridie and Mora.
O'DRISCOLLD.FiedO'DRISCOLL. No data given.
O'FLYNNPat??Ireland to Troy, NY ca 1870
O'DWYERA.JohnstonO'DWYER, Bridget Elizabeth. Born c.1835, in Miltown, Limerick, to Patrick O'DWYER and Margaret EDWARDS.
M.J.O'GradyGRADY, Thomas. Born c. 1825, in Co. Clare. Emigrated to Dudley, Worcester, ENG., by 1851, and Schuylkill Co., PA., by 1861.
O'GRADYC.CliffordO'GRADY, Jeremiah. Waterford. Married Catherine HOULIHAN.
O'HAGANG.GarrishO'HAGAN. No further information available.
O'HALEP Wolak probably from Co. Antrim - probably emigrated to Ontario, Canada in the early 1800's - some of these also ended up in Morris, IL.
O'HARAOregonGeorge O'Hara married to Bridget Cunningham
O'HARAM.J.O'GradyO'HARA. No data given.
C.JudgeO'HARA, James, who changed his name to JUDGE. Came from Drumkeeron, Co. Leitrim. Born c. 1810. First married to Mary Ann/Maryann BOYLE, in Drumkeeron, 1830. A soldier who came to Australia, on the "Recovery".
O'HEAD.FiedO'HEA. No data given.
O'HORAE.M.FinleyO'HORA, James. Emigrated to the US., in 1847. Settled first in Cayuga Co., N.Y., then to Manchester/Shortsville, N.Y. area. Married Maria McGRAW, also from Ireland.
O'KANERobDaniel O'Kane Co. Antrim married Marcella Ferres, had Samuel, John, Daniel and Francis. Many went to N.Z.
S.CrowleyO'KEANE O'KANE, born Ireland c.1839/40, married Maria STAKUM, born Ireland, c. 1839/40. Came to US c. 1869...master tailor. Settled in Rochester, PA. They had 5 children. May have had sisters Bridget and Catherine living with them. Died Rochester, 1884.
O'KEEFEdamore1800's emigrated to Lancashire, Eng. and later to the USA.
L.CawdreyJohn Richard O'LEANY/O'LEAHY, transported to Australia in 1826. Changed his name to LEANY/LANEY. Came from Tipperary. When transported he was married with six children. Later remarried in Australia.
O'LEARYM.PaceO'LEARY, James E. A schoolteacher, born c.1790. Emigrated to the US., prior to 1838. Married Susan CRAWFORD, in Copiah Co., Mississippi.
O'LEARYDanKerry or Cork IRL to Manhatten NY by 1870 to 1925
OLIVERC.CookeOLIVER, Michael. Born ?, died November 26, 1931, in Ballyglass, Swinford, Co. Mayo. He married Mary MORAN. His parents were Charles OLIVER from Ballyglass, and Catherine McNICHOLAS, from Tuluacar, Swinford, Mayo. Michael had an older sister, Bridget, born August 5, 1869.
O'MARAP.ReynoldsO'MARA, Martin. Married Honora O'CONNELL. Two known daughters born in Co. Clare: Bridget,born c. 1843, and Catherine born c. 1845, who came to Victoria, Australia, c. 1851. Another possible daughter, Honora, born c. 1840, died 1853, in Melbourne, Vic. Australia.
O'NEALK.TinneyO'NEAL. No further information given.
O'NEALK O'NealWilliam, b.c. 1751 died 1837 Dearborn IND 1837. Wiliam in 1810 KEN census, 1820 IND census, 1830 IND census in a different county. m. Rhoda/ Rhonda HOWELL abt 7 children: 5 boys one was JOHN SILAS O'NEAL, 2 girls possibly named Margeret/Peggy and Mary B ONEAL
O'NEARYS.NelsonO'NEARY. Looking for family crest.
O'NEILB.BlakeO'NEIL, Edward. Born 1854, in Bansha, Co. Tipperary. Parents were Robert O'NEIL and Margaret (?). Family lore has an Irish Earl, somewhere in this line.
O'NEILL.EachusO'NEIL, Patrick. Born c. 1807, in Ireland. Married Bridget FAHERY, born c.1819, in Ireland. Emigrated in 1849, to Franklin County, NY.,, with son John, born c.1846. Researching parents and siblings, of both Patrick and Bridget.
O'NEILLK.MorganO'NEILL, Patrick, settled in winchester, KY., USA, 1845-1855.
O'NEILLR.EarleO'NEILL. Born c.1810. A herdsmen, from Kilmashogue, Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin. Had at least 2 daughters: Margaret and Esther.
O'NEILLN.HuntO'NEILL, Cornelius. No other information given.
O'NEILLL.BlakeO'NEILL, John. Married Mary WALL in Cratloe, Co. Clare, in the late 1700's. Sons Constantine, Michael, John, and James moved to Canada, (Perth ONT., and Buckingham, Quebec). The other son Robert, remained in Cratloe.
O'NEILLO'NeillCounty Carlow
O'NEILLDJPO'NEILL. No further information given.
O'REARDONO.O'ReardonO'REARDON. All family in Cahersween, Co. Kerry.
O'RIELLYR.SheaO'RIELLY. Newfoundland.
ORRS.SchultzORR, Mary (1830-1870). Married James CARSON, in 1853, in Co. Tyrone. Emigrated to Canada in 1855.
ORRT.LillichORR, James. Born 1782, in Omagh, Co. Tyrone. Married Elizabeth JAMESON/JAMISON. Children: Joseph, Margaret, Samuel, James, and William. Emigrated to the US. in 1821. Settled in Monroe Co., West Virginia, then to Xenia, Greene Co. Ohio, and finally to Selma, Delaware Co., Indiana. Spousal surnames include; HOPPING, DEAN, MOORE, JONES, DAVIDSON, SHOLTY/SHOLTEY, McHARDIE, YOUNCE.
O'SHAUNESSYJ.GarnettO'SHAUNESSY. No further information given.
O'SULLIVANB.SmithO'Sullivan, Patrick. Born Ireland. Married Ellen NEVILLE. Patrick was widowed in 1879, in Brooklyn, NY. Known children were: Maryellen, Ellen, Michael. Martha, Margaret, and Katie, all born in Brooklyn.
O'TOOLEC MaloneSearching for information on Jane/Joanna O'TOOLE. born c. 1840, probably in County Wicklow. Went to US--Ohio between 1860-66. May have had 2 sisters, Maria Anna and Margarita.
O'TOOLEJ.McAteeO'TOOLE, Patrick. Married Catherine DUNN, b.1825, Rathvilly, Co. Carlow. Children: Dennis born 1863, Michael born 1864, Thomas born 1865, Christopher born 1870, James born 1873, Patrick born 1875. Catherine and her sons, emigrated to New York City.
O'TOOLEBrendaKildare, Ireland
OWENBYD.K.WelchOWENBY. No further information given.

PADRICKRPadrickPadrick's from Ireland 1750 to 1790 to the USA
PARKRedcobraStewartstown, Co. Tyrone, IRL abt 1750-1800 > Columbia Co., PA 1800-1839 > Mercer Co., IL 1840
PARKSBigDanRachel, b 1807 Pennsylvania, m Jonathan Morris
PARKSBoomerWilliam (1825 - 1877) Donegal to Portland, Maine
PARKSBoomerJohn and Elizabeth (1813 - ?) Balleybofy, Donegal, Ireland to Barnesville, NB 1847
PARKSBoomerWilliam of Barnesville, NB, b. Donegal, m. Sarah Stewart in St. John's, NB
PARTRIDGEA.PartridgePARTRIDGE, Thomas, was born 1787, in Ireland. Emigrated to Montreal, Que., Canada.
PASKodaddyoThomas, married DALY Mary b1836 d1907 daughter PASK Anna emigrated to Lawrence MA
PATTERSONP.PattersonPATTERSON, William. Married Margaret GREGG, 1873, in Banbridge. He was the son of John, of Gregorlough, she the daughter of Andrew, of Lisnashanker.
PATTERSONK.CookPATTERSON, William. Born March 9, 1776, possibly in Ulster. Married Anna COOKE in Mt. Holly, N.J. Lived in Amity, Pennsylvania. Died in 1856. He had a brother, Thomas, who also lived and died in Amity. Have no records of William's parents.
PATTERSONB BondJane ca. 1799-? Monaghan, Ire, NY
PATTERSONB BondJohn 1779-1871 Monaghan, Ire m. Bridget Feeney
PATTERSONB BondJohn Ignatius ca. 1746-1826 Monaghan, Ire m. Elizabeth Sullivan
PATTERSONP.BarnesPATTERSON, John. Born Tipperary, c. 1794. Died Duxford, Cambridge, England in 1888. Married Catherine PYE, 1825, in Saint Peters, Duxford. His profession was a Surgeon, M.B.C.S.
PATTWELLR.PattwellPATTWELL, Thomas. Married Mary KEANE c. 1855, near Tarbert, Co. Kerry. Looking for their ancestors.
PEARSONL.PearsonPEARSON, Henry. A Methodist, who emigrated from Northern Ireland, possibly Co. Tyrone, to Philadelphia c.1809. Then to Ontario, CAN. Married Rebecca DONOHOE.
PEDERSENCorky (Wild Irish)1886 Bergen NOR to Brooklyn NY 1908
PEEBLESM.PeeblesPEEBLES. Family from MA., in the 1700's. Spread to other states.
PENGELLYPengellyPENGELLY, Devon near Okehampton. Emg. Canada in 1870.
PENNAFATHERTimGMary, married to Thomas Gorman, Moycarkey Parish, Co. Tipperary.
PENTLANDAussieRobert Pentland born 1818 Gilford,Tullylish Co.Down married Mary Ann ?????
PENTLANDAussieAnne Pentland married George Davison 13/12/1867 Tullylish Co.Down
PENTLANDAussieMary Pentland married James McDowell of Drumaran,Tyorne 6/12/1861 Tullylish Co. Down
PENTLANDAussieJoseph Pentland, Drumaran, Tyrone.married Margaret Hozack of Loughans Tyrone 24/12/1866 Tullylish Co. Down.
PETTISD.NothstinePETTIS from MA. and RI, also Washington.
PETTETgunnyWebster Co. MO 1850
PETRASBigDanAlbertina, d/o Unknown Petras & unknown Detloff, b Jan 13, 1865 Germany, d Jun 18, 1954 Trenton, Michigan, m Peter Marz
PHAYERD.PhayerPHAYER. No further information given.
E.BarnardPHELAN/WHELAN. Co.Wexford. No further information given.
PLUNKETTS PlunkettPlunkett, Toronto/Orillia areas in 1800`s Thomas P. b1827 County Cavan Ireland and Robt Plunkett b1797 Ireland
POLLEYMcReeno data
POLLOCKMacmelIreland or Scotland
PORTERB CroweElizabeth b. c1833 Ireland
PORTERL.EversmeyerPORTER, Martha Carey, born 1863, Ireland, died 1953, MO. Parents George and Frances WEBB PORTER. Lived in Londonderry. Martha went to Washington Co., IA in 1888 to live with her uncle John PORTER. She married George W. SMITH in 1898. Her siblings were: Robert, John, Frances, Elizabeth and Agnes. Her brother John married Jemima LYLE and their son George Carey PORTER was born in 1905 in Glencaw, Moville, Inishowen, Co. Donegal.
POWDERLYC.ShadePOWDERLY (Female). Co.Meath/Louth. Approximately 1840, married (Male) MATTHEWS. Possibly Alice to Christopher. Children: Jane, John, Joseph, Patrick and Christopher.
POWERD HeseltonNo data
PRATTY.PrattCounty Laois.Circ 1780's. John and Rebecca. Issue including Richard born c1817, married to Elizabeth Jane Mitchell.
PRENDERGASTS.LaytonPRENDERGAST, James. Born 1852 in Co. Mayo. Emigrated to US in 1871. Died Brooklyn, NY., 1903. His wife Bridget nee GAVAN. Born 1852, in Co. Mayo. Emigrated to the US., in 1870.
C MaloneSearching for information on Thomas PRENDIVILLE, b. Castleisland, County Kerry, c.1833. He may have had a brother John, and a sister Maria. Went to US--Ohio between 1860-66.
PRICEG.PricePRICE. No further information given.
PRICEV.PricePRICE. Searching for any information re surname PRICE.
PRINGLED HeseltonNo data
PROUDFOOTF.ProudfootPROUDFOOT. Searching for origins. Can go back as far as the late 19th century. Dublin and Co. Meath. Name originally came from England, possibly Yorkshire, Cumbria or Northumberland.
PUEG.PearcePUE, Robert James. Born 1806, in Monaghan?. Left Ireland for Canada, 1840, with his first wife, Elizabeth PEACOCK, and three daughters. Elizabeth died in 1844. His second wife, was Susannah Armstrong. Three more children were born to this marriage. Robert James PUE died in 1893, at Peterborough, ON., Canada.
PURDYG.GilbertPURDY, James (Jake. Married Mary HALKYARD. Children: Robert, Mary (Mollie), Margaret and Melinda.

QUADEF.KwaadQUADE. Researching the various origins of the surname QUADE.My surname KWAAD originates from QUADE.
QUIGLEYD.QuigleyQUIGLEY. No other information given.
QUINLANB.QuinlanQUINLAN, Edward. From Tipperary. Married Margaret RYAN, from Cork. Emigrated to Canada, possibly in the early 1900's. They went to Alberto.
QUINNKinseyQUINN. No other details given.
QUINNCarolQUINN, James. Born c.1830-1850 in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. He had a son Richard, born March 12, 1871, also in Nenagh.
QUINNM WentzellMargaret QUINN(abt.1893-1978) m. Patrick MULLARKEY. Both lived and buried in Dunmore, Co.Galway. Had six children:Mary, Martin, Bridie, Rita (McGann), Philomena and Patrick.
QUINNA.McIlvaneyQUINN. No data available.
QUINNF.QuinnQUINN, Michael. Married Sarah REED, 1870, in Boston, USA.
QUIRK E. McLeanQuirk family from County Cork ca. 1847
RANCKCorky (Wild Irish)1893 OH to Philadelphia PA 1900's to KY 1930's+
RANDOLPHN.RandolphRANDOLPH. No further information given.
RANKINL.EversmeyerRANKIN, Katherine, or Catherine, born c. 1785 in Ireland. Believed to have married William SMITH, from Wales, and had a son, Mathew Rankin SMITH, born 1809 in Washington Co., PA. She may be the daughter of Samuel RANKIN and Catherine MADEVILLE of Co. Tyrone?
RANKINC.RankinRANKIN, John. Born 1810, in Ireland, died 1874. Married Esther McBURNEY, in 1836. They had 9 children: Ebenezer, James, Isabelle, Margaret, William, George, Lutecia, Sarah, and Esther. Looking for John's parents.
RATCHFORDD HeseltonWexford
RAYBigDanErma L., d/o unknown Ray & unknown Jackman, b 1878, d 1920 Canton, Ohio. m William C. Brobst
RAYCROFTT.SpearRAYCROFT, William and Mary BURNSIDE, both from Ireland. Emigrated to Kingston, Ontarion, Canada, before 1830. Children: Rachel, Mary Ann (George Washington CRAMER), William, Hanna (John CLOW), William, Elizabeth Jane (Christopher GORDON), Margaret (James GORDON), Sarah, Matthew James (Mary Ann MacKECHNIE), all from Kingston.
RAYMONDP VarleyGeorge, Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare, 1873?
J.BevisREAD/REID, Martha. Born at Kinsdale, Co. Cork, c. 1830.
REDMONDY.WithingtonREDMOND, Mary. Born 1789. She was sentenced at Dublin, and transported to Van Diemen's Land (later named Tasmania), Australia, pre 1816.
REHILLJ BormanMary and her brother John and his family to America 1850s?? - eventually settled in Wisconsin. Mary became the wife of Patrick HART.
REIDS TalleyJames; b. l799 County Antrim,Ireland. d.l874 New Brunswick,Canada.Married lst Jane b.l799 d.? Married 2nd Mary Ann Day, a widow l873. Came to Canada in l8l9.
REIDYM.J.O'GradyREIDY. No data given.
REILLYB WickhamMatthew REILLY, jeweller of Dublin marries Mary WICKHAM c. 1868
REILLYS.Galligan-RosaREILLY, Julia Margaret. Born c.1900, died 1964, San Bernadino, CA., USA. One sister Grace, and 2 children, one girl and one boy.
RENNICKSB.RennicksRENNICKS. No other information given.
RICHARDSONDeeMary Ann Richardson married John Cody in Carlow, Ireland. Had son, John Richardson, and daughter, Mary Ann.
RILEYTRonquilleRILEY, Patrick. Born c. 1850's. Married Margaret ROACH, their children were born in Fall River, MASS. His parents were married in NJ. Trying to find his place of birth and place of parents death.
RILEYP.HancocksRILEY, Joseph. Left Ireland, c.1847. Married Catherine SHERLOCK in the North East of England. Trying to find Irish birthplace.
RILEYB.GardnerRILEY, Mary Josephine. NYC/ILL./NEB./COLO./NEB.
RILEYdamoreJohn who was born in Ireland in early 1800's and was in NY by the 1850's.
RIORDANL.AhearnRIORDAN, Julia, and Jeremiah MURPHY. Co. Cork, in the late 1800's-1900's. Daughters: Henrietta and Julia, moved to the US., in the 1920's. The rest of the family remained in Ireland.
RIORDAND.RiordanRIORDAN, Stephen J. Born 11 June, 1844, in Killarney, Co. Kerry.Came to the US in 1851, with his widowed mother, and 9 siblings. Believed to have lived in New England, until after the Civil War. Later moved to Winconsin. One of his sons was Msg. Henry Grattan RIORDAN, of Fond du Lac.
ROACHJimG.G. Grandfather was John Roach, b. 1817, d. 1861 his wife was Jane Cullen, b. 1814, d. 1880. Both were from Co. Wexford, Ireland but lived most of their married lives in St.John's and Middle Cove on the Avalon Peninsula in the Colony of Newfoundland.
ROBBG.HillROBB, Patrick. Born c.1794, died June 27, 1856, in Ireland. Married Jane HENDERSON, born c.1814, died February 7, 1869, in Ireland. Both buried at the Grange, Toomebridge, near Ballymena. Children: Mary, John, Sarah Jane, Samuel and Thomas.
ROBBR.PhillipsROBB, William. Born 1775 in Co. Tyrone. Married Mary LIVINGSTON in PA., USA. Looking for William's parents and siblings.
ROBINSONK.FarleighROBINSON, Thomas. Born c.1830, in Armagh. Married in Kings Co., to Elizabeth COULBRIDGE. Arrived in Australia, December 15, 1860, on the "Lady McDONALD". Thomas' parents were believed to be Henry and Sarah.
ROBINSONM KleindienstJohnston and Elizabeth WATT ROBINSON emigrated from Belfast to NYC with childred Margaret, Anna, Johnston and Mary in 1920 (Johnston and son) and 1922 (Elizabeth and daughters)
ROCHEobrienmAnthony Roche. Near or in Straide Co, Mayo, Ireland > Chicago. Emigrated in 1920's or 1930's. Married Catherine _____.
A.RockROCKS, Francis and Catherine LENNON. Cladymore, Co. Armagh. Children: James 1837, Anne 1839, Bernard 1841, Catherine 1843 and Terence 1846.
PattiMichel Rogers 1848 Tyrone>CA>MN son of Peter Rogers 1806 & Margaret Sharkey 1816 named changed from McGrory or ?
ROGERSD HeseltonMonaghan
RONANP.BrindleyRONAN. No further information given.
ROONEYB BondArthur 1818-1901 Monaghan, Ire, NY, ILL, Neb., ILL m. Elizabeth Bray in New York in 1859
ROONEYB BondAlexander ca. 1796-? Monaghan, Ire, NY m. Jane Patterson
ROONEYB BondJames 1775-1846 Monaghan, Ire m. Mary Buchanan
ROONEYB BondBernard dates and place unknown m. Anne Dunne dates and place unknown
ROSSD HeseltonDavid of Fermanagh, NI
ROSSITERLodeePatrick, 1830
ROSSITERVHOEMCounty Wexford B: 19 Mar 1834
ROTHWELLD.StewartROTHWELL, Edward. Ballinasloe, Co. Galway. Born c.1860's. Married Jane CANTRELL, from Taylor's Hill, Galway. they had 13 children. Lived also at Aughrim. Died 1930's. Searching for parents and siblings, descendants and dates.
ROURKED.SchwartzROURKE, John. Born c.1835, in Co. Fermanagh. He came to America, in the mid 1850's. His parents were Rose and Michael. He died January 13, 1916 in Huntingdon County, PA. He was in the Civil War.
RUDDE.BarryRUDD, Martha. Born c. 1858, probably in Wexford. Father George RUDD. Martha married Allen FOSTER in 1878. They emigrated to Queensland, Australia, in 1903, with their family. Children: John George, Sarah Isabella, Ernest William, and Annie.
RUDDYB.ShoneThomas, married Minnie LUNDY. Their son Thomas, married Catherine RYAN, another son Patrick, died in a shipwreck in 1902. He married Anne HUGHES.
RUDDYB.ShoneRUDDY, Patrick, Co. Down. Married Anne HUGHES. Children, Mary Anne, b. 1881, John, Patrick, and James.
RUSSELLS.CaysRUSSELL, Christian name unknown. Born c.1800-1810. Emigrated to the US, c.1830. Father of Jonathan and William, in New York. Married Katherine KELLY.
RYANacademyPhilip, m. Mary Butler 10/28/1828 West Jerpoint IRL. children: Thomas b. 8/15/1829 Patrick P. b. 2/18/1831 John b. 4/26/1836 Catherine b. 12/21/1839. Patrick to Halifax Co., Va. in 1840s
RYANMerryMichael, born 1825 in Ireland
RYANS.NadonRYAN, Jack. Married Sara TALLON. Children: Ellen, Dorothy, Beatrice, Mae, Joe and Clifford. Lived in Upper Canada.
RYANW.DanielRYAN, Mary Anne. Born in Ireland. Married John CARROLL, in Australia. They had a daughter, Alice Mary CARROLL, who married Arthur James DANIEL.
RYANM.WindsorRYAN, Bertha, Patrick, and Edna, 1920's or 30's. Emigrated from Ireland to Canada in the late 1800's to the early 1900's.
RYANK.WhiteMary RYAN married Bernard MOFFATT. Died in Simcoe Co. Ontario Canada in 1914.

SALAL ConroyAdam Sala arr. NY c.1864 w/children Margareth & Adam. ? to IL,USA. daughter m. Mr Becker had 2 daug. IL 1867 & IND 1869 then all moved to Schuylkill Cty Pa.
SANDSgailWinfield, Married Kathren McKewen 1891 NYC-Bklyn.
SAUNDERSTHEBARTELLThomas Kendall Saunders, from Belfast, m. Sarah Jean Gardiner. 4 children: Thomas, Joseph, Sarah and Violet. They emigrated to the US around 1927 or 28
SAYES.SeayShane. Mentioned in Tudor fiant list, 1550, Little Ards, County Down, Ireland. Name listed as SAYE (or EAYE)
SCAHILLG.ScahillSCAHILL. No other information given.
SCOTTKayMary (David Bradleys wife), and brother, William, Carrigans Village, Co. Donegal>1867 USA
SCOTTR.ScottSCOTT. Family emigrated to Philadelphia, PA., from Cork, c. 1920.
SCOTTJ.SteeleSCOTT, Crawford. Born Naris, Parish of Inniskoel, Co. Donegal. Died in Ireland, 1775-6.
SCOTTK.ShergoldSCOTT, James Thomas. Born 1876, in Ballyclare. Married Margaret Agnes WARWICK, from Ireland, in 1898.
SCOTTK.DakinSCOTT, John Otis. An Orangeman, believed to be from Northern Ireland.Born c.1874. Married Jessica(?) HENDERSON from Aberdeen, Scotland. Known children: Janetta, Helena, Walter Archibald (born June 9, 1896, in Ottawa, Canada), and Hubert. Walter married Mabel RICHARDSON from England. Children: Margaret, twins Dorothy and Gwyneth, Geoff and Edward(?).
SCOTTK.S.DakinSCOTT, John. Born May 19, 1809, died October 9, 1883. Married Anne HARTLEY. Came from Co. Cavan. Left Ireland in 1831, and were shipwrecked, two vessels came to their rescue. John was brought on to Canada, and Anne and daughter, Ann Jane (born 1830), were brought back to Ireland for about ten years, before being reunited with John in Canada. John Otis SCOTT married Jessica? HENDERSON of Aberseen. Scotland. Their children were: Janetta and Walter. Walter married Mabel RICHARDSON of England. Children: Margaret, Dorothy and Gwyneth (twins), Geoff and Edward(?).
SCULLANET.ScullaneSCULLANE. No further information given.
SCULLIONS.CarberryJohn Scullion and Patrick Cabrey are listed as having a cemetery plot in the 1870s at St. John the Baptist Church, Manayunk, Philadelphia. My Patrick Carberry's mother is buried in that cemetery, but Patrick, d.1949, is buried else-where. I need to know about the Scullions.
SCULLYW.LoitertonPatrick SCULLY & Anast. HEFFERNAN m about 1810 in Co Tipperary. Patrick & Anast were not married in RC parish of Mullinahone where their 5 other children were CH. - Timothy, Margaret, John, William & Patrick. It is felt that they may have had other children before moving to this townland of Bawnrickard.
SherlockJohn William, m. Jane MEREDITH. Had 5 children, John, Thomas, Susannah, Sarah and George (b. 1841), Queen's Co. Emg. to Simcoe Co. Ont. Can., in 1847
SEATONJanitaemigrated to PA 1700's from Co. Tyrone
SEAYS.SeayJane. Married John West, Downpatrick, Ireland, 1721.
SEAYS.SeayMatthew. Filed Suit in Old Rappahanock County Va. 1685, 1686. Paid taxes on 200 acres in King William County, Va., 1702.
SEAYSandyThe Seay family in County Down, Ireland.
SESKZ.SeskSESK, John 1848-1864, Co. Down. William and James emigrated to Ferryland, Newfoundland, CAN. in 1815.
SEXTONM.NotermannSEXTON, Michael. Married Catherine CANE, both born in early 1800's. Emigrated to the US., from Ennis, Co. Clare, in mid 1800's. Children: Thomas, John, James and Mary. Children may have preceded parents, in emigrating
SEYMOURN MizaurSearching for Seymours in Tipperary, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Dublin
SHANKSA. BottiglieriI am searching for William and Sarah SHANKS who came to New Brunswick Canada about 1819. They had five children all born in County Down. Samuel, Sarah, William, Robert and Jane.
SHARKEYPattiMargaret Sharkey abt 1816 ? Tyrone CA. census 1871 & Peter Rogers.
SHARPCorky (Wild Irish)Co.Antrim IRE to Philadelphia PA 1880?
SHAWA.O'ConnorSHAW, James. Connacht. Emigrated to Huddersfield, U.K., c.1851. Married Margaret LEYDON, from Roscommon.
SHEASfoldsMary(Minnie) b. 25/1/1890, Kenmare Co Kerry>Lowell, MA US - Father Dennis Shea, mother Julia Lynch, brother Patrick, step-brother Peter O'Shea b. 28/7/1901/TD>
SheaPatrick O'Shea m Maureen Hawkins around 1907. Offspring --> Patrick C. Shea --> went to Canada at age 16 and never returned.
SHEARMANA.JohnstonSHEARMAN, John. Born c.1839, in Kilkenny, to Thomas SHEARMAN and Julia BRIAN (BRIEN).
R.Kay-RileySHEEDY SHEEHY, John. Married Mary DINAN, February, 1809, at Kilfinan. Transported to N.S.W., on the"Mangles", 1826. Applied for family to join him, in 1828. Roger, Thomas and John arrived on the "Blenheim", in 1834. Eleanor, Mary and Michael, arrived on the "Andromeda", in 1834. No trace of John's wife.
SHEEHANdamore1800's, Dingle Town, Co. Kerry
SHEEHANA.JohnstonSHEEHAN, John. Born c.1794 in Co. Cork. A Whiteboy, transported to Australia, in 1825.
SHEEHANP.SheehanSHEEHAN, Mary. Born c.1781, in Cork. Left Ireland in the 1830's, together with sons Thomas(c.1821), Daniel and daughter Catherine, to settle in Bradford, Yorkshire. Mary's husband was named John.
SHEEHANM.SheehanSHEEHAN, Michael Joseph, left Cork, c. 1930. Moved to England. Any family/general surname information welcomed.
SHEEHYB.SymonsSHEEHY, John. Born c.1800, Ballylongford, Listowel, Co. Kerry. Parents: Patrick SHEEHY and mother, Rebecca CRONAN. John, transported to Australia, using his own name, and an alias John KEANE. His wife Honora, remained in Listowelle.
SHEEHYM.WilliamsSHEEHY, William. Born 1852, in Drommartin, Co. Kerry. Emigrated to New Zealand prior to 1880. Married Johanna MURPHY, in March 1880, in New Zealand.
SheeWilliam Sheen, m Little Carlton, Louth, England. Wife Elizabeth Cooke, son Samuel Sheens Snr m Jane Burman May 30, 1803,Louth, England
SHERIDANJohnsonJohn, Pheasent Hill, Co. Mayo.Looking for relatives Henry S. and Margaret Martin
SHERIDANS.McGowanSHERIDAN, Martin. Born 1803, in Co. Mayo. Married Margaret LOFTUS, in 1845, in Castlebar.
SHERRILLK.SherrillSHERRILL. No further information given.
SHIELDSMsPelicanBridget married John McFadden, mother of Catherine McFadden (1877)
SHINEJ.FOWLERPatrick SHINE,beleived to have emigrated to U.S. PRIOR to 1815.Surfaced in Kentucky.
SHOWERSH.ShowersSHOWERS. This family is believed to be Irish, although the name appears to be an English surname.
SIMPSONC.JantzenSIMPSON, Alexander. Born 1839, in Co. Tyrone. Married Ellen MULHOLLAND in 1859. Children: John, George, Anna, Charlotte, Alexander, William, and Robert. Robert and William came to the US together. Alexander, Ellen, and George are buried in Belfast.
SINNOTTL.S.DiamondSINNOTT/SYNNOTT/SINNETT. William and Jane O'NEIL, Co. Wexford. Arrived in Canada (ANSE-au-Griffon, Quebec Province), mid 1700's. Married Josette Le BRETON of Coutauche, Brittany in Perce, 1790. Children: Patrick, Joseph, Jeanne-Marie, Marie, Marguerite, Brigitte, Edouard, William and James.
E.SheehanSHEEHAN, Edward M. Co. Kerry. Emigrated early 1900's to Mass., and then to New York.
SKELTONR.SkeltonSKELTON, Francis, Co. Armagh, died before 1711, and his descendants through to, George SKELTON, born 1847 in Ireland. Emigrated to New Zealand.
SKILLENR.SkillenSKILLEN. No other information given.
SLATTERYC.CainSLATTERY, Patrick, 1819-1884. He may have been from Co. Clare, or Clare Island. From 1860 until his death he lived in Winconsin. Any information re Patrick, or prior to 1860 would be appreciated.
SLOANC.KopserSLOAN, Mary Jane. Daughter of John and Elizabeth (ECCLES) SLOAN. Possibly born c. 1840-1850, possibly in Co. Down. Emigrated to USA.
SLOANEJune DadeSLOAN/E, Thomas. Married Margaret McBRIDE.
SLYR GavanWexford 'Ferns'
SMITHBigDanLaura E., b Mar 1874 Ohio, d Dec 24, 1947, m Levi Hale
SMITHT.Smith-CannonSMITH, Terrence. Born 1834, in Ireland. He married Julia, born 1842 in Ireland. They emigrated in 1861 to Camden, Oneida, NY.
SMITHSMisenerCharles Smith born approx.1844 in Ballycastle,Antrim. Parents were William Smith and Martha Donnelly. Emigrated to Kilbernie Scotland c 1877 >USA in 1913
SMITHB.ShrewoodSMITH, Nicholas. Born Co. Meath. Married Mary (?), date unknown. Thomas SMITH, their son, born 1827 in Co. Meath, married Bridget HEFFERNON, born Stonebridge ?, Co. Kildare. They were married in Binghamton, Broome Co., New York.
P. StoneBarney/Barnaby b. 1821? children Patrick (ca 1859) and Annie Mary (1854); Patrick + Julia??, all to Phila. PA.
CBylerLooking for parents of Samuel Snoddy (b:ca 1720) ?Larne, Ireland. Married Elizabeth Sloan ca 1748 and immediately left for America. He was in NC,USA in 1759.
SOLANE.McDonoughSOLAN, Mary married Edward Snee c. 1872. Lived in Kilnamanagh, Co. Roscommon. Had 5 daughters, and two sons. All five girls came to the U.S., and settled in N.Y., and New Jersey area.
SPEDDINGJ.SelfSPEDDING, Robert Dee . Married Margaret ABRAHAM, daughter of George and Catherine HUGHES, on November 26, 1826.
SPEERSA.SpeersJames Speers/Speirs Scot->Ire->ON CAN
SPELLW.SpellSPELL. No other information given.
SPELLW.SpellSPELL.No data given.
SPRATTJ.SprattSPRATT. No further information given.
STAKUMS.CrowleySTAKUM, Maria, born Ireland, 1839/40, married Patrick O'KEANE/O'KANE. Came to US c. 1869. Had 5 children. Died in Rochester, PA., in 1880>
STANLEYA.JohnstonSTANLEY, John. Born c.1818, in Innetbrun, Co. Clare, to William STANLEY and Sarah BARNETT.
STANLEYR.GossSTANLEY. No further information given.
STANTZBigDanAndrew, s/o Benjamin Stantz & Juliann Bricker, m Delilah Lint
STEWARTJerryJohn, b.1767 Scotland. m. Mary Lewis, Ireland Living in Donegal Co. Ch: Rebecca b.1806, John b.1798-1800, James, Alexander, William, Robert, Mary, Catherine, Eliza
STEWARTT.ButlerSTEWART, Samuel. Born in Dromore, Co. Down, 1860-70. Father of Mary Catherine, born 1899. Wife's name Elizabeth FAULKNER.
STITTEd StittWilliam, SR b:abt 1735 in Co. Antrim, Ireland
STONEP. StoneWilliam, father of Patrick (1842), James, and Wm. Jr., somewhere in IRE. IRE->New York->Phila PA 1860.
STOREYP.KennySTOREY, Jane. Born 1802-3. Married Micheal McKEON. Emigrated to Lowell, MASS., with her son, John and Mary (MULLINS), in 1872. Their children: Mary J.(1870), John E.(died 1873 in England), Edward (1873), Agnes (1876), and Margaret (1878). John settled in Fall River, MA., and died in 1939, aged 93.
STRICKLANDW. StricklandSTRICKLAND. No further information given.
STRONGJ.StrongSTRONG, Beresford. Daughter of William and Ann. Christened at Bray, June 4, 1801. Married George ABRAHAM, c.1821, in Dublin. Emigrated to Australia. Died Allansford, and buried in Warrnambool Cemetery, Victoria, Australia.
SULLIVANAliEllen, from county Corte, b.abt. 1812 d. 1895 WV. Came to USA with m.Steven MARONEY.
SULLIVANB BondElizabeth ca. 1758-1827 born ? died in Monaghan, Ire
SULLIVANA. DeNoodSULLIVAN, Annie, fron Lomanagh, Co. Kerry, married Cornelius DONOGHUE, c. 1860. Children Thomas and Agnes remained in Ireland.
SULLIVANG.SullivanSULLIVAN, Thomas. Married Catherine FLATTERY, in Ireland. They had a son, Joseph Francis SULLIVAN, born c.1873, in NY. Two sisters, Agnes and Lizzie. Joseph married Bessie HARTE. Five sons: John, Frank, James, Edward and Joseph.
SULLIVANW.BakerSULLIVAN, John and Denis, from Donomark (Donomark Falls), Co. Cork. Were banished in 1803, by the British, for participating in Emmet's Rebellion. They settled in Pittsburgh, PA., in 1805, adopting the surname SCULLY. Two sisters remained in Ireland, Mary (b.1772, married Littler LEARY), and Julia (b.1776, married Daniel DESMOND, from Cork).
SULLIVANT.SullivanSULLIVAN, William. Emigrated to Australia, c.1840, from London. Married Margaret BOWLES. His father was John SULLIVAN.
SUMMERSS.SummersSUMMERS, John and Mathew. Born Wexford, John in 1852, and Mathew in 1820.
SUPPLEC.JonesSUPPLE, Morris (Maurice). Born c.1822 in Ireland. Married Anne, born 1836. Children: Ellen born 1857, New Jersey, U.S., Mary Ann born 1862 N.J., married John FUCHS, 1881, in MO., U.S., and Catherine born 1870, Iowa, U.S.
SWEENEYtaffyMary, Co. Donegal, married John Gallagher about 1845, immigrated to U.S. about 1882
SWEENEYD.GromanSWEENEY, Pat (1800-1900). Crossmolina Parish, Co. Mayo. Married Cate CONNOR. Children: Pat, Isaac, Mary, Daniel, Thomas, Margaret, Bridget, John, Jos., Martin, and James. John, Martin, and Jas. went to Boston 1882.
SWEENEYA.SweeneySWEENEY, Patrick. Born 1792, died 1868. Married, in Ireland, to Bridget McGORCHAN, born 1802, and died February 1979. Children: Catherine Bridget, Michael C., Daniel, Margaret, Patrick, James, John, Miles, Barney, Mary, Jane, and Libby. Arrived in PA., US., between 1843 and 1849, and moved to IA., soon after.
SWEENEYS.O'BrienSWEENEY, Frances. Born c,1849, in Co. Donegal. Daughter of Hugh SWEENEY. She went to New South Wales, Australia, c.1865. Married Thomas MASTERS.
SWEENEYJ.SweeneySWEENEY, John and Catherine (nee GILLAN). Born c.1812/1813. Emigrated to Australia, in 1841, on the "Joseph Cunard". John's parents were John and Mary (maiden name unknown). Catherine's parents were William and Mary (nee BRENNAN).
SWEENEYJ Magner Elizabeth (Sweeney) Magner, married 1859, Doneraile, Cork, IR, Imm: 1884 to NJ
SWEENEYC.ArensSWEENEY, Thomas and Ellen (HENRY). From Roscommon. Parents of Henry SWEENEY, born September 15, 1831. Went to England, c.1841, Then to the USA, 1847 (NY. and NJ.).
SWIFTK.MorganSWIFT, Patrick, settled in Maysville, KY.,USA 1840-1855.

TACKNEYD.TackneyTACKNEY. Researching origin of name, place in Ireland. Also meaning of name.
c.davisPETER/JAMES TAFFE, 1740-1750 arrived in Virginia from Ireland on "SWIFT" Cap. Jacob Hite
TALLEYE.CwalinaTALLEY. No further information given.
TANGNEYP VarleyMargaret, Killorglin, Co. Kerry, 1874
TANSEYB HONGTimothy..b.1826 Ireland/immigrated with brother Patrick Tansey ..b.1825 Ireland/settled in Maryland,USA
TARPYT TarpyTarpy, John Michael "Mike", b. 1840 Tuam, County Galway. d. 1906, McEwen, Humphreys County, TN. Came to US in 1848, naturalized 1864 in Phila Court of Pleas.
R.WarrenTATE TAIT, William John and Ann PORTER. Emigrated from Co. Tyrone to NB., Canada, c.1839. Married in York County, NB., in 1844. Children: Jane, James, Mary, William John. Robert, Ann, Elizabeth and Margaret.
TAYLORSheryleeInterested in George TAYLOR and wife Maria O'REILLY from Dublin. George was a sea captain
THOMPSONB WickhamJohn THOMPSON of Dublin marries Jane WICKHAM c.1868
THOMPSONJ.ThompsonTHOMPSON, Samuel, and his son Captain David THOMPSON, c. early 1800's. David left Ireland between 1845 and 1860. He was born in Co. Down. He settled in Moruya, in Southern N.S.W, Australia. Married Mary McDONALD, on February 11, 1863. He eventually settled in Sydney. In 1871 he had built a hotel the "Clifton Arms", near Mosman. His father Samuel, married Sarah KENNEDY. They stayed in Ireland. David was one of their sixteen children. They are thought to have come from Belfast.
THORPEC. CrazdinTHORPE, Harry. Born December 13, 1878. Married Martha CUPPLES, born August 15, 1882. They had a son Albert Edwin THORPE, on February 7, 1908. Harry's father was Hugh, his mother last name was GILKEY. Martha's father was David CUPPLES, and her mother was Margaret LEACH.
TIERNEYP.WillcoxTIERNEY, Michael Joseph, from Keleen, Parish of Ballylanders, Co. Limerick. Came to Australia in the early 1870's. Parents Jeremiah and Mary HALPIN/ALPIN.
TIERNEYJ.TaylorTIERNEY, John J. Born 1853 in Co. Mayo (Louisbourgh area- maybe Creggabawn). He was the son of John TIERNEY and Mary (GRADY). He emigrated to Clinton, MA., USA., in 1870. He married Margaret KITTREDGE (KITTRICK, KETTERICK), in 1874. John J. had a brother Michael, born 1858, Louisburgh area, who also emigrated to Clinton, MA. He later married Hannah KITTREDGE, sister to Margaret, who also came from Co. Mayo. They were daughters of Patrick KITTREDGE and Margaret (CONLEY). Need birth records or similar proof of Irish birth to establish dual citizenship.
TIGARS RosenhauerIsabell, born 1852- CA, not much information on here
TIMENYR.TimenyTIMENY. Originally from Ireland, but exact location unknown.
TIMMONSP.KazloTIMMONS, Matthew, Ellen WALSH, and their son Frank (1868-1901).
TIMONFiclor Co. Mayo and Co. Roscommon
TINNELLYG.FreemanTINNELLY, Catherine. Arrived in New York, in 1895, from Drumskerry, Kingscourt, Co. Cavan. Her parents were Margaret WELDON and Patrick TINNELLY. She married James FREEMAN, from Collops, Kingscourt. Son of Margaret DUFFY and Patrick FREEMAN. She lived in Manhattan, according to the 1900 Census. They attended the Church of St. Mary's, New York.
TITUSM.GutowskiTITUS, Burt L. Married Julia MUNLEY, April 10, 1917, in Buffalo, NY. Died October 26, 1918, in Scranton, PA.
TODDjanleeAndrew b.1697 (?) m. Beatrix, dau. of John Moore, who was killed at the massacre of Glencoe in 1692. Left Ireland in 1720> Londonderry, NH. Later moved to Hancock, NH.
TOMANP.MolyneuxTOMAN, Cornelius. Married Gillian (Ellen) SAVAGE, in St. Malachy's Belfast, in 1866.
TONERW.ScottTONER, James. Born 1795, in Cookstown, Co. Tyrone. Emigrated to Canada in the early 1820's. Married Elizabeth DOYLE, born 1796, in Ireland. Settled in Hastings County, Eastern Ontario.
TOOMYA.JohnstonTOOMY, Anne. Born c.1815 in Co. Cork. Transported to Australia, in 1834.
TRACEYMerryEliza, b.1833 in Ireland
TRACEYN.ChapmanTRACEY, James Joseph. Born 1832, in Baillieboro, Co. Cavan. Married Agnes Ann HEARTY. Died January 30, 1897, Wanganui, New Zealand.
TRACYS.BerendsenTRACY, John. Born June 5, 1845, in Co. Wicklow. Parents were William TRACY, born c. 1807, in Ireland?, and Ellen (CARR) TRACY, born c.1816 in Ireland. The family left for America sometime after John was born, because they are listed on the 1850 USA, Wisconsin Census.
TRAYNORBschrodeBernard J., b c1847 in ? IRL m. Maria Elizabeth JONATHAN October 09,1868 in Strabane, Co.Tyrone, IRL > SCT by at least 1870.
TREACYL.NestorTREACY family in Co. Tipperary. Patrick married Mary ARMSTRONG and had nine children. Son Stephen married Ann MAHER and had 7 children.
TRIMBLEG.TrimbleTRIMBLE, William. Born c.1800, Fermanagh?
TRIMBLEP.TrimbleTRIMBLE, Walter. Lived in Ireland. Married Rossanah, and came to America, c.1730. Searching for where he lived in Ireland, his parents, and his brothers.
TULLYS.TullyTULLY. Family from Mount Bellew, Co. Galway. Martin T. married Margaret FIEC(?).
TUOHYJ.TooeyTUOHY. Patrick, born 1822, and James born November 22, 1829.
TURKINGTONE.NagelTURKINGTON. No other information given.
TURNERR.TurnerTURNER, Gerald Hickson. Born Kilorglin, c. 1850's.
TURPJ.TurpTURP, John. Londonderry, 1860. Settled in southern New Jersey area.
TWEEDIETweedieRobert Tweedie B. Belfast, Co. Antrim 1893. Violet Robinson. Nth. Ireland. b. 1899
TWEEDLEA.CahillTWEEDLE, George. Lived in Limerick. The name came from Northern Ireland.
TWIBLEG.SullivanTWIBLE, William. Married(?). Son George Washington TWIBLE, born February, 1856, in NY. He died in 1925, in Brooklyn, NY. George married Selena J. BIGINGTON. They has 8 children: Jellie, Margaret, Letitia, Ethel, Florence, George W.Jnr., William, and R. Van W. (Robbie).
TWOMEYD.GentTWOMEY, Jeremiah. From Co. Cork. Went to Fenelon Falls, ON., in 1845.
TYLERW.WindrowTYLER. No other information given.
UPPERMANBigDanElizabeth Sybelia, d/o Albert Upperman & Mary Biddle, b May 4, 1881 Carrollton, Ohio, d Feb 1928 Canton, Ohio, m William Stantz
VAUGHNC.CainVAUGHN, Mary, (1833-1917). Her parents were Michael VAUGHN and Catherine TOUHEY. Mary married Patrick SLATTERY. Their children were: John, Austin, Patrick, Frank, Mary, Kathleen, Walter and Genieveve.
VAUGHANE.BenincasaVAUGHAN. No further information given.
VEALEB.ObergVEALE, Michael. Married Margaret BUTLER. They had one child, Margaret Mary VEALE, born 1881. Seeking descendants.
VICTORYJBVICTORY. No further information given.
VILLIERSTweedieJohn Alexander Villiers B. 1877 UK. married Elizabeth Jane Brown B. 1882

WALKERL.WhiteWALKER, Andrew. Born in Co.Donegal. Married Mary BROWN, daughter of Alexander BROWN, also from Co. Donegal. Came to America in the 1830's, and lived for a time in New York. They then moved to MI, and married in St. Clair County, in the mid 1830's.
WALKERH.WalkerWALKER. No further information given.
WALSHaranladyPeter Walsh Co Sligo
WALSHCorky (Wild Irish)1865 Mitchelstown Co.Cork IRE to Waterbury CT
WALSHE.WalshWALSH. No further information given.
WALSHA.NeagleWALSH, Nicholas. Married Mary SCALLY. They had 5 children: Thomas J., married Delia CROWLEY (c.1907), Anna, Mary, Matthew born June 6, 1876, and Robert. The children emigrated to the CNY area, and all died there, except for Nicholas and Mary.
WALSHE.McDonoughWALSH, Mary. Daughter of Patrick and Mary (or Bridget) SCAHILL. Born Castlebar area of Co. Mayo, c. 1870. Had other siblings who came to the U.S., c. 1889. Married John O'DONNELL, and lived in Brooklyn, N.Y.
WALSHEB.McNishWALSHE, Fannie, born June 24 1835 in Glin, Ireland.She had brothers, Maurice, Richard, John C., and Robert. She sailed out of Dublin at age 17, and came to New York. Lived in Syracuse for 25 years. Married Charles WORKER. They had four daughters, and moved to Nebraska.
WARDENB.WardenWARDEN, John and wife Eleanor (maiden name unknown). Children: Philip and William. Philip was born c.1763 in Ireland. Information found on the 1771 Prerogative Court Documents, in Charles County, Maryland, U.S.A. Philip moved to Kentucky, c.1785. He was a Baptist preacher in that state.
WARKEP.WillcoxWARKE, John. Married Martha Jane HEGARTY. They had two children: Rachel and William. Came to Australia, in 1853, with family, on the "Rattler". They came from Derry, places mentioned were Magheramore, Burnally, Tamlaght, and Finlagan. Left behind, parents John and Nancy, also brother, William, in Tartnakelly, Co. Derry. They also left Martha's parents, John (dec.) and Nan MARTIN, who later came to Australia. Martha's two brothers, William and Joseph, also came to Australia.
WARRENS WARRENJames, Tullow, County Carlow and Garrendenny Castle, Queens County. Married to Mary Anne Ashe. Died in 1823. Brother John, married to Mary Disney 1810. John was MP for Carlow.
WATERSS.WatersWATERS, Stephenson. Born September 14, 1807, in Belfast. Emigrated to the USA, arriving in New York, in May 1829.
WATSONY.PrattCounty Tyrone
WATTERSusbanglaRobert James, died ca. 1925, Belfast, son Hugh emigrated to US(1920)/settled NJ
WEBERCorky (Wild Irish)1860 Larkspur OH>1878 Newton KS>Los Angeles CA 1920?
WEBBD.SoiettWEBB, Thomas William (William Thomas). Born c.1840. Married Johanna HORAN. Died Killareny, 1923. Children: John 1862/64, Richard 1866, at Brosna, Thomas 1870, at Brosna, Bartholomew 1873, at Brosna.
WEIRWendy GriffithsWEIR. No further information given.
WEIRM.WeirWEIR. No further information given.
WEISSCorky (Wild Irish)1875 Ungvar HUN to NY NY 1890's
WELSHIcarusPatrick b.1849,immigrated to US. Approx.1869
WHALENM.WhalenWHALEN, Dennis. Came to Auburn, N.Y., US., c.1865. Married Bridget GLEASON. Fathers name, John WHALEN, mothers Mary WELSH.
WHELANE.WhelanWHELAN. Went from Dunmore East, to Dublin, c.1870-1900.
WHITES.HauglumWHITE, Henry George, born in Ballyjamesduff. Went to Canada, (ONT.) c. 1810-1830. His father and grandfather, were both named Richard WHITE.
WHITEColleen ThorneWHITE. No data available.
WHITEK.FarleighWHITE, Johanna Mary. Born c.1846, in Tipperary. Married 1867, in Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia, to Michael GLEESON.
WHOLEYM.LoucksWHOLEY. Massachusetts, 1910- present. Ancestors, when, how came to the U.S., or name origin unknown.
WIDDISM.WiddisWIDDIS, James. Born c.1790-1800, in Co. Cavan. Married Jane THOMPSON.
WILEYT BurrowsRobert, m. Eliza Watson, both born in Ireland
WILSONV.DunbarWILSON, William. Born c.1860's. Co. Armagh.
WIXTEDD.WixtedWIXTED, William John. Born 1847, native of Newport, Co. Tipperary. Moved to Chicago, IL. Married Ellen SULLIVAN, from Ontario, CAN.
WOLFES.BowmanWOLFE, George. A tailor who travelled to Ayr, Dalry, Scotland. Married Janet ROBERTSON. Children: James, Elizabeth, George, John and others. The children were born around 1816-1825. James WOLFE, his son, married Janet HEPBURN, in the Midlothian area of Jock's Lodge. They had a son John, and a daughter Janet Robertson WOLFE. John went to Australia, and married Charlotte POLLARD. His sister Janet, mother and father, plus an uncle, are thought to have gone to Australia, c.1878. Trying to find where in Ireland, George came from.
WOODSS.TupperWOODS. Belfast/Newry in the 1840's. Also Brooklyn, NY., USA.
WOODSIDECorky (Wild Irish)Co.Antrim IRE to Philadelphia PA
WORKD.SchaefferWORK. No further information given.
WRIGHTD.WrightWRIGHT. No data available.
WRIGHTM.KostalasWRIGHT, Marion Margaret. Born 1861, in Co. Clare. Her father was Joseph Parker WRIGHT.
WRIGHTE.LarsenWRIGHT, Tyronne Ralston. Born Ireland, emigrated to New Zealand, c. 1900.
WYNNET.CramerWYNNE, Mary and Joseph. Dublin.

YARDLEYSheeWilliam. b abt 1758 Kingston, Surrey,England. Convict on 2nd Fleet to Sydney on 'Surprize' 1790
YORKJ.TheobaldYORK, Robert. Married Mary Ann MacKAY c.1827, Ballyeaston, Co. Antrim. They had 12 children. A son Robert YORK, emigrated to Schuylkill Co., PA., c.1865. Married Harriet WHITEHOUSE, his brother William married Sarah GREER, 1867, in Shankhill, Co. Antrim.
YOUNGY.PrattCounty Tyrone

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