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ABADEEW.AbadeeABADEE. An ABADEE owned land in Tipperary, in 1870. Any information welcome.
ACHESONC.Acheson CornerACHESON, Thomas and Matilda. Son Louis ACHESON, born September 4, 1892. Possibly in Coleraine or Portstewart area of N.Ireland. Matilda's maiden name was ATCHISON. They were believed to have had 4 sons and 2 daughters.
ACHESONC.CadiganACHESON. No further information given.
ACKISSE.WebbACKISS. Looking for father's name.
ACKORSB.WaltonAckors. Lived in Pennslyvania. Eliza Ann ACKORS, from Buckingham Twp. Born c. 1822, died April 15, 1887.
ADAIRT.BorrowmanADAIR, Sarah. Born 1877, in Castleblayney, Co. Monaghan. Her mother was Sarah WATT.
ADAMSP.AdamsADAMS, James, and his wife Frances left Ireland c.1820. Arrived in Canada and homesteaded near London, Ontario, CAN.
ADAMSJ.CannonADAMS, Samuel. Born c.1840. Had a son Ernest, born 1865. In England and New York, USA., prior to 1865.
ADAMSP.LittleADAMS, Robert. Born 1751, in Ireland. Married Rebecca WILEY, born in Ireland. They were married in Chester District, SC., USA. Robert and Rebecca, died in Pulaski County, KY.
ADAMSV.AdamsADAMS. 1740's.
ADAMSS.DiazADAMS, James. Born c.1780-1790, in ireland. Last known Census date, 1860.
ADAMSJ.AdamsADAMS, David. Coleraine, Co. Derry, 1800 onwards.
ADAMSONcdCaensince about 1689, Ballinalack, and Moate Co Westmeath
ADDISC.AddisADDIS. No further information given.
ADRAINC.HarvieADRAIN, Andrew. Married Isabella NOBLE. Children: Andrew, William, John, James, Frank, Henrietta, Mary, Sarah and Annie.
AEMSD.ShackletonAEMS, Elizabeth Anne. Born Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, to Margaret (nee HENRY) and Timothy, on July 11, 1898. No record of the AEMS surname can be found, but it is on Elizabeth's Birth Registration and Marriage Certificate in 1920.
AFFLEYC.DuhigAFFLEY, Henry, born 1816, James 1821 and Ellen, 1826. In the 1841 UK Census, they were living in Cardiff, Wales.
AGANG.AganAGAN, Patrick. Born 1825, in Co. Mayo(?).
AGNEWD.BrehmAGNEW, David. Born March 4, 1846. Married Elizabeth ALEXANDER, born March 26, 1844. They had 2 children: John, born July 12, 1871 and Jane, born October 30, 1880. Emigrated to Canada, 1880.
AGNEWB.MillerAGNEW, Henry. Born c.1799. Emigrated to Ontario, Canada, in the early 1830's, with his wife Elizabeth KERR, and son Robert and Elizabeth's family, Robert and Margaret ROBINSON. Came from Co. Antrim - Ballymoney or Ballymena.
AHARRAHK RanchAHARRAH. Have been told that the protestant members of the family, changed the name from O'HARA.
D.AhernAHERN Ahern Family Genealogy Website.
AHERNRoots2FindNo data given
AHERNR.AhernAHERN, William. Born November 25, 1825, in Limerick, to James AHERN and Mary O'BRIEN.
AHERNJ.AhernAHERN. No further information given.
AHERNJ.MyersAHERN, Robert. Born c.1850, in Ireland. A police officer in London, 1870 - 1890. Looking for his place of birth, in Ireland.
R.HoganAHE(A)RNE, Murtagh, Michael, John, Matthias, and Patrick. Convicted in 1800, of crimes during the Great Rebellion. They may have come from the Ballymore area.
AIKENA.AikenAIKEN, John. Emigrated to Scotland, or possibly England, c.1850. Married Mary ANN(?). They had 2 children, born in Ireland: John, born 1845 and Elizabeth, born 1851.
AITCHISONEchosWill exchang: Irish Plantation settler from Haddington,& Galoway settled Ire.-1689, Acheson o/Norfolk Co VA -1700-1776, Etchison o/Rowan NC-pre 1828, Eytchison o/Madison Co OH-1828-1857, Onega Kansas 1857 Boise Idaho 1890.
AKINSC.GummAKINS, Dennis. Born 1819/1820, in Ireland. Married in Ohio, USA.
ALBRECHTJoeAdolph Albert bc 1841 in GER. Nebraska c 1863 d. 1901. mc.1864-1872 Alma MEYER
ALCOCKB.LangstonALCOCK, Edward. Possibly born in Co. Kildare, c.1826. His father was Thomas ALCOCK, and Edward's sister was Sarah ALCOCK.
ALCORNR.BurnsALCORN, James. Born 15 July 1762, in Ireland.
ALESHIREL.ReevesALESHIRE. No further information given.
ALEXANDERR.AlexanderALEXANDER. Clonfeagle, Donaghmore, Co. Tyrone, 1800-1953.
ALEXANDERS.CultonALEXANDER, John, from Eredy, 1613, Parish of Raphoe. Also his son William, born c.1620.
ALLANR.AllenALLAN. Came to Canada, date unknown. Surname spelling was also changed.
ALLCOCKT.AllcoxALLCOCK/ALCOX. Looking for Peter, who came to the USA., in 1840.
ALLENnonieMaurice P. Allen came to New York in 1869 or 1870 from Ireland. Lived in Brooklyn.
ALLENN.KieFrances Allen m.William Hegarty in 1848,Church of Ireland in Goleen
ALLENR.AllenALLEN. In a workhouse, in Co. Tyrone(?).
ALLENM.AllenALLEN. Trying to find where they came from, in Ireland. Have been told that the Bog of Allen was named after the family.
ALLENB.ArmstrongALLEN, John. Born Dublin, c.1690. Son of John ALLEN, who was a Brick Mason.
ALLENK.SouthworthALLEN, Gerard Barry. Emigrated to the USA., in 1836. Born City of Cork, November 6, 1813, at St. Nicholas Parish Church.
D.RightmerALLENDER ELINDER, John. Came to the USA., c.1780. Settled in West Pennsylvania. His first son, William Alexander ALLENDER was found in an early census under the name of ELINDER.
ALLEYD.AllyALLEY. No further information given.
ALLISONDonevaMartha Allison m. Thomas English II in Camden, SC. They had one child, Martha Allison English m. Charles John Shannon
ALLISONL.HansenALLISON. Farneigh/Killoscully Parishes, Co. Tipperary and Clonoulty.Ballintemple Parishes, Co. Tipperary, 1700 and onwards.
ALLRITTL.HansenALLDRITT. Dublin, 1800 onwards.
ALLWELLK.ThayerALLWELL, Ellen. Born c.1854. Married Patrick MURPHY, in Co Cavan. Mother of Peter, Anne, Mary, Kate Mary, Maggie and James. Kate Mary emigrated to the USA., and married Harry RILEY.
AMBERSONJ.AmbersonAMBERSON. Looking for links to Ireland.
AMBROSEM.VaughanAMBROSE, Robert, and his wife Mary Ann. They had a daughter, Mary Ann born 1806, in Fermoy, Co. Cork. Went to Accomack Co. in Virginia, USA. Trying to find if they had any more children.
AMROCKK.AmrockAMROCK. Originally from Co. Cork
ANDERSONL AndersonHugh Alexander b. Ballymoney, Antrim Co. appr 1840/1850? Father - Joseph, Mother - Mary Brother - Joseph m. Eliza Leslie in Ballymoney Sister - Sarah m. William Henry Harrison - Scotland Hugh and Joseph came to Bobcaygeon, Ontario Canada Hugh married Sarah Elizabeth Ritchie 1869. Only info so far that mostly fits is a baptism record in DERVOCK parish close to Ballymoney.
ANDERSONCloudy 1789 to PA
ANDERSONLesleyParents: Joseph Anderson and Mary Freeman married Co. Antrim, Dervock/Ballymoney area 1827. Children: Hugh, Joseph, Sarah, James, Margaret?
ANDERSONcdCaenJohn alive in 1854, prob Dublin
ANDERSONC.ElamANDERSON, John. Born c. 1700, in Ulster. He had a son, also named John, born Ulster, died 1786/1787, in Augusta Co. VA., USA.
ANDERSONL.BaldwinANDERSON, Margaret. Married James E. McCRITE (born c.1758). The spelling of McCRITE may also be McRIEGHT, or McCREIGHT.
ANDERSONJ.PenningtonANDERSON, James (c.1805-) and Rebecca. Moved to Saratoga County, New York by 1850. Children: Mary, Margaret, Thomas, and Catherine.
ANDERSONM.McGregorANDERSON, David. Married Elizabeth BRANNAN. Children include: Lucinda, born 1865, in Ireland.
ANDERSONJ.ColeyANDERSON family, c. 1850. Parish of Castletown, Co. Limerick.
ANDREWSMaureen ToshANDREWS, George. A Gamekeeper at Drumoland, Newmarket, Co. Clare.
J.BattleANDREWS and MACAINDRIS. Ireland. Supposed to be related to Ancient Irish. F. MacAINDRIS, accompanist to John O'HART.
ANGLETONK.AngletonANGLETON. No further information given.
ANNESLEYE.HalpinANNESLEY, Jane. Born c.1801, in Ballinacor, Co. Wicklow, to Richard and Elizabeth. Her parents stayed in Co. Wicklow, after Jane and her husband, William CHAMNEY, emigrated to Simcoe Co., Ontario, Canada.
ANNSLEYEchosNeed Lenaghen/O'Fogarty Conn to Lord Annsley o/Castlewellan, Co Down 1700-1830.
ARBUCKLE-FOXA.RodighieroARBUCKLE-FOX, Isabella. Emigrated to Australia, with her parents, when she was 2-4 years of age. They came between 1850-70, during the potato famine, from Co. Cork. No other information known about her.
ARBUCKLEJ.GillARBUCKLE, Catherine.Kathleen. Emigrated to the USA in the early 1900's. Married Thomas McCANN, from Ireland, in Pennsylvania.
ARCHERV.BowesARCHER, Pearce. Co. Waterford. Went to Philadelphia, PA., 2? November 1826.
ARCHERE.McIninchARCHER, William Born in Balleylongford, on January 28, 1873. He emigrated to Canada. His parents were Thomas ARCHER and Bridget KEANE, of Listowel.
ARDAGHD.FridenARDAGH, Maria Susan, c.1844, in Tipperary. Married William Nassau HOLMES, 1867 in Geashill, Offaly. She had a brother Frederick, and her parents were Arthur and Priscilla ARDAGH.
ARDAGHH.ArdaARDAGH. Edward and Eliza, from Thurles, Co. Tipperary. Children: Edward 1815, Frances 1822, Maria 1826, Richard 1828, Alice 1831, Richard 1832 and Arthur 1835.
ARDIELJ.HoodARDIEL. ARDILL, ARDELL, ARDALE, ARDELE, ARDILLE (all alternate spellings). Probably a Huguenot name. Descendants in Tipperary.
ARDILLArdelle WoodringARDILL, William. Emigrated to Louisiana, USA., and married a DAUBERT.
AKRIDGED.AkridgeAKRIDGE, George. No further information given.
ARGRAYJoeMary bc.1810 IRL mc.1830-1835 to Alex HOOEY
ARGUED.D.ZirsonARGUE. Sarah Elizabeth. Born November 21, 1929 in Co. Cavan. She had one sister Esther Margaret Maud (deceased) and a brother, Harry. Emigrated to the USA in 1949 and died in 1982. Need information on Sarah and family.
ARLOTTT.HognoARLOTT. Counties Meath and Dublin.
ARMSTRONGM.OttersonARMSTRONG, Archibald. Born 1774, in Ballykeel townland, Ballymena, Co. Antrim. Married Rachel McCLURKAN.
ARMSTRONGM.OttersonARMSTRONG, Samuel. From Ballykeel townland, Ballymena, Co. Antrim. Married Jane Jenny REID.
ARMSTRONGM.WallaceARMSTRONG, Jane. Born 1813. Co. Derry. Went to Huntingdon area, Quebec, Canada, by 1820. Possibly related to Martin, Joseph, James and William in same area of Hinchinbrooke. Later went to New York. Looking for her parents.
ARMSTRONGC.SimpsonARMSTRONG, Elizabeth Adeline Lee. Born c.1760, in Ireland. Died 1853, in G.A.,USA. She married Anthony CRUMBLEY in 1776.
ARMSTRONGK.WilcottARMSTRONG, Thomas. Married Margaret O'BRIEN (married name GIBLIN). Margaret's marriage to Thomas was her second marriage. They lived in Co. Sligo.
ARMSTRONGJ.ArmstrongARMSTRONG. Co. Tyrone, in the 1880's.
ARMSTRONGD.DoneARMSTRONG, Robert Henry. Born 1895 in Northern Ireland. Joined the British Army and was stationed in Scotland. Left the army, c.1922 and joined the Police force in London.
ARMSTRONGC.BrownARMSTRONG,John (A Miller) and his wife Elizabeth McVITTIE, from Killashandra, Co. Cavan. Married c.1820. Their daughter, Elizabeth, was sent to Australia, in 1849.
ARNEYM.DunayARNEY. No other information given.
ARNOLDSJStephen, b.abt.1730. Lived in Augusta and Fauquier Co., Va. as early as 1752. To Va. from RI? bef. 1750. Married Jane Finney. Moved to Ky. in 1780's with sons James,John,Benjamin,Stephen. Also had daughters Sarah,Elizabeth,Jane,& Abegale.
ARNOLDH.McCurdyARNOLD. Looking for location in Ireland, of ARNOLD and ISLAND surnames, marriage and deaths.
ARTHURD.ArthurARTHUR, John. Emigrated from Co. Clare, in 1849, with wife Maria (MARONEY) and child.
ASHMimi71832 1937 CON,ENG>NY,USA Joseph Howell Ash b.March 1832, Cornwall, ENG. Father was Obediah
ASHERennyMinard, County Kerry, 1800s-present. Lots of Matthews and Gregorys.
ASHLEAmy McLEODASHLE, Arthur Ernest.
ASHMORES.SmithASHMORE. Translate to English.
ASPELLA.AspellASPELL, Walter, (1785-1850). In Dublin and Isle of Man. Secretary, and travelling companion, to Thomas 'Buck' WHALEY.
ATHYJ.KeatingATHY. Researching in general area of Oranmore Parish of Galway.
ATHYV.AthyATHY. Co. Mayo.
ATKINJ.KirklandATKIN, Walter. There were generations of Walter ATKINS, in Co. Cork.
ATKINSOND.BarryATKINSON, John and Catherine. From Co. Mayo, possibly Claremorris. Left Ireland, c.1831, and settled in Canada for six years, before they moved to Lake County, ILL. John born 1799, and died 1887. Catherine, born 1802, and died 1877.
ATKINSONJ.SniderATKINSON, Charles. Born Dublin, 1862. Joined British Army. Married Elizabeth Ann HUNT, date unknown.
ATKINSONM.WiseATKINSON, Christopher. Born 183, at Kiledmond, Co. Carlow. His father was Samuel and his Margaret SCOTT. Christopher married in 1834 to Ellen GODKIN. They went to Australia, c.1842.
ATWELLJ.HunterATWELL, Jane. Married John DOAK. Emigrated from Omagh, Co. Tyrone, to York County, Ontario, CAN., c.1848. The DOAK family settled in Manitoba and British Columbia. Children: Mary 1849, married Josiah HUNTER, George Jos. 1850, married Annie RICHARDS, Jenny (Margaret Jane), c.1858, married Thomas SCOTT, Sarah Ann 1861, married William JONES, Fanny Matilda 1867, married Frank ADAMS.
AUSCOMBEJ.CheslettAUSCOMBE, John and Ruth. Witnesses at the wedding of George NORMAN and Eliza BENTLEY, St. Annes Church, Belfast, 1871.
AUSTINP.RobinsonAUSTIN, Margaret. Married in Parish of Mallow (Church of Ireland), December 29, 1894. Father Thomas AUSTIN, a miller. Witnesses: John F. AUSTIN and Richard BURROWES.
AUSTINGrace GoucherAUSTIN. No further information given.
AUSTINM.BackensAUSTIN, James. Born c.1775, in Lisbarnet, Co. Down.
J.SpauldingAYLWARD/AILWARD. Ireland.

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