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BACONB.GarciaBACON, Patrick. b.c.1795, Castlepollard. Patrick married Margaret KIERNAN, b.c.1795. Children: Mary, born 1818, Catherine, born 1820, Patrick, born 1822, John, born 1825, Ann, born 1830, and Simon, born 1833. The children were baptised in Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath.
BACONB.GarciaBACON, Simon. Family lived in Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath. Simon married Mary GIBNEY. Children: Patrick, born 1822, Maria, born 1827, Rose, born 1829, Michael, born 1831, and Elizabeth, born 1833. Emigrated to the US, c.1848, and lived in NYC
BAERCloudy 1786 to PA
BAGLEYL.BagleyBAGLEY, James, Margaret, and Charles. James, born 1850, in NYC, Margaret born 1851, and Charles born 1854. Their parents were Irish Catholics, but names unknown.
BAINEL.PerryBAINE, Moses. Born in Hamiltons Bawn, Co. Armagh, c.1800. Moved to Batimore, Maryland, USA, settled in Texas. He died in 1864. Married Cecilia INGLESBY (Maryland), whose mother was Alicia McKIERNAN. The name McKIERNAN, may have come from Cavan.
BAKERJ.GlennBAKER. No further information given.
BALDWINSeabhaccGeorge b 1815 possibly in Pa. m. Eleanor WAGONER
BALDWINSeabhaccWilliam Henry b 1843 in Canada m. Bridget O'GARA b 1842 in Ireland
BALDWINSJStephen Douglas Baldwin b. abt. 1880 in New England & moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. Wife was Mary Fee b. in Georgetown, DC?
BALFERobynMary bc:1798 Dublin IRL to AUS 1820
BALFED.AlzmannBALFE, Catherine and Patrick. Brother and sister from Co. Cork. First appeared in USA., in 1850.
BALTZFirstRigBrooklyn NY 1800's
BARCLAYJ.AndersonBARCLAY. Co. Derry. Interested in contacting relatives by that name, or by the name of HANNA.
BARMOREMimi71780 1800 NJ,USA Ann Barmore married Marville HULLL. Ann's father was Christopher
BARRETTS DoyleBrian b. May 18,1845 IRL > PA,USA m. a widow Mary Maloney c. 1892. Ireland
BARRETTD DohertyEllen BARRETT - daughter of JAMES BARRETT and ELLEN (?) - born in 1849 in Co. Cork, Ireland - possibly in townland of Coolquerisk (near Glanmire) in Co. Cork
BARRETTM.O'BrienBARRETT. No further information given.
BARRETTM.O'BrienBARRETT, John J. He had a brother Patrick, and 2 sisters, Ellen and Mary.
BARRINGTOND BattenWilliam BARRINGTON was born 16 June 1795 at Rosetown (Naas), Kildare, Ireland. He married Mary (Lovda?) ALCOCK. They had 13 children, all born in Rosetown. After Mary's death the children were "farmed out". They came to the U.S. about 1850.
BARROND.JamesBARRON, from Bangor, 1800's onwards.
BARRYKPKavanaughMichael,b.1832 - Lisgoold Parish, Co.Cork,Irl.Mar.Catherine,Co. Cork.Emg.1850's to US>Macon,Ga. Died 1881
BARRYD. McAteeBARRY, Ann, from Ireland. Married James KELLEHER. They had at least one child, Bridget, born c. 1857.
BARRYG.FergusonBARRY, Redmond. At the age of approximately 15, he arrived in New York City, (1828), from Cork, Ireland. He apparently travelled alone, on the "George Canning". Looking for his family in Ireland.
BARRYL.LammereeBARRY, Simon. Born 1821, in New Brunswick, Canada. Married Bridget KELLY, in Clifden, Ireland, February 14, 1842. Emigrated to Australia in 1849.
BARRYB.WestBARRY, James. Born c.1814. Married Mary BRANSFIELD, born c.1818. Both born in Ireland. They had at least 2 children, Donald and Daniel, in MASS. USA., and at least one, James, in CT. The family eventually moved to Lebanon County.
BARRYP.KleinpeterBARRY, William Henry. Son of John H. and Anne O'CONNEL. Died prior to 1910, at New Bedford, MA.
BARTMANL.CockbainBARTMAN. Went from Ireland (perhaps Cork), to South Africa in 1878.
BARTONMB LeinenbackGortaleen, Keel, Castlemaine, Co. Kerry & Annascaul, Co. Kerry >Indianapolis , 1832>now, & Maynooth, Co. Kildare, 1940>now
BASSETTLaLaTTArthur (born prior to 1790), Inch, County Down
BASSETTLalahTTInch, County Down, Ireland
BATEMANJ.ScarboroughBATEMAN, Jonathon. Born 1649 in Ireland. Married Margaret(?). They had four known children. Margaret died September 15, 1688, after giving birth to their last child, Thomas, born September 13, 1688. Their other children were Jonathon (JR. ?) February 12, 1675 or 76, John November 2, 1678 and Mary May 16, year unknown. Jonathon died before November 29, 1694, and was buried at Albemarle (Pequimans County) North Carolina, as was Margaret.
BAXTERmimiJack Baxter of Larne abt 1845 married Martha Rea
BEAGLEM.HornBEAGLE. No further information given.
Cloudy1700 to GERMANY
BEATTIEM.VerryBEATTIE, John and Cassie, from Drumhaggart, Co. Donegal. John was born, c. 1870. One daughter was Mary Elizabeth, born 1895, in Drumhaggart, married Timothy Desmond HERLIHY in NZ., in 1914.
BECKETTS.WrightBECKETT, Nathan, born c.1890, in Co. Mayo. In the 1901 census of Castlebar, he was living with an Aunt, a Miss Jane Beckett. Information on parents, etc. required.
BEDWIND.BedwinBEDWIN. Went to USA via Ireland in 1848. Some may have stayed in Ireland.Some BEDWINS are now living in Kilkeel, Ireland.
BEHRENSFirstRigBrooklyn NT 1800's
BEIRNEJ.O'BeirneBEIRNE. See details of BEIRNE family from Roscommon. One emigrated to Australia, in 1860, and changed his name to O'BEIRNE.
BELLNTannerRobert & Jane (Murray) Bell-children: Sampson 12, Ellen, Margaret, Anna 2 Liverpool ENG>NYC USA Nov.1846. James Bell & Wife Carol; Margaret 40? ..from somewhere in Cork? I would like to get my GGG Anna C birth/baptism record.
BELLcdCaensince abt 1710, Co.Tipperary and Banagher Kings Co.
BELLP.FolkersBELL, George, born c.1808, in Co. Fermanagh, N.Ireland. George's known siblings were, Robert, Elizabeth, Ruth, and possibly, a William and Henry. Family emigrated to Ontario, Canada, in the early 1830's. George married Elizabeth ?, c. 1835, in Halton Co. Ont. Children were: Joanna, Mary, Robert, George, Sarah, Ann, Ruth, Hugh, Margaret, George and John.
BELLG.BellBELL, Peter. Born Campbelltown, Argyle, Scotland in 1824. Came to Ireland c. 1840. Served in the Coast Guard (Customs) and lived in Dunmore East, Co. Waterford, where he died in 1899. Belonged to Dunmore East Anglican Church, Parish of Killea, Diocese of Waterford.
BELLDarlene SmithBELL, George. Stayed in Ireland, near Londonderry. His eldest son John W. Bell came with him to Michigan, USA., in 1872. George married Martha McMAHAM. Both were born in Co. Down.
BELLD.SmithBell, George. Lived near Londonderry, in 1844. Married Martha (McMAHAM) Bell. Would like to know more about George's family, and where he died and was buried.
BELLR.DeCaenBELL. No further information given.
BENNETTH.BennettBENNETT. Wondering if BENNETT'S Bridge in Ireland, is connected with my family. My mother's family was Irish, and my father's family cemetery is on Irish Mountain, in West Virginia.
BENSONK.CassidyBENSON. No further information given.
BENSONNReebKiltimagh, County Mayo
BERGENF.BergenBERGEN. Believed to have lived in, or around Leesh, in the Midlands.
BERGINT.BerginBERGIN, John. Born December 21, 1848, in Glashagud, Co. Tipperary. He married Ellen A. HODGE, born April 7, 1867, in Coldbrook New York. She was the daughter of Aaron and Laura A. He died c.February 1, 1911, at Watertoen, New York.
BERRIGANT.BeganBERRIGAN, Patrick. Born 1804, in Co. Kilkenny. Died 1892, at Chatsworth, IL. Married Anastasia, born 1817, Co. Kilkenny. Came to the US., with wife and 5 children, in 1853. Two children stayed in New York, when the family moved to IL. Two more children were born in the USA.
BERRYE.FasanellaBERRY, Bernard. Married Catherine McCARRON (or McCASSON). arrived NYC., USA., prior to 1878. Also daughter- in-law Mary ANKITELLE (or Aukitell), born Dublin October 10, 1888.
BERRYMB LeinenbackIsland in Clew Bay, off coast of Newport, Co. Mayo, Catholic Parish of Kilmeena > Xenia & Cleveland, OH, 1767>now
BERRYP.SolesBERRY, Mark William. An Irish Protestant, from Co. Cork. Had a son James, who married Sarah. Went to Westmorland Co., Pennsylvania.
BETHELD.HoldenBETHEL, Phoebe. Born 1788, died 1874. Believed to have been born in Co. Wexford. Married Charles FITZPATRICK (1786-1864).
BIGGERTLK TollarBelieve this name to be a family connection to James KIRK of Ballymoney, County Antrim.
BIGGINSGeorgeann County CAVAN, Ireland>Springfield, Clark County, Ohio
BIRMINGHAMMoeCowHannah (Anna) Imelda b. 29 Feb 1876 or 1880 IRL possibly Knock, Ennis; d. 1 Apr 1952 Niagara Falls, NY, USA; m. John R. Higgins (q.v.) Hannah's parents were John? and Bridget (FORAN) BIRMINGHAM (IRL).
BIRMINGHAMP.M.PhillipsBIRMINGHAM.No other data available.
BIRMINGHAMP.PhillipsBIRMINGHAM, Margaret. Her mother was Annie (CARROLL), and father Thomas. Co. Galway, or Macroom, Co. Cork.
BIRNEYW.ValentineBIRNEY, Thomas. Married Eliza Jane VALENTINE. They had two daughters; Louisa and Patricia. One son Robert.
BISHOPL.BarnardBISOP. Possibly from Ballyorgan, Co. Limerick. In Manhattan NY., NY, by 1847.
BLACKmcareyHenry BLACK born Larne, Co. Antrim 2 Feb 1858. Son of Charles BLACK and Ann ? (possibly McKENTY). Roman Catholic. Emigrated to Ontario, Canada bef.1885.
BLACKBrent SMITHJohn William BLACK was born in 1819 at Ballymena, County Antrim. On 25 March 1857 he married Jane (Jenny) RUSSELL at Broughshane, County Antrim. They left for Australia shortly after the wedding where they settled in the Bendigo District of Victoria and there they had their family.
BLACKS.SharpBLACK, Robert. Born 1860's in Enniskillen. Father Samuel. Worked his way to Canada on a cattle boat, when 14 years old.
BLACKZ.EastwoodBLACK, Mary. Born 1792, in Armagh. Married John BLACK, born 1788, in Armagh. Mary and John had 2 sons, Edward born 1814 and Andrew, born 1816, in Armagh. Andrew married Margaret COUSINS, whose parents were Thomas COUSINS and Sarah BALANCE/BALLANCE.
BLACKBURNQ.ErdBLACKBURN, John. Born c. 1720, in Loughgall, Kilmore, Co. Armagh. Married Rebecca HARLAN c. 1740, possibly in Pennsylvania.
BLAINW.BlainBLAIN, James Andrew. Born Castlewellan, Co. Down, November 27, 1851. Emigrated to Gilford, Ontario, CAN., 1875. Died Toronto, March 3, 1931. Looking for parents and siblings.
BLAIRCloudy 1830 to PA
BLAIRmimiJohn Blair of Agnes St. Belfast married Ellen Rea abt 1845
BLAIRJ.HenryBLAIR, Robert. From Ireland. Married Margaret HAWTHORNE, also from Ireland. Their son, was born on a ship coming from Ireland to the U.S., in 1826, and settled in Butler County, PA. The son's name was Robert Hawthorne BLAIR.
BLAIRL.Blair-GillBLAIR, William. Married Elizabeth McIVER, July 10, 1874. Children: Isabel, George, Beth, William, Edwin, Maud, Hilda (AKA Joan), and Edith. Originally from Belfast area. Moved to PA., c. 1883.
BLAIRD.DemersBLAIR, William. Married Elizabeth, had 3 sons: Brice 1822, Co. Down, Richard 1827 and John 1826. William took the boys to the US., after Elizabeth died.
BLAKEK.JacobsonBLAKE, Patrick. Born March 17, 1826 at Summerhill, Co. Meath, Leinster. Went to the US in 1844, possibly with his mother Mary? Married Ellen SULLIVAN (in US?). Settled in Eagle, WI. Civil War Service. He died December 10, 1908.
BLAKENEYcdCaensince abt 1750, of Eyrefield Galway
BLIGHMickIn Castlerea, Co Rosocommon
BLOODG.MartinBLOOD, Thomas. Married Mary GREENE. Died 1731/36. Co. Clare
BLOWPAndersonEliza P. Blow, daughter of William & Mary Blow born 5 November 1820 in Markethill, Armagh. Had a brother, Robert, born 1830, who immigrated and a sister Mary Ann who stayed in Ireland. She was Presbyterian. She married Michael Murty 1 June 1849 in Fulton Co., NY. They had known each other 10 years before they married. She died 1 March 1902 in Waushara Co. WI.
BLOYCECarolMcJFrances Bloyce, m. 12/27/1669, William Wright
Cloudy 1776 to PA
BODENM.GinerBODEN, John Joseph from Dublin? Married Catherine BLACK of Drogheda.
BOGUESM.BoguesBOGUES, Thomas. Born c.1815, in Ireland. Emigrated to Markham Twp. Canada West, by 1837. Married Ann STOCKDALE, born c. 1808, in Co. Monaghan, died 1870, in Perth County, ONT,. Children: William, Robert, John BOGES, David BOGES, and Gordon. May have been related to Thomas BOGUES Tithe App., 1825, Anniervy, Kilmore Parish or Thomas BOGES, Irish Flax Growers List, 1796, Monaghan. Died 1890.
BOHANEM.JenkinsBOHANE. From Kilderry, Skibbereen, Co. Cork, 1860's to 1960's. Possibly originated from Head of Kinsale. Links to HEGERTY, CARTHY and DRISCOL.
BOHENT.ZoblBOHEN. No further information given.
BOLANDN ReebThomas Boland married Mary Kelly and raised his family in Kinaffe, Swinford, Co. Mayo. Daughter Ellen married a Brennan and daughter, Bridget married Michael Mullany and went to Philadelphia.
BOLANDA.BolandBOLAND, Tobias Ebenez. Came down to live in West Cork, from the North of Ireland, either Antrim or Armagh, in the early years of the 20th Century. On 26 December 1910 he married Jane DIXON of Bandon. Tobias Ebenezer died in Dublin on June 1, 1950.
BOLANDNReebKinaffe, Swinford, Co. Mayo
Y.IrvineBOLGER BULGER, James. Went from Co. Tipperary to Canada, c.1835. Castleotaway (if this town exists).
BOSTONH.GibbinsBOSTON, Rebecca born 1832, and married William McGARRY, on July 13 1851. He came from Wakefield, Yorkshire. They were married in Merlin, Co. Down.
BOSWOODB.CoxBOSWOOD. Co. Cork from the 16th century to the present.
BOWDENMichaelAnna Maria BOWDEN, married Michael FLYNN 1876 Drogheda, Ireland, 4 children, two (John and Peter) emigrated to USA.
BOWDENMichaelThomas, Sea captain, Drogheda, Co. Louth, 1850's
BOWDENM FlynnDrogheda Co. Louth
BOWEW.BoweBOWE. Is there anyone researching this name?
BOWEG.BoweBOWE, Patrick. Born c. 1823. Married Jan ANDERSON, (born c. 1828), in about 1848 in Kilkenny, Ireland.Their son Patrick Jnr., born c. 1849, married to Bridget SHANNON. Thomas SHANNON b. c. 1807 married Catherine ROCHE( b.c.1812> in Mullabone, in c.1832.
BOWESV.BowesBOWES, Martin. Left Ireland for the Port of New York, in 1831.
BOWLERH TiceMargaret, born Massachusetts, parents born Ireland. See MORIARTY
BOWLERB.EdwardsBOWLER, Alice. Married Daniel LYNCH. Daughter Ellen born 1898, in Youghal, Co. Cork.
BOWSERCloudy 1804 to PA
BOYANW.WiresBOYAN. No further information given.
BOYCED.BoyceBOYCE, James. Married Elizabeth HAMILTON. One of their sons, James married Mary DICKENSON, in Donaghadee, 1844. Their 15 children were born in Ayrshire. Four brothers, including George, emigrated to New Zealand.
BOYDEB.RussellBOYDE, Sarah. Married William LANE (British Army), in Dublin, c.1820. She was a Catholic, and he was Church of England. Three children were born in Dublin. They were then posted to Australia, with the 39th Foot, in 1826.
BOYESchirho James, b.c.1795 LDY,IR TO Philadelphia,PA 1833-5 m.Hannah Pearson
BOYLANDK.SpinkBOYLAND, John. Born Derrykeighan, c.1800. Married Jane CAIN. They had one son Sampson.
BOYLEB LittleKatherine b. Aug 14, 1843 in Ireland. Parents James BOYLE and Catherine DONNELLY. To Illinois before 1863. m. David NOAKES Nov. 09, 1863 in Grundy Co., Illinois.
BOYLEM.ConnellyBOYLE, Thomas. Probably born in Cork. Came to the US., via England. Married Josephine DELANEY. Lived in NY City and had three sons: Charles, George and Joseph. Thomas died in NYC., in the late 1930's or early 40's.
BOYLEK.KearneyBOYLE, Bernard. Married Mary MOLLOY, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim, c.1820. Son, Hugh born 1822.
BOYLEJ.TooeyBOYLE, John. Born c.1850, in Meenatotton, the parish Templecorne, Co. Donegal. He had two brothers, James and Roger, and a sister Mary. John's son, Neal, was born April 16, 1870, in the same village. He had three brothers, James, Denis, and Constantine. Neil was married in Bathgate, Scotland, to Mary HAGGERTY, on August 31, 1898. They had eight children. Three of these children, eventually went to the US, and, one went to Canada. Relatives still in Scotland, and Ireland.
BOYLEJ.BurkeBOYLE, Catherine. Daughter of John and Sarah. Born 1845, in Cappagh, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon. Married Thomas TARPEY, in 1865, and settled in Derrylahan, Co. Roscommon.
BOYNET.BoyneBOYNE, Bernard (Barney).Bernard came to the US from Ireland in 1865. He married Mary Elizabeth BOYD in 1873. They lived in Philadelphia, before finally settling near Pierce City, MO., where he paseed away in 1905. Bernard and Mary had 7 children. Researching the birthplace, parents and siblings, of Bernard.
BRACKENJeannie WilsonBRACKEN, Frances Ann. Born 1838 in Dublin. Her father was Thomas BRACKEN. She arrived in Western Australia, 1860, on the "Per Escort". Settled in Arrino, Westaern Australia.
BRADDELLP.BullotBRADDELL. From Wicklow, in the 1700's.
BRADENN.StevensBRADEN. No further information given.
BRADFIELDG.SwantonBRADFIELD, Elizabeth (Bessie). Born 1821, at Killowen, Enniskeane, Co. Cork. She married Michael SWANTON, in the parish of Murragh, in 1844. Children: John, b. 1846, Anne Mary, b. 1848, Michael, b. 1849, Johanna, b. 1851, Ellen, b. 1854, William, b. 1856, Martha, b. 1857, Margaret, b. 1858, James, b. 1862, and Robert A., b. 1865. Michael was a carpenter. In 1851, they lived in Boulteen, Enniskeane, Co. Cork. Michael, Bessie, James and Robert emigrated to Boston, in 1880. William, Ellen, Margaret, and John, also moved to Boston. Michael Jnr. was believed to have remained in Ireland, and married Jane McCARTHY
BRADLEYJ.BradleyBRADLEY, John (1796-1876), and his wife Mary KELLY BRADLEY (1799-1877?). They left Ireland, for America, c. 1835. They settled with their children in Cambria County, PA.
BRADLEYD.VarnavasBRADLEY, Abbey. Born c.1822, Castleisland Parish, Co. Kerry. Relative of Bishop Denis BRADLEY,of New Hampshire. Need details of marriage to Mi O'CONNOR, and birth details of both.
BRADLEYDona V.BRADLEY, John. Sponsor for (H)elen O'CONNOR, baptised 1851, in Castleisland, Co. Kerry. Looking for information on his siblings.
BRADLEYS.MercerBRADLEY, William. No other information given.
BRADNERB.BradnerBRADNER. Co. Wicklow.
BRADYBrentEllen BRADY m. Patrick SMITH in early 1840's in County CAVAN, one son was Thomas Andrew Neil SMITH bb.c. 1846 in County CAVAN.
BRADYN.TimpanelliBRADY, Catherine. Born c.1820's, Co. Cavan. Married to James WHEELER. They had one son, James P. WHEELER, born 1855, in Co. Cavan. He emigrated to America, before 1887.
BRADYG.BradenBRADY, Thomas. Born November 5, 1842, in Dublin. Married Anna ALCORN (born 1884 in Donegal), in Dublin, September 1863 or 65.
BRADYA.RossBRADY, Peter. Born c.1832, in Dunboyne, Co. Meath. Parents Patrick and Mary (nee WALSH). Came to Australia, in 1854.
BRADYP.LouksCharles R. BRADY, first residence in Troy, NY
BRAHONA.ReeceBRAHON, (BREHON, BRAHANY), Mary. Married John NAPIER, 1833, at St. Mary's, Limerick. They had two children, and emigrated to N.Z.
EchosJohn Bourchier transf 1000 acres to Henry Bourchier (thought to be desc of John-Earl of Bath abt 1600-1700) Need Hamilton family connection.
BRALLEYE BralleyBRALLEY, John. Born in Cork, c.1740's/50's. Either an English planter family, or native Irish?
BRALYPeggyHugh b. 1722 county Londonderry (Derry) Ireland
PeggyThis is married name of Agnes, B. 1689 IRE? Mother of Hugh Braly
BRANGANN.JewelBRANGAN, Moses. Came from Carrickfergus, then married in Agohill, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, in 1853 to Charlotte DOUGLAS. She was the daughter of William DOUGLAS, from Ahoghill, who was a police sergeant. Moses BRANGAN or BRANIGAN, was the Head Constable of all of the Constables, and lived in the Dervock area around Ballyratigan. He had a large family. His father was William BRANGAN or BRANIGAN.
BRANAUGHJ.SneesbyBRANAUGH, Archibald, and wife Jane ANDERSON. They came from Belfast, in 1877, to New York.
BRANDONCrillThomas BRANDON, b. 1807, County Fermanday, IRL, d.1886, Lime Lake, ON, CAN. Married Mary, b. 1812, County Dougal, IRL, d. 1885, ON, CAN. One child known: William, b. 1843
BRANNAGANA.ChristianBRANNAGAN, Thomas. Married Roseann GORMLEY, c.1886, possibly in Co. Mayo.
BRANNOND.BlackBRANNON BRANNEN. Looking for anyone by this name in Ireland. Traced back to Ulster, 1752. There was a Hugh BRANNEN, left for America on the "Elisabeth".
BRANSFIELDS.WhyteBRANSFIELD, James. Son of David and Honora (REGAN). Born 1869 in Youghal, Co. Cork. Emigrated to Lynn, MA Married Elizabeth MOTHERWA, daughter of James and Ellen WALSH.
BRANSFIELDC.JonesBRANSFIELD, Mary Ellen and Daniel. Probably from Cork City oe Bandon area. Born c.1790's.
BRATTENA.ReeceBRATTEN, George. A farmer, married Mary BERRY, in Armagh, 1828. One daughter Elizabeth, known, but they possibly had other children.
BREAMJ.MurphyBREAM. Kilkenny 1847-1854, then Genesee County, Michigan, 1860.
BREENCLannomJohn E. BREEN(9.16.1828) County Cork.> Warren County, Ohio Parents: David BREEN/Mary CAIN
BREENL.DiamondBREEN, John Patrick. Born c. 1850, Co. Antrim. His parents were John BREEN and Bridget RICE.
BREENE.McCARTHYBREEN, Mary. Married James McCARTHY. Had at least one son, Dennis. Searching for place and date.
BREENB.StoddardBREEN, Pierce. Born c.1841, Tipperary or Limerick. Father was Michael. Came to CT., USA., c.1850. Married Hannah FANNING.
BREHENYKM Williamson(aka Judge) - Co. Sligo
K WilliamsonBrickeen Co. Sligo
BRENNANlkearns1860-1875 Sligo
BRENNANA. DeNoodBRENNAN, Elizabeth, daughter of John BRENNAN and Mary SULLIVAN; born 1840, married Cornelius DONOGHUE, c. 1860 at Kerry (Lisbabe and Killarney). Nine children, born 1860-1877, all emigrated to Holyoke, MASS. 1880-1893, as Elizabeth did when widowed.
BRENNANM.HaydenBRENNAN, Jeremiah, and his wife Bridget KEARNS, from Roscommon.
BRENNANK.HarrisonBRENNAN, Patrick. Born 1815. Emigrated prior to 1837. Also James BRENNAN, born 1817. Emigrated with family in 1863, to Canada, from Roscrea, Co. Tipperary. Both families settled in Sheenboro, Quebec.
BRENNANMary S.BRENNAN. Associated with Ballyhaunis and Knock area, Aghamore, Co. Mayo.
BRENNANNReebKinaffe, Swinford, Co. Mayo
BRENNANR.EarleBRENNAN, John. Born c.1820. A farmer; Classon's Bridge, Milltown, Dublin. Anne BRENNAN (c.1845-1935), married Michael BYRNE; lived in Rathmines, Dublin.
BRENNANE.CranerBRENNAN, Catherine. Married Charles CREANOR, Strabane, 1872. Emigrated to Pennsylvania, 1874. Her brother John, emigrated in 1872.
BRENNANIrene BrennanBRENNAN. No further information given.
BRERETONM.BreretonBRERTON, John. Lived at Grogan's Hill in the 1850's, near Tullamore, and was buried at Grogan Hill, with his wife.
BRESNAHANTizJohn,County Kerry, Tralee, emigrated to Georgia USin 1850's
BRESNAHANB O'BrienBresnahan, Michael b1842 County Cork d1926 Cannon Falls, MN married Mary McMorrow in Waukon Iowa 1863. Children:Martin;Dennis; Margret;Elizabeth; Agens; Andrew; John; William;Michael;Ann; Farrel;Kate.
BRESNAHANB.BresnahanBRESNAHAN,Bengam. Married Catherine HOGAN. One daughter Ellen. Emigrated to New Zealand, 1885-1890. Irish address shown as Cork.
BRESNEHANM.AllenBRESNEHAN, Mary. Born c.1836, probably in Killarney. Son of Patrick and Abigail SHEA. Mary lived in St. Patrick's Parish, Roxbury MA., USA. Married John MURPHY, c.1857.
BRICEJ.ThalackerBRICE, Mary Hellen. Emigrated to Wisconsin, USA, c.1852, with her mother Mary (CARR) BRICE. Her father was Henry BRICE, from Co. Donegal. Married George Hortone GORDON, 1864, in Princeton, Wisconsin.
BRICKERFirstRig PA to Green TWP, Harrison Co OH 1804
BRIDEP.DickinsonBRIDE, David Patrick. No other information available.
BRIGGSDawnMary, married to David Doran, Caramoyle, Keady, Armagh
BRINKMANLouKilloran Parish, County Sligo 1700s+ Emigrated to Canada 1842
BRISCOEB.ColesBRISCOE, Gabriel. Born Co. Dublin, c. 1670. His son was Temple BRISCOE. Temple's daughter, Henrietta Maria BRISCOE married Thomas COLES, in 1734, in Co. Dublin. Interested in any BRISCOE'S, in this time frame.
BRISKEYCloudy 1852 to PA
BRISLANES.BreslainBRISLANE, James. Born c.1816. Parents Michael and Johanna. He is thought to have had a sister, Margaret. May have come from Co. Tipperary.
BRITTONI.BrittonBRITTON, George. Born b.December 10,1768 in Ireland. Settled in VA., USA, 1790 census in PA. Married Mary E. MOCK in Fairfax, VA., in 1789.
BRODERICKN. HarwoodBRODERICK, John. Born Ireland c1820; in 1860 census of Alexander County, IL with wife Mary (born Ireland c1830) and children including Julia, born 1857 in Cairo, IL. The family moved to New Orleans during or just after the Civil War; I have not been able to find a death record for John, but he was apparently dead by 1881.
BRODERICKP.GormanBRODERICK, Patrick married Bridget BRENNAN in Galway. He died December 18, 1944 in Winnipeg, Canada.
BROOKEJimdescendants of Robert Brooke born:June 3, 1602 died:July 20, 1655 Brooke Place Manor, Calvert Co., MD
backchewPatrick - Castle Island area of Co.Kerry, b c1820's, and spouse Bridgett Shay/Shea. Known children: Matthew, Patrick, Dennis, and Mary (wed a Tim Connor 1869 in Castle Island.) All sibs to USA 1870's.
BROSNANBudLLimerick, Broadford, Knocktoosh 1700-1800's Also Kerry on Limerick border
BROWNR.BurnsBROWN, Nancy. Married a man named FORRESTER, born 1689 in Ireland.
BROWNCloudy 1830 to IRELAND
BROWNB GrimesJames Brown b. 1820? Came to Quebec 1840s. wife Catherine Buckley.
BROWNB.HeywoodElizabeth BROWN b. 17.3.1829, in Perranworthal, Cornwall, to Hugh and Mary (nee Phillips). Emg. to Australia. Married James McSHANE (Newry, Co. Down), on August 15, 1849 in Catholic Church, East Maitland. N.S.W. After James's death, she married a Thomas BOWEN. Elizabeth died 1899 in Sydney. She had seven children.
BROWNM.PattesonBROWN, Annie. Married William EMMERSON. Their daughter Margaret, married William PATTESON, c. 1865. Emigrated to Australia.
BROWNEH.BrownettBROWNE, Samuel, born 1796, Belfast. He was a Sailmaker, transported to N.S.W. on the "Lord Sidmouth 2" in 1820, arriving February 19, 1821.
BROWNEB HughesAlexander Stephen (Steven) Browne born 18 Jan 1849 in Dublin?. He came to America with his mother in 1850. His parents were Alexander s. and Mary Jane (Smith) Browne.
BROWNEWm BrowneBallinrobe Area Mayo
BROWNED HeseltonFermanagh? Tyrone?
BROWNED McBratneyprobably Cork or Waterford
BROWNEWmBrown1800-Present. Ballinrobe area of County Mayo/US
BROWNENReebKiltimagh, County Mayo to Phila., Pa.
BRUCEKelmo married 1853 St. Cyrus
BRUCER.HowellBRUCE. Married to FLOCKHEART? Their daughter, Agnes Bruce FLOCKHEART married Isaac DUNCAN, in Belfast, 1919.
BRUGGYE. HollowLot b. Ennis Co Clare about 1800, married Mary Ann Steel about 1825 in Clare. Children John Dennis baptised 1826 Quinn Cluney, Mary Ann b 1830 Newmarket on Fergus, Thomas b 1830 New market on Fergus, James b 1834 Durragh , Lot b 1834 Newmarket on Fergus, Ann b 1836 Newmarket on Fergus & Eliza b 1846 Kilmarney.
John Dennis married Bedelia /Bridget O’Conner children John born Ireland , Bedelia, Mary Anne, Margaretina, Lot, Patrick, Eliza, Ellen born Bendigo Victoria Australia
et var.
Dirk2Edward b. ? MB,CAN c-1888
BRYANSAnn WilliamsBRYANS, George Francis and Anne Mills. Their son, Frederick John, was born on the ship, whilst coming to the USA. His birthdate was recorded as 9/12/1889. His birthplace as Brooklyn, New York, although he was actually born on the ship. They settled, in Buffalo, N.Y.
BRYANTA.MiddletonBRYANT. No further information given.
BUCHANANE.MillerBUCHANAN, William and Mary (WARD). Left Co.Donegal in 1791 for the US. Settled in Lancaster County, PA. Children: Elizabeth (1790), George (1793), William (1795), James (1797), and Mary (1801). Second marriage (no name for wife). Children: Robert (1805), Alexander (1807), Hunter (1809), and Rebecca (1811).
BUCHANONK.CraigBUCHANON (BUCHANAN/BUCHANNAN), Sarah Jane. Born Donegal,c. 1839. Father's first name unknown, Mother: Lady WALLACE of Scotland. Married John HARRINGTON c. 1859. Siblings: Lizzie, Margaret, John, Archie, and Henrietta. All from Donegal. Seeking information on parents and siblings.
BUCKG.H.BuckBUCK, John. Born 1778, in PA.
BUCKLEYM.SandersonBUCKLEY, Daniel. Born c.1830, in Co. Cork.
BUCKLEYSluggoStephen Arnold b. Dec. 26, 1835 Glenbeigh, Co. Kerry, IRL Johanna Grace b. Jan. 23, 1830 Waterford, IRL Father-John Grace Stephen and Johanna m. Jerseyville, Ill. May 1,1860
BUCKLEYBudLLimerick, Broadford, Knocktoosh, 1800's
BUICKKelmo 1859 Kincardinshire
BULGERK Emersonfrom Co.Wicklow (?) to Quebec 1800;by 1880-1895 Butte, Montana
BULGERB.GlaserBULGER, John James. Appears in New York by 1863. Born c.1836, in Ireland. Parents James and Elizabeth nee CRAWFORD. He has a half sister in NY, named Elizabeth CRAWFORD CRAIG. They had the same mother. Looking for Irish side of family.
BULGERK.LewisBULGER, John. Born c. 1793, in Belfast. Married Bridget (born Tipperary). Their son William, born c. 1821, either in Ireland or the Channel Islands, Jersey. Descendants eventually moved to Paddington, London about 1860.
BULKELEYFirstRigMD 1600's
BURCALOWG.BurcalowNo data available.
BURGESSR BurgessLooking for information on WILLIAM BURGESS, left Ireland in 1697...arrived in Virginia early 1698
Jerry BallauerBURKE (BOURKE), James. From Gortamarle, Co. Roscommon. Born 1846. His wife Bridget, nee MEEHAN, born 1846. Sons: John, born 1883, Thomas born 1884, James born 1887, Patrick born 1889, and Michael born 1893. Daughters: Delia born 1891, Mary Ellen born 1895, and Kate born 1900. Moved to Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo, after 1901 Census. Mary Ellen married Thomas MULDOWNEY, from Co. Mayo (townland unknown), in July 1913. After coming to the US., on April 27, 1913, Mary Ellen settled in Chicago, ILL., where she died on May 27, 1962.
BURKEJ.G.MillerKathryn Mary (b abt 1800 Cty Kerry, Ireland) Sp: Patrick HENNESSY. Son: Patrick, Jr (b. 1827)
BURKEP.PetersonBURKE, Peter, born c. 1820 in Co. Mayo, married Bridget (nee) BURKE. Settled in Jessup, PA. Children: Edward, William, Peter, Anne, Margaret, and Mary.
BURKEP.SmithBURKE. No other information given.
BURKEM.E.MoranBURKE. Seeking ancestors from Bantry, Co. Cork. Surnames are BURKE, TRIGGS and HAZEL (HAZL), G.G.Grandfather Florence, G.Grandfather Patrick.
BURKEJ.O'BrienBURKE, Ellen. Emigrated with her parents, John and Ellen, to Hampshire County, MASS., c.1862, when Ellen was 13 years old. Ellen married Patrick KENNEDY, who was born in Worcester, MASS., c.1843, to John and Hannah (Honora?) KENNEDY. John and Hannah, were from Ireland. Ellen BURKE and Patrick KENNEDY were married in 1871, at St. Mary of the Assumption Church, in Northampton (Hampshire County) MA. Sponsors were Bridget KENNEDY and Daniel GARVEY.
BURKER.KileyBURKE, James P. Born c.1851, in Cork/Waterford. Married Bridget FLYNN, also born c.1851. They had four children, the last two being born in Mass. USA: Josephine, Michael, Tobias, and James P.BURKE.
BURKEM.E.MoranBURKE. No further information given.
BURKENReebKiltimagh, County Mayo to Phila., Pa.
BURKEM.CorleyBURKE, Patrick and Bridget (nee CONDON). They had 14 children, including John, Honoria, Margaret, Ann and Molly. Molly came to the USA., first. She married a doctor, became a nurse, and moved out west. Ann, believed to have come out next, changed her name to Nance BURKE. She brought Honoria over.
BURKEJ.BurkeBURKE, Edward. Born in Ireland, 1829-30. Emigrated to Pembroke, Maine, US., before 1855. Married Anne, children: Henry, Elizabeth, Nellie, Mary J., John, James, Frank W. and Annie.
BURKED.KramerBURKE, Martin Emmet. Born in Galway, son of John and Bridget. Brother Thomas, and perhaps Peter. Born between 1860 and 1880.
BURKED.LeightonBURKE, Bridget. Born c.1826, in Co. Galway, Daughter of Dominick BURKE and (?) MADDEN. Bridget married Edward WHALEN, date unknown, in Galway Co. They went to America in the 1850's, and returned in the early 60's with theor 2 children: James Edward and Ellen (b.1857). After returning to Galway, Edward died, and Bridget remarried to Patrick QUINN (date and place unknown).
M.LittleBURKE BOURKE, Patrick. Born c.1833. Married Anne O'DWYER, in Kilrush, Co. Clare, in 1858. Their daughter Frances, born 1859. Their family sailed for Victoria, Australia, where a son John was born in 1860. Moved to Dunedin, New Zealand, where Anne died in 1863.
BURKHOLDERCloudy 1854 to PA
BURLETTD.BurlettBURLETT.No data available.
BURNSC.LamauteBURNS, James, born c. 1830, in Ireland. Served in the British Army in the Crimean War. Emigrated in 1861, to Jeddo, PA. Coal miner. Married Margaret SPACHT. Children: James, Katherine, Emelia, Daniel, Rose, Margaret, Mary, and John. Moved to Carbondale, PA., in the 1880's. Owned store on Belmont St. in Carbondale.
BURNSE.BurnsBURNS, George. Born in Loughbrickland, Co. Down, in 1844. He married Alice DEVLIN, and they had seven children: Daniel, Elizabeth, Edward, George, Mary, Sarah, and Patrick. Alice died in 1885, and George then married Mary MEADE(FITZPATRICK), in 1887. They had three daughters, Catherine, Bridget, and Teresa. Catherine and Teresa, both became nuns.
BURNSE.BurnsBURNS, George. Born 1844, in Loughbrickland, Banbridge. Married Alice DEVLIN, in 1868. They had seven children: Daniel, Elizabeth, Edward, Mary, George, Sarah, and Patrick. Alice died in 1885, and George married his second wife, Mary MEADE FITZPATRICK, a widow. They had three girls: Catherine, Bridget, and Teresa. Mary died in 1899, and George died in 1919.
BURNSIDET.SpearBURNSIDE, Mary, James and Nancy. Born in Ireland. Emigrated to Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Nancy never married, and Mary married William RAYCROFT, also from Ireland.
BURRELLD.BURRELLBURRELL, Thomas. Born c.1800. Married Catherine FOY. They had a son Thomas, born 1835.
BURTONR.HoganBurton, Thomas. Married Johanna MEYERS. Known to have been in Co. Tipperary, c. 1863. They had three children, Mary or Mollie, who went to Missouri, Margaret, went to Australia, and William, who appears to have died in the Boer War.
BURYEd.GiffordBURY. Family in Co. Wicklow, 1800-1850.
BUSTEEDB.BornemanBUSTEED, Michael. Cork apothecary, who died in 1784. He married Margaret WARNER, in 1774. They had at least two daughters, Margaret and Susanna. They may also have had a son, Jephson. Looking for connection to other Busteed families.
BUTCHARTKelmo Montrose
BUTLERJ ThomasJohn BUTLER m Margaret O'DONNELL, farmer,County Tipperary, children Michael(1837),Mary (1839), Sarah (1841), John, (1842).All four children migrated to Australia in the 1860's ,supposedly with another brother.
BUTLERE. HollowJohn & Margaret as per As per ship Dutchess Of Northumberland arrived Port Phillip Melbourne Victoria 1840 daughter Ann b 1824 possibly Mallow Cork, married Michael Lynch 1841 Melbourne Victoria Australia
BUTLERC.NicholasBUTLER, Bridget. Born in Kilkenny, in 1884.She was baptised in St. John's Church, her godparents being, Michael MANNING and Johanna BUTLER. Her parents were Martin and Bridget BUTLER. She had two brothers, and three sisters, living in Kilkenny. Bridget married Joseph Samuel BRADLEY, and they moved to South Wales.
BUTLERJ.CopelandBUTLER, Mary Teresa. Born 1835 at Moolum. Married Michael J.WALLACE (born 1833), October 5, 1857. Children: Philip (1857), John F. (1860), Martin T. (1862), Johanna (1864). Mary K. (1866), and Michael Henry (1872). The family came to Lorain County, Ohio, USA in 1874. Died in South Dakota.
BUTLERJ.DeardenBUTLER, Julia Agnes. Born 1843, in Ireland, to James BUTLER, and Catherine COATES. Emigrated 1850. Looking for birthplace and siblings.
BUTLERM.RinehartBUTLER, Eleanoe. Born c.1645, in Danganspidoggie. Eleanor married Edmond FORSTALL.She is said to be of the Noble House of Ormond. Searching for her parents.
BYERSA.BolandBYERS. Presbyterian Minister named BYERS, in Arklow, Co. Wicklow, during the 1940's-50's. Nicknamed "Sergeant" in the family, his wife was called Lottie. She, herself, had been a DIXON from Bandon in Co. Cork. BYERS, at some time a Moderator of the Presbyterian Church, originally from the North of Ireland. He died in the 1960's or 1970's. Two sons emigrated to Canada.
BYRNEK Emersonfrom Bawnemore, County Kilkenny to NY 1854; to Gold Hill NV 1880-1895 Butte, Montana
BYRNEKawfrom County Cork(?) 1830-1850 to NY
BYRNER.EarleBYRNE, Maurice (1795-1866). A dairyman from Rathmines, Co. Dublin.
BYRNEM.EganBYRNE, Michael. Born 1848 in Ballatorin, Co. Laios, Diocese Ossary. Searching for his parents. His father could have been William.
BYRNES.MartinBYRNE, John. Christened at TwoMile House, Co. Kildare, 1874. Son of Michael BYRNE and Mary HEFFERAN. Married Mary Ann DUFF c.1900.
BYRNEE.ByrneBYRNE. Co. Kildare.
BYRNENReebKiltimagh, County Mayo
BYRNED.ParsonsBYRNE, Patrick. Married Ann FOLEY. Children: Andrew, born 1868, James Henry, born 1870, Teresa, born 1876, Abegail, Ann Jane, Molly, and Thomas. Family lived in LaSalle, ILL. County of origin unknown. Seeking lineage.
BYRNEM.CostelloBYRNE, Catherine. Born in 1873, from the Ardara/Carn area of Co. Donegal. Her siblings were: Mary, Bridget, John, Patrick and William. Parents: Mary GALLAGHER and Daniel BYRNE. Daniel's parents were William and Catherine (nee McHUGH) BYRNE. Daniel had 1 brother, Cornelius (Con). William and Catherine were believed to have had 12 children. Con and his wife, settled in Hazleton, Luzerne Co. Pennsylvania, USA.
BYRNESR.ByrnesBYRNES, Michael. Born c.1850, in Shanagolden. He married someone by the name of CONNELL, from Co. Limerick. They had 4 sons and 3 daughters. Michael, who emigrated to New York, David, born 1878, Patrick, John, Lena, Jenny and Baby.
BYRNSB.ByrnsBYRNS. Searching for descendants of James W. BYRNS (1815-1877), born Kankakee Co., IL.

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