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EAGANT.SheridanEAGAN, from the West of Ireland.Her daughter's married name is HARRINGTON.
EAKINJ.De GennaroEAKIN, George. Born Ireland, c.1828. Married Caroline (Carrie) ROCHELLE, born New Jersey, USA., c.1840. Had 8 children. Married in Chicago, in 1860, and buried there. George had 1 sister, Charlotte. Charlotte came to the US., in 1855, with her husband, George MacAULEY.
EARLR.EarleEARL, Daniel. Born c. 1825, in Dublin City. Lived and died in 1804, in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.
P WoodGeorge b. c 1825 IRL, m. in West Troy NY 1848
EARLR.EarleEARL, Daniel (c.1840-1904). Born in Dublin; lived in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. Sabina was Daniel's mother, the wife of a servant.
EARLESSHAnna, b. Kentucky (parents were from England) moved to Ohio where she met and married Kenneth SEARLES. They moved to Chicago, IL.daughters, Nellie and Betty Jane SEARLES.
EARLSP.WoodEARLS. From Co. Clare or Galway(?). Then West Troy, New York, in the 1840's.
EARLYBCRyanDaniel, b 1842, Leitrim, to New Haven CT and died in 1920
EARLYM. BurdonMichael Early,1881 -1938 Street, Westmeath. Siblings Jim, Jack, Delia, Kate(became Fagan), Patrick (level crossing keeper)
EATONCloudy 1744 to PA
EATONR.KeatleyEATON, Matthew. Married Mary CASEY, in 1827, in Killarney, Co. Kerry. Matthew was sent to Australia, as a convict. His wife, Mary, and 4 of their children, followed 12 years later. They moved to New Zealand, in 1870.
EDWARDSCloudy 1771 to NY to PA
EGANJ.BlissEGAN, Thomas H. Born August 16, 1859. Parents Michael EGAN and Mary? Thomas was believed to have been born in Ireland, County unknown. He was in New York City by 1885.
EGANM.EganEGAN, John,and Katherine WELLS, Tipperary. They had a child Thomas Fransic, born 1893.
EGANC.MooreEGAN. Great Grandfather left Cork, at 15 years of age, and emigrated to Liverpool, England, during the famine.
EGANV.CapelsEGAN, Mary. Married John RYAN. Both came from Thurles, Ireland. Had a daughter Catherine, born 1840. Married Roger CARROLL and raised their family in Syracuse, New York.
EKEYEarl BrownEKEY, John. No further information given.
ELKINM.WalkerELKIN, Robert. Married Marjory WOODS, c.1772 at Mullenatomagh, Omagh, Co. Tyrone. One son David, married Catherine SMITH at Kilbuck, c.1796. Elder son David married (1)Lovey (Olivia) ROBINSON, (2) Elizabeth McGRAW. This branch went to Australia, c.1855, then to New Zealand, c.1864. One of Robert and Elizabeth's sons Alexander was killed in1868, in the Maori Wars in New Zealand, and was awarded the New Zealand Medal.
ELLARDEugcliffNo data
ELLIOTTS.HowardELLIOTT, Sarah Ellen. Married John McGONIGAL: both born in Ireland (John in 1833). Lived in NYC. Their fourth child was John.
ELLIOTTS.DAVISELLIOT, John. Married Margaret REID. A son Archibald, born 1874, Armagh. John was in America, but returned. Daughter Margaret, born 1891.
ELLISK.GrantELLIS, Hercules E. (Donegal). Married Frances CODDINGTON (Dublin). Two known sons: Rev. Arthur ELLIS, born 1777, married Jane BRABAZON, and Dixie ELLIS, born 1774, married in 1818 to Catherine VICKERY, born 1801, of Whiddy Island, Bantry, Co. Cork. All of Arthur and Jane's children were born or baptised in Cloonhill Parish/Town, Co. Donegal. Dixie and Catherine's children, only stated as born in Ireland, apart from the youngest child, born in the Isle of Man. Dixie died and was buried in the Isle of Man. Apparently he was in the Armagh Militia, in the late 1780's, and early 1800's.
ELLWOODA.HarrisELLWOOD, Michael. Married Bridget FLEMING. Emigrated to Fall River, MA. Two children known: Nellie born June, 1870, and Richard born February 1872, both in Fall River, MA. Michael and Bridget, both born in Ireland.
ELMORES.SmithELMORE. No further information given.
ELWOODTurnerMary, born Ireland, c. 1838, marr. Patrick KENNEDY. Emg. early 1860's. Children John, Mary, Margaret, Hanora, born Chicago, ILL.1862-1870.
EMMERSONM.PattesonEMMERSON, Margaret. Married William Patteson from Mullabrack, Co. Down. Emigrated to Queensland, Australia, c.1865.
ENGLANDC.JonesENGLAND Michael, Edward, John, Johanna, Mary, and Thomas. Family came from Bandon, Co. Cork. Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.
ENGLISHDoneva(s2data) Original immigrant, Irish Quaker, Joshua English from Westmeath, Ireland.
ENGLISHP.Taylor-SmithENGLISH, Anne. Born c.1844, Tipperary. Died March 30, 1907 in Australia. Married Thomas VERNEY 15 October, 1866 in New South Wales. Parents Edmund ENGLISH, a carpenter, and Mary CUMMINS.
ENGLISHD.LiggettENGLISH. Seeking the ENGLISH family from Tullywinny townland, Co. Tyrone, pre 1800-1900.
ENGLISHM.WilsonENGLISH, John. Born December 23, 1799, in Ireland. Married Catherine PHILLIPS, born March 17, 1790, in Ireland. Children: Ellen b.1824, Ann b.1826, and John b.1832. Living in Ontario, Canada by 1832.
ENNESSRobynThomas bc:1807 London ENG
ENRIGHTJBancroftHanna, m. 1845 to Michael Finnerty, Ballylongford, Kerry. Son John> Canada/USA/Canada
ENRIGHTL.SchmidtENRIGHT, Bridget. Born in Limerick, 1832. She came to Australia, with her mother, Mary ENRIGHT. They arrived on the "Kent", in 1854, from Ireland. The boat left from Liverpool, England. Her mother Mary, was 43 years old, her brother Patrick was 25 years, Thomas 23, and Michael was 12 years. Her mother was Mary (CUSHEN), and her father was Joseph ENRIGHT. They were all born in Limerick, Parish unknown. Joseph was a farmer. Bridget married William BELT, at Sandhurst, July 4, 1860, in Australia.
ERVINB.SczepanskiERVIN/IRVIN/ERWIN, Thomas. Came from Ireland. Thomas and Rebecca SHERBINEAU/CHARBONNEAU), lived in Hasting, County Hungerford. They had a large family. c. 1856-7. Thomas' parent's names were James and Bridget.
BETJAMES Ervin, Erwin b. 1804 married Bridget MCLaughlin b.1807 Tyrone. They sailed to ONT. CA.settled in the area of Tweed.
ERWAYE.BaxterERWAY, or derivations ERWIN/ERVIN.
EUDALYR.EuDalyEUDAILY, Isaac N. Born March 31, 1791, in Charlotte Co., VA., USA. John EUDALY, born c.1725, in Acadia (Nova Scotia), Canada. The EUDALY name is a form of O'DALAIGH.
J MinisciMary, Elizabeth and Patrick Eurell siblings, in Ulster Co & NYC, NY from Parish Mullingar, Location Stokestown (Griffiths Valuation) Co Westmeath or Co Kings (Offaly) pre 1850. Mary m'd John O'Riley/Riley resided Town of Kingston, Ulster Co, NY. Patrick resided NYC and Kingston
EVERETTpswordsEverett, John b.Sept. 1844, Dublin, parents John & Catherine Everett, emigrated to New Orleans
EWARTW.RogersEWART, Isabella. Born 1836, in Armage, N.Ireland.
P.ErwinERWIN IRWIN, Alex, from Armagh. Emigrated to Canada, c.1817, and settled in Halton Co., Ontario, CAN. Married Maryann WILLSON, from Antrim. Looking for their Irish roots.
EYESRalphJane m. Charles FALLIN b.1650

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