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HACKETTTurnbullPatrick - b.1825 Ireland, emigrated to N.Y. then Chester county,Pa. Married Mary FLYNN also of Ireland
HACKETTRickMary A. - dau. of John. Res: Curragraighue, Borrisoleigh, Tipperary.
HACKETTL.BergquistHACKETT. No other information given.
HACKETTArt HackettHACKETT/ HAKET/ HACKET. Frederick HACKETT, born December 1820, in Ireland. Emigrated to Upper Canada, before 1853. Settled in Port Hope, Ontario, and married Julia HOOPER. Migrated to Brooklyn, NY., after 1860. Church of Canada-Anglican. Seven known children: Amelia, Augustus, Julia, Frederick, Grace, James, and one other, name unknown.
Doreen GuerrieroHAGAN HAGEN. No further information given.
HAGERMANKelmo 1721 - Germany
HAGERTYWayne Elizabeth "Bessie" Skibbereen, County Cork to San Francisco, CA, 1880
HAGERTYPerryJohn, born Rochester, NY.,c. 1850. Parents John and Ellen, both born in Ireland.
HAGERTYS.KerwienHAGERTY, Sydney. Married Mary LAWRANCE, 31 October 1868.
HAIDYC.HoffmanHAIDY, Mary. She arrived in the US., c.1850. Her parents were James and Mary HAIDY. She married James CASSIDY, in Wisconsin, USA.
HALEYG.VitaleHALEY. No further information given.
HALLCloudy 1760's to NC or GA
HALLCAHIreland, County Cavan, Munterconnaught, Ryefield, 1700-1800s. John and Elizabeth Hall.
HALLR HallAlexander Patrick b. 1817 Antrim Co Ire d. 28/Mar/1888 Port Austin, MI
HALLB GrimesGeorge Hall b.1780 Galeay? To Middlesex, Ontario 1830s. Married to Jane Pardy.
HALLmimi1845 abt, lady from Glenoe, Kilwaughter Co.Antrim married Arthur Rea
HALLP.McEvoyHALL, John. Married Ann YOUNG, Waterford, Ireland in 1842.
HALLIDAYMugsWilliam DOB c 1875 Kilmarnock Ayrshire SCOT
HALLIGANHalliganIreland prior to 1817, then in Quebec, Canada, St Malachie, Dorchester County.
HALLORANP.MillardHALLORAN, Dennis Florence. Born November 22, 1871, at Mullagh T., Co. Clare. Emigrated to NY, March 14, 1888. Married Annie Mae TURNER, 26 June 1891, at Sacred Heart Church, W. Brookfield, MA. Parents of Dennis: James and Catherine HALLORAN, Mullagh/Spanish Pt. Annie's parents' birthplace unknown - James and Ellen TURNER, born and married in Ireland. Dennis was shot and killed at Granite Falls, British Columbia, Canada, on November 11, 1914. The HALLORANS owned Casino House/Caseno House, at Spanish Pt., no longer intact. Looking for Dennis' siblings and Mother's maiden name.
HALPINE.HalpinHALPIN, William. Born in Tulla, Co. Clare, 1820. He married Bridget CLUNE. They farmed in the area, and remained in Ireland.
HALTONB.GarciaHALTON, William. From Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath. Married Anne MAXWELL. Children: Bridget, born 1795, Elizabeth, born 1800, and Michael, born 1803.
HAMILLS.HamillHAMILL, George. Co. Antrim, 1811-1849.
HAMILLL.DiamondHAMILL, Mary. Born 1864, Co. Antrim. Daughter of John HAMILL. Married Patrick TEENEY.
HAMILLS HamillAlfred moved to Lancashire Eng late 1800's. May have had a brother who went too!
HAMILTONK PageJames,B Circa 1830 Ballygowan County Antrim 1830 Son of William, married Margaret Ann Gilbert 1850 Margaret Ann Gilbert 1850
HAMILTONCAHIreland, County Cavan, Munterconnaught, Ryefield, 1700-1800s. Francis and Mary Hamilton.
HAMILTONCAHHamilton's of Ayr, Scotland 1700s.
HAMILTONFirstRigPA to Harrison Co OH 1840
HAMILTONCloudy 1811 to SC
HAMILTOND.MacDonaldHAMILTON, John. Born 1833. William born 1836? Born Ireland, then Erin, Wellington County, ONT., CAN.
HAMILTONR.BarlowHAMILTON, Rebecca. Born ABT Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh. Raised townland Drumshonis?, Co. Tyrone. Only girl of thirteen children. Married Thomas DILL, Faniskillen or Enniskillen, c. 1774. Died 1816 or 1817, Ross Co. Ohio, USA.
HAMILTONM.DietzHAMILTON, Andrew. From Strabane. Born March 25, 1816.
HAMILTONM.DietzHAMILTON, Elizabeth. From Woodend. Married John HAMILTON. Died March 1842, buried in Grange Burial Grounds, in Strabane, Co. Tyrone.
HAMILTONM.DietzHAMILTON, John. From Woodend. Died January 9, 1785.
HAMILTONB.GillettHAMILTON, James and Mary. They had a son John born 1831, in Ballymena, Co. Antrim. Other sons were William and Thomas. John and William emigrated to Wellington Co., Ontario, c.1854.
HAMILTONJ.JonesHAMILTON, Henry and Joshua. Co. Cork in the 1700's. Need written documentation.
HANANT.WilliamsHANAN, Jane Baylor. Born June 16, 1823, in Ireland. Married Edmund Edward CORBET, Rathcormack, Co. Cork, July 4, 1846. He was born, January 1, 1821 or 1827, in Ireland.
HANDM.HeywoodHAND, Patrick. Born, 1777, in Newry, Co, Down. Transported to Australia. He married Catherine HATCH. They had eight children: Elizabeth (1808), Catherine (1811), Patrick (1811), Elizabeth (April 4, 1812), Mary Anne (23 July, 1815), John (1817), Charles(1822), and Catherine (6 February, 1825). Patrick died on December 15, 1827, in Richmond, N.S.W.
HANDR.CarlescoHand, Peter. Born Roscommon 6/28/84, and died 7/21/60 in New York City. Married Elizabeth MEEHAN. His brothers Thomas J. and Patrick, came to USA in 1902. Last address in Ireland was sister in Cloonshreen, Strokestown, Longford.
HANIFYM.AndrewsHANIFY, William. Born Athenry, Co. Galway, October 1837. Married Margaret QUIRK, born 1840, in Co. Galway. Came to the US., in 1857. Lived in Mendon, Worcester, Mass., until 1870. Then Germantown, Juno Co., WI., and Albert Lea, Freeborn Co., MC., then Avoca, Murray Co., MN. Their children were: Delia, Michael, John, Katherine and Thomas.
MeganHandrahan/Hanrahan, married to Paddy O'Shaughnessy co LIM, c. 1900s
HANLEYSHanleyJohn, of Carrick on Shannon, Ros, Ire > US in 1800's married in NYC, lived in Jersey City.
HANLEYP.HanleyHANLEY, Arthur. Born Tipperary, December 9, 1913. Father James HANLEY, mother's details lost, (possibly SNELL). Married Phyllis RUSSELL from Sheffield.
HANLONG SwantonPatrick (b. 10/1849) born in Canada of Irish parents. Mary (b. 3 /1840), born in Ireland. Children include John, William, Thomas, Rosanne (step-daughter of Mary)
HANLONP.BaldwinHANLON, James. Married Anastasia TALBOT in 1855, in Shinrone Chapel, in Co. Offaly. Emigrated to Canada, Ingersoll, Ontario, in 1856/57. Looking for relatives who remained in Ireland.
HANLONS.DrainHANLON, James. Born March 16, 1806, in Dromore Parish, Co. Down. Sisters: Agnes, 1804; Mary, 1802 and Jane, 1797. Granddaughters: Agnes 1842, Mary 1845, Sarah 1848, born Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland.
HANNAL. HannaDennis Hanna born in County Down 1812. Was in Wisconsin by 1844 I am looking for his Irish roots, Mother, Father, Town or villiage he came from in County Down. Thank you
HANNAM.GreenHANNA, James. Born c.1800, from Lisoid/Legananny Parish, Killough, Co. Down. James married Rose Anne HANNA (not related?), from the Clanmaghery area of Down. Their one and only child, Patrick, born c.1825, died 1907, married Elizabeth GRIBBEN/GRIBBON, in the early 1850's. Rose died in 1887. They had 12 children, three of which (Robert, Richard, and Patrick) emigrated to the US., in the early 1870's.
HANNAM.TracyHANNA,Mary. Born October 6, 1792, in Downpatrick, Co. Down. Her parents were John and Catherine HANNA, Scotch St., Downpatrick. She married Daniel TRACY, from Kilkeel, Co. Down, on December 16, 1818. They had 2 children: Catherine and Margaret. They left for Canada c.1821-22, on the "Empress of Killales". From Canada they moved south to the US., and settled in Grand Isle, Vermont. They then moved to Schulyer Falls, NY. Mary died on November 16, 1856.
HANNAE.O'ReillyHANNA, Elizabeth. Born c.1887, in Portadown, Co. Armagh. Marrie (?) FARRAR, in Egypt. Remarried in Australia. Her sister Frances, settled in Christchurch, New Zealand.
HANNANM.DoyleHANNAN, Elen, and her sister, Kate, came to Australia in 1887, aged 16 and 17. Ellen, also known as Eileen or Ilini, married James Joseph DOYLE, in 1889. The girls came out on the "Merkara". Ellen gives birthplace as Limerick.
HANNEYM.HaneyHANNEY, William. Born in the 1870's, at Lough Rea, Co. Galway. She had a brother, Martin, from Boley-Curheen, Kilnadeem, Lough Rea. Also a sister, Anne FAHEY, Glanmeen Cross, Kilrickle, Lough Rea. William emigrated to the US, and lived in NYC. Married Anne FAHY, from Ireland.
HANNOND.CodyHANNON, John and Ann. Went to Canada, then to Wisconsin 1871.
HANOND.HanonHANON. No further information given.
HANRAHANM.MageeHANRAHAN, Roger. Co. Clare.
HANRATTYK Emersonfrom Co. Monaghan (?) to Quebec 1815; by 1880-1895 Butte, Montana
HANRATTYHanno GurskiHANRATTY, Franz. Born in Dublin 12.03.1812. He died 15.04.1856 in Magdeburg, Germany, where he was an English teacher.
HANVEYJ.HanveyHANVEY. No further information given.
HARBISOND.ArmerHARBISON, Thomas and Elizabeth nee BROLLY. Married at St. Mary's Church, Limavady, on November 13, 1898.
HARDINjim2Hannah c. 1730 DEL to WV
HARDINGM.JohnsonHARDING. No data available.
HARDYjackChristopher. Dau. Marianna married Richard JACKSON in Clones, Co Monaghan in 1818. W. Jane JACKSON
HARGADOND.McHughHARGADON, Timothy. Born Ireland c.1791. Moved to Dundee, Scotland. Daughter Margaret married Patrick McHUGH, in October 1839, in Dundee.
HARKIND.CannyHARKIN, Anne. Born c. 1870-75. Daughter of Michael and Catherine HARKIN, from Urris, Clonmany, Co.Donegal. Married Anthony CANNY, from Urris, Clonmany, Co. Donegal. Children: Edward, Denis, Michael, Anne, Mary, and Kate.
HARMONJ.HarmonHARMON, James. Born Ireland, possibly in Drogheda, Co. Louth. His wife, Mary McGUINN HARMON, also born in Ireland, place and time unknown. James and Mary, came to the US, settling in Kingston, NY. They had five children, all born in Kingston: Bridget b.1849, John b.1852, James b.1853, Thomas b. July 3, 1858, and Mary b.1861. Jame's wife Mary, died in Kingston, January 1, 1885, aged 61. Birth date c.1823-24. All other dates unknown.
HARNEDYP.HarnedyHARNEDY, James. Co. Cork in the early 1900's. Married Rita BROWN, and moved to Coventry, England.
HARNETTTWBDavid Harnett born Dec.25,1839 Cork County. Father James? Harnett
HARPERD.PooreHARPER, Andrew. From Co. Down, possibly Killyleigh. His father was John Andrew, born c.1835. He married Eliza ROBINSON at Ballygrainey in 1852. They had eight children.
HARRIGANMacMcDonaldLooking for pob in IRL of Neil Harrigan who married Ellen McCormick. Came across 1846 with kids, Pat, James, Neil, Daniel, & Hugh. Ellen and kids to Grosse Ile then to Montreal, all settled in the Plantagenet area of Prescott, CAN
HARRINGTONT. SheridanHARRINGTON,from the West of Ireland. Son, Thomas SHERIDAN, New York.
HARRINGTONK.CraigHARRINGTON, John. Born Ireland, c. 1835. Married sarah Jane BUCHANON in 1859. Died about 1865, in NY. Seeking information re parents and siblings.
HARRINGTONJ.HeaneyHARRINGTON,James. Born in Ireland, in 1846, and died in the United States, in 1916. Married M.MURPHY, born in Ireland, in 1849, and died in the United States, in 1915.
HARRISR.HarrisHARRIS. Joseph Edward. Born 1869, in Ballyhalbent, Ireland. His mother was Jane KIMPSON.
HARRISJ.HarrisHARRIS, Jacqueline. Nee MOHAN. No further information given.
HARRISONFirstRigMD 1804 to Harrison Co OH 1840
HARRISONN.KieAndrew Harrison,Co Sligo about 1830's
HARRISONM.DormanHARRISON, Ann. Born after 1828. Father Robert. Married Robert GLOVER, 1849, at Grange of Ballyscullion, Co. Antrim. Resided at Kilnock, Drummaul. Children: Elizabeth, William, Robert, Andrew, James, Ann and John.
HARRISONPBNJames HARRISON, born c. 1780, Co. Kildare. Arr. Australia 9.9.1823 on the "Earl St. Vincent", sailing from Cork. Marr. 13.9.1829, Catherine HOWE, b. 1802, in Kilkenny. Children: Jane, 1836, born at Colo, N.S.W., and John.
HARRITYB.ThompsonHARRITY, John Joseph. Born c.1832, in Ireland. Married Mary M.Morning, born c.1835, also in Ireland. Emigrated with three children, Cecilia, Charles and Kate, to the US., between 1862 and 1864. Another child John Joseph 11, born in Philadelphia Co., PA., 1864, and died September, 1901.
HARROLDJ.SlatteryHARROLD, Thomas. Born 1809, in Castletown, Co. Limerick. Died 1871.
HARRONJ.ClarkeHARRON, Edward. Married Mary CARR 29/10/1885. Died 5/12/1927. Lived in Raphoe, Co. Donegal.
HARTP.LoflandHART, Mathew. Married Ellen POWDERLY, February 1840, in Rathkenny, Co.Meath. Children: James b. 1841, Mary b. 1844, Mathew b.1845, Anne b. 1850, Patrick b. 1852, John b. 1854, Ellen b. 1856, and Mary b. 1859, (the first three children, were born in Rathkenny, and the rest in Drogheda).
HARTEcdCaenabt 1695 of Phillipstown Kings Co.
HARTIGANR.DancaHARTIGAN, Michael. Married Mary PERDUE, in Ireland, before emigrating, to Boston. Children included William.
HARTIGANM.GrantHARTIGAN. No further information available.
HARTYK.HartyHARTY, Augustine. Born c.1795, in Waterford. Married Johanna BYRNE.
HASKINSRobynWilliam bc:1842? IRL
HATCHM.HeywoodHATCH, Catherine. Born 1786, in Dublin. She was transported to Australia. Married Patrick HAND. Catherine died in Richmond, N.S.W., on February 4, 1825, in childbirth, with her youngest daughter, Catherine.
HATTONR.HuntHATTON. No further information given.
NordinGeorge HAUGHTON/HOUGHTON had daughter Ann(e) born c1826. Lived in Offaly maybe Aghancon parish, family from King's Co. 1800s
HAUGHEYD HaugheyResearching Jacob Haughey married to Jane Lynas c1864 at least 7 children; David, Mary, Maria, Thomas, Elizabeth, Patrick, Joseph; born 1865-83 in Armagh, Armagh
HAVERND.TaylorHAVERN, James. Born June 1857, in Ireland. Siblings: Margaret, John and Elizabeth. Parents John HAVERN and Jane CRAIG. They were Presbyterians.
HAVERND.TaylorHAVERN, John. Married Jane CRAIG, c.1850, in Northern Ireland.
HAWTHORNT.SpearHAWTHORN/E, Hans. Son of John (shoemaker), and Agness (CAIN). His brothers were Patrick (Selena DOWNEY), Peter, John (Margaret WILSON) and Archibold (Ann RALPH). Emigrated from Down, to Anderston, Lanark, Scotland. Hans and Patrick emigrated to Canada.
HAWTHORNEbunnyPatrick born ca 1815, son of John (shoemaker) m. Selina DOWNEY, 1847, Killyleagh, Co. Down. They settled in Upper Canada, Goulbourne Twp, Carleton Co, Ontario.
HAYDENK.GruschowHAYDEN. No data given.
HAYESStarweaverJames J. b.1819 in NS. His father was born in IRL and had same name. May have come from Wexford IRL. James Hayes Jr. m. Catherine ? b.1 May 1839 in N.S. Known children: Ellen; Frances; Ann Mary; Margaret; Eliza; Jane Sarah; Mary E.; John William (my ggf)
HAYESD.SaundersHAYES, Elizabeth. Born 1832/1833, (Co. Laois), known then as Queens County. Elizabeth came to Australia, where she married, 1851 in New Sourh Wales, Daniel SAUNDERS.
HAYESN.TimpanelliHAYES, Timothy. Born c.1830's, in Wexford. Emigrated to America by 1864-6. Married to Catherine MULCAHY. They had at least one child, Margaret Rose HAYES, born 1864-66, in New York State, ? HORNELL or BURNS, NY.
HAYESP.HayesHAYES, Timothy. Left Co. Cork in 1813. His grandsons settled in San Francisco and San Martin, California.
HAYHURSTRobynJames bc:1790 London ENG
HAYWARDDirk2Henry, b. 1745, ENG, > Dublin, IRL c-1772, (Army) > America,c- 1780, > CAN - 1785 > NB - d.1808
HEALYA.Higgins TullHEALY. Charleville, Co. Cork, then to Boston, MA 1770-1860.
HEALYMardyPatrick & Margaret(nee O'Connor)from Shannagolden, Limerick,left Ireland 1863 for Aust.
HEALYDodgerJMargaret Healy, born 1808 in East Cooleens in Co. Cork, the daughter of John Healy and Mary Hickey. She married Daniel Leahy in 1832 in Charleville.
HEALYshunter HEALY Benjamin b. 1831 Ballyvourney, County Cork emigrated to Wilmington,DE. Married Ann McAnespy also of Ireland.
HEALYN.CarterHEALY, Honora. Born in Cork, 1899. Came to Lynn, MA., USA., as a child. Her father ? HEALY died in 1900-01, and her mother, ? SHAW, was to remarry John DINEEN, from Lynn, MA. She had 2 brothers, and 1 sister Nellie, who was left behind in Cork, with an aunt.
L.FrenchHEARE O'HEARE, Adam. Born November 12, 1760, in Ireland. He died April 8, 1816, in Three Churches, WV. Emigrated to the USA, in 1776, to avoid serving in the Army. Presbyterian. Married Margaret TODD, born January 28, 1771, in New Jersey.
HEARNEM JarroldNo data given
HEASLIPN.HeaslipHEASLIP. No further information given.
HEASLIPJ.HeaslipHEASLIP, Thomas. Born NYC., 1862. Died 1904. His father came from Galway.
A.PhilibenHEFERINE HEVERINE HEFFRINE, Mary. Married Thomas DOYLE. They had a son Edward, born Westmeath, 1828. Edward married Catherine FLYNN, (born Leitrim, in 1830), in Dunfermline, Scotland in 1853. Children: Thomas, Edward, Anne, Sarah, Patrick, James, John, Catherine, born West Lothian and Faldhaus. Son Thomas married Elizabeth MULLEN, in 1879, at Linlithgoshire. Children: Margaret, Catherine, Edward, Anne, Mary,Robert and Elizabeth, born in Faldhaus. Anne DOYLE married Michael PHILIBEN, 1904, in Bannockburn. Emigrated to Gillespie, IL.
HEFFERNANJ.RoyalDennis HEFFERNAN, born c. 1826 in Ireland, and arrived in America before 1849. He lived in Al., and South Carolina. Trying to trace his parents.
mimifrom clan DAL FIATCH ,county Down and Antrim begining in Skerrywheery to Larne
HEFFERNONB.SherwoodHEFFERNON, Bridget. Born Stonebridge (?), Co. Kildare. Father John HEFFERNON, and her mother was Ann(?). Married Thomas SMITH, (born Co. Cork), in 1827 at Binghamton, Broome Co., New York.
JC HessNo data given
HEFFRONWaterlilys1830 Hollymount, Co Mayo
HEGARTYRJ McInnescountry Derry 1808 to SCT to Canada
HEGARTYN.KieJoseph Hegarty,Co Cork about 1820's
HEMPENSTALLC.DaleHEMPENSTALL, George. Married Sarah Ann HARRIS, November 12, 1903, in Dublin.
HENDERSONLouSt. John's Parish, County Sligo 1700s+ Emigrated to Canada 1824
HENDERSOND.HendersonHENDERSON, John. Born 1832, in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone. Married Sarah MITCHELL, born 1835, also in Dungannon. Their first two children, John 1858, and David 1862, were born in Co. Tyrone. The other children were all born in Bellshill, (Bothwell Parish), Lanarkshire, SCOT. These children were: Mary 1865, Margaret 1867, James 1870, Robert 1872, Henry 1875, and Thomas 1879.Son John (Jock), married Mary WILSON (born 1859, Bathgate, West Lothian), on March 29, 1878 at Bellshill, Lanarkshire, SCOT.
A.PhilibenHENEGHAN HENAGHEN HENNIGAN HENEHAN. No further information given.
G.MartinHENEY, John, 60th Foot Regiment, Ireland. Born 1745. Emigrated with wife Sarah, and family, in 1831/32, to Ontario, CAN. Children born in Co. Down, Tyrone and Armagh. Known children: John b. 1814, Charles b. 1808, William b. 1806, Alexander b. 1812, Mary b. 1813, Hannah and Robert b. 1801.
J.G.MillerPatrick, Jr (b. 1827 Cty Kerry, Ire; d 12 Apr 1889 New London,IA,US) Son of Patrick Sr & Kathryn Mary BURKE. Sp: Ellen ROACH (m. 1851 Rochester, NY, US)
HENNESSEYA.Higgins TullHENNESSEY. Ireland. Then to St. John's Newfoundland, and Boston, MA. 1825-1920.
HENNESSEYD.McAteeHENNESSEY, (female). Born, early 1800's. Married Michael KANE, of Killydisart, Co. Clare.
HENNESSYMEFEleanor b. 1789 LIM m 7 Nov 1814 John SEABROOK d. Hertfordshire, ENG. Which HENNESSY family?
HENNESSYJ.RajunasHENNESSY, James. Mother Bridget CULLIGAN, father Cornelius HENNESSY. Married Honora LOWNEY, in Lowell MA., April 25, 1900. Died Lowell, MA., September 6, 1902.
HENNIGANB.HenniganHENNIGAN, Edward. Married Catherine SHAUGHNESSY, c.1879. Both born in Ireland.
HENNIGANG.WitteHENNIGAN, John and Catherine (STROGEN) Hennigan. They had at least 5 children, born in Co. Mayo in the mid 1800's: Thomas, John, Charles, Michael and Maria. Most of the children emigrated to the U.S.
HENNIHAND.HennihanHENNIHAN. In PA., USA., in the early 1900's.
HENRYD HunterCousin/Uncle of HUNTER, Co. Sligo late 1800's.
HENRYSharron HenryHENRY, Mary Ann. Married Robert Simon HENRY, in Co. Cavan or Co. Fermangh. They had 5 sond born in Ireland. Children: James HENRY born September 9, 1824, Robert HENRY born 1826, Simon HENRY born February 23, 1827 and Johnston HENRY born June 19, 1833. Trying to locate records.
HERLIHYM.ConnellyHERLIHY, Michael. Son of Thomas and Julia. Born 1850's, came to the US., in the 1870's. Looking for any information, particularly Julia's maiden name.
HERLIHYM.VerryHERLIHY, Timothy Desmond. Born 1855, in Killorglin, Co. Kerry. His father was Timothy HERLIHY, born 1860, married GOBNET. Also known as Deborah Desmond O'CONNOR. Timothy Desmond arrived in New Zealand in 1914, via USA, and Australia.
HERRELLM.NashHERRELL, William. Married Eleanor NICOLSON, emigrated to Canada in 1846. Children: Mary Ann, William, Elizabeth, Ellen (Eleanor), Catherine, and Margaret. Settled in Ontario.
HERRONSandyRobert HERRON born abt 1822 married to Mary Ann CLEGG born abt 1845 all children born in Pennsylvania after 1854, I would like to find out if Mary Ann CLEGG is related to Robert CLEGG.
D.HooperHESLAM HESHAM, Sarah Cecilia. Born c.1831. Came to Australia on a servant ship, in 1855.
HESLINK Heslinfrom Counties Leitrim and Longford.
HESSIONRHessionMy GGFather Patrick Hession born Ireland, died Manchester UK 1893 AGED 60.
HESSIONA.Higgins TullHESSION. Athenry, Co.Galway. Then to Waltham, MA. 1790-1900.
HEWITTTomCounty Down 1827 William John
HEWSONK.NewcombeHEWSON, Benjamin. Married Sarah ?. They lived in Templemore, where they had several children born and baptized. George, Francis, Benjamin, John, Andrew, Thomas, Jane and Elizabeth all came to Canada, c.1835. They settled in Caistor Twp., Ontario. A family connection was George HARGRAFT, whose mother was thought to have been a HEWSON.
HEYFRONJ.MurphyHEYFRON. Believed to have come from Ireland.In Liverpool, England, September 1850. New Orleans and Allamakee Co., Iowa, March, 1851.
HICKEYnomfrom Queen Co(Laois)in 1855to Boston, Michael born 1838 ,came with parents Michael Hickey and Margaret Brennan
HICKEYJ.RitzHICKEY, Johanna (born 1850, in Ireland), and Thomas (born 1852, also in Ireland). Parents possibly were Edmund HICKEY and Katherine HARD. County unknown.
HICKEYC.ScottHICKEY, James. Married Nora TOBIN. A son Martin HICKEY, born 1851, married Catherine POUND.
HICKSM.CasetHICKS, Michael. Emigrated to Scranton, PA., from somewhere in Ireland, c.1850. Married Ann McDONALD, raised children. Michael and Ann, both died in Scranton. Michael was a blacksmith.
HIGGINSJoeMary bc.1834 Galway m. Connor LANE 1855 in Glaway d. 1889 in Galway
HIGGINSMoeCowJohn and Elizabeth (BURKE) Higgins c. 1850s IRL, ? Co.Clare or ?Co.Cork. Sons: John R. b. 19 Apr 1875 IRL and d. 21 Oct 1933 at Niagara Falls, NY, USA. also: Michael of Chicago, USA; and Thomas and Patrick, of IRL
HIGGINSA. LambHohn and Catherine (Flynn) HIGGINS lived in or near Drumkeeran, Co. Leitrim. They had nine children, 8 of who emigrated. Sarah (James McCort) and Catherine (Hugh Carney) lived in NYC, Anna (Patrick Moloney) in Portland, Oregon, Mary (Michael Keaveny) in SF, California, Hugh and Michael in Red Oak, IA; Owen in Springfield, MA, Patrick died in the Civil War; and the youngest son John (Ellen Gallagher) stayed at home on the farm. John's son Patrick emigrated to NY
HIGGINSA.Higgins TullHIGGINS. Ireland. Then to Waltham, MA., 1825 to present.
HIGGINSM BellPeter and Mary (Walsh)Higgins & 7 children; James, Helen, Peter, John, Margaret, Annie, and Martin came to Phila.,PA in 1914 from Newport, County Mayo, Ire. Peter is son of Thomas and Nellie (Rogers)Higgins. Mary is dau. of Martin and Nancy (Malloy)Walsh.
HIGGINSM.DelaneyHIGGINS, Mary. Born 1864, Chesterfield, England. Parents Martin and Bridget (MEEHAN) HIGGINS. Family returned to Ireland, when she was small. Emigrated to Streator, IL. in 1881.
HIGGINSMary S.HIGGINS. Associated with Ballyhaunis and Knock areas, Aghamore, Co. Mayo.
HIGGINSDJAHIGGINS. Higgins Family of Glenravel, County Antrim
HIGGINSK.HigginsHIGGINS, John. Emigrated from Ireland (Co. Sligo?), to Canada, in the late 1800's to Newfoundland. Later moved to Galt, Ontario, Canada. Married Elizabeth (nee SHEPHARD). They had nine children. Looking for ancestors.
HIGGINSR.HigginsHIGGINS, Charles. Born in Co. Cork. Children: Charles, Mary, Matthew (born 1905, MA., US., and died 1971) and James.
HIGGINSA.CamelbeekHIGGINS, John and Amelia(ZENGLER). Married New York City, in 1893. Parents of John Francis Aloysius, Christine (Aunt Teeny) and Edward. His brother William HIGGINS grew up in an orphanage, in NY/Brooklyn. William said that he was born in Co. Cork, but the 1900 NY Census, says New York City.
HILBERTFirstRigPA to Harrison Co OH 1834
G.MoonHINES/HYNDS, Richard. Born 1751 in Co. Down. Served in the American Revoluntiary War from 1777 to 1778.Maried Jane HARRISON or MORRISON, also from Co. Down.
HINGSTONJ.KingHINGSTON. Would like contact with any HINGSTON families from Cork.
HINNEGANL.KearneyHINNEGAN, Andrew. Born c.1832, in Ireland. Went to the US., in 1854
HIPSONJ. CallowHipson, Robert b. 14 Dec. 1849 Desert Martin, Derry Ireland. Immigrated to US about 1862.
C. StrandResearching pre-1850 Irish individuals and families with the surname HITCHCOCK or similar spellings or pronunciations. My 2gr-grparents Thomas (b c 1808 IRE, d 15 Jan 1884, Brockville, ON, CAN) and Ann (----) HITCHCOCK (b IRE, d aft 1871 Brockville, ON, CAN) emig to North America c 1850. They and their son John Wesley HITCHCOCK (b IRE c 1847, d aft 1884; m 6 Nov 1872 Euphemia "Effie" Louise FULFORD, Brockville, ON, CAN) are listed in the 1871 Census for Brockville, ON, CAN. It is unknown what part of IRE this HITCHCOCK family emig from.
HOARERennyClogher, County Kerry. 1850s - present
HOAREM.HoareHOARE, Patrick. Married Cathrine. They left Kerry, sailing from London, on September 4, 1875, aboard the "Waimate", for New Zealand. They had 3 children: Mary, James and Thomas.
HOATHB.CarrollHOATH, Martin. Born in Galway, 1848. Joined the army in 1867, and was invalided out in 1879 at Athlone. He died between 1879 and 1881. He married Elizabeth RYDER and had two children, Martin and Teresa. Martin died on the Somme, and Teresa in Manchester. Looking for other HOATHS in Ireland.
HOBANR.RipleyHOBAN, Bridget. Born 1841, near Ballyhannis, Co. Mayi. Married Michael MORLEY, born 1836, also in Ballyhannis.
HODGINSK.HodginsHODGINS. Emigrated to Gaspe, Quebec, Canada, in the 1800's.
HOGANM PetzoltMary, married to John/James McCarthy in Tipperary, emigrated to Brooklyn c. 1850-1860
HOGANK.McNeillHOGAN, Michael. Married Catherine O'LEARY. Came from Co. Cork. They had a son Patrick J., born c.1868, in Co. Cork. Family emigrated to New York, or Boston, in the 1870's.
HOGGANB.HeywoodHOGGAN, Amelia Arentina Stewart. Born in 1822, in Cork. She married Thomas Spearman HEYWOOD, RN. They had eight children: Mary Ann, Margaret Christine, Thomas McMurdo, Henry Stewart Johns, Charles, Amy Sutherland, Melville Jane, and Arthur Douglas. Amelia died in Crew Villa, Sidcup, Kent.
HOGANM BilesHOGAN No data given
HOLDEND.HoldenHOLDEN, James. Born 1790 in Co. Wexford. Married Antoinette and Antoin MURPHY, born 1790 in Co. Wexford. Son Daniel HOLDEN, born 1819 in Co. Wexford. Daniel married Mary FITZPATRICK, and emigrated to Quebec, CAN., c. 1830.
HOLLANDK.HollandHOLLAND, Bernard. Born c.1837, in Ireland. Married 1862, to Margaret DERMODY, also born in Ireland. Looking for birthplace and parents.
HOLLANDH.WildHOLLAND, Charles. Born Downpatrick, in the 1700's. Married Margaret WATSON, and they moved to Birmingham, England. Had a son, John. Both were Silk Dyers. Margaret was born in Belfast.
HOLLYWOODR.McAleerHOLLYWOOD, John. Born November 25, 1894, maybe in Ireland. Died in Philadelphia, August 1969. His siblings names were thought to be, Patrick, James, Peter, Nettie, Gert, Marie and ? Trying to find real last name, and history of family.
HOLMESMerryThomas, b. 1815 in Co Meath, Ireland
HOLMESB.YoungHOLMES, John. Born 1787, Beauparc, Co. Meath. Died c.1832, at Slane, Co. Meath. Had 3 sons and 1 daughter. One childs name known: William Wilson HOLMES.
HOLTJimDescendants Of Oliver Holt b. abt 1796 in Royton/Oldham, Lancashire, England moved to Delaware Co. PA about 1840 with Family d. January 22, 1868 buried in Blue Church Cementary, Springfield, PA
HOOEYJoeJane aka Jennie b 1837 Tyrone Co IRL dau of Alex Hooey and Mary Argray. mc. 1863 John Carney (son of Francis Carney and Catherine Tague) in Watkins Glen NY d. 1911 Ouray COLO
HOOLEYK.GruschowHOOLEY. No data given.
HOPKINSG.HopkinsHOPKINS, Laughlin. Born 1810, Dublin. Died in US, Lanark, Portage Co. Wisconsin. He had a brother Luke. Luke had a son James, who married Ann WALLACE.
HORANH.KamineHORAN, Margaret Anna. Born 1874, in Ireland. Died 1949, in VA., USA. She had a brother James, and her parents were Dan HORAN and Catherine SULLIVAN.
HORNERM.BarretoHORNER, Alexander. Born 1778. Templepatrick, Co. Antrim, is listed as his place of origin, on his British Army paperwork. He ended up in Nova Scotia.
HORNERD.DicksonHORNER, John. Born 1801, died February 22, 1861, in Illinois, USA. Married Jane SPEAR c.1828, in Northern Ireland. Emigrated to the US., after March 17, 1837.
HORSEYG.MartinHORSEY, Anthony. Co. Limerick. Died at sea, 1673, in the King's service. Looking for descendants, and ancestors.
HOSTYS.SinclairHOSTY. Catherine HOSTY married John MITCHELL, c.1870, in Co. Mayo. Julia HOSTY, married Peter MITCHELL, c.1870, in Co. Mayo. They had two daughters that became nuns, Sister Mary Julia, and Sister Mary Nativity. Both died in West Hartford, CT., c.1882. Patrick J. HOSTY, came to Hartford, c.1882. Married Winifred BENJAMIN (also from Ireland), at St. Joseph Cathedral, in Hartford, February 1885. Another HOSTY, married a COSGROVE, and their daughter is currently, a Sister Teresa COSGROVE, in West Hartford. Would like to find connection, between all these HOSTY people. Believed to be siblings.
bpossum 1850 IRL>US Michael, wife Catherine, 5 children: Michael, Catherine, Edward, Julia, and Honora(Hannora) who married RYAN
HOURICANJ.BurkeHOURICAN, Philip. From Dunbeggan. Married Margaret CORCORAN, 1838, in Granard Parish. They had 12 children, and all remained in the area. This name is O Sumaghain, in Gaelic. Anglicized version can be SOMERS or SUMMERS. This surname found in NW Longford (near the Cavan border), in townlands of Dunbeggan, Fostragh, Aughnacliffe and others.
HOUSELCloudy 1670 from GERMANY
HOWARDCloudy 1834 to AL
HOWARDD.FrameHOWARD, Elizabeth. Born 1834. Emigrated to Toledo, OH., prior to 1855. Looking for information on Elizabeth's parents.
HOWEHoweHOWE, Ulster Province, Co.Fermanagh. Emg. 1826 to Queen's Co. New Brunswick, also Dundas and Toronto, Can.
HOWEPBNCatherine HOWE b. 1802 in Kilkenny, to Garrett and Catherine HOWE.Arr. in Aust. on 12.11.1828. Marr. James Harrison in 1829. Two children: Jane and John. After James died, Catherine married James MORAN on 28 June, at the Church of St. Lima, Half Moon Reach, Hawkesbury River.
HOWEA.WheelerHOWE, Patrick. Born in 1835 in Co. Galway. Parents Patrick and Ann (BRYANT) HOWE. Arrived Boston in 1842. Married Ellen (Nellie) DOHERTY, 1863 in Boston. Children: Alice, Evelyn (SCANLON), Lillian M., Nellie, John, Frederick V., and Patrick (died at 6 weeks) 1880.
Geantrai Co.Galway
HOYW.HoyHOY. No further information given.
HUGGARDR.HuggardHUGGARD. From Milltown, Co. Kerry. Thomas, John H., and Annie left Ireland, leaving behind their parents, and a brother Aby. Records of the name HUGGARD have been found in the Kilcolman Union Parishes. When Thomas died in Canada in 1944, his obituary listed 2 sisters--no names. In 1904 an Aby HUGGARD registered the deaths of a Thomas Annie.
HUGHES HughesHUGHES. From Newbridge Camolin, Co. Wexford.
HUGHESMichaelDrogheda, Co. Louth 1850's
HUGHESLalahTTInch, County Down, Ireland to US c. 1858
HUGHESBowlerMichael b.1839 4children two born in Ireland Nicholas b. 1861 Mary A. b.c1863, John b.1867; Margaret. b.1867 they were twins born in Liverpool
HUGHESLaLaTTEdward (born 1792), Inch, County Down
HUGHESM FlynnDrogheda Co. Louth
HUGHESG.WitteHUGHES, Bridget. Born c.1830's, in Co. Longford. Bridget married Patrick MAHON. She had at least one sibling, named John HUGHES. Bridget and Patrick had five children: James, Patrick, John, Rose and Bart. The children emigrated to the U.S., and most changed their surname to McMAHON.
HUGHESB.BatemanHUGHES, Isabelle. Born Co. Tyrone, July 2, 1837. Went to Canada in 1851. Married New York State, 1859, to Alonso Bellinger. Looking for family
HUGHESJ.FortadoHUGHES, James. Could be from Co. Armagh. Married Eliza KERSHAW, born c. 1820-1830. Their children, born after 1858, were: Mary, Eliza, Joseph, Ann, Alice, James, George and Peter. Ann married a SPELLMAN, and came to the US. Most of the others remained in the Stockport, England area, where they had emigrated from Ireland.
HUGHEYM.Hughey-BrozowskiHUGHEY, Joseph and Sarah. Came to Washington County, NYC., from Ireland, peraps Co. Tyrone.
HULBERTDirk2William, b. ? d. 1910, LND, ENG
HULLMimi71830 1880 NJ,USA Catherine Pompton Plains, NJ, Dau Marvill Hull and Ann Barmore
HUMEFinn Mac CoolFlora Isabella Hume near Victoria BC CA, daughter of Duncan C.
HUMPHRIESEchosNeed info: Cromwellian settler inder Col. Monk near Newry, Down IRE 1600-1700, Montgomery Co VA-1700-1750, Caswell/Persons Co NC-post 1750, Jerome ID abt 1924.
HUNTEN Killedan parish 1828, Tithe Applotment
HUNTKprenderThomas, born 9/1/1816 in Cappawhite, County Tipperary (son of Thomas and Mary Hunt) emigrated with his siblings FitzMaurice, Henry, Francis, Robert Vere, and Charity to the Canadian side of the 1000 Islands in 1846. Thomas m. Hannorah McGRATH (McGraw) of Cappawhite about 1855, after his first wife, Minerva Scott, died.
HUNTR.NeilHUNT, Sarah. Born c.1810. Married William PATTERSON, in Co. Armagh. Looking for birth dates, and parents.
HUNTERD HunterElijah, b. Dec 1830 Co. Sligo d. ? m. ? Mullen they had the following children John, Robert, Samuel, Elijah, Robert, William and Georgia.
HUNTERS.Edmonds Patrick Hunter b1856. Kilareny,Co. Kerry. Parents were Issac Samuel Hunter and Margaret Doyle. He and his father were tailors. Emmigrated to Toronto,Ont.Canada by 1880. Moved to Washington,PA by 1893. Married Mary KEATING,Co.Clare. Children: Marguerite Teresa,John Joseph, Wm Samuel, Frances, and Kathleen. Died August 17, 1921, Olean,NY
HUNTERJ.HunterHUNTER, James. Married Rebecca BATES. Their son Joseph HUNTER, born April 9, 1888, at Kilcleen, Castlederg. Married Mary FERGUSON.
HUNTERS.HunterHUNTER, Nathan. Born 1743, Randalstown, Co. Antrim. Emigrated to Newberry County, South Carolina, USA., with his wife Mary, and twelve children, in about 1788. They were also accompanied by a group of Seceder Presbyterians.
HURLEYD DohertyKate HURLEY - married David O'LEARY in Co. Cork before 1849
HURLEYM TuckerJohn married to Elizabeth Dalton,early 1820's
HURLEYD.AdleHURLEY, Ellen, Co. Cork, she had a brother Tim.They were reputed to have lived in a castle in Co. Cork. Ellen married a William CLUTE.
HURLEYL KeyserDennis and Mary Hurley nee Egan early 1800's Woodford, Ballynakill County Galway Children Mary, Ann, Michael, Patrick and Julia
HUSBANDB. BaileyCo. Derry.
HUSTONA.McNameeHUSTON, Margaret. Galwolie, Cloghan, Co. Donegal. 1880-1935.
HUSTONS.DawsonHUSTON. Emigrated to Quebec from Monaghan. Elizabeth HUSTON married Henry James DAWSON, Sorel, Quebec, in 1823. She had an uncle Charles HUSTON, and her father's name may have been William.
HUTCHINSONN. HarwoodHUTCHINSON, Thomas Joseph, born Clonmel Oct. 1853, son of Daniel Joseph HUTCHINSON and Marguerette MORRIS. Family lived in various duty stations, as D.J. HUTCHINSON was an officer in an East Kent Regiment called "The Buffs." The family was in Roscommon by about 1860, and family members lived there until after WWI. Thomas Joseph Hutchinson and his younger brother, Daniel, emigrated from Roscommon through Liverpool to New Orleans in October 1869. D.J. HUTCHINSON and his wife (who was, we believe, a Catholic) are buried in the churchyard of St. Coman's Church in Roscommon. There were either 14 or 17 sons of this family, several of whom were born after 1869. The youngest, Joseph, lived with T.J. HUTCHINSON in Texas for several years as a young boy, but returned to Ireland and lived there the rest of his life. His daughter, Margaret (Maddie) married Patrick COFFEY.
HYDEB.HydeHYDE, Charles. Born September 1868.
HYNSONCarolMcJAnn Hynson b.1617 Kent Co., MD; d.1675 Talbot Co,MD m. Thomas Norris

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