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MACKVKirnAll Ireland esp Cork
P.WoodMACKEN MACKIN. From Granard, Co. Longford and Brooklyn, NY., c.1847.
MACKERLEYE.LandayMACKERLEY. No further information given.
MACONCHYW.BlainMACONCHY, William. Born Cookstown (or area), Co. Tyrone, November 16, 1774. Emigrated to Innisfil Twp., Ontario, CAN., in 1833. Died August 31, 1836. Looking for Irish records and relatives.
MADDENM FoleyTimothy from Ireland and wife Mary Powers to Boston in 1840's or so
MADDENM.DoyleMADDEN, Cecilia. Born 1900, Port Dunblar, Galway. Siblings: Bridget, Molly, Edward and Jim. She married Michael O'MEARA. They moved to Australia.
MADDENC.JonesMADDEN, Patrick, Daniel, Michael and Cornelius. Maybe from Glengarrif, Tipperary or Cork. Prior to 1864.
MADDOCKDurbsCatherine, married Brabazon Saunders, Dublin, 1819
MADIGANE WatsonPatrick Madigan, b1851, Limerick City, Co. Limerick, married Bridget THOMPSON, b1855,Ireland. Married 1890 in Chicago, Illinois
MADIGANM.MadiganMADIGAN, Denis, born 1789, Limerick; Married Hannah CUSACK, born 1795. Denis emigrated 1853. Hannah died in Ireland in 1855. Children: John, James, Michael, Patrick. He had a brother Patrick Nash MADIGAN.
MADIGANW.MadiganMADIGAN. No further information given.
MAGEEK.GleesonMAGEE, Joseph Addis. Born December 14, 1882, Belfast. Looking for descendants.
MAGENNISjim2Edmond & Eleanor c.1620 Co Antrim IRL
MAGILLR.DonellyMAGILL, Anne. Born c.1808, in Dublin. Father, Michael MAGILL, mother (?) STONE. Married James DONELLY, 1828 in Lancashire, England.
J MagnerRockmills, Kildorrery, Cork & or Ballyguyroe, North Cork, IR Imm: to Jersey City, NJ, 1880, looking for other Family members
MAGUIREFKempFelix born abt 1820 Co. Fermanagh. Arrived in Canada abt 1839. James a popular family name.
MAGUIRER.MaguireMAGUIRE, Philip Hamilton. Died March 7, 1901, at his home, 7 Harcourt Terrace, Dublin. He married Mary Catherine MOFFAT.
MAGUIREM.DunnMAGUIRE, Lawrence. From Co. Dublin. Married Bridget STOREY (Co. Wicklow), in 1840.
MAGUIRES.WhiteMAGUIRE. Came from Co. Langford, Ireland, and later Wilmington, Delaware. Joseph Patrick MAGUIRE settled in Staford, Conn. Married Mary A. NEVILLE in 1897. Her father was born in Co. Kerry, and her mother was born in Roscommon.
MAGURNK.RockerMAGURN, Ellen. Born in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, on April 8, 1862. She was one of 10 children, of which, 6 were alive in 1900. She emigrated to Philadelphia in the 1880's, and married James D. KERRIGAN, in 1888. Her mother lived with James and Ellen, in 1900, and her name was Catherine.
MAHARDYEugcliffNo data
MAHERC.RogersMAHER, Thomas. Born June 9, 1841 in Ireland. Married Elizabeth M. KREPPS, (born February 25, 1848) at St. Joseph's Church, Oil City, PA., June 30, 1867.
MAHERJ.CotterMAHER, Thomas and Bridget KENNEDY, parents of James (1880), Mary (1881), Catherine (1883), twins Patrick and Anastasia (1886), Thomas (1888), Johanna (1890), Bridget (1892) and Joseph (1900). All born in Thurles Civil Parish.
MAHONWhatmore1800's Mullingar, Westmeath
MAHONP.WoodMAHON. From East Galway, and Brooklyn, NY., c.1865-70. Martin, John and Patrick. Settled north of Broadway.
MAHONG.WitteMAHON. Catherine. Born Co. Longford. Married John TUITE, 1834, in Killoe. Emigrated to New York, and raised their family.
MAHONG.WitteMAHON, Patrick. Born in the 1820's, in Co. Longford. Married Bridget HUGHES. After Bridget died, he married Ann IGOE. Patrick had at least 4 siblings; Bartholomew, Catherine, Rose Ann and Bernard.
MAHONP.WoodMAHON. From Grange/Bullaun/Woodlawn, in East Galway. Then Brooklyn, New York.
MAHONEYTLBlackmanAndrew Mahoney b. abt 1825 IRL m. 1847 in Ontario CAN to Mary McNerney. In IL, USA by 1868.
MAHONEYJ.EustisMAHONEY. No data available.
J.FortadoMAHONY, Michael. Spouse unknown. Had Maurice c.1826. Family originally from Coorydown and Kealnine, in parish of Caheragh, Bantry area. Maurice married Eliza KINGSTON in 1856, and Mary/Maria KINGSTON, in 1870. Children's names: Michael, Jude/Julia, Honora, Denis, John, Ann, Ellen, and Paul. Baptismal sponsors included Daniel, Ann, Mary and Margaret MAHONY, as well as a SPILLANE, RILEY, COLLINS, DONOVAN, REGAN, CANTY, and BRIEN. The family moved to Drimoleague parish.
MAHONEYC.BrewickMAHONEY, Mary. Born in Co. Clare. Emigrated to Rimouski, Canada.
MAHONEYC.CumberMAHON(E)Y, Katherine. Niece of Father Francis MAHONEY, Co. Cork. Katherine born 1857, died 1896. Francis MAHONEY born 1804, died 1866, Paris, France, buried Watergrasshill. Mary MAHONEY born 1850 in London, parents Patrick and Catherine MAHONEY, born Ireland.
MAHONEYC.CumberMAHONEY, Mary. Born London, England in 1850. Daughter of Patrick and Catherine, nee READ, both born in Ireland, Patrick in Co. Cork. Patrick's uncle Francis Sylvester MAHONEY, wrote The Bells Of Shandon and also wrote under the name of Father PROUT. Another relative was Elizabeth Kathleen MAHONEY, born in Cork and became a music hall singer, Bessie BELLWOOD.
MAHONEYC.CumberMAHONEY, Timothy. Founder of the Blarney Woolen Mill, Co. Cork. His son, Martin MAHONEY, had 2 sons, Martin and Rev. Father Frances MAHONEY (Father PROUT). Martin believed to have had a son, Patrick who left Cork for London at the time of the Famine. Married Catherine READ or AHERN, and had 3 daughters, Mary, Catherine and Annie Bellwood MAHONEY.
MAINEYJulia MaineMAINEY, William. Emigrated from Balignolia, as stated in the Manchester, England, CEB, 1881. Though the family could have come from Ballingoola, Co. Limerick. William and most of his descendants were professional musicians in Manchester. No information on the surname on any genealogy lists.
A.SymonsMALEY/MELIA, Mary, born 1864 in Northumberland, England. Married John GALLAGHER, from Co. Sligo.
MALONEHueymacCathern Malone- N. Ireland to Scotland to Albany.NY 1929
MALONEYJoeLittle data
MALONEYKenMargaret, married to Michael KELLY Michael son of Edward, bro to John, Christopher; children: Michael, Mamie, Grace
MALONEYG.MaloneyMALONEY. No further information given.
MALOOLYT.MaloolyMALOOLY, Thomas V. From St. Johns Parish, Co. Roscommon. Went to Baltimore, Maryland, USA., during the famine, prior to 1850.
MALOWNEYGeorgeannMULLOWNEY, MALOWNEY and spelling variations
MALLOYB MerrillWilliam MALLOY b. abt 1820 Ireland, m. Catherine BROOKS, immigrated to VT abt 1840.
MALOYC.DolanMALOY. No further information given.
MALSEEDR.MalseedMALSEED, John, 1790-1861. Co. Donegal. Came to US., April 12, 1821.
MANESpatManes family emigrated to Quebec Canada in 1800's.
MANGANJ.ManganMANGAN, Timothy, 1802-1886, and Julia 1806-1886. Came to America from Co. Cork in 1847. Timothy had 8 children:John, William, Winnaford, Christopher, Lawrence, Anna, Timothy, and Thomas.
MANGANP.BurnsMANGAN. No further information given.
MANLEYEugcliffNo data
MANLEYV.SmithMANLEY, Elizabeth. Born 1882.
MANNAGHP.MannaghMANNAGH. No further information given.
MANNINGK.CROSSONMANNING, James William, born March 1861, Ireland, ame to California, US, 1879. Married Letitia WATSON.
MANNIONJ.HigginsMANNIONS/MANIONS from Roscommon, Ireland, to NY., NJ., or PA.
John ManningMANNION MANNING. Co. Longford.
MANSFIELDT McFarlandMary Mansfield born about 1828 in Ireland. Father possibly John or Herbert.
MARAS.YanchisinMARA, Mary E. Believed to have Irish ancestors. Lived in Syracuse, NY. Married Fred Farmer. Had several children, including twins, Fred and Fleta(?), as well as a daughter Marion. Marion married William J. LAWLESS, from Syracuse, NY, and had 11 children.LAWLESS family believed to have come from Wexford.
MARAGHS.HoodMARAGH, John. Born in 1817, in Co. Clare.On March 20, 1838, John, aged 21, and working as an indoor servant, was tried, in the Kildare Courts, for stealing a cow. He was sentenced to 10 years, in the colony of New South Wales. Sailing from Dublin in 1838, aboard the "Westmoreland", arriving on the 22 August 1838.He was then sent to Port Macquarie. Married Ann McGIFF (MOYGIF), in Port Macquarie. Ann was born in 1821, at Pearcetown, Co. Westmeath. MARAGH is apparently, the Gaelic form. The closest pronunciation was O'MEARA.
MARCUSS GodfreeAntrim Co.
MARLOWKelmo1786 - Orby Lincolnshire
MARRIEJ.MarrieMARRIE. A male who went to Newfoundland, via St. Pierret Miquelon, between 1860-1870. May have come from Dublin. His name and age unknown.
MARTINWaterlilys1846 West of Dingle, Co Kerry
MARTIND.Martin SutherlandMARTIN, Daniel, emigrated c. 1852, from Ireland, wife Mary SULLIVAN, and son Daniel (b c 1850). Settled and stayed in Manhattan, attended the Church of the Sacred Heart. Still searching for death, Ireland source, and County. The son Daniel moved to Buffalo, NY., in 1930's, and settled there.
MARTINB.ChristiansonMARTIN, Joseph Albert. Born April 3, 1886 in Queenstown. Died 1935 WPG. Married Jeannie BROWN
MARTIND.HakadMARTIN, Sir Patrick. His descendants elected to come to Mass., US., mid to late 1700's. Was said to have wanted to donate money, to Harvard College, but gave it to Dublin University, instead.
MARTINE.MershonMARTIN, Mary Ellen. Came from Co. Tyrone, to Philadelphia, in 1867.
MARTINE.CranerMARTIN, Peter. Son of Michael. Born Claremorris, Co. Mayo, 1874. Emigrated to Pennsylvania, 1890. Married Mary FARRELL. They had 7 sons.
MARUMS.MarumMARUM. No information given.
MASSEYT.MASSEYJames H. Massey born Sept-Dec 1779 County Unkn. To America 1798-1800 died 1864 Missouri
MATCHETTJ.MatchettMATCHETT, Richard. Born 1809, in Ireland. Married 10/10/1830, to Charlotte KENAH (born 1811).
MATHERSBarWilliam married Mary MC CRUDDEN 1864 in Castlefin, Donegal - lived in Sion Mills, Tyrone
MATHESONStarweaverDuncan Neil b.1811 Isle of Skye SCOT > C.B., N.S. >P.E.I. m.Euphemia "effie" MUNROE b.1819 Isle of Skye d. 1901 Dundas PIE. Known Children: Duncan; John Neil; Angus Daniel; Martha Malcolm; Maary; Daniel Neil (m ggf b. 15 Mar.1846);
CarolMcJRachel Matthews m. John Zimmerman 1838, Bal Co, MD
MATTHEWSC.ShadesMATTHEWS. Co. Meath/Louth, 1860's. Jane, John, Joseph, Patrick, and Christopher.
MATTHEWSW.M.MATTHEWS, Doris. Came to the US, from Ireland, in 1947. She had a son, John, born in October. This child later adopted.
MATURINS.LloydMATURIN. No further information given.
MAUSTCloudy 1831 to PA
J.BevisMAXWELL aka MAXFIELD, Henry. Born Co.Westmeath, 1813. The son of Matthew and Honora.
MAXWELLM.MartinMAXWELL, Patrick. Born c. 1827, in Ireland. Parents: Thomas MAXWELL and Mary ROBINSON. There are 2 possible marriage dates, February 14, 1821, at Inishmacsaint, Fermanagh, or 1822 Diocese of Clogher, Ulster.
MAYE. HollowJohn b 1812 Ballabay Co. Moynaham m Frances Frencham Melbourne 1845 children William, Martha, Elizabeth, Sarah, John, Mary, James,Frances Ann, Albert, & Samuel born 1818 Co Meath m Margaret Halpin 1841 Meath children William, John, Samuel Catherine, Joseph, Eliza, Maria, Margaret, Letitia, Benjamin, Lucy. Both brothers arrived as per ship Diamond arrived Melbourne 1841
MAYORoss CaudellMAYO, Charles Branxton. His father was William D. MAYO, born in Nelson County, VA., in 1849. His mother was Sarah M.DICKINSON, born in 1850. William's grandparents were, D.R.MAYO, born c.1810, his grandmothers name was Mary J. ?. Charles Branxton MAYO, was supposedly second cousin to the MAYO brothers, who came from Co. Mayo. Anxious for any information.
MAYPOWDERS.WicksMAYPOWDER, Ellen. Born Dublin, c.1842. Father William. Ellen lived in Wapping, London, with her husband James WALLIS, according to the 1881 census. Children: Margaret, Mary, Denis, Ann, William and Hannah.
MAYEK.KellyMAYE, Terasa. Born in Croghan, Roscommon, in the 1920's. Her father was believed to have been Thomas MAYE.
MAZEKate ReynoldsMAZE, Abraham. Born c.1795, in the Belfast area. Married Agnes McCALL (McCAUL), c.1825, in Ireland. Abraham and Agnes had two children Angeline and Mary Jane. Emigrated to New York City, c.1831. Abraham had a bookstore on Bleeker St., in Greenwich Village. Looking for the parents and siblings of Abraham MAZE and Agnes McCALL.
MEAE.HalpinMEA Thomas. Born 1826. Believed to have been from Co. Longford, or Co. Mayo. Thomas's parents, emigrated to NY., USA, about 1834.
MEADEK Emersonfrom Killaconenagh Parish, Beara, Co. Cork to Fall River, MA 1854, to MI by 1880-1895 Butte, Montana
MEADESuzBridget b.? Dauhegdea,? Meath, Ireland m. 1828 John Weldon
MEANYM.GallagherThomas and Lizzie Meany (maiden name also Meany) lived in Ballyvalden Kilkenny their daughter, my grandmother, was born there March 10 1888 named Mary. Mary moved to Montreal in early 1900's. Her siblings were Thomas, John, Dennis, Michael, Margaret, Ellen most of whom stayed in Ireland.
MEATHC.UtslerMEATH, Thomas. Born May 14, 1804, in Claremorris, Co. Mayo. Married (?) ROSE, then married Anna M. SHERIDAN, born 1826, Summer Hill, Galway. Emigrated to US., c.1845, settled in IL. Children: Michael, Mary A., Eliza E., Rose, John, Patrick, Olivia, Anna, Elle, Emma, Thomas, Joseph, Clarence, Mary, Josephine, Augustus, and Charlotte.
MECASKEYD.ReidMECASKEY. Charles. Married a KNOX.
MEEHANK.RuthMEEHAN, John Cunningham. Born 1862, also brother Dan, born 1859, in Co. Donegal. Emigrated to the US. in 1877. Looking for siblings, parents, and birthplace.
MEEHANL.MunroMEEHAN, James. Married Ann BRYCE, from Co. Donegal.
MEEKF.MeekMEEK, Co. Antrim, Ireland. No further data available.
MEENAND WeeksPatrick Meenan b. ca 1850. Possibly Co. Tyrone
MEHANMB LeinenbackCo. Mayo or Co. Donegal, 1830 1870
MEITZENMimi7Ludwig married Barbara Rmeike 1832; 1916 Koenigsberg, PRU to NJ to NY,USA
MELIAR.EarleMELIA, James. Born c.1800. Lived near Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. Children: Anne, James and Mary.
MELLENYB.DavisMELLENY, James. Born March 3, 1813, in Co. Cork. Married Bridget WINTERS, born December 25, 1813, in Co. Cork. Moved to Roscommon.
J.O'MalleyMELLEY/MELLY/MALLEY. No data given.
MELLONH.MellonMELLON, James. Married Jane McTARSNEY, in Ireland, in the late 1830's to 40's. Came to America, in 1844. Two Irish born children: Mary Ann, and Lewis(Louis). Settled in Scott County, Ind., USA.
MELVILLEcdCaenJudith b.abt 1750 prob Galway
MELVINF.MelvinMELVIN. No further information given.
MENEELYBarlarJohn Clinton Meneely born abt. 1785. Arrived Troy, N.Y. mid 1790's. Married Isabella Cunningham.
MENEELYMarianDavid Meneely m. Hannah Monroe 1851, Townsend St. Belfast
MENEELYMarianSamuel Meneely b.circa 1853 Northern Ireland. Emigrated to NJ
MERCERS.LadouceurMERCER, Ben. Married Elizabeth LONG. They came to Canada in 1883, with their one year old son, Samuel. Samuel was born June 3, 1882, in Ireland. Seeking marriage details of Ben and Elizabeth.
MERNAGHS.MernaghMERNAGH, James. Born Enniscortly, Co. Wexford, in 1888. Moved to US, c.1911. Parents: Thomas and Annie MERNAGH. Brother, Frances.
MEYERJoeAlma b. 1850 GER m. Adoph Albrecht c. 1864-1872 d. Nebraska after 1900
R.HoganMEYERS/MYERS, William and Johanna. Co. Tipperary, Bohercrowe, and the 'Old Road', c. 1864. They had two sons, and one daughter, Johanna, who married Thomas BURTON.
MILESjim2ENG to VA, SC, OH, IND, IL; William d. 1793 SC
MILLARL.SimonianMILLAR, James. Born c.1810. Went from Ireland to Stormont Co., Ont., Canada, c.1832. His father was James also, and his mother Nancy(?). Came from either Co. Antrim, or Co. Tyrone.
MILLARCloudy 1814 to SCOTLAND ?County Derry,IRE
MILLERCloudy 1752 to PA
MILLERchirhoLouisville KY by 1900
MILLERCarolMcJSarah Jane Miller, b. c. 1832, Ire., d. c. 1862, Balto., MD, (MILLAR) m. Adam McJilton, 1851, in Derry Co., Ire.
MILLERJ MillerJoseph Miller, Co. Monaghan, and 4 brothers landed in New York in 1851, then went separate ways. Some stayed in the USA, while Joseph and his wife Mary Ann Stewart moved to Creemore, Ontario, and settled.
MILLERLoudonRobert Miller, Police sarg., father of 13 children. Dau. Elizabeth Miller, linen winder, b. abt. 1853 in Ballymena, Antrim marr. John Weston Warrington 1876 in Rutherglen, Scotland
MILLIER.MillieMILLIE, Henry Thomas. Born September 14, 1862, in Kilkenny. Emigrated to Canada, c.1884. Son of Robert MILLIE, and Elizabeth BEALE. Looking for descendants of his three sisters, who married, and remained in Ireland: Isabell MEDILL, Margaret O'KELLY, and Henrietta SCOTT.
MILLIER.MillieMILLIE, Robert. Married Elizabeth BEALE, in the UK. They had five children. One male, Henry Thomas, born September 14, 1862, in Kilkenny. Emigrated to North America.
MILLIGENSD.MILLIGEN, William David, or David. Came from Co. Down in the 1800's. A David MILLIGEN married Janet CONNOR, and emigrated to Irvine, Scotland, in the late 1800's. Looking for any information on name.
MILLIKENS.WhiteMILLIKEN, John. Left Ireland with several of his brothers, c.1776.Some settled in PA. John settled in Green Co., NY.
MILLSM.FawcettMILLS, Elizabeth. Born c.1827 in Drumbo, Co. Down. Married Samuel GARRIE (born Co. Down) in Lisburn, Co. Antrim in 1849. Went to Ayrshire, Scotland.
MILLSK WilliamsJohn b1804 Barnane-Ely Ikerrin TIP, d 1884 Cooks Vale NSW AUS,son of William MILLS
MILROYMugsElizabeth DOB c 1875 Kilmarnock Ayrshire SCOT
MILWARDF.MilwardMILWARD. From Cork, Kerry, and Clare.
MIMSCloudy 1800 to GA
M.K.LindenMINIHAN/MINIHANE. Heir Island, Skibbereen, Co. Cork. The family originally came from Cape Clear, but were living at Heir Island, as of Griffith Valuation.
MISKELLP.DrobinsMISKELL, William. Ireland in the 1800's. Married Ellen SWEENEY. Settled in Philadelphia.
MITCHELLJ.DuffMITCHELL, Thomas. Born c.1821, Bovevagh. His father was Thomas MITCHELL, and his mother Agnes McCLUSKEY. Moved to Scotland. Trying to research, further back than Thomas (1821).
MITCHELLJ.ChristopherMITCHELL, Lawrence. No further information given.
MOENJ.HarrisMOEN, John. No further information given.
MOFFATTJ.MoffattMOFFATT, Robert. Born in 1836, in Co. Cavan. Searching for his birthplace.
MOLLOYM StewartCo. Offaly to N.Y. USA
MOLLOYD.ParsonsMOLLOY, Michael. Married Margaret BROWNE, before 1877, in Offaly. Known children: Lawrence, born October 18, 1877, in Ballen Ree, Parsonstown, Co. Offaly, Rody, Bernard, Anne, Margaret, Mary Bridget, Timothy, Patrick, John, Thomas, Kathleen, Norah Anne, Helen, and Michael.
MOLLOYL.HoranMOLLOY, John. Born 1830's, possibly in Co. Mayo. Married Marie (Mary) NEALON.
MOLONEYA. LambMichael and Julia (Murphy) MOLONEY lived in or near Woodford, Galway. Their children Mary and Patrick Moloney emigrated NY about 1855. Pat joined the US Army and went to the NW, married Anna Higgins in CA and settled in Portland, OR. Mary married Charles Hutcheck who was also in the army and they settled in Vancouver, WA. There may have been several other brothers. Most of their descendants live in WA and OR.
MONAGHANT.MonaghanMONAGHAN, James, and his wife Mary (QUINN) MONAGHAN. From the village of Bohola, in Co. Mayo.Came to Belleville, NJ., USA., in 1901. Records of our GGParents, Thomas and Bridget GROARK/MURTAUGH, go back to 1863. Thomas believed to have come from Co. Sligo, and his father may be Patrick.
N MonaghanHugh Monaghan, born in 1829 in Donegal, Ireland.
MONAHAND.Martin SutherlandMONAHAN, Patrick and wife Bridget DOLAN, emigrated to, and lived in NY. Daughter Mary Jane, also born in Ireland, married Daniel MARTIN at the Church of the Sacred Heart, Manhattan, in 1889. Mary Jane, also had a brother Martin MONAHAN.
MONKSGerald P.MonksMONKS. History shows that this name, came from the area of Rush, Ireland, and has been documented back to the birth of Christ. A book on the area has been published, by Mary MONKS.
MONTFORTCarolMcJAnne Montfort m. c. 1595, John Taney
MONTGOMERYD.WolfMONTGOMERY, Hugh Roe. No other information given.
MONTGOMERYD.Lou-HingMONTGOMERY, Winnifred and Walter. Lived at 33 Bigger Road, Crumlin, Dublin. Children: John (Australia), Jack (USA.), Sarah Elizabeth Lou Hing (Trinidad), and Leslie (contracted polio). Granddaughter Belinda, an actress.
MONTGOMERYG.L.MontgomeryMONTGOMERY, William. Married Mary AKIN. They had 5 children. Believed to have left Parish of Dunboe with Reverend WOODSIDE, on the "McCullum", in the spring of 1817.
MONTOOTHNancyJames Montooth born October 20, 1810, Killybegs, Donagal Co.,Ire. Married Jane Dean, born January 16, 1812, Killybegs, Donagal Co. Ire.
MOONEYK EmersonIrish origin unknown to Canada, to Scranton, PA by 1880-1895 Butte, Montana
MOONEYL.WhalenMOONEY, Mary J., married John RILEY, from Co. Cork. Emigrated to Illinois.
MOONEYD.MooneyMOONEY, Martin. Born 1813, at Templemore, Ireland. Married in 1831. Came to the USA., in 1848, to Northern New York, in 1860. Then to Marshall County, Iowa, in 1870.
MOONEYK.PhillipsMOONEY, John K. Believed to have left Ireland, in the late 1840's, for America.
MOOREMimi7Bartholemew Moore m. Ellen McBride. They were living in Carland Parish, Co Tyrone when their children were born. Children: Thomas b. 6 Sept 1763, Jonathan b. 18 Oct 1768, Richard b. 11 Nov 1770 and Mary b. 11 Nov 1770.
MOOREMars7Robert b. ca 1800 Co. Sligo
MOOREMimi71828-now TYR,NIR>NY>NJ,USA Andrew Thomas b. 28 June 1828 in Gartnagarn, Pomeroy, Co.Tyrone. Parents were John Moore and Elizabeth Clarke. Family was Presbyterian
MOORECloudy 1730 to NC or VA
MOOREVKirnBr Osmund - Tyrell's Pass Connection
C. Sparks4 brothers b. in ?? Ireland: Noble, George, James, and Alexander MOORE. They had half brother and sister John and Isabella MOORE, all except Noble (who died in Ireland) went to Roan co., Knox Co., Blount co. and Lincoln Co. Tn. in the 1790s or before 1805. Nobles widow, Isabella and ch. George, William, Hugh A., Isabella, and Jane went to Roan Co. Tn. also. Where were these Moores from? Half sis Isabella m. James Findley b. Ireland also.
MOOREJ.WalshMOORE, James William (Jim). Born May 3, 1855, in Ireland, died October 2, 1939, at San Saba, Texas. Emigrated to USA, c. 1860. Married Susan Jane MARTIN, born (1858-1941).They had 7 children. Jesse Lloyd (1884-1943), marr. 1. Annie MAY, 2. Texanna ERCANBRACK (1875-1943). James W. MOORE,Jnr. (1886-1932) marr. Edith Grace FERRELL (1891-196?). May Bell MOORE (1896). Melvin C. MOORE (1898). Jewell Llano MOORE (1901-1972), marr. 1. James Oliver JOHNSON, 2. Harvey GATLIFF.
MOOREK.Goad-BurgessMOORE, John. Born Belfast or England, c.1880's. He died in London 17/1/1951, buried in Finchley Cemetery, ENG. Children: James (London), William MOORE (married Margaret. London), and Margaret (married James WELLS. Lived in Kings Cross, London). John's sisters were Elizabeth (married JOHNSTONE), Susan (married McNEILLY), and a half sister, Margaret (married George George Miller).
MOOREK.Goad-BurgessMOORE, Susan. Born July 11, 1892 in Ireland. Had one brother, John, one sister, Elizabeth, and one half sister, Margaret, who married George Miller. Susan's name may have been Margaret Susan MOORE. She married John Charles Dawson McNEILLY, in 1912. They had five children, that lived. The family went to Australia in 1921.
MOORED.DoaneMOORE, Mary. Married Frederick McCREADY. Lived in Philadelphia. They had two daughters: Hilda Ward McCREADY (2-28-1907), who married Clarence Eugene DOANE (married July 29, 1929), and Freda, who married Herm ALGAYER.
MOORES.HigginsonMOORE, Ellen. Daughter of Wilson MOORE, and Ellen SMITH, from Co. Down, in the 1800's.
MOOREC.MooreMOORE. No further information given.
MOOREV.MooreMOORE. No further information given.
MOOREHEADR.ReinhardtMOOREHEAD, William C. (1834-1913). Left Ulster, date unknown, for the USA. Found on the Onondaga County, N.Y.1870 Census. Married Mary RYAN, and then Esther ?. Believed to have had brothers named Alexander and Hugh. Some of his children included: Alexander(1874-1963), Archie (1867-1909), Margaret LICENSE (died 1947), Jennie C. YOUMANS (1865-1957) and William, All with Mary (RYAN) as their mother. With Esther, he had Joshua and Merwin. William is buried with Esther and Archie in Cicero Cemetery, New York.
MOORHEADDave MRev. William 1763-1837 m Mary NESBIT, Ballintopen, Co Monaghan & Loughaghery, Co.Down IRL
MOORHEADJSemperSamuel. From Co. Antrim early 1700's, went to PA about1710 with 3 brothers.
MORANJ RyanAnn - married Michael Daly circa 1860 in NYC. Bore at lease 3 female children.
MORANE. Hollow>Michael born about 1790 possibly Galway. Mary born aout 1815 Sailed from Liverpool 18 Aug 1841 on the "Wallace" arriving Melbourne 26 Nov 1841, from Galway, Ireland daughter of Michael married in Ireland Patrick Cavanagh.
MORANM.GleisnerMORAN, John. Born Clare Island, Co. Mayo, c.1825. Died Iowa, US., in 1888
MORANT.PointonMORAN, Patrick. Co. Galway. Married Mary KINNEY, near Headford. Children: Bridget, Margaret, Jo Mary, Julia, and Helen. Emigrated to Luzerne, and Lackawanna Cities, PA., US. in the 1870's-80's.
MORANP.ChristiansenMORAN, Gabriel. First found in Charles County, Maryland, USA., in the early 1700's. He died there, in 1737. Believed to have come from Offaly, Ireland.
MORANK.HiattMORAN, John Patrick. Born Newport, Co. Mayo, in 1835. Married Maria Gibbons, c.1856. Second marriage, to Mary McMANAMON McINTYRE, c. 1876. Emigrated to Cleveland, OH., c.1870, with 7 children. One son, Michael J. MORAN, born 1863, plus 6 daughters.
MORANJ.DorseyMORAN, Mary. Born Co. Kildare, December 12, 1826 or 1828. Married John DARCY, from Co. Clare. First child, Margaret, born November 15, 1854, in Canada. Went to Boston, MASS., c.1855, where 3 sons were born. then went to Refugio, Texas, late 1859.
MORANS.KingMORAN, Patrick John. Born c.1805. Married Bridget FALLON.
MORGANL.FraserMORGAN, Archibald. Dernanaught, Co. Tyrone, 1800+.
MORGANJ ZoellerMORGAN sisters ?? from Co. Galway (Glennamaddy) to upstate NY, USA in 1880s: Margaret MORGAN, b. May 1871, Catherine MORGAN, and Mary MORGAN. Parents were John and possibly Bess or Bridget MORGAN. Margaret MORGAN married William BUTLER ca. 1897 in Syracuse, NY; Catherine MORGAN married Dennis MORGAN, also probably in Syracuse; and Mary MORGAN married James CALLAGHAN and resided in Frankfort, Herkimer Co., NY.
MORGANM.MorganMORGAN, Martin. Possibly came from Co. Down. He had three children: James Patrick, born April, 1832, Eliza, born c. 1835, and Michael, born April 1837. James and Eliza, went to the US, c. 1848. Eliza married James SMITH, in Poughkeepsie, NY., in 1851. All three children were in Morrison, WI., by 1860. There is no trace of Martin, in the US.
MORGANK.TaylorMORGAN, John. Born West Armagh, in 1832. Went to Australia, in 1857, on the "Crimea". Parents:Alexander MORGAN, and Agnes LINEN or LENNON or LEMON.
MORIARTYH TiceMichael, born Jan 1864 (per 1900 Census) IRL. Immigrated to U.S. ca. 1882. Worked in a paper mill in Holyoke, Hampden Co., Massachusetts. m. ca. 1889: BOWLER, Margaret, born Massachusetts, parents born Ireland. issue: all born in Massachusetts: Margaret; John Francis; James; Mary; Patrick; Theresa; Michael; David or Daniel. Theresa and David, both of Holyoke, Mass. still living in 1957.
MORIARTYWaterlilys1809 West of Dingle, Co Kerry
MORLEYR.RipleyMORLEY, Michael. Born 1836, near Ballyhannis, Co. Mayo. Married Bridget HOBAN, born 1841, also in Ballyhannis.
MORLEYS.MorleyMORLEY, John. From Co. Mayo and Cork.
MORNINGR.MorningMORNING, Samuel, David and possibly Thomas and James also. Samuel married Catherine ROY. Some came to the US., c.1830. David was still in Ireland when James died, in 1886, according to his will.
MORRISL.Morris-YavnerMORRIS, John. Born c. 1790. His son James b. Oct. 1830. Emigrated to Newark, NJ., during the Famine. James' first wife was Julia ___, his second was Sarah J. SMITH.
MORRISJ Fenaughty Co Roscommon, daughter of John and Mary Shannon, emigrated to NZ d. 8 Sep 1927 Patea, New Zealand. Arrived in New Zealand aboard the "Eastminster" as an assisted immigrant. It sailed for Wellington on 25 Oct 1879 and arrived on 4 Jan 1880. Bridget was listed as being 33 years old, from Roscommon (National Archives). Death notice states she left nine orphans.
MORRISCarolMcJCurtis Morris 1757-1804 DE, m.1785 E. Wright
MORRISC.FeredayAnnie MORRIS m. John CLINCH (possibly in Dublin) Their son John CLINCH was born in 1890 in Chakrata, India. John Clinch was in the 2nd Border Regiment, serving in India
MORRISE.O'CallaghanMORRIS, James. From the National Bank, Kilkenny, 1840's. Seeking MORRIS descendants.
MORRISEYB GrimesFrome Carrigeen Fethard, Tipperary. Married to Doheny. Came to Pennsylvania c1840. Others stayed behind.
MORRISONJimBaltimore. Mary Ann b. 25 Mar 1833, d. 22 Sep 1914, d/o James Wesley, s/o William and Ann Edwards.
MORRISSEYA.RyanMORRISSEY, Katherine Ann. Married Thomas Francis Augustus RYAN.
MORRISSEYJ.KeefeMORRISSEY, Hannah. Daughter of Maurice and Ellen(?). Sister to Kate (Katherine). Immigrated from Ireland (possibly Co. Clare), prior to 1875. Married Thomas KEEFE shortly after in Albany, NY.
MORRISSEYJ.ParliamentMORRISSEY, John. Married Elizabeth REDMOND. Both came from Ireland. Shown in the US., c.1880's, with many children. Mt. Hope, NJ.
MORRISSEYK.EutslerMORRISSEY, John and Margaret (DENAHY). Children: Edmond, Ellen, John, Matthew, Cathrine, Margaret and Di.
MORRISSEYT.MorrisseyMORRISSEY. No further information given.
MORRISSEYA.RyanMORRISSEY, Katherine, Ann, Peter, Patrick and Mary, all born 1828-1838, in Youghal. Parents Patrick ( presser and dyer), Carrick and Katherine O'BRIEN.
MORRISYF.WaldeckMORRISY, Elizabeth. Born c.1827, Clashmore, Co.Tipperary. Went to Wales c.1850, and Canada, 1858. Children (Montreal): Hannah, Matthew, Edward, John, and Elizabeth.
MOSESMOSESMOSES, possibly Andrew or William. May have had brother Andrew. Believed to be from Ireland. Moses, born in Bedford, PA., 1745.
MOSKALSHanleyJoseph (Pol) m. Sophie Pazlowski (Pol) and lived in Bayonne, NJ
MOSS HAYESJ.Moss-HayesMOSS-HAYES. No further information given.
MOYLANP.BurnsMOYLAN, Patrick and Bridget (CONROY), from Co. Galway. They had 12 children: Mary (BURNS) born 1869, Delia (LEONARD), Sarah born 1878, Patrick, Edward (Ned), John born 1882, Catherine (FLAHERTY) born 1883, and Margaret (McMYLER) born 1886. The children with dates, emigrated to the US, mainly Oneida County, NY. MOYLAN clan was from Brierfield, Moylough, Co. Galway.
MULCAHYBudLLimerick, Tournafulla, Templeglantine, and Kerry border areas 1700-1800's
MULCAHYK WilliamsCatherine (1829 Kilross TIP -11866 Redbank Taralga) & sisters Johanna & Mary, chn of James & Mary nee O'DONOGHUE emigrated to Australia per ship 'Bloomer' 1853. James a gardener in Kilross
MULCAHYN.TimpanelliMULCAHY, Catherine. Born c.1830's, in Co. wexford. Married Timothy HAYES. Emigrated to America, by 1864-66. At least one child Margaret Rose HAYES (CREAMER), born 1864-66, in New York state. Seeking Catherine's siblings, and ancestors.
MULCAHYM.GrusendorfMULCAHY, Johanna. Born c.1825. Daughter of John MULCAHY and Emily WELSH. Settled in Pittsfield, Massachusetts area.
MULDERICKBarbara CharlesMULDERICK. No further information given.
MULDERIGEN Swinford parish, Co Mayo, 1810 marriage record
MULDERIGEN 1749 on Elphin Diocese Census, Drumcliff parish, Co Sligo
MULDERIGEN 1796 on Spinning Wheel Entitlement, Killespungbrone, Co Sligo
MULDERIGEN Altbaun, Bohola parish, Co Mayo, 1857 (Griffith's Valuation)
MULDERIGEnabiloffMULDERIG, Ellen. Daughter of Frank and Sabina KENNY MULDERIG, of Bohola, Co. Mayo, born 1862. Emigrated to St. Louis, 1881. Married Michael CLARKE, of Killedan Parish, Co. Mayo. The next generation of nephews, went to St. Louis, also.
MULDOWNEYJerry BallauerMULDOWNEY, Thomas. Born 1893, in Co. Mayo (townland unknown). Emigrated to the USA., NYC., April 27, 1913, aboard the ship "Camania". Settled in Chicago, ILL. Married Mary Ellen BURKE/BOURKE, July 1913. Divorced, February 1931.
H.LewisMULHERIN'S, from Co. Derry, before 1845. Patrick married Bridget O'HARA. Children: Arthur b.1825, John b.1835, Michael b.1837, Patrick b.1839, Roseanna b.1828, Mary b.1830, Susan b.1841, Charles b.1843 and James Peter b.1845.
MULHERRINH.LewisMULHERRIN, Patrick. From Muff, near Londonderry. Patrick emigrated to Canada in 1845, to be followed by his wife Bridget (O'HARA), and children, in 1847. Bridget and children, travelled on the ship 'John Clarke'. Trying to find Patrick's parents, and siblings.
MULHOLLANDlkearnsSligo 1860-1875
MULLALYB.KrebsMULLALY, William and Mary. Cobh. Co. Cork. Daughter Mary, went to Dayton, Ohio, in 1860's.
MULLANEFKempJohn married Mary Sullivan abt 1830 Mallow,Co. Cork. Children:Margaret Mary Ellen Morgan John Thomas Anastasia.
NReebKiltimagh, County Mayo to Phila., Pa. & England
N ReebCharles Mullany from County Sligo moved onto Cleragh, Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo sometime after the famine with his family. Sons were John and Mark. Mark married Bridget Byrne in Bohola. John married Bridget Doyle in Cleragh.
MULLARKEYJ.BurkeMULLARKEY, Mary. Born Dunmore, Co. Galway, c.1850. Her mother was a REDDINGTON. Mary married Patrick McCORMICK, of Mayo, c. 1875. Settled in Culkeen, Roscommon. Had eight children. The family was living in Culkeen, at the time of the 1901 Census.
MULLARKEYJ.BurkeMULLARKEY, Martin. From Shanballymore, Co. Galway. Married Ellen REDDINGTON, 1852, in Dunmore. Their daughter Mary married Patrick McMORMICK, from Culkeen, Co. Roscommon, 1876 in Dunmore. Their daughter Bridget (one of 8 children), born 1876 in Culkeen, married Patrick TARPEY, from Derrylahan, Co. Roscommon, in 1902, had 5 children, who all emigrated. This surfaced in the 16th century in Donegal, as followers of the O'DONNELLS (rulers of Donegal, at that time). From the 19th century, found mostly in the Dunmore area of Galway.
MULLEEA.HaslamMULLEE, Patrick. Born 1837. Married Margaret COLEMAN (born 1831), on March 14th, 1867, in Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo. Children:1. Mary, b. March 3, 1868, 2. Sarah, b.September 26, 1869, 3.Michael, born September 1, 1872, 4. Pat, September 14, 1874, 5. Thomas, August 20, 1875, 6. John, September 4, 1877, 7. James, April 24, 1879.
MULLENA.PhilibenMULLEN, Robert. Born 1828, in Antrim. Son of John MULLEN and Mary TONAR. Robert married Margaret CALLAGHAN, (born 1834, in Co. Armagh), in New Monklands, Scotland, in 1855. Children: Elizabeth, John, Edward, Mary, Robert, Michael, Patrick, Mathew, Henry (born Airdrie, Quillith, West Lothian. Daughter Elizabeth married Edward DOYLE, 1879 in Linlithgoshire. Children: Margaret, Catherine, Edward, Anne, Mary, Robert, Elizabeth (born Faldhaus). Anne DOYLE married Michael PHILIBEN, 1904, in Bannockburn. Emigrated to Gillespie, IL., 1908-1913.
MULLENC.GormanMULLEN, Michael and family. Went to Prince Edward Island, Canada, possibly from Co. Monaghan, in the 1830's.
MULLERYM.MulleryMULLERY, Patrick. From Co. Roscommon, c.1820 to 1855.
MULLIGANLoudonJames Mulligan/Milligan, Sarg. Royal Art.,father of Elizabeth Mulligan born abt. 1838 in Ireland marr. James Davie 1858 in Glasgow, Scotland
MULLIGANG.MartinMULLIGAN, Ann. Early 1800, Longford? Married Vincenti de la CRUZ, a Spanish merchant. Lived in Manchester, England.
MULLIGANG.MartinMULLIGAN, Henry George. Born 1785. Married Anna (Alicia) McCORMICK. Co. Longford.
MULLIND.MullinMULLIN, John. Came from Killarney area of Co. Kerry. Moved to California, USA., c. 1850.
MULLINSJ NancarrowEdmund Mullins, from the parish of Ennistynon, Ireland, married Hanna Maddigan c1830. Children were, Honor 1834, Edmond 1842, Nancy 1846 and Mary 1850 County Clare Ireland.
MULLINSI.AndersonMULLINS, John. Born 1870, in Limerick. Father was Patrick, and mother Johanna MALONEY. John travelled to Australia, in 1892, aboard the "Tara".
D.GeyerMULLINS MULLENS, John W. Born 1798 in VA. He married Sarah KIRK, daughter of James KIRK. She was born in 1809, in GA. John's father came from Ireland. Looking for John's parents.
MULLINSA.StewartMULLINS, Bridget. Born 1816, in Carrowkeale, Co. Tipperary. Married Cornelius GLEESON, May 27, 1836, in Newport, Co. Tipperary. Emigrated 1839, to Ontarion, Canada, with her husband and sons, Martin b.1837 and Patrick, b. 1838. Died 1890, Speaker Twp., MI.
MULLOOLEYT.MaloolyMULLOOLEY, Thomas. Born 1826, Toberdan Townland, Roscommon. Emigrated to Baltimore, Maryland, USA., c.1847.
MULRINEM.EganMULRINE, Patrick. Born 1827, Donegal. Emigrated to the US c.1848.
MULROONEYC.BogaardMULROONEY, Richard. Born 1840. Married Sarah BENNETT in 1865. He then married Winifred GAYNOR in 1884. Possibly came from Kilkenny. Emigrated to New York, USA., in 1878. Then moved to San Francisco, CA.
MULRYG.MulryMULRY, Thomas. Born December 25, 1828, to Winifred and Patrick (1792-1832), in Co.Galway. Emigrated to NY., in 1837.
MULRYG.MulryMULRY, Patrick. Born December 25, 1831, to Mary DRISKIN and John MULRY, in Co. Galway. Emigrated to IN., USA., in 1864. He moved to Cincinnati. Married Bridget McLAUGHLIN (1838-1919). They moved to WI. He died in 1897.
MULVANEYE.MershonMULVANEY, (John) Thomas. Born July 1850, in Ireland. Father Peter MULVANEY, and mother Bridget Mary BRIEN, or O'Brien. Married in Bolton, England. Moved to Philadelphia, c.1887.
MULVENNAIrish1No data given
MULVIHILLJ.MulverhillMULVIHILL. Co. Roscommon.
T.ThorntonMUNNELLY/MUNLEY. Co. Mayo, pre 1880.
MUNROMimi71821 1876 Glasglow,SCT to Toronto,CAN
MURDYC.EnzmingerMURDY, Enda Alma. Her father was James (Big Jim) MURDY. Have been told that MURDY is an Irish surname, and Enda an Irish Christian name.
MURNANEE.MurnaneMURNANES MARNANES. From Tipperary, Cork, and Limerick.
MURPHYbpossumIRL to US
MURPHYKM WilliamsonCo. Armagh to Lancashire,UK to Bronx,NY
MURPHYK WilliamsonLiverpool/Bootle/Great Crosby, England
MURPHYBowlerMichael b.1853 Ireland no county, seaman 3 children. m 1883 Bridget Joy, Thomas Patrick b.1888, Laurence b.1886, Bridget b.1891
MURPHYFKempJohn, born 1834 Annaghdown, Co. Galway. Son of Timothy Murphy & Helen Cullen or Catherine Cullinan. John settled in Canada.
MURPHYS DoyleJames m. Anna Deveraux IRL > 1860's in Palmyra and Macedon NY,USA
MURPHYMickKesh, Co Leitrim - Mary Murphy b. circa 1852
MURPHYR.MurphyMURPHY, Arthur, born in Wexford on July 29, 1793, to Thomas and Elizabeth. He may have had a brother, John, and there home was possibly in the Davidstown area of Co. Wexford. Arthur and his father were both carpenters. Emigrated to St. John's, Newfoundland, CAN. in early 1800's. He married Sarah HIBBY on December 20, 1820. They lived in the Portugal Cove area, and had five children. Sarah died in 1839, and Arthur and at least two of the children ( Robert & John) emigrated to Victoria, Australia. Anxious to know what happened to three sisters, Pamela, Eliza, and Jemima. Also interested in the family's Wexford roots.
MURPHYK.MurphyMURPHY, James, born c. 1854, possibly at Tara Hill, Co. Wexford. He married Johanna DOYLE on 11 February 1878 at St. Michael's, Gorey. His father was also James MURPHY.
MURPHYM.MurphyMURPHY, Harry and Mary. Both born c.1810, possibly in Co. Louth. Emigrated to the US., about 1845, with sons Arthur, born c. 1835, and Patrick. They settled in Seneca Co. New York.
MURPHYD.PurcellMURPHY, Adam. Born in Co. Wexford, c. late 1770's.
MURPHYL.ThomopsonMURPHY, Timothy. Son of Timothy and Honora SULLIVAN, Co. Kerry, Killarney.
MURPHYE.BalesMURPHY, Charles. Married Mary Jane NASH. May 17, 1845, in Indiana.
MURPHYM.JohnsonMURPHY, William. Married Bridget CORRIGAN. Lived in Chelsea, Quebec, CAN., in the mid 1800's.
MURPHYB.CorriganMURPHY, Dan. Married Mary COYLE in Belfast. They went to Pennsylvania, USA, then back to Ireland, then to Australia. They had 11 children.
MURPHYJ.MurphyMURPHY, John. Born c.1790, in Ireland. Married Elizabeth McCLAIN, c.1819. First child William S., born March 25, 1820, in St. Charles Co. MO.,USA. Married Martha Ellen DENNIS, May 12, 1853.
MURPHYK.O'LoughlinMURPHY, Daniel. Married Margaret HAYSE, Co. Cork.
MURPHYJ.MurphyMURPHY. Kilkenny, Ireland. Then Cold Spring, New York, 1854 and Flint, MI., 1859, South Dakota, 1881 and Washington State, 2001.
MURPHYB.MacDermodMURPHY, Michael. Born c.1830 in Ireland. Married Ellen (?). Had a daughter Mary Ann, who emigrated to Boston, MASS. area of the United States. She married Hugh McDERMOD, on November 28, 1869.
MURPHYC.WrightMURPHY, Thomas. Born 1809, in IN., USA. May have lived in IA. and/or MO., before moving to Texas. Settled on land in what is now known as Anderson Co. Married twice, first wife unknown. The second one was Martha Ann PATE. Thomas' father may have been Aaron MURPHY. Looking for MURPHY'S in Indiana.
MURPHYC.WrightMURPHY, William. Born in PA., USA. Went to York Co., South Carolina about the time of the Revolution. He married a lady with the surname of MILLER. Their daughter Elizabeth married John KIDD.
MURRAYL HarttenOwen MURRAY, b. March 1871/2 in Ireland emigrated to Bridgeport, CT, USA 1888 married Mary (Molly) McGUIRE/McQUIRE 1891 father of John (b. 1892), Kat- (1893/5), James Henry (1896), Eugene (1903/4), Joseph (1905/6, and Mary (1910/11).
MURRAYN.MurrayMURRAY, Charles. Born 1901, in Derrycroisin, Co. Monaghan.
MURRAYN.SmallwoodMURRAY, John. Married Honora MAGNER. Sons name Michael, born May 14, 1832.
MURRAYJ.DunnMURRAY, Robert, and his wife Margaret. They left Ireland, c.1823.
MURRAYK.O'DonnellMURRAY, Alfred J.H. Married Lillie HORNE (USA), in 1908. Emigrated to Australia. Had a son, Harold R. MURRAY, born March 6, 1916. Deceased.
MURRAYA.PhilibenMURRAY. No further information given.
MURRAYTessMURRAY, Margaret. Born Dunurgan, Cushendun, 1905. Her father was Hugh MURRAY, born Dunurgan, 1868. His father was Hugh MURRAY also, and from Dunurgan. His father and grandfather were Charles and George MURRAY.
MURRICANEP.MurricaneMURRICANE. Ancestors came, from Co. Sligo. No other information available.
MURROWc murroworal history in Murrow family that parents of John Murrow, b. 1767, were William & Rebecca Murrow, of County Cork, Ireland.
MURTAGHNReebPhila., Pa. & Chicago, Illinois
MURTHAT DowThomas or Patrick Murtha leaving Ireland in 1831? bound for North America. He eventually settled in Emily Township near Peterborough Ontario Canada. He travelled with his wife Rose Lamb, ? born in 1793, and with at least 6 children.
MURTAGHC.PritchardMURTAGH, John. Married Mary M'REAH (McGRATH). Recorded in St. Stephen's, Old Chelsea, Queens County, from 1848. Origins unknown. Children: James, Patrick, Mary Anne, William, and Catherine.
MURTYPAndersonMichael Murty was born in 1819 In Ireland maybe Armagh or Westmeath. He married Eliza Blow 1 June 1849 in Fulton Co. NY. They had known each other at least 10 years before they married. Michael was Catholic and she was Presbyterian. He was said to have a brother James.
MYLES (MILES) J.DUPONJames MYLES, emg. from Ireland to NYC in 1870. Married Marcella McNULTY in 1871. Died in 1896 in NYC.
MYRKJARTANS.PreissMYRKJARTAN. Born c.860, and MYRKJARTANSOOTTIR, Meklorka. Born c.900, in Ireland. Irish Kings.

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