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NAGLEB GilsonMichael (b 1825) m. CURRY, Margaret (b 1826) in Clomoney, County Clare, Ireland in 1852. >Chicago, IL between 1852 and 1864. Michael enlisted in the 10th Minnesota Infantry Regiment in the Civil War in 1864. They raised their family of three children in the area of St. Paul, MN. Their children: James Edward Nagle (b 1856) married PENNEY, Annie, Mary Nagle (b 1866) a.ka. 'Molly' never married, Kathryn Nagle (b 1870) never married
NAGLES.SorensenNAGLE, George N. Born c.1802, in Cork. Married Mary BURKES. Emigrated to the US, 1825.
NALTYWmBrown1800-Present. Kilmaine Area of County Mayo/US and Co. Galway
NAPIERA.ReeceNAPIER, John. Married Mary BRAHON, Limerick, in 1833. Children: Elizabeth, and William Joseph.
NAUGHTONM.NaughtonNAUGHTON, John. Died 1845, Donoughmore, Co. Cork. Married Honora MEEHAN, died 1833(?) in Donoughmore. Children: John, Mary, Cornelius, Patrick and Bill.
NAUGHTONA.PhilibenNAUGHTON, Hugh. Born 1824, in Annagh Parish, Galway. Possibly the son of Thomas. Emigrated to the USA., with Thomas NAUGHTON, in 1842. Lived in Boston. Married Mary KENNEY, from Moore Parish, Roscommon, in 1845. Her brothers were possibly Bernard and Patrick. Hugh and Mary's children: Thomas, Catherine, Hugh, Mary, Elizabeth, Ann, Sarsh, Margaret, John and Brigid. Lived in Allamakee, IA., after 1861.
NAUGHTONG.OlivaNAUGHTON, William John. Born in Limerick, c.1853. Parents were John NAUGHTON and Ellen KELLY. William settled in NYC. He married Kate O'SULLIVAN, from Esk West, Co. Kerry. They had 2 children. William died in NYC., 1911.
NEALJoeLittle data
NEALW.KeownNEAL. No further information given.
NEALISR.NealisNEALIS, Sarah. No further information given.
NEALONA.GarnerNEALON, Michael. Born c.1798 in Co. Limerick, possibly Parish of Hospital (Ospedal). Emigrated to Canada, c.1818. Catholic. He is said to have left Ireland with 2 brothers, who settled in the U.S.
NEALONL.HoranNEALON, John. Born early 1800's, possibly in Co. Mayo. Married Honoria LOFTUS. Searching for information on their ancestors.
NEALLYR.ColeNEALLY. No further information given.
NEASBITTL.Garland.NEASBITT, Doc. From Ireland. Married a lady from Texas, named Lizzie Jackson. In the OKL. 1900 census, there was a David NEASBITT, from Scotland, born in 1858.
NEEbuzzygirlColeman Nee, from Letterard Twp., County Galway, to Superior, WI, 1885.
NEELANSR.ThomasNEELANS, William. Born 1844. Married Mary LEE(S), born October 4, 1852. Emigrated to the US., via Canada, in the early 1880's. Settled in Pittsburg, PA.
NEELYI.AndersonNEELY, William J. Born 1873. Father William Joseph, born 1846, mother Margaret HAWLEY. William J. married and lived in Australia. He had two sisters, who lived in America.
NEELYE.MisickaNEELY. No further information available.
NEELYN.NeelyNEELY, Thomas. Born c.1847, in Tipperary. Parents names unknown. He emigrated to the NYC area, and settled in Yonkers, New York. On the census reports, Thomas was a labourer. Thomas married c.1877 in Yonkers, to Mary GALAGHER. Mary was born c.1851, in Co. Mayo. Thomas and Mary's children included: Richard, John, Thomas, Kate, Minnie, Mary and Bridget, all born in Yonkers, NY., after 1878.
NEILA.NeilNEIL, Hugh. Born Ireland c. 1829. Hugh came to England to work as a coalminer in Co. Durham. His father was also named Hugh. Searching for information re his parents.
NEILS.PainterNIEL, William N. Born 1736 in Ireland. Died September 5, 1813. Came to PA., USA. Married Catherine REYNOLDS from Ireland.
NEILLS NeillBorn 1866 Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland
NEILLB.RussellNEILL, John. Born c.1854, in Ireland. Arrived in Scotland c.1875. Married Agnes DUNCAN, in Fife.
NEILONB.NeilonNEILON, James. Born 1817. Left Co. Roscommom, c.1848, with his son Edward, (born 1844, in Connaught), and wife Sarah Monica GALLAGHER, born 1877, married 1839.
NEILONB.NeilonNEILON, Margaret Mariah. Born 1846, in Connaught. Daughter of James NEILON and Sarah Monica GALLAGHER. She had a brother Patrick NEILON, born 1848, in Connaught. Other siblings born in Boston, (Roxbury) MASS., U.S.A. Want to locate the ancestral home, or Irish Records.
L TownsendI am looking for parents of Patrick Nelon/Nailon/Naillon, born in Cork County in 1769. Patrick emigrated to US sometime before 1807. He married (Unknown) and had John B. Nelon on 1815 in North Carolina. His 2nd wife was Francis Southerland Russell and they married about 1822 in Green County, North Carolina. Patrick died in 1833 in Paint Rock Mountain. (He was robbed and killed in Paint Rock Mountain which was at that time "Old Buncombe County",and now Madison County.
NELSONCANJohn Nelson b.1797, Co. Cavan, left for Canada in 1818.
NELSONE.CliffordNELSON family, c.1700, in Parish of Ballyaghran,Londonderry.
S.NesbitNESBIT/NISBET, Robert. Born c.1816, in Ireland. His wife Elizabeth McKRACKEN. Born c.1817, possibly in Co. Antrim.
NESBITTJ KitchingJames b April 1829 from Omagh, Drumragh Parish, Co. Tyrone in 1845-1850 and settled in Huron County Ontario, married Abigail Smeltzer, a native of Tipperary. Are there any Nesbitts still in Omagh?
NESBITTR.LymanNESBITT (Miss). Married John HUNTER,(born c.1765 - died August, 1830).Miss NESBITT is a sister of Jane NESBITT (died September 28, 1954), and Isabella NESBITT, who married a Mr. GILLESPIE.
NESBITTDoreen GuerrieroNESBITT. No further information given.
NEVILLES.NevilleNEVILLE, Michael. Born Co. Wexford. Married Dublin 1886. Died Glasgow 1931.
NEVILLEK.NevilleNEVILLE, John Francis. Lefy Co. Clare c.1858, aged 18, for Adelaide,Australia. His fathers' name was Patrick.
NEWBERRYGAFFYNEWBERRY, John. Born 1823, in Cookstown, Co. Tyrone. Parents: Henry NEWBERRY and Elizabeth PERRY. One brother, James Dawson NEWBERRY came with John to Australia.
NICHOLLR.NichollNICHOLL, Hugh. Born 1820. Married Margaret Thompson, and emigrated to Perth Co., ON., Canada, c. 1844.
E.NichollNICHOLL, (NICOL/NICHOL/NICHOLS,NICHOLLS,NICKELL), Edward McKillop. No other information given.
J.NihenNIHEN/NIGHAN/NIGHEN,NYHAN. NIHEN, John. Born Co. Cork, January 1849. Emigrated to Wales, then the US. Looking for siblings of John. Surname and variants.
NILANDJ.BurkeNILAND, Patrick. Born c.1838 in Ballinderrean, Co. Galway. Father James. Patrick married Ann FLAHERTY in England.
B LittleThomas b. circa 1800 England-Essex, Sussex or Kent?. Around 1841-42 Thomas, his wife Mary and children: Charlotte Mary Ann Thomas, Jr. Louisa David and Harriet immigrated to Lockport, Will Co., Illinois, USA. Thomas died Oct. 20, 1849 in Lockport, IL.
NOBLEL. NicholsNOBLE, Harriet, b. 10 Feb 1843 in Belfast area. Married a Mr. JOHNSON, emigrated to San Francisco abt 1865, widowed, married John A. AVAN, she d. 1900.
NOBLER.NobleNOBLE, George and Sarah. From Gortermone/Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim.
NOLANChuckNicholas, son of Patrick, born 1846,Co Kilkenny, town or parish of "Klinmore". MotherMary/Marie Walsh/Welsh. Nichalous m. in Pa., U.S.A. in 1876
NOLANR. WrightNo Data
NOLANNolanNOLAN, Patrick Francis. Born in Co. Mayo, in 1821. He was the eldest son of William and Bridget NOLAN. When 22 years old, William emigrated to America, locating to New York in 1843. Lived in NY., PA., and VT., for 15 years, working as a founder and moulder. In 1859 went to Iowa, Stapleton Township, Chickasaw County. In 1882 he moved to Fredericksburg. He married in 1851, to Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, from Ireland. They had nine children: William, Catherine, James, Francis, Alice, Thomas, Stephan, Maria, and Peter.
NOLANJ.CoopmanNOLAN, Margaret. Born c. 1838. Moved to Ontario, CAN., and married Patrick FARRON
NOONMB LeinenbackBalleycroy, Co. Mayo, 1790 to now
NOONANCANJeremiah Noonan left Co. Tipperary for Canada in 1820s.
NOONANJ.ManningHannah Noonan born in 1858 in Ireland to Daniel and Mary Noonan. She had a sister, Bridgit Noonan who married Thomas Manning
NOONAND.NoonanNOONAN, John. Born 1848, married 1872, to Catherine O'RIORDAN. Children: Richard John 1873, Margaret 1875 and Ellen. Family came to Canada, in the 1880's.
NOONANP.WoodNOONAN. From Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford. In New York city by 1844.
NOONEL.BarnardNOONE. From Ardkill, Ballinrobe District, Kilcommon (near Crossboyne) Parish, Co. Mayo.
CDCO Mayo, Ireland Son William Father Michael Mother Catherine
NOONEJ GEARYAnnie born Pollatomish Mayo 1900 d1988
NORMANKelmo 1879 - St. Colchester,England
NORRISCarolMcJThomas Norris b.1609 Eng., d.1675 Talbot Co, MD m. Ann Hynson
NORTONMcGuiganWilliam, born Dublin, c. 1877. Emg. to Montreal, Que. Died in 1916. Married with two children, Margaret and Isabelle.
NUTTCarole SmithNUTT, Robert. Born c.1841, in Derry. His parents were Matthew NUTT and Mary (SHEARER). He had a sister Margaret, who married in Ireland, and emigrated to New Zealand, after having lived in Scotland for several years. A brither John, went to Scotland, and another brother Samuel went to the US.

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