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OATESC.BookerOATES, Thomas. Born c.1822, in Co. Roscommon.
OBANNONB.CavanaughOBANNON, Bryan. From Co. Tipperary, 1702. By tradition, from family castle. It appears to be Leap Castle, Co. Offaly.
O'BRIENL.GreaneyO'BRIEN. From Capanagapall/Petersburg, Clonbur, Co. Galway, prior to 1901.
O'BRIENTizThree sisters, Anne, Honora and Mary emigrated about 1850 Anne first and Mary and Honora together.
O'BRIENMB LeinenbackThe Cormack O'Brien's of Shanahill East & West, Keel, Castlemaine, Co. Kerry, 1800> now
O'BRIENM ANNSearching for birthplace of three O'Brien sisters, Mary Ann and Honora who came to US in late 1840 or early 1850. Lived and married in Georgia.
O'BRIENMarkIzola Barba MA Mother was O'Brien ltd. info.
O'BRIENEN 1014 at the battle of Clontarf (it's the thousand year gap to 1860s in St Louis that is missing!)
O'BRIENJ ThomasMargaret O'BRIEN b approx.1843 in County Cork. Birthplace possibly Drinagh, no other information.
O'BRIENG.DuffyO'BRIEN, James. His children: Anastasia, Catherine, Anna, Josephine, Mary, Ellen, John and James, came from Co. Waterford during the early 1870's to Albany and Troy, NY. They married McKEOUGH, DUFFY, MASON, McGUIRE, PATTERSON, and WHALEN family members.
O'BRIENR.KileyO'BRIEN, (name unknown). Born c. 1790, Calculitha, Innishannon, Co. Cork. A son, Timothy, born c.1815, in Kilsale, Ireland. Married Mary FLYNN. Children: WILLIAM, born c. 1817, John born c. 1819. Tim's son Eugene Owen O'BRIEN, born 1842, in Kinsale, married Honora MURPHY. Her parents: Bartholomew MURPHY and Kate C. McCARTHY. They had 14 children.
O'BRIENJ.DeardenO'BRIEN, Robert Patrick. Born c. May, 1825, in Ireland. Emigrated to US., by 1863, when he married Julia BUTLER. Worked as a stone mason, tavern owner, and farmer. Looking for siblings, parents, and birthplace in Ireland.
O'BRIENNReebKiltimagh, County Mayo to England
O'BRIENNReebKiltimagh, County Mayo to Phila., Pa.
O'BRIENJ.ChristopherO'BRIEN, Michael. Married Esther FOX in Co. Limerick. They had 6 children: Daniel, Esther, James, William, Helen(Ellen), and Mary. Emigrated to the US., in 1894, and settled in Yonkers, NY. Looking for O'BRIEN/FOX, in Limerick.
O'BRIEND.SheehanO'BRIEN, Margaret. Married John COLLINS, Co. Limerick, townland of Keeloges, Paris Oola. Mother of Jane COLLINS, born 1824. Emigrated c.1850. Jane married James SHEEHAN, in upstate NY., 1852.
O'BRIENF.GreveO'BRIEN, Patrick. Born c. 1845. Came to US, with 2 brothers, John and Cornelius. Patrick married Mary SHANNON. From Wexford?
O'BRIENF.GreveO'BRIEN, Michael J. b. 1813. Married Eliza SOLLERS, born 1812/1813. Ennis, Co. Clare to Baltimore, MD, US, 1849, with five children.
O'BRIENS.YanchisinO'BRIEN, Thomas. Lived in Syracuse, New York. Married Bridget ?, and had 5 or 6 children: William J., Dennis M., Honora (Nora), Ellen, Cecilia and possibly Thomas. Honora, born 1859, married Michael P.LAWLESS, in Syracuse, New York.
O'BYRNEXavier MugnierO'BYRNE, Owen. 1667-1745, from Walkerton and Rossmakea, Co. Louth. Married Margaret PEPPARD. Also Henry O'BYRNE of Allardstown, 1671-1761. Married: 1. Elisabeth TAAFFE, and 2. Elisabeth GERNON.
O'BYRNER.ByrnesO'BYRNE. No further information given.
O'CALLAGHANP.BullotO'CALLAGHAN. From Dromskehy, and Cairduggan, Co. Cork, 1700's to 1800's.
O'CLERYS.RichmondO'CLERY, Philip. Later changed his name to CLARK(E). Born c.1830's, in Co. Cavan. Married Bridget ROCK from Co. Cavan or nearby. Three children: Thomas, and James b. 1844. Both born in Ireland. The youngest son Michael was born in 1850, in Chicago,ILL.
O'CONNELLI.WoodO'CONNELL, John. Married Mary CORBIT/CORBETT. From Ennis, Co. Clare. Emigrated to Australia before 1848. Children: Catherine, born c. 1835, Ellen born c. 1837, and Mary, born c. 1839. Settled in Victoria. Ellen married ___ McCAUSLAND, in 1860.
O'CONNELLKennethMargaret. b 1820 in co. Limerick. Married Edward KELLY
O'CONNELLLorganLawrence Patrick, b. 1875 Valencia, Co. Kerry
O'CONNELLK.FullerPatrick O'CONNELL, born 1839, in Ireland, married Susan Quinn, born January 1855 in Ireland
O'CONNELLK.FullerO'CONNELL (CONNELL), Patrick, and Suzannah QUINN. They were married in 1869 in Carnegie, PA., USA. Her mother was Mary (COFFEE) PAUL.
O'CONNELLK.HawkinsO'CONNELL, William. Born 1772, in Macroom, Co. Cork. Married Julia SHEILA. Emigrated to Michigan. They had 5 sons, and 3 daughters. Only 4 known: Patrick, Daniel, John and Julia (married Patrick MURPHY). They all settled in Genesse and Livingstone Co. Michigan.
O'CONNORS. ToomyHenry D. O'Connor, born County Carlow approx 1857, emigrated to Portland ME. Married Mary Harrigan. Henry's parents were John and Bridget Doyle O'Connor
O'CONNORMB Leinenbackwest of Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry, 1805 to now
O'CONNORacornCo.Clare. Patrick O'Connor -Died abt 1850 m Mary Quinn (d abt 1855) - son James O'Connor b 30 April 1839
O'CONNORRickJeremiah, b. about 1825 (Co. Kerry) m. Jane Long, emigrated 1850 to Boston
O'CONNORWaterlilys1810 West of Dingle, Co Kerry
O'CONNORRennyOutside Dingle. Blacksmith. Lawrence wife Catherine Harrington @ 1850
O'CONNORLaoiseEdward and Dennis from near Bandon, Co.Cork mid 1800 - mid 1900
O'CONNORA.WheelerO'CONNOR, William. Born 1851, in Conn. or Canada. Married Margaret L. McCARTHY, b. Boston in 185 . Children: Mary Anne(HOWE), 1878, Charlie, William. Lived in South Boston, died February 1890, buried Calvary Cemetery, Boston.
OCONNORE. HollowBridget about 1835 probably Ennis Co Clare married John Denis Bruggy 1858 Ennis Clare.
O'CONNORKimbellMartin, Co. Mayo, marr. Margaret MULDOWNEY. Three children Winifred, Hannorah and Allise. Emg. to Peoria, IL. US.,c. 1852.
O'CONNORA.WillisO'CONNOR, Mary Anne (Mollie). Eldest daughter of Daniel O'CONNOR and Catherine CALVEY from Cloonarara, Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo. Born 1864/1867. Emigrated to MD., 1880. Married Peter LINN. She died in 1951. Sister of Margaret, James, Catherine (died 1957, NY.), and Thomas (died Ireland).
O'CONNORT.O'ConnorO'CONNOR. No further information given.
O'CONNORB.DostalO'CONNOR, Peter. He also went by his father's name, Patrick O'CONNELL. Peter married E.GUY, and Patrick married Catherine GRAINY. Children: John, Mary and Margaret.
O'CONNORL.LegereO'CONNOR, William. Married Mary SMITH. Both came from Ireland. One child, William.
O'DANIELJ.NeuginO'DANIEL. Any information appreciated.
O'DAYM.O'DayO'DAY. No further information given.
O'DAYE.MicolichekO'DAY, Charles and wife Catherine. Catherine born c.1808. Children: Thomas and Bridget. Came from Co. Guliway or Guliam.
O'DEAacornCo. Clare - Catherine O'Dea m James O'Connor 20 Jan 1860, the Dau of Patick O'Dea & Mary McMahon of Lisseycasey
O'DEAK.F.BreretonDEA/O'DEA, James. Born 1800, in Limerick. Arrived in Australia in 1823, as a convict.
O'DEAE.KrausO'DEA. No further information given.
Dirk2Co. Donegal, mainly in the Manorcunnigham, Letterkenny area. Dates from 1750 to 1850, with names like John, Robert, Hugh, Isaac, Liam.
O'DONNELLSmithWm. H. O'DONNELL b. 1862, IRE, came to US 1871, m. Margaret E. CORCORAN. d. before 1907. He was a carriage tire maker. Lived in Somerville, MA. Children: John, Andrew,George, Henry, William, Mary Blanche, Margaret & Anna (d. age 4.)
O'DONNELLR.O'DonnellO'DONNELL. Researching branches of family from widowed mother Bridget, and her sons Thomas and John, who immigrated to northeast Pennsylvania (Archbald, Minooka, Scranton) in the mid 1860's and subsequent migration of James O'DONNELL to the Buffalo/Lackawanna, NY area.
O'DONNELLE.MooreO'DONNELL, John. Born, c. 1888, in Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal.
O'DONNELLD.GradyO'DONNELL, Bridget. Born Donegal, 1864. Left for US, at the age of 15. Sister Sara. Bridget married George HOLMES. Died in Pittsburg, PA., on March 14, 1922, at 58 years. She was one of 13 children, living on a potato farm, "that reached to the sea".
O'DONNELLD.GruberO'DONNELL, James. Born 1814. Married Elizabeth BOYD (born 1815). Emigrated to the US., from Co. Armagh, in 1859. Had 6 children, all born in Ireland.
O'DONNELLC.LaughlinO'DONNELL, Martin Frances. Arrived USA., c.1890. Married Katherine DSILVA. Two children: 1900-1910. Lived around Boston. They were later divorced.
O'DONNELLK.O'DonnellO'DONNELL, John Joseph. Married Catherine RITHERFORD. Emigrated to Australia. They had a son John Christopher, born December 2, 1895, died July 18, 1966. Married Annie CRAWFORD, born March 12, 1903, and died October 18, 1988.
O'DONNELLT.ClearyO'DONNELL, Bridget Agnes. Married Micheal BROPHY, from Co. Kilkenny. Emigrated to the US., c.1915-20, to Philadelphia.
O'DONNELLD.O'DonnellO'DONNELL, Domnick. Born 1783, married Catherine MAYOCK, 1796, I believe in Co. Mayo. They had nine children, all born in Ireland: Catherine borb 1834, Mary, Anne b.1821, Bridget b.1828, Peter b.1830, Patrick b.1832, Michael b.1835, Dominick b.1838 and Daniel, who may have been born in Canada. They emigrated to Canada in 1838. Looking for Domnick's parents.
O'DOWDHINTThe surnames, O'DOWD, DOWD, DOODY, DOOLY and BLACK often found in the same families.
O'DOWLINGD.L.StieberO'DOWLING. No data available.
O'DRISCOLLC.ArrantO'DRISCOLL. No further information given.
O'FAIRELLC.FairellO'FAIRELL. Emigrated to America. Name shortened to FAIRELL, when he went through Immigration, at Ellis Island.
O'FALLAMHAINRalphLord of Crioch-na-gCeadach, named after Olioll Cedfach, son of Cahir Mor. King of Leinster and 109th Monarch of Ireland. The county of the O'FALLONS was near Athlone in Westmeath.
O'FALLONRalphanglicised name from FALLON, also Fallone, Falloone
O'FLAHERTYC.MannionO'FLAHERTY, Philip Joseph. Galway. Born 1838/9. Emigrated to England. Place of birth?
O'FLAHERTYJ.O'FlahertyO'FLAHERTY, Camus. Co. Galway.
O'FOGARTYEchosNeed Lenaghen/O'Fogarty of Co Tipparary conn to Castlewellen Co Down 1700-1800
O'FRELLJ.WentzellO'FRELL. No further information given.
O'GARASeabhaccBridget b 1842 in Ireland m. William Henry BALDWIN b 1843 in Canada
O'GRADYIrish1no data given
O'GRADYM.GleisnerGRADY/O'GRADY, Peter. Born Clare Island, Co. Mayo, 1815. Married Mary SCHOFIELD. Died Iowa, US., in 1904.
O'GRADYM.J.O'GradyO'GRADY. Including allied surnames of O'HARA, McCORMICK and McCLOSKEY. Also researching GALLAGHER, RICE, FERN, HARRIGAN, MASTERSON and BRADY.
O'HALLORAND. ThornPatrick O'HALLORAN, born Co. Galway 18 March , late 1700's. Went to Prince Edward Island, Canada in 1829. Married Jane GILL, born 1829.
O'HARASeabhaccThomas b 1801 in Co Cavan, father's name Patrick O'Hara. m. Mary McELROY b 1810 in Ireland
O'HARAPattiMichael James O'Hara b. 1825-32 Sligo/Mayo Parents? Oliver O'Hara & Eleanor Burke in Scranton PA. by 1860 .+ Mary Howley
O'HARAC.ElamO'HARA, John. Date of birth unknown. His son, Cathall or Charles O'HARA, died 1639. Cathall was married to Margaret MacDUFFY.
O'HARAV.BeeneO'HARA, Daniel. Born 1809 in PA. Looking for his parents.
O'HARAJ.HigginsO'HARA, James. From Roscommon. Moved to NY., c.1870.
O'HEARNACJohn O'Hearn immigrated to N.J. from Co. Cork in the 1860's
O'HEARNC. RadfordDaniel O'HEARN b. 1795 Irel. Wife: Johanna b. 1795 Irel. Sons: Thomas b. 1821; Edward b. 1835
O'HEARNK.ADAMSO'HEARN, John J. Born 1840, in Ireland.He settled in the Ohio area, of the US.,in the mid 1860's, with his wife Ann FORTNAIR.Their children were: Patrick, James, John James, and Barney. These four sons moved to the US. in the late 1870's.
O'HEARND.HarrellO'HEARN, Martin. Born August 29, 1865, died March 5, 1931. His father was Dominic O'HEARN, and his mother was Margaret HORN, from Ireland. Martin settled in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Had 3 sisters, and 1 brother.
O'HEGNYC.ElamO'HEGNY, Fermanagh, King of Oriel. His daughter, Beanmidhe, was married to A Meith (The Fat) macAedo O'NEILL (died 1230)
O'HERINbpossum John J. m. Ellen Murphy, IRL>US, their daughter Catherine Elizabeth O'Herin b.1857 in Fairfax VA
O'HIGGINSJ.NeuO'HIGGINS, Lois Daisy Dell. Born September 15, 1911. Family moved to England shortly after, then moved on to Australia (Sydney area). She married Frederick PALMER.
O'KANEMYoungJames O'KANE born in county Mayo 1830 & came to PA, USA 1847, 48?
O'KEEFENReebKiltimagh, County Mayo to England
O'KEEFEH.WeaverO'KEEFE, John Dansel. Born Ireland December 1846. Went to the USA., in 1868. Lived in Chicago, ILL., New Mexico, Texas and finally settled in Arkansas. He had a sister Margaret and a brother William.
O'LAUGHLINJimEllen b ?, d/o John William & Mary Catherine ?, m James Wesley Morrison 30 Oct 1825, Baltimore.
O'LEARYD DohertyJoseph O'LEARY - son of David O'LEARY and KATE HURLEY - born in 1849 in Co. Cork - - s married Ellen BARRETT in 1867 in Glanmire (Co. Cork)
O'LEARYD DohertyDavid O'LEARY - son of Joseph O'LEARY and Ellen (BARRETT) O'LEARY - born in 1867 in Glanmire or Glouthoune (Co. Cork) in 1867
O'LEARYD DohertyElizabeth O'LEARY - daughter of Joseph O'LEARY and Ellen (BARRETT) O'LEARY - christened in Glouthoune (Co. Cork) in 1869
O'LEARYD DohertyJoseph O'LEARY and ELLEN (BARRETT) O'LEARY emigrated to New York City between 1875 and 1879 with two children David and Elizabeth O'LEARY from Glanmire or Glouthoune (Co. Cork) - settled down in W.40th Street
O'LEARYTizPatrick, born 1847, emigrated 1865. Noinformation on family, possibly Cork
O'LEARYM ANNSearching for family of Patrick O'Leary who was b. In Ireland in 1847 and emigrated to US in 1865
O'LEARYnomfrom Tipperary to Toronto in 1840's Thomas was 2 yrs old and came with parents Patrick OLeary and Hanorah Carey. Lots of older siblings came too.
O'LEARYCkingJulia, b. 1805 Kerry, m. Timothy McCarthy They are in southern Illinois 1850 child born in Ireland in 1849. Children Jeremiah 1838, Patrick, Daniel, Michael b, 1849, Julia.
OLEARYnomfrom Cork to NY in 1857 Dennis born 1840.
OLIVERcdCaenJane b.abt 1745 prob Limerick
O'LOANM.McAuleyO'LOAN, Anthony Gerard(Gerry). Parents(adoptive), Kathleen (nee FAHEY), and Edward O'LOAN, resided in Cushendall. Edward had 3 brothers: Benny, James, Danny, and a sister Winnie. Looking for other relatives of O'LOAN/FAHEY/SREWART families.
OLSONK.OlsonOLSON. No further information given.
O'MAHONEYPKBCo. Cork 1860's
O'MAHONEYlbmaybeAndrew, from Shanaclough, Murragh, Cork
O'MAHONEYM.CahillO'MAHONEY, James D. Born in Co. Kerry (maybe Annascaul), on November 22, 1830. Married Bridget SHEA, c.1873. He was a publican, and also described as a cattle buyer. They had 9 children, and emigrated to America, maybe in the 1880's. His father was Daniel O'MAHONEY, and his mother Joanna BARRETT.
O'MALLEYT.O'MalleyO'MALLEY, John and Ellie. From Tulla, Co. Clare. Both born c.1830-1850, possibly in Co. Mayo.
O'MALLEYP.O'MalleyO'MALLEY, James F. Died January 8, 1942. Married Margaret O'DONNELL, died February 8, 1947. Both from Westport. Emigrated to Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Parents of 10.
O'MEARAM.DoyleO'MEARA, Michael. Born Birr, Co. Tipperary 1898. Married Cecilia MADDEN, in Dublin in 1919. Emigrated to Australia. Parents: Michael and Ann, nee McGRATH.
O'NEALSmithLovina (Lavinia)O'NEAL b. ca 1812 AL, m. Rodwell SMITH 7 Aug 1829, Copiah Co. MS, moved to Yalobusha Co. MS by 1850. d. 1881-1890. Children included: Joshua Jackson, Stephen J., Peter M., Jacob O., James W. (KIA), William C. (KIA) - all fought CSA, - Catherine, Nancy, Mary, Robert, Hiram. Lovina d. after 1880.
O'NEALLJillNo data
O'NEALLjim2Hugh b.1698 Co Antrim IRL> c. 1725/30 DEL (family in VA,SC,IND,IL,IA)
O'NEILAliceClaude J. b: February 15, 1884 Manitoba Ca. 2 sisters 1 brother looking for information on parents of Claude
K.O'NeillO'NEIL/O'NEILL, Edward Francis. Born to Irish immigrants, in 1892, Bridgeport,Ct. He married Stella STAUL or LAUL, and they had two sons. One son Edward Francis, Jr., was born on May 12, 1918 in St. Vincent Hospital, Bridgeport, CT. His godparents were Anna DONOVAN and Helen LAUL (STAHL). Edward Francis Snr., died in 1922 in a train mishap.
O'NEILP.O'NEILO'NEIL/NEILL, James, born in Clonakilty, 1813, came to Saint John, NB, in 1849 with wife, Johannah O'SULLIVAN or SULLIVAN. Looking for James or Johanna's siblings or parents.
O'NEILD.Henderson-O'NeilO'NEIL, Charles. Born 1835, Co. Tyrone (Dungannon?). Married Mary McGEE, born 1838, on November 28, 1864, at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, in the district of Calton, Glasgow, SCOT. His father was Hugh O'NEIL, farmer, and his mother was Margaret HILLY(HILLEY).
O'NEILD.MuelchiO'NEIL, Hugh. Married Mary HILLY (HILLEY). Son Charles, born 1835. First wife's name unknown (she died young). Married second wife, Mary McGEE, (born 1835), in Calton district of Glasgow in 1864. Returned to Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, where their son Peter, was born in 1873. Peter married Catherine CONWAY.
O'NEILG.MartinO'NEIL, Patrick. Married Jane PRICE. Drumcree, Westmeath and Enniskillen, Fermanagh. Emigrated to Canada, with children, in the mid 1800's. Children: Pat 1802, and Jane 1804.
O'NEILJ.ScherrO'NEIL, Charles. Married Hermine SIGMUN (SICKMAN, SEGOIN, SEGUIN). Children: Hercule, married Zoe DUPRE 1846, Sorel Quebec; Marie married Francois-Xavier TOUSIGNANT 1867, Quebec; Claire married Zacharie Jacques in St. Bartolimi, Quebec, 1859; and Sophie. Family elders said Charles O'NEIL and his family had come from Co. Tyrone.
O'NEILLNReebKiltimagh, County Mayo to Phila., Pa.
O'NEILLmimiSkerrywheery, Antrim
O'NEILLJillNo data
O'NEILLjim2Bryan John c. 1650 Co Antrim IRL
O'NEILLJack FenaughtyBridget, b 1841 Newmarket-on-Fergus, Co. Clare, Ireland, married Jacob Heard a soldier in Ireland. Children born a Femoy barracks in Cork.
O'NEILLPerkinsSeeking the parents of James Joseph O'NEILL, b.c. 1845 and his sister, Mollie/Mary Ann, b.1849 (NY). Their parents may have been Irish Catholic immigrants Thomas O'NEILL and Mollie REID from Dublin area. Mother died about 1850, father remarried and then disappeared from the Charleston, SC area about 1860. Stepmother put children on the streets. Father may have worked with Railroad. James found work as blacksmith's apprentice. Little Mollie taken into Charleston Orphanage and "delivered up" in 1863 to the BRANDT family and then disappeared. Catholic priest in Charleston at this time named Rev. Patrick O'NEILL from Newtown Parish, Thomastown, Kilkenny, IRE. Might he be related?
O'NEILLC.ElamO'NEILL. Have information from Grace O'NEILL back. Would like more information, e.g. websites, or books.
O'NEILLL.HefrenO'NEILL, Bryan. Born 1795, in Kelle, Co. Meath. He was transported to Australia, on the Amorah in 1820. His parents seem to have been John O'NEILL or O'NEIL), and Mary DELANE.
O'NEILLS.BornarthO'NEILL, Ellen. Born 1823 in Ennis, Co. Clare. Came to St. Paul, Minnesota, c.1850-55. Married Charles BORNARTH.
O'REGANK WilliamsMargaret, wife of Charles TREANOR , Coachbuilder, had son Michael Charles TREANOR b c1816 Derry Londonderry IRE
O'REILLYFirstRigKimberley SoAFRICA 1901
O'REILLYK Emersonfrom Youghal, Co. Cork/Ardmore, Co. Waterford to NY 1854, to Gold Hill, NV 1870. by 1880-1895 Butte, Montana
B.CorriganO'REILLY REILLY, Cornelius (c.1835-1907). Son of Bernard, in Co. Cavan. Married Mary Jane DIVINE, c.1853, before emigrating to Australia.
O'RILEYJ.G.MillerJames (b abt 1830 Dublin, Ire; d. bef 8/15/1899 Savannah, GA) Sp: Sarah RICE (b SC, US)
ORMONDJ.OrmondORMOND, William. Born Co. Wicklow, in 1854. Emigrated to New Zealand.
ORMONDBob S. NugentORMOND. From Waterford, Tipperary.
ORMONDRDORMOND, Bridget. Born 1874 in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. Came to East Boston, MA., in 1893, aboard "Cunard", via Cobh. Died 1960, in Boston. Married John J. McCARTHY.
O'ROURKECahoonNo information.
O'ROURKEA.WheelerO'ROURKE, Catherine. Born Ireland. Married to William P[R]ENDERGAST, born Ireland. Known child Catherine, born September 10, 1836.
O'ROURKET.O'RourkeO'ROURKE, Patrick Joseph. Born 1848, possibly in Tipperary. Married Honora RYAN, born c. 1846, possibly in Tipperary. Thought to have gone to the U.S, Boston or NYC. Need information on his father Joseph O'ROURKE.
O'ROURKEJ.O'RourkeO'ROURKE, Constantine. Son Peter born Jarrow, U.K., in 1853.
B.WattsORRIGAN O'REGAN. No further information available.
OSBORNEC DunzMoses Osborne "entered the colony" of New Brunswick Canada (Albert County in 1819 at the approximate age of 20yrs. He lists Ireland as his place of birth.
O'SHAUGHNESSYMeganPaddy O'Shaunessy, Married to Handrahan/Hanrahan, co LIM c.1900s
O'SHEATom SheaO'SHEA, Patrick J. Born in Cameen, Dingle, Co. Kerry. Married Bridget KENNEDY. One known son, Thomas.
O'SULLIVANM.YoungO'SULLIVAN, John Marshall. Was in Laurens County, Georgia by 1888. Seeking confirmation that family was from Baltimore, Co. Cork, with a store called O'Sullivans Landing.
O'SULLIVANG.OlivaO'SULLIVAN, Catherine (Kate) Sygmaria. Born in Esk West, Co. Kerry, in the 1860's. She and her siblings, Mary (WALDRON), Margaret (McGOVERN), Patrick and Jeremiah, came to the US, in the 1880's. Denis stayed in Esk West.
O'SULLIVANS.BornarthO'SULLIVAN, Margaret. Born 1858 in Tullamore, Co. Kerry. Daughter of Bridget ENRIGHT and Denis O'SULLIVAN. Other siblings went to Mendon, New York, USA. Margaret married Henry WALSH and went to New South Wales, Australia, c.1880.
O'SULLIVANS.BornarthO'SULLIVAN, Thomas. Born 1861, in Tullamore, Co. Kerry. Son of Bridget ENRIGHT and Denis O'SULLIVAN.
O'TOOLEP.MolyneuxO'TOOLE, Michael. Married Mary TOMAN in Liverpool, in 1900.
OTWAYcdCaenThomas b.abt 1625 Lissenhall Co.Tipperary
OWENSVKirnesp Westmeath
OWENSW SAGERNo data given

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