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RAFFERTYP.BusheeRAFFERTY Owen and Nancy McCARN. Born in N.Ireland. Came to the US., and lived and died in Ticonderoga, Essex Co. N.Y. Looking for descendants.
RAFTERYC.TraboldRAFTERY, Luke, born c. 23 October 1870, died 27 January 1937. Son of Patrick RAFTERY and Bridget WEIR. Married Catherine RYAN, born c.1878, died 1 January 1929, from Co. Roscommon, daughter of Michael and Ellen RYAN. Luke and Catherine had seven daughters, who all came to New Jersey, US. during the 1920's. The daughters were Bridget (Bessie) HAGERTY, Ellen (Nellie) DUFFY, Mary Agnes KOENIG, Kathleen (Sister Kathleen Patrice), Madeline McLOUGHLIN, Lillian TRABOLD, and Josephine (Sister Celsius).
RAFTERYC.TraboldRAFTERY. From Co. Mayo, and Gortaganny, Co. Roscommon.
T. MASSEYJohn REAGAN/RAGAN BORN 1772 Washington Co. VA probably born Ireland
R.RaganRAGAN/REAGAN, Darby. Co. Cork. Born c.1750, died 1851, in Spartansburg, SC., USA.
RAINEYhbRAINEY, Emily. Born June 15, c.1917.
RAKESTRAWJeanneNo data
RAMPLINGRobynJames bc:1786 Suffolk ENG to AUS 1815
RANSONW.CosperRANSON, Robert H. On 1871 census, Robert was listed as being, age 60, born in Ireland. Have been told name is not Irish, but found name on Fianna's list of 16th Century names.
RAPENReebCounty Mayo to New Jersey
RATCHFORDP.O'NeilRATCHFORD, Phillip,born, Trim in 1806, married Mary O'RILEY, born 1809 in Trim. Moved to St. Georges, Quebec, in 1832. Looking for siblings of either Phillip or Mary.
RATHBURNIrishRedMichael, b. 1842, County Galway, Parents John Rathburn and Elisa Lynch
RATIGANM.ThompsonRATIGAN, Luke. Came to the USA in the early 1800's. Married Mary GARIGHAN in New York. They had a son, Hugh, and a daughter Margaret. Luke died in Riga, New York.
RAVENCarolMcJSarah Raven m. c. 1675 Tobias Stansbury
RAWLINSt wallaceMarried Patrick O'Shea in 1863 on Castle Island
B.WalkerRAWLINS, Samuel. Born in 1842. Came to the US, from Co. Cork in the 1860's. He married a German, Maria Magdelena HECK, and had two children, Magdalena and Emma. The family moved to Philadelphia, in the 1880's. Lena married Ernst KURTZ, and Emma married Carl ISSEL.
RAYD.McAteeRAY, Marthe. Married Michael McATEE, c.1841. Lived in PA., USA.
RAYF.TurnerRAY. No further information given.
RAYHILLK.D.RayhillRAYHILL. Wondering if this surname could be Irish. Searching for family, coat of arms etc.
REAA.ReaREA, Robert. Left Ireland in 1874 for Australia. Lived in Moy. His father was Henry REA.
mimiScottish sept. settled in Kilwaughter, Antrim. Presbyterians, 19th century
J.KeatingREGAN. Researching in general area of West Cork. REGAN relationship with KEATING.
durlingjLooking for townland in Co. Cork for Thomas and wife Margaret. Came to Central New York in 1850's
REALC Realof Oola, Pallas Graen and Hospital in Limerick. Spelling variations from Limerick and Tipperary show Real, RIALL, REALE.
REALI.RealREAL. Limerick, or Tipperary, 1750-1870.
REARDONJ.ReardonREARDON, Owen. Born 1827, in Co. Cork.
REDDAMR.ReddamREDDAM, William. Married Kate or Catherine. They had a child born in Ireland. Mary moved to Windsor, Ontario, Canada, in 1882. They had six other children: Kate, Elisabeth, Joseph, Ellen, Thomas, James.
REDDANC.LucasREDDAN, James, Joseph and Frank (either brothers or Father/ son/ uncle. James married Florence COLL, in New York c.1900. They had only one son, Michael, born 1917. Originally the REDDAN family came from Co. Mayo, and then settled in the Brooklyn/Bronx area of New York, in the late 1800's to the early 1900's. Known relatives in the 1920 to 1930's, were the KING, CUNNINGHAM and SEXTON families.
REDDENF.ReddenREDDEN, Edward. Born Tipperary, near Tempelnore. Emigrated to Poughkeepsie, NY. Married Jacola LEWIS, 1753. Searching for ancestors in Tipperary.
REDDINGTONNReebCounty Mayo to New Jersey
J.BurkeREDDINGTON/REDINGTON, Ellen (Eleanor). Born c.1830, in Shanballymore, Co. Galway. Married Martin MULLARKY, in 1852, at Dunmore, Co. Galway. They stayed in Ireland.
REDDYA.O'BrienREDDY, Bridget and Mary.These are two sisters, who married two brothers.Bridget, married James MURPHY. Mary REDDY, married Thomas MURPHY.
REDMONDR.RedmondREDMOND, Moses. Married Rebecca DUNN. They travelled with their thirteen children, and Moses' brother John and his wife Roseanna, and their sister Rebecca, from Co. Antrim to North America, in 1818. When they arrived in America the thirteen children each took on different variations of their name REDMOND : READMAN, READMON, REDMON, and REDMOND. They were shipwrecked in 1818, off Nova Scotia. Some stayed in Canada, the rest went to many corners of the USA and Canada. No records of this family can be found, prior to 1818.
REDMONDSeabhaccMargaret b 1830's near Dublin m. James DUNN b 1830's in Ireland
REDMONDJ.ParliamentREDMOND, Elizabeth. Married John MORRISSEY. Both born in Ireland. Shown in the US., c.1880's, with many children. Mt. Hope, NJ>
REEDCloudy 1780's to GA
REEDA.WheelerREED, Thomas. Born Ireland, in 1819. Fathers name also Thomas, also born in Ireland. Arrived NY State in 1849. Married Catherine P[r}ENDERGAST: lived in Cambridge and Cohoes, NY. They had 11 children. He worked in the cotton mills in NY.Thomas died in 1887, Catherine died in 1910. Submitter has names of all the children.
REEHALS.MyersREEHAL, John. Married Susan ONIEL, c.1850, in or around Monaghan.
REESERoots2FindNo data
REEVESJ.O'BrienREEVES, Christopher or Alex. Belfast, c. 1800's.
REGANJ M ReganJohn and Mary(Murray)Regan left Mayo Ireland in Nov.1862. First Son Thomas regan was born aboard ship on Nov 24,1862 What part of Mayo were they from?
REHILLB.RehillREHILL. No further information given.
REIDPerkinsSeeking the parents of James Joseph O'NEILL, b.c. 1845 and his sister, Mollie/Mary Ann, b.1849 (NY). See O'Neill
REIDC.ParsonsREID, Evelyn Elizabeth. Born in Leiburn, Co. Down, c. 1905.
REIDN.NeelyREID, Anne. Born c.December, 1832 in Ireland. Daughter of James and Mary (SHANAHAN). Both parents were born in Ireland. Anne emigrated to the NYC area, between 1832-1870. She settled in Yonkers, New York. She married Hugh WALSH, son of James and Catherine(HOAG). Children: Marie, Hugh, James, Anne and Frances.
REIDYC.PenderREIDY. No further information given.
REILLEYJenningsBridget REILLEY, born c. 1827, Ireland. Died 1883 in Houston Co. MN. Father, Edward REILLEY. Married Thomas JENNINGS, in Seneca Co. OH., 1852. Children Michael, John, Edward, Mary, James, Bridget, and Catherine.
REILLYchirhoIR to Trenton NJ by 1900
REILLYL MarshallJames (b/d?) of Stragella, Cavan, Co. Cavan. Children: Kathy, John, Thomas. Tom bapt 9 Oct 1861, emig. to Philadelphia (USA). John still alive in Ire. in 1933. Kathy ??
REILLYJ.ReillyREILLY, Patrick. Born March 1831, in Co. Cavan. Died February 1905, in New Haven, CT., USA. Anne Marie LN? born June 1833, Co. Cavan. Died April 1911, New Haven, CT. Both may have met, in the employee of SARGENT family, c.1850. Married 1856 in New Haven.
REILLYJ.O'BrienREILLY, Richard, married Mary REILLY (maiden name). Co Cavan? Children: Edward, Francis, James and others unknown. Edward married Catherine (Kate) KELLY, and they settled in Naugatuck, CT., USA. Their children were: Edward, Francis, Genevieve, James, Katherine, William and Margaret.
REILLYM.McCoyREILLY, Catherine. Born 1831, in Dublin. Came to New Orleans, c.1849. Married John STINCHCOMB.
REINARDCloudy 1817 to PA
REINHARDTMimi71794 1882 Oesdorf,DEU to NY to NJ,USA
RENWICKt wallaceJane b 15 March 1844. Married Thomas McEwen
REOGHM FlynnDrogheda Co. Louth
REVELLP.BullotREVELL. From Ballymoney, Co. Wicklow. Emigrated to New Zealand, in 1853.
REVINGTONS Williams Any from Tipperary pre1981
REYNOLDSR.EarleREYNOLDS, Thomas. Born c.1850. Went from Co. Westmeath to Idaho, USA., and then to California. Thomas was a miner. He eventually returned to Westmeath.
RHYNOLDStarweaverCasper John b.1814 Guys Co N.S. Was son of Frederick Rhynhold and Lydia HURST. Casper m. Nancy J ? Known children: Freeman; Harvey (my ggf)
RICENReebStewartstown, Tyrone to Phila., Pa.
RICEE.WintersRICE, Hugh. Married Alice MURPHY. Both born in Ireland, c.1830-1840. Parents of Michael RICE, born February 5, 1860, in Ireland. Michael went to Bootle, England, where he married Catherine CROSBY. They had two sons, Hugh and James, both born in Bootle. Michael emigrated to NYC., NY., in 1888. Catherine followed the next year. They settled in Jersey City, NJ. Michael died in 1913, in Jersey City.
RICEB.YoungRICE, Thomas. No further information given.
RICHARDSONKelmo 1791 Co. Cavan
RICHARDSONM.HoganRICHARDSON, Edward. Born c.1820. Came from Grangemore, Parish of Borris, Queens County.
RIGGINSR.WoodardRIGGINS, Charles Washington. Born c. 1775, probably in Warren County. Looking for his parents.
RILEYRileySteven Adrian RILEY, Vanceberg, KY. USA.
RILEYP.JacobsRILEY/REILLY, John. Came to America, in 1745, fought in the Rev. War for Pennslyvania. He then went to VA. Married Elizabeth CRAWFORD, in Shenandoah Valley.
RINGB RingDennis Ring b.June 6,1816 Cork,Ire. Arrived at the port of New York, USA,1839 on a ship named "Troy". I am searching for any possible relatives, parents,siblings,etc. He married Eliza Caples of Anne Arundel County,Maryland,USA on March 29,1840. He was of the Protestant Episcopal faith in the USA.
RINGWOODJ.CagneyRINGWOOD. From Ballyroan and/or Rathdowney, Queens Co.
RIORDANRennyKillarney. Lived on New St.Daniel @1840s. Mason by trade. Wife Susana Roche.
RIORDANL.ThompsonRIORDAN. No other information given.
RIORDANK.MacMullenRIORDAN, John. Married Catherine TRACEY, from Chicago, Cook, IL. Children: Catherine, Elizabeth, and John.
RIPENTONRobynEliza bc:1807 London ENG
RITCHIELesleyParents James b.1792?(son of John) and Elizabeth b.1791?: Sons: John b.March 10, 1820, James, Alexander and David. Born in Co.Tyrone
J.G.MillerEllen ROACH (b. Aug 1834 Ballyhooley, Cty Cork, Ire; m. 1851 Rochester,NY,US; d 24 Mar 1921 West Burlington, IA) Dau. of Edmond DeROCHE, Jr. & Catherine COLLINS. Sp: Patrick HENNESSEE, Jr
ROARTYMYoungDaniel ROARTY from county Donegal parish Glenties came to PA, USA in 1875
ROBERTSCloudy 1840 to AL
ROBERTSM.GrosbeckROBERTS, Mary Born 1843, in Killorglin. Mary married John COFFEY in 1860. They had 9 children including: Mary, Bridget, Julia, Patrick and Margaret. Mary and John died c.1904, in Killorglin. Searching for her family.
ROBERTSONB.RobertsonROBERTSON, Jonathan. Born October 7, 1740. He left Ulster Province (possibly Coleraine), for North Carolina, USA, in 1746, with his father William
ROBINSONBob KArchibald b.1846 d.1929
ROBINSONMugsSamuel DOB c 1875 Newtonards Co Down IRL
ROBINSONM KleindiesnstJohnston, b 1879 d 1953 married Elizabeth WATT b 1880 d 1945. Married 1905 in Belfast. > NYC in 1920 (Johnston and son) and 1922 (Elizabeth and daughters). Children: Margaret b 1909, Anna b 1910, Johnston b 1913 and Mary b 1917.
ROBINSOND.LiggettROBINSON, Margaret. From Lettery (Letry), Co. Tyrone. She married Joseph LIGGETT n 1816. Seeking Margaret's parents.
ROBINSONM.RobinsonROBINSON, Edward. Married to Mary C. DUFF, Tipperary.
ROCHEJan FortadoROCHE, Richard. From Castleterry, Ballindangan, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. Married Kit FARRELL, from Curagheen(?), c. 1800-1810. Richard had two brothers: Garrett and Paddy. Children of Richard and Kit: Will, Joan/Johanna, John, Mary, Kitty, Hannah, and Garrett. Will married Nancy/Ann GALLAGHER, and had Ellen and Mary.
ROCHEG.BOWEROCHE, Catherine.Born c. 1812. Married Thomas SHANNON, c. 1832, in Mullabone.
LakeCoBridget, b abt 1837 Ireland, m. Dennis NORTON abt 1858 in Chgo by 1880, children born US
ROCHERennyKillarney. Michael @ 1840s. Carpenter by trade.
ROCHER.RocheROCHE, Thomas J. Born December 27, 1872, in Fermoy(?), Co. Cork. Married October 26, 1898, in Boston, MASS. Died May 17, 1934.
ROCHEP.FieldingROCHE family from Co. Wexford. Children of Anthony and Anne LACEY (no details of marriage), but dates of first 2 children as follows: Lawrence born May 5, 1855, Milltown, Ferns, and Mary May 21 1857, born Milltown, Ferns. More information on other children if required.
P.WoodROCHE ROACHE. From Co. Cork, and Brooklyn, NY., between 1845-1855.
ROCHFORDM E SladeCo. Tipperary
ROCHFORDJ.GottlickROCHFORD. Clan came from Mullinahone and Killenaule.
ROCHFORTL.OrtegaCame from Ballymorefinn, Co. Dublin, Parish of Tallaght, and Barony of Upper Cross.
ROCKJ.ThomasFrancis ROCK, born c. 1829.
ROCKS.RichmondROCK, Bridget. Born c.1830's, in Co. Cavan, or nearby. She married Philip CLARK(E) (or O'CLERY). They had three children: Thomas, and James b.1844, both born in Ireland, and Michael b. 1850 in Chicago.
RODGERSN.JewelRODGERS. Carnmoney Presbyterian Church, Co. Antrim.
ROEMugsRichard Andrew DOB Dec 7, 1832 Montague Township Ontario
ROEMichaelDrogheda, Co. Louth
ROEKelmo 1851 - Canada
ROES.YorkROE, George. Born 185?, in PA?. Married Priscilla CRAGG. Second wife Becky.
ROES.YorkROE, Thomas Arthur. Born February 4, 1871, Buffalo, New York. Died March 7, 1958. Married Effie Mae ILLIFF, born January 6, 1873, in Versailles, MO., died July 22, 1931.
ROGERSKelmo 1816 - Twp. of King Ontario Canada
ROGERSS.MullinsROGERS, Robert. Born December 31, 1842. Emigrated to New York, from Ireland, in 1860. He married Jane DOYLE, in April, 1869. They had a son, Robert W. ROGERS, born January 1, 1870, in South Bend, Indiana.
ROLLINSG.O'CallaghanROLLINS, George. Born 1833 in Aghalee, Co. Antrim. Son of John and Ellen/Ellenor COUSINS. Married Jane ROBINSON. They emigrated in 1856, to Geelong, Victoria, Australia. George's sister, Eliza ROLLINS, married John BEST in 1852. They settled in Ontario, Canada, after 10 years in Australia.
ROLLINSP.FolkersROLLINS, George. Born 1790, in Co. Antrim. He married Janet (Jane?) KILKADE??, c. 1815. They had ten children, born between 1816 and 1838, all born in Co. Antrim. The children were: William John, George, James, Elizabeth, Robert, Samuel, Alexandra, Mary, Margaret, and Jane. The ROLLINS family, emigrated to Hastings County, Ont., Canada, in 1848. Seeking ROLLINS researchers, in Northern Ireland.
ROMEIKEMimi7 Barbara Father was Christopher from Angersburg. 1833 Koenigsburg,PRU married Ludwig Meitzen
RONANJ.RonanRONAN. From Dublin area. Emigrated to Birmingham, prior to World War 11.
RONEJoeJane b. 1828 Linerick IRL m. Patrick Donahue c. 1855-1859 d. 1900 in Montana
RONEYL.H.RoneyRONEY. No further information given.
ROONEYJ.DonahueJames ROONEY, born 1799 Co. Westmeath, married 1865 to Rosan BANON, born 1813, Mullingar. James died in 1882 in US., and Rosan in 1854, Watkins, NY. Children: James, William, Christoher, Anne, Catherine, John, and Andrew, all born in Mullingar.
ROONEYK.RuthROONEY, James. Born 1794. Son James born 1814. Both emigrated to the US., Vermont. James 11 married Mary, and had 14 children. Looking for birthplace of either James. Obit. stated "Southern Ireland".
ROONEYW.BurnsROONEY, Anne McKeever. Born January 26, 1887, in Co. Louth. Her mother's maiden name was McKEEVER. Please contact if you have any knowledge of a McKEEVER marrying a ROONEY, who had a daughter Anne, born January 26, 1887.
ROONEYS.KoelleROONEY, Hugh. Born 1831. Married Bridget LANG, born 1846. They had 5 children: Hubert, Anne, Patrick, Mary Jane, and Lawrence.
ROONEYR.EarleROONEY, Peter. Born c.1850. A labourer from James Street, Dublin. He had at least 2 daughters, Annie and Mary
ROSEMAN S MorganMary Ann married James WAUGH dated unknown.Had three children James born 1860 Belfast,Jessie 1864 Ballymacarett and Margaret 1866 Antrim
ROSSRR McClennanPresbyterian; County Tyrone, 1758; arr in Philadelphia 28 Sep 1783; Highland County, Ohio, 1802 (Oliver ROSS, w/Francis Eleanor ST CLAIR, sons; St Clair, Josiah - daughters; Margaret, and Rebecca)
ROSSRR McClennanPresbyterian, County Tyrone, (Newtown Stewart), 1800; Digby, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, 1832. (Crawford ROSS, w/Margaret HAMILTON, sons; Oliver, Alexander, John; daughters; Rosana, Mary and Katherine)
ROSSITERTeresa Rossiter HarveyROSSITER, Robert, Patrick, James, or Francis ROSSITER.
ROTCHFORDM.DentyROTCHFORD. Co. Wexford, prior to 1830. Our Lady's Island.
ROUSEJ.RouseROUSE. Co. Tyrone, Derry, 1700-1890.
ROWANM.RowanROWAN. No other data given.
ROWLESA. LambGeorge and Sarah (Griffin) ROWLES lived in Cloonteen, Doon, Co. Limerick. They and their 5 adult children emigrated 1849-1852 to NY, then went on to Waupun, WI, some on to Goodhue Co. MN. Names: Luke, Mary (Carey, Benton), George, John, Margaret( Benton, Glendenning). Left behind in Limerick was Michael and wife bridge Ryan with 7 children, who may have been another son.
ROWLETTED HunterCousin of HUNTER, Co. Sligo late 1800's.
ROYCROFTN.KieCathrine Roycroft m. Richard Daly in 1855 in Co Cork,Skibereen
RUANEK.RuaneRUANE, Patrick. Born February, 1895, at Castleconnor? (maybe a farm), in the parish of Killala. He had one brother, named Jack. Jack ran the 'Jack Ruane Showband'. His parents were Henry John RUANE, and Bridget (nee CALPIN). Married in Ballina Cathedral 1/11/19.
RUDDYM RuddyJames Ruddy Cork?>1850? NY?>Allamakee Co. Iowa m.1857 Ellen Murphy. 1873>Fairfax, MN
RUDDYN.LuptonRUDDY, Elizabeth. Born June 18, 1892. Mothers maiden name BROWN.
RUDDYS.GrayRUDDY, Bernard. Married Margaret McCALLION, c.1930. Emigrated to Glasgow, Scotland. They had 10 children.
RUHMORBob KLovina b.1857 d.1957
RUSHcdCaenCatherine b. abt 1680 Galway
RUSSS.BaryloRUSS, James B. Born January 26, 1840 in Belfast. Emigrated to Canada (NB).
RUSSELC.RobinsonRUSSEL (L), James. Father of Joseph, James, Andrew and Mary. Came from Cavan, of Raphoe. Seeking descendants, wife, and other details.
RUSSELLJ.G.MillerEllen (b 25 Dec 1828/1835 Cty Clare, Ire; d 19 Mar 1907 Burlington, IA); sp James McINERNY; dau. of Thomas; siblings: Pat, Tom, & Margaret.
RUSSELLBrent SMITHJane (Jenny) RUSSELL was born in 1837 at Broughshane, County Antrim. On 25 March 1857 she married John William BLACK at Broughshane, County Antrim.
RUSSELLL.DyerRUSSELL, William James. Born c.August 23, 1846, at Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary. Son of John RUSSELL, 64th Regiment, and Catherine, nee SULLIVAN.
RUTHERFORDM.RutherfordRUTHERFORD, Christopher. Born c. 1855, in Eniskillen. Son of Christopher and Sarah LITTLE RUTHERFORD. He married Margaret ARMSTRONG, from Glasgow, Scotland.
RUTLEDGEM.RutledgeRUTLEDGE. Co. Kilkenny, Parish of Muckalee. Left Ireland for Newfoundland, Canada. Burrell RUTLEDGE married in 1803, in the Catholic Basilica, Johns, Newfoundland, CA.
RYANBJHeywoodRYAN, Michael, married Mary RAFTER, born Kilkenny. One son William, born c. 1841.Tipperary.
RYANBJHeywoodRYAN, William, born c. 1841, Tipperary.Emg. to Australia, married 19 Sep. 1865, in Sydney, Margaret RYAN, born c. 1838, Tipperary, daughter of James RYAN amd Mary LUBY, died 10 Sep. 1918, Maclean N.S.W.Children: Thomas Francis,b. 14 Oct. 1867: James b. 9 Jan. 1875: Mary b. 1872: Honora b. 1876.
RYANJ.BoydeRYAN, Mary (Mae), married Jeremiah GLEESON, c. 1857.
RYANbpossum(Michael??) Martin (Matt) b.IRL to US married Honora Houlihan
RYANBCRyanMichael J, b 1854, to New Haven CT, worked on New Haven Railroad. m. 1875, three children: James, Catherine, Agnes
RYANJ.RyanJohn Ryanborn in Tipperary circ 1835. Son of James and Ann O'Brien. Brother of Honmora and Mary. Honora born circ 1834 in Limerick. All but James found in Cleveland, Ohio USA about1870. All but James burried in Cleveland.
RYANC.TraboldRYAN, Michael. From Derrylahan, Co. Mayo. Married Ellen RYAN, from Gortaganny, Co. Roscommon. Their daughter Catherine (b. 1878; died 1929), married Luke RAFTERY (b. 1870; died 1921), from Cloonrow, Co. Mayo. Michael had three brothers: John, Pat, and Hughie RYAN. Ellen had a brother: John RYAN.
RYANA.RyanRYAN, Thomas Francis Augustus. Born 1825, Co. Tipperary. He left Ireland date unknown. Names of parents and siblings also unknown. Served in the Civil War. Married Katherine Ann MORRISSEY. He died in 1891, in Eastern Oregon.
RYANS.GrievesRYAN, Catherine. Born c.1813, Drom, Co. Tipperary. Married Michael CASEY March 3, 1837. Four children: Mary, Joanna, William, and Michael.
RYANI.AndersonRYAN, Mary Johanna. Born 1868, Co. Tipperary. Travelled to Australia. Father, Thomas RYAN, and mother Hanora MOORE
RYANP.HooperRYAN, John and Jackie. Born March 4, 1851, in Syracuse, NY. His parents were from Kilkenny. John was born soon after they arrived, by ship from Ireland to Ellis Ireland. John settled in Pike Co., ILL.
RYANW.FlanaganRYAN. No further information given.
RYANF.McKennaRYAN, Matthew J. (Vietnam Vet.). Died in Bayside, New York, February 15, 1979, born Bronx, November 7, 1927.
RYANE.RyanRYAN, Andrew. Came to the US., from Ireland, in the 1800's, and moved out to Eastern Oregon, or Idaho. Looking for the families of his 5 brothers, who came to the US., with him.
RYANV.CapelsRYAN, John. Married Mary EGAN. Thurles, Ireland. Had a daughter, Catherine born 1840. Married Roger CARROLL and raised a family in Syracuse, New York.
RYANA.RyanRYAN, Thomas Francis Augustus. Born 1826, in Co. Tipperary. Went to US., by 1860. Married Katherine Ann MORRISSEY (born 1838, Cork), 1865, in California.
RYANC.PenderRYAN. No further information given.
RYCKMANBob KJohn b.1835 d.1917
RYDERKM WilliamsonIreland to Lancashire,UK (Bootle)
RYDERK WilliamsonLiverpool/Bootle/Great Crosby, England
RYLANDSR.EarleRYLANDS, Patrick. Born c.1840. A plumber, probably from Mullingar, Co. Westmeath (or maybe Dublin).

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