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WAGONERSeabhaccEleanor m. George BALDWIN b 1815 possibly in Pa
WAIDEL.DiamondWAIDE. Born 1820's, Kilrea, Co. Derry.Wife of Peter DIAMOND. Died in Ballymoney, Co. Antrim.
WALDRONSJGeorge, b.abt. 1830 in Devonshire, England and wife Sarah Ann Parsons, b.abt. 1830 in Lopsan, England. Married & moved to Samson Co., Indiana. Son Edwin Parsons Waldron. Daughter Nina Waldron.
WALKERsenjiDorothy Alma b 1904 Ingersol ON CAN married PARKES Leslie Reginald 1925 Toronto, siblings=Mary Grace, Thelma, Alexander, Marjorie, + more
WALKERD ParkesDorothy Alma WALKER b Sept 11 1904 Goderich ON CAN, m. Leslie Regianld PARKES, Mar 1925
WALKERF.ForbellWALKER. No further information given.
WALLACEKM WilliamsonIreland to Wilkes-Barre,PA
WALLACEM.KnieriemWALLACE, Patrick. Born 1886 in Bungola, Arran Island. Father, Patrick, mother, Mary FLAHERTY. Emigrated to Boston, MA., c. 1912.
WALLACED.LiggettWALLACE, Samuel. Presbyterian farmer from Co. Down, pre 1800-1850, and his children, (all born before 1850: Robert, Samuel, Eliza, Mary, Isabel and Mrs. ANDERSEN left, to live in Co. Tyrone by 1860. Looking for the townland that they left.
WALLACEJ.PenningtonWALLACE, Thomas. Born January 19, 1807 in Co. Down. Died February 5, 1884 in Milford, Oakland County, Michigan. Married Elizabeth McKEE on March 21, 1826 in Co. Down.
WALLACEJ.CopelandWALLACE, Michael John. Born c.1833, at Kilkenny, son of Thomas and his wife Mary Teresa BUTLER. Mary was born, 1835, at Moolum. They were married on October 5, 1857. Children: Philip (1857), John F.(1860), Martin T.(1862), Johanna (1864), Mary K.(1866), and Michael Henry (1872). They came to Lorain County, Ohio, USA, in 1874.
WALLACEM.WallaceWALLACE, George. Born 1808 in Co. Tyrone. Moved to Huntingdon, Quebec, by 1829. Married Jane ARMSTRONG, from Co. Derry.
WALLERRobynJames b:1834 Sussex ENG to AUS 1856
WALSHKprenderLuke, born 1860 in Kiltimagh, County Mayo (son of David Walsh of Kiltimagh) emigrated with his siblings David, Patrick, Matthew, Mark, and Maria to U.S. in 1878. Settled in Utica, NY. Luke married Honora WHITE (daughter of Martin and Winifred White) from Swinford, County Mayo in 1882 in Albany, NY
WALSHSBeeMichael, (s/o Thomas and Catherine of Glynn, Co.Limerick, IRL > MD abt 1851 m. Mary "Polly" HOUCK. d. 1901 in MD. 2 brothers: John (went to MINN or MO) Thomas (>AU, discovered diamond mine.
WALSHW. WalshMartin Walsh, ? died in Kildeen, County Mayo, before 1864. Married Ann Loftus ( Ann Loftus was born in County Galway in 1814) Walsh, they had four children. John, born in 1834 in County Mayo, Anthony J. Walsh, born in County Mayo in 1835, Patrick J. Walsh, born in County Mayo in 1847 and Ann Walsh born in County Mayo in December of 1844. Anthony immigrated to Saratoga, New York in 1835 at the age of 14, he lived there a few years and then went to Savannah, Georgia and returned to Sarratoga abt 1864 when his mother, brother Patrick and sister Ann immigrated. John immigrated in 1853, lived in Saratoga until 1856 when he went to St. Paul, Minnesota. Shortly after Anthony joined his family in Saratoga they joined John in St. Paul.
WALSHJ.WalshWALSH, Nicholas. Born 1814, Gowran Parish, Kilkenny. Married Anna ? DAVIS (1819- 1901 New Iberia, LA.). Children: Joseph b. 1844, in Ireland. Emigrated 1852-53. Died 1913. Married Marie Elizabeth DUFFY (1846-1928). James Nicholas WALSH (1846- 1907). Marr. Annie HALLARON (1879-1922). Richard WALSH (1850-1929), married Annie BRADY. John Davis WALSH (1851-1905), marr. Jeannette DOUGLAS (1853-1933). Thomas Joseph WALSH (1853-1905), marr. Rosalie Salie LECHE (1855-1913).
WALSHT.PointonWALSH, John. Married Bridget GLYNN in Ireland. Daughter Anne emigrated to Lackawanna City., PA, c.1880. Anne married Joseph CONWAY.
WALSHS.NewboldWALSH, Andrew and Ellen BUTLER WALSH. Went to Boston c.1880.
WALSHNReebKiltimagh, County Mayo
WALSHR.EarleWALSH, Christopher. Born c.1815. Came from Plunkett Street, Dublin. He had at least two daughters, Ellen and Sarah.
WALSHT.WalshWALSH, Thomas. Married Mary Frances HAWKINS. He died in February 1932, buried in Deans Grange.
WALSHA.PhilibenWALSH, Martin. Son of Martin WALSH and Margaret BERGIN, born 1818, Three Castles, Kilkenny. Martin's siblings: John (died Civil War), Mary, Margaret, Peter, and Brigid. All except Mary, emigrated to the USA. Martin married Katherine RYAN, from Graignamagh. Family (Honor, Martin and Margaret), emigrated to the US., in 1851, on the SS President. Son John, born on ship. Family lived Passaic, New Jersey, until 1861, then moved to Allamakee, IA.
WALSHE.Stiles-DaweWALSH, Catherine, Lizzie, Mary, Anne, Bridget and Michael. Children of Michael and Hannah (nee Geaney), of Femoy, Co. Cork. Came to New Zealand over a period of years, mid to late 1800's.
WALSHE.KaranWALSH, David. Born 1874-75, in Innishannon or Kilbrittain (just a little SE of Kinsale, Co. Cork. His parents nameswere believed to be William and Catherine. David emigrated to NJ., USA., in 1899. He had a cousin K. BERRY, living in Middleton, NJ., listed on his ship records.
WALSHN.NeelyWALSH, Hugh. Born c.1833-1836, in Ireland, son of James WALSH and Catherine HOAG, who were both born in Ireland. Hugh emigrated to the NYC, US., between 1833-1864, and settled in the Yonkers area. Hugh married in 1870, at Yonkers, Anne REID, daughter of James REID and Mary SHANAHAN. Children of Hugh and Anne: Mary, Hugh, James, Anne and Frances, all born in Yonkers, NY.
WALSHR.De CaenWALSH. From Walsh Park, Co. Tipperary, in the 1850's. Also from Keating's Park in the early 1800's. Possibly related to family of Blessington or Kilbride, Co. Wicklow.
WALTERMimi71833 now DEU>NJ/NY,USA b.7 Aug 1833 GERM>US ca.1853. Married Amelila Dora Schultz
WALTERSRalphMiles WALTERS married Jane FALLIN dau of Charles FALLIN abt 1700
WALTONW.SullivanWALTON. Married to ORMSBY, and then to DOLAN. Emigrated to Pennsylvania in the early 1800's.
WARBURTONJ.O'BrienWARBURTON, Margaret. Married John Patrick O'BRIEN. They had one son John Martin O'BRIEN, born February 14, 1909, in Danbury, Connecticut. Margaret died in Bridgeport, Conn., on November 11, 1922.
WARDSeabhaccPatrick b 1815 Ireland m. Ellen CASSIDY b 1822? Ireland
WARDmskidmoreWARD, Charles, and his children, Charles, Vere, Elenor of Dublin. Also Edward WARD, said to be Lord Bangor of Co. Down. All c. 1800.
WARDJ.WardWARD. Ancestors were in Lanark County, Ontario, Canada, in the 1800's. Edward WARD, son of Irish immigrants Patrick WARD and Ann KEATING, emigrated to Montcalm County, Michigan, with wife Mary HUDSON (PEEL), in 1873.
WARDJ.FoyWARD, Bernard. Born Louth, c.1790. Convicted in the Dublin Court, and transported to Tasmania, Australia in 1817.
WARDK.HealeyWARD. From Tully(?) Tumma, Roscommon. Catherine Ward emigrated to RI.,USA, c.1870, where she stayed with her aunts. She intended to move to montreal, CAN., to her brothers Peter and Gerry, who were both policemen. Instead she met and married Cornelius HEALY, originally from Cork.
WARETessWARE, Sir James. Came from Dublin. Looking for descendants and ancestors.
WARINGR.InghamWARING. Link to SHADWELL and MacNEVIN, Co. Galway.
WARKCostlundWARK, George. Born 1832, in Ireland. Emigrated to Canada. Married Abigail IRVINE in 1866.
WARNOCKDe HaleWARNOCK. No further information given.
WARRENCloudy 1840 to GA
WARRENJ.WarrenWARREN, John and Catherine, of Balbriggan, Co. Dublin. They had at least four sons, James, Joseph, Thomas, and Patrick. The four sons, emigrated to Jersey city, NJ., during the early 1860's.
WARRINGTONLoudonWilliam, clockmaker, marr. Margaret Weston. Son William Weston Warrington born abt. 1820 in Inchaquire, Kildare and marr. Janet Edmond 1855 in Rutherglen, Scotland
WARWICKD.LiggettWARWICK Robert, farmer of Cadian, Co. Tyrone (died c. 1845). Trying to find a connection between him, and James WARWICK, of Scarva, Co. Down.
WATCHORNE. HollowElizabeth b.c. 1815 Probably Wexford.
WATCHORNV.TyndallWATCHORN, Harriet. Born 1825 in Co. Carlow. Father Robert Thomas WATCHORN, mother Mary HALPENNY. Married Thomas TYNDALL, born 1822 in Ireland. Children: Thomas b.1842, Ann b.1845, Margaret b.1846, John Henry b.1847, Joseph b.1849, Albert b.1851, and Robert b.?, died at 20 years. Resided in Lanark County, Ontario, CAN.
WATERSEdwardIRE to ENG to NY to Fayette County, Penna.-circa-1890
WATERSD.WatersWATERS, Martin Joseph. No other data available.
WATERSC.O'ByrneWATERS, Mary. Born c.1820 in Co. Donegal, probably Tory Island. Emigrated to the US., settled in Carbon Co., PA. Married William SWEENEY, also from Co. Donegal. Mary may have had a brother William WATERS, born 1825, on Tory Island.
WATSONDick Catherine, Co Cork Married Peter Tully in Cincinnati, Ohio
WATSONK.CrossonWATSON, Charles, born 1822, and his daughter Letitia, born 1858, in Co.Offaly. Came to CA., US in 1871
WATSONE.WatsonWATSON, James and Catherine HAMILTON. Emigrated to America in 1842 and 1843. Settled in the Greenup Co., Ky., area, until the 1860's, when they relocated to Milam Co., Texas. Trying to locate immigration/shipping records for 1842.
WATTHallAndrew, a carpenter, marr. Margaret BOHNE and came to NY. C. 1850. They had nine children.
WATTERSCarolMcJJonas Watters, b.c.1783, MD m. 1/5/1813 Bethia Galloway, Harford Co, MD
WAUGH S MorganJames b? died nov 1898 buried the Knock.Was a linen designer and or artist.Married to Mary Ann Roseman. Has at least Three childred,James b 1860 Jessie and Margaret Elizabeth
WAUGHP DickeySusan and her ancestors and siblings, c1750 married a Mr. LACKEY(IE) from Co. Down. They had four children David, Andrew, Hugh and Robert
WAXD WeeksWax is seen as an alternate spelling of Weekes in some Dublin records
WEAVERCloudy 1807 to PA
WEBBM.DainWEBB, Jonathon, and his wife Elizabeth McHAUM (McGOWAN? MAHAN?). Both born c.1792. Emigrated from Ireland to St. Lawrence Co., NY., c.1827. Had a total of nine children. One child, Henry b.1816 May be related to Capt. Henry WEBB, Cromwellian conquerer for land, settled in Kilkenny. One daughter lists birthplace as Mathergell Parish, or possibly townland (Maghergill?).
WEBBM.WebbWEBB, John. Born 1860/70's. Emigrated from Cork, in the late 1800's, and was involved with the design of an Americas Cup yacht. New York?
WEBSTERCarol McJJohn Gabriel Webster b.c.1763, d. 10/4/1832, Deal Island, MD
D WeeksWeekes,Henry Dublin Confectioner, m.Catherine Delaney ca 1850. William J. Weekes b,1851 Patrick Timothy Weekes Anne Weekes b.1860,Sarah Weekes b.1862 & Harriet Weekes b ca 1867.
WEIMERCloudy 1798 to PA
WEIRC.TraboldWEIR, Luke. Married Ellen RYAN. Their daughter Bridget married Patrick RAFTERY, 1869, in Kilmovee, Co. Mayo.
WEIRN.RothWEIR. Annie (Roseanna) WEIR ROTH. Belfast. Born July 1873, died 1900. Robert WEIR, born 1871, died 1916. Rosanna WEIR, born 1848, died July 27, 1893. Robert WEIR, born 1842.
WEIRWendy GriffithsWEIR. Tinahely, Co. Wicklow. Madeline Olive, born 1902, and her brother Victor Clement WEIR, born 1901. Looking for details of Madeline's marriage and death.
WELCHPBuckmanMary WELCH, wife of _____ CULLEN, mother of Mary CULLEN, no other info.
K.ChristianWELCH/WELSH/WALSH, Patrick J. Emigrated to Northern Michigan (Lewiston) in the 1860's. His father was Anthony, and his mother Mary GINELY.
WELCHC.MasonWELCH, John Thomas. Came to the USA., in the 1850's.
WELDONSuzJOHN b. 12 June 1809 Slave Meath Ireland m.1828 Bridget Meade to US 1832 Whitehall,NY - Grundy Co, Ill. (Died 10 Dec 1897 Newton Co, Indiana) Brother Christopher also in US m. Elizabeth Golden (from county Roscommon,Ireland) d. Dec 1852 Verona, Ill. Another brother William remained in Ireland had 2 grandaughters-Ann & Alicia Weldon who resided at Heathcote, Yellow Walls Rd, Malahido, County Dublin, Ireland
WELLSDirk2Polly, b. Pointe de Bute, NB, CAN., d. ?m. Joseph, Doherty, d. c-1890, Escuminac, QC, CAN
WELLSDirk2Cynthia b. Pointe de Bute, NB, CAN. m- Isaac Daugherty c-1816. William, b.1775,NB, d.1832, Pointe de Bute, NB. m. Catherine ALLEN
WELLST.WellsWELLS, Mary. Had a son John Michael WELLS, May 31, 1900. Catholics. Trying to find anyone, who had WELLS ancestors, who came from Ireland, to settle in Guysborough, Nova Scotia.
WELLST.McDonaldWELLS, John. Born 1838, to Duncan and Ann MACKIE WELLS, from Ireland. Married Mary, born July 12, 1846, in Canada. Children: Mary A., William, Bridget, Cassie, Flora, Micheal, and Sarah. Lived in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, Canada.
B.RussellWELSH WELCH, Elizabeth. Came to Australia c.1839, aged 19. Married Charles McFARLANE (a Scot), in 1841. Parents Robert WELCH (a farmer), and Ellen RYAN.
WELSHA.EdlundWELSH, Michael and his wife Bridget NOLAN. Both came to the US., from Ireland. They settled in Newark, N.J., c.1848.They had a son William born c.1846, in Ireland. Looking for Michael and Bridget's families in Ireland.
WELSHT.SpearWELSH, William. Emigrated to Valcartier, Quebec, Canada, before 1825. Married Catherine KELLY, also from Ireland. Children: Catherine, William, Helen, Edward (Sophia Lees PLAYFAIR), Elizabeth (Hugh Eugene HUGHES) and Patrick. Edward WELSH ended up in Ontario, then Baldur, Manitoba where he and Sophia had: William John, Annette Elizabeth, George Edward, Frederick Charles.
WELSHM.WelshWELSH. From Ireland (Sligo?), and New Jersey, USA. Thomas and Anna, emigrated, c.1865. Children: Thomas, Mary, Patrick, James, Hannah, Miles, John, Michael and Ellen.
WESTJ.MoffattWEST, Dorinda. Born in Co. Sligo, in the early 1800's, or late 1700's. Searching for birthplace.
WHALENbpossumIRL to US
WHALENK.FolkertsWHALEN. From Ireland. Moved to Dutchess County, New York, from 1850 to the present.
WHAMH.JuppWHAM, Robert. Born c.1826. Arrived from Ireland, to Lyttelton, New Zealand, c.1861. Married Catherine WARD in 1866. Also land owners, in Ballymena, Co. Antrim, with the names of John and Joseph WHAM, who owned several acres, in the 1870's. Fairly sure that the USA WHAM family is not related.
WHEELERN.TimpanelliWHEELER, James. Born c.1820's, possibly in Co. Cavan. Married Catherine BRADY. They had at least one child, James P.WHEELER, born 1855, in Co. Cavan. Emigrated to America by 1887.
WHELANL.QuinnWHELAN, Katherine Agnes, from Kilbehenny, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. She emigrated in the early twentieth century to Victoria, Australia. Married Joseph Robert QUINN.
WHELANNReebAthlone, West Meath to Phila., Pa.
WHELIHANB.& K.WhelihanWHELIHAN/WHEELIHAN. Came from Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. Emigrated and settled in St. Mary's, Ontario, CAN.
WHIGHAMR.WhighamWHIGHAM. No further information given.
WHIRISKEYM.MurrayWHIRISKEY, David. Born c.1835.
WHITECarolMcJJohn White, Sr. d. 1/1722 Dames Quarter, Som Co,
WHITECarolMcJLeah White m.9/6/1808 John Webster, Jr., Som Co, MD; d. 8/1/1844, Deal Island, MD
WHITEB GrimesCharles White 1805-1876. From Monaghan. Came to Ontario in 1830s. Married to Jane Glass.
WHITEB GrimesAnother Charles White b.c1815 Monaghan? Came to Ontario late 1830s. Married to Jane Green.
WHITEpmcvettyGeorge. Born in Donegal and came to Quebec, Canada in 1830s.
WHITESIDEE. HollowJames Transported as per ship Mellish 1828 N.S.W. Tried Glasgow Scotland.( Son of Joseph and Unknown mother.) born Ireland possibly Tyrone, 1809 married Kate Connolly 1844 at Bathurst N.S.W. aged 34. children Joseph 30, Elizabeth 26, James 24, Anne 22, Kate dead, Kate dead. Marriage 2. Adelaide S.A. aged 42. Ellen Graham Issue Thomas 17. Edward 16. Robert 13. Charles 9. John dead.Peter 5. Mary dead.
WHITESIDE Joseph Born about 1770.
WHITESIDE Joseph Brother of James Transported as per ship Susan 1834 born Belfast.
WHITESIDEB.WhitesideWHITESIDE, Samuel. Born 1838, in Co. Antrim. Emigrated to New Zealand in the 1850's.
WHITFIELDN.SchlossWHITFIELD, Thomas and his wife Susan MITTIN BROWN WHITFIELD, Cootehill, Co. Cavan, 1802-1848/49. Emigrated to Hudson, NY, USA 1848/49, with their family. Children: Sarah, Margaret, Samuel, John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Susan, and married daughter, Ann Jane McKEAGUE9McKAIG), and her husband, Alexander McKEAGUE (McKAIG).
WHITTAKERMarkjoyWilliam Whittaker Fermanagh dob approx 1830
WHITTYS.WhittyWHITTY, James Patrick. No other information given.
WHOLAGANG WholaganResearching family name Wholagan/Wholaghan/Whologhan
WHYTEC.JonesWHYTE, Daniel. Born c.1800, in Ireland. Came to the US, c.1820. Married Jain GILLOGHY in PA., January 7, 1822. Moved to Greene County, TN., c.1829, and then to Antrim Guernsey County, c.1838. He died there. Need birthplace in Ireland, and parent's names, also information on wife in PA.
WICKHAMB Wickham James -of Dublin circa 1850
WILEYC.StrongWILEY, Catherine. Born 1839, in Queen's County. Her father was Thomas WILEY, a shoemaker. She married in the Isle of Wight, England.
WILKINSOND.HoldenWILKINSON. No other information given.
WILKINSONC.EggieWILKINSON, Nannie. Co. Antrim. Married Hugh CARLETON. Nannie's mother's name was VANCE. Moved to Canada in 1926.
WILLCOXJimDescendants of Thomas Willcox b. May 12, 1689 Exeter, England, m. Elizabeth Cole June 3, 1727 d. November 11, 1779 Concord, PA
WILLIAMSK WillJohn bc 1818 London ENG convict arr Mangles 1837 settled Taralga NSW AUS d 1906 Little River
WILLIAMSINC.WilliamsonWILLIAMSIN, Mathew. Born c. 1815. Married Sarah. Son, Joseph, born May 4, 1834, daughters Elizabeth, Susan, and Maryjane. They may have left from Belfast. Presbyterian, by faith.
WILLIAMSONKM WilliamsonIreland (Donegal?) to Wilkes-Barre,PA
WILLIAMSONS.GrievesWILLIAMSON, David Campbell. Born April 4, 1822, Manorhamilton, Co. Leitrim. Son of John (a gentleman) and Eliza nee RUTHERFORD. Married Anna CORRY, daughter of William CORRY, head Constable of Constabulary. David came to Australia and married Sarah Susannah PYE, at Bathurst N.S.W., in 1863.
WILLISJ ThomasJohn WILLIS m Elizabeth Loftus, saddler? no County known, but son Gordon born approx.1829 in Belfast. Gordon married Mary Ellen Ross WHITE in Cahir, County Tipperary.(I have a copy of the marriage register entry.)
WILLOUGHBYV.PittamsWILLOUGHBY, John and Alice (nee YOUNG). They had 3 children: Antony, William and a daughter. William married in Auckland, New Zealand, in 1894. Looking for information on their family in Ireland.
WILLOUGHBYDoreen GuerrieroWILLOUGHBY, Charles. Born c.1799, in Co. Wexford. Married Ann Maria BUTLER c.1820. Emigrated to Grenville Co.,Ontario, Canada.
WILSONnomfrom Cork to Boston in 1869 Margaret, parents Patrick Wilson and Margaret Duggan, grandparents Patrick Duggan and Catherine Barry
WILSONA.MiddletonWILSON. No further information given.
WILSONL.WhitbreadWILSON, Robert. Co. Antrim. Married Maggie KERNOHAN, prior to 1930. They had 7 children: Maggie, Agnes, Robert, William, David, Clifford, Doris and Sarah (Sadie).
WILSONC.WaltzWILSON, Lloyd. Kanauha Co., WV.
WILSONSteve DenehyWILSON. No further information given.
WINDELEAnne BennettWINDELE, Edwin. Son of the well known Cork anthropologist, John WINDELE (1801-1865). John lived in Cork, and was believed to have beem married to Margaret WALL(?). She and his brother in law, Dr. Thomas WALL were his executors. Believed to have come from Kerry. John had, according to his Will, found in the National Archives, several children,-- three daughters, Emilie, Cecilia and Helena, and either three or four sons,-- Richard, Charles Edward and Edwin. At least one of them was living in California, in 1900. There was an Edwin WINDELE, in California, at that time. There is also a reference to a Charles Windele in Ohio, at that time.
WINTERSKelmo Ireland
WINTERSB.DavisWINTERS, Bridget. Born December 25, 1813, in Co. Cork. Married James MELLENY, born March 3, 1813, in Co. Cork. Later moved to Roscommon.
John HooperWISHEART/WISHART, Margaret. Born in Dublin in 1838. Parents were Alexander WISHEART/WISHART, a draper, and her mother was Mary Ann NIELDS/FIELDS.
WISNERCarolMcJMathias Wisner b. 1728 Germany, d. 9/15/1821, MD. m. Sarah Mannon
WISNERCarolMcJGeorge Wisner b. 1818, d. 1862, m. 5/8/1862, Balto Co, MD Margaret McCullough
WITTENFirstRigMD 1700's
WOLFEG.HynesWOLFE, Norah. Born c. 1875, in Limerick. Married in NYC, in 1900 to James ROCHE. Searching for birth records. Parents may be James and Elizabeth, or Michael and ??
WOODSDianeIreland 1830's
WOODSV.CartyWOODS. Born 1821, in Co. Donegal. Married Margaret GALLAGHER, born 1824, in Co. Londonderry.
WOODSM.MacKenzieWOODS, Frederick. Father of Thomas, who was born, c.1880. Married Annie UPRICHARD, Dublin.
WOODSS.BaileyWOODS, Frederick Clifford. Born May 1862, in Ireland.
WOODSH.BordenWOODS, Thomas and Ellen (KEEFE). Emigrated to Nova Scotia, Canada, from Coolmountain? Co. Cork, c. 1870, with 7 children.
WOODSP.WoodWOODS. From Newry and Belfast. Then Brooklyn, New York, c.1850.
WOODSL.MulherronWOODS, Richard. Born 1808, and died 1878 in Victoria, B.C., Canada. Emigrated to Canada, c.1861, with wife Anne and 5 children. Some names are Emily, Alice and Helen Kate. He had a brother Charles Thomas, believed to be a minister in the Church of Ireland.
WOODWARDB.RaneyWOODWARD, William. Born in 1832. Glendelough, Co. Wicklow. Seeking his parents names.
WORKFirstRigPA 1700's
WRIGHTCarolMcJWilliam Wright m. 12/27/1669 Frances Bloyce
WRIGHTCarolMcJElizabeth (Ellen?) Wright b. 1764, Som Co, MD, d.1828, m. Curtis Morris
WRIGHTCG WrightJohn Mullen Wright was born 6 Feb 1776 in Dublin IRE according to his gravestone.
WYERB.WyerWYER. Ireland. Immediate ancestors were in Glashill, c.1850's.
WYLIER.WylieWYLIE, Robert. Born 1703, in Ireland. Settled in Boston, MA., then to Boothbay, ME. Married Martha McINTYRE, born 1707, Ireland.
J. WINNDOMINICK WYNNE b. 1836, Sligo, emigrated to Canada in famine years, m. Eliza REYNOLDS

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