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Civil Records of Marriages for the year 1864 in Ireland. (microfilm No. 0101455)
Church of the LDS, Family History Center Library.

[I am copying the names just as they are written and
I note they all do not appear to be spelled correctly.
Copied to the best of my ability being unfamiliar with townlands, names, etc.
© 2000 Nancy Reeb]

Date, page, item number, name, age, status, occupation, residence, father, father’s occupation, bride, witnesses, priest, chapel, Registered District, Union, County.


2-11, Michael Boland, full age, bachelor, farmer, Mackroe, John Boland, farmer to Catherine Filbin, full age, spinster, Fonabeha (?), Martin Philbin, farmer, John McHale & Mary McHale, Patrick Kelly, R.C.A., Knockmore, Ballina, Ballina, Mayo

1-28, 99, Peter McGrath, 33, widower, landholder, Jivana, John McGrath, landholder to Margaret Mullany, 22, spinster, Knockco_sh (?), Dominick Mullany, landholder, Thomas McGrath & Bridget Harrington, Rev. Bernard McDermott, Boyle, East Boyle, Boyle, Roscommons

2-8, 104, 14, Patrick Kuffe, full age, bachelor, bootmaker, Boyle, Patt Keefe, to Mary Mullany, full age, spinster, Deerpark, Martin Mullany, farmer, John McHale & Mary Egan, Rev. Bernard McDermott, Boyle, East Boyle, Boyle, Roscommons

2-5, 109, , William 5, Hugh Callaghan, full age, bachelor, laborer, Bella, Hugh Callaghan, farmer to Anne Carr, full age, spinster, Bella Carr, farmer, Pat Callaghan & Mary Devine, M.J. Barrett, P.P., Ballenamoor, Ballenamoor, Boyle, Roscommons

1-25, 110, 2, Andrew Rodgers, full age, bachelor, farmer, Sheepwalk, Michael Rodgers, farmer to Alice Mullany, 20, spinster, Bella, James Mullany, farmer, Michael Rodgers & Mary Bull__, John Kavanagh, C.C., Bredogne, Ballenamoor, Boyle, Rosscommons

1-25, 122, 8, Patrick Mullany, full age, bachelor, laborer, Parish of Caragh, Dominick Mullany, butcher to Bridget Kielty, full age, spinster, Tully Lyons, Patrick Kielty, laborer, deceased, James McLaughlin & John Meehan, Michael Broder, P.P., Keadue, Keadue, Boyle, Roscommons

1-24, 193, 9, Michael Mullany, full age, bachelor, laborer, Cloondinnaire, Michael Mullany, farmer to Mary Tucker, full age, spinster, laborer, Edward Tucker, farmer, Patrick Gilden & Bridget Comber, Peter Reynolds, P.P., Claremorris, Claremorris, Claremorris, Mayo

1-23, 199, 2, John Mullany, 26, bachelor, farmer, Kelvine, John Mullany, farmer to Ellen Hart, 21, spinster, laborer, Kelvine, Thomas Hart, farmer, Patt Godrey & Catherine Mooney, Thomas Curran, P.P., Ballindine, Ballindine, Claremorris, Mayo

2-14, 201, 12, Martin Slattery, 22, bachelor, laborer, Cloonfince, James Slattery, farmer to May Carr, 17, spinster, laborer, Borise, Luke Carr, farmer, Michael Flanagan & Mary Conway, Thomas Curran, P.P., Kelvine, Ballindine, Claremorris, Mayo

2-4, 208-11, Pat Doyle, aged, bachelor, laborer, Cullentragh, Pat Doyle, farmer to Bessie Conway, aged, spinster, Cullentragh, Michael Conway, farmer, John O’Brien & Bridget Jordan, Peter Gerghty, P.P., Baken, Ballyhannis, Claremorris, Mayo

1-6, 252, 12, Pat Leonard, full age, bachelor, Publican, Ennescoone, Patrick Leonard, farmer to Mary Boland, aged, spinster, Finod, James Boland, farmer, Patrick Cowale & Bridget Grady, Patrick Flannally,

Easky or Eastly, Easky or Eastly, Dromore West, Sligo

2-18, 254, 18, James Boland, 20, bachelor, farmer, Rathlu, Francis Boland, farmer to Mary Hanly, 19, spinster, Rathlu, John Hanely, farmer, Patt Dowd & Margaret Hunt, Peter Paul Kean, Easky or Eastly, Easky or Eastly, Dromore West, Sligo

2-9, 257, 15, Charles Kilawee, full age, bachelor, farmer, Doonaghantra, Charles Kilawee, farmer to Margaret Boland, full age, spinster, Marsreagh, Michael Boland, school master, John Kilawee & Mary Tempany, Hugh Conway, P.P., Skreen, Skreen, Dromore West, Sligo

1-30, 7, Patrick Mullany, 30, farmer, Cooyaban or Cooyabans, John Mullany, farmer to Anne Rafter, 27, Patt Rafter, farmer, John Mullany & Mary Mullany, Edward Lavell, N.P., Kelyglass, Castleconnor, Dromore West, Sligo

2-13, 263, 12, Michael Kennedy, full age, bachelor, farmer, Lacknaslena, James Kennedy, farmer to Catherine Boland, full age, spinster, Caines (?), Thomas Boland, farmer, Patrick Murphy & Bridget Kennedy, John Barrens, P.P., Castleconnor, Castleconnor, Dromore West, Sligo

3-19, 339, 12, John Dooly, 28, bachelor, servant, Gort, John Dooly, servant to Mary Whelan, 24, spinster, servant, Gort, Patrick Whelan, laborer, John McGrath & Kate Ryan, Charles T. Ford, C.C., Gort, Gort, Gort, Galway

2-6, 401,2, John Whelan, full age, bachelor, farm servant, Toarleighten, Thomas Whelan, small farmer to Mary Hallaran, full age, servant, Tourleighten, John Hallahan, small farmer, Michael Hallaghan, Elizabeth Garvy, John Larkin, P.P., Woodford, Woodford, Loughea, Galway

2-7, 407, 10, Michael Whelan, 25, bachelor, farmers son, Balynamona, Simon Whelan, farmer to Margaret Mannion, 22, spinster, Kylebrack, deceased, Thomas Whelan & Pat Callanan, Andrew Griffin, P.P., Leitrim, Woodford, Loughrea, Galway

2-8, 407, 11, Michael Egan, 34, farmer, Carrowcrevenagh, Joseph Egan, farmer to Bridget Clarke, 22, spinster, Grange Beg, James Clarke, farmer, Clonlea Douiby, Woodford, Loughrea, Galway

1-29, 411, 3, Michael Clarke, full age, bachelor, farmer, Lisqule, Edmond Clarke, tailor, deceased to Margaret Cusack, full age, spinster, Cappagh, Patt Cusack, laborer, Patt Cusack & John Cusack, pat I. Healy, P.P., Ballyfar, Killerordu, Bellew, Galway

2-2, 412, 6, John Queeny, 28, bachelor, laborer, Toughboy, Pat Queeny, laborer to Catherine Doyle, 26, spinster, laborer, Ballyfar, Michael Doyle, laborer, Ballygar, Killernan, Mount Bellew, Galway

1-23, 465, 4, James Whelan, 26, teacher, Garrynaclough, Patrick Whelan, farmer to Bridget McLigh, 19-1/2, school mistress, Danirg, Eugene McLigh, farmer, John Larkin & Bridget Larken, James Hynes, P.P., Abbey of Kilmalahan, Portumna, Portumun, Galway

2-6, 466, 6, John Whelan, full age, bachelor, laborer, Portumna, Fenton Whelan, farmer to Mary Spain, full age, spinster, laborer, Portumna, John Spain, cardriver, Timothy Fox & Catherine Scully, Patrick Donelan, C.C., Portumna, Portumna, Portumna, Galway

1-9, 517, 1, Thomas Higgins, 25, son of landholder, laborer, Pulronahane, Michael Higgins, small landholder to Bridget Mullany, 25, daughter of small landholder, Pulronahane, Dominick Mullany, small landholder, Philin Brennan & Patrick Forde, M. Finn, Killedan, Kiltimagh, Swinford, Mayo

1-21, 519, 9, Luke Ivers, full age, bachelor, landowner, Cultrasney, John Ivers, landowner to Mary Brennan, full age, spinster, Cultrasney, James Brennan, landowner, John O’Brien & Mary O’Brien, M. Finn, Killedan, Kiltimagh, Swinford, Mayo

1-24, 519, 11, Thomas Kearney, full age, bachelor, laborer, Pulronahane, Pate Kearney, landholder to Bridget Mullanny, full age, spinster, Gurthfodtha, Anthony Mullanny, landholder, James Mullanny & Patrick Kearney, Killedan, Kiltimagh, Swinford, Mayo

1-29, 633, 40, Martin Carroll, f/a, bachelor, Landholder, Ballure Cleragh, Pat, Landholder

To Eleanor O'Brien, f/a, spinster, Carrack, Mark, Landholder

Witnesses: John Connor & Catherine O'Brien

R.F. Chapel at Killedan, Kiltimagh Dist.

2-1, 521, 17, Mark Mullanny, 33, bachelor, farmer, Clerry, Charles Mullany, farmer to Bridget Byrne, 24, spinster, Touchnane, Jonus Byrne, farmer, Patt Clarke & Owen McDonogh,m Rev. Thomas Judge, P.P. Bohola, Kiltimagh, Swinford, Mayo

2-5, 534, 21, Bartholomew Tarpy, 30, bachelor, farmer, Tunnagh, Michael Tarpy, farmer to Bridget Mullany, 20, spinster, Lavy, Patrick Mullany, farmer, John Tarpy & Thomas Tarpy, James Devine, P.P., Canncastle, Lowpark, Swinford, Mayo

2-9, 523, 26, Martin O’Meally, 23, bachelor, farmer, Tullanacur, John O’Meally, farmer to Anne Doyle, 21, spinster, housemaid, Trenabonty, John Doyle, farmer, Patt Brennan & Michael Dooherty, Rev. Thomas Judge, P.P., Bohola, Kiltimagh, Swinford, Mayo

Michael Doyle, 26, bachelor, farmer, Lislackach, Michael Doyle, farmer to Bridget McNicholas, 20, spinster, housemaid, Carramoreu, James McNicholas, John McEvey & James McManus, Rev. Thomas Judge, Bohola, Kiltimagh, Swinford, Mayo

4-9, 528, 44, James Murtagh, full age, bachelor, laborer, Kinaffe, Pat Murtagh, landholder to Mary Mullanny, full age, spinster, Pulronahane, John Mullanny, landholder, Patt Murtagh & John Murtagh, M. Finn, Killedan, Kiltimagh, Swinford, Mayo

Civil Marriages 1866 Vol. 4 (microfilm no. 0101490)

1-27, 634, Thomas Fox, full age, bachelor, servant boy, Carrick, Michael, Landholder

To Mary O'Brien, full age, spinster, Cultrasna, James, Landholder

Witnesses: Michael Cafferty & Catherine O'Brien

R.C. Chapel at Killedan, Kiltimagh Dist.

2-4, 652, 14, James Mullaney, f/a, bachelor, farmer, Cashel, Lawrence, Farmer

To Bridget Egan, f/a, spinster, Lecarrow, James, Farmer

Witnesses: Dominick Mullany & Patt Egan

R.C. Chapel at Carracastle, Dist. Of Low Park

2-10, 26, Thomas Mullany, f/a, bachelor, Farmer, Liscraghtes, Martin, Farmer

To Mary Jennings, f/a, spinster, Liscraghtes, Patt, Farmer

Witnesses: Patt Durkan & Bridget Convee

2-11, 607, 18, James Calay, f/a, bachelor, Farmer, Swinford, Martin, Farmer

To Catherine Kelly, f/a, spinster, Bohola_agh, John, Farmer

Witnesses Matt Calany & Ellen Kelly

R.C. Chapel at Jonceford (?)

2-12, 639, 11, James Moran, f/a, bachelor, Landholder, Fanyhill, Bryan, Landholder

To Eleanor Doyle, f/a, spinster, Cleragh, Pat, Landholder

Witnesses: James Ruane & Catherine Mullany

R.C. Chapel at Killedan, Kiltimagh Dist.

2-16, 679, 40, James Walsh, 27, bachelor, Farmer, Kinaff, James, Farmer

To Mary Kelly, 22, spinster, Kinaff, John, Farmer

Witnesses: Martin Naval & Mary Duffy

R.C. Chapel at Swinford

2-19, 679, 43, Thomas Boland, f/a, widower, Farmer, Kinaff, Edmond, Farmer

To Mary Geraghty, f/a, widow, Kinaff, Patt, Farmer

Witnesses: Michael Cuffe & Bridget Forkan

R.C. Chapel at Swinford

3-11, 645, 33, Thomas Divan, f/a, bachelor, Dunnoda, Patt, Laborer

To Anne Mulderig, minor, Altbane, Francis, Laborer

Witnesses: John Carroll & Bridget Mulderig

R..C. Chapel at Bohola


Civil Marriages 1869 Vol. 2 (microfilm no. 0101539)


Page 398 No. 100 Chapel at Grange in District of Rivertown

      1. John Mullany, 32, bachelor, farmer, Magharrow, father: Peter, farmer

To Mary Gilmartin, full age, Carana Mad_____, father: Michael, farmer

Witnesses: Patt Mullany & Winifred Hargodda

Page 409 No. 74 Chapel of Biner_town

      1. John Mullany, 26, bachelor, farmer, Enock__ross, father: William, farmer

To Mary McCormack, 24, spinster, dressmaker, Carrowreagh, father: Michael, farmer

Witnesses: Michael Brennan & Anne Wynne

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