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Your Name*: Dee 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Blomberg
Finland Location*: Helsinki, Helsingi mlk, Tomtbacka, Espoo, Vantuu
Birth Date   : 
Death Date: 
Comment about Family*: Blomberg Family were Swedish speaking Finn's. 
They came from Estonia and settled in Helsinki Finland. Some moved 
to Espoo and Vantuu. Some moved to America.
Baal, Sophia Johanna

Nyarleby, Ostrobothnia


b. January 1884


Emigrated to Canada sometime around 1900. She married Arthur Rouse - my great uncle (from Wales UK), sometime before 1911.

They lived in Quartz Creek and Dawson City Yukon where Arthur was a gold miner during the Yukon Gold Rush. They moved to Vancouver around 1925.

They both died in Vancouver - Sophia on 2nd Jan 1966 and Arthur on 8 Dec 1959.

According to Sohia's death certificate her mother was called Johanna Baal and father Jacob Jacobsson. From a travel manifest of the Whitehorse - Yukon railway i found that Sophia was born in Jan 1884 in Nyarleby,Ostrobothnia, Finland.

I am searching for any information about Sophia and her family in Finland.


Mike Rouse



























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