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Surnames K




Your Name*: kyle
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Keranen
Finland Location*: unknown
Birth Date : 
Death Date: 
Comment about Family*: My great-grandfather was Peter Keranen. 
He married Velma Jestila in Michigan around 1930. Peter's father 
might have been Matthew Keranen who I believe was born in Finland 
and then came to Houghton County, Michigan. If anyone has information, 
I'd love to get in contact with you! Thanks!


Your Name*: Peter
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Karp
Finland Location*: Revonlahti
Birth Date : 1879
Death Date: 1935
Comment about Family*: Searching information on Frans' first wife and their
son, and his siblings. Information on Frans' first wife, their son, 
second wife and their children:
Frans' first wife died somewhere in Finland before moved to USA in around
1905. They had a son, Edward Karp/Skarp who was born in about 1889 to 1900.
Edward lived in USA for short period and returned to Finland before 1910.
Then Frans married to second wife, Hulda Ketonen of Loppi, Hame, Finland in
Massachusetts, USA in 1910. Frans died in New Hampshire, USA in 1935 They
had 11 children. One of them is still living. 
Information on Frans' siblings: 
Johanna Sofia b. 1874 in Revonlahti d. unknown 
Note on Johanna: She lived in Massachuetts for a short time and returned to
Finland. She brought Fran's son, Edward to Finland. 
Frans Oskar Karp b.1879 in Revonlahti d.1935 in New Hampshire
Note on Frans: He is my grandfather. 
Juhana Iisakki Karp b.1881 in Revonlahti d.unknown 
Note on Juhana: One source stated that he returned to Finland. One source
stated that he moved to California. I searched and haven't find a proof that
he lived in California. 
Maria Emelia Karp b.1883 in Revonlahti. d. 1885 in Revonlahti 
Note on Maria: unknown. 
Note on Johanna, Juhana, Frans, and Maria: They were illegitimate. Their
father's name is unknown. But one fact is that He was Deaf.
Your Name*: Shawn 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: KAHKONEN
Finland Location*: Kumoniemi (Kuhmo) Finland
Birth Date   : 1881
Death Date: 
Comment about Family*:
I'm looking for any Kahkonen Family History. My great grandfather 
Simo Kahkonen emmigrated to the US (Pennsylvania) in 1905 with his 
brother Mikko, his wife Katie and his younger brother Erkki.  
We've also found an August Kahkonen from the same region (Kuhmo) 
that ended up in the same area of PA too!  His wife was Katariin, 
and had 4 kids Pekka, Saimi, Pellevro and Tenko.
Any Kahkonen family history would be welcome!
Your Name*: johann 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: klockars
Finland Location*: nykarleby
Birth Date   : 1878
Death Date: 1956
Comment about Family*: I am looking for a family of my grandfather 
Johann Victor, born in Nykarleby june 15th 1878. Moved to Island 
and died there in nov 1956. I belive his family name was Klockars
Your Name*: Muriel
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Kinnunen
Finland Location*: Pyhajoki, Oulun Laani, Finland
Birth Date   : 01-1858
Death Date: 10-5-1918

Comment about Family*: 
Brian and I have been trying for several months to find out anything 
we can about his great-grandfather, August C. Kinnunen.  We know 
he emigrated from Finland to Fort Bragg, 
Mendocino County, California, but we cannot find out any historical 
data on him before he came to America.  Any help you could provide 
would be greatly appreciated!  We are particularly interested in 
who his parents were.


Your Name*: kathleen 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: karhu
Finland Location*: unknown
Birth Date   : 1880
Death Date: unknow
Comment about Family*: my grandfater is peter karhu born 1880 he 
came to the us in 1899, his parents are isaac karhu and kaisa koska,
he married amanda toppala in 1905 in calumet michigan. please if you 
have information on isaac or  kaisa koski, would be appreciated. also 
i cannot find information on weater isaac  and kaisa had other children 
Your Name*: Bob
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Kankkala, Mannila
Finland Location*: Kankkala farm, Karijoki
Birth Date   : 1838
Death Date: Unknown
Comment about Family*: I am looking for information on the family of 
Matti Matinpoika Kankkala who was born in 1838.  On 2 August 1857 he 
married Kaisa Fililipintytar who was born on 6 April, 1832 in Warsaviita, 
Isojoki.  On 20 August, 1860 their son, Juho Oskari Matinpoika Korkiamaki 
was born on Kankkala farm, Karijoki Parish.  Juho Oskari married Eliina 
Justina Antintytar Kariluoma on 4 October 1880 in Karijoki and raised a 
family.  Later they immigrated to the US, residing in Ironwood, Mi.  
Juho Oskari is my great grandfather.  I believe that my great, great 
grandfather had another son, Herman Nestor, born on 11 December 1858 
at Kankkalo farm.  I believe that great, great grandfather also used the 
name Matti Matinpoika Mannila.  Mannila being a croft on the Kankkala farm.


Your Name*: Anette
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Kotajarvi/LANG
Finland Location*: Kemi/Kemijarvi
Birth Date : 9 September, 1926
Death Date:
Comment about Family*: I am looking for some more information about Eila Kotajarvi's parents Vilhelm Edvard and Johanna/Hanna and of course as many

other relatives as possible. I believe Johanna's maiden name was LANG

but not absolutely sure. Eila herself moved from Finland to Rantajarvi

sometime during the second world war I believe, where she married

Ivan Ohman and had 10 children. That's about all I know so I would

appreciate anything that you could find.

Your Name*: John Peters
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Kymberg
Finland Location*: Ylistaro, Lansi-Suomen Laani, Finland
Birth Date   : 1835-1837
Death Date: 
Comment about Family*: I am looking for information about the Kymberg 
family. They were Jaakko Kymberg and Justina Maijala. 
They had 3 children: Susanna, Sofia, and Elizabeth. They were 
born between 1865-1872. The 3 children migrated to the United States 
around 1888. I believe Jaakko's parents were Isak Kymberg and Maria Jorans.


Your Name*: bridget 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Kuoppala
Finland Location*: kankannpaa or pori
Birth Date: 
Death Date: 
Comment about Family*: my family is trying to trace our lineage. we have 
scattered information. kuoppala is supposed to be my great grandfather 
who had 10 children we only know of 2.  his wife is mary johnson. 
any information would be so helpful thank you
Korhonen Your Name*: Lorraine
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Korhonen
Finland Location*: Viitasaari
Birth Date : January 1908
Death Date:

Comment about Family*: My Father, Arne Korhonen was born in Viitaasari and was the son of Robert Vilhelm Korhonen and Hilda Marie Eskelinen. They came to America in 1914 - 1916.


Your Name*: codii 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: krossi
Finland Location*: helsinki
Birth Date   : 
Death Date: 
Comment about Family*: My great grandpa and grandma came over to america 
from Helsinki. I believe they first went into Canada then settled in Northern 
Idaho at Harris Ridge an there along with other finnish immigrants started a 
finnish community up on Harris Ridge. There names were Oscar and Susannah Krossi. 
On their way over or when they got here they changed their last name to Laine




Your Name*: Stafford 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Kangas
Finland Location*: Unknown perhaps near Kauhava
Birth Date   : Abt. 1840
Death Date: 
Comment about Family*: John Matthew Kangas descendants came 
to America and settled in Painesville, OH and Ironwood, MI
His spouse was Lisa Loumala.
Karhu, Kallio, Koivisto, Allington



Your Name*: Kelly 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Kallio, Koivisto, Allington, Karhu
Finland Location*: Ylistaro, Lansi-Suomen Laani, Finland
Birth Date   : 1880
Death Date: 
Comment about Family*: I'm looking for relatives from Ylistaro, 
Lansi-Suomen Laani, Finland and are surname Kallio, Koivisto, 
Allington, Karhu. I am also missing a relative by the name 
Samppa Kallio, mother Maria Pauline Koivisto, father Jacob 
Wilhelm Kallio. Samppa was born late 1880's with 
the intent of going to the state of Washington and was 
never heard from again. If anyone has any information 
about Samppa or anyone that I mentioned above PLEASE 
email me. Also Helen Allington/Kallio has 
relatives in Finland and a brother, if there is 
anyone that fits this information also contact me. Thank you



Your Name: KAYE 
Your Email Address:
Finland Location: Paltomo
Birth Date   : May 1872
Death Date: 
Comment about Family: Looking for any information...immigration 
around 1893 to US


Your Name: Yvette 
Your Email Address:
Surname: Karjaluoto
Finland Location: Raahe, Oulu
Birth Date   : 31/10/1886
Death Date: 04/02/1931
Comment about Family: Elsa Sofia Karjaluoto came to America (Boston) 
on the Ivernia arriving on March 17, 1906 having left Hanko, Finland 
on February 28, 1906.  The Ivernia left Liverpool, England on March 7, 
1906. Her parents were Johan Karjaluoto born October 19, 1854 and died 
Feburary 11, 1918 and Maria Magdalena Sihlgren born February 2, 1847 and 
died March 16, 1921.  Elsa\'s sister Rosa was already in the U.S. 
and living in North Uxbridge, MA with her husband, Peter Andersson, 
also from Finland.


Your Name: Ida Mae 
Your Email Address:
Surname: kunnari
Finland Location: alaharma
Birth Date   : abt 1850
Death Date: 
Comment about Family: Johan Mattsson Kunnari married Eva Justina 
Lonn in December 1873.  They emigrated to the US, moving to 
Minnesota and later to Ohio.  They had 4 children:  
Johan (John), Mary, Ida and William.  Ida is my grandmother.

Karoliina, Rostedt



Your Name: Lauri 
Your Email Address:
Surname: Rostedt, Karoliina
Finland Location: Kiukainen, Turku Pori
Birth Date   : 3 Jan 1841
Death Date: 1 Aug 1903
Comment about Family: Karoliina is my gg grandmother.  
I need information about her siblings and her parents.  
Her parents are Wilhelm Johaninpoika and Lena Matintytar.  
I have no other information.

Katajisto, Isakki Jalmari  AKA Isaac Kataisto & Isaac Isto


Kankaanpaa Finland

b 28 May 1884

He married 10.07.1909, Selma Vilhelmiina Talvitie b. 1.7.1889 Isojoki. Died 17.11.1918.  Children: Arvo Villiam 16.8.1909-21.10.1909; Urho Nikolai 23.8.1910 married Maria Hietaoja b. 6.12.1907 Isojoki; Urho and Maria had the following children: Seppo Olavi b. 8.6.1944; Selma had another son Svante Eemeli Selmason b. 18.1 .1916 Isojoki that was not Isaac son he had a child Arja Liisa 3.9.1944 Pori.  arrived in United States March 1910 and went to Newberry Michigan. Had a sister named Susanna and she married a Jussilla in Michigan..  [2008]

Lorene schertzl            lollys5267(at)  or Schertzl(at)

Koski, Antti Antinpoika


Kaustinen, Finland

b.30 Nov 1863

d. 11 Aug 1891, Brantwood, WI, US        This is my great-grandfather. He was born in Finland to Anders Titusson Mustiikaniemi Koski and Anna Elisatytätar Byggar Pykari (to the best of my research) in Kaustinen.  He married Johanna Aliisa Antintytär Meriläinen (b. 25 Apr 1875 in Halsua / d. 1943 in Brantwood, WI, US) in Halsua on 11 Aug 1891.
Their first daughter (my grandmother) Hilda Eliina Koski was born in Halsua on 25 Jul 1892.  Antti immigrated to the US in 1892 and Johanna and Hilda immigrated in 1896. [2009]

Tami Lorbecke        talorbe(at)

Kosola, Kusta

Kosola Finland

B. 18 September 1867

My grandfather, Kusta Kosola came to America in 1888 and my grandmother,  Maria Hakoniemi arrived in 1894. They met each other in Western Pennsylvania, then got married. They both came from the same area of Finland, just Northwest of Lapua, but did not know each other at that time. Kusta Kosola died 2 February 1941, New Castle, Pennsylvania. Maria Hakoniemi born on the Maanmies farm in Kuuttila, Finland on 25 June 1888, died 31 May 1925, New Castle, Pennsylvania They had 8 children [2007]

Haroldi Kosola

Kulju, John

Lapua Finland


b. 20 July 1873


He married Liisa Rintala on Oct. 10 1895 and in March, 1899 he went to Canada and Liisa followed him in Oct. 1899. They had 3 sons in Finland, but the first 2 died before they come to Canada. [2006]


Roberta Mays        robro(at)

Kurvinen, Henry


b. 25 July 1863

Seeking information on the parents and siblings that remained in Finland.  Henry immigrated to Minnesota in 1882 and his brother John (b. Oct. 4, 1881) in 1910.  Father's name is believed to be Erik Kurvinen. [2006]

Richard Thompson     r.thompson(at)
b. about 1851-1854
Margaretha (Marguerite) Christina KUTSK, born in Finland, married 
Count Mikael Gustav COSSWA ANCKARSVARD (b. 25 March 1792, d. 3 May 1878)
from Sweden. Their marriage was not recognized in Sweden because she 
was not royalty. They had three children: Gustav, Amanda, & 
Frederick Adolph. She had a sister named Catarina Gustafa Kutsk. [2009]
CA Allen     caba18(at)



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