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Your Name*: Eric
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Lehtonen
Finland Location*: Rauma
Birth Date : 17/07/1952
Death Date: 
Comment about Family*: My family left Finland for Australia in 1958. 
My father was Jalmar Johannes Lehtonen, My mother was Selma 
Maria Lehtonen (nee Rannikko). Three sons Kari Olavi, Eric (Erkki) 
Johannes and Jarkko Jalmar.  We lived in the Rauma area on our 
farm called Rantamaa out beyond Sorkka.  
My father was born in Eurajoki and my mother in Rauma. 
All three boys were born in Rauma.



Your Name*: Aronald
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Lindholm
Finland Location*: Aland Finland
Birth Date : 14 January 1880
Death Date: 1960 Michigan USA
Comment about Family*: August Johan Lindholm was my grandfather. 
I need to know who his father and mother were. 
and any history on family.



Your Name*: Emily 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Lofbakka OR Lofback
Finland Location*: Kaustinen, Central Ostrobothnia
Birth Date: 
Death Date: 
Comment about Family*: I am seeking more information on the family 
of my great-grandfather, whose American name was Charles Lofback. 
He was apparently christened Kalle Lofbakka in 1876 in Kaustinen, 
as this is the name he gave upon his marriage to Emilia Salonen. 
The script on the record of marriage is not entirely legible, 
but it appears his parents' names were Jakob Lofbakka and Fiya(?) 
Granholm. Kalle/Charles came over to the United States in about 
1897, settling in Mass City, Michigan, but I can find no record 
of his parents doing the same, so they likely remained in Finland. 
Any assistance in discovering more about these Lofbakkas 
would be deeply appreciated.
Your Name*: Ireene
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Lehtonen
Finland Location*: Helsinki
Birth Date: 4 April 1903
Death Date: 18 Dec. 1954
Comment about Family*: my father Adam Lehtonen born in Tuusula, Finland.  
His father Johan Alfred Lehtonen mother Amanda Karolina Hamalainen. Sister's 
Eva, and Herta. Brother Johan or Aatos? Thats all we know about his family.


Your Name*: Kristi Ford
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Lippo
Finland Location*: Lehtimaki
Birth Date   : 12/10/1874
Death Date: 11/05/1934
Comment about Family*: Victor Lippo was my Great Grandfather.  He Married 
Amanti Huovinen in Great Falls Montana on April 3rd. 1899.  Together 
with their children, they homesteaded on Devil's Lake, Lincoln 
City,OR.  I would enjoy touching basis with anyone who has 
information on my family.
Your Name*: Karen 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Lillkull
Finland Location*: Dagsmark
Birth Date   : unknown
Death Date: unknown
Comment about Family*: My Greatgrandfather immigrated to Massachusetts USA 
about 1888.  His name is recorded as F. William Carlson, of Finland Russ.  
With a bit of help from others we may have determined he was from the 
Dagsmark area. The odd thing is that on his marriage registration his 
father's name is listed as Carl Erik Lillkull.  I am trying to research 
and develope our family tree.




Your Name: Laura Hendrix
Your Email Address:
Surname: Luomanen
Finland Location: Isokyro
Birth Date   : 1883
Death Date: 
Comment about Family: Luomanen family emigrated to Ashtabula Ohio




Your Name: viola
Your Email Address:
Subject: Looking for Family
Message: My mother\"s parents came from Finland.  My grandfather was Jaccho(?) 
Laitila).  My grandmother was Albertina Korpi.  She may have had a brother 
Toivo or Tommo.  She was born about 1872.  She may have been born in Kalajoki.  
She may be of Saami descent.


Your Name: Michael Clark
Your Email Address:
Surname: Laurila
Finland Location: Lappijarvi
Birth Date   : 1884
Death Date: 1960
Comment about Family: Looking for information about Hilma Laurila; 
husband Herman Salo; Finish children Ester and Helma 1903. 
Emigrated to USA around 1905.
Landquist, Fredrick (Landqvist) Vaasa

b. 1832

The family story is that he stowed away on a ship when he was about 12 years old. Eventually he became a sea captain. He may not have come to the US immediately. The earliest information we have of him in the USA is that he was married in Indiana in about 1871 to Mathilda Magnuson (Nilsdotter) [died on 29 Aug 1936 in Holdrege, Nebraska. She was born in Småland, F, SE. Parents: Nils Yohan Swan Magnuson and Maria Skoog.] I assume Fredrick Landqvist was a Swedish Finn. Once in the U.S. he changed his last name to Brown. [2007]


Lassfolk, Augusta Helena



b. 23 December 1863


On 1890 Marriage record parents recorded as Hana Lassfolk and Annie Joseph Name Arrival Date Estimated birth year Gender Port of Departure Place of Origin Ship Name Lena Lasspolk 5 Sep 1887 abt 1863 Female Copenhagen, Denmark Finland Island

The Muskegon Chronicle, Tuesday, August 26, 1947, page 2, column 13 Mrs. Augusta Johnson Mrs. August Johnson, 93 years old, a Muskegon resident for 68 years old, and the widow of Peter A. Johnson, early lumber worker, died early today at her home, 1135 Washington ave., following a short illness.

Born in Finland, December 24, 1863, Mrs. Johnson lived at New Buffalo for a short time before coming here. She was a member of the Samuel Lutheran Church and had been active in the Ladies Aid Society.  Mrs. Johnson leaves two sons, Arthur and William Johnson, of Muskegon; three daughters, Mrs. Andrew Kristianson, Mrs. Martin Knudsen, and Mrs. Harry Sterenberg, all of Muskegon; 13 grandchildren, and five great grandchildren. [2007]

Lindfors, Henrik Selim W. Henrikkson


Siipy Finland

b. 5 June 1883

This is my grandfather. He immigrated to the US via Canada in 1902 and d. 12 Feb 1967 - Park Falls, WI, US.  He married Hilda Eliina Koski in Brantwood, WI, US on 20 Ap 1912.

He had two brothers:
Arthur Johannes Lindfors  b. 24 Jun 1880 - Siipy, Finland  d. unknown in Philadelphia, PA immigrated to US in 1901 and settled in Maynard, MA.
Axsel Lindfors  b. unknown  d. unknown
Axsel stayed in Finland and had a family. I think he may have moved to Helsinki.
I am looking for any descendents of this family. [2009]


Tami Lorbecke      talorbe(at)

Lindquist, Carl Emil



10 August 1856


First child of 16 siblings, Parents: Johan Fredrick Lindqvist, born 10/8/1824 in Orivesi and Maria Gustava Ramulin, born

1/5/1836 in Tammerfors. After leaving Finland he made a career of working at sea and became a sea captain. He lived in San Francisco and Los Angeles, CA. [2006]


Dorothy Lindquist  lindquistda(at)wavecable.




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