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Surnames M




Your Name*: Jon Stansfield
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Mattson
Finland Location*: Vaasa area
Birth Date : March 15, 1881
Death Date: March 22, 1971
Comment about Family*: My grandfather, John Mattson (Mattsson), 
emigrated from Vaasa to Connecicut, USA around 1903. We 
believe the name Matts Pellfolk appears somewhere in his 
Finnish ancestry. He married Anna Alina Hendrickson from 
Overmark. Looking for additional information.


Your Name*: Elisa
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Mikkonen
Finland Location*: Viipuri
Birth Date : 1904
Death Date: 
Comment about Family*: My grandparents, Henrik and 
Aili (Parssinen) Mikkonen left Viipuri, Finland at the end of 
the war in 1945 (today it's Vyborg, Russia). The moved to 
Heinola then travelled to Canada by ship with their 7
children. They made a stop in Vancouver and eventually 
made their final stop in La Mesa, CA USA.
Your Name*: Karen  
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Matikka
Finland Location*: Koivisto
Birth Date   : February 20 1882
Death Date: April 25 1949
Comment about Family*: My grandfather Eerikki Matikka came to the 
U.S. in the early 1900's.  When he arrived in the U.S. his name was 
changed to Erick Matson.  I am looking for information about his siblings.
Your Name*: Katherine Hendrickson
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Manni
Finland Location*: Sysma
Birth Date   : March 15,1885
Death Date: December 2,1921
Comment about Family*: Looking for information on ILma manni


Your Name*: Dixie Maki)
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Maki (Lehti maki and Mylla maki)
Finland Location*: I believe in the Helsinki area
Birth Date   : February 2, 1891
Death Date: May 13, 1975

Comment about Family*: I am trying to find information on my 
grandmother (Fiina Lehtimaki) born in Finland in 1891. She 
died in Minnesota in 1975.  Also, my grandfather Jack (
Jaako Maki or Myllamaki) he was born 4/24/1888 in Finland 
and died in Colorado in January 1955.  I'm not certain how 
to research them in Finland.  They both came to the United States 
in the early 1900's.


Your Name*: Leanne 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Maki
Finland Location*: Ilmajoki
Birth Date   : about 1860
Death Date: about 1880
Comment about Family*: John Maki was married to Amalia Tiensivn 
(about 1861 in Finland, died in Minnesota,US).  Had at least one son 
John V(victor?) Maki born 4/3/1887 in Finland. Married in Mass. 
US on 8/17/1907 to Katrina Knuuti (Born about 1886 in Finland died 
unknown). John V MAki died 1/22/1966 in Californa,US.  THey had at least 
son Leo Victor Maki ( born about 1909 in Lanesville, Ma. US Died 1968 
East Tawas Michigan US.  married Edna Moores Lupher.  John and Katrina 
also had a daughter named Laura. They had one son Leo Victor Maki Jr. 
(My father)I am trying to find out if my family did come from Ilmajoki 
and more an=bout my family from Finland




Your Name*: Julie 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Mayala
Finland Location*: unknown
Birth Date   : 8-20-1886
Death Date: 9-27-1965
Comment about Family*: John E Mayala, born 8-20-1886 Finland, married 
to Emily Amalia Wisti, 3-7-1893 Finland. I don't have much information; 
John's father may have been Juka Vali (Ala) Hukkala of Finland.  Emily's 
father may be; Jacob Wisti, 3-3-1867 Finland, and mother, Maria A. 
Lapparjarvella, born 1867 Finland.


Your Name*: therese 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: maki
Finland Location*: not sure
Birth Date   : 1893
Death Date: 1948
Comment about Family*: my grandmother was originally from finland. 
her parents names were john and marion maki. i am looking for 
any way i can get information on my family in finland.




Your Name*: Nancy 
Surname*: Majasen
Finland Location*: UNKNOWN
Birth Date   : 1862
Death Date: 1919
Comment about Family*: Isaac Oscar Majasen was my great grandfather 
he immigrated about 1888  died in Washington State in 1919


Your Name: Pirjo
Your Email Address:
Surname: Makinen
Finland Location: Tampere
Birth Date: June 8, 1948
Death Date: 
Comment about Family: I'm trying to search for my relatives.


Your Name: Travis
Your Email Address:
Surname: Moilanen
Finland Location: Puolanka
Birth Date: 
Death Date: 
Comment about Family: Looking for information about my family 
heritage in Finland.


Your Name: Patricia 
Your Email Address:
Surname: Mikkola
Finland Location: Raasjarvi
Birth Date   : 1854
Death Date: 1917
Comment about Family: My great grandfather was Reinholt Mikkola, 
married to Margreeta Pakula in 1884.He arrived in the US Port of 
Boston 1887. His wife arrived Port of Boston in 1889 with two children, 
Johan and Ida. Upon arriving in the US, he became Johan Mattson. They 
eventually settled in Rockport, MA. I would like to trace them to Finland. 
Thank you.


Your Name: Robert 
Your Email Address:
Surname: Malmstrom
Finland Location: Unsure
Birth Date   : 1876
Death Date: unsure
Comment about Family: Looking for family of Levi Malmstrom, 
born 1876 wife Liisa? born July 1875. Possibly came to USA 
in 1880. Lived in South Range, MI


Your Name: Linda 
Your Email Address:
Surname: Mattila
Finland Location: Pihtipudas, Finland
Birth Date   : 04/16/1881
Death Date: 08/1964
Comment about Family: Matt Mattila left Finland in 1907 to the 
Seattle WA area, specifically Monohon, King County, WA between 
Issaquah and Redmond.


Your Name: Penny
Your Email Address:
Surname: Matalamaki
Finland Location: Teuva
Birth Date :
Death Date:
Comment about Family: I am looking for information about the Matalamaki family.  My grandmother was Alexandra "Sadie" Matalamaki, who immigrated from Teuva to Nanty-glo, Pennsylvania, in 1900. There she married my grandfather, John
Henry/Henrik Panttila, 1878-1919, who changed his name to Isaacson when he came to the US. John's brother, Charles/Karl, did not change his last name.  He married my grandmother's sister, Klara.

I have no further information about my grandmother's parents and would like to take the family back




Tillah MANNINEN mar. Ejas (Elias) LEPPANEN. Born about the 1860s. Ejas died 1928. I have no information on Tillah. Need some help.

Revae Leppanen   phinn(at)


Matson, Andrew



b. 15 May 1855

Andrew had a sister named Helena who did not leave Finland. Andrew Matson apparently bought a fishing boat and with other men sailed around the world. When he was finished with his worldly travels he sailed up the St. Lawrence River in North America and docked in the city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Here he apparently sold his boat and traveled north to a small village called Arden, Ontario. He met and married Minerva Ellen Woodcock and they had two children, William Alexander Matson and James Ewart Matson (my grandfather). Andrew bought a farm just outside the village of Arden and it is here that he died on May 27, 1926 at the age 71. If someone should read this biography of Andrew Matson and knows of his sister named Helena, I would appreciate being contacted so that we can find out who his parents were and if he had more that one sister and how many brothers he had.  I would like this information so that I can pass this down to my children and grandchildren. I feel it is important that they have this info. I thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

Ivan Matson


Mattson, Mathias Finland

19 August 1858

He came to the US in 1888- 1889, settling in Marinette, Wi. Wife, Marie and children John and Oscar came to US in 1891. Daughter, Ella came over in 1899. Marie's death certificate stated her father was William Walich and her mother was Lena. Church records indicate that Marie came from Karlasund, possibly Narpio parish.

John Jensen


Merilainen, Johanna Aliisa Antintytar


Halsua Finland

b. 25 April 1875

This is my great-grandmother. She was born in Halsua, d. 1943 in Brantwood, WI, US, to Anders Venetjoki Merilainen (b. 20 Jun 1833 - Halsua / d. 23 Feb 1866 - Halsua) and Johanna Matintytär Karhulahti (b. 13 Sep 1836 - Halsua / d. 19 May 1887 - Halsua) (to the best of my research).  She married Antti Antipoika Koski (b. 30 Nov 1863 in Kaustinen, Finland / d. 11 Aug 1891, Brantwood, WI, US) in Halsua on 11 Aug 1891.  Their first daughter (my grandmother) Hilda Eliina Koski was born in Halsua on 25 Jul 1892.  
Antti immigrated to the US in 1892 and Johanna and Hilda immigrated in 1896.

Tami Lorbecke  talorbe(at)


b. February 11, 1903   d. May 12,1984
Mary Meittinen was my grandmother. She immigrated to Canada 
in the mid to late 1930s. She married Arni Vallila and had 
2 daughters in Toronto, Ontario. Arnie died of a work related 
illness to his lungs. He was a nickel minor in Sudbury, Ontario. 
Mary later moved with her 2 young daughters (Carol and Dianna) to 
the west coast, settling in Vancouver, BC for the remainder of her

Mottonen Family


Your Name: Liisa Carbone
Your Email Address:
Surname: Mottonen
Finland Location: Konginkangas
Birth Date   : 
Death Date: 
Comment about Family: Any information on possible connections 
to the Mottonen family would be greatly appreciated! Juho 
Mottonen b 26 Jun 1865 and Hilda Paatelainen b 30 Dec 1872 
from Konginkangas parish in Finland.  They had six children:  
Matti b 10 Sep 1893, Siiri b 17 Jun 1899, Anna b 24 Mar 1901, 
Miina b 27 Jan 1903, Olga b 18 Feb 1904 and Ilmari b 14 Sep 1911.


























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