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Your Name*: Frank
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Nyros
Finland Location*: Puri??
Birth Date : 1860
Death Date: 1950
Comment about Family*: trying to find info on my grandfather 
Isaac William Nyros born 1860 Bjornborg Finland. He 
came to America arriving at New York N.Y. on or about 
15 September 1889 then moved on to Worcester Massachusetts
in 1890 where he married his 1st wife, Edla 
Beltonin. Need info on Nyros families from Finland



Your Name*: Des 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Nylund / Nyland
Finland Location*: Peninsula
Birth Date: Dec 15 1876 Finland
Death Date: Oct 25 1929 Colorado
Comment about Family*: Andrew Nylund / Nyland came to America in 1897 
at the age of 21 and settled in Colorado. On his Obituary it says he 
if from the Scandinavian Peninsula in Europe. Census says Finland. 
Other than this; I have no information on his parents. All I have 
is his Birth date. I am in desperate need of help. He died at the 
age of 52 and left his wife with 5 young children to care for. She 
remarries and dies before the Children know about where the father 
was born. And her new husband remarries and now the children have 2 
step parents carring for them with no information about there 
father comes from. So please contact me if you can help me.


Your Name: Roy
Your Email Address:
Surname: Nupponen
Finland Location: Kangasniemi
Birth Date   : 12/10/71
Death Date: 
Comment about Family: Family migrated to Australia in 1968
Norbakka, Anna L


Your Name: Linda
Your Email Address:
Surname: Norbakka, Anna L.
Finland Location: Kortesjarvi
Birth Date : 25 Dec 1881
Death Date: 22 Jul 1965 (USA-MA)
Comment about Family: Am looking for any information on my grandmother, Anna Norbakka (Norbacka, etc.) and her family who lived in Kortesjarvi, Vasallanni County, Finland. She was born 25 Dec 1881 (although it is possible that another date close to that is possible)and she came to America 1898-1904 (she married George Clark in Quincy, Mass in 1905).  Two sisters also came: Sanna and Minnie (Wilhwlmina) and possibly a brother John. Sanna died in her early 20s in Fitchburg, MA. Minnie married Henry Juntunen and lived in Minnesota. I believe there was another sister who remained in Finland. However, I would love to know more about the rest of the family, especially in Finland.  Her parent's names were: Father-Eric Norbacka, Mother-Adolphina Kaski.


Your Name: Tanja
Your Email Address:
Surname: Nenonen
Finland Location: Ruovesi
Birth Date   : 4 sep 1891
Death Date: 1968
Comment about Family: Looking for relatives of Lahja Nenonen, 
Minnesota. He was born in Ruovesi Finland. Lahja was my 
grandfathers brother. I know that his wife was Lydia, 
children: son Arnold and daughter Lillian.


Your Name: Charles
Your Email Address:
Surname: Norman
Finland Location: Helsingfors
Birth Date   : 24/1/1889
Death Date: 6/10/1960
Comment about Family: Left Finland to sail on ships in approx 1903 
and resided in Australia until his death in 1960
Nesman or Nasman


Your Name: Linda Christiansen
Your Email Address:
Surname: Nesman or Nasman,  Walter M
Finland Location: Doragnaebark, Waasa, Finland
Birth Date   : 5/18/1895
Death Date: 12/7/1964
Comment about Family: Hello. We are trying to find grandpa's relatives 
back in Finland.   His name - Walter M. Nesman ( or possibly Nasman)
and his mother was Hilma.  later she became Hilma Carlson.
Walter had 2 sisters - Rhea and Vera. 
any help is appreciated.     ( walter came to this country about 1912.)


Your Name: Lynne Gill
Your Email Address:
Surname: Niemi
Finland Location: Doragnaebark, Waasa, Finland
Birth Date   :
Death Date:

I would like some information about Axcell Niemi who came to Northern Ontario, Canada in about 1924. He brought with him his three year old daughter, Rauni Niemi born 11 Feb. 1921. This family is part of my extended family and I would very much like to know about Axcell's wife who died before he came to Canada and about his family such as, did he have brothers and sister, what were his parents names and where in Finland did he live.
Thank you in advance, Lynne Gill

Nyberg, Anders



1796 My Great-Grandfather was Karl August Nyberg born in Aland, Finland. I would like information on his father, Anders Nyberg, born 1796 in Lapptrask, Aland. He died Aug. 22 1854 in Skarpans, Aland. Karl August Nyberg also had two sisters, Anna Josefina Nyberg, born Dec. 4, 1839 in Bertbyvik, and Amanda Mathilda Nyberg, born Feb. 25, 1848 in Skarpans, Aland. These three Nybergs have over three hundred family members in the U.S.A.. Would like any information on Aland family




Nyberg, Carl August Bertbyvik, Saltvik, Aland

January 1841

Looking for any info on my Great Grandfather, He went by Nyberg, but his birth name was, I believe, Kolteen. His mother had remarried 1847, Anna Stina Ericsdotter born 1811, Finland, to Anders Nyberg, and he was born 1796, Finland. My records say, Carl's father was killed, and I have nothing else on his father. Who was Carl's father, and do you know how he was killed, war? All most all of our clan lived in Aland.

Rodney Hasting


Nygard Kalax

left for America late 1800 to early 1900's  Looking for genealogy info on my grandmother, Maria Nygard from Kalax, b 18 Sept 1881. She left Finland for America when she was in her early 20's (unable to find when or ship information). Her father was Alex who also left for America after his wife's death (Maria Vliens), but before Maria. He was possibly from East Yttermark. Maria also had a sister Anna who I understand eventually returned to Finland. Married name possibly Klockers or Klockeus?

Linda Singer lnoyes2848(at)


Nylund, John Finland

b. 17 June 1849

Died in Astoria, Clatsop Co., OR, USA. On some records
it shows he is Swedish or Finn/Swede. His parents names were Carl Nylund and Mary Erickson as shown on his death certificate.



Nylund, Oscar Finland

he was an orphan in Finland, he lived in Astoria and that is where my Grandfather Albert Nylund was born, I am curious about Oscar and if he was an orphan was Nylund his real name





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