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Surnames P




Your Name*: Helen 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Pohjosmaki
Finland Location*: Lehtimaki
Birth Date : 5 Jan 1929
Death Date: living
Comment about Family*: I am looking for any information 
about my mother's family. She came from a family of 13 
children, her father's name may be Urho? She has 2 surviving 
sisters - 1 in Canada by the name of Kerttuu
Saarinen and 1 in Tampere - Anna Santala. 
She emigrated to Canada in 1953.
Your Name*: Deb 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Pellenen
Finland Location*: Lappajarvi
Birth Date   : 1854
Death Date: unknown

Comment about Family*: Jacob Pellenen
spouse: Mary (Juhontytar) Annola 1859-1936
Son: Erick Pellenen 1882-1953


Your Name*: Harold 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Poylio
Finland Location*: Kemijarvi
Birth Date: 14.4.1876
Death Date: 6.12.1929
Comment about Family*: My grandfather left Finland in 1902 
with the name "Poylio" 
He was born 14.4.1876 in Juujarvi, to the family of Matts 
Olofsson Juujarvi. I have one letter addressed to him from 
his brother Leander Poylio.
Matts Henrik Poylio was killed in a mine accident in 1929.
Comment about Family*: My grandparents were born near Kemijarvi
in the 1870s, and moved to the USA in 1902. Henry Poylio 
was killed in a mining accident in Minnesota in 1929. 
I have traced the Poylio and Suopanki family back 
to to their parents,Matti and Hilda Poylio, 
and Mikko and Ritta Tiina Suopanki, but then there 
is a time period of no records. Henry Poylio 
and Liisi Suopanki were married in 1902. 
The church in Kemijarvi directed my efforts 
to the Regional Archives in Oulu, where there are older records.
Your Name*: Lance 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Adolf  (Brother to Heikki )
Finland Location*: Parrikala
Birth Date   : 10 August 1877
Death Date: Unk
Comment about Family*: Trying to find relatives (present day) 
of Adolf Pulkkinen, 
brother to my grandfather, Heikki Pulkkinen.
Poho, Pietari


Your Name*: Shirley Emma Leclair
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Poho, Pietari
Finland Location*: Viipuri; Savonlinna
Birth Date: 1872
Death Date: ?
Comment about Family*: Pietari Poho is my grandfather. 
He immigrated to Canada in 1909 with his wife Emma Poho 
(Multanen, her mother's name was Paajanen). 
They had a baby Hilia born in Finland 1907. The family landed 
in Port Arthur, Ontario were Lyyli Impi was born 1911. 
Moved to Scotch Bay Manitoba where Johny 1912, 
Aina Syvia 1914, and Armas 16 was born. Moved to Cranbrook, 
BC and here William 1923, 
Matt 1924, and Elmore 1924 (deceased at birth) were born. 
Emma, pregnant for Saimi left 
Pietari in 1925 and moved back to Port Arthur, Ontario. 
My grandfather remained in the 
Western Provinces, but the family has no indication 
of his life, where he died, etc. 
from this time on. I would like some closure on where 
he was buried etc. Thank you, Shirley Emma Leclair


Your Name: Tiina Price
Your Email Address:
Surname: Eva Thomasdotter Poyry
Finland Location: Joutsa
Birth Date: 1788
Death Date: 1818
Comment about Family: Eva is my gggg grandmother on 
my mother\'s side. Her daughter was Judith Tuukkainen 
b. 1810, her daughter Maria Mattsdotter Tantu b.1835 
her daughter Anna Lena Juhontytar b 1869 
and her daughter Aino Lahtinen b. 1892 was my grandmother.
Looking for information back further if we can get it. 
as far as we know Eva died in Joutsa and 
my grnadmothers family came from Joutsa area too.


Your Name: Penny
Your Email Address:
Surname: Panttila
Finland Location: Teuva
Birth Date :
Death Date:
Comment about Family: I am looking for information about the

Panttila/Isaacson family.  My grandfather was

John Henry/Henrik Panttila, 1878-1919,

who changed his name to Isaacson when

he came to the US. He married my grandmother,

Alexandra Matalamaki, in Nanty-Glo, Pa.;  she came

to the US from Teuva in 1900. John's brother, Charles/Karl,

did not change his last name. He married my grandmother's sister, Klara.
I know this much: John and Charles were the sons of

Isaac Emil Panttila, 1846-1915,
and Serafila Martilla, 1846-1899.

Pelto, William John Tervola

August 5 1902

He is one of probably 14 children, five of whom were born in Finland, four of whom came to America in 1909 aboard the Arcturus. I have the names of the 13 who were in America (in order of age, Impi, Helen, William, Olaf, Guido, Sylvia, Eva, Reino, Arthur, Henry, Carl,
Hugo, and Harold), but do not know the name of the oldest son. His parents are Margaret Matilda Kanto (or Kandola, or Kantola), born Jan. 28 1877, and Matti August Peltoperš, born July 21, 1872. I have Matti and Margaret's parents' names, but I have no information besides that. Matti's parents were Jussi Peltoperš and Maria Koivuperš. Margaret's parents were William Annala and Mary Kanto. Any information I can get here is greatly appreciated.
My grandmother, Mamie Wilhelmina Walitalo, was born in 1908 in Boston Loc., Michigan, I believe the oldest of seven or eight children (the six others that I know of were, in order, Felma, Einard, Bertha, Herman, Carl, and Edsel). Her father was Richard Walitalo, born Oct 23, 1886 in Kannus. Her mother was Anna Jarvenpaš, unknown birthdate. Once again, any information I can get here is greatly appreciated.

Andrew Pelto drewpelto(at)


Pohjanmaki, Emilia



Later became Riihimaki. She came from the village of Kovelahti, Parkano, Finland in 1910. She came to a family in Worcester, Mass. by the name of Emil Linna. I don't know what the connection was to this family. She married my grandfather, Andrew Olden, and never saw her family again until 1870's when she was 83 years old and went back and saw a sister named Aili Hentonen.....My grandmothers siblings were:

Emma Alina, b. 1882, Lyyli Maria, b. 1888, and Johan Svenni b.1892

Kathy Olden Berman  fuzysmom(at)


Puranen/Pananen Finland


Grandmother was Miina Puranen born 1885 in Finland. She married Victor Pananen who was born in 1883 in Finland. Miina Puranen had a brother named Evert.

Renne Harrington on behalf of Sylvia Shoultes




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