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Your Name*: Jaana 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Rasanen
Finland Location*: Kaavi
Birth Date : 1886 and 1890
Death Date: N/A
Comment about Family*: Sisters Maria and Eva Rasanen 
emigrated to US 1912 (23 Jun 1912). They come from Kaavi. 
Father is Juho Heikki Rasanen and mother is Stina Maria 
Tirkkonen (stepmother Leena Laakkonen). Maria is born 1 
Jan 1886 and Eva 16 Dec 1890 in Kaavi.  Maria has worked in 
Ashtabula Ohio between the years 1907-1911.  They sent their 
last letter and parcel to Finland year 1952. Either or both
have been married and have had children. 
Maria and Eva are my great grand aunts from my mothers side. Their sister
Ida Loviisa Riekkinen is my mother's grandmother.
Your Name*: Glen 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Ruuska
Finland Location*: Isojoki
Birth Date   : 1834
Death Date: 
Comment about Family*: Looking for information about Gust Ruuska, my 
great-grandfather.  He was married to Justina who was born in Finland 
in 1841.  John Jacob Ruuska was my grandfather and was born in 
Isojoki on Apr,29, 1883.  He was married to Alma Katarina 
Hekkila.  She was born in Isojoki on November 15 1882.  
One story is that Alma was sent to U.S to find her father but may 
have entered the U.S as a mother's helper under another family's name.


Your Name*: Julie 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Renfors
Finland Location*: Turku - Pori Province
Birth Date   : 9/15/1885
Death Date: 
Comment about Family*: Isak Wilhelm Renfors immigrated from Finland to 
America in January 1905. Father's name was Charles Renfors; mother's 
name was Katrina Belton or Norlund or Lindholm.
I am trying to find more information about this family's life IN FINLAND. 
I am stuck. I have no information about William's parents or siblings. 
I have tons of info about William's immigration and life here in the states.
Please email me if you are from this family or know anything about them.
Thank you.





Your Name*: Brenda 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Rahi
Finland Location*: Rauma
Birth Date   : 08/05/1922
Death Date: 
Comment about Family*: I am looking for information about my family 
roots in Finland. My grandfather, Martti Rahi was born and raised in 
Finland on August 5, 1922, near Rauma I think, then joined the Merchant 
Marines at a young age. He worked on a ship with men whom did not speak 
Finnish or English for a while until he immigrated to America and 
married my grandmother. They finally settled in NJ.


Your Name: Lloyd 
Your Email Address:
Surname: Rontti
Finland Location: Kuusamo-Ronttivaara
Birth Date   : 1865 ?
Death Date: 6 August 1925
Comment about Family: Looking for family lineage of my grandfather Iisaaki 
Rontti who emigrated to America through Vadso, Norway. He married Sofia 
W. Karjala, Andrews daughter


Your Name: Margaret
Your Email Address:
Surname: ruikka
Finland Location: lappi/rovaniemi
Birth Date   : 
Death Date: 
Comment about Family: looking for info especially before 1700.


Your Name: Michael 
Your Email Address:
Surname: Rinta-Kayra
Finland Location: Unsure
Birth Date   : 1908
Death Date: 1999
Comment about Family: Toini Maria Rinta-Kayra, 
who emigrated to Canada. Siblings were Toivo, Haimi

Rostedt, Karoliina



Your Name: Lauri 
Your Email Address:
Surname: Rostedt, Karoliina
Finland Location: Kiukainen, Turku Pori
Birth Date   : 3 Jan 1841
Death Date: 1 Aug 1903
Comment about Family: Karoliina is my gg grandmother.  
I need information about her siblings and her parents.  
Her parents are Wilhelm Johaninpoika and Lena Matintytar.  
I have no other information.
Reini, Matti Wiita



b. 3 April 1879

His family moved to the Reini farm in Isokyro in the mid 1880s and changed their name from Wiita to Reini. His parents were Matti Wiita Reini, b. 2 March 1852 and Justina Johan's daughter Wiita Reini, b. 2 Dec 1843 in Ylistaro. He had a younger brother named Jaako, b. 26 May 1883 in Ylistaro and, possibly, a half brother named Emil. Matti Jr immigrated from Finland to Liverpool to Boston in Nov 1900 and went to Washington State by 1904. Matti Sr. may have also immigrated through Ellis Island in March-April 1900 to Rockport, Mass. Matti Jr married Mathilda Huhtala in 1905 in Washington State and settled there until his death on 3 May 1944. They had six children. He was a miner and logger, working as a foreman and supervisor. He was naturalized as a US citizen in 1923.

Cynthia Moore cecemoore(at)


Rintala, Anna Hietala?


I would like to locate Anna L. Rintala, born in 1923 (possibly Hietala). She visited or immigrated to the US in 1949 and went to New York - 65 E. 97th St. Her Finnish passport number was 45275.


Dene Hilsen



Risku, Herman



b. 2 December 1876


He married Helena Josephina (Fiina) Rajala. I don't know if they married in Finland or Quincy, Ma. Fiina Rajala was born 20 Nov 1883 in Jurva. I have their wedding date as 18 July 1904 but no location.

Fiina was the daughter of Klaara Juho Heikintytar Rajala and Matti Matinpoika Haavisto (later Rajala) I have lots of info about my grandmother but nothing about grandfather.






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