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Your Name*: Rachel 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Sinervo
Finland Location*: Turku Pori
Birth Date : 1883
Death Date: 
Comment about Family*: My Great Great Grandfather Vaino Sinervo 
aka Fred Siren immigrated to the U.S. via Ellis Island in 1912. 
He had a Wife Hilja, Son: Einar ( my great grandfather ). Plus 
another daughter and eventually a son that was born in the US. 
They resided in Wisconsin and Minnesota. I am hoping to find 
relatives in Finland who can answer some questions and
possibly solve a family mystery that is almost 100 yrs old.
Your Name*: Kathleen 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Salo
Finland Location*: Anywhere
Birth Date : 
Death Date: 
Comment about Family*: John F. Salo was my grandfather from Finland. My
grandmother was Violet M. Salo from England. They had three girls and one
boy. My mother is Sylvia M. Salo Marzion born in Michigan in 1932.




Your Name*: Marsha 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Sodergran, Sodergren, Hermans
Finland Location*: Vaasa, Lansi-Suomen Laani
Birth Date: 4 October 1879
Death Date: 1955
Comment about Family*: Looking for great-grandfather's birth records 
and family history.  His name is Albinus Erik Sodergran or Sodergren, 
born in Narpes.  We think he changed the family last name to Hermans 
when he came to the United States in 1903.  He married Anna E Grano 
in 1898 in Finland.  They had 2 children before they emigrated 
to the US.
Saarimaki Your Name*: Amy
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Saarimaki
Finland Location*: Alavus, Finland
Birth Date : 03/12/1877
Death Date: 07/30/1916

Comment about Family*: Great-grandfather's name was Kustaa Kallioniemi, changed and shortened to Gus Niemi when he arrived in the States. Great-grandmother's maiden name was Anna Sapiina Saarimaki who joined her husband, Gus Niemi, some time later in the States where they made their roots in Ashtabula, Ohio. Anna died in Ohio on July 30, 1916. She did have a sister living in (Ashtabula?) Ohio, and one in Finland. Believe her father's first name may have been John ??? Anna and Kustaa are thought to be from Alavus or Alavuudella Kontiasten Crownland, Finland.



Your Name*: Linda Sands
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Sandkulla/Sandkalla
Finland Location*: Not sure
Birth Date : 1863/4
Death Date: 1925 (in US)

Comment about Family*: Spelling of the name is varied. Spelled 3 different ways on the same document. Shortened to Sand(s) somewhere around the late 1800s.
Your Name*: Barbara McKenna
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Sten
Finland Location*: Tornio
Birth Date   : 1690
Death Date: 1743
Comment about Family*: I am looking for a birth certificate 
to id the parents.
Your Name*: judith 
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: sisila
Finland Location*: oolu
Birth Date   : 12/18/1888
Death Date: 7/28/1940
Comment about Family*: moved from finland to michigan




Your Name*: Lynne Prummer
Your Email Address*:
Surname*: Sakaranaho
Finland Location*: Utajarvi
Birth Date   : 09/09/1872
Death Date: 1953
Comment about Family*: Jaako/jakob Sakaranaho immigrated to the USA in 1903 
and his wife, Anna, and his 18 month old daughter followed in 1904.  
He went to AStoria, Oregon, USA then moved his family to Eufala, 
WA in 1904 where they basically lived the rest of their lives.  
Jaako was also known as Jacob or Jake and he changed his last name 
to Aho.  I believe the village was Sangi (or Utajarvi) in Oulu.  
Jaako was the oldest of the boys.  We don't know if there were sisters.
We know he had brothers because the youngest brother inherited the farm.  
One brother who also immigrated to USA around 1910 was Johan.  
The only records I can find say that the Sakaranahos lived in the village 
Sangi, Utjarvi, Oulu, Finland on farm 41, 47 or 48.  
We are trying to locate any records between 1600 and 1900.


Your Name: Melissa James
Your Email Address:
Surname: Sutela
Finland Location: Haapjarvi, Finland
Birth Date   : August 27, 1853
Death Date: September 25, 1904
Comment about Family: I am looking for any information including 
church records, and/or communion records in regards to my ancestors. 
Thank you in advance for any information provided.


Your Name: William Johnson
Your Email Address:
Surname: Strandback
Finland Location: Vaasa
Birth Date   : 1870
Death Date: 1948
Comment about Family: I am looking for information on my Grandfather, 
Fred Johnson.  I have what I believe to be a Finish Passport that Fred 
used to return to Finland in 1907.  The passport lists his name as Johan 
Fredrik Strandback.  Fred settled in Michigan's Upper Peninsula; Gladstone, 
Michigan, Delta, USA.  The United States Federal Census of 1930 lists Fred 
as 59 years old making his year of birth about about 1871.  I can also see 
an 1870 year on the Passport which I will assume is his birth year.  My 
father always mentioned Vaasa Finland so I am assuming that is where he 
came from.  The 1930 Census also shows his immigration year as 1893 and 
that he came from Finland.  Any help will be appreciated.


Your Name: Susan Hurst
Your Email Address:
Surname: Sopanen
Finland Location: Unknown
Birth Date   : 1871
Death Date: 1956 in Ohio
Comment about Family: Searching for information on Sylvester and Maria 
Sopenen. Migrated to Ashtabula County Ohio in early 1900\'s. They had 
2 children: Born: 1898:  Vilo (Spelling?) Sopanen
Born: 1901:  Saima Marie Sopanen (Saima was my husband\'s grandmother)
We beleive the area which they lived/born is now part of Russia.    
Seeking names of anscestors for both Sylvester and Maria.  Any help would 
be greatly welcome and appreciated.


Your Name: Michael Clark
Your Email Address:
Surname: Salo
Finland Location: Lappajarvi
Birth Date   : 1879
Death Date: 1936
Comment about Family: Looking information about Herman Salo.
His wife was Hilma Laurila b. 1884. Finnish children were 
Ester and Helma b. 1903.
Seppanen Looking for my great grandfather's family from Puolanka Finland. His name is Johan Seppanen born in 1861...his father's name was Matts Seppanen...and Johan may have had two brothers Erik (I have researched in Michigan and found) and Charles which I have not found as yet. Johan came to the US in 1887 and settled in Dollar Bay Michigan where he died in about 1935 from a fall and head trauma. My mother Ednarose Seppla is his granddaughter..she was born in Dollar Bay in 1924...and her father William Isaac Seppla was born in Dollar Bay Michigan in 1893.
I have alot of information on them here in the US but would love to track down the family in Finland and find his parents and any siblings he may have had. Is Puolanka a parish?? or town??
I have tracked down my father's side of the finnish ancestry to Tervola and was very excited to find a living cousin in Finland!! Pajari is the name.

Mary Ridenour

Siltala/Siltanen Kuorevesi, Hameenlaani, Finland

Einar born July 1885 and his brother Victor born 1878, came from Kuorevesi, Hameenlaani , Finland in 1905.  They settled in Adams Twp. Houghton Co. Michigan.

Sibling left in Finland were Aate, Hella, Hilja, Nestori.




Siren, Alex



b 12 June 1882


Alex came to US in 1903 but can find no record. He married Lydia Kupila in New York Jan 1905, later moved to Minnesota. Marrigage record shows father's name as Matthew and mother as Anna Maria Tikhman (question on spelling). Have found no record of Alex's birth to a Siren family, but there is a record of Johan Alexander born June 11, 1882, to Matts Kopsa and Anna Maria Tikkonen in Jaakkima parish. Does anyone have any info on Alex?


Norma James



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