Apopka Historical Society and Museum of Apopkans

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Apopka Historical Society and Museum of the Apopkans



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Gift Shop items make good gifts for birthdays and ChristmasGift Shop

Items are available in the museum.  We accept cash and checks only



History of Apoka and Northwest Orange County by Jerrell Shoffner $12.00
Images of America : Apopka  (Picture book of history of Apopka) $19.99
Both books as a set $27.00
Potato Cookbook - recipes on how to use potatoes $10.00
City Hall Christmas Ornament $5.75
City Hall Bookmark  (metal) $4.75
Strip of Postcards (old photos of Apopka) $2.00
Old Postcards - Assorted $1.00
Reproduction Newspaper $1.00
Tater Tales Oral History CDs $7.50
Buy a Brick $50.00
Florida Rose by Mac McGuffin $12.95
Tales of the Big Potato by Jack Christmas $25.00
The Pennings of Perrine Slim  _ Click here to order on-line $20.00