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Apopka Historical Society and Museum of the Apopkans



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Who We Are

Background: Mr. Edward Minerís exhibit of Early Apopka artifacts at the 1968 Folk Festival in Apopka inspired the formation of an Historical Society. He obtained forms for incorporation and secured the use of 3 rooms in the former school building that had become Apopka City Hall.

An amateur archaeological group from the Central Florida Anthropological Society, then exploring at Lake Apopka, agreed to provide exhibits of prehistoric life in the area.

The public request for background for exhibit cases brought response from five well qualified artists , new residents to Apopka, who volunteered their talents and created a pictured story of Apopka history. These artists were: Bertha Wolz, Betty Jamison, Vickie Doggett and David Findley.

At incorporation, in 1971, the officers were:
President: Mrs. Elizabeth Grossenbacher
Vice-President: Mrs. Mildred S. Whiteside
Secretary: Mrs. Reba R. Evans
Curator: Mr. Edward A. Miner

The first Board of Directors  consisted of the above officers plus:
Mr. John H. Land
Miss Elin Larson
Miss Mary Lee Welch

Philosophy: The past is my heritage; the present is my responsibility; the future is my challenge.

Mission Statement:
- The purpose and objectives of this organization shall be to encourage the collection, study and preservation of historical material associated with Northwest Orange County.
- To collect, preserve, circulate and diffuse historical information about Northwest Orange County through the care and maintenance of the Museum of the Apopkans.
- To acquaint society members and other interested parties with facts regarding the County and State by means of lectures, photographs, writings and discussions, by qualified persons and other means.

Museum Operations

Committees: All of the following committees are in need of members. Anyone interested can give their name and phone number to the Museum Technician,   They will pass the information on to the appropriate chairperson.

Basic Volunteers: Will serve as a host or hostess of the Museum, showing all visitors through the various rooms while giving a commentary about the artifacts being shown and answering all questions. In between visitors, the volunteers will assist the Museum Technician with any needed tasks.

Education: This committee offers exciting activities for students and teachers in the Apopka area. They bring the Museum into any kindergarten through 5th grade classrooms and offer tours of the Museum to the students and their teachers.

Programs and Exhibits: Slide show of Early Apopka; Storytelling; History of Apopka Schools.

Special Events: This committee makes all the arrangements for providing the appropriate entertainment and refreshments for the general meetings and events being held at the Museum. When necessary, they will call upon the membership to assist in this task.

Technology: Currently, this committee is responsible for inputting and maintaining the data in the two major databases: the Names (for genealogy) and Inventory (for Acquisitions) databases. All interested will be trained to use the computer to do these tasks. Scanning pictures for the general public; researching Information about our artifacts, from the Internet and other research facilities.