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Alachua County Land Patents 1880 - 1882

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the area that became present day Alachua County.
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Last Name First Name Signature
Authority Acres
Blakeney Nathan 4/26/1880 FL0690__.441 Homestead Entry 80.11
Bartley John 4/26/1880 FL0690__.452 Homestead Entry 79.95
Andrews Celia 4/26/1880 FL0690__.456 Homestead Entry 79.9
Mckinney Charles G. 4/26/1880 FL0690__.458 Homestead Entry 159.8
Bates Bazzel 4/26/1880 FL0690__.459 Homestead Entry 39.89
Roundtree Jesse 5/15/1880 FL0420__.472 Sale-Cash 39.86
Hall Cyrus 6/1/1880 FL0430__.020 Sale-Cash 79.56
De Sha Franklin 6/1/1880 FL0430__.022 Sale-Cash 183.06
Grissett Pearcy 6/1/1880 FL0430__.023 Sale-Cash 161.06
Thompson Samuel B. 11/20/1880 FL0430__.024 Sale-Cash 160.02
Thompson Samuel B. 11/20/1880 FL0430__.024 Sale-Cash 160.02
Mclaughlin Richard 12/30/1880 FL0690__.477 Homestead Entry 39.95
Townsend Noah 1/20/1882 FL0440__.343 Sale-Cash 39.96
Futch Eli 1/20/1882 FL0440__.358 Sale-Cash 40.01
Washington Henry 5/20/1882 FL0700__.019 Homestead Entry 37.72
Moore Catherine 5/20/1882 FL0700__.046 Homestead Entry 80.05
Bell Henry 5/20/1882 FL0700__.047 Homestead Entry 40
Lawrence Pompey 5/20/1882 FL0700__.051 Homestead Entry 39.97
Whitaker Emma 6/10/1882 FL0700__.098 Homestead Entry 40.2
Mikel Edward 8/25/1882 FL0700__.138 Homestead Entry 80.03
Brown Peter 8/25/1882 FL0700__.251 Homestead Entry 39.04
Trapp Thompson 8/25/1882 FL0700__.255 Homestead Entry 40.2
Spann William 9/20/1882 FL0700__.298 Homestead Entry 40.03
Warren Samuel 9/20/1882 FL0700__.299 Homestead Entry 40.03
Chiles Joseph W. 9/25/1882 FL0450__.168 Sale-Cash 160
Stroble W. W. 12/20/1882 FL0450__.436 Sale-Cash 40
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