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Alachua County Land Patents 1886 - 1888

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the area that became present day Alachua County.
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Last Name First Name Signature
Authority Acres
Hewitt John J. 3/10/1886 FL0760__.389 Homestead Entry 159.81
Cellon John A. 3/10/1886 FL0760__.394 Homestead Entry 40.68
Wilson Reese G. 3/10/1886 FL0760__.398 Homestead Entry 40.06
Dean Henry 11/4/1886 FL0760__.412 Homestead Entry 80.03
Hague William C. 10/30/1888 FL0630__.152 Sale-Cash 16.8
Bell John 10/30/1888 FL0630__.222 Sale-Cash 119.81
Childs Jerry 11/14/1888 FL0780__.020 Homestead Entry 80
Bradshaw Tabitha Q. 11/14/1888 FL0780__.039 Homestead Entry 80.31
Brewer Jerry 11/15/1888 FL0770__.052 Homestead Entry 40.29
Guinn Isaac T. 11/15/1888 FL0770__.082 Homestead Entry 79.9
Phillips Madison 11/15/1888 FL0770__.094 Homestead Entry 160
Starke Frances 11/15/1888 FL0770__.123 Homestead Entry 39.78
Williams Julianna 11/22/1888 FL0770__.307 Homestead Entry 39.86
Harris Andrew A. 11/22/1888 FL0770__.308 Homestead Entry 158.93
Adams Harrison 11/22/1888 FL0770__.337 Homestead Entry 159.54
Hughes George 11/22/1888 FL0770__.338 Homestead Entry 158.44
Hughes Richard 11/22/1888 FL0770__.350 Homestead Entry 40.69
Wideman Henry 11/22/1888 FL0770__.362 Homestead Entry 159.93
Wilson Warren 11/22/1888 FL0770__.365 Homestead Entry 40.26
Jones Thomas E. 11/22/1888 FL0770__.369 Homestead Entry 159.18
Jeffords Julius W. 11/22/1888 FL0770__.371 Homestead Entry 40
Osteen Marion A. 11/22/1888 FL0770__.375 Homestead Entry 79.5
Kane William 11/22/1888 FL0770__.382 Homestead Entry 80.04
Beckham Richard 11/22/1888 FL0770__.383 Homestead Entry 40
Price Joseph T. 11/22/1888 FL0770__.384 Homestead Entry 160
Stroble George W. 11/22/1888 FL0770__.390 Homestead Entry 79.96
Martin Richard 11/22/1888 FL0770__.391 Homestead Entry 159.18
Riviere William B. 11/22/1888 FL0770__.400 Homestead Entry 40
Potter Affie 11/22/1888 FL0770__.406 Homestead Entry 79.5
Perry Aleck 11/22/1888 FL0770__.417 Homestead Entry 40.69
Hodge Simon P. 11/22/1888 FL0770__.432 Homestead Entry 160
Snider George W. 11/22/1888 FL0770__.433 Homestead Entry 160
Washington George 11/22/1888 FL0770__.434 Homestead Entry 79.76
Hodge Lincoln 11/22/1888 FL0770__.435 Homestead Entry 158.25
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