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Alachua County Land Patents 1889

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the area that became present day Alachua County.
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Last Name First Name Signature
Authority Acres
Hale Finley H. 5/6/1889 FL0630__.270 Sale-Cash 35.67
Davis Robert 6/21/1889 FL0780__.227 Homestead Entry 78.09
Wideman Wesley 6/21/1889 FL0780__.267 Homestead Entry 159.94
Bell Allen 6/21/1889 FL0780__.268 Homestead Entry 159.5
Smith Nathan 6/21/1889 FL0780__.304 Homestead Entry 159.94
Hines Henry 6/29/1889 FL0780__.356 Homestead Entry 159.94
Deortch George F. 6/29/1889 FL0780__.369 Homestead Entry 79.44
Exley James W. 6/29/1889 FL0780__.370 Homestead Entry 135
Exley Margarett 6/29/1889 FL0780__.371 Homestead Entry 158.89
Easterlin Fenton F. 6/29/1889 FL0780__.372 Homestead Entry 79.44
Kerr Samuel 6/29/1889 FL0780__.384 Homestead Entry 158.93
Mccombs William 6/29/1889 FL0780__.385 Homestead Entry 159.22
Bradley Robert S. 6/29/1889 FL0780__.389 Homestead Entry 157.96
Holt Joel 7/2/1889 FL0790__.005 Homestead Entry 80.53
Mccaslin George 7/2/1889 FL0790__.031 Homestead Entry 119.41
Poe Fred 7/2/1889 FL0790__.063 Homestead Entry 158.43
Sapp Solomon W. 7/2/1889 FL0790__.064 Homestead Entry 79.91
Wiley John 7/2/1889 FL0790__.065 Homestead Entry 79.95
Drew Taylor 7/2/1889 FL0790__.117 Homestead Entry 40
Woodward Henry 7/2/1889 FL0790__.121 Homestead Entry 159.52
Johnson Martha C. 7/3/1889 FL0790__.160 Homestead Entry 80
Huggins Joseph H. 7/3/1889 FL0790__.161 Homestead Entry 160.6
Lions Lee 7/3/1889 FL0790__.254 Homestead Entry 159.5
Wright Upson A. 7/8/1889 FL0780__.422 Homestead Entry 160.5
Riley Joseph 7/8/1889 FL0780__.496 Homestead Entry 79.22
Webb Thomas 10/21/1889 FL0630__.425 Sale-Cash 79.67
Williams Thomas 10/21/1889 FL0630__.453 Sale-Cash 39.77
Priester Lucretia 11/25/1889 FL0790__.305 Homestead Entry 80
Pinkney Peter 11/25/1889 FL0790__.340 Homestead Entry 78.08
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