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Alachua County Land Patents 1892

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the area that became present day Alachua County.
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Last Name First Name Signature
Authority Acres
Mckinney Elbert M. 1/20/1892 FL0850__.057 Homestead Entry 79.96
Mccomb Jehu F. 1/25/1892 FL0650__.311 Sale-Cash 159.62
Wilson John 2/12/1892 FL0850__.120 Homestead Entry 160
Baker Franklin T. 2/18/1892 FL0430__.063 Sale-Cash 159.42
Mcelrath Margie D. 3/1/1892 FL0850__.168 Homestead Entry 79.91
Knighton James M. 4/1/1892 FL0650__.331 Sale-Cash 160.12
Wilkerson Sanford 4/1/1892 FL0650__.336 Sale-Cash 159.96
Kent William W. 4/1/1892 FL0850__.247 Homestead Entry 79.59
Welch Daniel 4/9/1892 FL0850__.256 Homestead Entry 159.94
Natteel Patrick 4/9/1892 FL0850__.311 Homestead Entry 39.96
Jerue Godfrey 4/9/1892 FL0850__.312 Homestead Entry 160.26
Gieger Enoch T. 4/16/1892 FL0430__.064 Sale-Cash 159.88
Carlist John 4/23/1892 FL0850__.315 Homestead Entry 40.07
Grant Lucien B. 4/23/1892 FL0850__.341 Homestead Entry 40.02
Lee Isaac 4/23/1892 FL0850__.354 Homestead Entry 40
Long Albert 4/29/1892 FL0850__.363 Homestead Entry 79.96
Cone Alfred D. 5/4/1892 FL0850__.396 Homestead Entry 160.6
Frazer Boston 5/4/1892 FL0850__.397 Homestead Entry 39.97
Booth Henry A. 5/26/1892 FL0850__.437 Homestead Entry 159.92
Gaff James 5/26/1892 FL0850__.438 Homestead Entry 160.12
Clark Elisha W. 6/6/1892 FL0850__.479 Homestead Entry 40
Garner Mary A. 6/15/1892 FL0880__.002 Homestead Entry 34.49
Elam Conrad D. 6/15/1892 FL0880__.012 Homestead Entry 160
Brevard Edward C. 7/11/1892 FL0880__.037 Homestead Entry 39.96
Bell Benjamin 7/11/1892 FL0880__.052 Homestead Entry 79.22
Jeffords Henry G. 8/1/1892 FL0880__.075 Homestead Entry 80.3
Hodge Thomas J. 8/1/1892 FL0880__.108 Homestead Entry 80
Blake David 9/27/1892 FL0880__.168 Homestead Entry 80.12
Sikes Zeke 9/27/1892 FL0880__.174 Homestead Entry 120
Richardson Woodard E. 10/8/1892 FL0880__.183 Homestead Entry 160.87
Robinson Alexander 11/15/1892 FL0880__.203 Homestead Entry 39.95
Wadsworth Jeremiah 11/15/1892 FL0880__.239 Homestead Entry 40.03
Knight William J. 11/23/1892 FL0650__.437 Sale-Cash 80.13
May William M. 12/3/1892 FL0880__.303 Homestead Entry 39.91
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